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House not clean enough for Thanksgiving

Feeling: Happy


Minneapolis paramedics responded to an assault call to give medical aid, but Jamar Clark was creating problems for them. Police came and saw Clark as a suspect and shot him to death. Although the police agree that Clark was unrestrained and trying to take an officer's gun when the shooting occurred, but several witnesses stated that Clark was lying on the ground in handcuffs when they shot him. This prompted a gathering of angry citizens around the local police department building protesting the shooting and demanding to see the police's video evidence, but the police have yet to release it. Another group of angry citizens began to crowd outside the police department, but these people were protesting the protesters, and yesterday, some of them opened fire on the first group of protesters shooting several people. When this happened, it is reported that the protesters begged the police to come out and help them, but the police remained in the police department saying, this is what you guys wanted! Meanwhile, the ACLU has crunched some numbers and found that Minneapolis is mostly white, but the vast majority of people being arrested for minor crimes are black.

Several reasons for why people are ex-Muslims.

Australia's Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, knows what the problem is with the Islamic terrorists who murdered all those people in Paris... they were godless!

Honest Trailers finally does Star Wars.

Another cross successfully moved off public land, another victory for the Constitution.

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how astronauts have sex in space.

Republican Jeb Bush spells out the American Christian ideal, only Christians are worth saving.

House getting cleaner for Thanksgiving

Feeling: Happy


Dammit Millennials, you had one job to do, and that was prevent government censorship.

Strangely enough, men who murder their spouses receive more lenient sentences than men who murder total strangers.

Aron Ra on the Unholy Trinity Tour.

Joe and Kristen Masciantonio appeared on Fox News to tell the world about the healing power of the Pope who kissed the head of their baby, and now their baby's tumor is in remission. Of course, the child also had multiple surgeries and chemotherapy from several highly-trained doctors, but we know who the real hero is, don't we?

When reading the bible it's very easy to conclude that murder is right.

Jeremy Brown is the football coach at Mosley public High School in Florida, and he says the most important part of his job is converting students to Christianity.

Another day, another chore

Feeling: Happy


Donald Trump's latest attempt to court Republican voters: I'll bring back torture! It doesn't surprise me that so many people cheered for that statement after learning that an article by Burt Prelutsky was published by World Net Daily, which suggests bombing Mecca off the face of the earth regardless of how many civilian casualties there may be.

I don't think I'm going to read Dilbert anymore. I've known that Scott Adams, the comic's creator, was pretty sexist, but I still found his comic funny, but I can't anymore. I just have a hard time finding the humor when I know that the author is a misogynistic asshole. In his latest blog, which he may have meant as a joke, but I'm not laughing, he complained that women have control of their bodies on the issue of sex, and suggested that Islamic terrorism isn't the result of religion, but women refusing their husbands sex!

Why doubt is so important.

Southwest Airlines will boot you from your flight if you don't speak English.

The School's Hoping and Praying is modern oldies.

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to death for the heinous crime of poetry. Not expecting much from a country whose king thinks that all atheists are terrorists.

A scary statistic about our police state, since 2014, you're more likely to have your property stolen from you by police than a burglar.

There aren't enough days in the month!

Feeling: Happy


Fixed some wind-damaged aluminum siding near my roof. There is something very exciting about leaning head-first over a 15-foot drop.

There was a time in our nation's past where we did something that was both inhumane and embarrassing. Well, actually, there have been a lot of those times, but the one I'm talking about is during WWII, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The US decided that wanting to bomb the US is genetic, so, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an Executive Order allowing the US military to arrest every single person in the US of Japanese ancestry, most of which were full US citizens, and put them in internment camps or deport them. It's a good thing we have never been attacked by white people, or we might have to arrest all of them too! Anyway, years later, President Carter had the government investigate the massive violation of civil liberties and found what any rational person would expect, that there was no evidence the American Japanese citizens were planning anything devious, that their arrest was fueled by American racism, and that, if the American Japanese didn't hate us then, they sure as hell hate us now! President Regan signed an Act which officially apologized for the nation's actions and paid every surviving Japanese person who had been incarcerated $20,000, for a total of $1.6 billion. History now looks upon the act as a huge mistake and a black mark on the country, so thank fully we'll never do it again... wait... Republicans... what are you doing?!

Here's how DNA functions.

Republicans don't have much left in the way of a voting base. While there are still plenty of ignorant hicks who are convinced that they'll need low taxes on the wealthy for the big day when they win the lottery, their other base, Christians, are shrinking rapidly. Most white Christians aren't pumping out the babies that used to keep them inflated, and the influx of Christian Mexicans are still a little upset about the whole, "Mexicans are rapists," line, and the racism toward Syrian refugees is alienating them even further.

How to deal with parents when you've left their religion.

The Texas State School Board (a punchline in and of itself) has decided that it no longer wants academic experts reviewing their textbooks.

Matt Dillahunty explains why he's not a fan of the problem of evil.

Why did someone put a strip of black tape over the photograph of every black person hanging in the halls?

I'm nineteen...

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading The Lost World.

This isn't news to anyone who's up on the abortion debate, but after Texas made it a lot harder for women to get abortions from doctors, the rate of self-induced home abortions has increased greatly!

Maybe drug manufacturers aren't the best people to trust with your health?

John Oliver calls out the Paris terrorists.

After losing all of his credibility by coming out as a young-earth creationist, Ben Stein doubles-down by saying that Obama is a danger to America, and that he hates America, possibly because he's part black.

Sarah Haider talks about what it's like to be an ex-Muslim.

The Duggar's spawn is now being sued for beating up a porn star.

Colorado Mesa University used to hand out a bible to each graduating nurse. Used to. In only Republican presidental candidate John Kasich could get the memo. Right now he's trying to establish a taxpayer-funded governmental agency to promote Christianity abroad.

If camouflage is so important, why are more animals green.

I'm eighteen, and I just don't know what I want

Feeling: Happy


The latest addition to the VGMPF is the soundtrack of Shinobi.

Explaining Special and General Relativity using only the 1,000 most commonly used English words.

How to respond when Christians argue that the bible doesn't say that!

Rather than allow an LGBT after-school club to exist, North Carolina's Lake Lure Classical Academy, after being pressured by those poor persecuted Christian parents, has decided to cancel the chess club, the drama club, the classical music club, the environmentalism club, well, actually, all clubs for all students.

A simple consolidated history of the British Royal Family.

Republican Christian Ted Cruz explains that he welcomes Syrian refugees... as long as they can prove to him that they're Christian. Obama had a different approach and said "That's not American. That's not who we are. We don't have religious tests to our compassion." You know, I don't like Obama, but dammit, he says some good things now and again!

Stephen Colbert wasn't able to convert Bill Maher back to Catholicism.

Us and them

Feeling: Happy


The data are in, last October was the hottest ever recorded. But global warming is a hoax. Speaking of weather discrepancies, Mike Huckabee says Syrian refugees shouldn't be allowed in Minnesota because it's too cold for desert dwellers.

A simple and quick explanation of a gene.

On the whole, I find Buddhist to be pretty similar to most other religious people. They act like secularists 95% of the time, only bringing out their religion for rituals and a justification to hate those who are different. However, you gotta love it when the Dalai Lama says that you shouldn't expect help by praying to a god, if you want to stop terrorist attacks it's up to us to actually do something.

Peace be with you...

The mayor of Port Neches, Texas is willing to spend any amount of taxpayer's money to keep a cross on public land. Sounds great to FFRF, they could use another paycheck!

For God so loved the world...

Feeling: Happy


Suicidal Muslims murdered around 130 civilians in Paris as retaliation for France's air strikes, and the fact that, according to the terrorists, God hates the French because they're not Muslim enough. And this probably isn't shocking to anyone here, but according to American Christians, the victims deserved to be murdered because they weren't Christian enough.

Maryam Namazie's speech on the dangers of militant Islam was banned at Warwick University, but it sure seems validated now!

Corrupt Michigan police have been trying to coerce medical marijuana sellers to lie about out origin of their cannabis so they can give out stiffer criminal punishment.

Does the theory of evolution matter?

National Geographic, which is a husk of its former glory thanks to Fox News, did a cover piece on "sightings" of the Catholic version of the Virgin Mary. This is very similar to cranks who make maps of sightings of aliens, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster, only with a lot more child rape. In order for a sighting to meet Vatican approval, you don't need scientific or video evidence, instead, all you need is someone who really believes they saw Mary, and the message has to fit with the Vatican's current version of doctrine. None of the Vatican One crap counts as a miracle!

Alanis Morissette updates the lyrics to Ironic.

Thousands of Mormons officially resigned in a mass-excommunication due to the church's hateful stance against homosexuals.

David Vitter, a Conservative Christian Republican state Senator is running for Governor in Louisiana. You might remember Vitter as the man who tried to convince the woman with whom he was cheating on his his wife to have an abortion because he got her pregnant. Anyway, his message to voters is that gay people are ruining the sanctity of marriage.

Heffalumps and woozles!

Feeling: Happy


We currently live in a culture where most rapists will never be punished.

Starbucks cups are Satanic.

Another victory for religious equality as another nativity scene is taken off public land. I guess they didn't want to lose a lawsuit over it like Baxter County, Arkansas.

John Oliver talks Medicaid.

Beckie Peirce and April Hoagland, a married couple in Utah recently adopted a foster child with the biological mother's blessing, but before everything could be finalized, Judge Scott Johansen, a disgusting turd, ruled that the couple cannot adopt the child, because they're lesbians.

Ben Carson is making Sarah Palin look sane.

And now for something completely different...

Feeling: Happy


Monty Python shows us what happens when robbers don't do anything illegal.

Another pair of parents are sent to jail after their child dies because they refused to take her to the hospital and instead prayed for her.

Despite having to, once again, deal with the watch-maker argument, Neil deGrasse Tyson gives a good argument for why science and religion are incompatible.

Many of us know about president Andrew Johnson, not for any of his accomplishments, but because he opposed the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which granted black people equal rights. Well, Newt Gingrich is probably going to have a similar legacy blocking the rights of transgendered people.

Aron Ra addresses the Texas Freethought Coalition.

There are a lot of ones in today's date

Feeling: Happy


Finished reading Snow Crash for the second time.

A new dwarf planet has been found in our solar system way out, about three times as far out as Pluto making it the most distant local object we've witnessed.

Why it's important to boycott Catholic hospitals.

Too late Bristol, too late.

Geek talk on the Late Show.

God bless the Satanists who convinced Bledsoe County, Tennessee public schools to stop distributing bibles to kids by asking if they could distribute Satanic children's books.

Republican Presidential hopefuls, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal share a stage with Kevin Swanson, a Christian pastor who said people who've read Harry Potter should drown themselves.

Bart Ehrman's lecture on how the bible explains suffering.

Facebook is censoring any of its users who mention a rival social media site called Tsu.

Meet the new floss, same as the old moss

Feeling: Happy


Even if the crosswalk is closed to traffic, Texas police will beat you down for jaywalking! This seems like a good time to bring up the recent US Supreme Court ruling which states that police can not be held accountable for murdering someone who is attempting to escape arrest unless the victim's family can prove, beyond any doubt, that the police acted irresponsibly. Thus, even if those Texas cops had shot each of those jaywalkers in the face, since the police said they were escaping arrest, there is nothing their families could (legally) do to seek justice.

Alabama's latest addition to the state's Board of Education, Republican Christian Betty Peters, believes that education is a Liberal Conspiracy what with their teaching that Muslims and transgender people exist, and what with all their math that is different than the math she grew up with! Thankfully Peters knows how to fix the problem, force children to become Christians!

Aron Ra, Matt Dillahunty, and Seth Andrews finished off their Unholy Trinity Tour and here are the results: Matt, Seth, Aron.

Democrat Brad Sherman tried to make a cute joke about how God doesn't want interest rates to rise in a season called fall. I do not think it's funny.

A little late, but did you know spending a lot of time putting together a Halloween costume will get you drunker?

Rachel Does... sex with a stranger.

Same ol, same ol

Feeling: Happy


Republican hopeful, Ben Carson, has decorated the walls of his house with his awards and pictures of himself (even with Jesus!) to help showcase a bible verse about humility.

Canada's old Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has been ousted and with him goes his old Conservative Christian rules preventing government scientists from giving their opinion to the public. Canada's new Liberal Prime Minister has nothing to fear from the truth, and is letting his scientists tell people the facts!

Moses only inspired the US Constitution if you haven't read the Torah or the Constitution.

What does xenophobia look like? How about Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch who smashed a beer mug across the face of Asma Jama for wearing a Hijab and speaking Swahili.

It's a shame we no longer drink lead.

Reford Theobold, ex-Mayor of Grand Junction, Colorado, and the Republican Christian who spent $64,000 of taxpayer's money keeping a Ten Commandments monument on public land probably should have read that Ten Commandments monument a little closer because he was just arrested for shoplifting.

Seth Meyers weighs in on the removal of Houston's gender discrimination law.

Hope you're happy now

Feeling: Happy


Roy Zimmerman shows the stark contrast between the Ronald and the Donald.

Even though one school board member was willing to throw away money on a hopeless lawsuit trying to continue sending public school children to a Catholic shrine for Christmas where they were told not to sing secular music, only Christian hymns, the Portland, Oregon school district saw the light of the US Constitution and decided to find a new choir venue.

God really dropped the ball in this football game!

Why is Moody Bible School, a Christian college, tricking dementia patients into willing them their entire estates?

People! Get your quotes strait!

Who did what now?

Feeling: Happy


What it's like having to escort women through the hateful mobs of Christians outside women's health clinics.

Church official Darren Paden has admitted to raping a little girl around 300 times, starting when she was five-years-old, and continuing on for a decade, but his strong Christian community is standing by him, calling the victim a liar, and urging a judge to let him go.

The USA has a lot of geographic place names that are racial slurs.

Well, that settles it. Videogames are officially a female past time now. According to this recent Pew Forum, more women own videogame consoles in the US than men!

Ben Carson is giving Donald Trump a run for is money on who is stupider.

How much money has the Catholic Church paid out to the victims they've raped? Over $4 billion!

Tennessee will be swapping out a memorial with a cross for a more inclusive soldier's memorial.

Remember, remember, the something about November?

Feeling: Happy


Thanks to Republicans Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick, Houston, Texas continues to allow discrimination against people based on their gender.

You've been hearing about it for years thanks to Fox "News," but wouldn't it be nice if someone could just give you the condensed facts about the whole Benghazi debacle?

David G. McAfee writes about 8 themes that are eroding separation of church and state.

Computerphile gives a nice explanation about how digital sound is stored.

I know bitch about religion an awful lot on this site, and my voice is nothing more than a drop in a sea, but you need countless drops to make a sea, and our collective work appears to be paying off thanks to the latest Pew Forum release which shows that for every metric they measured, religion is shrinking in the USA. The percentage of people who adhere to a religion has decreased, the percentage of unaffiliated religious people has decreased, the percentage who pray has decreased, the percentage who attend church has decreased, and the percentage of people who believe religion is an important part of life has decreased!

November: not as good as October

Feeling: Happy


I'm re-reading Snow Crash because it's so awesome.

Teens explain their view of rape and consent based on a dramatization.

The UK government wants it to be known to all software developers, citizens should never be allowed to have privacy from the government, but what can you expect from a country that has one surveillance camera for every 11 people?

The future is where we treat cancer with genetically modified herpes.

What it's like for parents having to decide to have an abortion. Of course, if this Christian pastor has his way, women would never be allowed to make decisions about their own body.

Muslims show their religion of peace by throwing rocks at a woman's face until she dies. This is how Muslims act when they don't have a secular government keeping them docile, so we don't need this Christian pastor to make up false claims of violence.

Happy post-Halloween!

Feeling: Happy


Halloween party went very well! There were lots of costumed guests, lots of delicious food, lots of fun games, and lots of alcoholic drinks. I survived, but not hang-over free.

I've added several new soundtracks to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Religious 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are not as helpful as they claim.

You know a person is a true freedom-loving patriot when they want to suppress knowledge of the nation's law in order to force their personal beliefs on children.

As usual, it is the Satanists who show patience and tolerance toward Christians bullies.

Let's say someone offered you property to buy, but with an odd condition. You're not allowed to inspect the property before buying it, instead you have to take the seller's word that it's great. But the seller has never seen the property either, they've only been told by someone else that it's great. Also, while the cost of the property is really low, living there will require some huge life-altering changes on your behalf. So, would you buy the property sight-unseen? Probably not, right? So why are Christians so convinced that once you hear about Heaven, you'll want to alter your life in order to get into a place that God won't let you see?

