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It's the first day of spring, and I'm getting sick

Feeling: Blah


I added a page for the Hercules Graphics Card and computer color palettes. I'm currently focusing on generated palettes, but will delve into hand-picked palettes in the future.

  • Once again, Trump congratulates Putin, and remains silent regarding American terrorism.
  • Trump's new CIA director pick, Gina Haspel, has a history of torturing people.
  • Mike Pence really, REALLY, hates gay people.
  • It sickens me that it's taken so long and gotten so far, but the good news is, the US Supreme Court has ruled that two lawsuits against the Michigan Republicans responsible for poisoning thousands and killing several people in Flint, Michigan can proceed.
  • The Republicans in Pennsylvania who have redrawn the district lines to give their party an edge in the election are not happy that they lost their final appeal!
  • Mississippi Republicans, who have decreased their state's abortion clinics down to one, have passed a new law outlawing abortion after 15 weeks. It's a completely arbitrary length of time considering that brain development which allows thinking doesn't even begin until around 21 weeks. The unjust law is already being legally challenged, but it's a serious waste of time and money.
  • If members of Congress are caught up in a sexual harassment case, they currently can use taxpayer money to pay their legal fees. Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand drafted a bill to make handsy politicians pay their own damn lawsuits, but Republicans scrapped it at the last minute.
  • A 9-year-old boy shot his older sister to death because they were fighting over a video game. While I feel for the parents, their negligence should also be a crime. Also, there was another school shooting, this time in Maryland. A 17-year-old shot two of his classmates before being shot to death by a police officer.
  • Trump's record-breaking number of golf outings are not unexpected.

Captain Disillusion channels other YouTube celebrities.

The Northern white rhinoceros is officially extinct.

Some rather unusual allergies.

Yet another woman in the skeptic community comes out against Lawrence Krauss.

Why the planets in our solar system, and, in fact, all solar systems, essentially orbit on a single plane.

Girls will be girls

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I added a page for the NES Zapper.

  • Even as Trump refuses to even say anything bad about Putin, who just won another "fair" election, American security companies have reported that Russian hackers have successfully infiltrated the US power grid.
  • Students who are being murdered continue to be the voice of reason when it comes to stopping the NRAs stranglehold over the Republican party. And Trump continues to waste time and money blaming movies and video games.
  • Donald Trump Jr.'s wife is divorcing him, no doubt because he's a shady asshole, but after 13 years, and with Don Jr. now in control of his father's business the couple is splitting in an uncontested marriage, and, rather than have a divorce lawyer, his wife has hired a criminal lawyer. This has led many people to wonder, is Vanessa trying to hurriedly back out of the marriage before the FBI investigates the Trumps?
  • Trump, the lying liar, lies.
  • The Kushner Companies have been accused of filing false paperwork with the city numerous times in order to violate the rent-control protection of their tenants.
  • Rather than meet with the Secretary of State, South Koreans will now be subjected to Ivanka Trump.
  • Larry Kudlow is a terrible person.

It was only a few decades ago when black motorists needed to buy a special book just to keep them safe when they traveled.

Two mothers bring their kids with them to vandalize and burglarize a mosque, and they film themselves doing it! Naturally, they've been arrested.

What it was like to get a beer with Stephen Hawking.

What's the deal with mitochondria and chloroplasts?


Feeling: Okay


I saw an owl this morning.

I added a page for the Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt multicart.

  • Trump is so proud of his "idea" for a military group in space, he doesn't realize how terrible he's doing.
  • Donald Trump Jr. wife is divorcing him, and Melania Trump will likely follow suit after the details are released of Trump's affair with a porn star.
  • After MSU's president resigned when it came out that a member of her staff sexually assaulted over 100 women, the college put in charge Republican John Engler. And while Engler has no experience running a university, he does have experience preventing women who have been sexually assaulted from seeing justice.
  • At this point, FEMA is basically synonymous with hurricanes because the US keeps getting hit with bigger and bigger hurricanes, and FEMA keeps bungling the relief efforts. Climate scientists have been predicting bigger and more frequent hurricanes for years as a result of humans increasing the planet's average temperature with all of our pollution, so FEMA has finally decided to take action by removing any mention of global warming from their literature. Problem solved!
  • Trump gets another yes-man in his inner circle.

Lying to innocent people, putting them in jail, and coercing them into taking a bad plea bargain is a perfectly legal thing for a prosecutor to do.

If you drink water from plastic containers, you're also drinking particles of the plastic container, and that's not very healthy for you or the environment.

If someone with no medical knowledge is trying to convince you to stop taking medicine prescribed to you by a doctor, you probably shouldn't listen to them.

There are entire groups dedicated to atheists in the military, so why are Christians still trying to claim that there are no atheists in fox holes? If anything, there shouldn't be any Christians in fox holes because they should have faith that their god will protect them, and, even if he doesn't, they'll just go to heaven if they're killed die.

Sorry Judge Vance Day, but you took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not your holy book. If you can't do your job, then you won't be allowed to do your job.

Beware the ides of Smarch

Feeling: Okay


I've added a page about vegetarianism and a page for the Story of Yars' Revenge audio drama book.

