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Sickness subsiding early... not complaining!

Feeling: Blah


Have a big weekend planned of preparing for MagFest.

Mostly Muslim controlled Indonesia is trying to ban same-sex emoji from phones. What can you expect from a religion that results in the genital mutilation of nearly half of its female population?

I would have dropped out after the jalapeño!

Right now Congress is half-way through passing a law requiring the National Science Foundation to give a detailed written account for how every single endeavor they undergo will benefit the USA. This demand is coming from the government that has spent over a trillion dollars on a fighter jet that wasn't needed, doesn't work, and will probably never be released.

Despite their best efforts, Creationists cannot get their beliefs to behave like science.

The Internet is a terrible place to be a woman.

Dealing with people who demand you tell them where the universe came from or else goddidit!

You'd think we'd be done with this by now, but Republicans are still trying to make laws allowing the teaching of Christian Creationism in public schools.

I can't even

Feeling: Sick


What if Jesus said what the Republican presidential candidates are saying?

Iranian newscaster, Sheena Shirani, has fled the country in fear after exposing years of harassment, especially sexually harassment from her boss, Reza Emadi.

Why can't all history be taught like this?

When teachers have to deal with ignorant substitutes who refuse to teach science.

Dealing with the Liar, Lunatic, or Lord argument.

Not amused by illness

Feeling: Sick


Over a year after Tennessee instituted its mandatory drug screening for welfare recipients, a lot of money and time has been wasted, but very few drug addicts have been found.

Oh, the fun you can have replying to spam email.

The Clinton Administration was working on a plan to decrease the country's carbon footprint, but when Bush took office, issues like the environment were not even considered. Thankfully, the Obama Administration followed up and even empowered the EPA to impose tougher restrictions against the burning of fossil fuels. As expected, energy companies used their pull in state governments to challenge the new rules, and back in 2015 the US Supreme Court (Scalia in particular) ruled that the curbing climate change was just too darned inconvenient to be legal. Now, it won't be until June before we can even decide whether we're going to consider reducing the country's level of pollution!

A better way to talk to people about Christianity.

On a Russian wildlife preserve, there is a unlikely friendship between a goat and a tiger. However, the fact that they're both male animals has offended Alexei Krestyanov, a lawyer who is now investigating whether they're secretly promoting the homosexual agenda!

Reza Aslan is not a very impressive Muslim apologist.

Throat? Why you scratchin' me?

Feeling: Blah


What is it like when you go on a cruise with people who believe that the president is a reptilian alien in disguise, the Earth is hollow, vaccines cause autism, and they're haunted by psychic ghosts? Find out!

Easter egg hunting in the Zelda games.

You know that big lawsuit against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder alleging that he is negligent for Flint's current lead water crisis? Well, a random judge was selected to hear the case, but instead, Judge Michael J. Talbot, who has has a history of judging favorably for Snyder, took the case for himself, something that shouldn't happen. This means it's pretty likely that the Flint citizens will lose their case if Talbot doesn't throw it out first, and have to appeal. And who will be the appeals judge? Why, it's Judge Michael J. Talbot! Again!

Well, Michigan Republicans may be completely corrupt, but at least they're not trying to outlaw sodomy... aw crap!

Can the RIAA do anything right? When they're not suing children and the elderly, they're suggesting that an album can go platinum without ever having sold a single copy, it just needs to be streamed enough.

Misconceptions about companies.

If your friend is contemplating suicide, do not call the police to go to their house to check on them, or they might end up gunning your friend down in their own home.

We still live in a world where a man can create meetups for other men in order to teach them how to trick women into having sex with them, even if it means getting them so drunk that they can't say no.

Seven tips for Muslim women on how to go about removing their hijab.

Christian research organization, the Barna Group, recently conducted a study about children and pornography and found that, Christian children seek out porn more than ever before. And somehow, this is shocking to Christian adults.

I love when comedians cover issues like racism and abortion.

Christians are still trying to block Juan Mendez, an atheist, from giving an invocation in Arizona.

What's updog? Nothing much, how about you?

Feeling: Happy


I added the soundtrack of the original arcade version of Gauntlet to the VGMPF.

Neil deGrasse Tyson again schools the rapper who believes the Earth is flat.

Despite the amount of non-religious continuing to grow in the US, politicians still refuse to acknowledge us.

Don't believe this misconceptions about animals.

How would you feel if you were pulled over by the police, and they tried to convert you to Islam? What about if you received a flier in the mail about your local police department holding a concert and conversion ceremony with a well-known Muslim entertainer asking everyone to attend, because you don't want to piss off the police! Most people would not be okay with this, so why aren't more people complaining when Christians do it? By the way, I use Islam as my go to religion since research shows that American Christians are especially bigoted against them.

Why the burden of proof matters, and why believers try to shift it to you.

The Mormon Church espouses such high numbers because they make it very difficult to get out of the church. Thankfully, this web site makes the whole process much easier!


Feeling: Happy


Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, and professional embarrassed of corrupt politicians everywhere (especially in the USA), was judged by a United Nations panel to see if the case against him had any merit. Before the ruling, Assange insisted that if the UN found him guilty, he would leave the Ecuadorian embassy and enter the custody of the UK, but that if the UN cleared him of charges, he expected the UK to drop all charges and cease trying to arrest him. Well, the UN reached a ruling and said that, not only are the charges against Assange unwarranted, but the UK owes him compensation for forcing him to hide out in an embassy for so long! Naturally, the UK, US, and Swedish governments don't give a damn about objective rulings, and still plan on punishing Assange for exposing their massive corruption.

Stated Clearly give the evidence for evolution.

Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, and the number of unexpected pregnancies jumped, especially among low-income families. You're all shocked, I can tell. Since these families were having trouble making ends meet as it was, now they'll be filing for more government assistance. So let's do the math. Which is cheaper, paying for an IUD, or paying for food, clothing, and shelter for 18 years?

On the topic of Planned Parenthood, they have since been cleared of all wrong-doing by the group that investigated them, and the people who dishonestly edited the video together to try an make it look like PP was profiting off of fetal tissue is now under investigation for their fraudulent tactics. Despite these facts, 110,000 terrible people have signed a petition to exonerate the frauds and continue to waste public money re-investigating Planned Parenthood in hopes of finding something, anything, that can show they're guilty.

Is there a center of a triangle? Actually, there are three, and they all form a line.

A public elementary school -science- teacher though she could get away with handing out advertisements to all of her students in hopes that they would purchase a trip to a Christian bible camp!