Happy pre-Halloween!

Feeling: Festive


Long-term birth control devices like IUDs are extremely effective, and extremely safe, so why are women still unsure about them?

Is Richard Dawkins just so out-of-touch that he doesn't know what a "safe space" means to people who are harassed, or is he just that big of an asshole?

What are your main issues for the upcoming elections? Reform of immigration, gun control, or welfare? Privacy, online fairness, or anti-bullying laws? Social Security, taxes, use of public funds? There are hundreds of issues to worry about, but some people have it easy come voting day, and that's the people who are demanding a theocracy.

Canada has elections? I thought they just politely took turns running the country.

Commission Chairman of Lake County Florida, Jimmy Connor, when asked why he rejected a Satanist from giving an invocation at his meetings said, "There won't be any satanic prayers while I'm chairman. The man isn't going to bully me. It he hates God, he can do that. But we're not going to spread devil worshiping in our chamber," a clear violation of the US Constitution, so the Satanist in question has filed a lawsuit.

We learned too much in school

Feeling: Festive


Fox "News" reported on a teacher who required their students to say, "God isn't real," on a test. Of course, nothing of the sort happened, and both the teacher and the student's other classmates give a very different account, but let's not expect Fox "News" to do their due diligence. What really happened is the teacher wanted the students to learn the difference between a fact and an opinion. One of statements students were asked to identify was, "God is real," which is obviously an opinion, but the student argued that the statement is a fact because... the bible. To be fair, the teacher should have foreseen how her inculcated students would react and saved such a debate for philosophy class, but there you do.

An ex-Muslim explains the importance of taking off her hijab.

After 35 years, China is upping its one-child-per-couple policy to two!

Why do nuclear blasts make mushroom-shaped clouds?

Another jingoist teacher flips out at a student who refuses to say the prayer pledge of allegiance.

Partyin' while I'm plannin'

Feeling: Festive


Halloween is fast approaching!

Police Lt. Mark Tiller of Seneca South Carolina just got off the hook for shooting Zachary Hammond, an unarmed teenager, to death at point blank range. The officer claimed that he feared the teen was trying to run him over, but his dashcam shows that the only reason the officer was in any danger in the first place is because he ran up to the front of the car against protocol.

Why do Republicans love Ben Carson and Donald Trump so much? Probably because they're the only candidates they can understand with their elementary school level vocabulary.

Fox "News" invites several men to ogle women in tight pants, and make insulting personal remarks about them, because news.

Reza Aslan's argument that religious text has no actual meaning seems a bit muddled.

The water from the melting ice of Greenland is cutting through it like a knife probably speeding up the effects of climate change, all the while, Republicans continue to cut research funding.

What Would Jesus Do? Probably vandalize the road signs of people who clean up trash along the highway.

Neutrino research is worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Want to know where non-Christians shouldn't expect equal treatment among public law enforcement? Here's a map.

Plannin' for a party

Feeling: Festive


Working on Halloween themed trivia for the party!

A Canadian doctor killed an infant after botching a circumcision the parents never wanted, against the recommendation of the Canadian Pediatric Society (which, along with every other pediatric organization in the civilized world, views circumcision and unnecessary), and rather than losing his license, the doctor was told, the next time he flays off part of an infant's body, he should try harder to get consent.

Since most of the bible is evil with only a little bit of good sprinkled in, it's more accurate to think of it as a book of evil.

When someone accuses you of releasing hate mobs to ruin someone's life, the correct response to prove them wrong is not to release a hate mob and ruin their life.

Saudi Arabia just bombed a health center run by Doctors Without Borders.

I wish I could breathe through my butt.

Todd Starnes, one of the talking heads on Fox News, is demanding that God send plagues of insects to murder everyone in government because they're not Christian enough.

Finally, I feel safe.

Apple has been decrypting their phones for years at the US government's demands, but they're finally refusing, saying it will erode their customer's trust.

Turns out the owners of Hobby Lobby have been trying to open a bible museum, but in order to fill it, they've been stealing artifacts from the Middle East.

Get ready

Feeling: Proud


Busy weekend. Movies at Sarah's, drinks at Danielle's, shopping for Halloween party stuff, costume stuff, and lots of house work. Laundry is done, leaves are raked, and that pesky leak in the shower drain has been fixed. I have produced production.

Famous blades.

Want more evidence that Fox News is a lie factory? Their psychology "expert" is a reality TV star who earned her degree from an online college and quotes debunked studies.

Shortly after saying that the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing to hit this country since slavery, Republican Ben Carson explains that abortion is just like slavery. I'm not quite sure he knows what any of these words mean.

As anyone knows, the president of the USA cannot tell private companies to tell their customers "Merry Christmas." The very idea of such authority brings up visions of Fascism rather than freedom, so why are so many Republicans completely in favor of Donald Trump making that very claim?

City councils who waste time giving invocations before meetings are now allowing atheists to give the invocations (after being forced to by law), but that doesn't mean they aren't bringing in Christians to give the "real" invocation the moment the atheist takes their seat.

Christian pastor George Hunley, who likes to make up stories denigrating black people, also likes to pose as a Navy Seal and show up at events at Christian Liberty University.

But Fridays are always fine

Feeling: Happy


Doing big-boy home repairs, like fixing a leaking shower drain is really annoying. Let's forget all about that, and enjoy Wallee's birthday party instead.

The Family Research Council, a Christian hate group, accuses atheists groups of being the "atheist Taliban," but the lady doth protest too much me thinks, as their group actually agrees with the Taliban on the majority of their issues, just with a different god.

Radiolab discusses what we know, and what we don't know about how anesthesia affects the brain and Fresh Air talks about interesting syndromes where people don't believe their body is their own.

The largest hurricane ever recorded in the Eastern Pacific is hitting Mexico.

McGraw-Hill's Texas version of high school geography calls slaves "workers," which has a lot of people, especially African Americans pissed off. Republican Thomas Ratliff of the Texas Board of Education dismisses their outrage as being "blown out of proportion."

Sarah Palin's Ten Commandments don't pass the Constitution.

Michigan police have spent close to a million dollars, both from taxpayers, and those stolen from citizens, to purchase spy gear which they use on innocent people without a warrant.

Women aren't taken as seriously as men, especially when they shout.

What if your grandparents wanted to try and convert your 4-year-old child to Satanism and despite your demands for them to stop, they continued to show your child Satanist books, videos, and took them to Satanist churches. You'd probably be a little pissed and tell them, until they stop trying to indoctrinate your child, they can't have anything to do with them. What then, if your grandparents sued you and demanded custody so that they may push their religious beliefs on your child? That's what happened to a Canadian mother with her Jehovah's Witness parents.

I could never get the hang of Thursdays

Feeling: Okay


I just finished reading The Player of Games.

Wouldn't it be great if one of the prerequisites to running for president of a country was actually reading the highest level of law for that country? Case in point, despite the first amendment of the US Constitution preventing him doing so, Republican Donald Trump wants to close down houses of worship in order to combat terrorism.

Not trusting research doctors to give them accurate information about the safety of vaccinations, a bunch of antivaxers pooled together a quarter of a million dollars and hired a laboratory to perform a test on the safety of vaccines. The researchers performed their tests, 80 monkeys were killed, and in the end, no evidence of mental harm was found. This wasn't a surprise to anyone, as over 100 previous studies have found these same conclusions. But the antivaxers still refuse to see this as evidence that vaccines are safe and are accusing the researchers of lying.

Woman gets a doctor's certified note to prove to her Christian father, a preacher, that her hymen wasn't torn prior to her marriage.

Turns out, oil companies aren't very safe and like it that way.

What can't more mayoral candidates threaten hellfire and damnation upon their constituents if they aren't elected?

Republican Paul Ryan has a long history of voting against low income Americans. He views them as lazy and afraid of hard work, so his policies require them to work long hours for little pay, and since he cut child care subsidies, they can't afford to have anyone look after their children while they're at these awful jobs. You can see where this is going; hypocrite Ryan is refusing to take a prestigious job unless he's guaranteed lots of time off.

A book that every guy should read before they start having sex.

It's fine to show ads with models in bikinis on the Subway, it's fine to show them in skimpy underwear or lace lingerie, hell, it's even fine to show them without any clothing at all, as long as the nipples are covered by an arm. But an advertisement talking about a woman's period? Well that's just unacceptable!

Fox News and Republicans hates the new Liberal black anti-Nationalistic Captain America, even though he's nothing new.

Vednesday, vhen else?

Feeling: Okay


Disney stories may seem sweet and innocent, but their source material is pretty dark.

The US Department of Justice is going to be partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center to help combat domestic terrorism. This has caused quite a stir among American Christian groups because so many of them are declared hate groups by the SPLC because they deliberately spread lies about groups of people they fear.

Which dinos had feathers?

All antivaxers are saying is, give measles a chance!

Chasing the clouds away

Feeling: Okay


I added the soundtrack of One Must Fall: 2097 to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

A wonderfully ridiculous recap of Half-Life.

Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, has appointed Bill Beardsley, a Christian Creationist, to act as the head of the Department of Education who assures interviewers that he plans to teach Christian Creationism in public schools and focus on the economy rather than science. Republicans continue to clown around.

Checking out the tomb of one of the first computer programmers, Ada Lovelace.

The Lawrence County Association of Baptists are giving Catholics a run for their money as the most sexist Christian in existence after kicking a church out of their ranks for the sin of electing a female pastor.

Do we have enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world? Not even close!

Busy busy busy

Feeling: Okay


Sore throat is mostly gone. I acknowledge wine tasting as the cure.

Dubai may have high-rises and billionaires, but the Muslim patriarchy still makes it hell for women.

Bowser comes from a broken home.

While I like that our nation has become so secular that religious people lie all the time to cover their asses, but does Sean Killeen of the US Marine Corp really think that anyone is going to believe his claim that the phrase, "God bless the military," is entirely secular.

An overview of how our DNA self-corrects, and why finding it out is worth a Nobel Prize.

Republican presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, is in favor of slavery for poor people who are caught stealing just like it says in the bible.

Why and how some organisms glow.

Sample time!

Feeling: Blah


Got a bit of a scratchy throat, but that won't stop me from heading to a cider mill and winery this weekend! Also, Lucy decided to run through a swamp during our lunch-time walk. Fantastic!

Artist Wendy Tsao repaints those disgusting Bratz dolls to look like important women.

Richard Carrier gives his lecture about the lack of historical evidence for Jesus.

Sheriff Pearson of Hemphill County, TX wants everyone to know that they believe they are shepherds of humans (implying everyone else it sheep), and the bible verses emblazoned on their fleet are a foreboding portent to the county's non-Christians.

Aron Ra's talk on reason and how religion lacks any.

The United House of Prayer, a church in Washington D.C. that doesn't know the meaning of religious freedom, is complaining that a bike lane is a violation of their religious freedom because it decreases their street parking.

Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses

Feeling: Blah


A chilling look at the remains of the Afghani hospital bombed by the US military.

Bart Ehrman lectures on the historicity of Jesus.

Christian law firm, Liberty Institute, is trying to convince Washington State's Bremerton High School football coach Joe Kennedy to continue leading his students in prayer, telling him that there's nothing illegal about it. Actually, it's been illegal since 1962, the "Liberty" Institute is just hoping that they can make waves on the tax payer's dime.

Acupuncture is junk.

Despite their appeals, Dale and Shannon Hickman will finally go to prison for refusing to take their sick infant to a doctor who would most certainly have been healed.

An interesting description of genetic point mutations.

aocy934qh4fuiqwh3lfkij sd

Feeling: Happy


This isn't a shock to anyone paying attention, but Republican Mike Huckabee is a racist.

Feminist Frequency continues their education about the horrible treatment of women in gaming.

Looks like being homeschooled by two ignorant fanatics won't give you the education you need to work abroad after all. I guess you can't expect much from a family who thinks wives should be their husband's sexual slaves.

A thorough response to the tired Christian argument, you just want to sin.

Why did these parents, along with church officials, beat their 17-year-old son to death?

Forensics is a pretty interesting science.

Mississippi tax payers might be expected to lose another $10,000 after a teacher tells his atheists students that they are fools for not being Christians.

Slow news day

Feeling: Happy


The software that got humans to the Moon and safely back home, and computer software as a concept in general, was developed in part by Margaret Hamilton.

The interesting body shape differences of the best athletes in the world.

I've been making minor updates to my site Wiki and the VGMPF Wiki.

Hello, saferide.

Feeling: Happy


I wonder if gun nuts are bothered by the fact that, in 2013, three times as many preschoolers were shot to death than police officers? Not that I am in favor of police being shot, but the fact that they are in a line of work that often involves people shooting at them, you would think the numbers would be reversed!

Simon's Cat doesn't want to go in the box!

Did you ever want to watch a movie on a vinyl record? Neither did anyone else, and that's why RCA couldn't sell them.

What it's like for a student at a Mormon university who stops believing their religion.

Ignore what you've heard from the pot heads and the Conservative Christians, here's the real danger of marijuana causing psychosis.

In the true spirit of the corrupt monster Mother Teresa, the charity that bears her name will no longer help children get adopted. The reason for this, is the Indian government no longer prevents single parents from adopting children, and the Catholics would rather a child have no parents than one parent. Oh yes, and they still hate homosexuals.

Some of the amazing work being done by NASA.

The extremely religious and unconstitutional US Air Force has fired one of its contract employees for being a witch (she is actually Hindu).

Five common misconceptions of evolution.

Republican Ben Carson explains that the Holocaust may have been completely avoided if the Jews had armed themselves better. Genocidal victim blaming is exactly what you want for the country's highest level politician. Next up, he'll tell a rape victim that she wouldn't have been raped if she had only just screamed louder.

Friday already? I'll take it!

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Republican presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal knows how to stop school shootings tell people you're a Christian! Maybe he should have first watched John Oliver's segment on mental health.

Tide makes a big deal about same-sex marriage.

An Indiana public high school is set to lose thousands of taxpayer dollars because they refused to stop indoctrinating children with Christian theater.

When squeezing through a tiny underground cave yields exciting results of human ancestors.

Republican Mike Huckabee must be reading Dan Barton's book of made up history because his founding fathers quotes are all fictional.

If that is what Islamic Paradise is like, I'd just assume go to their Hell.

What a great time to drop off a bag

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Our remaining bag was finally dropped off at our house... at 2 AM! It's a little damaged, but all the contents are intact. KLM sucks.

I finished reading Jurassic Park and wrote a short review. TLDR: Not as good as the movie. Also saw the movie Frozen. TLDR: Not as good as the sales makes it out to be.

Another priest argues that pedophilia isn't caused by a sick-minded adult, but is in fact caused by children seeking affection. Interestingly, the priest, Gino Flaim, calls pedophilia a sin that needs to be accepted, but refers to homosexuality as "a disease."

I would like the Conservatives in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder in particular, to explain why they wasted $1.9 million of tax-payer's money trying to keep same-sex couples from marrying.

How we get more Jehovah's Witnesses.

In order to prove his is a religion of peace and pacifism, Christian gun store owner, Brant Williams, is offering a 5% discount to all Christians who buy his guns in order to protect from people like the Oregon shooter. Not only is such a discount illegal, but it's also completely unfounded as the Oregon shooter was not targeting Christians.

Must suck to be an ignored US Territory.

KLM still sucks

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Only five days late, one of our suitcases has been found and delivered home (not the one with our most important stuff). Still no sign of the other one. KLM sucks.

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to scientists who were able to detail how cells repair damaged DNA.

John Oliver puts the spotlight on the terrible politicians who refuse to help Syrian refugees and the awful lies of Fox News.

Learn yourself your cognitive biases!

Getting to know your Conservative Christian parents better by showing them your tattoos.

An 18th century doctors manuscript explaining how rape is impossible because women always have the strength to prevent a man from raping her.

Sometimes it takes a more than a letter to get public school teachers to stop forcing their beliefs on their students, sometimes it takes a lawsuit, but in the end, it gets the job done.

Aron Ra talking about the problems with religion in government.

Possible shoplifting is not a valid reason to pull out a gun and start shooting in a public place. And anyone who thinks it is, shouldn't be allowed to have a gun.

Back in the U.S.S.A.

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The Nobel Prize for physics was awarded for the scientists who discovered that neutrinos actually have mass.