  • Republicans have shown themselves to support party over country time and time again, so it's no surprise that, even in the wake of Russian assassins murdering Russian critics, Republicans shut down their investigation and absolved Russia of interfering with the US election to aide Trump. To be clear, -every- federal law enforcement agency agrees that Russia interfered with US elections, so why did Republicans canceled their investigation before hearing from key witnesses or even looking at their evidence? Because Republicans care more about protecting their party's image, even if it means putting the nation's safety and free elections at risk. However, even after firing Rex Tillerson for speaking out against Russia, Trump finally caved and instituted some of the Russian sanctions Congress demanded months ago.
  • In a closed-door speech that was recorded and later leaked to the press, Trump explained how he told Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, that Canada had a trade deficit with the USA, Trudeau reminded Trump that they do not, but Trump said he was wrong and insisted that they did. Then, Trump admitted that he had no idea if there was a deficit, he just blindly assumes that every country has a trade deficit with the US..
  • Thankfully, people are beginning to see the Republican party for the cesspool it is, like in Pennsylvania's traditionally Republican 18th Congressional District. The existing Congressman, Republican Tim Murphy, resigned in disgrace after it came out that, despite claiming to be fiercely pro-family and anti-abortion, he was cheating on his wife, then pressured his mistress into getting an abortion after he found out she was pregnant! This created a special election and Democrat Conor Lamb appears to have won despite the district having been gerrymandered to give Republicans a massive edge over Democrats!
  • Because Trump was too stupid to sign his own non-disclosure agreement after having an affair with a porn star, we're probably going to get the details.
  • As is typical of Republican tact, Leslie Gibson calls the survivors of the Parkland, Florida massacre "skin head lesbians" and "bald-faced liars." In my home town, the public school administration created a massive safety violation when they locked all of the students inside their classrooms, not for their protection, but rather to prevent them from protesting in the #Enough walkout. Principal Michael Fray explained that he did this to to maintain school safety, but if a fire started, the students and teachers would have all died. The students, undaunted, still formed a sit-in in front of the main office.
  • I'm hoping to see a lot more fallout from Rex Tillerson's firing.

An interesting video about Nintendo designer, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Why do we imagine aliens looking the way they do? Because we're not very creative.

The lead in Flint water is on the rise again.

Why are women meaner to other women in the workplace?

The evolution of turtles.

Happy pi day

Feeling: Okay


Stephen Hawking has died. It's a loss for humanity because he was such an important scientist.

Religion likes to control who is allowed to love and be loved.

Sheriff Todd Entrekin bought $1,700,000 in properties from the money he had been stealing from his department.

Various reasons why various animals fall out of various skies.

The quantum properties of an extremely pure diamond.

No chaos in the White House!

Feeling: Okay


I updated the Pac-Man page with color palette information, credits, and more videos.

  • Another day, another series of lost jobs. Trump used Twitter to fire his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, while Rex was overseas! Trump said he wanted a new Secretary of State before going into diplomatic talks with North Korea, which is funny because, just a few months ago, Trump said Tillerson's attempts at diplomacy with North Korea were a waste of time! Tillerson may be gone, but he did a lot of damage to US foreign policy. James Schwab, spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has also resigned. When asked the reason for his resignation, he explained that he couldn't bear having to deal with the lies of the Trump administration. And, NASA's acting chief has retired without a clear successor. Aaaand, John McEntee, Trump's closest aide has been fired, with no obvious reason given.
  • The Russians are murdering people again. No response from Trump again.
  • The Trump administration has set a record for the most government documents censored.
  • US health care is ranked number one among developed nations in two categories, the most expensive, and the least effective. It's a shame Trump didn't make good on his promise that fixing it on day one was going to be so easy.
  • Defying the bigotry of the President, Illinois passes a law allowing it to be a sanctuary state for immigrants. And to understand why this is a good thing, see the definition of sanctuary cities.
  • 600,000 Americans have been shot since the last time Congress voted against research into gun violence.
  • While I'd love to see Trump ousted from office, let us not forget that Mike Pence is evil too.

A crash course on cryptocurrencies.

New York cops take turns running over a raccoon with their car, eventually killing it. When the outraged people called for the officers' resignation, the police department issued a statement saying they thought the raccoon was rabid. The people are unimpressed.

The basic AI behind the ghosts in Pac-Man.

Strange spiraling ground formations appear to be the work of extinct beavers.

Kurds in Syria are carving out a new democratic country for themselves in the wake of the wars.

Some objections to anti-theism, and why they don't hold water.

Three months down

Feeling: Okay


The girls became 3-months-old yesterday. It feels like sooo much longer!

I finally mastered the game Yars' Revenge! I also added a page for the Eve 6 song Open Road Song.

A wonderful kid's lecture on the chemical elements.

This is why Southern states need to eliminate their child marriage laws, but it's also a big part why Christians prevent them from doing so, because their bible demands they marry their rapists.

Epigenetics from an actual geneticist.

Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to 7 years in prison, not because he jacked up the price of medicine so much many people couldn't afford it and died, that's perfectly legal, but because he defrauded already wealthy people, which is the real crime.

It seems like most of the people demanding immigrant learn to speak English can't do so themselves.

There was a time when the dominate life form was fungus.

Why Jesus was not a hero.

When do we get three-day weekends?

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I added a page for the Nightwish song Swanheart and the Lawrence Alma-Tadema painting A Coign of Vantage.

Which celebrity will lose their career next because they can't keep their hands to themselves?

Women in Iran will still go to prison for showing their hair in public.

Why black people don't care much for country music.

Conservative Christians once again prevent from getting passed as law a bill to stop child-brides.

Some Amiga love from an 81-year-old artist.

Christian pastor Ronnie Gorton has been arrested for raping several boys.

The ancestors of whales who had legs.

Understanding Jehovah's Witnesses in five minutes.

I got, like, six hours of sleep last night!

Feeling: Okay


I've added a guide for how to determine the file type of an unknown file and more documents, info, and links to the Super Mario Bros. page.

  • The only nice thing about having a completely incompetent president is that he's so stupid he's so bad at his job won't do any lasting damage to the country. He can't even keep a person on his payroll for more than a couple months, and when they do leave, they have only terrible things to say about the administration.
  • Trump's incompetence in global trade is not only injuring the US in the world market, but now, even our allies are forming new trade groups that exclude the US.
  • Republican Ryan Zinke is a Trump goon. Like most of Trump's goons, he was place in charge of the very organization he hopes to destroy. In Zinke's case, he has worked for years to eliminate environmental protections, stop protecting endangered species, eliminate national monuments and protected lands, return the use of toxic lead bullets, and has lobbied for greater reliance on fossil fuels. Naturally, Trump put Zinke in charge of the Department of the Interior, whose job it is to protect the nation's natural resources, and, naturally, Zinke is destroying them as fast as possible. His most recent push is to get the Department of the Interior partnered with oil companies.
  • Republican Ted Cruz's real name is "Rafael," but Republicans don't vote for people with non-Uhmerican sounding names, so he goes by "Ted." Fair enough. So why is he now accusing his Democratic opponent, Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, of using his Hispanic nickname to win voters?
  • Under Republican control, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is no longer including anti-discrimination as part of their mission statement.
  • Republican Valerie Huber is now in charge of doling out federal funds for sexual education, but she is the former president of the National Abstinence Education Association, so you can pretty much predict that funding for sex ed will be eliminated.
  • Trump's response to Kim Jong-Un's possible nuclear disarmament talks leave much to be desired.