A quick breakdown of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Walkin' the dog

Feeling: Happy


The Democratic Senate reminds Comcast that they're evil, and they should stop.

What it's like to be the only skeptic in your group of friends.

If you ask college men, if they would never get caught, would they rape a woman, 14% say yes. But if you ask them, if they would never get caught, would they force a women to have sex with them, suddenly that number jumps to 32%. Do they just not know what rape is?

Why is it church videos with children in them are always horrifying?

"Evolution is not a fact. That's why it's called a theory! There's more evidence that the Bible is true," is the special breed of ignorance you would expect from someone who dropped out of elementary school to pursue a career in televangelism, so it's a bit shocking to learn that it came from Christina Wilkinson, headteacher of St Andrew's school in Lancashire, England. While Wilkinson may believe that biology can't quite compete with the evidence of talking animals and zombies walking through the city (Matthew 27:52-53), a lot of non-ignorant people have been schooling her.

What if Martin Scorsese directed Mario?

Secular victories! Phoenix, Arizona will stop giving Christian prayers before city council meetings and will now have a moment of silence because they refused to hear a Satanist prayer. Also, public schools in Portland, Oregon will no longer send their choir students to sing Christian-only songs. And what I'll call a partial victory, a Mississippi courthouse is replacing their Ten Commandments display with an "In God We Trust" banner. Still religious, but not nearly as discriminating.

Some old interviews with Queen during the A Kind of Magic days.

It's still difficult, and sometimes dangerous to be an atheist in Kenya.

Go home lady, find yourself happy, it's just a middle-aged crisis type thing.

Feeling: Happy


St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Minnesota tells an 84-year-old widow who had attended for the past 50 years, since you aren't attending church often enough, you will no longer be allowed to be buried next to your husband!

I would watch this movie.

When Islam rules the world, there will be affordable prostitution for all!

How to handle people who say, "Who are you to question God?"

Deadpool and Boba Fett in the latest Epic Rap Battle of History.

It certainly helps to forget

Feeling: Happy


This morning, I had a dream where I was telling a yoga instructor that his regular visitor couldn't come, but I couldn't remember the person's name. As I searched my phone's contact list for the person, I secretly hoped that the yoga instructor would invite me in to take the absent person's place. After anxiously searching through my phone, the yoga instructor did eventually invite me in. Knowing that yoga was supposed to be relaxing, I was careful to turn off my phone in case anyone called and I sat down on the yoga mat, and noticed the tan lines on the feet of the men who must have wore sandals all the time. Just as the yoga instructor began his class, my alarm clock started going off, but I didn't immediately wake up. Instead, I looked around embarrassed that I had left my alarm clock on and disrupted the class. Then, I woke up and realized I was in bed, and thankful that I don't have tan lines on my feet.

A simple, but effective explanation of privilege.

Why male characters in games have strategic butt coverings.

Joel A. Wright was in seminary school to become a Catholic priest, but he was also trying to purchase an infant sex slave from Mexico on craigslist.

What if Malcom Reynolds from Firefly were a Libertarian?

Bill Maher, who used to be beneficial to the atheist movement, has now become a burden. It wasn't enough that he was an anti-vaxer, now he supports quacks who claim they can cure HIV with goat milk.

Antarctica is a political nightmare.

Duck Dynasty father, Phil Robertson, endorses Ted Cruz by saying we need to "rid the earth" of people who believe people should be able to marry who they love. Cruz says the message was out of love and joyful and cheerful.

The history behind why so few companies make games for Macintosh.

John and Melissa Wood are suing their school district because their daughter had to learn about Islam in her World History class, but that's not how Fox News spins it.

February... it got even worse.

Feeling: Happy


The videogame party was a lot of fun. Despite having to sleep on a floor with the music of Zelda ringing in my ears, I had a wonderful time reliving the days of my childhood. And I got to beat Mega Man 10, bringing my total up to 160 games!

Why do Japanese cartoonists always draw their characters as white people? Turns out, only a white person would ask that.

The Call of Cthulhu done in the style of Dr. Seuss!

Marshall Middle School in Beaumont, Texas recently had a dangerous carbon monoxide leak that affected 200 students and faculty resulting in several people having to be taken to the hospital for treatment, and the closure of the entire school until the problem can be rectified. Now, clear-minded individuals would thank the people who demanded carbon monoxide detectors, routine evacuation drills, and a well-trained emergency team which probably saved the lives of dozens of people, but the school's principal, Brandon Basinger, thanked his god, who had the power to prevent the leak entirely, but decided to let it almost kill children instead!

An interesting video about the growth and spread of the human population.

Why is it Christians tend to sound like priests from a game of Dungeons and Dragons? Republican Kelly Townsend, doesn't want people from differing religions to be allowed to exercise their inalienable human rights, so she's praying to her god to casting the spell of hedge of protection!

Holy crap, a new version of Soldat has been released!

I'm all about those vidja games!

Feeling: Happy


In China, you can still get arrested for reading books.

A "God Bless America" sign adorning a US Post Office was taken down in Kansas. It's a small victory, but when we have sheriffs saying that they use their public offices to hold bible studies and make sure that Christianity is their trusted religion, every little bit helps.

Our memory is garbage.

Nurse tells a patient diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease, "you obviously don't have God in your life."

Swearing doesn't mean you're smarter.

I wonder how many more Christians there are who would prefer their children get hooked on drugs and be pregnant out of wed-lock, rather than be gay.

Stephen Colbert gets a lesson in white privilege from DeRay McKesson.

Heading down to Ohio this weekend for an all-night videogame and booze-a-thon! If I'm not back by Sunday evening, send Mario after me!

Steeples gonna steep

Feeling: Happy


Planned Parenthood has been found innocent of every accusation made by those Christians who put together the dishonest video of them selling fetal tissue, and the film makers are being investigated for criminal activity, but that doesn't stop Republicans from continuing to believe the lies.

After suggesting that feminists are like Muslims, Richard Dawkins is finally feeling the backlash he deserves NECSS is rescinding his invitation. I really wish Dawkins would wise up, because he used to do really important stuff for the scientific community like create the word meme.

Only women could be bothered to show up for work at the Senate!

You know your doctor is a quack when he suggests reading the bible will alter your body's chemistry so much you can stop taking medicine.

Rational Wiki has a nicely detailed time line of Gamergate.

Republicans love to talk about how they favor small government while at the same time creating laws to ban abortion. Case in point, Charles Van Zant, a Christian who feel's it's his duty to push his religion on everyone else. Well, his supporters showed their true colors explaining that abortion ruins "white culture" because the numbers will rise of those non-aborting brown people.