Dammit California, quit making the rest of the States look bad! Not only have they drastically reduced their citizens risk of cancer by reducing air pollution, but they also legalized assisted suicide.

As victory for the US Constitution as Oklahoma's Ten Commandments monument comes down!

If there poop in your aura?

Parents are really getting pissed off that schools are teaching their children facts about religions other than Christianity.

Elected officials in Tennessee are voting on a resolution to ask their god not to murder them for allowing same sex marriage because, apparently, their god takes the state's resolutions into account before committing genocide.

I'm back baby!

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London was beautiful, historic, and very expensive; Glasgow was real, fun, and exciting. Everything about the trip was completely worth it, except the treatment with the return trip by KLM. Our layover in Amsterdam was fogged out, so we arrived late, and our flight home was canceled. Obviously, I wasn't too upset about this, the airport can't control the weather, and I'd rather be late than dead. However, KLM's inept management made the delay unbearable. To start with, they had a total of 5 people to reschedule flights for the over 2,000 people who were left stranded, and each new flight took about 15 minutes to fix. Their computers also failed quite often, leaving hours where only three were actually working. We waited in line for over seven hours before we got to see someone, and they were unable to get us a flight back to Flint for several days. We settled for a flight to Detroit the next morning, but they refused to pay for the rental car we'd need to get home. They did give us a €10 food voucher (which is almost enough for an airport meal), and said they would put us up in a nearby hotel for the night. Of course, the line to get a hotel was just as long as the line for a new flight, so, rather than wait for a hotel (which would only leave us with enough time to get there and return for our flight for the next morning), we stayed in the airport all night. KLM refused to give us our luggage for clean clothes or toiletries, so we remained dirty the whole next day. KLM also refused to give us an additional food voucher after we saved them several hundred dollars by not going to a hotel. KLM also assured us our luggage would be sent to our connecting flight, but they never put it on the plane, and it remains in Amsterdam to this day. My keys were in my checked luggage, so we had to first go to our house-sitter to get into out house, then we had to pick up our dog, then we had to drop off our rental car, and only then could we pick up dinner and go home to sleep. I'll take awhile to get all the details of my trip online, since Emily's computer which had most of our pictures on it was also in our checked luggage. I'm getting back to feeling normal again, but I'll never fly with KLM ever again.

This is topical to me! Did you know that all that added "security" at airports since 9/11 doesn't help at all?

Now that I'm back in the land of mandatory dentistry, I've been able to get my tooth fixed. Apparently, my crown wasn't able to withstand several years of crunching down on hard candy, ice, and the occasional rock. My dentist removed the damaged crown, and placed a temporary cap over it while the fitted replacement is made. Total cost, over $400.00.

I added a brief review of A Wrinkle In Time to my Wiki.

It's unlikely that it will be enough to fix all the damage they did, but BP is expected to have to pay $20.8 billion to attempt to repair the Gulf of Mexico.

If I leave here tomorrow

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Emily and I will be gone for the next two weeks. We're spending a week in London, then another in Glasgow. I will only be answering important emails during that time. While leaving the continent is very exciting, I feel pretty awful about having to leave Lucy behind at a boarder.

John Oliver covers LGBT discrimination.

Slate points to Vanity Fair's late night article as proof that it's still a white man's world.

God creates his top 10 life hacks.

God kills people unless they thank him for not killing them.

Since most Catholics don't follow the Vatican, and many of them don't even know the official Vatican position on anything, why do they still call themselves Catholic?

Jeb Bush's advertising staff put together a great video showcasing what's great about America, which is pieced together from stock footage of other countries. Which is fitting since he wants to put a non-American on US currency.

The science behind six degrees of separation.

US Post Office workers steal a woman's books about Pagan religion and replace them with a Baptist hymnal.

Zelda and Peach duke it out.

Preparing for my vacation!

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Who would think that a two-week trip out of the country would require effort?

Women should not be viewed as rewards, but in video game culture, it's seen as normal.

Mechanically gifted 9th-grader solders together his own clock from spare parts. Dallas police haul him away in handcuffs for making a bomb. In their defense, the child's name is Ahmed Mohamed.

How to deal with Christians who argue that the Old Testament doesn't count.

Don't get a divorce in New Mexico because, if you want custody of your children, the courts may require you to pray with Christians in library rooms that are used illegally.

Langton's ant is just another example of how the universe eventually turns chaos into order!

juggaLOVE: the dating site for Juggalos.

Nearly autumn!

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Just finished reading Altered Carbon.

It's rare to see public schools admitting they are in the wrong when they try to convert children into a specific religion, but it's nice when it happens.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins talk about science and religion.

Years after saying that little boys who get raped by priests are partially responsible for having been raped, Bishop Robert Cunningham finally admits that he was wrong.

Sadly, your tax dollars are funding quackery.

I rescued the princess!

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Drilling holes and screwing into mortar is hazardous to the skin on your knuckles.

Kim Davis is out of jail and back to work saying she won't order her employees to refuse to sign marriage licenses, but she will continue to personally refuse to do her job. Let's see how long she last this time!

I lost a little bit of respect for John Oliver over his recent Back to School sketch. For a show all about educating people though humor and cynicism, this bit was quite backward. I get that he was joking, but telling people that math and science aren't important is terrible advice. Here's the thing about higher-education: sure, you're not going to use trigonometry every day of your life, but if you don't learn it, you can't use it, which means all of the high-paying jobs that do use it (engineer, software developer, architect, etc.) will forever be out of your grasp.

It's been over 20 years since the New Zealand government banned a book, but thanks to Fascists Christians, nobody in the country will be able to read Ted Dawe's award-winning Into the River. Or, that would be true if this were the 1940s. Digital books can be purchased anonymously online from companies outside of New Zealand, and with sales expected to surpass print books in the next few years, do these zealots really think they're going to stop anyone? Also, like any other book added to the banned list, this will only increase it's chances of being read by youth. Hell, I'd never never even heard of this book, but now I need to read it!

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka talk about the iconic first level of Super Mario Bros.

Soap dispensers are sparking a race war!

New York City was requiring Jews who wanted to suck blood off a baby's penis after slicing off their foreskin to get a consent form signed by the parents informing them that their child may get herpes from the rabbi. Why it's even legal is because of religion, and to protect the "freedom" of rabbis, Mayor Bill de Blasio has eliminated such anti-religious practices as informed consent.

PZ Myers talks about the history of evolution for the Gateway to Reason.

Where were you, when they built that ladder to Heaven?

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I've almost finished adding the preliminary pages to my Secular Music page.

How would you feel about parents piercing their infant child's tongue right after they're born? What if they said they're doing it because all their friends have pierced tongues, and they want them to look like everyone else? Horrible, right? So why is circumcision totally normal?

The Duggars claim that racism is caused by evolution (apparently, racism didn't exist before Darwin). Gee, I wonder what causes Josh Duggar to rape children?

A couple victories for the Constitution. A Mississippi school will no longer display a "prayer requests" chalkboard, Knoxville, Iowa has decided to give up taxpayer's land, probably to a church, so it won't have to take down a Christian monument, which will probably just result in a lawsuit. The Pennsylvania school that ran out the clock on their Ten Commandments monument says they're going to take it down anyway, knowing that they'd lose the next lawsuit.

The Taliban is getting a new leader because their old one, apparently, has been dead for a long time.

C-c-c-combo breaker!

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I broke a tooth while biting down on some hard candy yesterday. Luckily, I just broken an existing crown, but I won't be able to get it fixed until after I come back from the UK. Lame.

Want daughters who aspire to greater goals? Have the father do more chores.

For years, National Geographic has been a magazine that I've loved, not just for the naked bush women, but also for the in depth look at science, history, culture. However, in recent years, they've been going downhill. In 1997, they partnered with Fox and started embarrassing themselves with documentaries about ghosts, the Lost City of Atlantis, and travel horror stories. Well, as of yesterday, all NatGeo publishing, magazine, film, etc., is now the property of Fox. Expect the brand to devolve into climate change denialists, 9/11 truthers, and men's rights activists.

Learn about cellular respiration.

Police in Virginia had Natasha McKenna completely subdued. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back, her legs were shackled, and she had a mask covering her face. But because she wouldn't let officers bend her legs to put her into a restraint chair, they tased her... four times, until she had a heart attack and died. And it was just announced that no charges will be filed because the police did everything correctly.

How much are bottle caps worth in the Fall Out universe?

Playin' more games

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Ann Reid give a wonderful lecture about viruses.

When you see "all natural" on a product, it probably isn't all natural because "natural" means whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean.

100 years of sexy lingerie.

Mike Huckabee tries to play Jesus and suffer for Kim Davis, but he doesn't realize that in a just society, unlike the bible, people can't be punished for the crimes of someone else.

Rebecca Watson talks about the problems behind women saying that they should dress less sexy to avoid being raped.

Ready for another three day weekend!

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Back is mostly back to normal, but after playing slip-n-slide kickball, I did additional damage to my rib!

Prisoners shouldn't die in jail when serving a 2-day sentence.

You're always eating chemicals.

The Williamson County, Texas police have wasted over $200,000 of the taxpayer's money defending their position to only hire Baptist Christians.

Liquids are really weird.

When a Christian refuses to sign same-sex marriage licenses, Christians are all for it, but how do they feel about a Muslim who refuses to serve alcohol?

John Oliver doesn't much care for Whole Foods.

Police Chief Marvin Hoover of Clatskanie, Oregon has been put on paid vacation pending an investigation that he said told a black woman that black people are animals, jumped around pantomiming a monkey, and then sung Dixieland while punching his fist at an invisible person. Thankfully, a couple of his officers were courageous enough to make a formal complaint, though another officer lied to try and protect his racist boss.

Ready for a three day weekend

Feeling: Injured


Back is feeling a little better. The sharp pains that occurred whenever I twisted or put weight on it have been replaced by a constant dull pain. I'll take it!

You'd think Tennessee Christians would be happy that the state's public schools are finally teaching more about religion in class, but when they learned that their children will be taught what Muslim's believe (not converted mind you, just taught that other people believe different things), they decided to protest.

Additional updates in the Secular Music Wiki and the NES Hacker Wiki.

Soreness has migrated from back to front left rib

Feeling: Injured


The Skeptics In the Pub was a lot of fun. I didn't bother trying to talk to Aron Ra, as there were about 30 other people there as well, but I enjoyed some mead, and conversation with Trent and other fellow skeptics. Speaking of that, I've added a lot more stuff to the Secular Music Wiki.

The US government may continue to want to prevent average citizens from having access to encryption, and they may continue to spy on us, and they may continue to hack individuals, but there is a silver lining, when they get hacked themselves, and spill the personal information of 21.5 million people exposing them to identity theft, they don't even bother to tell them! Oh wait, that's bad.

Man charged with sexually abusing a child explains that the bible doesn't say it's wrong (and he's correct about this) to have sex with children.

Back's still sore.

Feeling: Injured


Two shows that I've been enjoying while trying to get my back on track are Bob's Burgers and Parts Unknown.

Added a lot of updates to the Secular Music Wiki as well.

It only took a single letter to get this Ohio public school to remove their "education philosophy" that belief in a higher power is one of their core values. Another victory for the US Constitution.

Going to see Aran Ra at Skeptics In the Pub tonight! Sweet!

Back's still sore.

Feeling: Injured


I've updated the Easy Cheats archive in the NES Hacker Wiki; 192 games and counting!

I also fixed an extension bug in the Secular Music Wiki which was preventing a lot of the pages from loading.

Kim Davis, the Kentucky bigot who refuses to do her job and issue marriage licenses, but demands she be allowed to keep it, had her day in the highest court in the land. They're response was simple and direct, "We don't want to hear it." This means the previous decision is held, which means Davis will be out on her ass where she belongs.

Why do we even need the devil? Because even God needs a scapegoat.

Jimmy Epting, president of Christian North Greenville College where you can be expelled for being gay, recently retired due to health concerns. Of course, "health concerns" is a Christian lie that really means, got caught cheating on his wife with a co-worker. Why is it okay for the president to cheat on his wife, and the school to lie and cover it up, but not okay for two people to love each other? Christian hypocrisy.

Want a wonderful laugh? Watch these Christian-made videos shaming teens about masturbation for both males and females!

My back hurts.
Here, let me lay on you.

Feeling: Injured


Mike Ciavarella, one of the Judges behind the Kids For Cash scandal who was accepting bribes in order to send around 4,000 teens unnecessarily to corporate prisons was sentenced to 28 years. I sure hope they send the rest of the prison owners in there along with him.

Obama is going to rename Mount McKinley to the original Alaskan native name, Mount Denali. Thanks Obama.

Is your periodic table wrong?

The Ten Commandments monument at a Pennsylvania public school will remain in place, but not because it's Constitutional. While the Judge ruled that the monument indeed violates the First Amendment because it is a promotion of religion (the Christian defense was claiming that the Ten Commandments are entirely secular in nature), the Christian defense was able to drag out the court case long enough that the student who filed the lawsuit graduated. And even though the judgment is that the monument violates the US Constitution, since the student no longer attends school there to be damaged by it, the monument may remain until another justice-seeking student files another lawsuit.

Trying on atheism for a year tends to convert you.

As the planet slowly becomes less religious, a lot of churches are having to cut their staff, but they're not taking it very well. The Southern Baptist Convention, for example, is claiming that their roughly 700 person layoff is part of God's sovereign plan.

Look, I'm not saying, "If you give me money, God will cure your cancer," I'm just saying that, "A woman once gave me money, and God cured her baby's cancer."

Super happy adventure quest!

Feeling: Happy


Skeptics in the Pub tonight!

Humankind's greatest delusion is the thought that we will be here forever.

Not like anyone should be surprised, but an independent research group has confirmed that the Christians who created the "undercover" Planned Parenthood video had deliberately edited the video to be misleading. Republicans still used it as reason to waste money investigating Planned Parenthood, and their investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing. But that won't stop Christians from continuing to dig through the trash at abortion clinics in hopes of finding personal information they can use to exploit people. It really says something about people who are against abortion that they have to lie, cheat, and steal in order to make their arguments persuasive.

Who's really the hero in Super Mario Bros., and who is evil.

Vester Lee Flanagan, the gunman who murdered two people on live television a couple days ago was a Jehovah's Witness, and in his manifesto, he claimed he was murdering people because it was what his god wanted him to do. This was reported by Fox News's Bill O'Reilly as, every mass shooter in the past 40 years has been non-religious, and Flanagan murdered because he turned away from spirituality. You'd think it would hurt to be that wrong.

Atheists add some color commentary to the Young-Earth propaganda film, Expelled.

Don't be so in love with yourself, 'cause I'm not

Feeling: Happy


Changed Emily's flat tire last night. Chicks love a man with dirty hands and bloody knuckles!

I added a bunch of cheats to the NES game, Heavy Barrel.

Jenny Lewis is interviewed on Sound Advice.

The Dean of Liberty University Law School recently gave a talk about how US law works, and for a segment, almost everything she said was wrong! You'd think that, working at a school of law, she would know what her school taught, or at the very least, had one of the many US law professors at the school vet her notes before hand. Imagine being a student who paid tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree from this place! This would be shocking if Liberty University were a real school, but when you learn that they're a Christian college, suddenly everything makes sense. So, when Dean Rena Lindevaldsen explains that, not only should the US government create and enforce laws in order to further the Christian agenda, but it's illegal for the government to make any law that doesn't hold with the Protestant bible! Really? Okay, let's take the Ten Commandments for example. The very first commandment reads that people shouldn't worship gods other than Yahweh. What does the very first US Constitutional Amendment read? That government shall not respect any established religion! I feel really bad for the Liberty University graduates who now have to pay back their student loan debt with useless degrees.

The Josh Duggar train keeps on pumping away! He's now checked into a treatment center to deal with his numerous sexual problems after it came out that he paid a porn star for rough sex.

A quick primer on the difference between atheist and agnostic and how they're used today.

This dog is keeping me young!

Feeling: Happy


Several very eye-opening facts about guns.

Conservatives are always talking about our Judeo-Christian heritage, so why is it, when you put up a sign that reads, "Welcome Home," in Hebrew (language of the Old Testament and the Jews), they think it's a Muslim terrorist attack?

Here's a wonderful tribute to Carl Sagan.

A new study of American Catholics shows two surprising things. First, most American Catholics disagree with the major points of Catholicism. Most American Catholics are in favor of same-sex marriage and even a whopping 74% think abortion should be legal except for rare cases. The second and even more surprising thing is that of the Catholics who favor same-sex marriage, the majority don't even know that the Pope is still against it!