There was a time in our planet's history when, if you viewed it from space, it probably would have looked purple.

Most supplements are complete garbage and are slowly poisoning you, but some actually have evidence of medicinal value.

Christians remade The Wizard of Oz.

Babies are only waking up twice a night now!

Feeling: Okay


I've added a page describing extreme longevity in the Book of Genesis.

  • Whelp, Trump just lost another one of his senior advisors, economic adviser Gary Cohn has left citing Trump's idiotic trade war with the rest of the world as a partial reason. Maybe he's annoyed that someone who doesn't know anything about trade is claiming that trade wars are good? I wonder who's next?
  • Trump administration employee Sam Nunberg probably isn't going to win any points with the FBI.
  • Teachers don't care much for Trump and DeVos's destruction of public education.
  • If you're a terrible person, it's not wise to respond to professional comedians.
  • The Trump administration is encouraging companies to destroy the environment.
  • Because Trump's kids like to kill endangered species, he felt the need to change the laws so they could bring elephant body parts back home with them as a reminder of how they killed an animal from a distance.
  • So jealous of the state of Washington state's Internet!
  • White supremacist Richard Spencer gave a talk at MSU. It didn't go very well for him.
  • All the major mental health groups chime in, if you want to decrease school shootings, you don't put more guns in schools, you improve mental and emotional health care.

Why religion is so powerful in people's lives.

When a computer technician finds illegal content on a computer they're fixing, they have a duty to report that content to the authorities just like anyone else witnessing a crime. However, when the authorities put a bounty on illegal content, they create an incentive for technicians to actively search through your computer in hopes of finding something illegal. Now, they are not just technicians, but a paid arm of law enforcement. How can you avoid inadvertently giving your computer to law enforcement pretending to be a technician? Step one, never take you computer to Best Buy or Geek Squad. Apparently, the FBI pays their technicians $500 for each customer they turn in.

Biology used to be a nice wet science, but, with the advent of quantum mechanics, it's moving to the subatomic level.

The NSA doesn't help security, in fact, they have a long history of learning about security flaws and then exploiting them, even against fellow Americans. So, when the NSA has a leak, it's a boon for hackers who use all their secrets to exploit people all over the world until actual security firms can fix all of the security flaws. It's now been almost a year since the NSA's EternalBlue secret was leaked to the public, and hackers, including those in North Korea, are still using it to exploit computers around the world.

Ever want your skull crushed by a giant bird? You'll have to get a time machine.


Feeling: Annoyed

  • The US State Department was given $120,000,000 to fight Russian election meddling, but they haven't done a single thing about it because Trump's ego is too big to admit he didn't win fairly.
  • The NRA, in addition to having the worst TV show ever, has also successfully lobbied my home state's House of Representatives to get them to pass a bill allowing concealed carrying of pistols without a permit. This will increase the state's already high level of gun violence and accidental shootings.
  • You didn't want clean water did you?
  • Nazis continue to murder people in America, but the Justice Department still refuses to monitor the actions of white terrorist groups.

How scientists figured out how to measure gravitational waves.

How and why sex evolved.

All the problems with the New York Times article about weight loss.

Why does inbreeding produce genetic defects? Because they were always there to begin with.

The Academy sure loves itself some method actors.

The train wreck continues

Feeling: Okay


I added a page for the Half-Life universe and made updates to each of the sub-pages.

  • If Trump had his way, he really would be a fascist dictator who isn't interested in law or due process.
  • After 17 children were shot to death with an assault rifle, Florida Republicans voted, not to eliminate assault rifles, but to flood their schools with more guns.
  • Trump's cabinet is an endless failure of resignations and firings, and Trump can't even keep his son-in-law from being placed on par with the wait staff.
  • Corruption in the Trump administration continues unabated. Just before Trump announced a huge 25% tariff on foreign steel, his former adviser, Carl Icahn, sold off $31,300,000 in foreign steel stocks.
  • Many gun lovers have a fantasy where they'll be the hero and stop an mad shooter before any innocent people are injured, but, the reality is, gun situations are extremely messy and unpredictable, and, even if you successfully stop a shooter, you may end up getting shot by the police for your troubles.
  • Trump's pick for head of the EPA, Republican Scott Pruitt, has always been anti-science, but he's also always been homophobic.
  • In an effort to stop child trafficking and child molestation, Kentucky politicians are trying to finally change their law which allows 16-year-olds to marry. But, as expected, Christians are once again trying to stop them.
  • How Pennsylvania Republicans were able to rig their state's election through gerrymandering.

YouTube has a serious problem of promoting conspiracy theories while at the same time, eliminating the videos of people who debunk conspiracy theories.

Learning how to cope with being offended is one of the most important things you can do.

Trying to understand the earth in geologic time periods.

You get a gun, you get a gun, everyone gets a gun!

Feeling: Okay


I added a page about the Christian story, the exorcism of Legion.

  • Give the teachers guns, Trump said, what could possibly go wrong, Trump said. And while Trump might be putting on a gun control show for the cameras, why would anyone trust a compulsive liar?
  • Remember when North Korea talked about their nuclear missiles and Trump went on a tear with childish name-calling and threats of war? Now Russia is doing it, but Trump is strangely silent. Why? You don't speak ill about your bros.
  • Republicans gave massive tax cuts to companies, and with all that extra money, surely they're increasing the wages of their employees, right? Nope.
  • The Trump administration just lost it's third communications director.
  • After Delta said they were going to cut NRA discounts, Georgia Republicans cut their tax breaks.
  • It's not just that Ben Carson spent nearly $200,000 refurnishing his office, it's that he did so knowing that it was illegal, and not expecting it to be a big deal.
  • Kimberly Daniels, a Democrat in Florida, thanks her god for the American slave trade because, without it, Africans wouldn't be Christians.

