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Babies have gained over two pounds in a month!

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I've added a page for the Color Graphics Adapter and the Enhanced Graphics Adapter.

  • Racist who lost his racist followers, Steve Bannon, has been subpoenaed into the investigation of Trump's collusion with Russia.
  • League of the South is an American white supremacist group whose goals include restoring slavery and a return to the Confederacy. Unfortunately for them, their member database which included the real names and addresses of all their dues paying members was hacked. Not surprisingly, among the names were Republican politicians and a firearms industry executive. Meet one of the people who works to properly identifying these people so that they can be investigated by law enforcement.
  • The US Government used to encourage people to encrypt their phones to prevent identify theft until they realized that encryption also means they can't spy on you, so now they're trying to make encryption illegal, and Trump is all for it, sort of, but not really, okay, let's be real, he doesn't know what it is.
  • Trump is the laziest president we've ever had.
  • It's rare to see a Christian denounce the hatred and bigotry of Donald Trump, but it's fantastic when it happens while Mike Pence is visiting.

Solving a river crossing problem with only three objects is pretty easy, but what about where there are hundreds of objects? Math to the rescue!

Loot crates have a lot in common with gambling.

Another reason why you should never listen to your mother.

Beware the ides of January

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I've categorized my song pages based on their genre and added pages for the songs Lund, The Show Must Go On, and Jesus Nitelite.

An interesting video about video game music for water levels.

Christian youth pastor Andy Savage coerced a 17-year-old girl into giving him oral sex, and is now taking a leave of absence, but not before his church gave him a standing ovation for being such a great Christian.

The primary currency of the Internet is your attention.

Addressing the ridiculous apologist argument, do you believe in love?

Weekend, please let me sleep!

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I've added a page for the Nintendo 64.

Snow flakes needs to form on something up in the clouds whether it be a mote of dust, a particle of pollen, or a cell of bacteria.

Good Christian missionary, Daniel John Pye, was sentenced to 40 years in prison after it was discovered that his Christian orphanage in Haiti was actually being used for child prostitution where Pye personally raped several children.

How we can know black holes exist, even without being able to see them.

I've kept the girls alive for one month. Reward please!

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I've added themes to each of the song pages in my Wiki and a category for all the themes, and added pages for three more songs, Science vs. Romance, Promise, and Under the Underpass.

  • It's really a credit to the designers of the US governmental system that even though Trump is trying to be a straight-up dictator, he's unable to do so.
  • As Trump's popularity continues to drop, he is retreating more and more into television and laziness. He's currently only working about four hours a day which explains why he's so incapable at getting anything done.
  • Trump is still claiming that Mexico will pay for a useless border wall while at the same time demanding $18,000,000,000 from the US to pay for it.
  • Part of becoming president is that genealogy experts trace back your family's past, and they have discovered that Trump's grandfather dodged military service in Germany by fleeing to the USA, but when he tried to move back, Germany deported him. You can read his letter to German officials where he begs not to be deported.
  • Republican Peter Hoekstra, Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands, publicly stated that Muslim terrorists were burning people alive in their country. So, Dutch journalists asked him to give an example. Naturally, he couldn't, because Hoekstra was lying, but he didn't want to retract his statement either. However, unlike in the US, the press kept hounding him on the question, asking him over and over again to either give some evidence to support his claim or retract it, but Hoekstra kept ignoring them. Previously, Hoekstra claimed that Muslims had barred off areas of the country to all non-Muslim Dutch citizens, but when a journalist asked him for evidence to back up his claim, Hoekstra denied ever saying it, at which point the journalist played him a clip of him saying it much to Hoekstra's embarrassment, and, by extension, the USA's.
  • Republican, and accused child molester, Roy Moore explains what many Christians believe, it's okay to lie if you're lying to advance Christianity.
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline has been active for six months. In that time it has had five leaks. Not a very impressive track record.

What OCD is and is not.

A disease's guide to world domination.

Amelia Earhart wasn't the best female pilot of her day, so why was she so famous? Marketing.

4 hours of sleep?! What a miracle!

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I've added a page for all the animals I've lived with over the years.

  • It's not news that Trump believes he's a genius, he's an egomaniac after all, that's what they do. It doesn't even matter that he's the least eloquent president in recent history. What's surprising is that the Republican party, even those who have called him crazy, still back him, and are willing to publicly state that nobody thinks he's unstable.
  • Even after getting a massive tax break that will ruin the US economy, large companies are not investing in their future. Instead, the CEOs are taking huge bonuses and still firing their employees and canceling projects precisely as they claimed they would before the tax cut.
  • Yet another failure for the Trump administration. They were really hoping to revitalize the coal industry which has been dying for the past fifty years, but their plan was so bad, they couldn't even get Trump-appointed energy commissioners to vote for it.
  • Most people want to keep Net neutrality laws in place, even most Republican voters, so why then did Republicans vote to eliminate it? Because, in general, Republican politicians vote in favor of their donors (like Comcast and AT&T) rather than their constituents. However, one Republican politician suggests she will break ranks and possibly Net neutrality will be saved, but it requires another Republican politician to actually care about their voters over their donors, so I'm not holding my breath.
  • The rabid racist fans of Steve Bannon have turned on him since he mocked Trump, and he's been fired resigned as executive chairman!
  • Yet another one of Trump's decisions is being blocked by a Federal Judge for being a violation of the US Constitution. This time, it's for trying to end DACA, the program which allows immigrants who can prove they're fine upstanding people to stay in the US.
  • North Carolina Republicans, who admitted to purposely redrawing the distract maps to seek an unfair political advantage, have lost their case in the US Supreme Court!
  • Why is the Trump administration eliminating several policies to help decrease the US government's environmental impact? It's not because of science, or even to save money, it's simply because caring about the environment is "inconsistent" with Trump's deluded view of reality.
  • We could learn something from the massive protests in Iran against President Hassan Rouhani who wasted his nation's money on conservative religious groups instead of helping everyone.
  • After Deyshia Hargrave, a middle school English teacher, had the audacity to ask why her city officials were giving the school district's administrator a raise of $30,000 a year when the teachers had to keep living off a paltry income, she was violently assaulted, and the city went ahead and gave the administrator a raise anyway.
  • The FBI is still adamant about making encryption illegal for regular citizens.

A retrospective of the major events of 2017.

There are many people I originally admired in the skeptical/atheist/free thought movements only to late discover, while they may be decent at some aspect of science, they're actually pretty awful people when it comes to sociology. Case in point, Steven Pinker.

For those who have read about Raleigh scattering, you probably asked the question, why is the sky blue and not violet, but, in fact, it is.

Why it's not possible to know anything about a god's character.

2.5 hours of sleep, a new record

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I have greatly expanded my Games By Platform page.

  • Trump was convinced the Russia scandal would be over by 2017.
  • White, and totally not racist, Republican Steve Alford explained in a town hall meeting that the US outlawed marijuana, and needs to keep it outlawed, because black people are genetically predisposed to succumb to it.
  • After our increasingly more religious Supreme Court refused to hear a case about Christian discrimination, hateful Christians will continue to discriminate against non-Christians, women, the LGBT, and so forth.

Seth Meyers gave a pretty wonderful monologue at the Golden Globes, save for suggesting actors should be politicians.

Crash Course: Philosophy explains Aesthetics, Metaethics, and Divine Command Theory.

A brief rundown of the Spectre and Meltdown computer exploits and how everyone is pretty much screwed until we all buy next generation CPUs.

So, what the hell is Kirby anyway?

I'm convinced that having babies is the universe's favorite form of torture

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I added a category to my Wiki which groups all video game pages by the platform on which they were released.

  • The Michael Wolff book is quite scandalous, and probably contains plenty of fiction among its facts, but the reality is, that is precisely the type of world Trump has created. One part we know is true are the extremely critical words of Steve Bannon, but after finding out that his mob of white supremacists have aligned themselves to Trump, Bannon has decided to kowtow to old master.
  • People love bitching about the poor who don't work, even if they're capable of doing so, but their laziness is nothing compared to the mooching of lazy do-nothing rich, and, by that, I'm looking at Donal Trump whose work day doesn't start until 11 AM!
  • In less than a year, nearly every major Trump employee has resigned or been fired.
  • Trump continues with his lie that Mexico will pay us $18,000,000,000 to keep them out with a useless border wall.
  • Republicans do not care about state's rights.
  • The god of Republican Scott DesJarlais, a staunch anti-abortion politician and doctor who implored several of his mistresses who he impregnated to get abortions, has forgiven him. So too has Christian youth pastor Andy Savage's god forgiven him for having sex with one of his 17-year-old parishioners.
  • Trump's pissing contest with Kim Jong Un is just as devoid of facts as the rest of his life.
  • Kayla Moore, wife of child sexual predator Roy Moore, tried to dispel the allegations that she and her husband were antisemitic by claiming to have hired an attorney who "is a Jew." Well, while his family may be Jewish, the attorney in question has converted to Christianity.

Six basic facts everyone should understand about evolution, explained by a professor of biology.

Using science to figure out how the ancient Egyptians made a blue dye, and then figuring out how to use it in medicine.

Using your understanding of physics, can you guess which way this spool will roll?

Sometimes, trying to decrease an animal's numbers by killing them has the opposite effect!

The extreme lengths scientists go to obtain ice core samples.

I'm so very tired

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I added a page for the game Bubble Bobble.

  • One of the main points in the Wolff book is that Trump never expected to win the presidency, and didn't even want to win.
  • Trump actually ordered one of his lawyers to stop Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia investigation!
  • Paul Manafort is trying to sue the Justice Department to prevent Robert Mueller from investigating his ties to the Russian scandal. Good luck with that!
  • Tennessee Republicans have made it illegal to carry signs into their Legislative buildings because they can be used as weapons, but you know what is still legal? Guns.

Why there are upside-down rivers on Mars.

When scientists used themselves as Guinea pigs.

Rebecca Watson's 2017 predictions were better than most psychics!

Proving that arcade ticket games are a scam.

Another night of being literally pooped on...

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I have updated my list of games I own with my latest acquisitions including a Commodore 64, Commodore VIC-20, Channel F, and Odyssey 2 and games for each.

  • In the USA, the highest level of law is the Constitution. The first amendment to the Constitution grants the freedom for all citizens to say what they want without fear of government censorship or reprisal. Donald Trump, however, doesn't care much for the Constitution because he's trying to stop a book from being published that will detail the criminal acts committed by his son. So, rather than just deny everything like his administration has been doing in the past, he's now trying to violate the Constitution. But he's not just violating the right of free speech for his disgruntled employees, he's also now banning personal cellphones from the White House entirely for all staff and even guests.
  • Trump's utterly pointless and very expensive commission to identify and eliminate voter fraud has ended with no evidence of voter fraud, but a lot of lawsuits for violating civil rights. This is good news, not just because it was a complete waste of time and money, but because voter id laws really do discriminate against the poor.
  • Motel 6 was caught giving the personal information of nearly ten thousand guests to government law enforcement agencies even though there was no reason to suspect the guests were criminals. Luckily, there is now a lawsuit against them, but if you're ever looking for a budget hotel in the future, you'd be wise to stay somewhere else.
  • The current pay gap between CEOs at major corporations and their low-level employees is now so large that the CEOs make more money before their lunch break than their employees make for the entire year! And thanks to the Republican tax scam, this will only get worse in the upcoming years.
  • Under the Trump administration, FEMA will now use taxpayer money to rebuild churches that have been destroyed in natural disasters, AKA, "Acts of god." The irony here is palpable.
  • Donald Trump thinks the Justice Department is the "deep state," but his aides say that he doesn't.
  • Iran and Russia are experiencing dictatorships, and North and South Korea might come to amicable terms just so they can both avoid having to talk to Donald Trump.
  • Trump's presidential seal is just as gaudy and self-serving as you would expect.

What's the deal with credit card chips?

Toxic masculinity doesn't just hurt the individual and the culture, it also hurts the planet.

Another video game villain gets the assistant they desperately need.

In the future, we might use black holes as an energy source.

Why can't babies vomit on something other than me?

Feeling: Exhausted


Last night, in between moments when the girls were asleep, I beat Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu. I also added a page for the Commodore VIC-20.

  • Steve Bannon, Trump's former chief strategist, has described the incident where Trump's family invited Russian officials into Trump Tower to help the Trumps win the election as "unpatriotic" and "treasonous!"
  • Trump is on track to become the first president to, in his first year in office, tell over 2,000 confirmed lies!
  • Trump came back from yet another vacation to compare sizes with Kim Jong Un.
  • When Trump became president, the US government stopped funding organizations that monitored right-wing terrorist organizations like the KKK, Nazis, and other white supremacists, and we have since seen an drastic increase in their acts of terror. Would that we could be like the UK which is actually arresting their right-wing terrorists.
  • Trump isn't just trying to revive a dying industry with coal power, he's also eliminating safety regulations in coal mines, a move that has the death toll of miners is on the rise again.

The FDA is slowly cracking down on fake medicine like homeopathy, which is bad news for bullshit peddlers like Gwenneth Paltrow.

I have a moral problem with eating meat, I can't justify the horror inflicted on farm-raised animals and their slaughter just because I like the way they taste, which is why I'm really looking forward to the coming of meat cultured from stem cells.

What's the deal with Princess Peach and... peaches?

The majority enjoyed in American by white Christians is dying.

What happens when you drop a ferrofluid onto a magnet in slow motion?

A fantastic lecture in physics, especially how much we now know about the universe, by Sean Sarroll.

I will give you the deed to my house to make my babies sleep through the night

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I added a page for the game company Konami and a list of games I like to watch being played.

  • There hasn't been a fatal airplane crash on a major consumer airline in the US since 2009, but that isn't stopping Trump from taking credit for a death-free 2017. He claimed that his strict rules kept the airlines safe, but the only airline-specific legislation his administration seems to have made allows them to be more deceptive with their pricing.
  • Trump continues to embarrass the country with his incompetence regarding science.
  • American Christians still adore Trump proving that they have no moral standards whatsoever.
  • The elimination of Net Neutrality is only the beginning, companies like Comcast and AT&T are trying their best to get Republicans to eliminate ethics entirely.
  • Trump's UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, explains to the Polish Prime Minister how she's closely monitoring the Island of Binomo. The only problem is, there's no such island, and the "Pole" she was taking to was a Russian prankster.
  • Why did Georgia judges send people to see Daniel Durward Staats for counseling even though Staats was not a licensed counselor? Because he Staats is a Christian. Of course, all that bible learning didn't stop Staats from sexually assaulting his patients.

Another person was murdered by the police despite being unarmed in their own home. The police man who murdered him in currently taking a paid vacation. But the initial cause of his death was two people arguing over a $1.50 bet over an online game.

Seven animals that refuse to go extinct.

Vegetarianism causes cancer? Only if you do a crappy test.

No, vitamin C cannot cure a cold.

For decades now, the US military has been poisoning the country with the byproducts of explosive production, and they refuse to clean it up.

How do you teach an infant to warm up their own bottles?

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I added a page for the game company Sierra On-Line.

  • As expected from the cold weather, Trump and his fellow science deniers use their tired argument, "it's cold today, therefore climate change doesn't exist."
  • The Republican tax plan allows people to write off donations made to private Christian schools that will only benefit other rich Christian children, they can even write off the donation twice! However, donations made to public school that will help every child cannot be written off.
  • After Michigan Republicans inadvertently poisoned the drinking water of the majority of homes in Flint and caused irreparable damage to their water pipes, they did everything they could to prevent the people from seeing justice. However, a judge eventually ruled that the state would have to help the people get clean water again, but, as expected, they're not following their court order.
  • Alabama's most famous child-molesting Republican, Roy Moore, had his voter fraud case thrown out because, like the rest of the country, there is no evidence of voter fraud.
  • Comcast is claiming they are upgrading their network because Republicans handed them the Internet on a silver platter by eliminating Net Neutrality. First of all, because they have a monopoly, Comcast is an unbelievably profitable company that could have afforded these upgrades regardless. Second, Comcast claimed they wouldn't enforce speed throttling to make more money off the Internet, but if that's the case, they shouldn't be seeing more profit, so why are they now able to make all these upgrades without any extra money? The reality is, they are spending the same amount of money on upgrades as they did before the Net Neutrality repeal, only now, Comcast is lying about it.

Learn yourself some philosophy like nonexistent objects and aesthetics.

The strangeness of polarized light and how it relates to Bell's Theorem.

The failure of prayer.

Koch's snowflake, a nice winter-themed fractal.

How to make something levitate on a bed of sound.

Why are people jerks to retail employees? Part of it is they see them as less-human.

How do you teach an infant to change their own diaper?

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I added a page for the Atari game Spider Fighter.

  • Russia, who no longer has a prime minister position, but a dictator for life, is warning the US not to interfere with their corrupt elections. Say it with me: hypocrite.
  • Nursing home companies that accidentally injure their residents used to pay pretty steep fines in order to ensure that they take the utmost care in protecting the well-being of the elderly. I say "used to" because Trump.
  • Even though I don't care much what religious leaders say, it's nice to finally see them policing their own.
  • Alabama's most famous child molester refuses to go away quietly.
  • The majority of the nations in the world are embracing green energy, reducing pollution, and making their countries cleaner and brighter, meanwhile, the US is trying to revive one of the dirtiest forms of energy.
  • Wired's "Most Dangerous People On the Internet In 2017" list includes ISIS, a Russian hacker group, a North Korean hacker group, a website owner that sells plans for untraceable homemade firearms, and Donald Trump, among others.
  • In an end of year recap, Trump has mocked, attacked, or threatened pretty much everything in 2017.
  • There is no such thing as a war on Christmas unless you're a complete moron.
  • The FCCs own internal investigation shows that the Republican's myth of Obama trying to takeover the Internet with Net Neutrality laws is a lie. Too bad for the majority of Americans, the findings of the investigation weren't released until after the FCC sold out to Comcast.

Who'd have thunk it, dogs will be just fine on a completely vegan diet.

Why math guarantees you can always cut a ham sandwich perfectly in half, no matter how messed up it is.

Lightspan Adventures is a set of pretty awful games.

A compilation of Christmas-themed Dorkly cartoons.

Why do babies spit-up so often!?

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I added a page for the Atari game Air-Sea Battle.

  • Despite lying on camera that he and his rich friends would suffer greatly from the Republican tax plan, Trump told his rich friends in a closed meeting that he just made them all a lot richer.
  • Trump isn't the only liar in the White House, his "spiritual" advisor, Paula White, is also capable of spinning a few whoppers.
  • Trump continues to attempt to discredit the "meadia."
  • The primary reason health care is so expensive in the US is because every insurance provider has to independently barter for prices, while in most developed countries, the national health service represent the bulk of the population, so they can get much better deals.

Understanding how it's possible to have objective morality.

Child labor laws make it difficult to have babies in film.

For the first time in the history of the disease, the number of people infected by measles each year has fallen below 100,000! Now if we could just get the antivaxers to understand scientific evidence...

The evolutionary history of tardigrades.

The awesome physics behind being weightless.

Why do babies eat so often!?

Feeling: Exhausted


I added a page for Edgar Allan Poe's The Facts In the Case of M. Valdemar.

  • Trump's bigoted travel ban was originally created to keep out anyone from a non-oil-rich Islamic nations, even though Americans are 5,000 times more likely to be killed by a fellow American citizen than you are a Muslim jihadist. But now Trump wants to ban people from pretty much every non-white nation complaining that everyone who immigrates from Afghanistan is a terrorist, everyone from Haiti has AIDS, and everyone from Nigeria lives in huts.
  • So many other Republicans gush over Trump including Mike Pence who seems to revere him as his god.
  • Trump's Zionistic attempt to make Jersulem the capital of Israel is going to have severe consequences, which is why nearly every other country in the world is against it.
  • Republican John Kasich signed into law a bill that prevents women from having abortions if their fetus is believed to have Down syndrome. First of all, women should be allowed to abort a fetus for any reason without approval from a shithead like Kasich. Second, this bill was written specifically to "protect" fetuses with Down syndrome, but if Kasich is so pro-fetus, why doesn't the bill prevent women from aborting fetuses with any of the other millions of chronic debilitating diseases a fetus might have?

What's the deal with the Star Wars Holiday Special?

The Wisconsin State Capitol is now promoting the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The USA has a long history of using racial minorities for medical testing, and it stays with us today.

"Reverend" James Csaszar has killed himself after he was caught sending sexual text messages to a 16-year-old boy.

An atheist explains which version of the bible you should read.

Enjoy your pagan holiday heathens!

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the game Pinball Quest.

  • Trump continues to claim that he has signed more legislation than any president in history, when, in reality, he's actually done less than any known president.
  • Even though Trump, and the Republican Party as a whole, has failed at nearly everything they've done so far, all their racism, bigotry, and childish name-calling is shifting the realm of normal to an utterly ridiculous level.
  • While many media organizations are calling the passed Republican tax plan a "win" for the party, they're failing to point out that it is a huge loss for the country.
  • Thanks to Trump, the world is united... against the USA.
  • Trump continues to suck Evangelical Christians down to his level causing them to support greed, child molestation, divorce, theft, lying, and sexual assault.
  • Not only did AT&T bribe Republicans to eliminate Net neutrality, but they're also claiming the Christmas bonuses given to their employees are the result of the Republican tax plan. Truth is, the Christmas bonuses are the result of the employee's workers union.
  • John Schnatter, founder of Papa John's pizza, has made many disgusting remarks over the years about why he doesn't feel his employees should be paid a living wage, and then blaming racial minorities for his low sales. Because of this, white supremacist groups now use his pizza chain as a meeting place, which has only exacerbated his poor sales. In fact, it's gotten so bad that Schnatter has found it necessary to step down as CEO of his own company in the hope that a less-hateful face will be capable of saving it from bankruptcy.
  • Like many other organizations infected with Republicans, the EPA is losing all of its most talented scientists who are quitting due to gross ethics violations. The positions are either being kept vacant, or being replaced with incompetent goons.
  • Fox "News" continues to have Trump's back and is trying desperately to eliminate the FBI.
  • Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands was caught on camera lying, so he tried lying to cover his lie, again, on camera.

As science and technology gets better and responsible regulations are mandated, "acts of god" have been decreasing.

No, scientific theories are not dogma.

In the US, judges have an obscene amount of authority and often make clearly bigoted rulings without fear of punishment. Case in point, Judge W. Mitchell Nance, who stated that "allowing a gay person to adopt could never be in the child's best interest," and would ask couples seeking divorce about their church attendance and religious beliefs before deciding how to proceed. Because of these displays of bigotry, Nance's was found guilty of misconduct and was forced into early retirement. Not a proper punishment for someone whose backward beliefs have caused him to hurt countless families, but it's a step in the right direction.

Here are some of the dos and do nots of flag design?

Despite all it's failures, 2017 saw a few victories on the feminist front.

Happy winter solstice, enjoy the longer days!

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I added a page for the game, Guerrilla War.

We've reached the point where humans no longer understand our own algorithms.

This is the crap you have to deal with when you buy an Apple product.

What it took for Dianna Cowern to become the Physics Girl.

Christian Pastor Terry Wayne Millender and his wife Brenda will be going to jail after it was discovered that they conned their church followers out of $2,000,000 by convincing them to invest in their "business" which was code for buying them a mansion.

Fox "News" continues to advertise for atheists.

Hyrule has some pretty impressive weather.

History in the ruining

Feeling: Disgusted


Last night, due to lack of sleep, I tried to burp my pillow and put a onesie on my dog. These babies are gonna kill me!

  • The majority of Americans hate the Republican tax bill which hugely benefits the rich, won't create jobs, has dozens of mathematical errors, several provisions had to be removed because they violated Republican-created rules, and not a single Republican has read the bill, but that didn't stop every Republican in Congress from voting for it. Part of this disastrous bill includes the Corker Provision. To give you a time line, Republican Bob Corker said he refused to support the tax bill, but then Republican Orin Hatch amended the bill with a huge tax cut for people who owned real-estate companies, which Corker owns in spades, and stands to personally make millions. Shortly after that, Corker changed his mind and voted in favor of the bill. Corker's defense is declaring incompetence; he claims he never read the bill, and even if he did, he couldn't understand it. So why did he change his mind and vote for it?
  • After being completely embarrassed by his complete lack of legal experience, Trump's judicial nominee, Matthew Petersen, has withdrawn. He follows in the footsteps of other Trump judicial failures, Jeff Mateer, who claimed transgender children are proof of Satan's plan, and Brett Talley, who used his website to defend the KKK.
  • While Republicans in the US are busy dismantling our free Internet, the UK is guaranteeing broadband to everyone!
  • Even as US military leaders urge Trump to see human-caused climate change for the national security threat it is, Trump decides to censor it entirely from national security.
  • Trump is threatening to withhold aide to countries that won't back his Zionist agenda.
  • A lot of substantial evidence came out that Republican Dan Johnson sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl at his church, which was the most-likely reason he killed himself. After news broke of his suicide, his fans came together, not to cimmiserate that their hero was a child molester, but to blame the media and Democrats.
  • Republicans continue to latch onto anything they can find to try and end Trump's Russia investigation, like, they want the investigation halted because two of the FBI agents working on the investigation don't like Trump. I think the Simpsons do it best.
  • The women brave enough to accuse Trump of sexually harassing them are not going away.
  • These are a bit old, because I've been away from computers for so long, but I love Stephen Colbert's report of Roy Moore's loss!

A physicist explains what computer programmers do.

Over 11,000 rape kits had been abandoned by police in Wayne County, Michigan, and police can't be bothered to process them, primarily because the victims were minorities or had past offenses. But the kits are finally being processed by the Wayne County Prosecutor and already led to 127 convictions the police didn't care about!

A more in-depth description of Pascal's Wager and why, even in it's proper context, it's still wrong.

Grace Cathedral, a megachurch in Akron, Ohio successfully convinced a 76-year-old woman with dementia to turn over her life savings of $340,000 to them after only visiting their church a couple of times. Thankfully, there is a lawsuit to try and get it back.

Who doesn't love chromium?


Feeling: Exhausted


Gabriella and Iliana were born on December 11, 2017, at 12:59 PM and 1:00 PM respectively. They were birthed via Caesarean section after a gestation period of 8 months and 1 day, so they were underweight; Gabriella at 5 pounds even, and Iliana at 4 pounds, 10 ounces. They are fraternal twins, and look and act noticeably different from one another. The nurses at Genesys Hospital were fantastic, but they had only terrible things to say about the hospital's administration ever since it was taken over by the Catholic company, Ascension Health. I'm very happy to be a father, and I loved them both the second I saw them. However, oh your god, infants require an obscene amount of work! Every 2-3 hours, all day and all night, they must be fed, burped, held, de-clothed, changed, re-clothed, and always watched carefully. It's extremely exhausting. Even after a week, I have a much greater respect for mothers!

A couple of things I have learned while dealing with babies: 1.) Babies sure poop an awful lot. 2.) Babies don't eat a lot, but boy do they eat often! 3.) I have slightly more feces on my hands than normal.

During brief moments of downtime, I was able to beat the hardest difficulty for the American Game Boy and NES ports of Tetris.

It's amazing how much went down in the political world in a week! Here's a quick recap:

  • I was shocked to see that Alabamians voted for a Democrat even though the other option was a child molesting homophobic theocratic Republican, i.e., Roy Moore. I honestly believed Republican voters, even if there was iron-clad proof that Moore molested children, would still vote for him just to keep a Democrat out of office. After seeing the exit polls, I saw I was still right. The bulk of the Republican voters in Alabama, especially white men and women, still voted for the child molester. Even among the black male Republicans, they didn't so much have a problem with the child molestation accusations, but rather saw Moore as being equally racist as Donald Trump. So, why did Moore lose? Because there was a record number of Democrats, specifically black women, who got out to vote. The exit polls also show that the overwhelming majority of Evangelical Christians voted for the child molester. And, just to follow the Republican play book, Moore is refusing to concede the election he lost, and has demanded a recount. Also, as expected, Republicans are crying voter fraud, despite there being almost no evidence of voter fraud.
  • Republicans in the FCC killed Net Neutrality, and reclassified Internet Service Providers to prevent them from ever being protected against again. It didn't matter that the vast majority of Americans, even 75% of Republicans, wanted it to stay in place. While this move will see massive increases in the cost to the consumers, it will also create even more hatred for the Republican party.
  • The Trump administration has censored a CDC report so that it better fits the Republican agenda. "Evidence-based" and "science-based" are banned, so people won't trust their findings. "Fetus" is banned, to make it harder to talk about abortion. "Transgender," "diversity," "entitlement," and "vulnerable" have all been banned to try and eliminate talk about adding more views than just the usual cis-gendered white men.
  • All 14 other nations in the UN rebuked Trump's horrible decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, violating an agreement that has stood for the past 50 years. The USA has veto power, so, while the vote didn't change anything, it did show that everyone else in the world thinks Trump is stupid and reckless. Trump's incompetent ambassador, Nikki Haley, responded to the vote by threatening the United Nations!
  • And, instead of banning the bump stock used in the Las Vegas massacre which turns a semi-automatic assault rifle into a fully automatic rifle, Republicans have decreased gun control even further, and even invited the vice president of the NRA to the White House on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school murders.
  • Though Trump is still trying to dismiss all the evidence for Russian collusion, including more from his own son, and contacts that happened during his inauguration, it's not going anywhere anytime soon!
  • Trump appointee Ryan Zinke claims he believes in human-caused climate change, but he's strangely doing everything in his power to make it worse.

Surface tension is weird.

The AVGN re-reviews Sonic 2006. Actually, I don't care for any of the Sonic games, but they do have good music.

In addition to making animals cute and easier to train, domestication also shrinks brains.

One of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history happened entirely by accident.

Why it's important to have anonymity, but why it's so hard to become anonymous.

Sooner to be a father

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Two more days until bebbies!

  • It's not just that Trump criminalizes minorities, but he also fails to criminalize white criminals.
  • As Democrats force people to resign over sexual harassment allegations, the Republican Party is now openly endorsing an accused child sexual predator who will most likely win Alabama. While taking the high road is going to hurt the Democrats in the short run, I suspect this will be a deep cut into the Republican party. Pretty much every argument and debate for the next decade or so is going to fall back on the fact that Republicans actively support rapists. The one good thing that will come out of all these men losing their jobs is that there will be plenty of room for decent humans to take their place.
  • I'm really happy that my private jet, my kid's boarding school, my 11,000,000 estate, and my Virgin Island mansion will all be tax write-offs. Oh wait, I don't have any of those things, and neither does 99% of the rest of Americans? Then why is the the thrust of the Republican tax plan?
  • During the last presidential election, Trump made several accusations that Clinton wasn't healthy enough to be president, and his ad campaign even suggested that she was suffering from mental illness. However, now that doctors are suggesting that Trump is ill based on his childish outbursts and slurred speech, the White House is pretending that they're insulted by such inappropriate accusations of Trump's health. Having one low standard for yourself and an impossibly high one for your opponents is typical of Republicans.
  • Republicans wisely decided against eliminating a program for homeless veterans, but they were damned close.
  • Republicans just made it a whole lot easier to traffic guns.
  • Despite Trump making the US the only country in the world not willing to cut back on emissions to combat climate change, many Mayors across the country are trying hard regardless.
  • The FCC is currently lying to American people about Net neutrality. I would be shocked if it wasn't for the fact that there is a Republican at the helm.
  • Tensions around North Korea continue to rise, and having an incompetent man-child in control isn't helping.
  • Trump's ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is currently under house-arrest for his role in the Trump-Russia conspiracy. And, even though he knows he's being watched like a hawk, he continues to talk with the Russians!