So why don't the votes of Washington D.C. matter?

When you're playing competitive sports, never celebrate too soon.

America's best Christian teaches us a wonderful parable.

Keep ALL the appointments!

Feeling: Happy


Lucy's vet visit went well, though the vet was slow, a little smelly, and anti-social, Lucy's eye is continuing to improve. My dentist visits went well, and I'm free from cavities; time to drink Dr. Pepper.

After some Christian liars use creative editing to convince a bunch of other gullible Christians that Planned Parenthood was selling human body parts, politicians decided that Planned Parenthood needed to be investigated... again. Turns out, not only were they not selling human body parts, everything else they were doing was on the level.

Peter Boghossian talks about changing religious minds.

For those people who still don't believe there is a rape culture on college campuses.

It's tough to be a chicken farmer.

Christian Reconstructionists often hire unqualified failures like David Barton to rewrite history in public school textbooks in order to remove embarrassments like slavery and inject Christianity.

It's probably best that there isn't a Street Fighter / Smash Bros. crossover.

Dentist time!

Feeling: Happy


Lucy's doing great in her obedience training. She's learned how to drop toys on demand, leave nasty things alone, and lie down upon request. We're also getting better and making her less fearful of her crate for when we have to leave.

John Oliver's exposé on televangelists has been making the rounds all over social media.

That moment when a Muslim and child rapist apologist Hamza Tzortzis gets his comeuppance by appearing in the Ashley Madison leak. Even better than the exposure of the account of Christian apologist Sam Rader.

Mario isn't he pickup artist that he thinks he is.

Tony Yarber, Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi has a sure-fire way to deal with the potholes that plague his streets: prayer.

Simon's Cat loves pizza.

Where do we go from here?

Feeling: Happy


Making progress toward a titanium set of armor in Terraria. Also had my first footwear-related casualty this morning after Lucy chewed up one of my sandals while I was in the shower.

Added new cheats to the Adventures In the Magic Kingdom.

Keep recycling, just get better at it.

It's actually the Christians who need to be saved.

The Orlando International Airport is opening a "Reflection Room" so passengers can enjoy some quiet reflection before their flight. While the room may be used Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, etc., it is also equipped with washing basins, shoe cubicles, and a directional sign so that Muslims may face Mecca when they pray. This was done because the Orlando airport is now including flights to the United Arab Emirates. Well, Christians don't like this one bit!

Despite being pretty nice people, the public has a very negative view toward atheists.

Gilbert Public School District in Arizona now features science textbooks that are against teaching students about sexual education and anti-abortion.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews a very unusual game: Seaman.

A man prays for his god to help him after a truck falls on him, but shockingly, nothing happens. Then, he remembers he owns a cellphone and calls 911 and an emergency team rescues him. Naturally, everyone is thanking their god.

Just begging to go back where I'm free

Feeling: Happy


Added a review on a fun casual Flash RPG called Arkandian Legends: Chapter I - Crusade.

What happens when you light a petroleum well on fire? You get a fire that burns for decades!

As if it were news to anybody, two scientific studies show that children who grow up religious have a harder time distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Rebecca Watson explains how to live a better life through sarcasm.

Eldest son of the Duggar family, and child rapist Josh Duggar, also had an account on Ashley Madison, spending close to $1,000 on the hook-up website dedicated to cheating on your spouse.

Stan Lee battles Jim Henson in an Epic Rap Battle of History!

Selfies on Mars.

An interesting take on traditional Japanese art.

A Prosperity Gospel Christian pastor explains why he needs $65,000,000 for a private jet... the bible says so.

Missouri Republicans Bill Kidd and Nick King explain that their fellow politicians would be slapped with fewer sexual harassment lawsuits if the women they work with would just dress more conservatively.

There! The God's Not Dead movie poster has been fixed.

Don't forget birthdays!

Feeling: Happy


Google has a new service that tells you how much sunlight your roof receives, which helps you determine how cost-effective it is to setup solar panels.

Objective morality is perfectly possible without a deity.

Boy, make a profit off prison inmates who you force to work for you without pay, and suddenly people start saying your Christian business isn't very pious.

Screams and dinosaurs.

A Christian torture chamber (bible museum) is using re-purposed wax figures of celebrities! And the role of Jesus is played by Scientologist, Tom Cruise!

Why drug-sniffing dogs aren't nearly as good as you may think.

The pasta sauce I had for lunch smells similar to the scent of my dog

Feeling: Happy


Happy birthday to my loving wife, Emily who is feeling better, though she may have an ear infection now. Lucy is getting better are following commands, but she still gets distracted easily.

The New Horizons Pluto fly-by is awesome.

Some rather eerie flyovers of Auschwitz as it looks today.

Faux News ejaculates their war on Christmas a bit prematurely this year.

The difficulties of overcoming you faith.

Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the two Michigan Republicans who tried using the old gay-prostitute excuse to cover up how they've been cheating on their spouses, refuse to resign. And oh yes, they're still opposed to same-sex marriage because it goes against the bible. That's even more hypocritical than Republic presidential hopeful Ben Carson berating Planned Parenthood for donating fetal tissue to science, when he himself has used it in his research.

Here's an interview with Bart Ehrman about the apocryphal gospels, and the problems with the four that made it into the bible.

Listen to this hilarious joke: atheists believe that people evolved from snow tires, and that god is a stalk of celery. What's that you say, that joke isn't funny at all? Probably because it doesn't make sense and it's so completely untrue, it's not even funny as a stereotype. This is the comedy styling of Katt Williams.

Pee New Moan Yuh!

Feeling: Happy


Emily is still a sicky. Doctors are thinking pneumonia, so she'll be outta commission for awhile.

How do you get a bruise like this and have no memory from where it came?

Several counties in Kentucky continue to hold out hope that their hateful views will be upheld by the courts and that, even though they took an oath to uphold the US Constitution, even though a US District Judge has denied their argument that their religion allows them to not uphold the US Constitution, they still refuse to issue same-sex marriage certificates. It's hard to expect much out of a state that is trying to postpone public school so that more children can attend a Christian-themed "amusement" park.

While it may come as a shock to gun nuts, the rest of the world nods a big, "well duh!" A study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that, according to FBI data, states with more registered gun owners have more instances of police officers being murdered.

While I adore science, I only adore good science. Bad science is bad (yay tautology!) And bad science often comes from bad science journals.

Yesterday, I linked to an article about a Christian family who used the bible to justify raping a girl, but it's not just Christians who do that. Muslims as well use the Quran to justify raping girls.

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice had to fire volunteer chaplain David Wells because he wouldn't stop telling the LGBT inmates that, because of their sexuality, they were going to burn in Hell forever, and of course, his fellow Christians are just appalled that he would be fired for spreading God's hateful message of hate.

Well that was complicated.

Everything is shattering

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Rob and Marie Johnson became the foster parents to a thirteen-year-old girl after her mother died. They kept her inside the house all the time to home-school her and to give her one-on-one Sunday school lessons from the bible. These bible lessons were also used by them to justify the fact that, for years, they routinely raped the girl.

John Oliver talks about the trustworthiness of the tobacco industry.

I don't completely agree with the order, but it's nice to see Mitch Hedberg's jokes all listed out.

Who would win in an epic rap battle, Romeo and Juliet or Bonnie and Clyde?

Bay County, Florida police are doubling-down. After putting "In God We Trust" stickers on all their cars and not even attempting to use the bullshit, "it's our nation's motto," argument, they're now claiming the police have a new theme song, which is an overtly Christian song. This is just a reminder to anyone who isn't the same brand of Christianity as Sheriff Frank McKeithen, do not expect justice!

Seth Andrews interviews Richard Dawkins.

Dying is easy, living is hard

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Emily keeps trying to train me with babies, so, even though she's not even pregnant yet, I still have baby vomit on my shirt. I'll probably want to change it prior to us going to Kelly's birthday party tonight.

Catholics in Kenya are calling for a boycott of the polio vaccination because they're afraid it might sterilize men.

Governments don't like encryption, but would it be possible to ban it all together?

Officer William H. Torbit Jr. was trying to stop a brawl in a night club while wearing street clothes, but after people started attacking him, he pulled out his gun and opened fire, killing one man. Then, more police showed up, assumed Torbit was a criminal, and shot him dead while also shooting three other people in the crowed. A judge has ruled that, even though the police killed one or their own, they didn't do anything wrong.

Have some sympathy for the IRS, because really Congress is to blame.

Another Christian monument on public grounds is being removed!

Learning about endosymbiosis.

My house isn't easily broken into

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The home visit went through without a hitch, and we were able to keep Lucy. We were originally going to keep her bed in our bedroom, but it turns out she snores like an old man who smoked for the past 50 years. Then, in the morning, I took her out to go pee before I left and accidentally locked myself out of the house! After failing to break in, I walked down to the hospital to get Emily's keys and walked back before finally being able to get to work an hour late.

John Oliver reminds us just how bad sexual education is in our country.

The vast majority of the Republican US Presidential candidates don't plan on implementing any new programs to reduce climate change, and almost half of them still don't believe that the climate is even changing!

Though I got all of the questions correct, this test on reading comprehension given to New York third graders is unnecessarily confusing.

Master magicians rap battle it out.

Well, this animal is just a freak of nature.

A Muslim woman threw her newborn son out of her 4th story window killing him because she thought he was possessed by spirits of Muslim mythology known as jinn.

Muslims in Bangladesh have murdered four atheists this year alone for insulting their religion which has finally caused the Inspector General of Police, Shahidul Haque, to make a public statement. His official response is to tell atheists that they should stop criticizing the people who murder them, and maybe they'll stop. Great work Bangladesh, you really nipped that problem in the bud!

Some tough questions for Christians who still oppose same-sex marriage.

When I hear new agers talk, they sound like this.

Some of the more ridiculous failures by the police.

Muscle relaxer please!

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Had a busy weekend. On Saturday, Emily found a dog she wanted to adopt. She's a real friendly, and strong, two-year-old bull dog, pit, beagle, etc. mix. We're having a home visit this evening, and if everything goes well, she'll be ours. We also picked up some lawn furniture on Sunday, or should I say, I picked up the lawn furniture, loaded it all into my convertible BMW (including a 7 foot table), and unloaded it at our house. I'm quite sore from driving while "safely" holding down the table so it wouldn't fly out.

In New York, the religion synonymous with protecting child rapists (no, not the Mormons, the other one) has just (no, not the Jews, the other one) permanently closed (no, not the Muslims, the other one) seventeen Catholic churches.

The Environmental Protection Agency failed to protect the environment.

Texan Judge Randall Rogers knows the true sanctity of marriage. After a man got assault charges filed against him for beating up his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Judge Rogers demanded the young man marry his 19-year-old girlfriend and write out some bible verses or go to jail. So, the couple ended up having a shotgun wedding with so little preparation time, even the groom's father and siblings couldn't attend. As we all know, forcing teenagers to marry before they're ready is precisely how to ensure a long happy marriage that God wants. All of this is, of course, illegal, but Texans don't care much for your civil liberalities.

Part of the systemic racism of our country can be found even in the schools of children. White troublemakers will be given mood-stabilizers, while black troublemakers will be suspended.

Why doesn't God ever call me to a non-profit career where I make a million a year?

Despite the attempts of the Escambia County, Florida commissioners to give a church $30,000 of taxpayer's money, the church took to a private backer rather than deal with the lawsuit that would have definitely accompanied it.

Ah religion, where else could you hike up a 14,000-foot-tall mountain to display a sign which reads, "I believe in God," only to leave it there as litter?

Gimme Gimme Gimme

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The 80s glam metal band Skid Row, turned upside-down, is Mor Diks.

Fact checking the lies of the Republican candidates is a full time job.

Two Conservative Christian lawmakers who often refer to their faith when it comes time to make laws just got caught trying to cover up their affair with a gay prostitution scandal.

Bangladesh has a problem. Its citizens keep using machetes to chop up atheists.

Neil deGrasse Tyson narrates this awesome animation about the history of the universe.

The best new antivirus protection doesn't come from software, but from the power of crystals.

The Nerd reviews Dark Wing Duck on the TG16.

The world's largest annual animal sacrifice is finally being put to an end.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe some pretty crazy things, but they're not quite as bad as the Muslims belief that anyone who leaves the religion must be murdered.

I am a bionic commando

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I designed a CD booklet for the Bionic Commando arcade soundtrack.

Google has decided to try and rank web site results based on how factual the information is on the site, which will probably hurt the rankings of the religious and quacks.

This web site shows you blast radius if a Hiroshima-level atomic bomb was dropped on your home town. Unfortunately, you can't upgrade to a modern day nuclear bomb.

Matt Dillahunty gives a lecture on why public debates are important.

Andrew Hobbes of the Pensacola, Florida Sherrif's office says that a triple homocide is probably the result of a Wiccan ritualistic human sacrifice due to the blue moon. This is odd since Wiccan's generally view life as sacred and oppose murder, or so says a blog of actual Wiccans.

Richard Dawkins talks about evolutionary strategies that lead to stablity.

A study asking if the birth control pill affects a woman's rate of endometrial cancer finds that it does have an affect... it actually lowers a woman's liklihood of developing cancer!

Remember the cops who broke into marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, California, destroyed their security cameras (except for a few well-hidden ones), made threatening jokes about a disabled woman, played darts, and ate the dispensary's edible marijuana snacks? The department's lawyer is trying to get the video thrown out of their trial because the cops didn't know they were being filmed.

I sleep in a drawer.

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History professor Richard J. Jensen published a paper about how there wasn't any racism against the Irish in American history. I'd like to believe that, because I don't enjoy having to tell people that my country has a long history of racism, but it only takes a few minutes on Google to prove him wrong. And even when you show him evidence of anti-Irish racism, he'll just say something like, "well you're probably Irish, so you're not to be trusted." Interestingly, the racism against the Irish continues today.

This is more of what the Republican Party has to offer the country.

Time for the epic rap battle of film directors.

The religiously unaffiliated is continuing to grow in large cities squeezing out Protestants and Evangelicals. Only Catholics are more represented, but since they keep raping children, they won't last.

You don't have free will.

Sabrina Corgatelli is so happy to see an old giraffe, to quote, "Such an amazing animal!! I couldn't be an happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!" And by "getting him," yes, she means shooting the animal dead. In her defense Corgatelli quoted some bible passages about how God wanted her to do it.

What it was like to work at Bell Labs.

The Board at Lincoln County, North Carolina has been desperately trying to keep non-Christians from giving invocations at their meetings, but the law is against them, and even their sneaky attempts failed them. They eventually had to allow a Wiccan priest give the invocation, and after seeing what that was like, they decided to end invocations all together rather than continue to allow non-Christians to represent themselves.

The Boy Scouts of America are no longer kicking out gay members the day they turn 18, but they still refuse to let atheists join.

It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind

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I recently finished reading Ender's Game, which was full of plot holes, Foundation and Empire, which I didn't like it nearly as much as Foundation, and Typography, which was short, but from which I learned and enjoyed.

America's best Christian talks about how the Goodwill charity is totally a religious scam.

What if humans had sex like other animals?

There is quite a history behind figuring out how many chess moves are possible.

Epic Rap Battles of History has RoboCop fighting the Terminator.

I'm with stupid

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While driving to get lunch on Sunday, I saw a couple in their 60s broken down on the side of the road. I stopped to help them out, and after we failed to get their car started, I gave them a ride home. On the way, I was told that these two gentle people were heading home from church in their newly restored 1978 Jaguar (which apparently still had problems with the fuel line). Upon reaching their house, the wife offered me a root beer and said, "God bless you," and, "have a blessed day!" She was really trumpeting her religion, probably because I was wearing a black T-shirt with the word "Atheist" emblazoned across the front.

Finally, we can get back to Traditional Marriage™.

Sure, the California wildfires are horribly destructive, but that doesn't mean they aren't beautiful.

Bart Ehrman talks about his book, Forged.

What happens when an atheist tips with a tract?

Not only are football stadiums a total waste of money, but the public has to pay for them!

Sheriff Donald Valenza wants everyone to know that the tax payers of Dothan, Alabama are paying him to promote his version of Christianity, and to Hell with everyone else, literally.

Not only is Planned Parenthood not selling body parts, but you have to now pay for the governmental probe.

That was bracing

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WikiLeaks posted new information about how the USA has been spying on top Japanese officials for over a decade. The NSA had better hope this doesn't affect the export of Hello Kitty, or there'll be hell to pay!