Only with religion do you have to justify someone in their 50s, having sex with a nine-year-old.

What a crazy time in history was the Paleozoic Era.

Luke W. Reese, a Catholic Priest, has been charged with rape.

Some people menstruate, and some people don't like it when people say people menstruate, and demand you clarify that women menstruate, and anyone who menstruates, but doesn't currently identify as a woman, should be excluded.

Yet another case of Christians losing tax payer money in their effort to keep giant symbols of their religion on public land despite trying to argue that a cross has nothing to do with Christianity.

Lousy Smarch Weather!

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I added a collection of the funnier Honest Titles alterations.

  • Even the Conservative magazine Forbes is saying that the Trump budget plan is nothing but lies.
  • While Trump continues to heap adoration on Putin and refuses to enforce sanctions against Russia, even though the whole of Congress demands them and every defense organization says we need them, or even properly investigate them, Putin unveils a new Russian nuclear missile that he claims can hit any target in the world and can't be stopped by US or European defenses.
  • For decades now, Republicans have done nothing to stop or event decrease the number of children being massacred in this country, and Trump is only making things worse.
  • For over a year, Trump had his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of most of the executive branch of US government, and he accomplished absolutely nothing. Now, finally, Kushner is losing his top secret clearance that he never should have had.
  • Some of the names and faces in the upcoming elections. And, if Republicans don't want to be associated with Nazis, why is it Nazis keep running on the Republican platform?
  • Equifax has just acknowledged the loss of the personal identity of 2,400,000 people in addition to the 143,000,000 people from last year's hack. The company continues to go unpunished by the Republican-majority US government.

Michigan is looking to pass a bill that will increase the length of the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. Naturally, the Catholic Church is terrified and fighting against it!

Sadly, we missed out on the time when the earth was covered with giant insects.

The sexual harassment history of Lawrence Krauss is not only a black mark against him, but it's a black mark against organizations that supported him after they knew about his disgusting past, like Center For Inquiry.

AIs designed to play video games often discover and exploit game bugs.

Ready for bed

Feeling: Okay


Hello father, it's 1 AM, and I feel like throwing up all over myself...

Emily and I watched the Darren Brown program The Push, where he attempts to coerce an unsuspecting person to apparently murder someone. It was really intense. I also added boxes, manuals, maps, and fan art to The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap page and created a page regarding the virgin birth of Jesus.

  • Everyone is mocking Trump for his ridiculous claim he would have run, unarmed, into a school with an active shooter, but nobody does it better than Trevor Noah, who plays back all of the video footage of Trump being a coward.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if the US Government actually researched the causes of gun violence? Until then, it's nice to hear that a major seller of assault rifles has ceased, and the NRA isn't happy that their members will have to start paying full price for goods and services.
  • The University of Michigan released a report and the conclusions weren't anything new, Republican Rick Snyder bears a significant legal responsibility for poisoning the majority of people living in Flint. He won't, of course, because of Michigan's highly corrupt state government, but he certainly should.
  • Trump appointee, Republican Ben Carson, spent $31,000 of taxpayer money on his office dining set.

The undetectable poisons assassins have used over the years, and how scientists have learned to detect them.

Our lovable ancestor, dimetrodon!

What if I told you that it doesn't make you a bigot to criticize people who purposely torture and disfigure children?

During World War I, militaries experimented with dazzling anti-camouflage.

Still going

Feeling: Okay


It's almost been three months, but I still find myself waking up in the middle of the night, trying to gently cradle my girls in my arms and rock them back to sleep, only to realize I'm holding my pillow.

I added a page for the artist John William Waterhouse and added a page for the story of Jesus Cursing the Fig Tree.

  • Of all the terrible people and companies that are thrilled that Net neutrality has been eliminated, I wasn't expecting happiness from the NRA who just gifted a gun to Republican Ajit Pai. And Republican Casey Cagle is ready to kill tax breaks for Delta airlines if they don't give cheaper tickets to NRA members!
  • Republicans claims to want merit-based immigration rules, but they keep trying to deport everyone who isn't white, even if they're employed and paying taxes, and even if they haven't broken a law in the past two decades. Speaking of which, according to a recent Supreme Court ruling, if an immigrant is arrested, even if they're living here legally, it is now legal to imprison them until they die without ever giving them a court hearing.
  • The Great Lakes combined is the world's largest fresh water reserve, and Trump is trying to eliminate every law that sustains them.
  • The US isn't the only country with a problem with a fascist dictator, Italy's election also isn't looking so hot.

Trying to gauge the size of the moon in Super Mario Odyssey.

Why pregnancy really is like having an alien growing inside of you.

Christian youth pastor Brad Tebbutt sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl numerous times, including at his church, and when the church officials found out, they told the girl to forgive Tebbutt and forget about the whole thing, and never called the police or even told the girl's mother!

The dinosaurs were huge, sure, but how does a land animal get that big?

Babies are getting bigger

Feeling: Okay


I finished reading the book Way Station. I've also added a sortable rank column to the list of works by most of the people in my Wiki.

  • Marco Rubio, after a mass shooting that left a bunch of children dead, stupidly assumed the crowd wouldn't want to ban assault rifles, and Trump thinks it's a great idea to give a gun to your near-sighted 65-year-old math teacher. And while many gun nuts don't understand that Chicago's gun problem comes from the neighboring cities that sell to Chicago residents, some people are actually making a real difference, unlike Republican Rick Santorum who believes children go on shooting sprees because of single mothers.
  • With the Conservative lead on the Supreme Court, we may be looking at the death of work unions, which will be another step back into the stone age of employment. We may see the elimination of weekends, vacations, sick leave, and all the other worker benefits that only exist because of unions. At least they made the right call on DACA.

Everyone knows about white noise, but what about red noise, blue noise, brown noise, and all the others?

Measuring things is complicated and only get more complicated as we try to make better measurements.

God isn't banned from schools, and anyone who says so is either ignorant or a liar.

Obstructing anything sensible

Feeling: Okay


I added a page for the video game designer Takashi Tezuka.