Apparently, being Muslim means being uncultured. When Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran, visited Rome, he requested all of the artistic nude statues be covered in plywood.

It's still career suicidie for a politician to out-right admit they don't believe in a god, but at least it's getting better.

Should have kept both hands on the wheel.

Sheeples gonna sheep

Feeling: Happy


Jim Cooper, a Democrat in California is trying to pass a law that would make it illegal to sell a cell phone in the state that supports encryption, a similar bill is being pushed in New York by Democrat Matthew Titone. Considering how often Democrats get caught using their cellphones to have affairs, this seems counter-intuitive.

Where the hell is Scandinavia anyway?

Everything you know about zebra stripes is a lie!

That's a big solar system!

Why God doesn't answer prayer.

To remind everyone just how bad science education is in our country, a rapper admired by over 2.3 million fans uses his celebrity to explain why he's convinced the Earth is flat. Thankfully, Neil deGrasse Tyson and his nephew are here to school him.

Marketing experts are really good at convincing you you're awful without their products, just ask Listerine.

Republican Michele Bachmann explains the law to David Barton (who is an expert in history that he makes up), that we shouldn't try to make laws that disagree with the bible, because they "degrade the nation." I can only assume then that Bachmann is pro-slavery because, in the bible, God tells us how much money we should ask for when selling our own children into slavery.

People gonna peep!

Feeling: Happy


I've added my 400th album to my collection.

It's pretty bad when the US Government's argument for warrantless cellphone tracking using StingRays is that, if you use a cellphone, you should expect us to be tracking you.

While I don't really care about the Oscars, I like people who mock their racism.

Remember that Planned Parenthood video that was purposely doctored to mislead viewers that PP was profiting off of fetal tissue? Well, the liars who put it together are going to have to explain themselves to a judge!

When you don't read the bible, it's probably best not to try and quote it at Christian university students.

When he's not busy attacking his producers and losing his job at the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson is buying luxury sports cars, insulting the poor, denying climate change, and mocking indigenous cultures. Now, he's writing for The Sunday Times, where he is attacking transgender people.

I know this is long since past, but just a reminder for next year, you probably shouldn't help the Salvation Army.

If there was a button that could be pressed, and instantly you'd know the truth about whether gods exist... would you press it?

Why is Rick Snyder, a man who is being accused as being directly linked to the Flint water crisis choosing one of his campaign supporters to "investigate" him for any wrong doing?

Posters gonna post!

Feeling: Happy


Over the weekend, I beat Final Fantasy Adventure, finished reading 30 Second Religion, and helped Matt and Danielle move into our place for the week until they can sign for their townhouse.

At lunch today, a man at the table next to mine handed his server a business card for his church and suggested she attend. After ordering, he asked the poor woman if he could expect to see her at his church next Sunday, and she awkwardly stammered, then suggested she put in their order, and walked away in a hurry. The man was clearly oblivious to how uncomfortable he was making her, because when she came back to bring them their food, he again asked her about attending his church. The woman, who from the looks of it didn't attend church at all, responded perfectly saying, she preferred her own church. The man nodded and said, that was what he thought the reason was. I really felt bad for her, and servers in general, because they probably have to deal with pushy religious people all the time. Imagine being in the server's position where, as part of your job, you have to act according to a code of conduct where the customer is always right, and they put you on the spot like this! You can't very well tell them you think their religion is crap, and you certainly can't explain to them why they're being rude, you just have to smile and lie to them.

Republican Mitch Holmes is preventing women from testifying in court if they don't dress according to his Christian ideals of modesty. Naturally, Holmes doesn't think men need to abide by a dress code.

Why do we need better gun control laws? Because people are willing to murder each other over a matter of $25.

How the human immune system works, and why taking a supplement won't boost it.

I doubt anything will come of this, but I'd love to see Exxon punished for lying to investors about their role in climate change.

Surly Amy reminds atheists that if all you care about is making fun of people who believe in Bigfoot and belittling the religious, you're not a good Skeptic, you're an asshole.

The Christian Anti-Defamation League explains what it necessary for someone to hold political office. Item 1, they must be an Evangelical Christian. Item 2, they must have a penis. That is all.

Todd Starnes of Fox News has been questioning the religiosity of Donald Trump for years, even as recently as last week, but with Trump continuing to lead in the polls, and becoming more and more likely to get the Republican nomination, Starnes has to do what any good puppet of a Republican pundit show must down, eat crow and endorse the Republican.

I know it's not that big of a deal, but I'm glad to see the Christian flag being removed from the School Board of Unicoi County, Tennessee.

Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, top Muslim cleric of Saudi Arabia, has issued a fatwa on the game of chess saying that it's the work of Satan!

Haters gonna hate!

Feeling: Happy


Rebecca Watson was on Adam Savage's podcast: Still Untitled, and they talked about David Bowie and SciFi shows.

That moment when a Jew threatens to murder a person for being an atheist, but graffiti their house with wrong verse.

I know I'm late with this, but don't worry, it'll happen again next year. Here's a more in-depth break down of Fox News' fake War On Christmas.

What should an atheist want to have happen to their body after they die? It won't matter, just don't feed into the funeral industry.

I hate catchy choruses, and I am a hypocrite

Feeling: Happy


Mental Floss covers beverages.

It's amazing how much you'll change your mind about vaccines when your entire family gets whooping cough.

The Parochial argument against God.

Sarah Palin takes a very Republican approach to her son drunkenly beating his girlfriend and brandishing a pistol... it's Obama's fault!

Religion makes several appearances in the Super Mario franchise.


Feeling: Happy


I've nearing completion of Final Fantasy Adventure.

The science behind why you shouldn't feed the trolls.

While Sarah Palin was out endorsing Donald Trump (who else, right?), her son was beating his girlfriend and waving a gun around while drunk.

The US and Canada have a very odd border.

The head of the Orthodox Christian Church in Russia, Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev (AKA Kirill I) is blaming homosexuals for the rise of ISIS. His argument is that Muslims are so woefully offended by gay pride parades, that they're leaving industrialized nations to join the murderous military cult of ISIS.

While Christian apologists are often fond of arguing that, if there is no god, life is meaningless, but it's really just the opposite. It is the existence of a god that makes life meaningless.

Learn the odds

Feeling: Happy


Glenn Fry's dead now too? What the hell, man?

Amy Schumer's argument supporting celebrities who rape.