SciShow talks about the most advanced robots in the world and creepy globs found in the ocean.

There is a new anti-abortion tactic where the state is trying to remove a woman's parental rights over her child so she can't make the decision to abort. Of course, since the woman wants an abortion, the still hasn't given birth, which means she doesn't yet have a child, which means she isn't a parent, which means there are no parental rights to take away, but these are Alabama Christians so honesty and intelligence are nowhere to be found. Remember, this is a state where the Governor appoints a fundamentalist Christian who was home-schooled his entire life and has no professional education experience to the State Board of Education.

Biblical historian Bart Ehrman explains how the problem of suffering caused his deconversion from Christianity.

Angel Dillard is a Christian terrorist who shows Jesus's love by telling a doctor, "You will be checking under your car everyday — because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it," because Jesus was all about murder threats. Dillard is arguing that she didn't mean that as a threat, and believes she should be protected by free speech, but a judge disagrees and has given the green light to a trial by jury.

What was life life for Neanderthals when Homo sapiens entered Europe?

Boy, do you have any idea how black you were going?

What's the deal with that?

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Transgender rights really aren't that difficult to understand.

Give the middle finger to a cop for calling you a, "faggot," and expect to be beaten and imprisoned! But that's not nearly as bad as when you show up for a party thinking a cop's house is your friend's. A, yet unidentified, off-duty police officer woke up at 2:00 AM to some teens ringing his doorbell and banging on his door (front and back). He proceeded to yell and curse at them. Realizing their mistake, the teens returned to their car and drove away, but then they noticed the cop had pulled out his laser-sighted pistol! As the teens tried to drive off, the cop shot at them three times in the middle of a subdivision! Not content with almost murdering someone for a mistaken address, the cop then called in squad cars to stop the teen's vehicle. During the chase, one of the teens fled on foot. The other two were arrested by the police. Again, not content, the police sent out canine units and a helicopter to find the final teen, which they did. The excuse the police used for this insane use of force was that the original cop though the teens were trying to rob him. It probably never occurred to him that burglars don't usually ring the doorbell and wait for someone to come to the door. All three teens are being held, even though no criminal charges have been brought up, and likely never will as there's nothing illegal about trying to run away for a lunatic with a gun.

Some more trivia about the Final Fantasy series.

The schools of Fremont, Colorado had a long history of trying to force their version of Christianity on their students, and this didn't sit well for one of the Jewish teachers. After complaining about their indoctrination, the teacher was demoted. This led to a lawsuit, and the district ended up losing big in a settlement where they agreed to all of the lawsuit's demands rather than face certain defeat in court. When you read about how flagrant their indoctrination was, it's pretty obvious why they capitulated.

The crazy-intricate engineering behind a film projector.

I like the freedom of being an adult, but not the responsibilities of being an adult.

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Air planes fly as high as they do to save fuel.

The dentist who "hunted" a lion is getting the public shame he deserves.

John Oliver takes a few cheap shots.

Rowan County, North Carolina has decided to learn the expensive way that they can't keep their exclusive prayers to Jesus; just ask Orange County, California which had their first atheist invocation.

You may think that the speed of light is hella-fast, but when you compare it to the size of the solar system, suddenly it's incredibly slow. This video shows light leaving the sun and heading out into the universe in scale time. It takes 43 minutes just to reach Jupiter!

The videogame says, "play me!"

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American's waste a lot of food!

It took federal acceptance of same-sex marriage, but the Boy Scouts of America has finally agreed to eliminate the bans on homosexual scout leaders. But, they still refuse to let atheists join.

Interestingly, there are more women who regret having children, than regret having an abortion. Not that "regret" is a good argument for legality.

God ordered this Christian group to name themselves, "Touch 'Em All Ministries."

The design of aluminum cans is a lot more complex than you'd think.

Oh, not again

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I wanna fuck you like an animal!

The new Terraria patch is stealing away all my free time because it's so good!

When it comes to protecting child rapists, the Jehovah's Witnesses are just as bad as the Catholics.

Students of color talk about what it's like to deal with prejudice.

A federal appeals court has ruled that pharmacist are not allowed to refuse to fill prescriptions if they themselves wouldn't take the medicine (e.g., birth control). The rights of a patient trump the rights of bigoted pharmacists!

Super Mario Bros. was probably not the best movie ever made.

Did you know that learning how to properly put on a condom is as dangerous as playing with a bunch of rattlesnakes and that equality between wives and husbands is worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

I for one welcome our new computer overlords.

Detroit may not have much going for it, but at least they unveiled a Satanist monument and required you to pledge your soul to Satan in order to view it.

Islam is not a race, it is a religion, and it is deserving of criticism, regardless of despicable deeds of Muslim terrorists.

Kentucky State Police officer, Scott Steward, who is very proud to be a white heterosexual Christian thinks burning a Muslim's house to the ground is funny. This is a bit scary, considering he also an arson investigator.

I dressed myself!

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So many sphynxes!

If you can't beat them at brain power, at least you can beat them in looks.

Fun facts about Tetris.

Here is a map of all 75 mass-shootings in the USA only since Sandy Hook in 2012. This is a problem that is not going to be solved by more guns because the shooters aren't interested in living, they're interested in killing. Even if everyone else had a gun, there would still be several casualties.

Religion is shrinking everywhere, even in Antarctica.

The immune response of the sunburn is almost as cool as microscopes that can see smaller than lightwaves.

Donald Trump is a disgusting pig of a man. Not only is he ridiculed by Liberals, he's even mocked by the other members of his own party. But, while Liberals trash him for calling Mexican rapists and saying that captured and tortured US soldiers aren't heroic, Conservatives trash him for not being close enough to their god.

What's the deal with the confirmation of pentaquarks?

This article should have been retitled, 6 reasons cops have too much power.

Are you there God? No... no you're not.

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If it was God's plan that the Duggars use television to spread their barbaric religion, doesn't that also mean it was God's plan for their son to molest all those little girls?

There's an algorithm for pushing a button.

Rachel Maddow has to explain to Rick Santorum the very basics of the USA's Constitutional law and why, yes, Congress can attempt to make any law they want, but the Supreme Court decides if it is constitutional, and if it isn't, it's struck down. If you want to go against that ruling, you can't just pass a law saying "nuh-uh!" you need to amend the Constitution.

SciShow talks about the horrifying beast that is Deep Dream and why certain smells trigger childhood memories.

Hmm, Shaka Zulu or Julius Caesar? Gonna have to go with the Zulus.

Yes Virginia, trying to sue a scientist because you think that maybe they called you stupid proves to everyone that you are, in fact, stupid.

Don't trust the headlines, teens did not invent condoms that color change in the presence of STIs.

I learned everything I needed to know about Islam on 9/11.

Are you there Margaret? It's me, God.

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The new up-close pictures of Pluto are pretty awesome, but physicists are not very impressed with Pluto. Chemists, however, are interested in the on-board plutonium.

The arrest video of Sandra Bland has been released, and it's pretty awful. Officer Brian Encinia stopped Bland for failing to signal while changing lanes. While talking to her, he asked that she put out her cigarette. Bland, rightfully so, explained that she was in her car and didn't have to. At this, Officer Encinia decided that she needed to leave her car. Police -are- legally allowed to order you out of your car without reason (which is bullshit), and Bland said no; again, there is no reason for a cop to order a person out of their car for a failure to signal at a lane change, or refusing to put out their cigarette in their own car. After Bland refused to leave her car, Officer Encinia opened her door an tried to pull her out saying, "I’m going to yank you out of here," and, "I’m going to drag you out of here." Bland shouted, "Don’t touch me, I’m not under arrest," and then Officer Encinia's power trip reached its peak. He pulled out a Taser, pointed it at Bland, and said, "I will light you up!" Not wanting to be electrocuted, Bland got out of her car. Then, Officer Encinia walked Bland out of view of his dash cam and where Bland can be heard saying, "[Officer Encinia] just slammed my head to the ground." Officer Encinia claimed that he had to throw Bland to the ground after she became combative. Bland was then arrested, cuffed, and hauled off to jail for refusing to let her civil liberalities be violated. Interestingly, Officer Encinia made no mention of trying to drag Bland out of her car or threatening her with his Taser. According to police, Bland was found dead in her cell, apparently from hanging herself with her cell's trash bag. Being hauled off to jail for a minor traffic violation is awful by itself, but a death while in police custody from a traffic violation is incomprehensible. There is an internal investigation being conducted, but then, there's always an internal investigation, and justice is rarely served.

Speaking of cops abusing their power, Stone's County Sheriff's Office in Missouri wants criminals to know that God himself has sent police officers, and that only criminals (or Muslims, Jews, Hindus, atheists, etc.) need fear the police, it says so right in the doctored bible verse they have on their web site!

Which is more dangerous to the USA? ISIS or American Right-wing extremists?

Rick Santorum is very upset that public schools have banned books that say marriage is an important part of raising a stable family. Spoiler alert, they don't!

That's what she said

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The abscess in the skin below my jaw has shrunk from the size of a marble to the size of a pea. Progress.

What happens when you fill a Pythagoras Cup with mercury?

What if authors wrote the about female musicians the way the write about male musicians?

Aron Ra talks about how religions never seem to get the big picture of cosmology.

A school in Georgia finally learned to stop forcing Christianity on its students, but it was a lesson that cost the taxpayers $22,500.

After years of Christian prayers opening the DeLand, Florida City Council meetings, they finally allowed a secular invocation to be given by Jake Lee Smith. They rewarded hid efforts by giving him a lapel pin with a Christian cross on it.

A lot of people see lawsuits as frivolous when secularists demand the government remain neutral by not displaying religious iconography. But let's not forget that when you let religion go unchecked, you get places like the Middle East, where even the more progressive United Arab Emirates have banned all criticism of religion. And while you may think something like that would never happen in the US, keep in mind that there are plenty of Americans who want to prevent Muslims from being allowed to have a place to bury their dead.

And with that, Will Gervais, no relation to Ricky Gervais, talks about several instances of prejudice against atheists.

I don't know about anyone but me

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Had a great weekend hanging out at two gatherings of friends and foolishly starting a new character in Terraria.

Beth Landau-Halpern taught a class on how the scientific approach to medicine is wrong, and why students should believe in magical healing instead. However, after a successful protest by the student body of the University of Toronto, her quack class has been canceled, and she's lost her staff position. How a woefully inadequate teacher like Landau-Halpern ever made it to Toronto University can easily explained as nepotism. As it turns out, her husband is the Dean of the campus to which she was hired. It's a shame that the corruption in the University of Toronto had to be eliminated by the students rather than the faculty.

Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about Pluto.

Here's a child visiting Heaven story that's actually quite believable.

The Magnus Effect has a very interesting result with a basketball dropped from a dam.

When a young man with Down syndrome didn't comply with Deputy Jeffrey Guy's orders, he gave the mentally impaired man a severe beating that included smashing his face onto the pavement, whacking him with a metal bar, and spraying him in the face with pepper spray. The San Diego, CA police department decided to settle their dispute with the family by giving them $1,000,000 of the taxpayer's money, but they refuse to fire Deputy Jeffrey Guy, even though he admits that he would do the same thing again.

Baby monotremes are super adorable fetuses.

I don't know when that road turned onto the road I'm on

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Don't ask the NYPD why they're searching you for a noise complaint, or they'll beat you.

What if Pokémon evolution was actually scientific?

Arizona Police officer Jeremy Sweet, driving an unmarked van, didn't like being honked at for his reckless driving. After being honked at, he slowed down to make the other driver pass him, then tried to ram his car with his van. After that, he drove up alongside the other car and drew a gun on the two passengers. With his finger on the trigger, he told them to be careful who they honk at next time. He should have been careful who he points a gun at, because it turned out to be a former State Senator who had worked for the state for 10 years. Officer Sweet has thankfully been arrested for aggravated assault, but I wonder how many times in the past he has pulled his gun on innocent people who didn't have political clout.

Some of the minor problems with Jurassic World.

Want to ruin the arguments of a Conservative Christian, pretend you worship Satan.

Coke cans in liquid nitrogen.

A former Ford employee, Thomas Banks, was fired after posting hate-speech against homosexuals on Ford's internal web site and is now suing the company because, in his eyes, the government must protect his hate-speech because it is religious in nature. After telling all his co-workers that homosexual behavior leads to death, doesn't benefit anyone, and Ford should be ashamed for thinking otherwise, his lawsuit asks that the court give him the same respect he shows to all people. Be careful what you wish for!

10 of the problems with the bible's writing style.

I don't know where I'm running now, I'm just running on

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I recently finished reading Cryptonomicon. Fantastic book!

As freedom-loving Texans continue to ban books, one librarian is saving them.

NPR recounts the seedy business that is pop music.

Being a Jehovah's Witness means abstaining from pretty much everything fun and exciting in life. You can't drink alcohol or even caffeine, you can't wear sexy lingerie, you can't be involved in politics or vote, you can't even play competitive sports. Unless, of course, you're a famous Jehovah's Witness who can bring in more converts, then the rules no longer apply.

Being gay in Russia is still really dangerous.

Churches are essentially money pits. People throw gobs of money into them, and while they sometimes accidentally do good works, they mostly just use their tithes to proselytize (i.e., advertise). However, as an unspoken rule, churches never require its members to pay tithes. Well, all that has changed with the Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. These Christians aren't of the money-is-the-root-of-all-evil variety, and are actually demanding that their congregates pay a monthly bill!

Italian grandmothers aren't too keen on Olive Garden.

What kind of world do we live in when you protect a child molester, and suddenly your TV show gets canceled!

New Horizons is taking some amazing pictures of Pluto. Here is a brief video explaining just how difficult it of a mission it has been.

Well, here's a fun way to deal with a Fox News interview.

Fictional conversion stories are actually really hard to believe.

You might just be able to fight a ticket if the sign uses improper grammar!

Cops kill another unarmed women by shooting her in the face.

She was only fifteen

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Can't Christians come up with any original ideas?

If the Christians who make anti-choice ads are to be believed, every woman who has ever had an abortion regrets their decision for the rest of their lives, but the evidence shows that, years after their abortions, 95% of women still believe it was the right choice to make.

Cristina Rad covers 22 popular arguments against same-sex marriage.

Jesus refused to pay the tab for this poor women, landing her in jail.

Oh, those silly secularists and their desire for equal rights.

So that's how I do the most basic aspects of my job!

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Dent County, Missouri commissioners voted to fly the nation's flag at half-staff for an entire year to mourn the fact that same-sex couples can marry.

Putting the Hubble Deep Field photo into perspective.

Recently, Mississippi schools had to shell out $15,000 for trying to push Christianity on their students, but they continued to preach to their kids, so they lost another lawsuit and had to dish out another $7,500 to a student and pay all the legal costs of the American Humanists Association. The courts are anticipating a third violation, so they setup an automatic system, where the next time the school tries to convert a student, they won't even bother with the lawsuit, they'll just be forced to pay $10,000 for each instance. The real losers here are are the students themselves, as all of the money lost in these trials comes from the local taxpayers which should have went to funding the school.

SciShow tells us about ASMR and the so-called female Viagra.

Steve Prohm, the new head coach of the men's Iowa State basketball team plans on introducing a new tactic into this year's training to help bring victory to the college. No, it isn't practicing fundamentals or motivating the players, it's prayer! Because if you can appease Prohm's god, you can dunk from half-court!

Some of the wonderful forgeries found in the Book of Mormon.

Pluto is looks pretty good from a few billion miles away!

So, that's why Slip N Slides are for kids

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Emily and I are thoroughly sore and exhausted from our outdoor weekend at the Secular Summer Retreat, but we have plenty of fond memories!

New Horizons is teaching us more about Pluto and the other trans-Neptunian objects in the Kuiper Belt.

GMO-free water proves that there is a sucker born every second.

The US Army continues to tell enlisted soldiers which of their deeply-held religious beliefs are real, and which are fake.

The wall of crosses at the Gregg County Clerk's office in Texas came down and the clerk is without the need for a lawsuit.

How far do you need to go into a prostitution sting operation before you can arrest the criminal? According to the police in Fort Smith, Arkansas, you actually have to have sex with the prostitute before you can be sure that they're a prostitute. They also fired the whistle-blower officer, because having the taxpayers foot the bill for cops who want to bang prostitutes isn't nearly as bad as an when an officer outs their criminal behavior.

Maybe there is something to this form of meditation?