Another extremely old human ancestor (Australopithecus) has been excavated from South Africa and unveiled. "Little Foot" is estimated to have died 3,670,000 years ago!

What a shock, Nick and Sarah Jensen, the Christian couple who promised to divorce if Australia legalized same-sex marriage were lying the whole time.

If you're ever going to pitch a video game to a software publisher, here are 30 things on which you should focus.

The magic of Technicolor.

Despite fans freaking out that Star Wars has had two female leads in a row, the film series traditionally has had a dearth of female characters.

Soon to be a father

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Just found out that Emily will be having a Cesarean on Monday, so, in four days, I'm gonna be a daddy! I better hurry up and beat about 300 more video games!

What happens when a black man uses the anonymity of the Internet to pretend to be a white supremacist?

Same-sex marriage has been legalized in Australia!

Due to their nation-wide doping scandal, Russia has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics!

A strange shadow effect that only occurs in certain parts of the world.

The highly fortified Spanish-African border.

Honest Trailers tackles The Room.

He's going down, but he's taking the country with him

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I've added a page for the mini game Tower of Heaven.

  • The evolution of lies in the Trump administration: stage 1, "none of us had any contact with Russia about anything," stage 2, "only a few of us talked to Russia, but it was about adopting orphans," stage 3, "several of us talked to Russia, but we didn't collude," stage 4, "all of us colluded with Russia to discredit Hillary Clinton and win the Presidency, but that's not illegal!" There is actually some truth to the claim that asking a hostile foreign government to help you win an election isn't illegal, but obstructing justice is, which Trump keeps admitting to in his Internet posts. And it will be interesting to see if Trump has a dark past now that his German banking history has been handed over to the FBI.
  • In addition to a $260,000,000,000 mistake and the elimination of student loan forgiveness, the Republican tax plan, which is mocked by nearly every economist in the country, includes dozens of riders that had nothing to do with taxes, including a ban on abortion! Thankfully, the Democrats in the Senate found the rider and pointed out that it violates the rules of the Senate, and Republicans agreed to remove the rider, but Republicans are so sleazy it's despicable.
  • When the accusations of child molestation became more and more credible, the Republican Party tried to distance themselves from Roy Moore and even stopped endorsing his campaign, however, after Moore refused to step aside, and with Republican voters still backing him, Moore is the only chance Republicans have to win the Senate. So, even though several other women have accused Roy Moore of molesting them, and mall workers and schools have all admitted to banning him because he wouldn't leave under-aged women alone, the Republican Party, along with Donald Trump, are officially endorsing the child predator. It's sad that it takes the celebration of sexual predators to make people leave the Republican party, but it's still nice to see a few people denounce them.
  • In 2016, the US joined a pact with nearly every nation in the world in a vow to protect the human rights of refugees and migrants. But, under Trump, the US has reneged on any such agreements, making the US the only developed nation to say, essentially, that we fear foreigners too much to care about their human rights.
  • Big shock, pretty much every world leader is pissed off at Trump for his hair-brained idea to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not just because it's insulting to every Muslim in the world, but also because it will further destabilize an already tense region.
  • Trump is using US tax dollars to create a special police force to fight the "deep state." Of course, the "deep state" doesn't exist, it's a conspiracy theorist term of paranoia used to describe government employees who are secretly part of a large concentrated effort to overthrow the US from within. Your tax dollars at work!
  • The National Monuments in Utah are now dry husks of their former glory, and now the Trump administration is looking to cut up two more.
  • After voting to cut taxes on the wealthy which will see a dramatic increase in the national debt and halt the US economy, Republican Orin Hatch explained that we need to eliminate the program to feed poor children because there's no money for it in the budget.

Some cool things about Queen's "News of the World" album.

What's the deal with the giant animals of Earth's past?

How HIV became a global pandemic from one sick chimpanzee.

The Satanic Panic of the 1980s is still going strong today.

Can we stop them before it's too late?

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  • A current time line about what has since been confirmed about Michael Flynn, how he colluded with Russia, lied about it, and Trump's involvement. Also, it looks like Trump's former transition team member, Kathleen McFarland, might also be guilty of deliberately lying to the FBI to cover up the Russian collusion.
  • Trump is creating the largest removal of National Monument land in the history of the United States.
  • I probably shouldn't have to say this, but it's a bad thing that Trump keeps popularizing white supremacists.
  • Oh good, Trump is getting his hands dirty with Israeli-Palestinian conflicts now. I'm sure nothing bad can come out of altering the capital of a foreign nation.
  • Now that Trump has an extra Conservative puppet in the Supreme Court, they're okay with ignoring the religious freedom clause of the first amendment and banning people who aren't Christian.
  • Bill O'Reilly has paid out $45,000,000 in sexual harassment settlements, but what is quite common in a settlements like these is a confidentiality agreement stating that neither party will talk about what happened. For rational people, this is pretty easy to follow, but you know a blow-hard like O'Reilly wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut. Sure enough, he's being sued -again- for violating the terms of the confidentiality agreement!
  • I don't think Trump is suffering from dementia, I think he's always been this stupid.

Many different types of jobs are being replaced by robots and computers, but one in particular is expected to remain free for a long time, but for some reason, men don't want to do it.

While more and more men are being outed as serial sexual harassers, women are pointing out the fact that it's always been this way.

Understanding how the terrible aspects of Islam are being normalized according to an ex-Muslim.

Critical thinking skills are vital for wisdom, but just having them isn't enough to make you wise.

What the heck is Parafilm?

A computer scientist talks about Net neutrality.

Ruining the country

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When someone steals a word.

  • Oh boy, what a dark weekend. So, the Republicans generated their 500-page secret tax bill and delivered it to the Senate mere hours before they were expected to vote on it. Naturally, nobody had time to read it, neither the low-ranking Republicans or even those who wrote it, because it was being written by several different people, each adding their own unrelated riders into it. Democrats requested a delay to give the Senate enough time to actually read the bill, but, naturally, the Republicans who never read the bill voted to remain ignorant. Not a single person who was voting on the bill had read it completely, and yet, the Republican Senate still passed the bill that will raise taxes on the poor and working class. Only a third of Americans actually favor this bill (the same ones stupid enough to favor Trump), but that isn't stopping Republicans from patting themselves on the back for fucking over everyone who isn't rich, but then, it's only the rich who are donating through super PACs, so they don't really care what the working class think. Even those Republicans who tried to be sensible by refusing to repeal the Affordable Care Act voted for this tax increase, which has so many anti-health care riders in it, it's going to destroy the Affordable Care Act anyway. This tax plan will only help the rich, and it will destroy the US economy in the process, and now that their bill has passed Congress, Republican's aren't even being shy about acknowledging that they are purposely helping the rich at the expense of the poor.
  • Michael Flynn is still expected to serve six months in prison for his role in lying to the FBI about the Trump-Russia conspiracy. But part of his plea bargain means he's been squealing his piggy guts out to the FBI. Naturally, Trump is freaking out on Twitter blaming Hillary Clinton and the FBI (even though he tried to convince the FBI to let Flynn go). I'm looking forward to this ending Trump's reign of terror, but, let's be honest, even if he's impeached and resigns, Mike Pence is going to pardon him and his whole criminal family. If Rex Tillerson is lucky, he'll be forced to resign before the administration is found guilty.
  • Before Trump was holding back, not directly endorsing an accused child molester for Senate, but telling Alabamians not to vote for the Democrat. But now, Trump is being crystal clear telling his people to vote for the child molester.
  • History shows us that, when it comes to mining disasters, it's not a question of "if," but "when." Before the US government fell into disarray, the EPA had a sensible rule, mining companies had to be able to prove they had enough money to clean up and disasters they might cause. This is similar to requiring a driver to have insurance because you never know when you're going to have an accident. However, Trump-appointed Scott Pruitt decided being able to fix your mistakes is an unnecessary burden on mining companies, and did away with the rule. Now, if a company creates a disaster so big they can't possibly pay for it, they'll just declare bankruptcy, and pass the buck to the American taxpayers. And speaking of mining, Trump is selling off 90% of the Bears Ear National Monument in Utah to private companies for mining, oil drilling, logging.
  • Trump's attack on journalism has real-life consequences. It's actually making it harder to stop slave auctions in Libya.
  • Trump bungled the White House's Christmas tree lighting ceremony, just like every other ceremony.

Theoretically speaking, how powerful can computers get?

An interesting talk about the importance of having skepticism, and how it relates to atheism.

How Christians respond when the military has to stop forcing religion on troops.

Rebecca Watson debunks another bullshit science article.

One more canary sings

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  • Even as Michael Flynn has been charged with the crime of willfully and knowingly making fraudulent statements to the FBI about his meeting with Russian agents, and his son and son-in-law have been caught lying to Congress about their invovlement with Russia, Trump is still begging Congress to shut down the Russia investigation. Why? Probably because Flynn might testify that Trump ordered him to initiate contact with the Russian government!
  • Since they couldn't repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are trying to destroy it with their tax bill. So, not only will they increase taxes on the poor and middle class, they will also cut $25 billion from Medicare so the elderly will no longer get sufficient treatment, in particular, many cancer patients will no longer be treated. According to a depression-era historian the Republican tax plan will return the country to another economic depression. Steven Mnuchin has either never conducted an analysis on the Republican tax plan, or he's refusing to release it, but Senator Elizabeth Warren is demanded a review to get to the bottom of it because, if an analysis was conducted using tax-payer money, the results must be made available to the public.
  • For the first year of his presidency, Trump put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of pretty much the entire US government. He was the diplomatic head of relations between China and Mexico (despite being ignorant of both countries), he was in charge of veteran affairs (despite never serving), restructuring the entire US government to function like a business, and tasked with the minor problem of bringing peace to the Middle East! Of course, now that he's been found that have had direct dealings with the Russians to help Trump get elected, one of his other tasks that he was woefully incompetent at, solving the opioid epidemic, has been handed off. So, who is the new person in charge of ending the opioid epidemic? Perhaps someone actually qualified to do it like a physician? Of course not, Trump has moved the task to his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway!
  • Roy Moore doesn't just sexually assault under-aged women, he also thinks women shouldn't be allowed to hold office.
  • Another perspective on Trump's unlawful takeover of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • If we had a competent president, maybe we could do something to help the indigenous people who are being eradicated by the Chinese government.
  • The Right-wing woman who pretended to be raped by Roy Moore in hopes that the Washington Post would run the story has spawned imitators.

A rather shocking Barna poll regarding sexual harassment shows that 17% of American men don't believe that forcing a woman to do something sexual should be considered sexual harassment and 24% think that showing a woman your penis without her approval isn't sexual harassment. The study lists several more actions, and also asked women, and, in every case, far more men think have a lower threshold for what they think is sexual harassment.

When atheists clutch their pearls.

Learning about MIDI.

The history of the scientific understanding of spacetime.

It's getting to be time for a revolution

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I've added a page for every car I've ever owned.

  • After Donald Trump reposted a false story dreamed up by a white nationalist blogger from the UK, the British prime minister, Theresa May, chided Trump for spreading more lies about Muslims. Trump's attempted to rebuke May with an another lie (that Islamic terrorism isn't a problem in the USA), but, showing his typical academic rigor, he sent his message to the wrong person.
  • When Republicans wanted to kill millions of people by taking away their health care without a replacement, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska broke ranks and voted for compassion over corporations. I was really hoping that we could count on her to do what's right again and not vote for the Republican tax bill that will increase taxes on the poor while slashing it for the rich. But, I have to remember, while she may occasionally do what's right, she's still a Republican, and doesn't have much in the way of a heart. It appears she will vote for the Republican tax bill which will raise taxes on 5,200,000 senior citizens because it includes an addendum that will reintroduce oil drilling in Alaska.
  • As Republicans continue to try to get you to pay more for Internet access, it's important to remember that Net neutrality doesn't just help keep Internet costs low, it also keeps information free, and that goes against the mentality of companies like Comcast. For example, for the past three years, Comcast's web site included a pledge that they had no plans to charge a premium for visiting web sites like YouTube or Netflix, but the moment the FCC announced they were planning to repeal the law, Comcast deleted the pledge.
  • Trump is still endorsing an accused child molester.
  • Because Republicans are defunding scientists who tell unwelcome truths, climate scientists have begun censoring their research, decreasing or removing factual statements like "climate change," and, "extreme weather." So much for reality.
  • Donald Trump just cannot stand anyone in the White House that was appointed by... Donald Trump.

Some interesting facts about electromagnetic waves.

Cities continue to make less comfortable benches to keep homeless people out of the public eye.

An interview with Bart Ehrman on how Jesus became the Christian god.

A interesting look at the history of motor vehicles, through a not-so-subtle advertisement for Mercedes-Benz.

You are the worst

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I've added game commentary for each area in my Super C page.

Lawyers for US law enforcement agencies are arguing to the Supreme Court that they should always have unfettered access to your cellphone tracking data. With this, they can track everywhere your cellphone has been at any point in history, and therefore, where you've been. A simple computer search would them be able to tell them everyone who was near a crime scene when it took place, and will certainly lead to many more arrests, especially wrongful arrests, which they're really good at.

City officials in Somersworth, New Hampshire will be promoting atheism by flying an atheist flag near City Hall.

Some pretty awesome Mars exploration.

Why do Christian apologists always lie about their education?

I don't even like the music of OK Go, I just really like their videos.

The amazing molecular machines inside all of us.

They are bad people

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  • The Trump "charity" didn't do much to help people, but it did it lot to help Donald to make illegal political donations and skip out on his taxes. Now Trump is trying to shut down his charity, maybe to eliminate further evidence of money laundering, but since it's still under Federal Investigation, he's not allowed to.
  • Remember the Access Hollywood tape where Donald Trump bragged that he sexually assaulted women? The tape that Trump tried to dismiss as "locker room talk?" It was even brought up during the presidential debates, and Trump again tried to downplay it. Well, now Trump is pretending that the tape is fake!
  • Republican Mick Mulvaney has a history of ethics violations, especially those relating to the handling of money, is naturally Trump's pick for the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the group that is supposed to prevent banks from causing another financial collapse like they did in 2008. But Mulvaney is such a bad choice for the CFPB, the White House is trying to get him in place with their lawyers.
  • Republicans who have fallen for Trump's lie that all journalists lack integrity have been trying to hand off fake information to news outlets in hopes that they would publish it so they could call them out on it later. But what they're finding instead is that most journalists are not like Fox "News" and actually fact-check everything they receive before publishing. So, in an effort to discredit outlets like the Washington Post, they're actually proving just how rigorous they are. In hopes that one of their lies will eventually work and his own lie will seem more plausible, Trump is giving money to these criminals.
  • Some of the more clever alter egos created by the writing staff of The Late Show.
  • Why does Trump think he's a great president, even though he's objectively terrible? For the same reason most people think they're better than they are, it's something called the Dunning Kruger effect.

Trump may be ruining the US, but world-wide, humanity is getting better.

Looks like HP is following in the shoes of Leenovo by installing spyware on their laptops without their owner's consent. This new program called "HP Touchpoint Analytics Service" appears to not only send HP your personal information, but also slows down your entire computer.

Creating an artificial brain to play Super Mario Kart.

Why do we so rarely hear about heart cancer?

A fantastic talk and Q&A session by ex-Muslim women.

This is why we can't have nice things

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Weekend was spent with a second Thanksgiving, and a wonderful hand-cutting time of hanging up Christmas lights. I also beat the Game Boy game Trax.

Normal people have nightmares of falling off cliffs and being chased by monsters. I have nightmares of getting computer viruses.

  • There is no longer any doubt, several members of the Trump team, including Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner, colluded with the Russians and WikiLeaks to try to win the election and then lied about it to Congress. Now, even Republicans think the Republican party is toast.
  • While standing in front of a picture of Andrew Jackson, the president who signed the Indian Removal Act, Trump "honored" WWII Navajo code by mocking a Democratic politician with some Native American heritage, calling her "Pocahontas." I don't think Trump is smart enough to understand the irony of the painting or the horror of his racial slur.
  • Time magazine is mostly sensationalism without much journalism, which is probably why Trump pretends he's worth writing about. I mean, we're talking about a man who paid someone to create fake Time magazine covers with his face. Recently, Trump has lied saying he was slated to be Time's next "Person of the Year," but refused, but Time magazine called out his bullshit. Not that being Person of the Year is such a great honor, they also gave that "honor" to Adolf Hitler.
  • The good Christian Republicans of Alabama grow ever nearer to electing a child molester. Because that's just what they do. And all these sexual harassment allegations are shedding light on just how disgusting Capitol Hill deals with women being assaulted.
  • Trump spent another vacation at his own property and charged his bodyguards rent while they stayed there to protect him. It cost the US taxpayers a cool $16,000,000, and a fair amount of that is going right into Trump's pocket.
  • 200 tech companies have asked Republican Ajit Pai not to rollback the FCCs net neutrality laws, but Republicans only care about the desires of major campaign contributers like Comcast and AT&T who are astroturfing anti-net neutrality comments, and the FCC itself has been accused of deleting requests and not maintaining their servers.
  • Elephants are not just intelligent, they also pass the mirror self-awareness test, but I'm not so sure about the Trumps. While the two boys love traveling overseas to murder endangered species, Ivanka has a website encouraging the entire world to use the shell of an endangered giant clam as a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

It's a bit late for Thanksgiving, but it translates well for Christmas, 7 ways to talk to your racist uncle for the holidays.

Christian pastor Christopher Gattis, a good guy with a gun, just murdered his family.

Can you predict the weather with your achy joints?

A fantastic lecture on anti-matter.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face

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I've added a page for the Alanis Morissette album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.

  • Trump appears to have lost the unwavering loyalty of another one of his cronies. Former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, might be spilling the beans like rats leaving a sinking ship.
  • The nation's best economist were asked to weigh in on the Republican tax plan, and 98% of them agreed that it would not help the economy, and 100% agreed that it would make our national debt substantially worse.
  • One good thing about Fox "News" cheerleading Donald Trump is that they have to go full conspiracy theorist in order to do it, and that makes them look so stupid, advertisers pull their ads.
  • The US has spent a lot of money securing the -southern- border of Mexico, not because we care about helping Mexicans, but because we also hate the rest of the Central American people. That money would be much better spent helping fix the region so that people wouldn't feel the need to leave.
  • Why is Trump wine being sold in national parks?
  • So who did Republican governor Rick Snyder choose to head the panel to study how his administration poisoned the Flint water supply? Eden Wells, the very same person who has been criminally charged with lying about the problem and trying to prevent independent researchers from investigating the problem. Since her freedom is on the line, I'm sure we can trust her to be impartial in her findings.
  • It's rare that I come to the defense of a Republican, but I it's important to be fair. Texas Representative Joe Barton sent a nude picture to a woman he claims he was in a consensual sexual relationship with, and someone later uploaded that picture to Twitter. Barton is now apologizing for the release of the photo and saying he should have had better judgment. Now, if Barton had sent the picture unsolicited, I could understand why the photo was released, but so far it appears like the woman enjoyed the picture, but then the couple got into a fight later and the photo was posted as revenge. First of all, Barton should not be expected to apologize for this. Couples send racy photos to each other all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that. Second, unless Barton did something criminal, and the release of this photo was a form of whistle-blowing, there is no excuse for this photo to have been released. Couples often have nasty breakups, but that's no excuse for publicly revealing unrelated secrets.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me, but in a 1971 interview, John Wayne said, "I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility." In a 1981 interview, he said, "Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were just selfishly trying to keep it for themselves." What a disgusting racist.

Too much alcohol isn't good for your gut bacteria.

If you wanted to launder money in the USA, you couldn't find a better way than through a church because you don't have to file taxes on or even keep records of donations. However, things aren't so easy in other New Zealand where churches that refuse to file tax returns can actually lose their tax-exempt status.

If you only read the headlines, you might think that mindfulness doesn't work on teens, but not if you read deeper.

The Blackfriars Priory School, a private Catholic school in Australia, just reveiled a statue of Martin de Porres handing out bread to a child right after unveiling it because it looks like Porres is having the child fondle his penis. A normal person would see the problem right away, but an organization of pedophiles didn't see anything wrong with it.

Why do gods only answer certain prayers? Here's the answer.

The importance of storing passwords properly to avoid things like dictionary attacks and brute force attacks.

Trump endorses a child molester, and nobody's shocked

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  • Trump, a sexual predator himself, finally responded to the sexual assault charges against Republican Roy Moore, while he didn't directly endorse the pedophile, he did tell Alabamans not to vote for the only other feasible option. Trump's argument is that, since Moore denies sexually molesting all those women, it's okay to vote for him, even as more evidence keeps coming out, like the police officer who spent a lot of her time protecting high school cheerleaders from Roy Moore. The White House is officially endorsing a child molester so they can get enough votes to raise taxes for everyone except the rich. And, yes, both sides are seeing harassers brought to light, but at least the Democrats are forcing them to resign, not voting them into office.
  • Internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast and AT&T are among the most hated companies in the world because of their outrageous prices and terrible service. They can get away with being so terrible because they hold monopolies in these areas. It shouldn't come as a shock that the vast majority of people do not want their ISPs to have control over what they can view on the Internet. However, Republicans are actively working, not only to let ISPs decide which parts of the Internet you can access, but how much you should pay. The fact is, nobody wants this, nobody excepts the CEOs of these companies, and Republicans are bending over backwards to accommodate these extremely wealthy men rather than help the vast majority of Americans. Portugal gives an interesting look at what we can expect get Republicans their way. You want to access your free Gmail account? $5 a month. You want free Facebook? Another $5. You want Twitch, Spotify, Skype? Each of these other free services are now each $5 more a month! To make matters worse, the Republican plan also takes away state rights making it impossible for states to ban the practice locally, because, despite lying about it, Republicans do not care about state rights.
  • Republican Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a memo listing several feasible, but not very believable, reasons why James Comey was fired as the head of the FBI, and then Trump stupidly denounced all those reasons saying he fired Comey because he was investigating his family's ties to Russian dictators. Because of this, Rosenstein is now an important witness in Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump's Russian involvement and possible obstruction of justice, so why is he still Mueller's supervisor? This is like a Supreme Court Justice being implicated in a criminal case, but still getting to rule on it!
  • Another federal judge has blocked Trump's attempted ban on transgender US soldiers!
  • LaVar Ball is not impressed with Trump demanding praise for doing his job.

If your search engine brings to the foreground a list of lies, does that mean you're helping to spread those lies?

New York University employees were encouraged to lie about their religion in order to get hired on their Abu Dhabi campus. While Christians and Muslims were welcome, Jews and atheists were told by University's HR department to pick something else, like a Buddhist or a Sikh!

Julia Galef's lecture on how to better change your mind when presented with surprising truths.

Massive government corruption in Zimbabwe has led to a military coup.

When will the world wake up?

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I've added detailed commentary for each stage of Mega Man II.

  • Republicans are killing Net neutrality. What does this mean to you? You will start having to pay for online services you once got for free (email, searching, Facebook, Skype, etc.). All of the services you currently pay for will cost more money (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Any services you receive from smaller start-up companies will likely cease all together because they can't afford to pay for the necessary bandwidth, and, if you're not rich enough to afford these additional fees, you just won't get to use the Internet.
  • I noticed something about all the different cultures that Trump has been cracking down on and forcing to leave the country... they're not, shall we say, pale skinned.
  • Congress is trying to deal with their image of being a large group of sexual predators.
  • Jeff Sessions is a racist and all-around terrible person, but at least he's making SNL happy.

Turning your microwave into a dangerous plasma generator.

Stephen Pinker talks about 21st century writing style.

The importance of free speech, even when it's disgusting and insulting.

Terrible RoboCop games on the NES.

Racist, sexist, and ignorant

Feeling: Disgusted


Well, it took over 25 years, but I finally got around to beating Super Mario Bros. 2, no warps. I also finished writing up my game design commentary on each level.

  • What Al Franken did was wrong, and he should be ashamed of himself, and there are certainly terrible things being done on both the left and right, but Republicans, are far worse. Just look at Kay Ivey, the Republican Governor of Alabama. She explained why she would rather vote for someone she believes to be a child molester than a Democrat. This isn't too shocking because there are 62,984,825 Americans who already did.
  • Republican Ralph Shortey, one of those good family values Christians, plead guilty to child sex trafficking for trying to buy sex from a 17-year-old boy.
  • Being black means having a longer sentence for the same crime as a white person, including walking while black.
  • I bitch about corrupt police officers all the time, but that doesn't mean I don't respect good cops and also acknowledge the difficulty of the job. So, when I hear about the Baltimore / Philadelphia conspiracy I ask myself, were these cops just stupid and greedy, or were they risking their careers and freedom because they weren't making ends meet for their police officer pay alone?
  • Fox "News" has done such a great job at keeping their viewers ignorant, that many of them don't realize that Hillary Clinton isn't even in office anymore.

What does it sound like to hear with a cochlear implant?

In order to explain the importance of having a gun on you at all times in order to stop a "bad guy," a Tennessee church official accidentally shot himself and his wife while giving a talk about gun safety.

Homosexuality is neither moral or immoral, homosexuality is amoral.

Some more physics questions from the Physics Girl.

The worst people ever

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I've added a page for the Rilo Kiley album Take Offs and Landings and updated their artist page with a full discography.

  • Not that anyone should be shocked, but House Republicans voted to lower taxes on the rich and raise taxes on the middle class. What I do find a little shocking is that 13 Republicans actually own a spine and voted against their party's destructive bill. And, not to frighten anyone, but the Senate bill is now expected to raise taxes on the poor so the rich will pay less!
  • Roy Moore's lawyers try lying for him, but it doesn't work. Hey, maybe Republicans can create an anti-Semitic robocall pretending to be the Washington Post? Let's hope Alabama can, for once, do the right thing.
  • TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline just dumped 210,000 gallons of oil all over South Dakota, exactly as the Standing Rock Natives feared.
  • Trump put his son-in-law Jared Kusher in charge of the entire government, but he didn't warn him about the dangers of not handing over evidence that he was also in contact with Wikileaks to let the Russians help win the election for Trump, evidence that has been confirmed to exist by several sources.
  • Lifeline, a Federal program that offers cheaper Internet access to low-income families is being drastically cut by Republican Ajit Pai.
  • Jeff Sessions continues to lie about Russian interference and the White House has had to Trump-proof the nuclear launch codes.
  • Republican Wes Goodman, a good Christian Conservative who loves his god and hates the LGBT, has resigned after it came to light that he had been cheating on his wife in his government office with other men.
  • Remember folks, if Trump gets impeached (which would be lovely), we'll still have to deal with the horrors of Mike Pence.
  • Trump's nomination for a Federal judge is a bona-fide honest-to-goodness real-life ghost hunter.
  • Christians continue to deny science because their politicians and preachers (soon to be the same thing) tell them to.

Turns out, Super Mario character, Professor Elvin Gadd, is actually war profiteer.

Want to be scammed? Talk to a "psychic."

With all these male comedians being outed for sexual assault, there is room for women to move up.

Who doesn't love a paw paw?

The worst people ever

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I've added pages for Poe's short stories, The Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart. I didn't care much for either of them.

  • At least there is one good thing about Trump's nepotism, when he goes down, it will probably be because of his stupid children. This is why you hire competent people, not your kids.
  • It wasn't just the US election that Russia spent massive amounts of money trying to influence, they also orchestrated a massive campaign to influence the UK election to leave the EU, and, like the USA, it seems to have paid off.
  • All of Trump's decisions to pull the US out of multinational agreements is hurting the US, and really helping China.
  • In an effort to decrease poaching of endangered species like the African Elephant, Obama made it illegal to bring severed elephant heads into the US. Trump has eliminated that law, so now assholes like his sons can mount endangered animals on their walls.
  • Roy Moore doesn't just have two women accusing him of sexual assault, he also has a track record of being banned from places where young women hang out. And for his apologists, if it was so normal for men in their 30s to sexually pursue teenage girls back in the 50s, why did he keep getting banned?
  • Texas police officers responded to a suspected car theft where they found Lyndo Jones inside a truck trying to disable the vehicle's alarm. According to the police report, Jones struggled, and "ended up being shot." Note that the police didn't shoot him, he just somehow, for a reason completely unrelated to police brutality, found himself with a bullet lodged inside his body. Well, three officers "subdued" him while he bled out, but lucky for Jones, paramedics arrived in time to save his life. Jones was arrested and charged for car theft and evading arrest, but the police dropped the charges when they discovered that Jones was inside his own truck, and the car alarm was just malfunctioning. However, they said that they may reinstate the evading arrest charge in the future.
  • The reason non-profit organizations don't pay taxes is because they're claiming that their work is so beneficial to the health and happiness of people, that they're willing to ignore political matters. They don't care if a Liberal or Conservative is in charge, they just want to help people. While they are allowed to take stances on political issues like abortion or same-sex marriage, they are not allowed to endorse specific candidates. In particular, this prevents corrupt people from setting up fake non-profits like churches, and using them to funnel massive amounts of anonymous money into political candidates, which is precisely what Republicans are trying to do with the repeal of the Johnson Amendment.
  • Another violent abusive psychopath was once again able to get a bunch of guns and go on a killing rampage, but he was white, so it's not worth changing rules on who is allowed to buy guns or even discuss.
  • Sorry DACA people, but you were late sending in your renewals. And by "late," I mean I didn't bother even looking at them when they were on time.

Building an actual model of the "Which tank fills first," brain teaser.

Pastor of Florida's largest Christian megachurch, Robert Coy, has been accused of sexually assaulting a young girl for several years, starting when she was four-years-old.

What the hell is a milkshake duck?

Some helpful advice for coming out as an atheist to your family.

They're evil

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I added a page for the Queen album, Innuendo.