  • Another one of Trump's political consultants, Rick Gates, is going to plead guilty to Russian collusion!
  • Conservative conspiracy nuts who believe in "crisis actors" care more about their guns than reality, and if you're that easily swayed by an obvious lie, you probably shouldn't have access to guns at all.
  • As usual, Conservatives attack the survivors of a mass shooting. After refusing to do anything to try and stop children from being shot to death, Florida Republicans spent their time talking about the imaginary dangers of pornography, and voting to violate religious freedom.
  • Trump knows how to stop people from shooting school students, arm the teachers, specifically those who will shoot themselves in the leg.
  • While Republicans ignore the cries of dying children, they continue to expend all their energy stopping the real problem in America, no, not Russian spies, environmentalists.
  • Trump's head of the EPA, Republican Scott Pruitt isn't just a science denier, he also believes his god expects him to pollute the Earth by burning coal.
  • Republican Eric Greitens, governor of Missouri, has been indicted on felony charges for sharing nude pictures of a woman without her consent.

There was once an ape that was three meters tall!

The untold dangers of certain types of plea bargains.

The various types of time travel as they appear in fiction.

Because the NSA has a long history of lying to people about safe forms of cryptography, it's very difficult to trust them when they suggest constants.

Killing us not so softly

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So far I've seen robins, blue birds, Canada geese, swans, squirrels, and chipmunks. Don't these fools know it's not spring yet?

I added a page for the Green Day album American Idiot.

  • After the Florida school shooting, the surviving students begged Republican Marco Rubio to pass sensible gun control laws, but he refused. He's a lawmaker who doesn't believe laws do any good. He followed up his stupidity with a town hall meeting, where explained why he will continue to accept money from the NRA. And it's lack of action like Rubio's that has caused an increase in threats to other schools. Sadly, adults have to rely on the surviving children to be the sensible ones.
  • Trump is still ignoring Russian espionage.
  • When Clinton cheated on his wife, he was impeached. When Trump is caught cheating on his wife multiple times and paying huge amounts of hush money Christians call him a man of God.
  • Trump continues to dismiss scientific facts, but we have a pretty good idea about how much the earth changed the last time there was global warming, and it's going to be a lot worse this time around.

A wonderful lecture about all the non-visible light flying through the universe.

Want to run an emulator of one of the first computers ever made?

Dreaming of ones and zeros

Feeling: Okay


I've added a page for The Official Nintendo Player's Guide.

  • Every couple days there is a mass shooting in the US, and it brings up the same tired arguments. Here are the most common, and why they're wrong.
  • As students from Parkland, Florida traveled to protest in Washington D.C., Republicans in their home state rejected a proposed ban on assault rifles.
  • Republican Shawn Harrison had to fire his aide, Benjamin Kelly, because Kelly claimed, in an official capacity, that the students in the Parkland, Florida massacre weren't real students, but paid actors. But it's not just some random jerk who parrots these ridiculous conspiracy theories, Trump's kid likes these obvious lies.
  • Republicans may be ignoring all the children being murdered, but they aren't doing nothing. Why, just yesterday all their hard work paid off and they were able to keep the woefully incompetent Jared Kushner in his senior White House advisor role, despite losing his access to secret federal information.
  • In addition to ending Net neutrality tomorrow, Republican Ajit Pai will also take Internet access away from poor people.
  • Georgia Republicans have passed a bill that will allow Christian adoption agencies to refuse to place orphan children in same-sex families, not because they feel same-sex couples will be incapable parents, but because they're bigots.
  • But it's not all bad news, the Republican clusterfuck is causing people to vote against them in record numbers.
  • Why Trump's wall won't work and what we need to do about those damn dog statues.
  • John Oliver discusses the importance of getting the news right, and why Trump and Brexit are both results of systemic lies.
  • Al Franken wasn't expected to resign because of bots or Internet trolls, he was expected to resign because Liberals expect their politicians to behave ethically.

Iceland is doing something that every nation should do, they're banning the mutilation of infants for non-medical reasons. Naturally, religious people are freaking out because their religion requires the mutilation of infants for non-medical reasons.

Salt makes food taste better, not because it makes it taste more salty, but strangely, more sweet!

How and why religious apologists resort to the fallacy of false equivalence.

Can't I go back to when I didn't have to pay attention to politics?

Feeling: Okay


I added a page for Nintendo Power and maps to the Mario Kart 64 page.

If someone says they cured their own cancer, they're probably going to die from cancer.

Some of the more unsung black heroes.

Why the arguments of antivaxers are so flawed.

Using Nitrogen Triiodide to make things go boom.

Echidnas are just plain weird.

Still can't sleep a full night

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I added a page for OutRun.

  • The Trump administration just killed the bill that was going to waste $25,000,000,000 in tax payer money to pay for Trump's border wall just so they could deport DREAMers. This is the compromise that Democrats made with Republicans in order to not shut down the government. As expected, the Republicans didn't follow through, shame on the the Democrats for thinking they could be trusted.
  • Want to know how your legislators voted on gun control? NPR has a nice chart of them all. In my state of Michigan, they're right along party lines, as usual, Republicans voted in favor of making it easier for people to get guns regardless of inexperience or mental instability. Of course, Fox "News" knows the real cause of mass murder isn't giving assault rifles to crazy people, the real cause is gays. Speaking of guns, the AR-15 is the official firearm of Americans who murder children, and, in Florida, they're easier to buy than a pistol. And, yes, the Russians are also trying to affect the American gun control debate.
  • Even after thirteen Russians and three Russian entities are indicted for interfering with the US election, Trump continues to protect Putin and Russia.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt, Trump's pick the head the EPA so he can dismantle the EPA, is demanding that he has to ride in first class, because people in the ordinary section won't stop making fun of him.
  • Republican Newt Gingrich believes that people who don't believe in gods are an equal or greater threat to America than ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
  • This Trump supporter still loves him, even though he's going to lose his business because of Trump.

An American terrorist, Marckles Alcius, purposely crashed his car into a building trying to kill those people who had a different political belief.

You too can make a Shakeweight generator to power your house.