Pakistan politicians were trying to make it illegal for grown men to marry sixteen-year-old girls. I say "were" because after Muslims in the Council of Islamic Ideology (the same group who believes Muslim men should be allowed to marry nine-year-olds, called the bill "blasphemous," it had to be withdrawn. This is what happens when religion rules.

When a country is inside another country.

Some of the more beautiful things Christians tell atheists.

How well do the teens of today know retro game music?

There are things in the world that scare me

Feeling: Happy


Spent the weekend helping my friends Matt and Danielle move, walking Lucy in -10°C weather, and playing Final Fantasy Adventure.

Who votes Republican? Mostly uneducated white people. Thankfully, their vote is counting less and less these days.

Robots are creepy!

Demarcus Smith, a Christian pastor, has been convicted of coercing a boy into sending the pastor nude pictures. While I'm sure he believes Jesus has already forgiven him, the legal system won't forgive him for another seven years.

It's amazing what you can do with a tiny amount of code.

I like to meat vegetarians

Feeling: Happy


There is a trial going on in Ireland right now where a woman who used Mifepristone, a drug which induces abortion, may receive life in prison because it's still against the law to have abortions in Ireland!

The Episcopal Church is now officially allowing its priests to officiate over same-sex marriages, if they so desire. While I applaud them for being one of the first Christian organizations to take a step into the present, they're still dragging their feet. Of course, their parent, the Anglican Church, is dragging its feet even more and after hearing that Episcopalians have the audacity to not be terrible without first asking Anglican's for their consent, are punishing them!

Take Seth's advice, and just skip church.

Iceland is the least religious country on the planet, but it's still shocking that, when those under the age of 25 were asked if they believe God created the universe out of nothing, a whopping 0.0% said yes! Every single young person polled said they didn't believe God created the universe ex nihilo!

Wanna feel old? Check out these things that turned 21 in 2015.

Republican Dave Brat claims that Conservatives own Christianity. They can keep it!

Seeing the total number of deaths from World War II really puts things into perspective.

I see you!

Feeling: Happy


Alan Rickman too? What the hell, man?

The Church of England has reached an all time attendance low, with less than 2% of the country regularly attending church, and this number is expected to continue to drop.

If you're going to rob a bank, it's best not to drop your bible on the way out.

Scientists accomplished some impressive stuff in 2015.

Of climate scientists, %99.9 agree that climate change is real, that humans are causing it, and that it's very dangerous. More Republicans in the US congress think climate change is fake than published scientists in the entire world!

Aleta Ledendecker became the first ever atheist to give an invocation before the city council meeting at Oak Ridge Tennessee, at least she would have if she hadn't been cut off early by the city mayor who didn't want to let people hear terrible things like, "[The council] should recognize that secular authority in government is not only sufficient, but preferable." The city's employee who kept notes of the council also left because she couldn't cope with the idea that not everyone is a Christian.

Are you still there?

Feeling: Happy


I've added Mega Man IV cheats to the NES Hacker Wiki.

Reality star turned Republican Representative Sean Duffy gives a lecture to the Congressional Black Caucus about why they don't care enough about the lives of black people, to which Congresswoman Gwen Moore is not impressed.

Aron Ra continues his review of the documentary series, "The Irrefutable Proof of God." Part IV, Part V.

Flint Water Department to residents: We know we've been poisoning you with water contaminated with high levels of lead all the while lying to you that it's safe, but we still expect you to pay us!

Don't get hit by a man-in-the-middle attack when using public key encryption.

What a pretty life you have

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading A Canticle For Leibowitz. I was not impressed.

A bit late, but your New Years resolutions need revision.

France is trying to ban their citizens from keeping secrets from the government.

Aron Ra goes is well into his review of the documentary series, "The Irrefutable Proof of God." Part I, Part II, Part III.

According to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, by itself, the US Catholic church has spent close to $3 billion from 2004 to 2012 on cases involving the sexual abuse of children. I'm curious how big this number would be if in included Catholics world wide!

Are science and religion really mortal enemies?

Still not a perfect world

Feeling: Happy


The murder mystery weekend was a lot of fun, and thanks to the help of Rob and Ranae, two veterans on our team, we ended up taking first place out of six teams, all of which had more members than ours!

I come home only to discover that, just after releasing his new album, David Bowie has died.

In order to prove that Republican's aren't racist, they hurls insults and bigoted remarks at a Muslim woman for the crime of showing up at a Republican talk.

As one who has been desiring gender-neutral pronouns in English, I'm okay with this.

Edward Archer, the Muslim who pledged his allegiance to Islam and ISIS, shot a police officer because he believed the police didn't properly enforce the laws of the Quran. Despite those facts, his lawyer is arguing that Archer's religious beliefs in no way affected his desire to murder a police officer.

The city seal of Whitesboro, New York depicts, what appears to be, a white man strangling or beating a Native American, but city officials say they're just involved in a friendly wrestling match with the Native losing, and have no plans on changing the seal.

Angelino Alfano is the Interior Minister of Italy. He's also a Conservative Catholic who wants to ditch Italy's current government and replace it with a Christian democracy. His current rhetoric is that couples who can't conceive a child on their own and ask another couple to be their surrogate parents are guilty of a sex crime and should be thrown in prison. Surrogacy is already a crime in Italy because of Christians like Alfano, but he's going the extra mile trying to shore up a loophole of parents traveling abroad to find surrogate parents.

Catholic Archbishop Braulio Plaza explains that the 50 Spanish women who were killed in 2015 in cases of domestic abuse were probably beaten to death by their husbands because they nagged them for a divorce.

If you're in Kentucky, telling someone you don't believe in their god can get you beaten and robbed!

How not to save a life

Feeling: Happy


About 20 years after first playing it, I finally got around to beating Illusion of Gaia. Read my review if you want to see my disappointment.

Being a tenured university professor gives you the freedom to teach pretty much whatever you want, regardless of how much it flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but it still won't protect you from telling the parents of a children who were murdered in an elementary school mass shooting by an insane gunman that they're actors paid by the government who staged the shooting to increase gun control laws. To that effect, the mentally disturbed teacher James Tracy has been fired.

DarkMatter2525 does a nice long video on what the universe should be like if Yahweh actually existed.

Ten of the most popular contradictions that theists make about their gods.

The history behind one of the many frauds in the history of the Mormon Church.

It's not religious discrimination to refuse to let people become foster parents when they admit they will beat their foster children.

I'll probably be out of communication for Friday until Sunday as I'm attending a fun murder mystery weekend at a hotel. Should be a blast!

Where to we go from here?