When Google Chrome was released it made waves in the Web browser community by being very fast and secure, and hell, it had it's own task manager! I probably would have switched over to it if it didn't look so damned awful. I've never seen a valid reason to break with the simple standards set forth with early GUIs. Custom buttons and title bars, buttons with hidden edges, and bloated confusing menus are not assets, they're flaws. If you have to override the operating system's title bar, you're probably doing something wrong. But it wasn't just the proper look of FireFox that prevented me switching to Chrome, FireFox's army of extensions made Chrome seem impotent by comparison. For years, FireFox has been playing catchup with Chrome, but, rather than add the features I would have liked, like the task manager and crash reduction, they hopped on the "let's make the interface a convoluted mess" bandwagon. Thankfully, FireFox's extensions were there to save it from itself and Classic Theme Restorer succeeded and keeping FireFox from killing itself. Until now. Yesterday, FireFox rolled out it's ill-fated version 57 which breaks backward compatibility with all older extensions. NoScript, Classic Theme Restorer, and DownloadThemAll!, the only remaining reasons to still use FireFox, are all gone. Thankfully, FireFox's updater is well-designed and can be safely reverted (download version 56 here, uninstall 57, then install 56. Your profile will be retained, just remember to turn off automatic updates). Obviously, this isn't a long-term solution, and if the extension programmers don't upgrade to 57, I will end up switching to Chrome for good.

Just a reminder, companies have Human Resource departments to protect the interests of the company, not its employees. If you're having a problem at work, like being sexually harassed by your boss, HR will only help you if the risk of losing a lawsuit is higher than the value of the boss.

Kudos to Australia.

Public school teachers are still trying to convert your children to their religion without your consent or even knowledge.

Ever want to know the structure of the universe?

James Lara was a priest from 1973 until 1992 when he resigned to become a professor at Yale Divinity School and later worked at Arizona State. But it is only now, 25 years later, that the Brooklyn Diocese revealed that Lara didn't resign at all, but was forced to leave because he sexually molested children. The Catholic Church didn't tell the police, they didn't tell Lara's employers, his neighbors, or anyone else that James Lara was a child molester.

No gods, no heroes.

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I added pages for the Edgar Allan Poe stories The Pit and the Pendulum, The City In the Sea, The Masque of the Red Death, and The Fall of the House of Usher.

  • In the last couple years, my respect for WikiLeaks has been faltering, but now it's dead. During the congressional hearings, investigators discovered that WikiLeaks contacted Donald Trump, Jr. First, the site that claims to promote government transparency and anti-corruption gave him a cracked password for a Democratic political web site. Then, after publishing a bunch of Democratic documents stolen by Russians, they went on to suggest the Trumps refuse to accept the results of the election if they lost, that they allow WikiLeaks to publish Trump's tax returns to make it seem like they don't have a political agenda, and, after Trump was elected, try to get Julian Assange appointed as an Ambassador!
  • Fifty-three Christian pastors in Alabama have signed their names to support Republican Roy Moore despite two women saying he sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers. One particularly awful apologist, Brandon Moseley, equated Moore fondling the genitals of a 14-year-old girl with stealing a lawnmower. In fact, his support from Christians in general has increased because they now view him as being the victim of that Christian persecution they've heard so much about. True fact: If you like someone more when you find out that they might have molested children, you're a moral monster. But not every Conservative has abandoned their religion, a few still think that adult men who try to have sex with teen girls shouldn't become politicians.
  • A recap at just how awful the Trump administration has been.
  • Trump's pick for a Federal judge, Brett Talley, was an unusual choice, not just because he was deemed "not qualified" by legal experts, but also because he's never tried a case in his life (of course, to the current White House staff, that makes him "more than qualified"). So, why did Trump pick him? Well, it turns out that Talley sort of accidentally forgot to disclose that he was married to the the White House's legal counsel's chief of staff.
  • Why did Trump ask the president of France for advise staffing the White House?

Trying to understand what down means with a modern understanding of gravity.

Maybe it's time that the US finally revise their election system to try to eliminate the two-party system.

Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Felix will spend the next ten years in prison for torturing American Muslim soldiers so harshly that one of them killed himself.

Are humans the only animals that mourn their dead?

Some celebrities that didn't make the cut to be Lion King voice actors.

Draining the swamp into an even bigger more foul-smelling swamp

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I added a page for the Nightwish album Oceanborn.

  • Over Veteran's Day Trump denied all military intelligence and said that, instead, he believes dictator Valdamir Putin's claim that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election. Meanwhile, the US Intelligence community says that Trump is risking the safety of the country by refusing to deal with an aggressive foreign advisory. And, while most Republicans are complicit with their president selling their country to the Russians, at least McCain, who's trying to add a silver lining to his tarnished career, has a spine.
  • Trump's stop in China was disgusting. Small children were made to cheer for him as Trump swooned over Xi Jinping.
  • Trump nominated Brett Talley for a Federal Judge. Two quick facts about Talley: One, he's never tried a case in his life. Two, like the three Trump-nominated judges before him, Talley has unanimously been rated "not qualified" to be a judge by the bar association. This is in-line with Trump's past; every single person he has nominated for a government position has been woefully unqualified, but the Republican Congress still appoints them. Just look at Kathleen Hartnett White. She has been nominated for top environmental advisor, but doesn't even have a middle school science understanding.
  • While he was in the Philippines, Trump met with Rodrigo Duterte, a dictator who human rights organizations have said is responsible for 13,000 deaths and has even admitted to personally murdering several people because they were addicted to drugs. Trump has had nothing but praise for Duterte, and the two were all smiles when Trump met with him.
  • On September 1st, 1939, Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany the day after the Nazis executed a false flag operation to justify the otherwise unprovoked attack. About 200,000 Poles were killed or wounded in the invasion that began World War II and started the largest genocide in history. Unfortunately, 60,000 Poles have forgotten the evil their grandparents fought against and have taken to the streets, demanding a new genocide with the removal of all Muslims, Jews, an other non-white non-Christian people. They're basically shitting on their ancestor's graves and begging the Nazis to return.
  • Sean Hannity explained that he "was not totally clear" when he dismissed Republican Roy Moore's statutory rape accusation as "consensual." And Cecily Strong creates an SNL character to explain to men the absolute basics of consent. Some manufacturers are pulling their ads from Hannity, like Keurig, which, of course, has led Republicans to boycott Keurig.
  • Remember that Carrier plant that Trump gave a massive tax break to and claimed he saved all their jobs? Well, they've just laid off 300 employees.
  • Papa John's is the official pizza for Nazis and the KKK.
  • Democrats have had a small victory, and Republicans are expected shitty about it, and their tax plan is still looking doomed.

A wonderful documentary about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Sioux Center Christian School in Iowa employed Christian teacher Curtis Van Dam who is currently being charged with 140 cases of sexually abusing children. Also, Reverend William Morton has been arrested for trying to murder to woman he was cheating on his wife with, his second attempt at murder.

So, what's the deal with brain waves?

Who doesn't love helium?

Keep the momentum going

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Twitter likes to claim impartiality, but it's history of refusing to stop abuse is causing many people to abandon the network leaving only abusers left.

One of the most dangerous things you can do is be queer in the movies.

It is possible to have a rational view of tradition.

When it's your full time job to sew KKK uniforms.

Aron Ra talks about why people want to believe in gods.

Some of the more interesting strange materials of technology.

No time to rest

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I finished reading A Walk In the Woods. Easily one of the funniest books I've ever read.

  • The Republican tax plan has become so tainted that it is now expected to raise taxes for the middle class in order to give a tax cut to the extremely wealthy. So why are Republican politicians still expected to vote in favor of it? Well, according to Republican Chris Collins, the corporate donors that funded his campaign are demanding that he do it.
  • Until we impose some sensible gun control and comprehensive mental health coverage, there are going to continue to be mass shootings, and as long as there are mass shootings, Trump will continue to politicize the non-white shooters.
  • In 2016, just before Trump won the Republican primary, Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was recorded saying, "There's two people I think Putin pays: Dana Rohrabacher and Donald Trump." It's nice to hear a Republican opinion of Trump that isn't tainted now that he's their leader.
  • One the one hand, I'm thrilled that Trump is out of the country. On the other hand, I feel bad for the Asians who have to deal with his dumb ass.
  • Serious shit is going down in the Middle East, and Trump isn't even remotely capable of handling it if the USA gets dragged in.
  • Mainers voted to expand Medicaid coverage to protect the poor in their state, but their Republican Governor refuses to do it.
  • Well, it's about damn time! Jeff Sessions has spent his career being racist, but when Republican Richard Shelby ignorantly claimed that Sessions's record for treating all American equally under the law, Desiree Fairooz couldn't help but laugh at such a bald-face lie. Her laugh was deemed a form of protest, and Fairooz was arrested for two crimes for a maximum sentence of two years in prison! Well, after two trials costing American taxpayers thousands of dollars, and almost a year of mocking the US Constitution, Republicans have finally given up and decided to drop their ridiculous charges.
  • What's probably going on in the head of paid liar, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
  • Donald Trump, Jr. contributed to a Republican loss in Virgina by stupidly told his fans to vote on the wrong day!
  • Gary Younge rightly calls out Richard Spencer, he's not just proud to be white, he's proud to be an ignorant racist.
  • The NRA preys on the fears and insecurities of Americans.
  • Sam Clovis may have run into hiding because of the Russia scandal, but he's still a horrible person.
  • Trump doesn't like American labor, so he goes to extremes to hire foreign workers.

What the heck is an antibubble?

Anyone else remember watching the shows hosted by John Robbins?

Why two-factor authentication is important, but can also cause problems.

Pretty much everything about history in the book of Mormon is wrong.

Some of the more strange things that computers can't do.

Wakeup call received!

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Last night I beat the game Pony Island.

  • After nearly a year of abysmal Republican incompetence people are finally realizing they can't be trusted. New York, Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, and Seattle were all Democratic Mayoral victories. Maine expanded Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act even though their Republican Governor didn't want poor people to have insurance. A particularly satisfying victory was when Republican hate-monger Robert G. Marshall, who thinks transgender people are evil, lost to Danica Roem, a transgender woman!
  • Remember Mitt Romney's disgusting, but telling claim six years ago that, "Corporations are people?" Well, today's Republicans have gone well beyond that and are now treating corporations BETTER than people by keeping tax credits for corporations, but eliminating them from all individuals.
  • Even war-torn Syria has now signed up for the Paris Climate Accord. This means there is only one country left in the world unwilling to step up to fight climate change: the USA. And why is Trump still refusing to address climate change? Well, according to one of his possible appointees, decreasing pollution is a Communist Conspiracy!
  • The Republican tax plan will also eliminate tax credits for PhD students making it much harder for poorer students to complete their education. As is the usual for Republican ideals, they only want the rich to get richer.
  • The US Census is very important for understanding what is going on in the nation, but as Republicans keep making minorities fear for their lives, it's probably going to skew the results in their favor.
  • Trump continues to embarrass himself and the entire US.
  • Black Lives Matter.

Why goggies wag their tails.

How to be rational even in a world of "alternative facts."

As people continue to ruin their lives with opioids, grandparents are having to take up the mantle of being full-time parents again, and when a family member becomes the primary caregiver of a child, they don't get the same government assistance as a stranger.

Our nation is led by an incompetent.

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I finished reading A Field Guide to the Wildlife of North America, which was quite pleasant.

  • When Republicans are not in power all they talk about is runaway spending, vacations, and executive orders. But the reality is, Republicans cause the majority of the deficit, take more vacations, and issue the most executive orders. Republicans are hypocrites.
  • Once again, completely unprepared and ignorant, Trump tells Japanese business executives they should build their cars in the US, not realizing that 75% of the Japanese cars sold in America are already built in the US (and even if they weren't, he's not telling the US to build manufacturing plants in every foreign country we sell to). Then, he asked why a nation of samurai warriors don't shoot down North Korean missiles. Is the US a nation of cowboys, moron? Although, it must be nice for Trump to get away from the Russia scandal for a few days.
  • The air you breathe currently contains car exhaust, cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, radon, lead fumes, mercury fumes, smoke from burning plastic and rubber, and all sorts of other cancer-causing agents. In fact, in many parts of the world, the air is so polluted, it's killing people. But according to Trump's EPA, the air is way too clean! In order for it to be healthy, it needs more pollutants! And while climate scientists are in agreement that global warming is caused by humans and we need to take immediate dramatic action to stop it, Trump's team is actively working to make it worse. So, here are the cities that will be completely submerged in water by 2100.
  • Republican politician Jeff Hoover, a good moral Christian, lost his job because he sexually harassed one of his employees and had to pay a settlement, but it's cool, because his god forgives him.
  • Roy Zimmerman's wonderful Brady Bunch parody with Trump's Shady Bunch.

Ariane Sherine competently argues for rationalism against a deluded preacher.

Learning forensic science with creepy doll houses.

We're getting closer to having a Star Trek style holodeck.

CGP Grey's interesting video about why we die.

My home country is still falling apart

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I've added a guide to the Tandy BASIC MML.

I'm currently reading "A Walk In the Woods," and it makes me very eager to hike the Appalachian Trail. Here's an abridged version of the hike.

Several words that have changed meaning, often completely reversing definition.

With the US falling apart, it's easy to forget that the rest of the world has problems too, like Catalonia trying to secede from Spain, and Russia trying to steal Svalbard from Norway.

ZOMG! Did you know the bible is a myth!?

Trump is still not in prison. Come on people, we've got work to do!

Feeling: Annoyed


I've updated my List of Animals I've Seen In the Wild with additional animals and added Wikipedia links to each item.

  • When it comes to Nazis and white men shooting into a crowd in Las Vegas, Republicans chastise anyone who would question their views. But the moment a person of color or a non-Christian commits a similar act, they immediately and unquestioningly go on the bigotry offensive.
  • Trump's ego is so big that he doesn't feel it necessary to appoint top positions in government, believing that he'll do everything himself. While it's disgusting to see someone like that, it's does mean he won't be able to do as much damage.
  • Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women and had bragged about sexually assaulting women several times. So, forgive me if I don't find his daughter Ivanka's plea to end sexual harassment very heartfelt. No, sexual harassment should not be tolerated, and we should start be imprisoning your father. Tellingly, Ivanka gave her speech to a nearly empty room.
  • Trump's EPA head, Scott Pruitt, lies that there is disagreement among scientists as to whether humans are causing climate change, but all the scientists are in agreement, humans are causing climate change.
  • Many Republican voters don't want violently abusive men to have such unbridled access to guns, but Republican politicians don't care.
  • Like most of the people in Trump's cabinet, John Kelly is a little racist.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders official job title should just be, paid liar for Trump because she is nothing more than a paid liar for Trump.
  • Sam Clovis, another one of Trump's completely incompetent picks, has withdrawn his consideration for head of the Department of Agriculture, not because he hates gay people and doesn't know anything about agriculture, but for fear of being sucked into the Russia quagmire.
  • The Republican tax bill doesn't just cut taxes for the extremely wealthy and have the dumbest name ever it also lets churches endorse political candidates even though non-religious non profits still can't, essentially turning churches into Republican Super PACs.
  • A Twitter employee, on his last day, did something that the company should have done years ago, deactivated Donald Trump's account.
  • If you can't even spell three-letter words properly, maybe you shouldn't be trying to teach people about complex political systems?
  • Michigan police are going to start road-side drug testing using an oral swab, and if it's anything like their field drug test kits, it's going to cause countless false arrests.

Don't fall for a detoxing scam.

Six Miami fire fighters have been fired for defacing their boss's family photos and, because he is black, draping a noose over them.

What's the deal with bird penises?

A strange paradox that can lead you to interpret data incorrectly.

Being a linguist doesn't mean you will also make a good neurologist or sociologist Steven Pinker.

Off to prison with you

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  • With Trump's foreign advisor George Papadopoulos finally giving honest answers to the FBI, we're learning that pretty much everyone in the Trump administration was aware of an attempt to collude with Russia, even Trump himself who was unable to decide if it was something they should pursue. Later, and to his credit, Jeff Sessions advised Papadopoulos not to keep contacting the Russians, but this creates a problem for him because Sessions went on record saying he didn't know of anyone in the Trump administration ever having contact with Russia.
  • Donald Trump has access to the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, ICE, and several other major national security agencies, and even had daily security briefings made for him that are severely dumbed down with bullet points and fun pictures so he can pay attention. But where does he get his news about counter-terrorism? Fox and Friends.
  • The entire purpose of the EPA is to act as a watchdog against polluters. However, with Scott Pruitt at the helm, he's decided to change the EPA into an ally of polluters to make it easier for them to dump toxic chemicals. And why did Pruitt do this? Because of the bible.
  • John Kelly isn't the sobering yin to Trump's raging yang that people hoped. In fact, he believes the Civil War wasn't the result of Americans treating humans like farm equipment, but more an inability to compromise.
  • Hollywood powerhouse Kevin Spacey is experiencing serious fallout after Anthony Rapp's accusation that Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was 14. However, when Donald Trump was accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women, and even admitted to sexually assaulting women on multiple occasions, Republicans made him president. Maybe we should start believing to women?
  • Republicans have a general dislike for science that they can't understand, which is most forms of science, and want to defund all science that can't be turned into a weapon.
  • This is more of that lengendary Trump loyalty we've heard so much about.
  • 70% of Americans are not very interested in the Republican tax plan to cut taxes for the extremely wealthy.
  • John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John's is a terrible person who is blaming the NFL for not making him richer. Maybe if he wasn't terrible to his employees and didn't serve shitty pizzas...

How capacitive touch screens work.

People have no incentive to move out of flood zones if they don't have to pay for their insurance.

There is a strange bubble of North Koreans living in Japan and fed lies their whole childhood lives.

The end of days

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I've added a detailed description of the Microsoft BASIC MML.

  • Former F.B.I. director Robert Mueller used to have a big Republican following until he started investigating corrupt Republicans. Now, as Trump's team is looking at serious criminal charges, Republicans are trying to throw Mueller under the bus. Don't worry white men, you're white, you'll get a far better plea bargain than if you were black.
  • It has come out that Paul Manafort has acquired multiple passports, and tried to get several more, and also has multiple phones with fake identities tied to each. Also Manafort and his partner Richard Gates appear to have pushed $75,000,000 through offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, laundered $18,000,000, with Gates concealing another $3,000,000.
  • How does the Trump administration handle all these allegations? Distance themselves from their former friends and ask for more money!
  • Despite being in control of every aspect of government, Republicans failed to get the border wall funding, they failed to ban transgender soldiers from the military, they failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but surely they will succeed in cutting taxes for the ultra-rich, right? Right?
  • Roy Zimmerman sings about Trump's bone spurs.

With cold season upon us, remember that, unless you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, they won't help you. But here are some things that will.

21-year-old Christian man murders his friend when the two can't agree about the bible's view on forgiveness.

Why does sand act like a liquid when air is passing through it?

That moment when you're a Microsoft engineer and Edge crashes, and you have to install Chrome to finish your presentation.

Considering how difficult it would be to create such high quality evidence, it would have been easier to land on the moon than to fake it.

Hang-em high!

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Happy Halloween boils and ghouls!

  • Remember when Trump "joked" that he hoped an adversarial government (Russia) would "find" Hillary Clinton's missing emails? Well, according to George Papadopoulos's testimony, the Trump campaign had already been in contact with Russians, specifically one who claimed to be the niece of Vladamir Putin himself, and she said she had Clinton's emails. This happened three months before Trump made his statement! And while Trump demands only the utmost loyalty from his underlings, the moment they're caught following his criminal orders, he immediately disavows them. He's now calling Papadopoulos a young low-level liar.
  • Trump's ban on transgender soldiers in the US military has been blocked by a federal judge!
  • I know I shouldn't be shocked by Republican voters anymore, but they're just so damned ignorant! Trump has taken more time off than any president in history in the time he's been president, on average golfing more than once every five days. And yet, a majority of Republican voters believe that he is the hardest working president in history.
  • Betsy and Dick DeVos said they would stop giving money to political groups now that Betsy is in the Trump cabinet. They lied. Of course they lied, they're horrible people.
  • With Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, and California is burning to the ground because of climate change, carbon dioxide has reached record high, and air pollution is rising unchecked, you might want to get yourself an air purifier.
  • Trump is chopping up national parks and selling them to private companies.

Rather than allow LGBT families to adopt children, Kentucky Family Court Judge W. Mitchell Nance has resigned. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The names of bodies of water.

Saudi Arabia is allowing women to enter sporting arenas! Wow, welcome to the 1920s!

A wonderful soup-serving robot.

The Angry Video Game Nerd finally found a cabinet of Polybius. I haven't seen the episode yet, let me know how it turns out!

Remember, there are people on this planet stupid enough to buy products from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Things are finally happening!

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I hosted a Halloween party on Saturday which was so much fun I'm only now recovering from it!

  • Trump's original campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was fired by Trump only after it became impossible to keep covering up his Russia collusion, and then he tried making a deal with the F.B.I. to surrender incriminating evidence about the Trump campaign for immunity, but the F.B.I. didn't take the bait, and now Manafort has surrendered himself to the F.B.I. as part of the Justice Department's special investigation. His junior partner, Rick Gates, has also surrendered himself. Currently, there are 12 criminal charges against him including conspiracy against the United States and money laundering $18,000,000. Also, George Papadopoulos, Trump's foreign policy aide, was arrested way back in July and pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about Hillary Clinton. Let's hope these three take the rest of the White House criminals with them! Meanwhile, Fox "News" is talking about cheeseburger emojis.
  • The utterly corrupt Whitefish contract, where the US government gave $300,000,000 to a tiny company who didn't even have to bid for the deal because they were friends with the man in charge of doling out the money, and who didn't have to even do their job, and would still get the money, has been canceled by Puerto Rico and they are demanding an investigation into the obvious corruption.
  • Donald Trump has always made despicable sexual comments about under-aged women, once saying of a pre-pubescent girl as she walked away from him that he would soon be dating her, and stating that his one-year-old daughter had her mother's legs, but didn't know if she'd have her mother's breasts. But Trump doesn't just make sexual statements about little girls, he also comments on their weight, saying to a ten-year-old trick-or-treater that she could have some candy because she didn't have a weight problem. Ugh! He's such garbage!
  • Remember the days of cable TV where you had to buy expensive channel packages from your provider, even if you only wanted a single channel and never watched the rest? Remember the ridiculous fees and the inability to switch providers because there weren't any other options? Well, with Trump's pay-for-play Internet, that's exactly what you're in for again. Without a free Internet, our access will look like Portugal where you have to pay an additional €5 to have access to Netflix. Want Snapchat? That's another €5. Spotify? That's another €5. Gmail? That's another €5!
  • Fox "News" is the most biased popular editorial, which you can see from how much the lick Trump's butt. And now, they're trying to make the Trump-Russia scandal all about Hillary Clinton. Trump continues finger-pointing, but Republicans have been wasting millions over the course of several years and they still can't find a single criminal act. Maybe we can finally arrest the real criminals here, pretty much everyone in the Trump administration.
  • Trump has failed, once again, to do anything about the opioid crisis.
  • Someone as stupid as Ivanka Trump should not be allowed in the White House.
  • With Trump appointee Scott Pruitt internally dismantling the EPA at the behest of polluting companies, now is not the best time to learn that, in the Earth's atmosphere, carbon dioxide is currently at the highest concentration in recorded history.
  • Trump said he was so rich he wouldn't need donations, and therefore wouldn't be beholden to special interest groups. Trump lied.

Just in time for Halloween, Christian churches are putting on their own haunted houses called "Hell Houses" where they try to scare the hell out of you, specifically by lying to you.

A science experiment to understand the autumn color change of leaves.

Some rather horrifying facts about violence against women.

Science often debunks supernatural beliefs, but never vice-versa.

Fiddling as Rome burns

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I added a page for the Tandy 1000.

  • Trump thinks Mexican drug cartels will hurl bags of drugs over border wall, but they're already using unmanned drones to fly drugs across the border, so a wall is going to entirely useless.
  • In West Virginia there is a warehouse filled with all sorts of various waste chemicals that has been burning for the past 5 days sending up a massive plume of toxic smoke affecting people in a 30-mile radius. The warehouse has been cited for violations for years, but the state is mostly Republican, so record keeping and safety regulations are so lax that officials don't even know whats burning, but they suspect the chemicals include polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, polytetra-fluoro-ethylene, and several other compounds that are emit poisonous gases when burned. They hope the EPA will save them, but Trump appointee Scott Pruitt is the very same person who fought to eliminate the safety regulations that would have made the warehouse safe! It also doesn't help that the Senate Committee just voted to make Michael Dourson the head of chemical regulation in the EPA. Dourson has spent decades working for chemical companies to downplay the risk of harmful chemicals.
  • It's nice to see the few Republicans left who have spines, but the party as a whole is a lost cause.
  • Remember the $300,000,000 Republican Ryan Zinke gave to a tiny company in his hometown to repair the infrastructure of all of Puerto Rico? They reeeally gave them carte blanche! According to a leaked contract, the US government is not allowed to direct the company's decisions, review how they spend the money, or even seek compensation if the company fails to do the job! At this point the company could quite literally pocket the $300,000,000 without doing any work, and the US government couldn't seek restitution!
  • Carlo Figaro is a 49-year-old cab driver who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl. During the trial, Justice Minister Jean-Paul Braun actually sided with the criminal saying that kissing the girl on the face was "an acceptable gesture" because the girl was "a little overweight" and she probably "flattered" to have an older man who "looks good and doesn't seem his age" pay attention to her!
  • Police officer Jason Cooke was caught on a surveillance camera brearing into the home of a hurricane victim and stealing prescription pain medicine and even popping a pill while he was still in the house.
  • Climate change is a serious problem, and it's only getting worse, but how can we convince science deniers? Maybe if we adopted the practices of the Christian hell house?
  • Kid Rock says he isn't running for Senate, but he does think that journalism is gay.

The Central Mass Division 3 Golf Tournament allows women to enter, but as Emily Nash found out after beating all of her male opponents using the same tee off point, women aren't allowed to win.

Trump is a villain in our nation's history

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  • Trump's newly appointed Ambassador to Canada is Kelly Craft. What are her credentials? Well, her husband is the CEO of a coal company who donated $2,000,000 to Trump, and she believes "both sides" of climate change. What more do you need?
  • Where did all those Confederate monuments and racist text books come from? Interesting, they're mostly the work of Southern women.
  • If the only Republicans who are standing up to Trump are retiring, that means the only Republicans left are the ones who lick his ass.
  • What is Bill O'Reilly's shocking evidence to prove his innocence? Nothing. He doesn't have any, he's a liar, and always has been.
  • When an actual POW calls out Trump for dodging the draft.
  • ICE stopped the ambulance of a 10-year-old girl on her way to the hospital for gallbladder surgery. They allowed her to continue, but followed the ambulance to the hospital and waited outside her room so that the moment she woke up from surgery, they arrested her.
  • Lane Davis, Trump supporter and Milo Yiannopoulos intern, murdered his own father for not being Conservative enough.

The backfire effect may cause people to dig in their heels with false information, but there are ways to make facts stick, they just require a more nuanced approach.

A Texas public school student has been forced to sue her school because, for several years now, her teachers and schools administrators have been trying to force her to say prayers in school, they've preached at her from their religious books, publicly bullied her insinuating that she was a Sharia Muslim and a pedophile, and even posted derogatory pictures of her on social media!

Understanding the Endermen from Minecraft.

The Dawkins Delusion is just more typical dishonesty from Christians.

Trump is rotting garbage

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  • The US Government's fiscal year just ended, and thanks to all of Trump's "wonderful" deals, the government is running a deficit of $666,000,000,000, that's $80,000,000,000 worse than when Obama was president, and we're barely underway in Trump's horribly backwards tax plan.
  • After the 2008 depression where banks ruined the US economy, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created a rule that made it easier to sue financial institutions when they behave in a predatory manner, like putting clauses in their loan agreements that you can't sue them. Well, Republican's just eliminated that rule, with Mike Pence breaking the tie in the Senate. Now, if you want to get a loan, you must first sign an agreement that, no matter how many deceptive fees the bank creates to try and get you to default, the best you can hope for is forced arbitration where, instead of being ruled on by a judge, you get a company with ties to the bank.
  • It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that, in a country where Donald Trump was elected, and a country where nearly every position of power is held by a white man, most white Americans believe that white people face racial discrimination. I think what's happening here is that poor people are facing discrimination, and rich white men have trained poor white people to blame non-white people.
  • Trump's Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, just awarded the contract to fixing Puerto Rico's electrical infrastructure, not to a reputable power company, but to one his friends who owns a tiny electrical company in his hometown. Cronyism corruption.
  • It's nice to hear Republicans point out that Trump is not only ruining the Republican Party, but also the nation as a whole, but it doesn't help that only the Republicans who are retiring are the ones speaking their minds. If all the other Republicans continue to fall in lock step with Trump, they're just ballast.
  • Even after they knew that Bill O'Reilly was going to pay $32,000,000 to settle the matter of his sexual harassment, Fox News still decided to renew his contract.
  • Trump's downfall is such a wonderful fantasy that I hope is made real.
  • General Kelly lies to defend Donald Trump's lies. He's just another in a long list of people who will have their professional careers ruined out of loyalty to Trump.
  • Trump is lying about the release of JFK files.

A Portuguese man beat his wife with a bat with protruding metal spikes because she slept with another man. Rather then go to prison for attempted murder, the man was instead only fined $2,000. How did the judge justify his horribly unfair punishment? The judge explained that, the bible, women who cheat on their husbands are put to death. Well, yes, that's true, but if your source of justice is the bible, you're not a judge, you're a moral monster.

What's the deal with our night time hallucinations?

Kim Davis, the Kentucky woman who refused to accept her state's law that same-sex couples could marry, has lost another appeal. Kentucky tax payers will have to pay her legal fees which now total $225,000!

How infrared can be used to solve crimes.

Trump is fecal matter

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I finished reading The Confusion last night. Fantastic book!

  • Despite the purposely misleading statements from the White House, you will only see a tax cut if you make millions.
  • Why is it the only Republicans who are publicly critical of Trump are the ones not seeking re-election? Because the vast majority of Republicans care more about the success of their party than the success of their country. Of course, an intelligent person would realize that their party's very existence is tied to the existence of the USA.
  • Trevor Noah speaks about growing up as an illegal child in South Africa and how that colored his views of Trump's racism.
  • Bill O'Reilly stands firm that his $32,000,000 payout to silence a woman for sexual harassment (this is the fifth time he's had to do this) is once again based on a lie, and he has proof that the woman was lying, and the only reason he paid her $32,000,000 was to protect his family. That seems legit. Lots of people drop large portions of their net worth to protect their family from obvious lies which they have incontrovertible proof against.
  • Remember when Donald Trump, Jr. said that women who can't handle being sexually harassed in the workplace should go teach kindergarten?
  • The Trump administration is taking climate scientists away from their work and reassigning them in places where they can't do their jobs in an effort to eliminate evidence of climate change, but one scientist threw away his job and risked his freedom to make it public. And as the USA eliminates pollution restrictions, China is cracking down on its polluters. So, the Trump administration is slowly turning us into a third world country.
  • Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian journalist who was murdered by Russian official (it appears) for publishing material critical of Vladamir Putin. British human rights activist Bill Browder helped create the Magnitsky Act, a law which freezes the assets and bans visa from Russian officials though to be involved with Magnitsky's murder. However, after all this time, Russia is now claiming that it was Browder who murdered Magnitsky! And the US State Department, under the control of Trump appointee Rex Tillerson, is once again being best buddies with Russia, and has revoked the visa of Bill Browder!