No doubt you've heard a sob story where a poor innocent Christian teacher was reprimanded for doing something completely harmless like trying to convert an entire classroom of children to their religion? These are usually embellished with the most ridiculous lies to justify them, but what happens when the tables are turned, and a public school's Christian faculty turns a non-believer's classroom into a Sunday School lesson?

C. Allen McConnell came to his calling as a Judge after witnessing the anti-racist Civil Rights Movement in the USA. Apparently, he didn't learn much from this because he's refusing to accept the Civil Rights Movement of homosexuals.

Home, home on the range...

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This weekend, Emily and I are heading to Gunn Lake to enjoy the company of fellow skeptics, atheists, and free thinkers at the Secular Summer Retreat.

The world's best Christian explains the difference between religious expression and religious oppression.

Athletes In Action is a Christian organization whose goal is to use sports to convince school children to change their religion. This in itself is fully legal, though quite despicable. What is illegal is when Mike DeWine, the Attorney General of Ohio, decides to give giving Athletes In Action $300,000 of taxpayer money to preach to children. Thankfully, this underhanded deal didn't go unnoticed to the FFRF.

SciShow teaches up what berries are actually fruits and how a regular bee becomes the queen bee.

If you're going to say that your religion had nothing to do with you refusing to grant a same-sex license, you probably shouldn't do it in front of your giant wall of Christian crosses.

Makeup or no makeup, a woman just can't win.

After serving years in prison for tax fraud, Kent Hovind is finally out on parole. His first act as a semi-free man was to post a picture of himself with a known child-molester protector, Jim-Bob Duggar. Not exactly an auspicious start!

Veritasium learns from his mistakes.

I'm talkin' softball, from Maine to San Diego

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It may be unethical, but that doesn't stop the NYPD from issuing unnecessary tickets to reach their quotas, and then later destroying the evidence. At least they're not as bad as this Maryland cop who raped a woman at gunpoint.

Vsauce talks about owning outer space.

Kim Davis, Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, is becoming the villain in her own life story by refusing to issue marriage licenses even though it is part of her government job.

SciShow talks about the freaky fish with human-like teeth and why it won't do you any goo to eat your own placenta.

Saudi Arabia isn't what you'd call a progressive country, they still ban women from driving, and their media contains some of the most ignorant hate speech imaginable against atheists.

You've probably seen those headlines which read something like, "14-year-old discovers this amazing trick that scientists never thought of before!" Do you know why scientists never thought of these ideas? Because they're bad ideas that only a dilettante would consider, but that doesn't mean the ideas won't receive a lot of funding.

Why is it that Ysrael Bien, a priest at St. Francis Catholic Church, never did anything after he had been shown a hidden camera placed in the churches men's room toilet? The answer can probably be figured out when we learn that the priest was given a leave of absence during a police investigation.

Epic rap battles of history pits against each other philosophers from the East and West.

There is something wrong when police are stopping you just so they can give you religious pamphlets and make you pray.

Does prayer actually help? No.


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Recently, the state of Oklahoma lost their case of arguing that the Ten Commandments monument on government grounds didn't violate the state's separation of church and state, but this didn't sit well with Oklahoma Republicans. They decided that, if their constitution doesn't allow them to place religious monuments on government property, why remove the monument when you can just change the constitution? They may even pull it off, though they'll still have to deal with the ultimate federal government case. Really all this is doing is just costing the state millions and wasting valuable time that could be spent actually making Oklahoma a better place.

Oh no! Activist judges are going to make us sodomize each other!

Small towns, ljust like big cities, have a habit of violating the separation of church and state clause in US Constitution too, that doesn't mean the FFRF is picking on them.

Stephen Colbert pretty much nails the Donald Trump presidency announcement.

Well, nobody ever said football players were smart.

I'm a couple days late, but happy Tau Day!

Take a deep breath and count back from ten, and maybe you'll be alright

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Emily got a blender that can make snow cones. Diabetes, here I come!

Brevard County, Florida Commissioners make it clear, non-religious people are not welcome to give an invocation because invocations are about using government institutions to honor their god, and anyone who thinks differently is not only hostile against those poor minority Christians, but unfamiliar with the Constitution! I look forward to their upcoming payout to the FFRF.

Yet another example that giving teens education and access to birth control not only decreases the spread of STIs, but it also decreases the number of unwanted pregnancies. Meanwhile, eliminating sexual education and replacing it with abstinence, only causes an increase if STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Long exposure of glowworms make caves look amazing.

The Sydney Morning Herald, the Sydney Daily Telegraph, and are all very upset about the sob story presented by Belle Gibson, the woman who claimed she cured her cancer with a whole host of New Age mumbo jumbo, made a ton of money convincing other people to try the same, and was then outed for never actually having had cancer. But it was, in fact, all three of these outlets who were promoting her obvious bullshit until the real journalists at 60 Minutes broke the story of her lies.

Stephen Colbert helps celebrate same-sex marriage.

Esben Lunde Larsen, a Danish man, is fairly racist and refers to black people using the derogatory term, "negre." He's also a Christian Creationist who believes, not in the big bang or evolution, but that the universe was created by his god. He's not even interested in how the universe came into being, he just chalks it up as one of his god's great mysteries. All of this spells doom for Denmark, as he was just appointed head of the nation's scientific research department! *shudder*

Tackling four taboos of parenting.

I want to be the girl with the most steak

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What kind of country is it where you call one entire race of people rapists, and suddenly nobody wants you to endorse their products anymore.

Republican Mike Huckabee explains what's wrong with same-sex marriage, it's about pleasing people and love, not about the thing that really matters, signing contracts!

After talking about Nazis, Christian preacher Mat Staver assures us that the recent ruling allowing same-sex marriage is just the beginning; soon, the US Department of Education will be demanding that 5ive-year-olds start experimenting with homosexual sex.

Americans celebrated the 4th of July, even though many of them had no idea why.

The Oslo Catholic diocese in Norway has been accused of fraud for purposely inflating their number of members in hopes of receiving more money from the government. This backfired, and after finding out about it, the Norwegian government is demanding back $5.1 million!

Surprising adults with their most cherished childhood toys.

Now that they have legal backing, churches are starting to finally accept same-sex marriage and allow it among their ranks. While there were a few courageous churches like the Unitarian Universalists who were doing it before the Supreme Court ruling, the churches who are doing it now are too little too late.

Death isn't such a bad thing.

I want to be the girl with the most cake

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Why is it we have so many people rooting for the South? Probably because they don't know the truth about the South because modern Southerns lie to their children. To give you an idea of just how out of touch with American history these people are, here are some of the questions you can expect to get about slavery while giving tours of a historic Southern plantation.

The Oatmeal explains American to non-Americans.

SciShow gives us a brief history of time... keeping and explains why things fade in the sun.

Republican Bobby Jindal, who is a Young-Earth Creationist, had a lot of interesting questions with his #AskBobby hashtag.

Here's a fun animation that show's the evolution of humans going all the way back 545 million years.

Prior to Jonas Salk creating the polio vaccine, people could buy Polio Insurance.

Casselberry, Florida offers a summer camp for children, and, until now, that summer camp involved trying to convert the children to a specific brand of Christianity. The FFRF convinced the city to stop sending the kids to church. Now, if only all instances of the state-church integration could go this smoothly without wasting taxpayer's money!

Some more of the wonderful things religion has contributed to the world.

Know your Confederate Flag.

Maybe it's not always me

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What happens when airport police take a college student's life savings for the crime of carrying too much money? 13 different police departments end up fighting over who gets to keep Charles Clarke's money, who will probably have to drop out of college now. This is nothing new for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport who continue to seize more money from their passengers every year, even though the total number of passengers continues to decline; over $10,000,000 in the past 10 years! And, unlike in public where you can at least attempt to deny the police from ransacking your belongings, at the airport, they are required to ransack your belongings, and if you have a lot of cash, they're practically required to take it.

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court has ruled that, even though it was donated by a private group, the Ten Commandments monument on the state Capitol violates the state's constitution. Naturally, the Republicans in the state are calling for the impeachment of all of the judges who ruled in favor of the ACLU, which is 7 out of the 9, which would leave the court awfully sparse!

Yvette d'Entremont explains the many problems with trusting the nutritional advice of cranks like the Food Babe.

Conservatives are still crying about the ban on same-sex marriage being lifted. Republican, Jason Rapert reminds minorities that they only have rights because he chooses to give them rights. The lawyer of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore writes that public officials are actually ministers of his god who must punish the wicked.

Thankfully, there are still people who are capable of seeing the dangers of mixing religion and government. The Colorado Supreme Court struck down the state's voucher program that would use taxpayer's money to fund Christian schools, and the ACLU and FFRF continue to fight the Religious Restoration Act, the law that allows corporations to ignore Federal laws because the company claims to have religious views.

Republicans continue to be the villains of history

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Someone wrote a wikiHow guide for confusing atheists, so I wrote a nice commentary on their drivel.

So far, the United States Air Force has spent an estimated $400,000,000,000 of the taxpayer's money developing the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, over twice what they originally planned. Once in production, each jet will cost at least $80,000,000 to build and the fleet will cost an estimated $13,000,000,000 every year to operate and maintain. Of course, the project has hit so many roadblocks, it won't even be ready for production until at least 2018, and not be really functional until 2022. To make matters worse, the test pilots who have flow the jet complain that, even after over a decade of development, it's still not as maneuverable as existing fighter jets! The real icing on the cake comes from that fact that, even if Lockheed Martin somehow gets their act together and manages to solve all of these horrible problems and produces a competent jet, it will just sit in a hangar and rust! We are not at war with any industrialized nation where this amount of firepower would be necessary, and there is no reason to think we will be during the life of the F-35!

Conservative Americans fought tooth and nail to keep segregation in the USA, but in 1954 it was outlawed. But the Conservatives, even the self-righteous Christians, continued to fight it for another 20+ years until now, thanks to the work of decent people, segregation is isolated to only a few small barbaric Conservative areas where they people can't even openly admit to segregating. Well, here we are in 2015. Conservatives have been fighting to keep homosexuality on the fringe, but loving people, and now the law, are bringing it into the light, and while we see plenty of parallels from the Conservatives who refused to accept racial integration, we can expect homosexuality to find its place among the caring as well.

All things evolve, even popular music.

Texas Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, has appointed a new head for the Board of Education. Donna Bahorich is now in charge of handling all the affairs of the state's public school system, which is odd considering she is an advocate of home-schooling, and none of her children ever attended a public school. She's also a young-earth Creationist.

Several simple comics that explain consent.

Don't believe in evolution? Try thinking harder.

What happens when Republicans take away sexual education from schools? You start getting adults who don't know where babies come from! Tony Perkins, president of the Christian hate group, the Family Research Council, suggests that by allowing same-sex marriage, we will see an increase in the number of unwed mothers.

But the dear green place is gone

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Even the the Supreme Court has ruled that states cannot take away the civil rights of same-sex couples, this doesn't mean they can expect to married by everyone. Same-sex couples will still have to find someone willing to officiate their wedding who accepts with their sexuality. Just like how Protestants shouldn't expect a to be married by a Catholic priest, same-sex couples will have a hard time finding a Evangelical or Mainline Christian willing to perform their marriage. This type of discrimination is protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution, and, even if it weren't, there are few Americans who want to change that. So, why then are Tennessee Republicans trying to make a law that would protect Christian preachers who refuse to marry same-sex couples, something that nobody wants them to do? Of course, this is different if you're an employee of our secular government. Part of the job of, say, the Justice of the Peace, is to solemnize marriages without question, regardless of their personal views, just like a Christian police officer isn't allowed to only arrest non-Christians or a Christian patent clerk isn't allowed to only grant patents to Christian inventors. However, the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is both Christians and Republican, has just decided that Christian government workers may choose to not solemnize their marriages of anyone they disagree with (i.e., same-sex couples). We can always trust Conservatives to know what "traditional" marriage is all about, just watch Donald Trump talk about his third wife. Or what about the Christian hate group, AFTAH? They're doubling-down on their stance against same-sex marriage and continuing to make Christians everywhere look bad with their latest published Core Principles and Beliefs.

Speaking of unacceptable encroachments of Christianity into secular government, the Army is trying to force their brand of Christianity on their graduating soldiers.

Enjoy yourself some 1980s-esque Kung Fury.

After a year of having the state of Florida make up reasons to prevent an atheist monument from being erected next to a monument of the Ten Commandments on state land, the Williston Atheists have had enough and are suing the state to force them to be fair.

What would God's birthday party be like? Probably like this.

Mother Jones has found a way to replace Antonin Scalia with a random phrase generator.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the intersection between science and religion.

Suck it homophobes! Literally.

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Ladies and gentlemen, despite the best attempts of Roberts, Thomas, Scalia, and Alito to try and stop it, same-sex marriage is finally legal in every state in the USA! As you can expect, there are some pissed off Conservatives out there, like the person who wrote this letter. Christians are seeing the dismantling of their cultural control as a blessing in disguise thinking, now that same-sex marriage is legal, maybe people will want to become Christian again.

Had lunch and the table next to me had two kids. One was watching TV on a phone at full volume, the other was crying because the battery in his grandmother's phone had died and he couldn't play games. Even when their food came, the older boy continued to watch TV despite of his parents telling him to stop. The parents seemed totally unfazed by this lack of obedience and the overall disrespect of all the neighboring patrons. I kind of feel bad for the kids. Even though they're entirely obnoxious, it's really their useless parent's fault.

Kung Fury.

Obama's response to a heckler on matters of gay-rights is perfect.

Clementine Ford recently posted a racy (though non-nude) photo of herself protesting the Australian television show Sunrise for blaming women who had their private nude photos had been used as revenge by jilted ex-lovers. Ford was then met with hundreds of highly offensive and violent message from horrible men, to which she reported as abuse on Facebook. Facebook's staff looked at these posts and rejected many of them, even the ones where men were violently demanding that she kill herself. Rather than let it slide, Ford reposted the men's comments with Facebook's response that they weren't abuse. And while Facebook doesn't care if men send her death threats, they do care when Ford informs her readers that Facebook doesn't care, and they gave her account a 30-day suspension. Thankfully, there was a huge backlash, and Facebook reinstated her account, but they should be quite ashamed of themselves.

Vsauce talks about the science of dinosaurs.

Even though she's been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to preach abstinence to children, Bristol Palin has just explained that she is pregnant with her second out-of-wedlock child from a man different from her first child. I don't have any problem with her having sex outside of marriage, or having children from multiple men. What I have a problem with, is all the time she was telling children not to have sex unless you're married, she was being a hypocrite.

Look kids, pencils move in the breeze. Nothing supernatural about it.

Pay attention!

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The USA went from 12th place to 23rd place in the latest Gallup-Healthways Country Well-Being Report which measures the overall well-being of a nation's citizens.

Enjoy this Libertarian pamphlet about university professors indoctrinating students with inconvenient truths.

Jamie Oliver discusses America's obsession with torture including Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's referencing the television series 24 as evidence that it works.

It didn't take long, but when the Freedom From Religion Foundation was informed about a Christian flag being flown at a courthouse in Warren, Arkansas, they explained to them why it was illegal, and the courthouse took it down shortly thereafter. Equal rights is often just as simple as asking.

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and esophagus, and treatment required the removal of one-third of his tongue. Interestingly, Van Halen attributes his cancer to using metal guitar picks and often placing them in his mouth (he thinks brass and copper cause cancer), and spending a lot of his time in a recording studio (he thinks being near electrical wires causes cancer). He explained this to an interviewer while smoking a vaporizer and admitting to having been a cigarette smoker for decades. Nobody ever said being a rock star made you smart.

Some rather shocking poll results have been published by the Public Religion Research Institute. When asked if protesting helps America be a better country, most Americans (63%) say yes. When asked if a crowd of mostly white protesters is good, even more Americans (67%) say yes, but when asked if a crowd of mostly black protesters is good, suddenly most Americans (65%) say NO! Also, most Americans (62%) believe that God made America special. Most Americans (52%) feel you must believe in God to be truly American. There is some good news though. The younger generations was much less-likely to share the older crowd's racist, jingoistic, and bigoted views, and only a third of Americans (33%) believe it's very important to be Christian or born in America to be a true American.

A very interesting talk about the pros and cons of the decline of global languages.

Churches are implementing some nice Big Brother tactics to figure out who is in attendance, including closed-circuit video monitoring and facial recognition software.

Seriously folks, read a book!

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Does Fox News create racists, or do racists gravitate toward Fox News? Either way, polling data shows that it is the preferred channel for racists.