Why you shouldn't trust the US government to give you cryptography advice.

Why being really cold makes you want to pee.

Big baby belly buttons

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The girls had their 2-month checkup today. They're both healthy, growing steadily, and got their first round of vaccinations. Each has a fluid-filled umbilical hernia, but the doctor said it's common with premature babies, and, as long as the intestines don't escape the belly, they will heal themselves over time.

I finished reading My Father's Dragon and added a page for the painting Circe Invidiosa.

  • Remember a year ago when Trump eliminated a law which made it easier for people with mental problems to buy guns? Great idea since we all know mental health has nothing to do with mass shootings, it's all about whether people play video games.
  • 13 Russian people and three Russian entities have been indicted by the federal grand jury for criminal interference with the 2016 presidential election. Some of them were in communication with the Trump administration.
  • Like Goerge W. Bush before him, Trump is trying to eliminate as much green renewable energy as he can. His goal is to wipe out 72% of research across the board so we can go back to antiquated dirty fossil fuels.

A wonderful lecture about what the Large Hadron Collider is up to, now that the Higgs Boson has been found.

In honor of Black History Month, a collection of SNL's Black Jeopardy sketches.

Want another reason US health care is so expensive, because insurance companies are charged $17,850 for a $200 drug test.

The long, really long, history of super continents.

New Mexico Republicans just lost $700,000 of tax payer money in a legal fight to promote religion on public land.

Our modern computer design is the product of a man named John von Neumann.

Do you notice Google removed the "View Image" button in their image search? Blame Getty Images.

Lab-grown meat cannot get here soon enough!

Never gonna stop

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I added a page about Tootsie Pops ranked by flavor, the board game Monopoly, and I also reworked the review section for all of my Ancient Writing pages.

  • We're not even seven whole weeks into 2018, and there have already been at least eight school shootings in the USA. The Florida shooter was a while male who belonged to a white supremacist group. shooting has left 17 people dead, and 15 more wounded, making it the deadliest student shooting in US history. Once again, the US is the only developed nation where mass shootings are still commonplace. Other nations that have adopted strict gun laws have also eliminated mass shootings. As usual, Democrats call for stricter gun laws to protect people, but Republicans continue to protect nothing but the NRA.
  • You expect it from someone who has been accused of sexual assault by over 20 women, but Trump says you shouldn't trust women who make accusations against men, especially the ex-wives that were beaten by his former staff secretary Rob Porter.
  • Trump's personal laywer finally came clean and admitted that he paid $130,000 in hush money to the porn star Stormy Daniels so she wouldn't talk about her affair with Donald Trump.
  • Trump keeps complaining that immigrants are criminal, but, as usual, the real criminals are the people given power over other. Raphael Sanchez, a lawyer for ICE, has resigned after it came out that he was stealing the identities of immigrants and using their names to defraud financial institutions.
  • Trump's head of the EPA, Republican Scott Pruitt, doesn't believe in the science of global warming, but he says, even if it's true, maybe it's a good thing!

An interesting overview of the R.101 airship, how it was built, operated, and crashed.

Changing the mind of a faith believer is very difficult.

Superpermutations are pretty cool.

What you can buy with a billion dollars, and what you can't.

ACE is the place for valentimes!

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Hold the wood for me Justin.

  • If you wanted to create a plan for guaranteeing that the poor will never be able to pull themselves out of debt, you couldn't do better than Trump's budget plan. And rather than help poor people, Trump wants to give $1,000,000,000 of tax payer money to private religious school.
  • Trump's protection of a wife-beater isn't going well for the White House.
  • Republican Jay Lawrence doesn't think incarcerated women should have access to sanitary napkins, and doesn't even think people should be allowed to talk about menstruation.
  • Peter Coffin discusses the latest Conservative darling, Jordan Peterson.

Thunder, during a blizzard? What won't they think of next?

A Christian pastor is upset that he will no longer be getting paid as much to hold public school meetings in his church, and he is no longer allowed to proselytize during the meetings.

Yet another video describing the god of the gaps.

Christian pastor George Nelson Gregory was caught nude and tied up with another man in a car on a public street. After on-lookers called the police, the pastor explained that he wasn't doing anything sexual, he was just "counseling a young man with a drug problem."

It's been the worst day since yesterday.

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I wrote about a theological problem called the God At the End of the Rainbow, added hint books, screenshots, and manuals to the Pac-Man page, and push my previous posts to the Old News page.

  • We currently live in a country where the ridiculous morning TV show "Fox and Friends" has more control over the president than anyone else.
  • Of course Republicans aren't doing anything to stop Russians from interfering in US elections, a major reason why they won was because of Russian interference. But, when even George W. Bush is telling you that Russian are interfering with the election, you know it's serious.
  • The new Republican budget proposal is not only increasing the deficit to over $7,000,000,000,000, but now they're eliminating all help for student loan repayments which is going to keep current students in debt and scare potential students away from entering universities. It also eliminates 22 programs meant to help the poor, sick, and hungry, cuts Medicare even further and gives billions more to our already obscenely wasteful military.
  • Trump's infrastructure blueprint is basically just the government selling public lands to private owners and an increase of tolls and fees for services that were once free.
  • Trump is also trying to eliminate funding for public television and radio like PBS and NPR.
  • Low-income families who qualify for the SNAP program receive a EBT card which they can use to purchase food for their family. Republicans want to change this, and instead send the families a package of "food" heavily processed for longer-shelf life. So, instead of parents being able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, they will receive canned vegetables. Instead of whole grains, they will get boxed cereal. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, the president who eats cheeseburgers in bed is now telling people what they should be eating.
  • We're living in a time when even a city police department spends $1,400,000 to closely monitor the social media of its citizens.

Part of rapid evolution means coming up with some really amazing superpowers.

Remember police officer Stephan Mader who used de-escalation tactics on a gun-wielding man who was begging the police to to kill him? While Mader was trying to talk the man into putting down his gun, a fellow officer showed up and shot the man to death, only to find Mader was right, the man's gun was unloaded. But the Weirton, West Virginia police fired Mader for not immediately killing the man like his trigger-happy fellow officer. Well, Mader won his lawsuit, and the city has wasted $175,000 in taxes to pay Mader for damages in addition to all the rest of the money they wasted in the lawsuit.