Following the advice of Gwyneth Paltrow... you already know this is going to be bad... actor Gerard Butler put himself into anaphylactic shock and almost killed himself by purposely injecting himself with lots of bee venom.

Being cool, with math!

Some teasers from Adam Ruins Everything, the IRS could file your taxes for you but won't because H&R block pays them not to, unemployment rates doesn't include a lot of people who are definitely unemployed, and no child has ever died or even been injured from poisoned Halloween candy.

The difference between a loop and recursion in computer programming.

Important things to know about the cult-like behavior in the Jehovah's Witness church.

From where do you get your drugs?

The world turned upside-down

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Last night, Emily and I saw a burlesque show where two of our friends were performing. It was very impressive!

I've added a review for the game Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

  • Trump's disrespect for Sergeant La David Johnson, one of the US Special Forces soldiers who was killed in Niger, was even worse than before. In addition to lying that Obama never bothered to contact the families of soldiers killed in action, Johnson's widow confirmed that Trump said he husband, "knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts," which Trump continues to lie about. She also pointed out that Trump didn't even know the soldier's name! Trump, once again implied that the widow was a liar saying that he was very respectful, and never hesitated with the soldier's name.
  • Betsy DeVos just eliminated all of the documents that detailed how public schools should accommodate the rights of students with disabilities.
  • As long as Trump is in charge of the White House, he will continue to stock agencies like the EPA with corrupt shills like Scott Pruitt who is selling out his country to the pesticide and fossil fuel corporations.
  • In addition to eliminating birth control coverage from insurance programs and trying to outlaw abortion, Trump is also trying to eliminate sexual education all together.
  • A Denver Cub Scout was told he should research a political issue that affects his community to ask his State Senator. So, he looked up Republican Senator Vicki Marble's most recent pro-gun bill and asked her an important question, why did she sponsor a bill that ensures access to guns for men who have been convicted of beating their wives? While the Scout should have received a badge for this question, he was instead kicked out of his local scouting group.
  • Bill O'Reilly just lost another one of his sexual harassment lawsuits and will have to pay $32,000,000 to the woman he abused. And now that that is behind him, Fox News has rehired him!

I don't find this very surprising considering that most of them contain a lot of dangerous ingredient, and none of them undergo safety testing, but it turns out that people who use a lot of herbal remedies have a higher rate of liver cancer.

European Royalty is really weird.

The Jehovah's Witnesses of Quebec are looking at a $66,000,000 lawsuit for their systematic protection of child sexual abusers.

Understand a rare disease that causes cyclops could help us cure some forms of cancer.

The more we learn about mass, the more crazy it gets!

Two more victories for the Constitution. Virginia police were breaking the law by adorning their vehicles with religious bumper stickers, but after a call from the ACLU, they realized how much money they would lose trying to defend their illegal position, and finally stopped. Also, after a public protest, New Mexico decided that they should probably keep with national science standards and not use the Christian-themed standards which would have eliminated sections of biology and climate science.

An interesting video about why people like music that is highly repetitive (though, I do not).

Gotta get away!

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I've added a list of every animal I've seen in the wild. It's still missing plenty, but I'll update it as I remember them.

  • Three more white male American terrorists have been arrested in Florida. They were unsuccessful, but they tried to murder Nazi protesters who were gathered to protest a Nazi speech at the University of Florida. Taxpayers will be stuck with a security bill for $600,000 to protect a Nazi speaker, despite the fact that there were more protesters than Trump supporters.
  • As expected, racist Jeff Sessions ignored every question posed to him during the Senate hearing and stayed on script. This meant continuing to lie about why Trump fired James Comey; refusing to answer whether Trump is intending to pardon himself and his family for the upcoming corruption charges; refusing to answer if Trump intends to imprison journalists who report things he doesn't like; and pretending to be shocked that his memo protecting those who use their religion to discriminate against people had actually caused discrimination.
  • Trump claims that the White House has developed a new plan that will combat the opioid epidemic and it will be put into action next week. The only trouble is, nobody at the White House has any idea what he's talking about!
  • Every previous president in living memory has released their tax records to public scrutiny, but Trump, even after saying he would, refuses to let anyone see them. Thankfully, people continue to press this matter, and, while it's a slim chance, Trump's rampant corruption may violate the law enough to make them public as a matter of evidence.
  • We need more people in Congress like Ted Leiu.
  • The collapse of the US government is a wet dream for many American "patriots."
  • Trump may have pardoned convicted criminal Sheriff Joe Arpaio so that he won't receive punishment for his crimes, but that doesn't mean he gets a clean record.
  • Alabama's probable future Senator, Republican Roy Moore, claims that US law requires people to stand to the National Anthem. It doesn't, and never has. Roy Moore should know that because he was the Chief Justice of Alabama's Supreme Court. But then, Moore was also fired from the Supreme Court for judicial activism, so, maybe he just believes his own lies?

Equifax ruined the financial lives of millions of people, and because of that, the company should be destroyed. But, I don't think we should just put all those people out of work, I think we should sue all the people in charge, take all their money, and give it to everyone they've hurt and help their employees find jobs at companies that don't suck.

The video game might let you design the perfect virus, but evolution is never so neat.

Harvey Weinstein is still garbage.

Simone Giertz on Stephen Colbert.

A recap of the 2017 Nobel Prizes for science.

What a LASER is and how ultra intense ones can be used to start fusion reactions.

Worst. President. Ever.

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  • Trump and Mitch McConnell try to pass off their relationship as a bromance, but part of the reason both sides have failed to accomplish anything is because they really do hate each other.
  • A Nevada Judge, Susan Johnson, told at least two people convicted of felonies that, if they succeed with their probation, they'll have their voting rights restored in time to "vote for Trump." After people expressed outrage that a Judge would give political suggestions, she explained that she was only joking. Sorry, telling people to vote for a racist misogynistic bully for a president is not a joke.
  • Michigan's Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette has spent over $20,000,000 "investigating" the Flint Water Crisis, but hasn't issued a single conviction for any of the people involved. This is not surprising since most of the people who caused the crisis are also Republicans, and they have a tendency to put party loyalty above justice. But just because he's failed to do the right thing doesn't mean he won't continue to do the wrong thing. Schuette now wants another $2,600,000 to keep failing to get anything done.
  • 136,000 people followed the Twitter account TEN_GOP, which claimed to be the account of the Tennessee Republican Party. The actual Tennessee Republican Party complained to Twitter that the account was not run by them, and should be taken down. Twitter never bothered to look into the account despite it constantly posting links to false news stories and making racist comments. Finally, after over a year of dragging their feet, Twitter finally suspended the account after it became known that all this time it had been run by Russian trolls.

I find it interesting that, when people come out of really hateful organizations the the KKK, Nazis, or religious cults, it's most often because someone took the time to love them and try to understand them.

A antivax group has their second paper retracted after it came to light that they not only failed to follow proper protocol and removed control data, but they also completely fabricated data to make safe vaccines appear dangerous. When called out on their deception, the researches pretended that someone else altered their work after they submitted it!

Margaret Vaughan of Ohio, a child caregiver, had a child forcibly held underwater even as the child thrashed and kicked, an ordeal that left the child with reoccurring nightmares. After the child's parents tried to press charges against Vaughan, it came out in court that Vaughan had the child held underwater as part of a religious ritual Vaughan knew the parents objected to. Shockingly, the judge threw out the lawsuit claiming, since the child only suffered mental harm, and not physical harm, Vaughan didn't do anything wrong.

Addressing the ridiculous claim, "If there is no god, murder isn't wrong."

Christians are still trying to claim that giant crosses are not Christian symbols, but they keep losing the argument.

How to perform a machine-level Jump Save Return on a chip that doesn't have the feature.

100% no longer sick!

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I've added a page for the game Times of Lore.

  • Sgt. La David Johnson was among four US Special Service soldiers who were killed in Niger. After getting flack for not contacting the families of the dead soldiers, Trump falsely claimed that former presidents never contacted the families of soldiers (of course they did), and then, after being berated long enough, Trump finally called the families, and what does he say to the Sgt. Johnson's grieving widow? "He knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway." Naturally, the wife was devastated to be treated so callously, and when after a Congresswoman told the public what he said, Trump insulted the Congresswoman and claimed he had evidence that he didn't say something so astoundingly stupid. Naturally, he never released the evidence.
  • Trump is still trying to ban Muslims from entering the country, and, thankfully, judges continue to thwart his bigotry.
  • Thanks to Trump turning the EPA into a for-profit business instead of a watchdog group, the use of poisonous weedkiller is exploding, and with it, massive medical problems.
  • In the USA, the legislative branch (Congress) makes and changes laws, the judicial branch (Supreme Court) rules on how laws should be interpreted, and the executive branch (President), carries out the laws. In the case of the Affordable Care Act, Congress made the law, and refused to remove it, the Supreme Court ruled that it is legal and should be upheld, but the President is not carrying out the law. Instead, Trump has said multiple times that he is trying to destroy the law without Congressional approval, and he has acted in this manner by issuing executive orders that seem to exist for no reason other than to damage the Affordable Care Act. Such actions could be deemed illegal.
  • Executing gay people, ha ha ha, what a funny joke.
  • Trump's border wall isn't going so well.
  • I feel sorry for the non-millionaires who voted for Trump.
  • Trevor Noah goes to Chicago and learns why pretty much everything Trump says about it is a lie.

Detecting gravity waves like it's no big deal.

Noted Christian role-model and convicted child-molester Josh Duggar has lost his lawsuit.

Lawrence Krauss answers some questions about science.

The US military continues to force its non-Christian soldiers to attend mandatory Christian worship events.

Handling moral disagreements without alienating people.

Having sex in an MRI, for science!

We didn't start the fire.

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I've added a page on brute force attacks, how to perform them, and how to safeguard against them.

  • Trump continues to lie. This time he said that past Presidents did not speaking to the families of US soldiers killed in combat, which is verifiably false. It's a bit shocking when you see all of Trump's lies back to back, there are just pages and pages of them.
  • On more than one occasion Trump said that he had met with the President of the Virgin Islands, not realizing that, because the US Virgin Islands is an American territory, he is the President of the Virgin Islands.
  • The Equifax breach showed incompetence at pretty much every level of the company, and their negligence is going to greatly increase the rate of identity theft of everyone involved for the rest of our lives. And since half the government is busy licking Trump's ass, and the other half is working overtime to stop him from starting World War III, we shouldn't expect to see any real punishment or even changes at the company.
  • Another way that Trump is ruining the US for many years to come, not honoring any of the agreements made by his predecessors.
  • Republican Governor Rick Scott declares a state of emergency because a Nazi is coming to speak at the University of Florida. The state is expected to spend $500,000 protecting the Nazi from angry protesters.

Over half of Americans are now of the mindset that a belief in a god is unnecessary for a person to moral.

Why suburbs are actually more dangerous to live in than traditional grid-style streets.

Want to shock your pants off? Of course you do! Here's how to make a 200,000 volt capacitor at home!

The joys of growing up religious and abstinent.

Things are slowly falling back into place

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The weekend was quite productive. I attended a cider mill and wine tasting with some friends. My illness has mostly abated, and thankfully never got that bad. My PC troubles appear to have spawned from a bad 8GB stick of Patriot RAM. Despite it passing several Microsoft memory tests, after a few seconds of running it in multiple computers, it causes a blue screen of death. Unfortunately, after all the debugging and driver loading, I've pretty much hosed my old boot drive. I'm starting fresh with a new install of Windows 7 (the last usable version of Windows), but this has been particularly annoying because Microsoft, in an attempt to get more people on Windows 10, has eliminated SP1 from Windows Update. Thankfully, it's still available as an ISO download. I suspect I'll have everything updated and moved over from my old drive by the end of the week.

I've added a page on dictionary attacks and how to safeguard against them.

The "Me Too" trend on social media is both heart-breaking and wonderful. Having been close with a number of women in the past, I know that pretty much every woman I've met has been sexually assaulted, and well over half have been raped, but the fact that I still meet men who don't believe this is an epidemic pains me. I am ashamed of myself for the way I've acted toward women in the past. Each day I continue to try and make myself less of an asshole, and encourage all women to keep fighting for their right not to be abused.

Turns out, Americans are really stupid.

Matter does weird things when put under enormous amounts of pressure.

Many people believe that Easter Island is an important cautionary tale of what happens when people destroy their natural resources to create religious idols, but, in fact, it's really just another of hundreds of tales of indigenous people being enslaved and murdered by white people, nothing to get worked up over.

Using a plate to make strange vortices.

Turns out, you can't discriminate against non-religious people, even in Texas.

Yes Virgina, atheists believe in love.

Cider mill? Yes please!

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I've created a basic cryptography glossary.

  • Since Trump can't get the votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, even when Republicans control every level of government, he's trying to eliminate each provision of it one-by-one through executive order. Of course, the whole reason you can't repeal it is because the majority of Americans want to keep it, which means repealing it is not the will of the people, just the will of Trump. Likewise, most Americans are in favor of having easy access to birth control and abortion. And why is it we think it's terribly wrong to lie to people about medical issues, except when they're pregnant?
  • Yes, dance my puppets! Continue the Republican in-fighting until you feast on each other!
  • Many world leaders got together to try and find a happy medium regarding Iran's nuclear program, now Trump comes in and, like a spoiled toddler, messes everything up.
  • While Republicans continue to gut the EPA, the US is seeing some of the worst polluted air in the nation's history.
  • Stopping fake news requires people actually caring about the truth even if it disagrees with their beliefs, which is why it will never happen in America. It would also help if Trump wasn't dead set on eliminating the first amendment.
  • Republican hopeful Roy Moore quietly received more than $1,000,000 over a five-year span to push ultra-Conservative Christian views into the government, and he never declared any of this money.

I'm pleased to see that the women of Twitter are taking very seriously Rose McGowan's suspension due to her outrage at Harvey Weinstein and his protectors. And men, it should go without saying, it's never okay to masturbate in front of your coworkers.

Some thought-provoking physics and engineering trivia questions by Diana Cowern and Simone Giertz, parts one, two, and three.

When it comes to white-washing American history, nobody does it better than Christian home schoolers.

Can I take a time out on life please?

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I've replaced the board in my computer with one from an older model, so I have a working computer again, but now I have to reload my OS drive, which is always a pain in the ass.

I've created a page about the cryptographic cipher known as a one-time pad and included source code for encrypting and decrypting them.

  • Part of me is happy that Trump is spiraling our of control and fracturing the Republican party for future elections, but the other half of me remembers that he has his finger on the nuclear button.
  • Sex education? Clean water? Literacy? Women's rights? Trump says NO!
  • Trump may have been forced to sign new sanctions to punish Russia for their involvement in the 2016 election, but that doesn't mean he's actually going to enforce them.
  • Trump can't even pronounce Puerto Rico, but that doesn't stop him from blaming them for their inability to quickly recover a hurricane. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Texas and Florida had over three times as much aid.
  • Trump fancies himself as the head of the US military, but he also thinks the Army's Retreat bugle call was to honor his television ratings.
  • If the person is a racial minority, we'll probably hear about them even if they are merely a terrorist suspect, but if you're a white man who plants a bomb in an airport, if you don't kill dozens of people, you aren't even worth a mention.
  • At a time when the USA has one of the highest levels of starvation of any developed nation, Trump is cutting funding to food stamps.
  • A lot of Americans think we should bomb North Korea, but they're the same people who can't find it on a map.
  • Kim Davis ruined many couples weddings by refusing to do her job and issue marriage licenses to the couples she didn't believe should be allowed to marry. But her hateful religious stand had consequences, and it pretty much ruined her life here in the States, which is why she's now over in Romania and up to her old tricks. Remember, this a woman who has been divorced three times, yet doesn't see the irony in claiming marriage is a sacred bond.

Where various brands of alcohol got their name.

The Boy Scouts of America is allowing girls to join even before they'll allow atheists.

More about the element francium.

Twitter refuses to ban its users who spout racism, sexism, and bigotry because they care about free speech, but the moment a woman claims Ben Affleck helped protect Harvey Weinstein, they suspended her account.

The burden of proof regarding proving there isn't a god.

Trying to keep your work life separate from your personal life is hard enough, but it's made even harder when Facebook's algorithms gets involved.

Stupidest computer!

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I've been mildly sick for the past three days. Emily had two colds back to back, and while I missed the first, she infected me with the second. So far, it's only been a sore throat and sinuses, and I'm hoping it doesn't become any worse.

  • Trump's White House is worse then elementary school with all the bullying, boys-only clubs, and name-calling. Lots of name calling.
  • Just a reminder at how much of a police state the US has become, even if you're a US citizen, border patrol has the authority to take your phone, tablet, camera, or computer, read through all your personal emails and messages, look through your browsing history, look at all your pictures, dating profiles, etc., and ask you personal questions about everything. They can also make copies of all your data and passwords, and delete the things they don't want you to have. And, if you refuse to surrender your devices and password, they can and will confiscate your devices for months, and there is nothing you can do about it. Here are some of the more egregious abuses of authority. Any time you expect to go through a check point, make sure all of your electronic devices are fully encrypted, and copy any pictures or messages that you can't afford to lose to cloud storage in case they steal your stuff.
  • Scott Pruitt makes his position crystal clear, despite being the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, he cares nothing for protecting the environment. Instead, he wants to eliminate all the incentives of working toward clean renewable energy, and let fossil fuel industries continue their pollution unabated.
  • Trying to play devil's advocate with Donald Trump is a full time job.

Well, it's about damn time! Officer Jeff Payne, the cop who arrested a nurse because she wouldn't break the law and let a cop steal blood from an unconscious innocent man, has been fired.

A good grasp of statistics could let you live longer.

Two women, Haley Perea and Savannah Sugg, recorded themselves throwing their drink on two black men kneeling at a Lakers game and calling them pieces of shit, and then posted the video to their social media. They clearly didn't think this through because their social media included a lot of personal information like the fact that they're both students at California Baptist University (good Christians), and the fact that Perea makes copious use of the N word. The two have had to delete their profiles due to the negative backlash, but hopefully they will be humbled by the experience.

Women aren't too impressed with Harvey Weinstein's apology.

In addition to not telling anyone that they lost millions of social security numbers, credit card numbers, date of birth, and full names and addresses to hackers for several days after they knew it happened, Equifax also lost millions of drivers license numbers. Identity theft is going to run rampant for years to come because of this, but since the negligent people are rich and white, nobody is going to be punished.

Can you drink heavy water?

Stupider computer!

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Computer still broke. Now I'm thinking it's the motherboard. The video card works just fine in another PC, and the memory went through several tests without fail. Naturally it's the most expensive part of the PC!

I have been alive for 13,697 days. In that time, I've read about 408 books (excluding textbooks). That averages to about a book every 34 days. A decent result considering I'm including the first couple years when I couldn't read, and excluding multiple read-throughs and baby books. Still, I'd like to read more! There are an awful lot of classics I still need to check off

Added a page for the Queen song Friends Will Be Friends.

  • Trump wants tax breaks for the ultra wealthy, but even if someone were to offer tax breaks for everyone equally, the same tax breaks help the rich far more than everyone else.
  • Many of the same people who talk about the importance of "history" when it comes to Confederate monuments don't actually know their history.
  • Step 1, Texas allows students to carry guns on college campuses. Step 2, a police officer apprehends a student with drugs. Step 3, the student panics, and since he now also has a gun, he shoots the police officer to death to escape. Step 4, the argument, if we arm everyone, there will be fewer shooting deaths fails once again. Since we can't rely on Republicans making common sense gun laws, perhaps we should use their racism against them and give guns to as many racial minorities as possible.
  • Because he can never avoid a pissing contest, Trump assured everyone that he would win in an IQ test challenge against Rex Tillerson. Trump, who is stupid enough to think IQ tests actually demonstrate anything other than how well a person scores on the test, also think that only he can verify the veracity of something said behind his back.
  • Trump is like a brick thrown in troubled water.
  • Just in case there was any doubt, Trump admits to ordering Pence to boycott the football game.

The Fibonacci numbers even make an appearance in the Mandelbrot set!

Because I can't resist shameless self-promotion.

Why do religious charities often refuse money from non-religious donors? Isn't helping the destitute more important than their petty religious squabbles?

"Clinically proven" is just a fancy way of saying absolutely nothing.

It doesn't matter how many degrees a person gets, if they're religious, they always want reality to mesh with their religion.

Stupid computer!

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I've had my home computer for a little over a year, and it is now blue-screening shortly after boot up, even in safe mode, and all the signs point to and the AMD video card and/or drivers. My last several PCs have been AMD, because they're a hell of a lot cheaper than Intel and less-intrusive with their software, but this has been the fate of all of my previous AMD PCs as well. Being considerably cheaper doesn't mean much when they becomes too unstable to use after a year. If I can't find an obvious solution, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and pay twice as much for an Intel for my next PC.

I added a page for the NES game Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.

  • Automatic weapons are illegal, but the device that the Las Vegas shooter used to turn his semi-automatic guns into automatic guns wasn't illegal because the attachment isn't technically a gun. Republicans are open to banning the device, but many gun nuts continue to fighting them on this.
  • Mike Pence flew across the country at the taxpayer's expense to go to a football game where he was protected by security, also paid for by US tax payers. While there, Pence was ordered by Trump to leave if any of the players knelt during the anthem, which was a guarantee. So, Pence left the game before it even started and flew all the way back across the county on taxpayer expense. This pathetic show of faux patriotism was nothing more than a waste of thousands of our dollars to ignore police brutality.
  • Prior to writing a memo explaining to government agencies how they should discriminate against LGBT people in the future, Jeff Sessions sought out advice from a Christian hate group.
  • More details about Tim Murphy, the anti-abortion Republican who asked the women he was cheating on his wife with to get an abortion. When he gave up on his entire world view, he blamed his speech writers!
  • I like that Rex Tillerson he called Trump a "fucking moron," I don't like how he wouldn't own up to it. He could anyway because the few remaining White House employees have formed a "suicide pact" saying that, if any one of the gets fired, they will all resign together! That's how you know your administration is a winner!
  • After the worst hurricane season in living memory, Trump deals with climate change by terminating the Clean Power Plan allowing companies to dramatically increase their pollution output.

Shitty wrestling-themed video games.

Kudos to Rexburg City Council for refusing to alienate their non-Christian citizens by refusing to put up a city hall display which read, "In God We Trust."

Muscle knots aren't nearly as much fun as you'd think.

Joe Bradley Petrey, a public school teacher who routinely preached Christianity to children has been accused of convincing a 17-year-old student to have sex with him.

The trouble with communicating with aliens would be that we still don't have have a universally accepted metric for measuring mass.

Why C is such an influential programming language.

I would rather fill my head with smarts than with horrible politics

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This Sunday, Emily and I are hosting a baby shower for our twin girls. So, it's probably not a good sign that I saw this video!

I added a page for Annie Swynnerton's painting, The Sense of Sight and stitched together a massive tree of world religions which is so big it won't even load in my browser!

  • Sure, the USA may have more gun murders than every other civilized nation, but at least we're not as bad Honduras! And while this John Oliver episode was made for Orlando shooting, it's sadly just as relevant today because there hasn't been any progress.
  • The FEMA web site had been tracking the percentage of Puerto Ricans who have access to water and electricity (which is severely low), but Republicans suddenly removed the details. Why? Is it because they don't want people to know just how poorly they're doing, especially compared to Texas and Florida? Don't worry, we already know.
  • Why doesn't the USA have national health care like every other civilized nation? In part because Americans are afraid of foreigners, but also because Americans didn't want black people to have health care. Unfortunately, every time a Republican is in power, they destroy all the progress that was made by the Democrat. Obama helped push through mandatory birth control coverage, and now Trump is ruining it.
  • Racist and homophobe Jeff Sessions has eliminated civil rights protections for transgender people.
  • It turns out, asking the woman you're cheating with to get an abortion then turning around and voting to ban abortion for all other women is just enough hypocrisy to make Republican Tim Murphy resign after all. This kind of sucks because I would rather have a Republican too ashamed to ever vote against abortion again than have him replaced by another equally deluded to the problems women face.
  • While the White House staff continued to use private email and private cell phones, there is reason to believe that they were hacked, and sensitive government data was stolen.
  • Rex Tillerson accurately called Trump a "fucking moron," but this may be the beginnings of yet another fired White House staffer!
  • Why you probably shouldn't trust random web sites as news sources.
  • Why most self-proclaimed patriots are not patriots.

What it was like when we suffering under the tyranny of eight years of Obama.

Checking your math by casting out nines.

Film producer Harvey Wienstein has a long history of sexually harassing younger actresses.

An amateur discussion about just how bad the problem of misogyny is in the US.

Did you know scientists can tell if you have a dog simply by studying the microbes in your poop? Having a healthy assortment of bacteria on you is actually a good thing!

Still ashamed of my country

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I added a page for the Queen song White Queen (As It Began).

  • Americans continue to be murdered by their own civilians at a rate much higher than other similar nations, and while Democrats want to put forth new programs to solve this problem, Republicans continue to do nothing. Fox News can't even seem to find a problem with the shooter, since he's not Muslim or foreigner or black, they don't have a reason to hate him. I guess they forgot the pretty good reason that he murdered almost 60 people! And while Republicans don't want to talk about gun control because they claim it's wrong to politicize a mass murder, they don't seem to have a problem using it for their anti-black lives matter political agenda.
  • More of Trump being annoyed with Puerto Rico's expensive desire to survive. Gee, I hope they have a good time.
  • Republican Tim Murphy has a long history of voting to ban abortion, but when he thought he impregnated the woman he had been cheating on his wife with, his religious piety didn't stop him from asking her to get an abortion. Like many God-fearing men before him, Tim Murphy wants abortion to be legal for him, but not for anyone else. Rather than resign in disgrace from his monumental hypocrisy, Tim Murphy is going to finish out his term as Pennsylvania Representative, and not seek re-election. He asks that people respect his privacy while his family deals with this mess he created. Really? Did you respect the privacy of the women who you zealously condemned? The only way Tim Murphy could redeem himself is if he started voting against abortion bans for the remainder of his term.
  • Antifa is a really just a Republican strawman so they don't have to actually address the fact that the USA harbors white American terrorists.

It is not acceptable to make a logo using Papyrus.

A lot of forensic science is not science at all, and has sent countless innocent people to prison.

How do honeybees kill giant wasps? By using their wings to literally cook them alive!

The Thinking Atheist interviews Michael Sherlock.

How quantum computers can solve the man-in-the-middle digital security problem.

Using Schlieren imaging to see slow motion temperature changes.

So ashamed of my country right now

Feeling: Aggravated

  • If someone has just lost their spouse in an accident, only an asshole would console them by saying, "you're lucky your kids aren't dead too!" That asshole is Donald Trump who just told Puerto Ricans who lost nearly everything they owned, to be "very proud" that they weren't hit with a "real catastrophe" like Katrina. Of course, a large part of why Katrina was so catastrophic is because Republicans thoroughly bungled the relief effort, just like they're doing again. I guess I shouldn't expect much from a man who not only thinks he's helping by randomly tossing paper towels into a crowd of people who just lost their homes, but thinks everyone loves him for doing it. This is not something Puerto Rico needed because they've had serious financial woes due, in part, to the US screwing around with taxes and tariffs.
  • The recent Las Vegas shooting is the largest mass-murder in our nation's recent history, but if you go back several generations, you get reminded about just how racist and evil our history is, ripe with many large-scale massacres of black people and native Americans. And what really brings my blood to a boil is the fact that despite this being such a tragedy, American gun laws will not change because half of the country thinks we should never talk about gun control.
  • Republicans passed their ban on abortion, despite a history of telling their mistresses to have them. The common Republican argument is that they're anti-abortion because they're pro-children, so why then did they refuse to continue funding the Children's Health Insurance Program, which will soon eliminate health insurance for 9,000,000 children and 370,000 pregnant women?
  • Russia knew what they were doing when they purchased over 3,000 pro-Trump ads on Facebook, specifically targeting swing states.
  • How can Republicans control the entire government and still fail to get anything done? It's not just in-fighting, it's also because, despite winning elections through dirty tactics, the majority of the people in the US are not Republicans and don't want their policies.
  • An interesting story about how the Trump's lawyer donated $25,000 to Cyrus Vance, Jr.'s campaign who then dropped a massive fraud lawsuit against Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. who were both caught lying to clients.

All about the Earth's flipping magnetic field and why it's time to start eating each other.

The Nobel Prize in chemistry is for cryo-electron microscopy.

Aron Ra's lectures on what the bible does and doesn't say, and what it ought to say.

Why don't we teach preschoolers science?

What did you expect?

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I added a page for the album, More Modern Short Stories From Hello Saferide

  • Here is a list of politicians who sent "thoughts and prayers" to the victims of Las Vegas, but also accepted thousands of dollars from the NRA. And to the people who say we shouldn't debate gun control in the wake of a mass-shooting, then we will never debate gun control, because, in the USA, there is always a mass-shooting!
  • Trump has the best words, like when he described the loss of life in Puerto Rico as being very "successful," and "incredible." He's also very annoyed with Puerto Rico for having the nerve to be destroyed by a hurricane.
  • If you saw an untitled list of nations which included Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates you could be pretty confident that it has something to do with human rights violations, and you'd be correct. Each of these nations, and several more, voted in favor of executing people for the "crimes" of homosexuality, adultery, and blasphemy. These nations should be entirely ashamed of themselves, but how would you feel if you realized that you didn't see the last country on the list... the United States of America. When the USA is voting on human rights issues the same way as Saudi Arabia and China, something is wrong.
  • It shouldn't come as much of a shock, but Republicans are once again trying to ban abortion.
  • Ireland's Minister of Health rightfully called a bishop "ignorant," for claiming that if teen girls are vaccinated they will have more sex.

Nobel Prize for physics awards research in gravitational waves.

An amazing time-lapse video of a container ship traveling through the Indian Ocean.

Blade Runner is probably a lot more misogynistic and racist than you remember.

How to share cake between three people so everyone is happy.

When we waste $200,000,000 on something that has been proven not to work.

Another white male shooter

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Over the weekend, I beat the game Glittermitten Grove, which was fantastic.