Feeling: Happy


Obama's executive order on gun safety contains 23 bullet points (no pun intended) and they include things like, require background checks to ensure the person buying a gun isn't a psychopath, help schools, churches, and the like to develop plans and training for how to deal with gunmen, and have the CDC research the causes of gun violence and how to alleviate those causes. All of the points look incredibly sane and beneficial, none of them take guns away from regular people, and I can't believe that Republicans have been stopping these measure for so long.

Thanks to antibiotic misuse, we may have to go back to using metals.

Michigan Republicans have sneaked in a ban on government officials using public money to inform voters about issues on an upcoming elections 60 days prior to every election. Unless Governor Snyder vetoes it, which seems unlikely, the only information voters will receive about issues relating to schools and libraries will come from the scant few individual citizens who care and the massive corporations endorsing this bill like the pyramid scheme Amway.

What does "religious liberty" mean to Christians? Being able to break the law whenever they want.

While older generations still believe that churches have a positive effect on the country, Millennials dropped over 20% to become the least likely to approve of churches!

Simon's Cat is all about the Pug Life.

Youth Pastor Callan Rice tells all his friends and followers that you shouldn't watch any movie that you would be uncomfortable watching with Jesus sitting next to you, and then molests a teenage girl.

Another day, another title

Feeling: Happy


White terrorism continues to be accepted in the USA. The Bundy family first brought a militia to hold the government at bay as they illegally grazed their cattle on Federal land, now the armed militia has taken over a Federal bird sanctuary, and the Feds are just passively sitting back and watching. I understand their unwillingness to start a fire-fight, but why is it our government will shoot an unarmed black protester, perform a strip search on a Muslim airplane passenger, and listen to the phone conversations of every single person calling a foreign country, but they had absolutely no intelligence on a couple hundred rednecks stockpiling assault rifles? Especially when the family in question owes the US government over $1 million in fees!

An illustrated history of what religion has accomplished in 2015.

Republican Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the country. How's that going to work?

Austin Null collected 350,000 subscribers on YouTube who wanted to hear what he had to say about his life as a Christian. Apparently, one of the things Christians do is send naked selfies to their mistresses. But don't worry, God has forgiven him.

It's all about the pennies.

Do you have Comcast's home security system? It's totally useless.

Being a black non-believer.

Still don't have a flying car

Feeling: Happy


Had a fun new year at two parties, and visited the fam for a late Christmas, but most of my three-day weekend was spent running Lucy and playing Illusion of Gaia. I've owned the game for about 20 years, so it's high time I beat it.

Antonin Scalia, one of the most powerful people in the US, explains that, while the First Amendment means government shouldn't favor a particular religion, in his mind, the government should favor religion over non-religion because his god helps America win wars.

Every time someone argues that everyone should be allowed to carry a gun, never forget that people are willing to shoot each other to death over something as trivial as tailgating.

In order to protest some ranchers serving 5 years for arson, several redneck Americans got their assault rifles and took over a bird sanctuary.

It's already been a year since Muslims murdered several people at Charlie Hebdo.

Facebook censors are such prudes they won't even allow nude artwork. I wonder if it's run by the same Republicans who feel that a woman breastfeeding in public is "reckless disregard" for morality and should be outlawed, and one Republican in particular, Josh Moore, suggested that, if woman exposes her breast in public, he should be allowed to sexually assault her.

Happy New Year Movie House!

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This year, police have killed just shy of 1,000 US citizens. To be fair, 75% of the killings were in defense against an armed assailant, but that still leaves 9% of the people who were completely unarmed, most of which were black. In fact, unarmed black men were seven times more likely to be killed by police than unarmed white men.

How to deal with Christians who suggest that science is a religion.

Most Americans are in favor of protecting religious freedom, but they seem to think that Christians need more freedom than Jews, Mormons, or Muslims.

Witnessing evolution in action.

The New York Times releases data on something that everyone already knew, but we're still surprised it's true. Donald Trump's fans are poor, uneducated, older white men, especially from the South-east.

John Oliver teaches you how to regift properly.

Connellsville Junior High East in Pennsylvania has wasted a total of $64,000 trying to keep a Ten Commandments monument on school grounds.

A collection of Christmas and winter themed Simon's Cat animations.

I think I'm a clone now

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Finally, an accurate Nativity play.

Wired releases their 2015 top 10 list of the most dangerous people on the Web.

When Europeans invaded the Americas, they brought with them so many plagues that the vast majority of natives died from their diseases. So why didn't the diseases of the Americas infect the Europeans?

A document has been found which details the correct ways to rape women according to Muslim law. If this shocks any Christians, don't worry, the bible details the exact same thing.

The struggles of being an atheist.

Gonna be healthy for the new year!

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Windows 10 (or Windows 9, if you know how to count) has a nice built-in feature of full hard drive encryption. That way, if your computer is ever stolen, the thief won't be able to access your data. Well, unless the thief is the US government! Microsoft automatically sends your encryption key to their servers, a "feature" you can't turn off, and Microsoft has a history of handing over private user data to Uncle Sam. So, while your data may be safe from petty thieves, it's not safe from federal thieves.

Now that it's over, here are some fun facts about Christmas.

Anitra Braxton shot a woman in the face, killing her, because she didn't believe in God. Then, Braxton kept the body on her couch as a trophy for three days before being arrested.

Should Christians who call for violence against doctors be arrested?

Another Christian preacher gets brought up on corruption charges after squandering people's retirement money on himself.

Will understanding cancer help us live longer?

Feeling better

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I've updated my videogame collection. At this point, I'm pretty sure if I quit my job and started playing full time, I still couldn't finish them all in my life.

While the US government claims they're not trying to institute a Federal ID card, they are trying to force every US state to create nearly identical driver's licenses and ID cards that include the owner's Federal Social Security number for immediate Federal-level identification (which is totally different than a Federal ID card). To make matters worse, they're preparing to refuse airport access to anyone whose state doesn't comply, which may expand to bus and train access as the TSA expands into those areas. The Federal government says that their new ID measures are meant to prevent identity theft, but including a person's Social Security number in an easily read format on a driver's license greatly increases a person's risk of identity theft!

Everyone has herpes, so stop worrying.

Thanks to Ted Cruz, Michigan Satanists were allowed to hold a ceremony at the state Capitol that ended with the phrase, "Hail Satan!"

Christians questioning other Christians.

War on Christmas.

Topology is weird.

4-day weekend!