If you sync up these two videos, you'll see how the Coriolis Force only affects pools of water in extreme circumstances, not the water in your bathtub or toilet.

Sureshbhai Patel is left paralyzed after two cops smash his face to the ground for looking into someone's garage around a neighborhood while having dark skin and not speaking English.

Top secret documents were recently leaked which show the US government spying on top French government officials, including the nation's presidents, since 2006. The American response was effectively, "well, we're not doing it any more." That's so bad, it's not even a non-apology! Great work America, burn those bridges; who needs allies?

There are some impressive costumes seen in these pictures from gay pride festivals from around the world.

Why has college tuition gone up so much?

Christianity is the number one majority religion for most nations. But what do you think is the number two majority religion of most nations? According to a new Pew Forum poll, it's unaffiliated!

Even though the city attorney reminded the City Council members that they can't say prayers themselves, the officials of Flint, Michigan (my nearest metropolitan area) went right ahead and prayed anyway. This may result in a lawsuit, but pending that, the Michigan Satanists are looking to recite their prayers at the Flint City Council. Satanists have a way of sticking in the cralw of Christians, like their lawsuit against the state of Missouri for placing unnecessary restrictions on abortion.

I probably wouldn't vote for God.

The Internet is a wretched hive of scum and villainy

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The US military has a duty to retired soldiers to keep them alive, not just during combat, but for the rest of their lives. It sickens me to see them ignore all the damage they caused to veterans.

John Oliver talks about just how awful people can be toward women on the Internet.

Another megachurch preacher demonstrates that, just because you're telling tens of thousands of people how to live a moral life, doesn't mean you can't cheat on your wife as a form of payback.

SciShow explains what it would take to upload your mind onto a computer, and teaches us about mega-droughts.

Atheists are no longer the least electable people in the USA! That prize his now held by Socialists (i.e., people who subscribe to the political and economic model of sharing and helping the less fortunate). Catholics are still number one in spite of their rampant pedophilia and desecration of women's rights, because you can't be a good moral leader without those. Good job America, you made me remember why I do what I do!

Some interesting facts about the Punch-out!! franchise.

India is facing a deadly heatwave, and Christians have figured out a way to help them. No, not with huge amounts of clean water, shaded shelters, fans, air conditioning units, no, no, how would any of that help? No, Christians are sending them something that will actually help them! They're sending them radios so that they can listen to Christian broadcasts! Because, it may be hot in India, but not nearly as hot as the fires of HELL!

A primer in the chemical evolution form of abiogenesis.

Rolling in the nickels!

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The High Resolution Flag Database has just reached 100 sales!

I'm always a little terrified at the sheer ignorance of people who declare that the USA is a Christian Nation, and to hell with everyone else, but I'm a lot terrified when those people are government officials.

What it's like to be a cool American dad.

With the US Supreme Court case on same-sex marriage reaching it's final ruling (which will most likely favor same-sex couples) several Republican politicians are trying to preemptively stop it. Todd Courser, from Lapeer, Michigan (which is literally 20 minutes from my house), is trying to pass a law that will require marriage licenses to be a solemnized by ministers, even if both people are atheists. Courser's hope is that, since even the Federal ruling making same-sex marriage legal won't force ministers to marry against their barbaric beliefs, they'll just turn down every same-sex couple so they'll never be allowed to marry. Courser, of course, is only prolonging the inevitable and continuing to hold back the Republican Party, to which he has my gratitude.

Jurassic World could have been a good movie if they replaced all the dinosaurs with wiener dogs.

Tennessee police officer, Michael Wilson, didn't like the noise a group of children were making while playing volleyball at the church next to his house, so he took out a BB gun and started shooting the children. Police were called, but he was not arrested.

Why people who use the term "Islamaphobia" are the real bigots.

Despite their recent drop in numbers, probably due to their hatred of women and homosexuals, Christians continually cry that they're being discriminated against. Want an example? Christian pastor, Rick Scarborough, is convinced that, if same-sex marriage becomes legal, there will be mass-executions of Christians. He can have is imagined discrimination, but what does actual discrimination look like? Ask Amos Yee, a 16-year-old Singaporean teen who was thrown in prison and will be subjected to a possible three years of "Reformative Training" while in prison. His crime? According to the Singapore government, one of his YouTube videos wounded Christianity.

Slow Club's Complete Surrender has a pretty cool video.

Faking software with software faking hardware

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The thing about religions is, even if their barbaric views toward women, homosexuals, and children don't kill them, they'll end up killing themselves by protecting child-rapists. While it's traditionally Catholic priests with their vow of celibacy that causes them to turn to the helpless, it seems the rigid monogamy isn't doing any favors for Jehovah's Witnesses either. They just had to pay out another six-figure settlement for knowingly putting a girl in the presence of child-rapist, Peter Stewart.

Garfunkel and Oates put out another hilarious song about becoming a mom.

The US Treasury is finally breaking up the boy's club and preparing to change the face on the 10-dollar bill to a woman.

Want to know how the vitamins got their names? Or how the break the Internet?

Fundamentalist Christian Greg Gianforte is looking to run for governor of Montana. He's very much against the concept of retirement because it's not mentioned in the bible. As he says, "How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn't like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn't hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical." But it's not just telling people in their 80s to suck it up and get back to the mill, Gianforte also wants your children to believe, as he does, that The Flintstones was a documentary, not fiction.

An artificial intelligence created through neural net evolution that learns to play Super Mario World.

Dylann Roof, the white supremest drug addict from South Carolina who murdered nine black church-goers, has been caught and is in jail pending his trial. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what to expect from a pill-popping racist with a gun, but Conservative pundits can't quite seem to figure it out. Here is a growing list of what they think is to blame.

Steve Urkel controls everything in Family Matters.

When talking about climate change, usually you bring up pollution, scarcity of fuel, that sort of thing. Of course, if you're the Pope talking about climate change, you remind people not to use birth control or have abortions.

Republican Jody Hice believes that separation between church and state is a false belief (never mind that pesky First Amendment), and that secular beliefs lead to divorce, crime, and teen pregnancy. Of course, the truth is exactly the opposite. Secular nations, on average, have less divorce, lower crime, and far fewer pregnant teens.

Machine within a machine, within a machine

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More police corruption in the news. Santa Ana police raided a medical marijuana dispensary with guns drawn because the dispensary didn't have a permit. Seems a bit excessive for a place of business, but it gets much worse. The police then systematically destroyed all the surveillance cameras, but ineptly missed a few. The remaining cameras show the police spending the day playing darts, making fun of the shops disabled worker, and eating what appear to be pot brownies. That's good work boys!

The number of people in the country who have a great deal of confidence in organized religion is the lowest it has ever been since the questions has been asked!

Game Theory tries to construct a time line for Mario and Luigi.

One day, it is my dream that my yard be described as "relentlessly gay!"

Instant Karma's gonna get you!

Your home has been burned to the ground by angry militants trying to overthrow the government? What you need is a bible!

Jeez! Haven't you ever stripped for dogs before?

Walter Masocha, a Christian preacher who calls himself "The Prophet" sexually assaulted a little girl and an adult woman. But rather than throw him in jail, Sheriff of Stirling, Scotland, Kenneth McGowan decided to punish him by giving him community service because the Sheriff thinks he's suffered enough.

It's nice to see that Neil Pert of Rush finally outgrew his selfish ideals.

Those poor Christians who hold about 95% of the positions of power in the USA are being discriminated against!

But bitblting in a virtual machine is good times!

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Add Mexico to the list of countries that have effectively legalized same-sex marriage before the USA!

The same Republicans who side with corporations over actual people because that's where they get tons of bribes are often found violating the laws of corporations especially during election season. Case in point, Donald Trump used Neil Young's "Rockin' In the Free World" as his campaign theme song without Young's permission.

This is the sort of thing Christians think kids are into.

Ontario, Canada is banning anti-gay conversion "therapy" for anyone under 18.

GMOs give us our delicious cheese, specifically, cheese that doesn't require the butchering of baby cows.

SciShow gives us virgin births and the complexities of curing cancer.

Actually, I would be totally cool with a city whose visitors were welcomed by Superman.

No bitblting in non-visible desktops!

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Seeing as I'm sick, it's nice to know why only half of my nose works at a time. It's also good to know how recycling plants function.

Jeb! Bush's presidential logo is humor fodder.

Scientists have performed some bizarre studies in the past.

Fox News anchor, on the topic of being transgender, "If I self-identify as a cat do I have to pay taxes?" Aw man, what a great plan! Tell you what, go through several painful surgeries to add a tail, retractable claws, and pointed ears on the top of your head. Then, start taking hormones that cause you to grow hair all over your body. And if you figure out a way to develop superior night vision, then no... you will no longer have to pay taxes!

When is the best time in the day to drink coffee?

What an interview with God would probably be like.

Now here is a religion I could get into, Zone Theory!

Sick for Monday

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Over the weekend Emily and I saw Jurassic World (lame) and had a fun fire in the back with Wallee, Danielle, and Matt (awesome). Nothing better than staying up until the wee hours of the morning while sick. At least alcohol numbs the throat.

A digital Magna Carta is a good idea, though the current demands are a little redundant.

UK police are violating the privacy of a few thousand people by digitally scanning the faces of every single person who attends Download Festival. The police have made no mention of how long they'll keep the recorded data, but they have given a reason for why they're giving Orwell's Big Brother a run for his money. Have they had bomb threats? Terrorist activity? No... they're trying to curb the theft of mobile phones.

The Large Hadron Collider may have discovered the Higgs Boson, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to do.

Jozef Wesolowski, the Vatican's envoy to the Dominican Republic, is headed to trial for sexually abusing children.

Evangelical Christian and Fox "News" pundit Cal Thomas recently said that if we don't follow the bible on issues of marriage, we'll soon have polygamy and adults marrying children. Of course, both of those practices were widely condoned in the bible, which makes you wonder if Thomas has ever actually read the thing!

It's probably best to keep yogis out of your American yoga class.

What will comics be like if the authors remove anything that any religious group might find offensive? Find out in the latest Pearls Before Swine.

The Friendly Atheist comments on the incompatibility of science and religion, swearing an oath on the bible, and the fine-tuning argument.

The United States has some serious problems with water. Texas had a devastating drought which gave way to severe flooding, and California is also seeing extreme drought. Scientists will probably say that some extreme weather conditions are the result of the ebb and flow of chaotic systems exacerbated by global climate change, but who cares what scientists have to say when we can get our information from an ignorant Fundamentalist like California State Assembly member Shannon Grove who says that drought is caused by God getting angry that states allow abortion.

Sick for the weekend

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So-called "Australian" shepherds were actually bred in the USA!

In an effort to prove Tim Hunt right, female scientists have been posting pictures of themselves in their sexy laboratory attire.

New Horizons is getting closer to Pluto, and we're already getting some interesting images.

Some info about the women who helped put a stop to one of the most awful diseases children can get, whooping cough.

If people want to sell homemade food or drink to the public, are you okay with the idea of them needing to get an okay from a health inspector to ensure they're preparing their food or drink in a sanitary manner? After all, nobody wants to pay for food-borne illness, and if the seller didn't go through the process of getting a health permit, you can probably be sure they also don't have insurance to cover the doctor expenses for each of their customers. When adults try to sell food or drink to the public, this is expected. When kids do it, suddenly we're appalled at a nanny state that has gone too far.

Preaching religion, so easy, a child can do it.

I am so spiritual, I've become Ultra Spiritual!

On one hand, I think it's great that the USA takes separation of church and state seriously enough that, in order to force their religion upon others, Christians need to lie about their intentions. One the other hand, I think it's just despicable to see Christians lie about their intentions.

Dealing with the question, can science disprove gods?

Conspiracy 2.0!

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So-called "Doctor" Seuss didn't have a real degree!

Despite being smart enough to win a Nobel Prize, Tim Hunt couldn't wrap his brain around the idea of working alongside women in a laboratory. As he said, they either cry when you criticize them, or they become a distraction to the males. Thankfully, he decided to resign due to the backlash.

Bill Nye helps explain some NSFW science.

Japanese Legend of Zelda played in America.

Devout Christians Sarah and Nick Jensen want the rest of Australia to know, if the country votes for the legalization of same-sex marriage, they will get a divorce! To which the rest of Australia says, who cares? Also, even though same-sex marriage is here to stay, and most civilized countries have embraced it, Christianity Today is doubling-down and reminds its readers that they are still firmly anti-homosexual.

PZ Myers explains how good science requires constant vigilance.

Fox "News" made a fuss about Harvard Students accepting what their teachers taught them about the USA being a huge global threat, but they never bothered to address their claims.


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The so-called "Swedish Fish" that are distributed in North America are manufactured in CANADA!

Poor Rick Santorum. He was really hoping to give a detailed speech to his throngs of voters, but when he got to his campaign stop, only a single lone supporter was there to greet him! I wonder if this had anything to do with him, in an effort to chastise the Pope for accepting global warming, saying that we should leave science to the scientists?

Christians are always trying to paint doctors as villains for providing abortions, but here are a couple of profiles to show what they're really like.

People in power are usually very effective at quelling the masses, regardless of whether they deserve their ire.

At least the USA isn't the only country where the government listens in on their conversations. The UK government refuses to deny that they use their own cellular towers to which nearby phones will attach and allow them to capture sensitive data about every caller in the area. And yes, US police use these as well.

In an effort to keep his money in a bank that it just as bigoted as he, Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, closed his ministry's account at Wells Fargo, because the company aired an ad featuring a lesbian couple. Graham moved his vast wealth to North Carolina-based BB&T, a good Southern bank where they hate fags in the name of Jesus. But it turns out, that BB&T is actually quite progressive for a Southern company, and a proud supporter of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade! You really stuck it to the man, Graham! Pun intended.

Another day ruined by the paranoid, uneducated, and dogmatic

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The NSA's spying and surveillance of foreign and domestic users of American tech are expected to cost US companies about $35 billion in losses as people continue to go elsewhere for their tech needs. It's almost as if people don't like having all their personal information illegally scrutinized by the US government.

The board members of Rowan Country, North Carolina are not pleased with the precedence set forth by Greece v. Galloway or their judge's decision to uphold the Constitution and tell them they can't pray to Jesus at their meetings, so they've decided to use taxpayer money to appeal. Well that's a much better use of money than roads or schools! Well done gentleman! Please keep it up as long as possible and send your city down the tubes!

Measles was mostly eradicated thanks to vaccinations, but the antivaxers think retro is cool, so they're bringing it back. In their eyes, it's "natural" for a child to get their immunities by actually contracting a life-threatening disease rather than getting inoculated. Scientists have been studying the disease with modern tools that weren't available back when measles was rampant, and they're finding that the disease is more dangerous than we previously thought. While a child contracts measles, their immune system becomes compromised. Now, an immune system in an otherwise healthy child will bounce back and generate antigens capable of stopping the virus, but in this process, the majority of the body's other antigen producers are lost, and the body again becomes susceptible to diseases to which they were once immune. So, even if you were immune to mumps, whooping cough, rubella, etc. prior to getting the measles, the infection can make you susceptible to them again. However, when you're given a vaccination, your immune system begins producing antigens without first becoming compromised, which allows you to remain inoculated to all the other diseases.

If you are formally kicked out of the Jehovah's Witness church, you must go through an apostasy trial to see if you're really the evil sinner they think you are. If your are found guilty of apostasy, you will not only be kicked out of the church, but your family and friends inside of the church are expected to disown you entirely, or be accused of apostasy themselves. Normally, these trials are held behind closed doors, but former Witness Isaac decided it was best that outsiders see just how ridiculous these trials are. By having a spycam on his person, he was able to record the entire meeting: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

James reviews the Ouija Board and Domino Rally.

Game over

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Just finished reading Ready Player One. It was a lot of fun, if you're a huge nerd from the 1980s.

Abortion rates are on the decline all around the country, must be all those Conservative Christians who are trying to outlaw sexual education and ban aboortion, right? Ha, no! It's thanks to more comprehensive sex-ed and better access to birth control. And if that doesn't do it, I know one thing that will!

That a person can be held in the US prison system for three years without a trial is not only a violation of the Sixth Amendment, but a travesty of humanity. Kalief Browder's death is on all of our hands for allowing this to happen.

If you're trusting Donald "Hair Piece" Trump and Rob "Making Copies" Schneider to make medical decisions for your infant, maybe you shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Just in case anyone forgot, the USA has a young-earth Creationists on its most supreme court.