  • A violent terrorist in Las Vegas killed at least 50 people and wounded over 200 more. What's that? Police identified the man as Stephen Paddock, an American citizen? Scratch that, he's now a, "suspected gunman." It sickens me to hear Republicans offer cheap useless words in response when their refusal to prevent even criminally violent people from obtaining guns and their massive cuts to mental health care coverage are partially to blame for this. Trump himself offers the victims his "warmest condolences." Seriously, get someone who has even a drop of decency and English aptitude to screen your posts, you fucking idiot!
  • After it came out that he spent half-a-million dollars of taxpayer dollars on private jet trips for personal use, Tom Price has been forced to resign as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Despite his wasteful corruption, Trump still called him a "fine man." Other White House staffers have also come under fire for similar corruption. This makes him the 31st (and counting) major White House staffer to quit or be fired.
  • After Hurricane Maria destroyed most of Puerto Rico, Trump first had to be taught where Puerto Rico was, then added insult to injury saying Puerto Ricans "want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort," but he made up for it by dedicating a golf trophy to them. Problem solved.
  • As people all over the nation march in solidarity to protect the rights of black people being abused by police, Jeff Sessions is eliminating the federal program that actually addresses racial profiling.
  • Republicans only cares about free speech when it's employed by an authoritarian white man.
  • Trump's tax plan, which will lose the country $2,000,000,000,000, is awfully similar to the one that bankrupted Kansas.
  • Angry white men the world over have paid $52,000 in the hopes of reading a comic written by a racist sexist asshole.
  • A tape of an interview of Donald Trump has been released where he describes a Red Cross ball at his golf course. An 80-year-old man fell off the stage onto a marble floor and started bleeding out. Trump says he and his millionaire friends were disgusted by the blood ruining the nice floor and they refused to help the man despite his panicked wife's screams for help. Finally, military personnel helped the man, but Trump's only concern was the blood ruining his floor, he didn't even call the man or his family to see if he survived.
  • Trump's failure with Luther Strange will still result in a Republican victory.

Canadian Bishops try to convince parents not to get their children vaccinated. No, they're not antivax, they're anti-preventing sexually transmitted infections. These Catholics see STIs as God's punishment for having premarital sex and believe teens deserve to get cervical cancer because they couldn't wait until marriage.

The discovery of molecular mechanisms of circadian rhythm? That's a Nobel Prize!

Evangelicals are a pretty dishonest lot, and not just about their religion, they're also dishonest when it comes to selling sham cancer cures.

Three more victories for the Constitution as judges rules that school memorials, county meetings, and county seals have to stop promoting religion.

A fun lecture on the history of electricity with experiments.

You'll be positive though it hurts

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song A Better Son/Daughter.

Warty warts.

What people often get wrong about the concept of hell.

Need another reason to avoid Apple products? They often don't bother to update security flaws, and even when they do, their "hands-off" approach won't tell users when critical updates fail to load properly.

Thalidomide killed thousands of babies, but it may be making a comeback as a medicinal drug, just not for pregnant women.

Becoming a journalist today is a tall order.

Joshua Barry Piland and Rachel Joy Piland watched their infant die from a curable illness because, "God makes no mistakes." They're both looking at 15-year sentences.

What to listen to when you're in a wet lab.

Aron Ra talks about the failures of Texas Republican politics.

Republicans continue to vote against their best interest

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I added a page for the game Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds and the band Hello Saferide.

It's so common to read about nutrition scam artists making all sorts of unbelievable claims without any repercussions, but every now and then, one of these criminals gets taken down, and it makes me happy. Belle Gibson claimed she was able to cure her own brain cancer with an organic diet and yoga. That should have immediately branded her a charlatan, but she went on to publish a cookbook and sell an app through Apple, which surely convinced many people to stop their cancer treatment. She also made several charity events. However, when she was investigated, not only was it found that she never donated any of the donated money to charity, but she never even had cancer to begin with! She was fiend $410,000 for deceiving the public and failing to give donated money to charity.

The latest version of celebrities reading mean Tweets.

Making rapid video game prototypes.

How the Physics Girl got into physics.

Why do Christian apologists always have to lie when they defend their religion?

Some interesting animals that were thought to have been extinct, only to show up again.

Using mathematics to create a very interesting visual decimal.

Trump is a racist. I cannot say that enough.

Feeling: Disgusted


I finally beat The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

  • Trump thought there were enough racists in the NFL to take his side, and maybe there are among the viewers, but more players than ever before are now taking a knee during the National Anthem, often with their coaches and owners lcoking arms in solidarity. And while Trump may think that Nazis and the KKK are "fine people," all these black players are "sons of bitches." Even the NBA has joined in to bash Trump. And if sporting events are not the right time for black people to express their first amendment rights, when is it okay?
  • After failing for the umpteenth time trying to pass Trumpcare, Republicans go back to what they're comfortable with, cutting taxes for the rich. Their current plan eliminates the estate tax for people who expect $5,490,000 in inheritance, cuts taxes on profits made outside the country (truly an America-first approach), and really slashes taxes for individuals who make more than $418,000 a year. Needless to say, Republicans are claiming that this will help the middle class because... reasons. Want to know how much you'll save from this new plan? Play Who Gets the Money?
  • The White House cries that nearly a third of it's staff are disloyal to them. Probably, but what's even more interesting is that about three quarters of Americans are disloyal to them!
  • It's not that Trump is a bigot, he just wants to return to the good old days when you could fire someone because of their sexual orientation.
  • Trump crowed that his endorsement was pushing Republican Alabama Senator Luther Strange to the head of the polls, but once Strange lost, Trump went back and deleted all of his endorsements posts. I guess he hopes that nobody on the Internet remembers anything.
  • In addition to being tasked with almost every job at the White House, including Russian collusion, Jared Kushner also has to take on the task of being a woman.
  • In a world riddled with problems domestic and foreign, it doesn't help when your nation's leader has the mind of a toddler.

After years of religious misogyny, Saudi Arabia is finally allowing women to drive.

What's the deal with nosebleeds?

Yet another debunking of Pascal's Wager.

Dorkly's top 25 greatest SNES games.

An interesting lecture on the things we can't know.

They had it coming

Feeling: Annoyed


I've added a page for the Queen album, A Day At the Races and addressed the claim the United States is the oldest democracy.

  • Typical Republican hypocrisy. When Hillary used a private email server, they chanted "lock her up," but when it came out that at least six White House officials were using private email servers, they were simply "instructed to use official email to conduct all government related work."
  • Every Democrat health insurance reform bill contains rules to increase coverage, increase quality, and lower cost. Every Republican health insurance reform bill contains rules to decrease coverage, and that's it. They hope to increase quality and decrease cost, but they don't actually do anything to address these issues. This makes sense because the Republican goal is not to help people, but rather to eliminate government regulation on corporations. But after failing for almost a decade to create a health care bill the public likes, they're getting to the point where they're giving up on it. At least, until the next time.
  • And on that topic, we all like to think that we're invincible, but at some point in the future, we're most likely going to become sick or injured, and often so severely that the cost of treatment will be so high we can't afford it. This is where health insurance comes into play. The point of health insurance is that, if many people pool their money together, if any one of them gets so sick they can't afford treatment, the pooled money can afford to treat them. Everyone is helping everyone else. But, in order for the system to work, most of the people in the group have to be healthy. If the majority of the group gets sick, there won't be enough money to afford the treatment. This is why it's necessary to have even young healthy people in an insurance pool, otherwise the system falls apart. So, when you hear Republicans saying that they shouldn't have to pay to help some old sick person, because they're healthy now, you know that they're either too stupid to understand insurance, or purposely lying.
  • Patrick Tillman was a American football player who, after the September 11th terrorist attack, left sports to enlist in the army. Unfortunately, Tillman was killed by friendly fire, and the investigation of his death brought up evidence that he may have been murdered by his fellow soldiers, possibly because Tillman was a well-known atheist and opposed the Iraqi invasion. I bring this up because Donald Trump just used Tillman to promote his nationalist message and disparage NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem. Of course, those who actually knew Tillman when he was alive say he would be absolutely opposed and disgusted by the Trump Administration.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos showed up for his racist and bigoted "Free Speech Week," but it didn't go very well. Yiannopoulos took some pictures and signed some autographs, but left, even before many of his fans got through security. Yiannopolos only stuck around for 15 minutes, but the total cost to UC Berkeley was $800,000.
  • Looking forward to Paul Manafort going to prison.
  • Trump is now appointing people who think transgender people are Satanic and the best drug detox programs are created by science fiction authors.
  • A simple guide for how to protest without offending white people.

What is gaslighting, and why is it abuse?

Corporate mergers are ruining the country, but politicians keep letting them occur, despite all of them claiming to be in favor of small businesses.

Who would you trust to treat you more fairly, a religious person, or an atheist?

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Treasure Master.

Sorry, no, all-white painting are stupid.

Walked the walk

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The Habitat For Humanity build went great, our group added a lot of work to the house that will soon be lived in by a nice woman and her daughter.

  • Republicans continue to vote in favor of Trumpcare, even though the only thing they know about it, is they hate it.
  • One good thing about Trump is that he's brought so many Americans together to fight in solidarity against his tyranny. Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during the National Anthem was becoming a dead issue, until Trump decided to open is pig gob and spew hate, which caused dozens of players across numerous teams to take a knee at the anthem.
  • Trump's primary argument against Hillary Clinton was that she used a private email server. Not that she did anything wrong with it, but that she even had one. You would think that he would make damn sure that nobody in the White House would be allowed to even go near a private email server, but no, nearly everyone on his staff has been caught using private email servers for government work, including the person who is running more departments than anyone in history, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.
  • Trump isn't very thrilled about Bob Mueller's investigation which keeps turning up more details about his collusion with Russia.

Deplatforming hate speech appears to be a good way to decrease the violence it causes.

We're one step closer to eradicating rapidly-mutating viruses like HIV. Don't thank gods, thank science!

A friendly chat with Aron Ra and Phil Ferguson.

If you're going to set livestock free because you oppose consuming animals, make sure you release them in their natural habitat so you don't destroy an entire ecosystem with an invasive species.

Equifax screwed over millions of people, twice.

It's still a crime in Saudi Arabia for women to drive a car, and a high-ranking Muslim Imam justified his country's misogyny by saying women's brains are only a quarter of the size of a man's.

Learning to program computers to analyze biology data.

Walking the walk

Feeling: Proud


Tomorrow, I'm volunteering with Habitat For Humanity. While I certainly disagree with the organization's religious message, it's great that we're both willing to put aside our differences to help build a home for a family in need.

I added a page for the video game company, Capcom.

  • You probably don't remember when a previous president used their governmental authority to directly attack an individual because most previous presidents had a certain level of decorum and respect for their position. That sort of behavior is not normal, but it is when you have a childish a bully in the White House.
  • It's very difficult to bring order to the White House when Trump keeps giving reality TV stars jobs in the White House.
  • Facebook is turning over a lot of evidence to Federal prosecutors showing that Russia was pushing to get Trump elected, including buying over 3,000 ad spaces for him, but Trump continues to call it all a hoax.
  • Ann Coulter suggests, as a solution to immigration, genocide.
  • Trump supporters and white supremacists (a little redundant) have created a massive list of people who have publicly spoken out against Trump, including their personal contact information.
  • Wouldn't it be great if Democrats could get their shit together?
  • It wasn't that his notes misspelled "Namibia," Trump just isn't very good at reading!

Teaching kids science by blowing things up.

Crazy looking 3D holograms.

Why is Grant Wood's painting "American Gothic" such a big deal?

How do airplane wings work? It's complicated.

How to ruin a country

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I added a page for another one of my favorite typefaces, Eras.

  • The Republican shit show continues as Trump embarrasses us in front of the rest of the nations. However, in spite of all my Trump bashing, I have give credit where credit is due. Trump is the first US President to discuss the people of Nambia.
  • If you were seeking a job as a policy maker for the agricultural industry, you would want your résumé to highlight skills that show a deep understanding of agriculture. It wouldn't be wise to focus on your experience as a truck driver, a country club attendant, or a scented candle manufacturer, and it certainly wouldn't help to focus on your experience as a political volunteer, right? My mistake, I forgot we're living in the freaking twilight zone. Trump just appointed more woefully unqualified and/or incompetent people to the Department of Agriculture!
  • Trump is such a fan of criminal Joe Arpaio that he pardoned his racial abuse. So what does Arpaio do right after his pardon? He gives an interview to a Holocaust-denying newspaper, and noted hate-group, the American Free Press.
  • Steve Mnuchin and his wife are not just horrible people, they're also stealing your tax dollars.
  • Republican Chuck Grassley says he can think of 10 reasons why Trumpcare shouldn't even be considered, but he will still vote for it even if it is worse for Americans.

Memes are our future.

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season eight.

Officer Matthew Lindsey drove to a house to investigate a hit-and-run. When he arrived, he saw Magdiel Sanchez on the porch holding a pipe so he called for backup from officer Christopher Barnes. The two both demanded that Sanchez drop his pipe, and when he didn't comply, they drew their guns on him. Neighbors claim they shouted to the police that Sanchez was deaf and couldn't hear their demands. Despite this, when Sanchez began walking toward the officers they shot him several times and he died. Sanchez had no criminal record, neighbors say he carried the pipe to ward off stray animals. The police officers claim they didn't hear any of the witnesses telling them Sanchez was deaf.

Jesus's sacrifice doesn't actually do anything.

Learn yourself on the pipette.

I guess having a degree in philosophy doesn't make you any less of an asshole.

Our very own genocidal dictator

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Emily had another ultrasound this morning. The girls are each over a foot tall and weigh about 1.5 pounds!

  • Donald Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea, including about 25,000,000 innocent civilians, and probably a good portion of the civilians in the surrounding nations, if North Korea don't stop threatening nuclear attacks. Of course, this is precisely just what North Korea wanted him to do, because now they can continue to convince their citizens to continue being in a state of war preparedness because the leader of the US is dead set on murdering them all.
  • The Koch brothers and their ilk brazenly tell Republican politicians that, until they lower their taxes and eliminate health care for the needy, they won't get any more bribes.
  • The US military budget is the largest in the world, by far. We waste an obscene amount of money on creating new war machines that even the military's own leaders say we don't need, but facts don't matter to the Republican Senate who just voted to increase our military budget another $80,000,000,000 a year. That money could be spent on infrastructure, on medical research, or, enough to pay for every single American to go to college for free!
  • When Trump supporters donated money to the man who claimed he would personally fund his own campaign, they probably didn't realize they were going to be paying his attorney fees for his Russia collusion.
  • A Swedish man went undercover in various white supremacists groups around the globe and found that they're well-funded and well-connected to Republican politicians.
  • Trump posted on Twitter his desire to kill the Affordable Care Act. A woman with cancer reminded him that Trumpcare would eliminate health insurance for her and 32,000,000 other Americans. So Trump blocked her.

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season seven.

What happens to fire when it's in a free fall?

Illinois police arrested a man and threw him in jail, not for burning an American flag, which has been protected freedom of expression since 1986, but to protect him from people who might attack him for exercising his freedom. Well, the court saw through that lie and awarded the man $15,000 in restitution, and another $20,000 for the man's legal fees, all of which was paid for by taxpayers because of the incompetence of the police.

How fast do languages evolve, and how long does it take before a language is completely unrecognizable?

Atheists go to the Ark Encounter and much hilarity ensues.

Pretty maids in a row

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I've added a page for one of my favorite typefaces, Benguiat.

  • Republicans are once again trying to pass Trumpcare, and, at the same time, eliminate Medicaid entirely.
  • One of the biggest thorns in Hillary Clinton's side during the campaign was her private email server, and FBI Director Jame Comey's politically-inspired claim that they were re-opening the case shortly before the election was one of the major reasons she lost the presidency. Republicans, and especially Fox "News" made a huge deal about this, but nothing criminal was ever found, and a private email server was something that many other politicians did as well. How many others? Well, everyone of Trump's senior staff uses a private email server, his useless and very expensive voter fraud commission is using private email, and Trump himself, for a long time, refused to switch to a secure phone.
  • The Trump administration is rejecting the findings of their own governmental study because it found that refugees increased the US economy by about $63,000,000,000.
  • Why did Trump fire his original campaign manager? Probably not because he was incompetent at his job, most of people Trump hires are incompetent, no, it's probably because Paul Manafort was so deeply tied to Russian politics, that even Trump had to distance himself from him.
  • Right after the terrorist attack in London, Trump bragged about his Muslim travel ban saying is should be even larger and tougher. The trouble was, nobody had released any information about the religion or home country of the terrorists. Trump, being a bigot, just assumed they were Muslims and from one of the countries he banned. British politicians pointed out the obvious, that his gloating wasn't helpful.
  • Trump wants to have a military power parade just like the ones conducted by so many fascist dictators before him. Typical of a draft dodger.
  • The self-proclaimed "Mother of All Trump Rallies" at D.C. had an estimated 500 attendees. No doubt there are plenty of Trump fans around the country, but this gives you an idea of just how poorly-organized this event was to be planned on a day Trump wasn't even in the White House. Of course, he vacations so often, when is he ever in the White House? To put things in perspective, three times as many Juggalos showed up to protest being called a "gang."
  • How can we make American great? By eliminating the problems and keeping the good.
  • If Trump doesn't want people to call him a white supremacist, maybe he should stop acting like a white supremacist?

The Canadian arm of the Jehovah's Witnesses church is being hit with a massive class action lawsuit for, like so many other churches before it, protecting child rapists. But that's not nearly as bad as the New Mexican Catholic Diocese which just released a list of 74 convicted child rapists.

A lecture on the question, does the universe have a cause.

Another category 5 hurricane is hitting the Caribbean. Also, we're not doing ourselves any favors by treating hurricanes like war zones.

Which is better, a modern digital camera, or the human eye?

A graphic designer changes the cover of Girl's Life to actually empower girls.

John Oliver gifts the people a Scranton a wonderful new model train.

Apparently, these are they types of students wanted at private Christian colleges.

Why did To Kill a Mockingbird become so famous?

Last week's stress gone; time to recharge with new stress!

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Nursery progress continues, two cribs have been assembled. Also, I finished reading the book Good Dog, Happy Baby and added a page for the writer Douglas Adams.

  • Republicans claim they prefer small local government, but they're actions show that they're really authoritarians who want their form of government at all levels. Case in point, Trump is trying to refuse Federal funding to cities that don't adhere to his racist policy of arresting immigrants who report crimes. Unfortunately (for Trump, not for decent human beings), all Trump's past racist talk makes the judges less inclined to trust him in matters like this, and his attempt to block their funding has been refused.
  • Trump's deal with Democrats over DACA is still really strange.
  • While we've seen Trump repeatedly belittle the racist Jeff Sessions in public, it turns out he privately insulted him even worse after Sessions recused himself and demanded he quit. Sessions even offered his resignation, but Trump refused to accept it after more intelligent members of his administration rightly pointed out that, getting rid of Sessions would make things far worse.
  • Obama didn't just talk about having the White House more transparent (and therefore less corrupt), he actually enacted policies like making the visitors a matter of public record. Trump not only eliminated that policy, but, because he so rarely goes to work, has his visitors on his vacation spots where ethics rules apply even less.
  • Whenever I read headlines like, "Half of Americans Don't Trust Trump On North Korea," I always shudder that half of Americans do. Just think about it, we share a country with people who trust a bigoted racist ignorant hate-monger even to sit the correct way on a toilet, let alone deal with a nuclear nation!
  • Trump continues to stand by his bigoted remark that there were many good people among the white supremacists, and that much of the riot's problem stemmed from those protesting the KKK and Nazis.
  • We know that Fox "News" is mostly spin, and we know that they often get the story wrong, sometimes embarrassingly so, but why don't they correct themselves when it happens? Furthermore, why don't they even have an office for ethical journalism like every other new outlet?
  • The more I listen to Steven Bannon, the more I fear his racism and bigotry.

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season six.

Schools still send girls home when they wear tight pants, but not boys.

Facts about Legos.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, over half of Americans who have abortions are Christian. Even though they claim abortion is evil, their lack of sexual education and vilification of birth control makes them much more likely to become pregnant, especially as teenagers, and knowing the stigma associated with unwed pregnancies in Christian communities often leads the teens to abortions. However, as the Muslims community grows in the US, so too will horror stories like these.

Teaching evolution using phylogenetics.

Why is it so hard to swat a fly? Because their perception speed is much faster that ours. Humans process visual information at about 60-frames-per-second, house flies at about 250-frames-per-second, although there is one species that tops out at 1,000!

Be careful when you call for the IT department.

Turns out Jerry Sandusky's son is also a child rapist, but I'm sure Penn State fans will continue to worship him.

Yes, even Buddhists can commit genocide.

Weekend, come take away my stress

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I added a page for the band I Wish I Were the Moon.

  • Despite what they claim, the morality of religious people change their morality along with the changes in their culture. Slavery, abortion, homophobia, and so forth go back and forth between being below the radar to being the most important topic in history. A great current illustration is how American Christians have changed their mind on voting. In 2011, only 30% of white Evangelicals said they would consider voting for a president who had committed an immoral act in their private life. But after Trump won the Republican ticket, suddenly, that number skyrocketed to 72%! Which it would have to since the private life of Trump and his cronies contain a -lot- of immoral acts, and even Trump's personal lawyer isn't too sure he can save them.
  • The racist rag Breitbart is furious that the latest issue of Superman has him saving Mexicans from being murdered by a white supremacist. When you can't tell the difference between headlines written by Breitbart and the KKK, something is wrong.
  • I'm glad that Samantha Bee is back on the air exposing lies and hypocrisy, cutting down the Republican attacks on DACA, teaching us how to respond to white supremacists, and covering up racist tattoos.
  • Why do Republican candidates have to be insipid clowns?
  • In second grade, I tried to remain seated during my school's morning recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. My teacher called me to her desk and demanded that I recite the Pledge with the other students which I felt was unfair because there was another student in the class who never stood for it. In a stern voice she explained that the other student didn't stand because of his religion (I later learned he was a Jehovah's Witness), and she asked me if my religion prevented me from standing. I didn't know how to answer, so I gave her the response I knew she wanted and said, "no," so she told me to go back to my seat, and in the future, to stand for the Pledge, which I did. I was far too young to understand the purpose of the Pledge, which, by itself, should be a good enough reason not to force someone to perform it, but now that I'm older, I'm very much against the mandatory recitation of the Pledge. First and foremost, because it has been modified from the original author's intent into a prayer. Second, it was originally made popular as a advertising gimmick. Third, nobody should be expected to recite daily their allegiance to a country, let alone a flag. So, it makes me see red when a public school teacher lays his hands on a student for refusing to perform a ritual of religious nationalism.

The 13-year Cassini space probe mission ended in a blaze of glory as NASA plunged it into Saturn. It made several amazing discoveries in that time, and I can't wait to see pictures of its descent!

The nation of Tunisa has finally granted women the right to marry non-Muslims after 44 years of bigotry!

A SciShow compilation of water videos.

Facebook is quite embarrassed to be told that their ad service allows people to target users who use anti-Semitic language.

Feminism as a product.

Another prayer plaque in a public school has been rightfully taken down thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Which will be awhile

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I added a page for the band Eve 6.

  • Trump is slammed by Miss America pageant contestants.
  • Now that Hurricane Harvey and Irma have devastated the south-east coast of America, it's up to the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help them set things right. A refresh my memory, who is in charge of HUD? Oh right, Ben Carson. They're screwed.
  • If a government employee is being sued or is charged with a crime, any political group that wants to help pay their legal fees must do so publicly. This ethics rule is in place because it doesn't help the American people to have anonymous donors trying to buy a political criminal's way out of jail. Well, that's how it used to be, under the Trump administration, the Office of Government "Ethics" has quietly eliminated this ethical practice.
  • While it seemed that, after nearly a year in office, Trump had finally made a successful deal, since it was with Democrats, and his Republican buddies were mad, he has decided to lie about it.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is turning out to be just as much of a bigot as her father, recent argued that Donald Trump can't be a white supremacist because, "no one has done more than President Trump to prove that white people are not superior." Well, when you put it that way...
  • Porn stars probably don't want to be associated with disgusting immoral perverts like Ted Cruz.
  • Sheriff's deputy Robert Belt, an officer who has a history of assaulting civilians, recently told a bus full of public school students, "No faggot activity will be permitted on this bus! In my bible it states that 'faggots will burn in hell,' and I will not condone it!" Officer Belt does not appear to have been disciplined.

There are many important avenues to be taken to fully utilize the might of modern technology for the betterment of humankind. Using it to determine if someone is gay based on the structure of their face is not one of them.

Some of the hot spots around the world that are the most affected by climate change.

Learning the difference between a white dwarf, neutron star, and black hole.

Josh Duggar, Republican activist and good Christian man, is hoping to cash in on his sister's lawsuit, but his sisters don't want him anywhere near them because of all the times he sexually assaulted them.

Angry Video Game Nerd, season five.

The number of Catholic hospitals in America is growing, and this is bad news for anyone who wants to control their reproductive system. Catholic hospitals refuse to let women abort their pregnancies, even if they'll likely die from complications. Catholic hospitals refuse to let women have tubal ligations, even if they might die if they become pregnant. Catholic hospitals even refuse to let women even have corrective surgery to repair fallopian tubes on the off-chance that they will have to be severed to prevent a potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy! Of course, none of this is taken very seriously by American politicians who are almost entirely men, but they might have to start taking notice because Catholics also refuse to let men get vasectomies!

People who tend to believe in conspiracies aren't doing so because of logic, they're doing so because they want to be special.

One thing you'll notice when you watch a lot of debates between religious apologists and scientists is that the religious apologists often lie. I don't mean that they mistake the facts. Everyone occasionally states something as fact, only to be later to be shown that it isn't. I say they lie because, even after being shown their mistake, they continue to state it as fact. At first, this may seem confusing; why would a person who claims to honor truth and despise dishonesty frequently lie? It turns out, part of religious apologetics training is being taught to lie.

How to prove the Earth is round with nothing more than a ball and string.

For as long as men are capable of evil.

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I added a page for the author Neal Stephenson and the Eve 6 album, Eve 6.

  • Another mass-resignation in the White House; this time a quarter of the members on the National Infrastructure Advisory Council quit. The group that handles cyber-security complained, not just because the Trump administration was ordering them to act immorally, but also because they were uninterested in the threats against our country!
  • Steve Bannon really is a xenophobic bigot who thinks America is great, not because slaves helped build it, not because of a huge influx of immigrants, but because pf white nationalism and the exclusion of foreigners. But, of course, only three generations ago, when the borders were wide open, his family immigrated to America. It's almost as if immigrants get the job done.
  • If your ideology is, "government is the problem," don't be surprised when, even if you control everything, you fail to govern.
  • With two enormous devastating hurricanes smashing into the US coast back-to-back, it has become clear that human-made climate change is a serious threat. But for science deniers, like the current head of the EPA, they still don't want anyone to talk about it.
  • Due to Russia's influence on the 2016 presidential election, the US version of the propaganda program "Russia Today" will now have to register with the Department of Justice as a foreign agent. Of course, the DOJ is currently run by racist Jeff Sessions, whose appointment by Trump was made possible in part because of Russians meddling in the US election, so don't expect anything anytime soon.
  • When Hurricane Harvey hit the US, Mexico expressed its condolences and offered to help on the relief efforts. Trump refused to answer, but the Governor of Texas accepted the aid. Unfortunately, shortly after that, Mexico was hit by a terrible earthquake. As expected, Trump made no offer of aid to help Mexico, or even cheap words of sympathy. Mexico is no longer helping Texas, and is focusing on its own disaster.
  • With two of the world's super powers--the USA and UK--being run by incompetent Conservatives too focused on crippling their own countries to bother with foreign issues, delicate political situations elsewhere in the world are beginning to fall apart. Case in point, Turkey is now buying surface-to-air missiles from Russia.
  • Police in the UK are becoming just as evil as American cops.
  • Yet another Fox News host, Eric Bolling, has been fired for sexually harassing his co-workers.

Season four of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Want to hold your newborn child after giving birth? In America, sorry, that's a $40 fee.

Polyamorous people answer your burning questions.

Paul Burress, the Christian preacher who turned his church into a fight club has been arrested for sexually assaulting two women.

Epsom salt baths may feel or smell nicer, but they don't actually have any therapeutic benefits.

The importance of pointers in computer programming.

Oh, it's you...

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I added a page for the game Portal 2, and the Gravis GamePad controller.

  • Trump's expensive, but entirely pointless, voter fraud panel is naturally declaring Democratic victories as evidence of voter fraud.
  • Internet trolls are posting tons of fake videos and pictures of Hurricane Irma, but, embarrassingly, one of those trolls comes directly from the White House.
  • The man Donald Trump pardoned, Joe Arpaio, is really an evil monster.
  • Republican Ted Cruz has a history of discriminating against the LGBT and even trying to ban people from purchasing sex toys, so why did he click like on a Twitter porn channel?
  • The current head of the CIA is Mike Pompeo, a Tea Party Republican. He was nominated by Donald Trump, and appointed by Republicans. So, it goes without saying that, under his "leadership," the demographics of the CIA shifting towards more white straight male Christians.
  • Not only does white-collar crime often go unpunished, it pays extremely well!
  • Trump is killing DACA, but he doesn't want the people who are going to be deported to worry about it because it's going to be awhile before they get deported.
  • Just a reminder, Trump's pick for the head of NASA doesn't know the first thing about NASA.
  • I understand the importance of requiring food vendors to be licensed for public safety, but the police officers in California are just common thieves.

Hurricane Irma was the most powerful hurricane in recorded history. Thankfully, most of its power was unleashed in relatively unpopulated areas so it wasn't the most deadly or damaging, but it's a stern reminder of what we face if we don't get the climate in check. Speaking of that, here is a wonderful XKCD comic about human history in relation to climate change, and a video about why people often get climate change wrong.

How having a support animal can make you mentally healthier even if you don't notice it.

Come on Hillary, Bernie didn't sabotage your campaign. You won the popular vote.

An interactive Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements which gives an example of how each element has a manufacturing purpose.

What the hell is a hemocytometer?

When video games get sad that they're not being played.

In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet

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I finished reading Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution and added a page for the Harry Potter Candies.

  • So, why did Trump change his mind after saying he would end DACA? It turns out, when he first said he would end it Trump didn't really know what DACA was.
  • Since Trump couldn't convince a Republican-majority Congress to vote down the Affordable Care Act, even though these are the very same people who have been voting to eliminate it for the past 8 years, he's now trying to ruin it from the inside by refusing to renew the program's outreach funding. With no money to fund workers, all the poor and sick people who desperately need insurance will be left in limbo.
  • The Hurricane Harvey relief and debt ceiling bill passed, but 17 Senators voted against it. They are: Bob Corker, Steve Daines, Mike Enzi, Joni Ernst, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson, James Lankford, Mike Lee, John McCain, Jerry Moran, Rand Paul, James Risch, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey. Aside from not caring about hurricane victims, what do these Senators have in common? They're all Republicans.
  • Just a reminder, in case you've forgotten, having the Conservative half constantly threatening to shut down the entire government if they don't get their way, is not normal.
  • The Trump administration is -still- getting all buddy-buddy with Russia even as more information in their collusion comes to light.
  • Days after suggesting that the US government might be purposely overstating the damage Hurricane Irma might cause, Rush Limbaugh went off the air and evacuated Florida.