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Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has ordered the removal of a Freedom From Religion Foundation display which was legally placed in the State Capitol. The display depicts the Founding Fathers and the Statue of Liberty looking down on the Bill of Rights on what appears to be a manger. Among choice words for the display, Abbott includes "tasteless," "spiteful," compares it to Andres Serrano's Piss Christ, and says it "promotes ignorance and falsehood." Then, to prove that Washington was a devout Christian, Abbott quotes from Washington's personal prayer book. The only problem is, the Washington Prayer Book is a known forgery. So, the Republican Governor uses a fraudulent document to remove a display extolling the importance of free speech. Also, the Capitol still has a nativity up.

The TSA is a horrible government agency and their body scanners are garbage. While the TSA has a history of lying about the amount of ionizing radiation you would be exposed to from the backscatter scanners, the actual amount is probably pretty safe. Even still, the TSA switched to millimeter wave scanners which doesn't use ionizing radiation, and is therefore safer. Of course, we have to take the TSA's word on their scanners, because they won't let anyone do any long-term tests for safety. A modern body scanner is probably safe, assuming it's properly-maintained, but that doesn't mean they effective. In fact, there is a long history of reports show just how ineffective they are. People have sneaked through metal boxes, guns, explosives, razor blades, etc. Also, the scanners fail to detect anything in a body cavity. Want to bring a bomb? Put it up your butt. And let's not forget that they create an identifiable fully nude gray-scale photo of everyone that walks through. Of course, the TSA has said countless times that the photos are never stored, but they have a history of being wrong about that, and their own technical specifications show that all images must be allowed to be collected in an outside government database. So why is the country continuing to dump billions of dollars into a technology that has been proven to be ineffective? Probably because the politicians who are demanding their use are the same ones who work for the companies to manufacture them. And if you think you can skip out on the scanners by not flying, don't worry, they're showing up in court houses and bus and train depots. By now you're probably thinking, I can avoid them by opting out and having a severely under-trained government employee fondle my genitals instead. Nope, the TSA is shoring up that loophole as well and making them mandatory!

How to deal with Christians who use the moral argument.

Christian Republican Sylvia Allen has been made the head of the Education Committee in Arizona. Even though she never went to college, Allen is a great candidate for the job because she knows the Earth was created by God 6,000 years ago, that the government is controlling our minds with chemtrails, and that all Americans should be subject to mandatory church attendance.

An anti-religious speech by Ronald Reagan's son, Ron.

Marry Christmas? I don't even know her!

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Emily and I have been trying various vegetarian "meats" to try and reduce our animal torture quotient. Today, we tried vegetarian Polish sausage, which was awful. I suggested that it would take a lot of ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions to make them palatable, but Emily was convinced they could be made great as chili dogs... with meat.

Why is it women end up going to those Christian pregnancy centers? Not just because they use dishonest advertising, but because Republicans have been defunding Planned Parenthood and using the money to fund these Christian organizations. I mean, Ohio is a state where Republicans are trying to force women who have had abortions to provide a burial for a clump of cells too small to be seen, let alone need a coffin.

Why did God have to sacrifice himself to appease himself? Here's why!

Rather than say it doesn't exist, here's how men can actually help end sexism.

In general, Republicans are adult children. Trump said it was "disgusting" that Hilary Clinton had to use the bathroom during a debate, and mentioned that she had been "schlonged" (fucked) by Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

The US continues to fail to curb it's teen-pregnancy problem thanks to Conservatives. Alabama has the nation's highest teen pregnancy rate and the third highest for STIs thanks to their inability to teach sexual education.

Steve Harvey is in the news again, this time for not known what a "runner up" is in a contest, but it's not his incompetence that bothers me, it's his years of bigotry.

Turn to science to forget about the horrible politicians and learn about the awesomeness of black holes.

At least my stomach isn't infected

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One of the interesting things about documenting your life is that it gives you an interesting log to data mine. For example, I've been sick a staggering five times this year! Wait... that sucks.

Comparing how often politicians lie. Naturally, the five biggest liars are all Republicans, and the five most honest are all Democrats.

It's probably not a shock to most people, but as homosexuality has become more mainstream, the unchanging absolute morals of Christians have also changed to favor homosexuality.

Adam ruins hymens.

If you want a year-end wrap up of atheism this year, here are the top 10 atheism-related stories of 2015.

A nice interview with Dan Barker.

The President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Richard Mohler explains that the use of birth control leads to homosexual marriage.

Just a reminder, public schools are still coercing children into taking home Christian bibles.

Sick goat

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I never like getting sick, but I'm thankful when it happens at the end of the week, and I can spend the weekend warm and in bed to recover. Although, I do have to go to a birthday party.

I've written some answers to the 31 questions for atheists presented on an apologist's site.

Awhile ago, I convinced myself that unnecessarily killing animals for food, especially torturing them, is unethical. Of course, loving meat, it's been very difficult to become a vegetarian. But, recently, I've been trying to eat less meat and try various vegetarian alternatives, just to see if I can at least make some progress in that direction. So far, I've discovered that sweet-potato burgers are gross, but black bean burgers are pretty good.

In the 1950s, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union was using fascist propaganda to remove religion from their countries. Reactionary Americans, in an attempt to distinguish themselves from the Communists by ramping up their own religion. The US changed their motto from "Out of many, one," to, "In God we trust," and added it to our paper money, ten commandment monuments were placed on the front lawn of schools, court houses, and capitols, and Pledge of Allegiance was changed to the Prayed of Allegiance by injecting the phrase, "under God." US courts have acknowledged that the Pledge is now a prayer, and that it is a violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution to force anyone to say it. But forcing people, especially children, to follow their beliefs is a Christian tradition, and now lawmakers in Florida are trying to pass a law that will make it harder for children to be excused from mandatory prayer.

Some Q&A at the Unholy Trinity Tour in Australia.

More Republicans cry that if the government is promoting anything that isn't specifically Christian, it's is an attack on their freedom to force people to be Christian.

Stated Clearly describes natural selection.


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Billy Woodward, director at the Emergency Christian Ministries has a problem. Homeless women are coming to his shelter and are so disparaging that they tragically feel the need to use sex as a bartering chip to have a warm place to stay for the holidays, and some of the shelter's employees are taking them up on their offer. As a Christian, Woodward knows how to deal with this sort of, as he put it, "ungodly sex," using the bible as his guide, he has decided that all of the women in the shelter must be kicked out onto the streets.