Using dice to generate a random password.

What life would be like if we let religious people publicly discriminate.

Some pretty awesome video game themed Japanese wood block art.

Babies are officially two months old as of yesterday.

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I finished reading Flowers For Algernon, added more maps and boxes to the Kirby's Dream Land page, and added more maps, manuals, ads, and art to the Guerrilla War page.

  • The Trump administration isn't even trying to to stop Russians from hacking US elections.
  • For months, the White House knowingly protected Bob Porter, a man who beat his wives.
  • As expected, Trump blocked the release of the Democrat memo which refutes all the lies in the Nunes memo. Trump claims the Republican memo proves his innocence and incriminates the FBI, it does neither.
  • According to court documents, some of the police hired to protect protesting Nazis and white supremacists were actively rounding up and arresting counter-protesters because the cops were sympathetic to the Nazis.
  • Jeff Sessions is so anti-drug that he doesn't think people suffering from chronic pain should be allowed to take anything stronger than aspirin.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a government organization meant to protect consumers from companies that try to take advantage of them. Well, it used to be. Trump appointee, Republican Mick Mulvaney, is doing everything he can to prevent the bureau from actually protecting Americans.

The science behind fire and gunpowder.

During the second world war, the US government tested mustard gas on US soldiers, didn't give them proper medical care, and forbade them to tell doctors what had been done to them. They tested especially on black and Asian soldiers.

How to return from a jump in machine code, even when you don't have a line return register or a stack.

Students at Georgian College in Ontario, Canada were probably re-thinking their tuitions after it came out that their school was preparing to offer a 3-year program in homeopathy. The school has wisely scrapped the program, but the fact that they were even considering it is disheartening. It would be like if they had a program in unicornology.

What's the deal with old people smell?

Donald Trump is a shitlord.

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I added more maps, manuals, graphic sheets, and cover art to the Wolfenstein 3-D page.

  • Trump had his rich daddy help him dodge the draft with a fake diagnosis of "bone spurs," but that won't stop him from wasting millions pretending the US military are his toy soldiers. Like most pathetic dictators, Trump wants a military parade in his honor to show the world just how unstable the US has become. And his embarrassing military posturing is only going to increase tensions with North Korea, so let's just remind ourselves just how many people would die if we went to war.
  • More Republicans come out to disavow the Republican memo as bullshit.
  • Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, and hero of Donald Trump because he enjoys personally murdering people who take recreational drugs, is finally going to be investigate by an international criminal court.
  • Republicans have been pretty successful at exorcising from this history books, every mistake our government has ever made, but it's important to remember that a large part of our nation's history, even the stuff that survives to this day, is extremely racist.

The awesomeness of cobalt.

Can dogs smell fear? Not exactly, but they can smell a chemical change in your scent that occurs when you're afraid.

An important figure in black history is John Robinson.

Why are tax payers so eager to dump billions on sports arenas? Because the owners tell them it will be great for their local economy. Spoiler alert, they never are.

Electroshock therapy never really went away, and is becoming more effective and safer than ever.

Dictators gonna dick

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  • One of the main points in the memo written by Devin Nunes was that the FBI used a Democratic-funded dossier to begin the investigation, but that argument is invalidated by the very same evidence Nunes cited!
  • I cast a lot of hate against Republicans because they pretty much always screw things up, like the $1,500,000,000,000 deficit they created in the national budget by cutting taxes on the wealthy and eliminating programs to help the poor. But this time, the hate goes to both Republicans and Democrats for increasing our deficit further. The new bipartisan bill adds another $165,000,000,000 to our already over-funded military while only $131,000,000,000 will be added to help the poor.
  • When Trump said Democrats are guilty of treason, a crime for which execution is a possible punishment, he was only kidding, never mind that he also said he never kids.
  • Another one of Trump's White House staffers resigns in disgrace. Rob Porter who was in charge of censoring information that Trump can't handle has resigned after two of his ex-wives accused him of beating them.
  • Trump's aides are trying to convince him not to talk with Robert Mueller because they believe he will almost certainly incriminate himself.

Vitamin C can't cure a cold or any other disease, but why do so many people believe it can? Blame Linus Pauling.

New York police officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, both in their 30s, raped an 18-year-old girl in their police car, but they might not get a typical rape sentence because they claim that the girl consented to sex, and, in New York and 35 other states, there is no law which prevents a cop from having sex with someone they've arrested if they consent.

Why BMI is not a good indicator of health.

In the 1980s, Fernando Karadima, a Catholic priest, sexually abused Juan Carlos Cruz and several other children, but these crimes were covered up by fellow clergy member Juan Barros. When Cruz learned that Barros had been promoted to a Bishop, Cruz couldn't stay silent any longer, and sent a letter to Pope Francis detailing the whole mess. Rather than turn Juan Barros over to the authorities, Pope Francis claimed he never received the letter and publicly defended Bishop Juan Barros.

Do you find mosquitoes are more attracted to you than your friends? Blame your genes!

The amazing medicines that can be found in urine.

I should not be allowed on the Internet

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I started a new series of parody graphics called Not Meant For Children's Books.

  • Even several Republicans agree that the Nunes Memo doesn't vindicate Trump, but Fox News claims it proves all the deep state conspiracies they made up.
  • Trump is ignoring the Congressional sanctions against Russia because he's buddies with Vladamir Putin. This should frighten everyone because Putin is using the Russian military to invade neighboring nations.
  • Trump is really wearing on his sleeve his desire to be a military dictator.
  • Staffers at the White House explain that Trump isn't interested in reading things that are as long as 10 pages.
  • The Trump Administration is trying to put a cap on Medicaid use so that poor people who get sick with really expensive diseases will have their insurance cutoff mid-treatment.
  • Trump promised he would shrink the trade deficit with China, and to be sure of success, he put in charge his son-in-law who has no training in such matters. But, due to his incompetence, the trade deficit with China has reached an all time high.
  • Trump bragged about how wonderful the economy was doing, at the same time the stock market had the largest drop in history.
  • Don Trump Jr. says Democrats are like Joe McCarthy all the while practicing McCarthyism.