Using candy to learn about quarks.

Last week, Equifax was the victim of a cyberattack which laid bare the private information of around 143,000,000 Americans. That in itself is horrible news, but what was even more horrible is the fact that, days before Equifax made the information public, three of its senior executives sold off their stock, cashing in for $1,800,000. Naturally, they're all claiming they sold before being informed of the security breach.

Important reasons why we don't dump trash into active volcanoes, but why we don't keep planting trees that smell like semen.

Christian movie maker Gabriel Joseph, III has been hit with a $32,400,000 fine after illegally robo-calling millions of people with a recording of Republican bigot Mike Huckabee advertising Joseph's film, "Last Ounce of Courage." Joseph's lawyers say he won't be able to pay the fine because his movie was so bad, his company is going bankrupt.

The chemistry demonstration I never received as a child, fireworks.

Some wonderful DOS screen savers.

I go to France for more funds, I come back with more guns!

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I added a page for the mobile game Hill Climb Racing.

  • A brief explanation of what DACA is. A pretty cool program, but that doesn't stop Breitbart from using a picture of El Salvadorian gang members to depict people protected by DACA.
  • Christian Republican leaders often blame the victims of sexual assault and rape, and Betsy DeVos is no exception. In a recent talk, she explained that her goal is to stop sexual assault, but just like how Trump blamed "many sides" when a white supremacist murdered a protester, DeVos kept claiming that men need to be protected because they are so often victims of false accusations of rape. The reality is, false accusations of rape are extremely rare, but rape is horribly common. DeVos went on to say that the current definition of "sexual assault and harassment," was too broad, implying that many inappropriate things that men do to women should just be accepted. What can you expect when her boss has a history of bragging about sexually assaulting women?
  • After Hurricane Harvey had died down, Trump showed up in the Texas for a photo op. Though he refused to talk to a single victim or visit a destroyed city, he did promise federal aid to the traditionally Republican state. However, now that Oregon, a traditionally Democratic state, has uncontrolled wildfires in Oregon are out of control, federal aid is being flatly refused. Trump is now cheerfully bragging about Hurricane Irma.
  • Trump tries to pitch his tax plan in, of all places, North Dakota, and is still somehow able to creepily hit on his daughter.
  • Facebook is still having a problem with the same Russian propaganda that helped get Trump elected.

An -extremely- rare earth element: technetium.

Michigan's immigrant ethnicity is traditionally German, but in recent years it has become home to the largest Arab-American population in the USA. In 2007, it was estimated that there were 300,000 Arab-Americans in the state, and, in the city of Dearborn, the Arab-American population is almost 30% and growing. While this includes a lot of Arab Christians, it naturally includes a lot of Muslims as well. This leads to some rather unusual reactions in government leaders. If you notice that a competing religion might overtake yours in the near future, it's probably not a good idea to cement laws that give extra authority to whatever religion is the biggest, but that's precisely what Michigan authorities are doing. The Board of Commissioners in Jackson County start each meeting with a sectarian Christian prayer delivered by one of the Commissioners, all of whom are currently Christian. They don't allow non-Commissioners to pray, because they don't want non-Christian prayers to be heard, and are fighting a lengthy lawsuit using taxpayer money against people who are rightly claiming that they're violating the Constitution. While they had lost their initial case, they wasted more taxpayer money to appeal to a Federal Appeals Court and shockingly won, despite precedence against them! Though there was strong dissent, the majority of judges ruled that, even though they were refusing to let non-Christians pray, the city officials are not violating the Constitution, because, one day, a non-Christian may be elected who will pray differently. This will most likely be appealed to a higher court, but even if it loses, what does this mean for a state with a growing Muslim population? Will Jackson County continue to favor a majority-rule when Muslims get elected and openly pray to Allah?

No, those glasses you see on the Internet don't actually fix colorblindedness, but there is some pretty cool science behind them. And 3D glasses don't let you see in 3D, but there are still ways to do it.

Not all police officers will lie to you or bully you into giving up your civil rights, but since you can't tell a good one from a bod one by appearances alone, it is important to know their schemes.

Sometimes, video games contain hidden messages.

Programming like a fiend

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I added a page for the children's book Up In Bubbles.

  • Trump is still dead set on kicking law-abiding immigrants out of the country, but thankfully, several states are suing the Trump Administration for their racist killing of DACA.
  • Trump is handling natural disasters exactly as you would expect, incompetently, and Rush Limbaugh has reached the level of crazy where he's suggesting that the government might be purposely overstating the damage hurricanes cause in order to continue lying about climate change.
  • Jeff Sessions is very racist, and when you hear a very racist person claim that they've never done anything racist, it's expected that you would laugh derisively. That's a reflex, not a form of protest.
  • Paul Ryan is a and a double-talking spineless coward.
  • Republican Larry Bates told people the world economy was going to collapse according to Christian prophecy and they needed to convert their life savings into gold, and it just so happened he could sell them gold coins. Well, after making $21,000,000, and sending only a fraction of the gold coins he promised, Bates has been sentenced to give everyone refunds, and will spend the next 21 years in prison.
  • North Korea is still testing nuclear bombs, and Trump doesn't have the slightest idea what to do.

The religious concept of hell doesn't make any sense.

The science of whiskey.

Scientists think they have finally solved the "Wierd!" signal from space and we have learned much from using CRISPR on embryos.

We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us

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I made this graphic because people often confuse software developers with people who fix computers--that's like calling an automotive engineer a mechanic. Also, I've added a page for the movie To the Bone.

How the media screws up by trying to give balance to every issue.

A PRRI poll shows what many previous polls have shown, religion is dying in the USA. White Christians are still the largest racial-religious group, but they now account for less than half of the US population, and there are more Hispanic Catholics than white Catholics!

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season three.

The science behind the brain freeze and the ethanol lamp.

Joel Osteen may be seen as a monster, but at least he's getting some great parody.

When you're evil!

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I had a pretty fantastic weekend. Friday, I watched Miyazaki movies at Sarah's. Saturday, it was too cold for our planned tubing trip, but we ended up hanging out in Ann Arbor. Sunday was a grueling preparation of our nursery. Monday was a windy day at the beach. Over all, lots of sun, drinks, and good friends!

I've added a page for the arcade game Pac-Man.

  • For Trump, even his hurricanes have to be the best, but, and I can't believe I have to say this, sorry Trump, in terms of damage or deaths, Hurricane Harvey is nowhere near the level of destruction of Hurricane Katrina. A major reason Hurricane Harvey did so much damage is because Texas Republicans keep refusing to build science-based infrastructure. But Trump isn't out of the runnings yet. If he keeps up his current level of ignorance and apathy, he might still be able to bungle relief efforts worse than George W. Bush did with the approaching category 5 Hurricane Irene? After all, he sure isn't donating any money to disaster relief. While we're talking hurricanes, as you know, the same Republican congressmen who voted against helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy are now begging Congress for federal aid, but they don't think they're being hypocrites because they claim 66% of the money in the Sandy relief bill didn't go to hurricane relief. Well, the Congressional Research Service examined the bill and showed how nearly every cent went to hurricane relief. The Texas Republicans are either lying or too stupid to understand the bill (probably both).
  • President Obama instituted the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program which made it easier for immigrant children who were raised in America to become citizens. The idea was, if a child grows up in American schools they will develop strong ties to American friends, businesses, and civic institutions, and will therefore be much more likely to be a beneficial addition to our country. Republicans fought Obama on this through the program's entire existence because, let's not beat around the bush, many Republicans are flat-out white supremacists, and now, the most powerful Republican white supremacist of them all, Trump, is ending the program.
  • Even while under the control of Trump and his lackeys the DoJ, NSA, and FBI, have still all publicly stated that they never tapped his phones under the Obama administration. Place your bets to what Trump believes.
  • Another one of Trump's unqualified friends is set to take charge of a major branch of the US government.
  • Donald Trump is just fine with bribery and government corruption.
  • Erik Prince, former head of Mercenary company Blackwater, and now also trying to profit off of mercenaries in Afghanistan, not only has ties to Russia and Donald Trump, but he's also the brother of Betsy DeVos.
  • Lest we forget, it's important to remind everyone just how corrupt, ignorant, and destructive President Reagan was.
  • Jeff Payne, the Utah bully with a badge who arrested a nurse for preventing him from violating a patient's civil rights, has forced the hand of the hospital to no longer allow police free entrance into any patient care areas. The officer's bosses have apologized, but still haven't actually done anything to Payne who is currently enjoying a taxpayer paid vacation.

Why you shouldn't, and can't, low-level format disks anymore.

The European Court of Human Rights has made a very important ruling. Companies are no longer allowed to spy on their employee's emails unless they first inform them.

The FDA is extremely important. It's the reason scam artists have to go to another country to purposely inject humans with herpes and why we no longer purposely poison people just to see what happens.

Christian pastor Mitch Olson of Grace Ministry Center in Kimball, Michigan wanted to put anointing oil on one of his 19-year-old female followers, but, aw shucks, he didn't have any at his church, but thankfully, he found some and was able to take it to the woman's apartment where she was alone. During the "anointing" process, the much older Pastor Olson anointed the young woman's breasts, buttocks, and even her genitals. During the groping, the young woman agreed to being touched like this, but when she later came to her senses and realized that Pastor Olson was fondling her for his own repressed perversions, she went to the authorities. Well, during the legal process it came out that this wasn't the first time Pastor Olson had molested a young woman, and his church has been trying to keep it all under wraps, telling his victims to just forgive him and get over it. In the end though, Pastor Olson will not be charged with a crime. Since the young woman was of age of consent, and technically said "yes" to him putting hands on her private parts, he can't be charged with a crime.

The strangeness of color and why mixing pigments and light don't give the same results.

After finally reopening his church, not for hurricane victims, but for regular services, Joel Osteen asked for donations. Again, not for hurricane relief, but just for his own church.

All of season two of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Over half of the population of Great Britain is non-religious.

One more month closer to Trump being out of office!

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Now that my favorite YouTube download browser plug-in has been removed, I've created a page with instructions for several ways to download streaming video from various sites. I also added a page for the Game Boy Color.

  • Authorities from Quebec, Canada offered to send aide to Texas, but the Republican Secretary of State Rolando Pablos declined their offers of beds, blankets, and workers and instead asked for thoughts and prayers.
  • Despite his presidential pardon, Trump's racist criminal friend Joe Arpaio isn't out of the woods yet.
  • Why did the New York Times publish an article that argues in favor of sending mercenaries to Afghanistan to do the same thing they did in Iraq (which turned out to be murdering unarmed civilians)?
  • Three cops gone wild! Colbert, Oklahoma just found out that their police chief, Bart Alsbrook, is a white supremacist with ties to a Nazi organization. That, by itself, indicates a serious failing of who ever was supposed to do his background check, but maybe they just didn't care, because a city spokesperson stated, "They don't want him to leave because he hasn't done anything they warrant would be grounds for his dismissal." They gave a Nazi authority over authority over black people and Jews and a legal right to carry a loaded gun wherever he goes. Also, taking a blood sample from an unconscious person who isn't a criminal suspect is a federal crime, and something you would think a police officer trained in blood collection should know, but officer Jeff Payne was so adamant about violating a person's Constitutional rights that he violently attacked a nurse to do it! Naturally, officer Payne is still on active duty and will not be punished. And the last horrible cop, Georgia police Lieutenant Greg Abbott, who tried to calm down a nervous civilian by saying, don't worry, we "only kill black people." I'm sure he thought he was telling a hilarious joke, but now Officer Abbott plans to retire before he can be fired.
  • Fact-checking a day after someone lies isn't helpful in today's media. News outlets need to stop repeating someone lies altogether, fact-check first, then report on their lies.
  • Pointing out that Trump is a liar won't make the problem go away, news outlets need to stop repeating his talking points. Only after they fact-check his remarks, should they then report what he says.
  • Maybe if we all pretend real hard, racism will go away!

Now if only we could get cable news to do the honorable thing and correct their errors!

Comcast is suing the state of Vermont because they don't want to have to run new cables.

Any time a business pays a lab to conduct a study for them, you should be weary of the results, especially if they come to the conclusion that women can have better orgasms with their products.

America still hasn't converted to the metric system. This is why we can't have nice things.

You don't have the votes, you're gonna need Congressional approval, and you don't have the votes!

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I added a page for the Youth Group album, Casino Twilight Dogs.

  • Mexico has offered to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey, but Trump has a better idea, he's considering cutting $1,000,000,000 from the disaster relief budget in order to pay for his wall that he said Mexico would pay for. That's as stupid as not believing in climate change, even though we know it's happening, and responsible for making tropical storms more violent.
  • A poll by Fox "News" shows that 69% of Republicans believe that American Journalists are a bigger threat to the United States than white supremacists, and they believe Trump personally hates journalists more than white supremacists, and that they approved of him blaming KKK protesters for the violence of Charlottesville. Meanwhile, Nobel winners believe the biggest threat facing humankind right now is Donald Trump.
  • The Trump administration keeps implicating themselves in more and more Russian collusion.
  • The good people of Nashville do not appreciate when a Christian hate group uses the name of their city for a manifesto of hatred.
  • If you saw a shady-looking person approach a man from behind, pull out a gun and point it at them, then snatch their wallet, what would you think? Well, if you're an American, you'd naturally assume the gunman is a cop.
  • What has Besty DeVos's dismantling of the Michigan public education system done for the state? Well, what did you expect?
  • The Late Show's fantastic names.

In case you missed some of the back-episodes of the Angry Video Game Nerd, here's the entire first season.

Some of the more interesting arguments by PZ Myers.

Turns out, monkeys can most likely see optical illusions too!

Laboratory outfits for the working scientist.

Still the worst people in the world

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I added a page for the Queen album, A Kind of Magic, and the Flash game, Dice Wars.

  • When Trump went to Corpus Christi, Texas, he said, "what a crowd, what a turnout!" No, you egomaniac, the people weren't showing up to see you! Their homes are flooded! They're seeking help, and you couldn't even be bothered to speak to a single hurricane victim! And great work Republicans on making it harder for citizens to hold insurance companies responsible. And while we're on this topic, remember when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, and dozens of Christian pastors said it was their god punishing Louisiana for having Mardi Gras and gay people? Now that the state of football and Jesus has been flooded, they're awfully silent.
  • When you look at just how awful Joe Arpaio is, you can understand why only someone as equally as awful would pardon him.
  • The man who pulled out his gun and fired it at the Charlottesville protest was none other than Richard Preston, a KKK imperial wizard, and one of Trump's "fine people."
  • Kudos to General Mattis who is refusing to enforce Trump's transgender ban until the ban's affect on military readiness has been studied.
  • "Someone" using the account of William C. Bradford (Trump's appointee for the Department of Energy) posted, "Well, it is a fact: Obama is the son of a fourth-rate porn actress and whore," but it couldn't have been Bradford, because he assures us that his account was hacked!
  • Marco Proano, Officer a Chicago police, who shot 16 rounds into a stolen car full of teenagers, has been found guilty of using excessive force. Though cops often unload a hail of bullets at unarmed civilians, they almost never get convicted, so maybe we're seeing some progress here? Proano can get a maximum of 10 years in prison, but it's far more likely he'll see little time in prison since he's an officer.
  • Even Rolling Stone magazine is sick of Republican bullshit.

Putting out a candle... with science!

Intel designs their CPUs with a built-in system to allow administrators remote access to every computer on their network, which is fine, but they made it impossible to turn off! So, any computer with an Intel CPU has a built-in backdoor that can't be sealed! Users who actually care about their security have tried for years to find a way to shore up the security flaw, but Intel designed their chips to crash the computer if you ever tried to make it more secure! However, someone just found a way to disable it, and, wouldn't you know it, it's because of the NSA.

Daniel Cook explains how to design original games.

Oh good, the church that protects child rapists from the police has figured out how atheists are made.

Some Mormon teens, while trying to explain how the church's racist past should be forgotten, accidentally discredit their doctrine.

Okay, maybe Magneto is a bit overpowered.

The worst people in the world

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I added a page for the Eve6 album Horrorscope. I also added a list of the games I've beaten grouped by franchise and a King's Quest series page.

  • Donald Trump is the kind of person who, during hurricane season, and even as a hurricane was predicted to make landfall, eliminates a lot of flood protection standards. And won't try to fix the problem, but just prevent people from being able to talk about it. And while we're talking about Republican responses to hurricanes, many of the Texas politicians begging for federal aide are the same ones who denied aide to other states during Hurricane Sandy.
  • Criminal sheriff Joe Arpaio is a man who arrested countless innocent people based solely on their race and locked them up in conditions so bad the country doesn't even allow them for dogs, let alone humans. So, when asked why he pardoned such a monster, we shouldn't expect a cheeky joke from Trump, but that's what we got. And remember, the people who support Trump, don't support him in spite of his horrible behavior, the support him because of his horrible behavior.
  • The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) has a long history of abusing the people it takes into custody, and with Trump at the reigns, things are only getting worse. Sadly, ICE has been approved for more immediate destruction of their records for things like the torture of those in custody, those who have been killed, or even sexually assaulted. With their records shredded, internal investigations and Freedom of Information Requests will now turn up nothing.
  • While Trump was on his 17-day vacation at his own golf course, he spent $13,500 on golf cart rentals, and $7,100 on portable toilets.
  • What I find most scary is that a large portion of Trump supporters are the people who lived through, or were kids during World War II.
  • The questions people ask tour guides at historic plantations demonstrates just how bad American schools are at teaching slavery.

How Venezuela has been brought to its knees by a dictator.

Rebecca Watson explains why believing in past-life regression doesn't make you a very good skeptic.

Sam Harris is wrong about Black Lives Matter, and Ed Brayton's critique explains why. And Steve Shives explains how it's not people pointing out racism in the atheist movement that is hurting it, but rather people defending racists.

Sonic wasn't the star of his first game.

Some amazing pictures and information about the sun.

And in the end, everything dies

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I added an essay titles Jewish Physics. I added pages for the record Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol and the short story, The Fir-Tree. I also finished cataloging my vinyl collection.

  • After his propaganda rally, Trump pardoned a disgusting criminal whose racism landed him a conviction of ruining the lives of people who weren't white. And while Trump was asking around if he could pardon his own family for criminal collusion with Russia, it doesn't look like that's possible.
  • Sebastian Gorka, a man who has connections to the Nazi party, and who wanted everyone to refer to him as "Doctor," even though he is woefully under-qualified, is another casualty of the Trump Administration.
  • Trump still thinks the presidency is a bad reality TV show.
  • Late in the election, when Trump was saying he didn't have any business dealings with Putin, he was trying to build a building in Moscow and get Putin to endorse it.
  • Hurricane Harvey has caused massive flooding in Texas, but it mercifully it hasn't been as devastating as Katrina. But, without anyone in charge of FEMA, and a President who "handled" the problem by telling people stuck in the storm, "good luck," this is a clear sign to everyone that Trump just isn't even remotely prepared for, or even concerned about, about natural disasters. Speaking of government disasters, just before the hurricane, ICE dropped off 50 Central American asylum seekers (women and their children) at a Greyhound bus depot, but before they could travel, the depot was closed due to the hurricane and everyone was left stranded. ICE cannot even confirm that the depot was open when they dropped them off.
  • One of the many reasons police offer constant abuse to civilians is because they are being treated like soldiers rather than police officers. During the Bush administration police departments were given huge guns and ammo, armored vehicles, and dangerous anti-personnel grenades. Since they had them, police used them, and turned otherwise peaceful cities into battlegrounds, often killing or wounding bystanders. Obama put a halt to the practice of giving police military surplus, but guess who has bring it back? I know being a police officer is difficult and dangerous work, and I don't they officers get the respect or payment they deserve, but part of the distrust comes from the fact that police officers are sometimes literally Nazis.

Non-stop chemistry experiments from a non-stop talker. Featuring explosions!

Arkansas has mandated an "In God We Trust" sign to be placed in every classroom of every public school, because, patriotism.

Church is the cool place to be.

Discussing the problems with the fine tuning argument.

Like a midnight sun

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I added a page for The Sounds album, Crossing the Rubicon and the Queen album, Queen II.

  • When Trump says, "the media didn't report..." that's a good sign that he did something awful and won't own up to it. I think this German magazine pretty much sums it up.
  • During the Trump Administration, there is an ethics violation pretty much every day, like when Trump turned the murder of a woman at the hands of the KKK into an advertisement for his winery.
  • Further information about Confederate monuments being built to celebrate white supremacy. And while Trump may be very concerned about keeping Confederate monuments around, he isn't very interested in preserving natural monuments.
  • After referring to the White House as "a real dump," Trump has wasted $3,400,000 of taxpayers money to make everything gold plated.
  • A new string of uncovered emails shows that during the election, Trump's aides were trying awfully hard to setup meetings with Russian officials, including Putin.
  • How can you trust our nation's intelligence agencies when they can't even trust each other?
  • Trump continues to belittle journalism.

Understanding the metal nickel.

Men in STEM fields were asked to review studies about sex bias in the workplace, and they tended to favor the studies which showed that there isn't any. The truth is, most studies show that there is sexual bias in STEM fields, and the studies the men gravitated toward were fakes! The actual test was to see if men prefer data which says there isn't sex bias in the workplace, and they certainly took the bait.

The entire 7th season of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

What this black man learned after pretending to be an online white supremacist.

Rebecca Watson answers some of her viewer's questions.

Soldiers come quickly...

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley album, The Execution of All Things and the Metroidvania genre of video games.

  • A woman was murdered in Charlottesville, Virginia, by a white supremacist, but Trump believes he's the real victim. It's like when oil companies poison an entire city and say the protesters are the real terrorists. And speaking of protesters, Trump's propaganda rally didn't end well for the civil rights of the protesters. And how about a fact check for the Arizona rally?
  • Trying to make sense of Trump's Afghanistan "strategy." Turn's out, it's the same as Obama's, only without equal rights for women.
  • All through the election campaign, Trump assured his voters that he would build a wall along the border of Mexico and force Mexico to pay for it. Every expert told him that, not only would the wall be useless, but there was no way he would get Mexico to pay for it. Turns out, the experts were correct. So, Trump switched to saying that the US taxpayer would pay for the wall, but Mexico would reimburse them at some nonspecific point in the future. Congress kept balking at the price tag, so the wall went from being a 30-foot-tall concrete behemoth to a small chain link fence, but still no dice. Now, Trump is saying that if Congress doesn't surrender our tax dollars to build his wall, he'll do what Republicans have been doing for the past 8 years, shut down the entire US government. Honestly, I'd prefer no government to Trump's government.
  • Joe Arpaio is the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. He's also criminally racist, and I don't mean that as a clever way of saying he's extremely racist, his racism is so bad, he's actually broken the law several times due to his racism, to the point where he was convicted of a crime. However, Trump has a particular love for Republican racists who are convicted of crimes, and is working to give him a Presidential Pardon.
  • After the military explained that Trump had lied about consulting with them on banning transgender people, Trump actually got around to doing talking to them about it, and they're currently hammering out exactly how they will be banned.

How much of the Earth can you see at once?

Assistant coach Joe Kennedy, who used his public school position to force his religion on students and lost his job, now lost his court appeal. Next on the chopping block, Sylacauga High School whose administrators canceled class for the whole school and made them witness a church ceremony.

Some tips about game design from someone who has failed more times than you've tried.

Just because I'm an atheist doesn't mean I'm a serial killer.

Do you think he saurus?

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Meh babbies are looking great. Almost 10 inches long!

I made a page for the DOS game, The Savage Empire and the short story, The Little Match Girl.

  • During the Obama administration, Trump frequently criticized him for remaining involved in foreign war for years, but now that Trump has surrounded himself with military officials, he's increasing US military foreign occupations. A draft-dodging hypocrite is not the kind of person you want in charge of the military!
  • Trump's nominee for the Department of Agriculture's chief scientist is Sam Clovis. Clovis is not a scientist, but he is a Republican talk show host who denies the scientific consensus of climate change, doesn't believe Obama was born in America, thinks that people can simply choose who they're sexually attracted to, and believes that same-sex marriage leads to raping children.
  • One of the good things about Trump burning through an entire year's Secret Service budget is that they'll probably have less time to violate the Constitutional rights of non-violent legal protesters.
  • Trump doesn't understand basic macroeconomic issues, but he does understand how to give himself a massive tax break.
  • It's not just Americans who have condemned Trump for defending the KKK and Nazis, now the rest of the world is calling him out!

The awesomeness of the 2017 total solar eclipse, and how you can apply it to politics.

A man was using his cellphone to take pictures of women changing in the dressing room of Target, so naturally, the Christian hate group, American Family Association, blames transgender bathrooms.

While I don't wish it on anyone, it's nice to commiserate with other countries whose leaders think it's a good thing to compartmentalize children based on their religion.

Correlation doesn't imply causation, except when it does.


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I created a page for the TV show DuckTales.

  • How good of a job did General John Kelly do in bringing discipline to the White House?
  • So far, Trump has spent $60,000 of tax payer money just in golf cart rentals. Most of which were at properties he owns, so he's literally taking US tax dollars, and giving it to himself, so he can play golf instead of working.
  • The Federal Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment, a group of scientists studying the effects of climate change, has just been fired by the Trump Administration. And, just a reminder about what happens when the Earth's average temperature changes by just two degrees Celsius. But then, Trump wasn't elected to work with scientists, he was elected to make great deals with businessmen. How well is that working out?
  • Louise Linton, second wife of Trump appointee Republican Steven Mnuchin, just bragged about her extremely expensive vacation and shopping spree paid for, apparently, by the US taxpayer. When one of her social media followers called her out on it, Linton mocked them for not being as rich as she is.
  • Trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan, because he's an America-first President.

Building an intercontinental ballistic missile is harder than you'd expect.

The New Zealand government rightfully removed a Christian-led hate group from their list of approved charities because the group wasn't about education or truth, but rather about bullying the LGBT and lying.

A Christian preacher gives a list of 10 women you shouldn't marry.

It's rare these days to say something nice about Richard Dawkins, so here you go.

In the UK, a 21-year-old man gave a 12-year-old girl alcohol, then took her alone into the woods and sexually assaulted her. However, she won't be given any compensation for her abuse. Why? Because the government organization that decides who gets compensation is, in part, run by the Catholic Church, who says they the 12-year-old girl, and many other children, consented to the abuse.

Remember in the 80s when we solved our nuclear waste problem? No? That's because we didn't, and we still haven't.

The largest NFL player National Anthem protest was just held. Good work boys, refuse to stay quiet!

A total eclipse of the... North America

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I created a counter to Trump's infamous "we condemn violence on many sides" line. I also finished reading What to Expect When Your Wife's Expanding.

  • Trump continues to receive fallout after defending the KKK and Nazis. In addition to the CEOs in the Strategic and Policy Forum quitting, his entire Arts Council resigned. But, to show their loyalty to racists, Trump's Christian Evangelical Advisory Board is still intact. However, Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s complacency with bigotry has caused graduates from Liberty University to return their diplomas. And now, Trump is skipping the Kennedy Center Honors altogether since most of the artists being honored said they might protest. His bad polling is coming especially from women where 71% disapprove of him. Why didn't they vote this way in the first place? I'm kind of glad that Trump never apologizes for his mistakes, and instead doubles-down, which means his racism is going to bury him.
  • The USA is progressing as more Confederate statues come down.
  • Trump continues with his plan to prevent the elderly living in nursing homes from being allowed to sue the home when they're abused by the workers.
  • Betsy DeVos, the nation's Secretary of Education, has just now realized the importance of students being taught history in schools (seriously!) and didn't even know about the American Civil War until last week when she Googled it !
  • Trump was unable to make up his mind, first calling Boston protesters "anti-police agitators" and later praising them for speaking out against bigotry. I'm presuming the first one was his actual post, while the subsequent post was done by his staff. They probably also corrected his misuse of the word "heel" when he meant "heal." A simple mistake, for a seven-year-old.
  • It's only August, but Trump and his shitty family have used up the entire budget allocated to the Secret Service with their countless vacations.

The strange all-encompassing trend toward popularity as identified by Zipf.

Daniel Dennett gives a wonderful lecture on information, evolution, and (not religious) intelligent design.

An interesting talk with a believer and why they should believe in something if there is no evidence.

The importance of stupid-proofing an experiment.

The garbage reasons for why people believe in fake medicine.

No really, you're evil

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I created a page for the SNES port of SimCity, and made a graphic called Goth Eyeshadow Palette.

Muslim terrorists drove a van through a walkway in Barcelona, Spain murdering at least 12 people and injuring dozens of others.

The scientific reason why you shouldn't feed your pets chocolate.

In Texas, you should expect an 11-minute-long unwarranted violent vaginal cavity search alongside a public road. And no, the police involved will probably not be punished.

Understanding motion sickness.

Some interesting throwbacks in the 2016 remake of Doom.

A strange scientific paradox known as the faint young sun.

It shouldn't be that hard to denounce Nazis

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I've added a page for the Nintendo Cereal System, a list of audio books I own and my opinion on the Cowper painting, Vanity.

How to see the smallest things in the universe.

I think it explains a lot that the third highest authority in the Catholic Church, and Archbishop named Denis Hart, says he would rather go to prison than report to the police a child rapist's confession. I wonder how he would respond to Pastor Mitch Olson from Grace Ministry Center in Kimball, Michigan, who has been accused of groping a 19-year-old girl's breasts, buttocks, and pubic region so he could "anoint her with oil."

Don't be like a sphex wasp.

Get mad!

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I've added short pages for two Browser games: Today I Die and Totem Destroyer.