An 18-year-old woman told the police she had been raped, but upon finding discrepancies in her story (which exist in all recountS), and getting a phone call from someone saying she might be pretending to have been raped for attention, police eventually convinced the teen to admit she made the whole thing up. They charged her with wasting police resources, forced her to pay $500, go to a mental health counselor, and spend a year on probation. It came as a great shock to the police when they later arrested her rapist and found evidence unequivocally linking the rapist to the woman, and several other women. After an internal review and paying out $150,000 to the victim as compensation, all of the officers involved kept their jobs, and no disciplinary action was taken.

Monty Python, still funny after all these years.

It's sad when you have to sue a courthouse for not upholding the law.

Computer scientists describe their first computers.

The illusion of Christian persecution strikes again! Ryan Anderson, a Conservative Christian author, states that, in the USA, it's harder to be a Christian than a homosexual. Right. Think of all those poor Christian teens who were kicked out of their homes when they came out to their parents. Think of our nation's congress which isn't 90% Christian, but is 90% homosexual. Think of all those years that Christians worked to finally have their marriages approved by the government. Think of all those businesses that, for centuries, refused to hire Christians, and would only hire homosexuals. Ryan Anderson, you're a privileged asshole.

Bill Donohue, the bigot who runs the Catholic League, has annexed the month of December as property of Christians!

Please tell mom this is all her fault

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PBS fact-checks the Republican debate, and it's as expected. Lots of lies and ignorance.

A Muslim judge is sworn in on a Quran in America, and suddenly Christians figure out why it's a bad idea to use a disgustingly violent holy book. Too bad they can't figure out why it should apply to the bible, which is worse.

Global warming makes it harder to be a polar bear. And this chart shows why.

Bart Ehrman gives a lecture on the history of the King James bible.

Even though the higher courts routinely rule that ten commandment monuments have no business being on public school laws, public schools run by Christians continue to fight to keep them there. Why? Because lower courts still don't care much for justice, and hope that if they say no enough, people will be too discouraged to keep demanding equality. That won't stop the FFRF. Even after having their lawsuit thrown out to remove a religious monument from a public school, they will appeal, and probably win at a higher court.

Score one more for the Constitution! Joe Kennedy, the public school football coach who refused to stop coercing his students into praying, was put on permanent leave, and will not be rehired!

Once again, Christ's love is shown with spray paint and bullet holes.

Atheists in Orange County, Texas wanted to put up a banner next to a nativity scene at city hall. It was a tasteful, "No matter what you believe, we wish you happy holidays," style message. But, Christians couldn't abide letting atheists say something kind to people, so, instead of letting their banner go up, they took the nativity scene down. Apparently, the Christian message is, either only I get to talk, or nobody gets to talk!

Lewis's Law: The comments on any article about feminism justify feminism

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Republican Carly Fiorina explains, she doesn't want to outlaw encryption, she just wants to make it entirely useless for everyone except the government.

Maryam Namazie was invited to speak at Goldsmiths University about the terrible things the Muslims do, and just to prove her right, several Muslim students continued to try and ruin her speech to the point where campus security had to come and remove them.

Republican Marco Rubio explains that, if elected president, he will appoint a Supreme Court judge who will do his bidding to eliminate same-sex marriage. Because, to a Republican, that's how justice works.

Rachel Dratch plays Leah Remini in her escape from the cult of Scientology.

What's going on?

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Had a pretty good weekend. Put up more Christmas lights, went to a CFI dinner and lecture about how just being an atheist isn't enough, you actually have to help society as well, partied with my homies at a club, and recuperated on Sunday.

An old interview of Bart Ehrman about his book, Misquoting Jesus.

Iceland is seeing huge growth in an ancient Sumerian religion called Zuism, not because Icelanders are devout, but because they're sick of paying taxes to fund churches.

In God We Trust? is an interesting documentary about the violent and hateful rhetoric of American Christians who demand the government force religion down people's throats.

Citizens of Woodland, North Carolina refuse to allow any solar power plants from being built in the area because, as retired science teacher Jane Mann complained, solar power may cause cancer and robs plants of sunlight. Let me say it again, this is a person who taught North Carolina children science.

Some trivia about the South Park video game, The Stick of Truth.

Christmas in California is nice and sunny.

Let's get to the point

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Why is it when a Republican makes a horrifyingly xenophobic and bigoted statement, their poll numbers increase? Well, I guess I can't complain, as long as the Republican party continues to ruin itself.

The bad news is, the USA is no longer among the top ten best STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) graduates. The good news it, we haven't yet dropped out of the top forty.

Police officer Daniel Holtzclaw had to rape 36 women before people finally believed the victims.

Most internships are actually illegal, and the evidence suggests they don't help you get better jobs in the future.

Military Students at Citadel College in South Carolina after posting pictures of themselves online dressed like KKK klansmen.

Another Christian survey shows that the more Conservative of a Christian you are, the less likely it is that you've actually read the bible.

Anti-theist answers to Matt Slick's lame 31 questions for atheists.

Americans used to be okay with child faith healers (remember Marjoe?), but as faith healers began being exposed for the charlatans they are, we've kind of lost the taste for using children to scam people. Not in India though, they use three-year-olds!

It's really not necessary to sue people over herpes.

When Christians requested space to display the Nativity at the Nebraska's Capitol building for Christmas, they discovered that atheists had already reserved the space. They're now furious and believe that by having to play by the rules, their free speech has been violated!

Don't wanna see my little buddy down with a frown

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The CDC grades US public schools on how well they educate children on sexual health and personal relationships, and it's pretty frightening. Only about half of high schoolers get decent sex-ed, and only about 1/5 of middle schoolers do. Particularly ignorant states include Arizona, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Alaska (although no data was gathered from Louisiana or Texas, which are probably low on the totem as well). The best educated states are in the New England area.

You may enjoy football, and you may want your kid to play football, but don't expect them to not get more than a little brain damage.

In an effort to eliminate Affirmative Action, Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia explained how black people just aren't smart enough to succeed to prestigious universities.

A simple and concise video describing evolution.

Parents at an Australian school continue to believe that their children don't need to be vaccinated even after a quarter of the school develops chicken pox in two-weeks. So far there haven't been any deaths at the school, but chicken pox still kills around 7,000 people a year.

The bad news is, most countries in the world have capital or criminal punishments for "crimes" like blasphemy. The good news is, the Americas and Western Europe are pretty safe.

Why do so many people think videogames are just for boys? Marketing!

Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder of Colorado is a bigot who wants to use his position as a governmental official to shame same-sex couples out of their marriage.

Easter Eggs in the Zelda franchise.

Just in case there was any doubt about the motives of Robert Dear, the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood murderer, he came right out and said, "I'm a warrior for the babies," and , "Protect the babies!" Like the murderers who came before him, Dear is an ignorant Conservative Christian.