Natalie Portman is still bad ass.

Where to birds go during hurricanes?

Good Christian Larry Alex Taunton, who fabricated a death-bed conversion story for Christopher Hitchens and believes that anyone who doesn't believe in his god is evil, has just resigned after it came out that he was having sex with two of his ministry's younger staffers.

How scientists are able to accurately measure the age of the universe.

Zebes isn't the nice place it used to be

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I added a page for Microsoft and downloads for the translated Metroid (Magazine Z) graphic novels.

  • Four Republicans finally grew a pair and publicly stated that the Nunes memo in no way vindicates Trump. Too bad Jeff Sessions has abandoned the Justice Department to the wolves rather than show backbone.
  • Trump is pulling money out of the Basic Health Program, and, with no other programs available to them, he's going to kill a lot of people.
  • The point of the US census is to get an accurate picture of the number and ethnicity of everyone living in America, regardless of their immigration status, because you can't make good decisions if you don't have all the facts, and you certainly can't make good decisions if you have distorted facts. Unfortunately, Republicans keep making an accurate census an unlikely prospect by defunding it and adding questions to scare immigrants out of participating.
  • Yes, under the direction of unelected Republican emergency managers, the Flint Water Plant infected 87 people with Legionnaires' disease, killing 12 people. Residents noticed the change immediately after they switched water supplies, but the Republicans ignored their complaints and continued to poison them.
  • The Defense Logistics Agency, a company that the US government uses for military contracts has "lost" $800,000,000. And, by lost, you should probably read stole.
  • Wyoming has more wind power generation than any other state thanks to taking advantage of tax credits to replace fossil fuel energy production, but now their Republican Governor, Mary Fallin, not only wants to eliminate the tax credit, but start charging the wind farms a fee!

A lot of American soil owes a great debt to African dust.

Captain Disillusion explains how to step over an invisible box.

Putting yet another satellite into already crowded low-earth orbit for no reason other than to remind people that we can put satellites into space is not an effective use of time or money.

It's probably for the best that video games don't become realistic.

A biologist responds to claims regarding intelligent design.

Nin! Ten! Do!

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I added a page for Nintendo.

  • The anti-FBI memo concocted by admitted liar Republican Devin Nunes is not receiving a very friendly welcome from the intelligence community, or anyone who cares about reality.
  • Remember when Equifax lost the private identification of 145,500,000 Americans to hackers so that they will, for the rest of their lives, be vastly more likely to experience identity theft? Well, Trump appointee, Republican Mick Mulvaney, has just canceled the investigation against them.
  • Lou Anna Simon, president of MSU, resigned after it came out that Larry Nassar had been sexually assaulting hundreds of students under her watch. So, who replaced Simon as president of MSU? Former Michigan Governor, Republican John Engler, a man with no aptitude for running a university, but who does have a history of refusing to let women who claimed they've been sexually assaulted have their claims investigated.
  • Trump's pick to lead the Council on Environmental Quality, Republican Kathleen Hartnett White, a woman who thinks carbon dioxide is the "gas of life," that slavery was ended in part because of the burning of fossil fuels, and that renewable green energy is parasitic, has (thankfully) had her nomination revoked.
  • During the election campaign, the Trump administration was trying to cover the tracks of their Russian collusion, now they're doing it right out in the open.
  • Illinois Republicans are set to elect a Holocaust denying white supremacist to their congress.
  • The School of Choice program promoted by Mike Pence and Betsy DeVose not only churns out less-educated children, but it costs tax payers more, and most of their money goes to religious schools.
  • Trump saw a National Health Service protest occurring in the UK, and claimed the people were angry about NHS and wanting it scrapped. In reality, the NHS is the best-rated health care system in the world, and the people were protesting because they wanted even more funding put into it.
  • People with conservative political views are more likely to believe lies, but why?
  • Grady Judd, a sheriff in Florida wants immigrants to know, he isn't going to seek them out for deportation unless they're not religious.

Teachers are still assaulting children for refusing to show deference to a jingoist prayer.

The drinking bird is not a perpetual motion machine, but it is a marvel of engineering and physics.

Teaching the evolution of the eye, by building a digital camera.

So-called "bad girls" are more likely to say no to sex compared to "good girls."

You are the perfect slug!

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I made a graphic of variations on Trent Reznor's song, Perfect Drug and added pages for GW-BASIC and QuickBASIC.

Forced arbitration is great if you're a company, but terrible if you're a person, especially if you're a minority.

Rather than provide evidence that they took the Holocaust seriously or apologize for not taking it seriously enough, Poland has passed a law where claiming the country didn't do enough to prevent the Holocaust is now a criminal offense.

Benjamin Lawrence Petty is a good Christian man who worked at a Falls Creek Christian camp that claims to only hire good moral Christians. While there, he violently raped a 13-year-old girl and even plead guilty to the crime, but he will not be going to prison.

Why do domesticated animals often have floppy ears?

The history of speed-running The Legend of Zelda.

If you defense of Islam hypocritical compared to your defense against other ideas?

Things and stuff

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I added a page for TicTactics.

  • In addition to having the most corrupt presidency in history, and the most dishonest, Trump's administration adds another superlative by having the worst turn-over rate. The latest job lost is Brenda Fitzgerald's who resigned after Trump appointed her head of the CDC after it came out that, despite running an organization that's supposed to tackle problems of disease and addiction, Fitzgerald has been profiting from tobacco companies.
  • The State of the Union was just a long series of lies, stupidity, and tyranny. Even after it was over, Trump added another lie claiming it was the most watched State of the Union in history. It wasn't.
  • Pretty much everything Trump says about climate change is a lie.

If you missed the super blue blood moon, here are some photos.

San Francisco is doing something I hope will catch on, they're removing marijuana possession convictions from people's permanent records.

Poor sanitation in the White House is probably responsible for the death of at least two presidents.

Having church elders tell you not to masturbate is really creepy.

Some of the lies employed by the Christian proponents of intelligent design.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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