  • Former KKK leader David Duke explained how Trump's speech was very good to the Klan. Trump didn't blame them, or even condemn white supremacy, but placed the blame equally on the KKK and people protesting the KKK. After Duke said they were doing exactly what Trump wanted, journalists asked Trump to comment on Duke's message. Trump once again refused to say anything bad about the KKK, white supremacists, or Nazis. When the White House was asked why Trump won't condemn American terrorists, they explained that he didn't want to upset his voters dignify them. But Trump's silence has caused many white politicians to speak out against him, and several big names resigned from his "American Manufacturing Council," which caused Trump to -finally- say that the KKK and Nazis are bad, but he then immediately invalidated the condemnation by sharing a post from another white nationalist and a train running over a CNN reporter.
  • Heather Heyer, the woman who was murdered by white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr., won't even get a nice memorial due to continued threats of the KKK, Nazis, and other white supremacists who are very pleased she was murdered. One of the angry racists who attended the protest, Peter Cvjetanovic, a 20-year-old from Nevada who has become an overnight Internet celebrity, doesn't want people to view him as an angry racist. And Nigel E. Krofta, who stood next to the murderer was fired from his job, but still thinks of himself as a great person with a clear conscience.
  • Jeff Sessions won't be pursuing charges of terrorism against murderer James Alex Fields, Jr., or any other domestic terrorist for that matter, because we don't have laws against it. However, he is demanding identifying information including names, addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses, and even photos for everyone who has visited a website to organize protests against Donald Trump. DreamHost has been working the Justice Department for several months now, but says they refuse to comply with their most recent demand since it is a violation of Constitutional rights.
  • Trump and his staff are far too incompetent to deal with North Korea.
  • While all this shit is going down, Republicans are still trying to dismantle the government. Scott Pruitt is trying to remain in secret as he takes apart the EPA.
  • When Trump was running for president, his aides kept trying to get in touch with Russia and setup meetings.
  • In many countries, people have the right to say ignorant racist things, but that doesn't mean private companies have to give them a megaphone with which to spread their hate. Twitter, however, continues to be the mouthpiece for vile and often violent hate speech refusing to ban those who use Twitter to make rape threats, murder threats, and even genocide threats. One man decided to force Twitter to have to own the evil they promote.

Why humans have earwax, and why you shouldn't use a Q-tip to clean it out.

Metal batteries won't solve everything.

Finding the world's oldest fossils.

The interesting nature of 3D printers.

IQ: 314

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I married another couple yesterday. Help me, before I become addicted!

I've added a page for the game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle.

  • One person has been murdered and 15 others were injured when a white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr. purposely drove into a crowd of people counter-protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia where the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists were protesting the removal of Confederate monuments with tiki torches. Thankfully, many of the white supremacists are being identified. The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi web site hosted by GoDaddy, is having their contract canceled for violating their terms of service after posting how thrilled they were that one of the protesters was murdered. I find it a bit scary that it took this long for GoDaddy to cancel a racist Nazi web site. By the way, which presidential candidate do you think all these bigots voted for? And while only one group decided to show up with guns and torches and ram a car into the other group of protesters, Trump put the blame equally on everyone involved!
  • All around the country Federal plans are helping decrease the rate of unplanned teen pregnancy. Well, at least they used to, because Trump has cut them all to give a tax break to billionaires, and its his tax breaks that the Trump Administration is hoping will be something that the Republican controlled government can finally call a success.
  • Being on the brink or war, or in a war, is great for presidential ratings, but I'd just prefer the earth wasn't blown up to satisfy Trump's ego.
  • Ivanka Trump is not a feminist. Not even a little.

Our flat universe.

You can get arrested in Iran for teaching people how to dance. And in Russia, don't expect to get a promotion if you look like you might be gay.

How to fake trick shots.

Common questions for biology grad students.

Want some candy little boy?

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I've added a page for the game Little Nemo: The Dream Master.

Meet the women who fight ISIS. And we need to plan for what's going to happen when they win.

After learning that one of their 12-year-old buys had been raped by several other students, the administrators at Brentwood Academy, a private Christian school, not only refused to inform the police or even the boy's parents, but told him to turn the other cheek!

Explaining post-modernism to someone who fancies themself a skeptic.

Why dropping stacked balls makes them bounce so high.

"Reverend" Elvis Taveras, a Catholic Priest, has been arrested as a suspect in the killing of a 16-year-old altar boy!

Nothing's free, not even free parking.

When you're a wizard...

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I've added a page for the game Magic Carpet.

  • The FBI have raided Paul Manafort's home. If he had any brains, he would have stashed anything incriminating months ago, but it's still worth checking.
  • Pretty much everyone Trump appointed is directly related to the agency they now run, not through competence, but from profiting from the agency or actively trying to destroy the agency.
  • Remember when Trump said Hillary Clinton would be embroiled in countless lawsuits if she were elected as president? Well, the lawsuit against Trump's attempt to ban people from serving in the US military is proceeding.
  • Under Trump's guidance, the USA has American-born citizens seeking asylum in Canada as refugees.
  • Being an impersonator for the White House goon Stephen Miller is hard work.
  • Pray for peace, prepare for global thermo-nuclear war.

If plants absorb light for energy, and black absorbs the most light, why aren't plants black?

Who do you think hates gay people more? American Muslims or Evangelical Christians?

A 50% chance of rain doesn't mean what you think it means, or even what it sounds like it means.

Officer Wayne Welsh, assistant police chief of Estherwood, Louisiana, has resigned after it became public that he posted to his Facebook a "joke" suggesting that, if your daughter wants to date a black boy, you should drown her in the bath tub.

There is an unwritten rule which states every religious apologist who denies evolution must not know anything about evolution.

Why are red blood cells shaped like donuts?

Fighting the man!

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I've added a page about my opinion on having "In God We Trust" as our national motto.

Is the 2017 eclipse a sign from god? Probably.

Child has a bike accident and a cut on his forehead. Doctors suggest a tetanus vaccine. Ignorant parents refuse. Child develops the first case of tetanus Italy has seen in 30 years!

Police continue to plant drugs on black people even when they're wearing body cameras.

Christians have successfully outlawed homosexuality in Nigeria to the point where people are being arrested for having sex with the people they love.

The Wall Street Journal has finally figured out how to market to Millennials.

In Malaysia, it is a crime to stop being Muslim, and a recent picture of an atheist meeting is leading to a government crackdown!

Yung Mazi, a rapper who claimed that his god had made him bulletproof, has been shot to death.

God is redacted

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I cross off the word "GOD" from the back of my paper money to protest the 1957 unconstitutional addition of the phrase to US money. Several years ago, I bought a black Sharpie marker to keep in my car specifically for this purpose, and every time I got new bills from an ATM or change from a drive-through, I would redact the bill. Well, a couple days ago, my Sharpie finally ran dry. I used an entire Sharpie marker on nothing but centimeter long marks! I wonder how many thousands of bills I must have struck? And, yes, I have a new Sharpie and will continue with the civil disobedience.

I've added a page for King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne.

  • There are some serious problems with the US Border Patrol, and Trump is only making things worse.
  • There is a new Republican bill which will allow immigrants into the country based on merit rather than need. You're asked questions about your education, job offers, English speaking ability, etc. Since I speak fluent English, have graduated high school, already have a decent job, and invest money in the American stock market, you'd think I'd be the perfect candidate for immigration, but I only scored 19 out of a necessary 30 points needed to be accepted! If only I'd have won that Nobel Prize!
  • For someone who adores attention, Trump avoids press conferences like the plague, probably because he's incompetent at public speaking. Also, after someone through a bomb through a Mosque window, Trump has been quite silent. According to the highly-racist and entirely-unqualified national security advisor Sebastian Gorka, they think the terrorist attack might have been faked by Liberals.
  • The Trump administration is trying to censor government-employeed scientists from saying the words "climate change".
  • Trump has a weirdly symbiotic relationship with the goons from Fox and Friends.
  • Twice a day, every day, White House workers compile a folder full of praise for Donald Trump and give it to him so he'll feel like people like him.

The inconsistent arguments women give for why they cover up their faces. Is it for modesty? For culture? For religion? For all? For neither?

Google rightly fired their asshole employee who wrote a memo saying that women can't be good at technical skills.

How country are you? I'm so friggin' country!

Some interesting Virtual Boy Easter eggs.

Describing some of the myths surrounding Jesus.

Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote speech from 1999.

What manner of sorcery is this? Transparent solar panels?

Everything, no matter what

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Over the weekend, I got to play my friend's HTC Vive (a VR headset) which was a pretty awesome. I finished reading The Mote In God's Eye. Also, some friends and I beat an escape room with only a few minutes left, but we weren't able to figure out who the murderer was.

  • Trump is estimated to take more vacations in his first year than Obama took in his entire eight years as president making him the laziest president in history!
  • When Trump begged the President of Mexico to lie for him, he wasn't expecting his phone call to be leaked, and make him look like a pansy.
  • Trump isn't able to get anything of his own done, so he's relying on just eliminating everything Obama did in his has few months as president, regardless of how helpful they are. For example, before Obama, nursing homes often required people to waive all their rights to sue the home, even if their workers sexually assaulted their residents. Obama made a law preventing that from being allowed, but now Trump is going to do away with it.
  • Jeff Sessions finally cracks down on racism, but only when it's against white people.
  • Fossil fuel companies are thrilled that Trump's Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, is re-opening a tax loophole that allows them to avoid paying $75,000,000 in taxes.
  • Trump's ban of transgender people in the military is going from Twitter to national policy.
  • Yet another Fox "News" employee, this time host Eric Bolling, has been suspended pending an investigation that he has sexually harassed many of his co-workers and guests including sending unsolicited nude pictures of himself. Naturally, the women who have brought up these accusations are now the target of death and rape threats.
  • Robert Mueller's grand jury for the Trump administration's Russian collusion has been put together.
  • The NRA made an advertisement with several thinly-veiled violent threats toward the New York Times and the way they conduct journalism with evidence and facts.

The importance of knowing what you believe and what you don't, and why, regarding atheism.

Calvary Chapel Christian School shows that it's not so much about being Christian as it is about winning basketball games.

Using chemistry to create a detonation that can blow a coin into a metal sheet so hard it leaves an indentation.

Catholics often argue that all those rapists priests are a thing of the past, and that the current Catholic Church is back to helping the poor and praising Jesus. Tell that to Father Lagarejos who was caught trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl in the Philippines. And you can tell him that because he's not even in jail after paying the equivalent of $2,400 in bail.

Orchids are lying cheating bastards!

Why are for-profit prisons a bad idea? Because they demand courts give them criminals to incarcerate, even when crime is at an all time low.

The NFL continues to try to hide the evidence which shows just how dangerous football is to player's brains.

The majority of American Christians believe that poor people aren't poor due to a bad economy or having jobs replaced by automation, or having expensive accidents, no, Christians today believe poor people are just plain lazy.

Glad to be on the right side of history

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I beat the game Operation C. I also added a Personal Video Game Post and a template for making your own.

  • A transcript of Trump's first call to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, has been leaked. It has plenty of mild racism and a whole lotta lies which the Washington Post has fact-checked, but the most interesting thing is how Trump begs President Neito to stop publicly contradicting him about not paying for the border wall.
  • Samantha Bee puts together a wonderful musical about racist lawyer Kris Kobach and his many failed lawsuits which have left small towns in ruins.
  • Three major people in the White House are out, General John Kelly is in, and Trumps says they're gonna have a good time!
  • It may not make it through the Republican Congress, but at least one Republican is growing a spine and trying to pass a bill that won't let Trump fire the man investigating his Russian involvement unless Trump can actually give a good reason.
  • After almost a decade of failing Republicans still can't repeal Obamacare, despite unending attempts to sabotage it, and, while they haven't admitted defeat on Trumpcare, maybe they can save face by crippling the US economy by giving the 1% massive tax cuts.
  • Cable news is normalizing the bat-shit craziness of the Trump administration.
  • It must have pained him greatly, but Trump finally increased sanctions on Russia.
  • Why do Kurdish people like Trump?

Looking at perpetual motion machines.

Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe wants to be a priest so badly that he dresses like one, talks like one, and even sexually assaults children like one.

Can humans be modified to derive energy from photosynthesis?

Michael Shkreli has been found guilty of defrauding his investors! I guess he won't be getting an apology from the judge after all!

Fun in games is not nearly as simple as you'd think.

Kim Davis, the Kentucky woman who refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, which was part of her job, cost the state $225,000 in legal fees after she and her bigoted Christian attorneys lost their case. But they refuse to accept that they were at fault, and say the reason the state is out a quarter of a million dollars is because of Liberals!

Being an atheist ex-Christian is difficult, but being an atheist ex-Muslim is a Herculean Labor.

Slime molds are amazing.

Dictators gonna dictate

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I beat the game Ninja Gaiden Shadow.

  • Remember when Trump said he loved the poorly-educated? He wasn't wrong, in fact, uneducated people, especially uneducated white men, were his largest voter base. I say "was" because even ignorant white men are finally starting to become disenfranchised with Trump. But Evangelical hypocrites... that's another story, and it doesn't matter that Trump is the opposite of a traditional Christian.
  • Even the White House has finally admitted, the calls where Trump claimed he was congratulated by the head of the Boy Scouts and the President of Mexico were lies, or, should I say, "not inaccurate." In fact, the White House is creating its own State-run outlet for informing the public with what it calls "Real News," which, of course, will be anything but since it will be hosted by another one of Trump's family members.
  • This is what happens when you choose people who aren't qualified to be your head of cyber-security.
  • Republicans continue to try and eliminate Medicaid, but here's why it is so important to our country.
  • As Trump continues to champion for the right of businesses to pollute without any pause for the environment, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has grown to the largest it has ever been.

Millionaire coal tycoon, Robert Murray is suing John Oliver for saying mean things about him. The legal defense obviously had a lot of fun showing Murray's long history of being a whiny lawsuit happy little bitch, because one of the major sections in the brief is titled, "Anyone can legally say, 'Eat shit, bob!'"

Rather than trying to create machines that act as pollution filters and carbon sinks, we could just plant more trees.

No, you can't prove the existence of a god by rolling dice.

Knoxville, Tennessee police finally acknowledge and take down their unconstitutional Christian plaque rather than waste taxpayer money on a definite legal loss. And this brings up an important question, should atheists fight for simple things like this? Well, history has shown what happens when we don't.

The best ways to criticize someone without them getting mad at you.

Sure, nothing ultimately matters, but that doesn't mean you can't be optimistic about it!

We are led by criminals

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I added a review for Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Bridge to Terabithia.

I have made a revelation of literature over 30-years in the making.

  • Jeff Sessions, Trump's racist Attorney General, keeps claiming that he's never done anything even remotely racist, but he does want to divert resources away from civil rights to try and stop Affirmative Action.
  • The bible study that goes on in the White House is taught by Ralph Drollinger, a man who believes Catholics are false Christians, homosexuality is an abomination, and that it's sinful for mothers to become Congresswomen.
  • Trump claims the head of the Boy Scouts of America called him to tell him that his Jamboree speech was the best speech the Scouts had ever heard. The Scouts respond saying they never made such a call. In fact, the Scouts officially apologized because they felt Trump's speech was inappropriate.
  • Scaramucci, we hardly knew ye. And take Priebus with you!
  • Under the guidance of plutocrat Rex Tillerson, the State Department seems to be eliminating "the promotion of democracy" as one of its missions.
  • A 30-year veteran of the EPA just resigned because the Trump administration favors lying to help billionaires.

Davino Watson is a naturalized American citizen, but ICE still held him in jail for over 3 years and almost deported him before finally realizing their mistake and releasing him. Once out, Watson sued and the court awarded him $82,000 in compensation, but a higher court refused him the money because the statute of limitations, which is only 2 year, had expired... while he was still in jail.

The USA still doesn't take rape seriously, many ERs across the country don't even stock rape kits and lack staff trained in their use. Thankfully, Democratic Senator Patty Murray is fighting to change that! And disgusting Christians continue to force children who have been raped to give birth.

Can a bad font choice make people less religious?

For years, the Methodists who own the Bay View Association, a group of cottages outside of Petoskey, Michigan, refused to let non-white people live in their cottages. By 1959, fearing a lawsuit, they removed the "whites-only" requirement from their official literature (but probably kept it in practice for years to come). To this day, they refused to let any non-Christians live in their cottages and require a letter from a pastor for any potential clients, but this bigotry may also be on its way out now because of a discrimination lawsuit.

We've all seen optical illusions, but here's an auditory illusion.

Why labeling yourself can often cause people to treat you with less skepticism, and why that's a bad thing.

Amber Rudd, a British politician claimed that "real people" don't care about encryption, and tech companies should do more to help governments spy on people rather than protect possible terrorists. Okay, Mrs. Rudd, please give me your personal email address and password. What's that? You don't want a stranger reading your personal correspondence? Well, neither does anyone else! Maybe you should remember that before implying that the rest of us aren't real people!

How non-magnetic metal can stick together with the Van der Waals force.

Fired before he could even be parodied on SNL.

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I finally found and beat the very first computer game I ever saw in real life: Lurkley Manor. I also created a page for the TRS-80 Color Computer which the game ran on.

Also, if you believe that transsexualism is a mental illness, and you mock transsexual people, then you're no different from someone who mocks people for having autism.

  • In addition to winning the race for the fastest drop in approval ratings for an American president in history, Trump has also broken all records for how quickly he fires his staff! Scaramucci, after throwing the majority of the White House staff under the bus, has himself been fired after only ten days on the job, that's not even long enough to commit fraud.
  • Things aren't looking so good for Jeff Sessions either, as Trump continues to hate on him, but the rest of the Republicans seem like him.
  • Even when they control all branches of government, Republicans still can't repeal Obamacare, and that's certainly for the best as it will severely injure the country. Thankfully, there are two Republican women who don't want the nation to implode, but their fellow Republican men are out for their blood.
  • Remember when Don, Jr. lied saying the meeting he had with former spies from Russian was about adoption and not altering the outcome of an American election? Turns out that lie was concocted by none other than Trump himself!
  • Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education and she openly advocates for replacing public schools with for-profit charter schools like the Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy which teaches their students that the earth is only 6,000 years old because that's when Jesus made it.
  • Trump's meeting with Pat Robertson is an American horror story.

Alex Jones may be so insane he lost his children, but insane pays awfully well.

Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli, the asshole who bought a drug company that makes an HIV treatment and raised the price by 5,000%. He faces up to 20 years in prison because of fraud, not from pricing the drug so high that many people died because they couldn't afford it anymore, but because he lied to investors by purposely mishandling their money. He doesn't seem to care saying, "Trial's over tomorrow, bitches. Then if I'm acquitted, I get to fuck Lauren Duca." Duca responded saying she would chop off any organs that he used to try an touch her.

The Physics Girl explains why mirrors flip images horizontally, but not vertically.

Lucian Wintrich is pissed off that immigrants would break into his country and take a picture of themselves flipping off Mount Rushmore. He doesn't realize that Mount Rushmore is in the Black Hills, an area of land sacred to the Lakota tribe which was seized by white men who them carved giant faces of the very same people who helped slaughter the Natives... and the people in the picture are Native Americans.

If you were dying, and there was nothing that could be done to save you, would you want to know?

Hobby Lobby is so Christian they refuse to allow their employees have birth control, even if they don't have to pay for it. They're so Christian they close all their stores on Sunday (even though the Sabbath is Saturday). They're so Christian, they help smuggle out of the Middle East, $20,000,000 worth of antiquities.

Aron Ra goes over the falsehoods of Answers In Genesis.

Alabama Republicans tried to force a 12-year-old girl who had become pregnant after being raped by one of her own family members to give birth, but thankfully a State Judge struck down the law the Republicans passed that could force her.

Atheists pretending to be ministers to skirt unconstitutional government regulations, we get the job done!

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Wedding went well! Check "officiating a wedding for two wonderful people" off my bucket list!

I finished reading Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad! and added a page for the NES Advantage.

Thanks to a man who doesn't know the difference between a scientific theory and religious indoctrination, Florida now has a law where citizens who can't even spell the name of a subject are now allowed to challenge what is written in public school textbooks.

Air lines claimed they charged for checked luggage because fuel prices were so high, but now that fuel prices have dropped, why haven't they stopped charging for bags?

According to the bible, God had the Canaanites wiped out for being naughty. According to genetic research, the Canaanites thrived and are still alive today.

How to increase your critical thinking skills by identifying your brain's own problems.

City officials in Pensacola, Florida have already wasted $131,000 of their tax payer's money trying to keep a cross on public land, and now they're repealing again! Imagine how quickly they would have folder if it was their own money at stake?

Samantha Bee visits Stephen Colbert.

Alex Dainis talks about DNA and RNA and bio-mimicry.

Mawaige! Mawaige is what Bwings us Togever!

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Heading to Kalamazoo for a wedding rehearsal this afternoon, and tomorrow, I officiate the wedding of two of my friends!

I added a page for Excitebike.

  • I over-estimated the fractured Republican party. They were just barely able to pass a bill that would allow them vote on Trumpcare, but after that, they dropped the ball trying to repeal Obamacare, and now they've fallen back onto their "skinny" repeal which would only eliminate the parts of Obamacare they didn't like, but still failed! For the past seven years, Republicans did a show-vote to repeal Obamacare, but they knew they could never actually do it. Now, when they have full control of the government, they can't even get a simple majority vote! And even though people are fawning over McCain, the real heroes here are Murkowski and Collins.
  • Trump's new communication director thinks he can get a journalist to reveal their sources by threatening to fire the entire White House staff (because firing disgruntled employees won't increase leaks!) and also by appealing to patriotic nature. Bitch, anyone who is a patriot wants the leaks to keep coming to prevent Trump from burning the country to the ground. Scaramucci's iron fist attitude has only caused several more leaks to occur including when he claimed that he had been cock-blocked by Reince Priebus, that Steven Bannon tries to suck his own cock, and that he wants to kill every leaker in the White House!
  • Both the House and Senate voted (419 to 3 and 98 to 2, respectively) to not only increase sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea, but also prevent anyone from re-opening them without Congressional approval. This is quite a blow to Trump who has been wanting to lift sanctions on Russia to prove his love for dictator Vladamir Putin. Even if Trump vetoes the bill, Congress can override his veto because of their majority vote, but it just another bit of evidence towards Trump's obsession with Russia. Russia responded by seizing two American properties in Russia and demanding that American embassies in Russia reduce the size of their staff!
  • Draft-dodging Trump called for a ban on transgender people in the military, wrongly stating that their health care is preventing the US military from stopping terrorism, but US generals, you know, the ones he claimed to have talked to about the problem, don't know anything about the ban, and aren't going to take a Twitter post as law.
  • Trump continues to throw Jeff Sessions under the bus for doing the right thing, and ruins the life of pretty much everyone he comes in contact with.
  • Sam Brownback just finished bankrupting the State of Kansas by following the tax-cutting play book of Arthur Laffer. Even Republicans had to re-institute taxes to keep the state solvent. So, what possible political future can Brownback expect after ruining an entire state? Why, being appointed by Trump to the White House, of course! Brownback, an ultra-conservative Christian who wants to ban abortion, fire all LGBT workers, and force Creationism into public schools is now the head of International Religious Freedom at the State Department!
  • Kelly Anne Conway explains that part of the reason the White House still hasn't been able to fill all their vacant positions is because of those pesky ethics rules which are scaring off their potential employees, which gives you an idea of what kind of people they are trying to hire.
  • Trump claimed his rally in an auditorium that can only hold 6,000 people broke every attendance records ever.

Paul Joseph Watson, a racist at Infowars (I think that's redundant), got his knickers in a twist when he saw a BBC educational cartoon that suggested that Roman-occupied Britain was ethnically diverse. So, a historian went on a rant explaining to him that the vast majority of the Roman empire actually was very diverse and included Moors, North Africans, Middle Easterners, and more.

Interesting information about the Game Boy Advance.

The Boy Scouts of America finally apologized for Trump's political rant, but it's too little too late.

If atheists talked like Christians.

What would happen if you let an ex-Christian teach a Sunday School class?

The fascinating crystals known as perovskites.

They the 2% failure rate of condoms doesn't mean what you think it means.


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Our babies are both 7 inches long, both 5 ounces, and both female!

I added a page for the NES port of Gauntlet and reworked my page for Queen's Sheer Heart Attack album.

  • Republicans voted in favor of a Trumpcare bill that they've never even seen, but now they voted not to repeal Obamacare, in large part because they keep ignoring Republican women and creating rules that hurt them. And how do Republican men respond to their female colleagues who feel disenfranchised? The same way they respond to all women, with threats of violence.
  • For decades, the Boy Scouts have discriminated against everyone who isn't a religious straight male. So, I'm not too shocked when they invited Trump to lie about his presidency and tell dirty jokes to children.
  • Newt Gingrich, another party-over-country Republican, has come to rescue his damsel Donald Trump with a slew of lies and misrepresentation.
  • Trump's argument for why he's banning transgender people from the military is so the military won't be burdened with the cost of their gender reassignment therapy. The reality is, the military has an obscene amount of money, almost as much as every other country in the world combined. Also, there are very few transgender people in the military anyway (they only account for 0.14% of their medical budget), Trump spends almost as much as their entire yearly budget every time he goes to his resort to play golf. In fact, shockingly, each year the US military spends over ten times more than their former transgender soldiers as they do on $84,000,000 worth of Viagra. So, no, banning transgender soldiers was not done to save money, but it wasn't just done because Trump is a lying bigot either. It may have been done to force Democrats to make transgender issues part of their platform in an attempt to injure them because they believe even Democrat voters are still afraid of transgender people. To some extent, they're right, but considering Republicans still think they can win the fight against same-sex marriage, I'm not so sure they understand their opponents very well, especially when there are people like this.
  • Trump claims the US has the highest taxes in the world. Trump is a liar.
  • Trump doesn't understand the first amendment to the US Constitution.
  • Though it's only a drop in the bucket, Twitter has started to lose users, many who explain the reason they left as Twitter's lack of desire to stop revenge porn and cyber-bullying (often from Trump).
  • Trump appointed someone with strong ties to the drug industry to lead the FDA and put his son-in-law in charge of solving the opioid epidemic. Needless to say, neither of these moves have decreased the number of people getting addicted to pain pills, and have probably made it worse.
  • Republicans elected a clown, and now they don't know what to do because the lown has taken over.

Since torture victims can't sue the US Government, they're instead trying to sue the company that was paid $81,000,000 of taxpayer's money to create and oversee the CIA's torture program. The company is defending themselves by saying they shouldn't be held accountable for making a torture program because they didn't force anyone to use their torture tactics, just like how the people who created the chemical weapons for the Nazis weren't guilty of killing the Jews. First of all, if you want to claim innocence, it's best not to compare yourself people who created poison gas for the Nazis. Second, the people who supplied the Nazis with poison were found guilty.

The three biggest claims of Dr. Oz, and why each one is a lie.

Malaysa is a mostly Islamic country where a politician can get away with saying that women who withhold sex from their husbands are causing extreme emotional abuse.

The shape of the universe and why it's no fun to be a male hyena.

Ken Ham finally lost his battle with the State of Kentucky, he tried all the underhanded tactics in the Christian play book, but eventually he agreed to give $0.50 of each ticket sale to his giant wooden box amusement park to the state to pay for police and fire protection.

Simone Giertz opens her packages after being gone for 2.5 months and electrocutes her face for fun and profit.

Another victory against using the state police department for religious indoctrination in Knoxville, Kentucky.

Republicans literally kill their voter base, and keep voters

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Had a bit of a scare with the twins, but things are looking pretty good so far. Emily had another ultrasound and our fears have been assuaged. We're also waiting on the results of a blood test to confirm happy results.

I added a page for the Howl's Moving Castle movie.

  • If even a bunch of racist rednecks like the KKK can organize, we knew Republicans would eventually stop tripping over themselves and pass something. Yesterday, the Senate voted on a new Trumpcare bill that nobody was even allowed to see, and enough Republicans voted in favor to get a tie vote, which allowed Mike Pence to cast the deciding vote in favor allowing Trumpcare to continue. Republicans Rand Paul and John McCain have said on numerous accounts that Trumpcare would hurt the country, but they still voted in favor of it, because they would rather hurt the country than go against their party. So, we're back on the path of killing millions of Americans by taking away their health insurance and making it impossible for them to ever get it back so we can give a tax break to the 1%. The only two Republicans who voted against Trumpcare were Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and it's telling that they would be women, as Trumpcare, much like Trump himself, is particularly cruel to women.
  • Bigotry is usually pretty easy to spot. It usually takes the form of, we don't want "you people" to be around us. Trump, a classic bigot, gives a great example by banning transgender people from serving in the US military.
  • Trump's new communication director meets all the qualifications for the job. He's a rich white man who helped cause the 2008 depression, and is bad at communication.
  • Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort, the three members of Trump's team who worked with Russians in an attempt to smear Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, will be questioned by the Senate, but we shouldn't expect much since the Senate is majority Republican, and the questioning will occur behind closed doors.
  • Trump accidentally confirmed the existence of a secret CIA operation on Twitter.
  • Once again, Republicans demonstrate that they favor bigger and more bureaucratic government by creating new restrictions for women seeking abortions.
  • While the Trump administration continues to pretend that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese, the UK is planning to ban the sale of fossil fuel burning cars by 2040.

Officer Mohamed Noor shot Justine Ruszczyk to death after she slapped his police car. But the police report doesn't explain why Ruszczyk was shot to death, or even that she was shot to death. Instead, it reads that, "the female became deceased in the alley."

This summer, the US Supreme Court will hear two cases about gerrymandering.

Stefan Stewart was caught sexually assaulting his relative, a 4-year-old boy. He claimed that he was possessed by the devil, but didn't need prayer from the boy's mother because the devil had left him after she walked in on them.

Chris Bishop talks about the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence.

If your great-grandfather is a famous televangelist, you won't have to see the inside of a Oklahoma courtroom, even if you take part in a drive-by shooting, like Blake Kenneth Hagin.

Is America a Christian nation? Here are the arguments.

A detailed history of the civil war going on in Middle East.

Scorched earth tactics

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I added a page for The Goonies video game.

  • After lying about it for almost a year, new information keeps surfacing about Don Jr. when thought he was meeting with people he thought were with the Russian government to change the outcome of the US election. In addition to a former spy, Don Jr. also invited into his office someone who has been accused of laundering $1,400,000,000.
  • Parents eventually learn to tune out the tantrums of their children, and the American public appears to be doing the same with Donald Trump's tantrums. In some ways, this is terrible because it means Americans won't bat an eye the next time he tries to violate the US Constitution, but in other ways, it hurts him as well, like when he calls for the investigation of Hillary Clinton and nobody cares.
  • Trump got up in front of 40,000 Boy Scouts at their Jamboree to complain about fake news and his failed health care bill, and patted himself on the back for how well he did in the election. He also talked about the importance of hard work and American values, even though he possesses neither.
  • Trump has a cheerleader in Michelle Bachmann who claims that Trump has been working non-stop and definitely hasn't taken a whole bunch of time off to play golf, and he's definitely a great Christian who understands the god of the bible. Now, the "hard working" argument is easily shot down, but how do you deal with the "Trump is a good Christian" argument? I don't remember where I heard it, but someone presented a simple question that will kill the argument. If you have a decent understanding of the bible, simply ask, "what is it about Trump's behavior that reminds you of Jesus?" and point to a story of Jesus that proves them wrong.
  • It wasn't being forced to lie for his boss on a daily basis that bothered him, but having to compete with another speaker that ultimately caused Sean Spicer to quit.
  • Republicans are impotent when it comes to health care.