You can stop looking now.

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Finally got around to adding the Ultima VII: The Black Gate soundtrack into the VGMPF.

SoCal Gas Co. can't be expected to tell people they've had a gas leak for days, then weeks, and eventually months.

The original Star Wars trilogy is 386 minutes long, and the vast majority of the dialogue is men speaking. When you eliminate Leia, the only female lead, you're left with only 1 minute of female dialogue.

Some interesting glitches in the Mario franchise.

As religion continues to die in the USA, even the South is losing its cultural stranglehold.

A lecture on how to better convince people that their religious beliefs are wrong without alienating them.

Hey girls, look at me!

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Republican Donald Trump is quite convinced he can keep Muslims off the Internet if he talks with Bill Gates. Because, Bill Gates owns the Internet.

If you bought a pair of Toms, you probably will feel bad right about now.

Fact checking the politicians. As expected, them Dems are more honest than the Repubs, but they're still both liars. Ted Cruz is currently clocked in with a mere 3% of his statements being identified as definitely true.

What happens when random people on the street read from the Quran, and comment on the horrors of it, only to find out that all along they were reading from the bible?

What kind of person who vandalize a mosque? This Christian douchebro.

The English alphabet has a lot of redundant letters.

What do Cambodia, Mozambique, Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Turkey, Iran, Libya, Slovakia, and Russia all have in common? They all have fewer shooting deaths per capita than the USA. In fact, out of 147 countries measured, the USA is in 24th place, just behind Uganda and Nicaragua. But, if you exclude the drug cartels of Central America, and the civil wars of Africa, we're in 4th place! Of the modernized Western nations, we're in first place by a huge margin, about 6 times as many shooting deaths than second place! That's more than just a little embarrassing.

Fixing terrorism, by engaging in terrorism

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Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University in the aptly named city of Lynchburg, suggested that all of his students should carry guns and kill any Muslims before they even have a chance to enter a building. Naturally, suggesting the murder of anyone who looks like a Muslim has caused some backlash, so Falwell clarified his statement by saying, he was referring only to Muslim terrorists. And, as we all know, you can tell the difference between a Muslim non-terrorist and a Muslim terrorist at a distance of 50 yards.

A tribute to all those creepy Christian "I love my daughter" moments.

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville reminded their faculty that, if any of them plan on having an office party or are putting up decorations, they should be inclusive to all religions. Keep in mind that this was not directed at students, but the employees of the University. The university, knowing that they have a diverse set of students and faculty, doesn't want to exclude anyone. But this wasn't well-received by the state's Republicans. Their desire for small, unobtrusive government required them to get involved, not just by demanding the resignation of university employees, but they've also trying the defund any diversity programs at the university, and have threatened to put the university through an investigation.

The State Capitol of Illinois also features an anti-religious plaque, and Florida has decided to end religious displays all together rather than have another Satanic Nativity like last year.

What happens when you run Bohemian Rhapsody through Google Translate a few times?

When you donate money to the church, don't expect it to reach the poor, but rather buy new cars, vacations, and spa treatments.

The Pope recently visited Philadelphia, and the mayor assured the public that the World Meeting of Families, a religious organization, would cover all the expenses, but after the Pope left, and the bills were tallied up, the World Meeting of Families only ended up paying for about half of the cost, leaving Philadelphia taxpayers on the hook for about $ 8 million!

It's a little old, but here is Christopher Hitchen's exposé on Mother Teresa.

Never the famous balcony scene

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A nice long lecture by Bart Ehrman talking about illuminated biblical manuscripts.

Since 1996, Republicans and the NRA successfully put a ban on federal research into gun violence, and doctors are getting really sick of it.

Aron Ra points out some of the absurdities of the bible.

Religion is anti-science because it is all about unquestioningly preserving tradition even when it's been proven false. But it's not always Christians and Muslims who are anti-science, indigenous religions often stand in the way of scientific progress, like the Hawaiians who refuse to allow a telescope to be built on Mauna Kea mountain because that's where their gods live.

Sean goes to church.

Don't be a monopoly

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I finished reading Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom. Not that great.

Americans are still fighting Comcast and AT&T for equal access to bandwidth.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people, guns just make it easy for people to kill a whole lot of people in a very short time span.

Wisconsin's state Capitol building currently features a sign which reads, "There are no god, no devils, no angel, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds." This warms my black little atheist heart!

Politicans's responded to the mass-shooting in California by calling for more prayer, but the Daily News pointed out an uncomfortable truth. Of course, if the Republicans are praying for more people to be shot, which is believable, then maybe their prayers are working.

Robert L. Dear, Jr., the man who murdered three people at Planned Parenthood, is convinced that he will go to heaven because he's saved by Jesus. While many Christians may find this to completely go against everything their religion stands for, it actually fits perfectly with Evangelical Christian beliefs.

Don't you hate it when your television ministry is ruined, not by your own corruption and fraud, but by witches?

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is not amused by a meme that he looks like Gollum, and may potentially put a man in jail for three years for posting it. The thing is... he does kind of look like Gollum.

Don't commit genocide

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Richard Carrier gives a nice talk about how science disproves the existence of gods.

Donald Trump explains that, if you want to stop terrorism, you have to kill the terrorists entire family.

An interesting supercut of computers in popular film.

Republican Alan Harper gives some advice to his state, if you buy products from anyone who isn't a Christian, you're funding terrorism.

What's the deal with that old-timey American accent?

Don't destroy the environment

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Syria isn't the only country to have refugees, the Marshall Islands has them too, but it isn't civil war or corruption causing its population to flee, it's the rising ocean. Global climate change is particularly disastrous to island nations with their densely populated coastal regions, and the Marshall Islands are only about two meters above sea level, so in a couple decades, they probably won't be even inhabitable anymore.

How to deal with people who use an argument from personal experience as evidence that their god exists.

This surprises no one, but people can't tell the difference between aphorisms from hucksters like Deepak Chopra and randomly-generated bullshit.

Rachel Bloom is a rockstar.

While Republicans were fighting to keep Syrian refugees out of the US for fear that they -might- be terrorists, six acts of -actual- terrorism were committed by Americans against Americans, nearly all of whom were white.

Imagine if non-Americans actually believed the war-on-Christianity propaganda of Fox News.

According to a study conducted by a Christian survey group, 70% of women who have had abortions in the US consider themselves to be Christians.

Stand aside red Solo cup, and make room for the red Starbucks cup.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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