Earth worms are not native to upper North America, and they're changing the ecosystem in big ways.

The giant wooden crate that was built in Kentucky was sold to a church for $10, to avoid having to pay taxes, but after hearing that the state was going to eliminate their tourism-related tax rebate, they're selling it back, for another $10.

An interesting lecture about how movement is one of the primary things that drives of evolution.

Making a baryon with different types of quarks!

Kevin Koers is the Principal of Franklin Central High School in Indiana. He reprimanded a teacher for telling his students the truth, that the state is not allowed to force them to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and, I would add, since it is now a prayer, they shouldn't say it.

2017 has some interesting game innovation.

Piracy on the Amiga using X-Copy.

Writing the book on shooting yourself in the foot

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I added a page for Kiki's Delivery Service.

  • When Donald Trump failed to win the popular vote, but still won the presidency, he wanted to assure someone very important to him that he would do a good by them. That person is the certifiably insane Alex Jones. Jones, who believes every terrorist attack in recent years was a false flag operation created by the Democrats, lost custody of his children because he's crazy, and has a fear of gay frogs (seriously), is calling for a civil war against Democrats, and some of his listeners have taken up arms because of him.
  • Trump put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of a few minor things like reforming the American justice system, restructuring the entire US government, solving the problems with veteran's care, diplomatic relations with China and Mexico, eliminating the opioid addiction, and ending the thousands of years of conflict in the Middle East. However, before Jared Kushner can single-handedly tackle those basic issues, he has to convince the government that he wasn't involved with Trump, Jr. and Paul Manafort's Russian collusion. And since Jeff Sessions can't help him because he was forced to recuse himself, Trump now hates Jeff Sessions.
  • Everything that comes out of Tucker Carlson's mouth over at Fox "News" sounds the exact same as what is said by white supremacists.
  • Republicans are still trying to get Trumpcare passed, now, by holding sick Americans hostage. They're going to have a hard time, not just because they can't even get their own party on board, but because the bill violate the Senate budget rules, you will need a 60% majority vote.
  • Trump has spent one quarter of his presidency at his own properties, mostly golfing and watching TV.
  • Donald Trump is human garbage who just can't keep his mouth shut.
  • Trump is a compulsive liar, but Mitch McConnoll is a strategic liar.
  • A bit dated now, but here is a recap of Trump's first 100 days in office.
  • Trump's plan to pardon himself and his family from any crimes they may commit (or may have already committed) might actually be legal according to the US Constitution, but it wouldn't be the wisest move.

Remember Kim Davis? The Christian woman who refused to follow her Kentucky law and issue same-sex marriage licenses because Jesus didn't want her to (but he's fine with her multiple marriages)? Well, now that the smoke has cleared, Kentucky tax payers are left with her lawsuit bill totaling $225,000.

Dan Dennett answers the question, is there any good reason to believe in a god?

It would be nice if more cities would force the Christian anti-abortion clinics where they lie to pregnant women to post a visible disclaimer that the place is not a health care facility.

Julia Galef explains the Repugnant Conclusion and the Sleeping Beauty Problem.

What fresh new hell is this?

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I added a page for Sopwith.

  • Trump has asked his legal team if it's possible for the President to pardon himself, his family, and his appointees of legal crimes.
  • The Affordable Care Act could have been a lot better, but Republicans voted against all the bells and whistles, so now we're stuck with a crappy half-version. Of course, for the people who actually use it, even the ones who were vehemently against it, they can no longer picture life without it.
  • Our tax dollars continued to be wasted and our private information continues to be leaked as Republicans search for non-existent voter fraud in order to satiate Trump's fractured ego.
  • Trump, just like Nixon, doesn't want people around making official records of what he says while talking to foreign rulers, like Putin.
  • Ordinarily, a new president has the majority of his important cabinet leaders already picked out and ready to be approved when they take office. This has not been the case for Trump. Trump is both woefully under-prepared and so buy golfing, he's made it over half a year into his presidency before finally getting around to appointing a new head of the US Department of Agriculture. Naturally, is someone is going to be in charge of the country's farming policy, you would expect them to be an agricultural scientist, but come on, this is Trump we're talking about, so we're getting a conspiracy theorist radio host: Sam Clovis.
  • Things got a bit too spicy in the White House for Sean Spicer, so he resigned. Interestingly, it wasn't having to constantly lie for the president that made him quit, it was because they hired someone else to work with him who is just as evil and incompetent: Anthony Scaramucci.
  • This Republican rant against transgender people includes babbling, stuttering, incorrect history, and a complete lack of audience.
  • Trump demands unflinching loyalty, just like a Mafia don.
  • Trump continues to collude with Russia, a country so paranoid, they're banning fidget spinners.

The parents who willingly gave their their two underage daughters to a man who claimed to be a god and had sex with them will thankfully be going to prison.

Kaydin Alabbas was abandoned at a national park by his family after telling them he didn't want to become a Mormon missionary. He had to stay the night with strangers and get picked up by his grandparents the next day who convinced him to give Mormonism another shot, and he did go on the mission trip after all (I wonder if disownment played a role in that?). Since the story had a happy ending (as far as the parents are concerned), they used his abandonment as a wonderful teaching lesson for other Mormons doubting their faith!

When one quack accuses another quack of stealing their bullshit, everyone wins!

Landing on Mars isn't not as easy as it sounds!

That's some salty water!

Even mythology disproves Noah's Ark.

Trumpcare is still dead in the water, but now the water is contaminated

Feeling: Frustrated


I added a page for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

  • For the past eight years, Republicans have been saying no to every idea in existence, refusing to even take a vote on them. Just look at how they reacted to Obama's Supreme Court picks. Well, eight years of saying no to everything must be a hard habit to break, because now that they run the entire US government, they're still saying no to everything, even Trumpcare! Trump is still trying to sell the repeal, in a largely incoherent, largely dishonest, talk. He even tried throwing dissenting Republicans under the bus, but they're not even remotely afraid of him and his record-breaking disapproval rating. It's hard to expect much more from someone who believes that health insurance costs $12 a year.
  • Betsy DeVos is trying to eliminate public schools, but thankfully she's having a hard time even giving a speech without drawing a crowd of protesters.
  • Trump might not be able to get anything done, but that doesn't mean the people he appointed aren't ruining the country. With the EPA now being run by climate change denier Scott Pruitt, the agency has been successfully hobbled. In fact, even talking about climate change is a good way to lose your job. But simply getting rid of scientists and halting their research won't fix our problems, like the massive damage we're causing to the largest ecosystem on earth.

The Giant Wooden Crate amusement park which was sold to a church for $10 to avoid paying taxes might be faced with an upcoming lawsuit.

Police officers have a habit of turning off their body cameras before committing crimes. Thankfully, when officer Richard Pinheiro planted drugs at the scene of a crime, he accidentally filmed himself.

When scam artists like those working for Gweneth Paltrow attack doctors.

For the record, trying to force people to be non-religious and love the government is just replacing one type of dogma with another.

According to Gallup, fewer American Protestant Christians adhere to a particular denomination than ever before. Down from 50% in 2000 to only 30% in 2016.

Kelvin Helmholtz instability is pretty amazing looking.

Alex Dainis talks about making animals depressed, and extracting your own DNA.

We wouldn't talk about Russia so much if you'd stop stroking them

Feeling: Rebellious


I added a page for Uninvited.

  • Donald Trump, Jr.'s lie keeps growing taller. It went from claiming he only met with a random Russian to talk about orphans to colluding with a roomful of Russians, one a former Russian spy, to bring down an American politician. Oh look, here's a fun song about it. Want to know what's really terrifying? Even after Trump Junior admitted to meeting with Russians, and even released his emails about the meeting, 45% of Trump voters still don't believe the meeting ever took place! In addition, when Trump voters what should happen to Donald Trump if he were found to be guilty of personally working with Russians to sway the American democratic process, a whopping 77% of Trump voters don't believe he should remain in office.
  • And it doesn't help that the Trump himself held an undisclosed meeting with suspected murderer Vladamir Putin after the planned meeting that lasted four times longer than it was supposed to.
  • Republicans couldn't even get Republicans to accept the Republican health care bill, and Trump's idea of just killing the current health care plan without a replacement is a terrible idea, but one that Mitch McConnell is keen to vote on!
  • With Trump favoring companies over citizens, he's encouraging the FCC to eliminate Net Neutrality, and people want to know just how angry the public are about this, so they made a Freedom of Information Request to see they 40,000 complaints made to the FCC website. Naturally, the FCC has refused to serve the people.
  • The Trumps don't even live in Trump Tower anymore, but the US military is still spending $130,000 a month to rent it out.
  • Typical Republican, one rule for the ruled and another one for the ruler.

When the NRA issues a dangerous statement, LA natives respond perfectly.

Not only do phone and Internet companies have to surrender your private information to the FBI whenever they ask, but Federal courts have ruled that they aren't even allowed to tell you when the FBI demands it.

Mega Man probably wouldn't last very long if Dr. Wily had a competent assistant.

A personal journey of a mother who raised a highly autistic son.

Seth Andrews has a message for religious spouses that are married to an atheist.

Part of why religion is so effective is because it convinces you you're sick, and only it has the cure.

Simone Giertz doesn't speak Spanish all that well, but she does speak English, Swedish, and a bit of French and Chinese.

Republicans keep setting themselves on fire!

Feeling: Rebellious

  • For the past seven years, Republicans have been obstructing every attempt to repair the USA's failing health care system. Now, finally, their loyal voters give them control of the entire government only to discover they never bothered to actually come up with their own plan. So, rather than work as a group to come up with a comprehensive replacement, a few high-ranking Republicans went into a closed room, refused to take questions or give input even to their own party, and created a last-minute hack that would be about 100 times worse than the current flawed system. As expected, nobody liked it. Now, they're giving up entirely on getting their garbage plan through. Trump's position on this whole mess is to simply repeal the Affordable Care Act entirely without any replacement, and just let over 25,000,000 people lose their health care.
  • Fox "News" continues to downplay the Trump administration's Russian collusion.
  • Journalists asked about the hypocrisy of Trump celebrating "Made In America Week," when most of his crappy products are made with foreign labor, and the White House decided to stop answering any of those types of question.
  • Remember John Oliver's report on how police can legally steal money from civilians as long as they call it civil forfeiture? Well, Trump's racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, wants them to do it even more! He also loves to give closed-door lectures to bigots.
  • Helping translators accurately translate Trump's incoherent racist babbling.
  • Trump likes to claim that he's signed more legislation than any president in history. He hasn't.
  • Effectiv immideatly, peeple wil hav 2 stort spelin' lyke Trump!
  • A recap of last week.

Shooting a shotgun into a car full of teenagers is a crime, unless you're a cop, and you claim they were trying to run you over. But just hope nobody ever asks to look at the footage which shows that you were in no danger of being run over when you killed a teenager because then you might get indicted on murder charges.

The Ark Encounter was able to be built because it got a massive tax break from the State of Kentucky under the claim that it would be a theme park. Well, now that the state is asking for them to pay taxes typical to what is expected from a theme park, the owners are avoiding all taxes by selling the park to a church for $10. The local government is disappointed that they're going to lose all this tax revenue, but they probably should have thought of that before trusting a Christians like Ken Ham.

Sami Karra has been charged with murdering his 17-year-old daughter by repeatedly stabbing her in the neck because she was dating a Muslim.

The Boy Scouts of America now allows gay scouts and leaders, transgender scouts, and it's even thinking about letting girls join, but they'll be damned if they allow kids who don't believe in a god!

Windows 10 is trash, and it doesn't show any signs of getting better.

Armin Navabi talks about what it's like to leave Islam.

Who is Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.? Only the greatest stock car racer of all time! Try readin' a book sometime.

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I had a fantastic time at the CFI Secular Summer Retreat! It still amazes me that something as simple as having secular Humanist beliefs can bring a large group of people together to have a wonderful time with their families and friends.

I added a page for Left 4 Dead 2.

  • Don Jr.'s lawyer tried to offer a valid reason for why it was okay for Jr. to meet with, what he believed to be, Russian agents, but the Secret Service called bullshit on the lie. The FOI request that Jeff Sessions refused to file on time has been entirely redacted except for the check box indicating that he had no contact with foreign governments in the past seven years, which we have since learned is a lie, because he met with Russians multiple times. And remember, the White House's collusion with Russia is such a big deal, not just because Russia is a hostile foreign power, but because it's pretty damn evil. When asked about the systematic torture of gay people in Russia's Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov ignored the question and claimed that they didn't have a single gay person living there, and, "Praise be to God. Take them far from us so we don't have them at home. To purify our blood, if there are any here, take them."
  • The White House continues to lie about how bad Trumpcare will be, and one of the few Republicans who is expected to vote against the destructive bill just had his offices broken into!
  • Just as predicted, Trump's massive spending and tax breaks are going to cause a huge government deficit. The current number is, by the next 2 years, the USA will have lost $248,000,000,000.
  • Trump just can't help himself from making unwanted personal observations of women, even when they're the wife of a world leader.
  • Trump takes another step toward allowing churches to become not being religious institutions and become political institutions.
  • Trump unveils "Made In America Week," which is a bit odd considering that most products which bear his name are made in China.
  • There are many reasons why States have been refusing to give the personal information of voters to the White House, but probably one of the best reasons is that the White House it entirely incompetent in handling sensitive data. They just released 112 pages of comments from private citizens about the request. One comment simply reads, "Do not release any of my voter data period!" and then the White House released not only that person's name and personal email address, but everyone else's as well!

Justine Damond called 911 due to a possible assault in an alley near her Minneapolis home. Police arrived and Damond went out to talk to them, and the police shot her to death. Although all Minneapolis cops wear mandatory body cameras, there is no video evidence of the killing. So, yet another unarmed person gunned down by police, but maybe something will come of this because Damond was white.

A passenger on an American Airlines flight started masturbating next to a sleeping woman, and even though another person complained about the masturbating man, the flight attendants never bothered to wake the woman and instead allowed the man to continue masturbating next to her. When she finally woke up and realized what was happening, American Airlines required her to continue to sit, trapped between the man who was masturbating next to her and the window.

Law enforcement are trying to make it illegal for companies to tell their customers when they're demanding private information about their customers!

Iranian women are badass. Not only are they driving cars (Allah forbid!), but they're doing so while not wearing a hijab!

Julia Galef explains how you too can have a basic understanding of quantum mechanics... just hang out with Sean Carroll.

The mathematical genius, Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal, has sadly died at age 40 from breast cancer.

The headline read, "Local Pastor opens church inside Mumford High School," which sounds awfully shocking, and it's exactly what happened.

Anthony Erb likes to help the homeless, but that didn't stop someone from throwing a rock through his car window with the words, "GOD IS GOOD" written on it.

Immigrants, we get the job done!

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I added a page for Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • The White House is still doing damage control ever since Donald Trump, Jr. proved that they have been lying for the past 9 months, and now we've learned that Don Junior conveniently forgot to mention Rinat Akhmetshin, ex-Russian counter-intelligence, was also in the meeting! Fox "News" is trying their damnedest to blame everything on Obama and Clinton, seriously. Not that it's necessary, as John Oliver explains, truth doesn't matter to the Republican voter. Don Jr. will be questioned on Capitol Hill, but since Republicans are in charge of punishment, it's doubtful that his unethical behavior will be treated seriously.
  • Trump's Muslim ban is now in effect, but some judges are at least working to make it less of a Constitutional violation. And, no doubt needing to be reminded that banning an all-girls robotics team was a PR nightmare, Trump finally allowed them entry into the country to compete. I'm hoping we finally get to the stage where people don't have to surrender their personal life as well, but I understand how that's asking too much.
  • You know Trumpcare is bad because Congress refuses to use it.
  • ISPs like Comcast, who expect to make billions gouging online companies for decent download speeds, have already spent $572,000,000 trying to buy the FCC's decision to eliminate Net Neutrality. And since the FCC is now led by a friend of Trump and Mitch McConnell, that might very well happen.
  • Republicans want to take money away from poor women and children to fund Trump's useless border wall. In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, they just want to murder everyone who is different.
  • When Trump's family travels, they purposely stay in their own hotels so they can charge everything to the US tax payer.
  • Remember the woman who was arrested because she let out a laugh of disbelief when racist Jeff Sessions claimed he treated all people equally? She is -finally- being cleared of charges.

Texas cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and, as expected, teen abortions began to rise. This is the same thing that has happened in th past; every time access to birth control is made more difficult to obtain and sexual education is eliminated, more teenagers get pregnant and seek abortions.

An interesting postmortem on Darkest Dungeon.

Baby formula isn't the poison ignorant naturopaths think it is.

Who knew it would be so difficult to define a kilogram?

Simon Giertz talks about the worst day of her life being on a Chinese sitcom, a slightly better time on a Spanish talk show, and and much better time on a Swedish science show.

Keep digging your own grave

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I added a page for God of Thunder.

  • Trump is pretending the reason his son released incriminating evidence about his collusion with Russia is to be "transparent," but if Don Jr. is so interested in transparency, why did he wait close to a year to finally admit it? No, the real reason he released his emails about trying to meet with the Russian government to get dirt on Hillary Clinton is because he was told by journalist they were going to break his story wide open, and this was a last ditch effort to make his history of lies look good.
  • Our racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is refusing to a fill a Freedom of Information Act request, despite a court order demanding he do so, because it would show the details of which Russians he met with, and later lied about meeting. You know you're living in 1984 when the head of the Justice Department is obstructing justice. There will most likely be another lawsuit against the Trump administration because of this.

Tatyana Hargrove was shocked when a Bakersfield, CA police officer drew his gun on her for no reason. She became belligerent from being treated like a sub-human, and the officer punched her in the face, wrestled her to the ground, and allowed his dog to bite her, before finally arresting her for aggravated assault on an officer. After the abuse, the police realized they had apprehended the wrong person. They confused a 115-pound 5'2" 19-year-old girl with braids, with a machete-wielding 180-pound 5'10" 30-year-old bald man with a beard. The Bakersfield police say it's a simple case of mistaken identity.

A wonderful lecture about the history of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Sonic wouldn't last so long if Dr. Robotnik had an assistant.

Why do people think they see ghosts?

Archeology also disproves the global flood myth.

Alex Dainis is awesome.


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I added a page for Below the Root.

  • Donald Trump's eldest son admitted that he, Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner all met with some Russians who claimed the Russian government could provide them with secret information to sabotage Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. This is precisely the type of Russian collusion that the Trump administration has been denying for nearly a year now. Faced with his lies, Trump is now trying to assure the American people that his son is not only innocent, but the victim of the vile scourge of America: transparent journalism. Despite Donald Trump, Jr. personally admitting that he and two other top Trump administration officials colluded with the Russians, many Republicans still think the story is made up by the media. Actually, if you watched this report on Fox "News," you would be left with the impression that the Trump's merely talked to a random Russian citizen, because Fox purposely left out the line about the information coming from the Russian government!
  • Trump was widely ignored by world leaders at the G20 Summit, not just because he was so unprepared he didn't have a speech and couldn't even get a hotel room, but also because he's a colossal embarrassment of a human.
  • Jesus' miracles don't go as far as they used to under Trumpcare.
  • Seattle politicians unanimously agreed to institute an additional tax on the wealthy to try and shore up their huge tax losses. While it is most likely to be shot down by a higher court, it's nice to see some cities push back against Trump's incompetent destruction of American social programs.

Police Officer Shannon Kepler punished his teenage daughter by stranding her at a homeless shelter because she kept trying to have a boyfriend. At the shelter she met a new boyfriend, nineteen-year-old Jeremey Lake. While the two were distributing food and water for the homeless shelter, Officer Shannon Kepler showed up, saw that his white daughter had a black boyfriend, and shot Jeremey Lake to death. Lake's aunt said that the boy was extending his hand to greet Officer Kepler with a handshake, but Kepler claimed Lake was armed with a semi-automatic pistol and shot the boy in self defense. No gun was found on Lake's corpse or anywhere around the scene, and no witnesses saw one either. This all happened in 2014, but Officer Kepler is still a free man because his third hearing has resulted in a mistrial.

Christian youth pastor Samuel Patrick Dockary is facing charges of raping two girls, both under the age of 16. And speaking of Christians raping children, why does TLC keep making shows about them?

While the LeMay family was away camping, they had someone look after their two Staffordshire Terriers. The house-sitter accidentally tripped their home security alarm, but called the company and gave their correct information to cancel the alarm. The Minneapolis police showed up at the house anyway and one officer hopped the family's backyard fence where he encountered the two dogs and shot them both. The officer says he had to shoot the dogs because they were charging at him, but security footage released by the family shows that the officer lied. The dogs were wagging their tails and not even paying that much attention to the cop when he shot the first one in the head. Despite falsifying his police report, the officer will receive no punishment, but the police chief claims he will have better training in the future.

Good thing we didn't waste time trying to be part of the Paris Climate Agreement, because an iceberg the size of the entire state of Delaware just broke off of the Antarctic ice shelf.

Bowser wouldn't probably do better if he had an assistant.

If you're going to forge documents, make sure you use a font that existed at the time the document was supposed to have been created!

We could help struggling cities in the Mid West by moving some government headquarters into them.

Roy Zimmerman's new song, Summer of Loving.

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own

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I added a page for Martian Dreams.

  • For every major organization of government, Trump appointed someone who either hated the organization (like Scott Pruitt who kept suing the EPA and now runs it) or someone who knew absolutely nothing about it (like Rick Perry who probably still doesn't know what the Department of Energy does). And now that each organization is led by a either an adversary or an incompetent, that is, the person who can do the most damage, he's asking each leader to put together a plan to eliminate their own organization's authority.
  • You know your country is on the fast track to the bottom when the party in charge thinks more highly of churches and banks than universities and journalism.
  • Republicans also want to put the wealthiest corporations (like Comcast) in charge of the Internet so that they can blackmail the sites you love the most by slowing them down until they pay extra rates, which will be passed on to you.

A nice lecture by Lawrence Krauss followed up by a Q&A session with Matt Dillahunty.

An in-depth review of the Mega Man II soundtrack.

Street Epistemology and why bible class won't prepare you for basic questions about faith.

Did You Know Gaming, Castlevania and Metroid Lore.

An interesting workshop about the failures of game making.

Alex Dainis is awesome.

The world's turned upside-down

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After almost 30 years since I first played it, I finally beat Ultima: Exodus for the NES. I also finished reading The Way of the Heathen.

Cardinal George Pell, a major player in the Vatican, is finally returning to Australia to face multiple charges of sexually assaulting children.

God lost his UFC title.

Peter Boghossian digs his grave deeper suggesting that "nearly every male who's a 3rd wave intersectional feminist is physically feeble," (they're not), and then justifying his bigotry by claiming it's based on evolutionary theory (it's not).

God can turn a cracker into his own flesh before you eat it, but not if it's gluten free.

William Rian Adams, an Episcopal Priest, was out driving his tax-free Corvette when he got mad because he felt the driver behind him was tailing too closely. When the driver tried to pass the priest, Adams pulled out a Glock 22 and pointed it at the driver. Adams is now in custody with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. When will this war on Christianity end?

The Angry Video Game Nerd plays Planet of the Apes.

Imam Mohammed Haji Sadiq was sentenced to 13 years in jail for sexually assaulting four little girls, all under the age of 12.

Creepy animal teeth.

Fight the good fight

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I played my first real-life Escape Room last night with some friends. It was a bit pricey, but a lot of fun. Even though it was the hardest room they run, and we were down two players, we almost beat it; if we had another 10 minutes we would have solved it. I was helpful in solving an interesting wheel-spoke puzzle and a devious coded-tantagram, but I unfortunately held up my team trying to solve a strange handcuff puzzle involving an encoded journal. I'm looking forward to trying a different one in the future.

I added a review of The Simpsons.

  • Trump is universally hated world wide with some of the worst approval ratings in history, but there is one country who still likes him. Can you guess? It's the same country that helped him get elected! In fact, very soon Trump is going to have a meeting with his boss.
  • Will you receive a tax break from Trumpcare? That depends. Are you extremely wealthy? No? Then you probably won't get a tax break. Thankfully, the Republican Party is so fractured with Tea Party lunatics, there is still hope that Trumpcare will fail.
  • The whole point of having an ethics department in the White House is to challenge the President when they do something unethical. The office is entirely pointless if Trump gets to hand pick someone who won't challenge his unethical behavior. I guess, you can't expect much from someone who exempts his staff from ethics oversight.
  • Mike Pence touches the NASA equipment labeled "DO NOT TOUCH," and the memes commence.
  • Rick Perry doesn't understand one of the most basic aspects of economics.
  • Neil Young has a new patriotic anthem.

Former Muslim Yasmine Mohammed has a talk about being the wife of a man involved with the 9/11 terrorist attack.

City officials in Pensacola, Florida have been wasting tax payer money trying to defend a Christian cross on public land. The mayor shot himself in the foot by saying he hoped that the cross could stay up so that religion would always have a place in the public square, and the judge sided with many preceding cases which have ruled that such monuments are a government endorsement of religion. But, since it's not their money on the line, the city has chosen to repeal their case, which will only result in an even bigger settlement for the Freedom From Religion Foundation when they lose.

The evolution of apple flies and various types of mutations.

More information about actinium.

Fight the good fight

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I added a review of Loom and a list of bands I've seen in concert, although I know I'm forgetting several.

  • Trump is finally admitting what every government intelligence agency already knew before he was elected, that Russia hacked the USA. But he won't admit any of the important points, like Russian hackers are one of the main reasons he's president.
  • Trumpcare will be used by everyone in America, including men and women, the LGBT, the young and old, rich and the poor, and every race, religion, and creed, but it was created in a closed room by 13 straight rich old white men.
  • Trump is hurting America, not just in global competition where China is making deals with the European Union because everyone there hates Trump, but here in the US as well because, by pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, state and city officials are now forced to continue making the nation greener while also fighting the federal government's incompetence.

  • Coal has been dying since the 1920s, and solar keeps growing. America has backed the wrong horse.
  • It shouldn't surprise anyone, but Trump has increased the White House women's pay gap by 300%.
  • Thankfully, most of the states in the Union are refusing to hand over voter records to satisfy Trump's fractured ego.
  • The director of the Office of Government Ethics has resigned out of disgust for Trump's disregard for ethical practices.

It's a shame they have to do this, but their populace is almost as stupid as Americans, so France is making mandatory 11 childhood vaccinations.

Trying to answer the top 100 most Googled questions.

Hobby Lobby, the holier-than-thou craft store who refuses to respect their female workers, has to pay a $3,000,000 fine after they were caught trying to smuggle ancient Iraqi artifacts through the Middle Eastern black market.

Answers In Genesis is chocked full of dishonest goons, and PZ Meyers doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Christians continue to mock the US Constitution by turning taxpayer-funded events into church services.

Why our brain often has a hard time distinguishing a hill from a valley.

Fingers still intact. Liver not so much.

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I've been married for three years today, and I have to admit, it's been pretty great!

I added a review of Lemmings.

  • During the Obama Administration, it was discovered that the state courts in Memphis, Tennessee were stripping teenagers of their civil rights and racist workers were particularly hard on black teens. Just like in decades past, the Federal Government had to step in to make sure that the Southern courts would treat black people fairly. However, the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is a fellow racist Southerner and he's itching to eliminate oversight, not just in Memphis, but in many other states as well.
  • But if you think that's just Republicans trying to eliminat "big government" remember, when it comes to women's reproductive rights, they can't be involved enough.
  • Has your local news channel become a Conservative shill because of the Sinclair Broadcast Group?
  • Trump fans left a lot of insulting comments on NPR's Twitter feed on posts they felt were attacking Trump. What was the source of the posts? The Declaration of Independence.
  • Trump is trying to eliminate aid for low-income families to heat their homes in the winter, and the Republicans in Congress are with him.

A very accurate historical documentary about Warren Harding.

Iraqi actor, Karar Noshi, was tortured to death by Muslims for being too attractive for a man.

Two more victories for atheists. A public bench which featured a quote that insulted all non-Christians was finally removed and a public school had to pay over $150,000 in fines because they took their students to a Christian Ministry building to be preached at. Also, Seth Andrews talks to attorney Monica Miller who led the case to take down a giant cross on public land and received the typical "Christian Love" you'd expect.

Alex Dainis is awesome.

Don't blow your fingers off

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I added a review of River Raid.

  • As you celebrate your freedom, please remember, your freedom of the press, of speech, and expression only exist because you continue to demand them and fight for them. As Donald Trump continues to try and take these freedoms away from you, stay angry, and continue to fight for what's right, or it will be taken away from you. Because, it's nice when Republicans say Trump is wrong, but when it comes time to vote, they still support all his insane anti-Constitutional legislation.
  • Trump doesn't know anything about the Republican health care bill that he has both loved and hated at the same time, and his most recent rant calls for the removal of health insurance regardless of whether a replacement has been made, an act that would remove health insurance for 32,000,000 Americans.
  • Island Beach State Park in New Jersey has been closed to the public due to the state's government shutdown, but that didn't stop Republican Chris Christie from enjoying the day at the beach with his family. When later asked if he had gotten some sun that day, Christie brazenly lied and said no. But when, aerial photos of him at the beach surfaced, his spokesman explained that the Governor didn't get any sun because he had been wearing a baseball cap.
  • Strangely, Republican's don't care when the Federal Government targets Christians if they're not white.
  • The White House no longer has a department of science. The last few members have left, and Trump is too incompetent to restaff it.
  • We're spending a lot of money paying for Trump's all-white staff.
  • If your inexperienced 18-year-old son draws a million dollar salary from your own Christian charity, you're probably Trump's lawyer. And, it's highly unlikely either will face any punishment, because it's perfectly legal for a Christian charity to take all the money donated to them and, instead of helping the needy, paying their own salaries.
  • Ever since Trump became president, the country has a less-civil political tone. Big shock, right?
  • The girl's robotics team from Afghanistan is being denied visas into America because of Trump's bigotry.

Kentucky is making the a Christian bible the official textbook of some of their classes, and Florida is making it easier for religious people to question whether scientific fact should be taught in public schools. If Trump keeps getting to appoint more judges to the US Supreme Court, this may become the law of the land.

Over half of Scots are not religious, and that number is on the rise!

Just a reminder, there are Muslims who still extol the virtues of cutting off the genitals of women.

You've probably heard Christians warning against Harry Potter because they're afraid of make-believe, but did you know that Harry Potter could also teach your children something terrible like respect for other human beings?!

Many of the same phony products sold by brainless Gwenneth Paltrow are sold by brainless -and- heartless Alex Jones. They're different as night and day, but their audiences do have one thing in common, the inability to know fact from fiction.

Alex Dainis is awesome.

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