It seems, no matter how many psychics you go to, they'll all be able to help you communicate with your dead sister... even if you never had one.

When people think "evil" they no longer think of devils with pointed tails and pitchforks, they think of the Catholic church.

I could use a weekend.

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Making your way down to Negrotown!

We're finally gonna see boner pills for women!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks Mars and Super Heroes on the Daily Show.

Pricilla Delmaro and her husband Bobby Evans will be enjoying jail for some time after getting caught trying to steal $700,000 from a man who wanted a psychic to help him get over the death of his girlfriend. The difference between these "psychics" stealing close to a million dollars and people like James Van Praagh and John Edward, is that one of them isn't popular enough to claim it's legit.

Arctic ice continues to shrink at an unprecedented rate.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners adds their name to the ever-growing list of doctors who say homeopathy is junk.

The the continuing decrease of Conservative Christians in America, the most insane possible Republican presidential candidate is probably a good thing.

Still don't like the Windows API.

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The kid on the Fruity Pebbles box is seriously terrifying.

Saudi Arabia, the country that likes to execute men for singing in public or women for driving a car, wants to be the new head of the Human Rights Council for the United Nations. Hell, why not North Korea?

Baby goats in pajamas.

The Fox News Duggar interview is just as horrific as you'd expect. Shockingly, Funny or Die accurately predicted how it would go down.

The Daily Show finds out the future of Christianity... is robots.

Until just a few days ago, Diptheria hadn't been seen in Spain for near three decades, but some antivaxer parents allowed her son to bring the infection back!

Mr. Deity doesn't want to give away the good bits up front.

Workin' like a dog!

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Did you ever have a centimeter-wide strip of rubber tear off from your tires while you're driving and wrap around your axle and slap against the ground and your car? It's not a pleasant sound!

Columbia passes harsher punishment for hate crimes toward women. Good on you!

Disney really cheaped-out in its earlier years.

Zach Kopplin explains how the bible is the science textbook if choice for many schools in Louisiana.

The Muppets help explain why tooth brushing ruins the flavor of orange juice and sing along with Lindsey Stirling & Josh Gorban.

Looks like the Josh Duggar Story is even worse than previously thought and more instances of sexual molestation have come out.

God is a brand.

Soooo annoyed by the Windows GDI API

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Your genes change with the seasons? WTF? And info on the Nepal Earthquake and then some.

Mike Huckabee doesn't understand that people who go through years of gender reassignment surgery aren't doing it because they want to watch girls shower.

Lindsey Stirling's new music video is a trippy vertigo inducer.

When a woman discovered that her husband, Jordan Root, loved child pornography, she decided to get a divorce, but the church they belonged to, The Village Church, told her that if she tried to get a divorce, they would have to discipline her!

A brief interview of Dawkins and how biology changes the world.

Microsoft is now an adware company

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Microsoft bundled adware into the latest round of Windows Updates under a false description. Kind of reminds me of Gator/Gain spyware from the early 2000s. You can remove it by following the instructions on this site.

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut claim they're going "natural," but when natural doesn't have an agreed upon definition, what does that really mean?

Ian McEwan explains the importance of free speech, especially unpopular speech.

This is the current state of US politics. Seriously?

Good Christian steps for raping coercing your wife into having sex with you.

Before leaving office, Nigeria's President, Goodluck Jonathan, bans female genital mutilation.

City officials in Pittsylvania County, Pennsylvania have lost a total of $75,000 of tax payer's money in their multiple failed attempts to defend praying to Jesus at their meetings.

Lewis and Clark battle Bill and Ted in an Epic Rap Battle.

Islam's sexism expands to Canada while Judaism's sexism expands to the UK.

Making it fun when a Jehovah's Witness shows up at your door.

There but for the grace of God go I!

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Best turn around high school yearbook quote ever.

Why does Amsterdam have some of the lowest rates of unplanned teen pregnancy and STIs while still having a population of sexually active adults? Probably because they do such a great job with comprehensive sexual education.

The web site Natural News is just entirely crazy. Conspiracy theorists will pretty much believe anything, to which Rebecca Watson responds, no shit!

Jenny Lewis's new music video makes me swoon.

Pastor Robby Dawkins is claiming that he raised a man from the dead. However, when the man's family explains that the man didn't die, but only had a temporary seizure, the pastor blocked them from his web site to prevent them from ruining his amazing tale of resurrection.

A tribute to The Hitch.

When it comes to white Christian folk committing crimes, Fox News does their typical routine of sweeping it under the rug.

Several reasons why we know astrology doesn't work.

I created a better list of the albums I own in my Wiki, but it's still missing all my vinyl and several recent purchases.

Speed of darkness

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How to travel faster than light without violating physics.

We've all pulled a few boners in the past, but at least you didn't send ten samples of live anthrax through commercial shipping routes all over the country like the Department of Defense.

I'm just saying, if receiving a text message crashes your phone, maybe you should stop buying Apple.

Why are their so few geek girls? Because of geek guys.

Glad to see that not everyone considers it an honor to be honored by a hate group like the Palmetto Family Council.

Science explains the atheist.

Dear Republican Party, please continue to say that homosexuality creates a real and present danger to the USA. Signed, Everyone Who Wants You to Fail.

Hold my bible while I Duggar you!

What happens when our computers become smarter than us?

I don't want to have to adult today

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Scottland to join England and Whales by banning Creationism in the science classroom.

For those of you who want to know what the current level of scientific evidence in favor of life-after death, watch this debate. Each of the four debaters are well-educated. However, those in favor of an afterlife are unable to bring up any evidence beyond anecdotes, and also believe in all manner of crazy things.

Have something that needs to be permanently frozen? Can't afford to lose power or have your freezer fail? Why not ship it to Antarctica where it will stay frozen all year round? Well, even that isn't true anymore. Climate change has gotten so severe that scientists are literally shipping ice to Antarctica!

How high can you count?

David Washington was seen driving the wrong way down a one-way street before finally stopping in an intersection. Assuming him to be high, Officer Shaun Jurgens ran up to his car and immediately Tased Washington. Rather than writhe in agony from the pain of the electricity, Washington just sat there. Then, Officer Jurgens pulled out his pepper spray and covered the face of Washington. Again, rather than scream, Washington just sat there. Finally, Officer Jurgens demanded Washington onto the street, threatening to murder him if he doesn't. Very slowly, Washington unbuckles his seatbelt, so Officer Jurgens dragged him onto the street. He's left there, face covered in caustic pepper spray, while the police run his license. Eventually, Washington was taken to a hospital where doctors determined that the reason he was so unresponsive was because he had a stroke!

Overheard on the phone: "He's that new black kid. I think he's Cambodian, but he speaks good English." *facepalm*

One thing that is common in a group is to judge outsiders more harshly. For example, when a good-old Southern boy gets caught stealing, he may be given a stiff fine, but if a black man is caught stealing he may be jailed or lynched. For those who want a just society, it's very important to recognize in-group bias, and correct it. I bring this up because of the recent in-group bias seen among Christians trying to protect child-molester Josh Duggar. Had this been a Muslim, Hindu, or atheist, would we see prominent Christians and politicians rushing to their defense? Hell, Josh's own father, Jim Bob Duggar, once held the view that rape and incest (Josh is now guilty of both) should be punished with execution, but it turns out, not if the rapist is Christian.

Alternate endings for Thelma & Louise.

Yard work. Everywhere, yard work.

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Guess how I spent my three-day-weekend?

Texas Republicans weren't able to pass their intrusive law banning even private corporations from paying for abortion because Republican women pulled out at the last moment.

Teen boy couldn't get a girl to like him, so he sent a SWAT team to her house.

The online game RUST randomly assigns race to players, and white guys are freaking out that they have to play as a black guy.

Looks like Ireland is going to another one of the countries that beats us in allowing same-sex marriage.

Christians Ray Comfort and Eric Hovind aren't afraid to stand in solidarity with admitted child molester Josh Duggar. And Judge Stacey Zimmerman, isn't afraid to have his criminal record destroyed, possibly due to her ties with Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who also supports the admitted child molester.

What if a real plumber went to the Mushroom Kingdom?

Getting caught having sex with another man in the back of his church's van wasn't enough for Pastor Boyd Watson Holder, Jr. No, he had to go and steal $60,000 from his church as well.

You probably don't know this, but when you masturbate, your hand becomes pregnant in heaven.

Some more of the wonderful things religion has contributed to the world.

Protecting Christian child rapists is still a thing

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The Duggars of 19 and Counting "fame" is a very strong Christian family. Of course, "very strong Christian" usually translates to "hates homosexuals, atheists, feminists, etc." In fact, the patriarch of the family, Jim Bob, has campaigned against allowing a loving same-sex couple to have the right to get married. So, it came as a great shock to the Christian community, but not the those of us who have been paying attention, that the family has been harboring a child molester for years. Turns out, eldest son Josh Duggar has been molesting the younger girls in his family ever since he was a teen, and, rather than seek professional counseling or alert the police, the family prayed for him to get better and had him talk to an unlicensed "mentor".

John Oliver doesn't care much for standardized testing.

Remember Bou Bou, the infant who had his face and chest burned open after a SWAT team threw a flash bang grenade into his playpen at 3:00 AM because someone who used to live in the house sold $50 worth of drugs? Well, the lawsuit is now over and the family has received restitution, unfortunately, it won't be enough to even cover the child's medical expenses, let alone the damages to their home. And the money will be paid by taxpayers, not the individual police responsible. The final response essentially states: if you ever sell $50 of drugs in your house, you should expect your home to be broken into at 3:00 AM by several gun-toting men, you should expected to have grenades detonated in your home, and you should expect to be responsible for the thousands of dollars of medical expenses and damages.

What happens when you spend all of your time reading doomsday prophecy rather than learning about basic astronomy and red-shifted light? You start thinking a lunar eclipse is proof of the apocalypse.

What would websites be like on a date? Bonus points for cute pixies who love Zelda.

Khaled Al-Gindi is a modern Egyptian. He wears a modern suit, with modern cuff-links, and a modern open collar. Yes, despite his modern appearance, his views are still quite Medieval. He claims to speak for his entire country, he claims his religion is the original one, he claims his DNA requires him to believe in a god, and those who disagree with his view, should be forced to leave his country.

Physics just keeps getting more and more weird.

People who grew up Christian know that the religion has an amazing knack for taking something cool and making it lame. You know what I'm talking about, instead of dressing up like a vampire for trick-or-treating on Halloween your dressing up like a cartoon character at church, corporate logos get re-purposed with cringe-worthy bible messages, and let's not forget how a high school dance becomes a ridiculous charade of respecting authority. Case in point, Praise Prom, for teens whose parents won't let them go to the real prom. While it's common for men of Scottish ancestry to wear a kilt to formal events, the fashion police from Praise Prom refuse to let any male wear anything that isn't dress pants, so David Leix never got to attend his fake Christian prom. Those who run the event may think that wearing a kilt turns men into transvestites, but they don't seem to have a problem with not respecting a woman's right to say no. According to their etiquette guide, women are expected to dance with any man who requests one!

A mash-up of the final cut of various movies.

Racism in law enforcement is still a thing

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What's the difference between police responding to a white man and a black man legally carrying an AR-15 assault rifle in public? About ten police cars, several drawn and pointed weapons, handcuffs, and plenty of racism.

The Internet takes a lot of energy to run and don't you just love Bucky balls?

Emma Sulkowicz, accused a fellow college classmate of raping her, but the man was cleared of any wrong doing because Sulkowicz couldn't produce any evidence of his guilt. I can't offer any evidence myself, other than saying decades of data show us that campus rapes are under-reported, and under-punished. Rather than continue on unheard, Sulkowicz turned her experience into an enduring art piece by carrying around a mattress similar to the one she claims she was raped on. She said she would carry it around campus until the college removed her classmate, and true to her work, she kept it with her every day until her graduation.

What if there were sexual positions for feminists?

Biologist Jerry Coyne weighs in on religious people watching their children die because they refuse to give them medicine.

This church wants you to plant your seed in other people.

Bill Nye continues to explain science with emoji.

More of the same

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Yet another Christian preacher is found on a gay dating site.

Want to help take part in a scam? Give money to these so-called cancer charities.

Many people say, "I don't care if the government listens to my phone calls to my mom," but what happens when you place tape recorders all over New York and publish the taped conversations?

Why eating unfiltered honey will not help your seasonal allergies.

Don't forget to draw Muhammad today!

What it's like to fear for your life because Muslims want to murder you for leaving their religion.

After Esau Jardon, a Christian jeweler accepted money from a lesbian couple for wedding rings, he put up an anti-same-sex marriage banner and said he won't be bullied into apologizing for his beliefs. Well, bullied? No. But I'll bet after everyone learns that you're a hateful bigot and stop shopping at your store, you'll suddenly learn how to say, "I'm sorry." The couple already got their money back and is taking their business elsewhere, and owners of a neighboring franchise distanced themselves from Jardon saying they accept everyone, and I'll bet they won't be the only ones.

Texas has a long history of trying to force their religion upon public school students, particularly Birdville school district. After several Constitutional violations were uncovered, a lawsuit was threatened, and while the Christian school administrators claimed they would remove the violations, they lied. A lawsuit is now going forth. More taxpayer money wasted on legal fees rather than helping students, all because the Christians in charge refuse to play fair. Thankfully, the lawsuit is calling out the individual administrators to be fined as well, maybe when they have to spend their own money they'll understand?

Chilly today

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Republican Ed Orcutt back-pedals after saying that riding a bike creates more CO2 than driving a car.

Muslim-controlled Iran is the kind of place where you can be sent to prison for mocking the country's restrictions on birth control.

Pamela Ronald explains the importance of genetically modifying food.

PZ Myers makes a good analogy about people who claim that they don't care if religion is true or not, it gives them comfort, though the analogy only really works if you're interested in physics and engineering.

Finally, God takes the blame for doing such a bad job playing football.

Catholic League spokesperson, and all around shit-eater, Bill Donohue demands an explanation from Louis C.K. about why he has child rape on his mind. I don't know Bill, you think it might have something to do with all of the child rapists you've been defending?

Sun's a burning!

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Upgraded to a smart phone. It's more powerful than the first iPhone, cost $40, and has unlimited phone, text, and data for $35 a month. See what waiting a decade can do for your bills?

Recently beat the games Cave Story +, a really fun Metroidvania platformer with fantastic music, and Gone Home, a story-based adventure game with all the feels.

Flint, Michigan is up for mayoral reelection, and the choices are between a convicted felon, a convicted felon, and Giggles the Pig.

The dark side of saving your virginity until marriage. And on that topic, a New Zealand school distributed a pamphlet to students explaining when non-married couples live together, the man is a coward who turns his girlfriend into a cheap prostitutes, and that they are sinful and will be sent to Hell. Certainly the kind of stuff you'd want to give a fifteen-year-old student rather than actually educate them about sex. Of course, if these people are prostitutes, they can be saved by a reality TV show that will exploit them and never follow through on helping them.

How would the average American feel if their city's sheriff went to a Sikh temple clad in their police uniform and preached about how the world would be a better place if more people behaved like Sikhs? Or what if he took property paid for by taxpayers and gave it away to a Hindu temple? How would they feel if he explained that Allah wants him to try and convert as many prisoners to Islam as he possibly could? You can bet that they would freak out, throw a tantrum, demand the sheriff's resignation. So, why is it okay when Sheriff Grady Judd does it?

You're religion is stupid, mine's legit! Sorry, they're all stupid.

Stop it sky! Don't you realize your rain is making my lawn grow faster?

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Amtrak train derails killing seven people... spokesperson for a Christian hate group, and Fox News pundit, "I wonder if it happened because the engineer was gay?"

Feminist Frequency covers a game that actually helps empower women.

Last chance to see the Kakapo before we make it go extinct!

Kristen Schaal gives her take on "dad bods."

You'll probably want to read your laws a little more carefully before submitting them.

The Paleo diet fad isn't very historically accurate.

Nobody likes 3rd party controllers.

Kneel before the king of miniature golf!

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Emily and I met with Kelly in Royal Oak for mini golf and dinner. Twas a good time had by all! Especially the winner of mini golf... me!

Fox News is so ridiculously conservative, and vilifies the female body so much, they won't even show an uncensored Picasso painting. Apparently, cartoonish blue and yellow breasts with black nipples are just too racy for the Fox News viewer. Oh lordy! I do declare, this gives me a case of the vapors!

Protesting Christians have been inadvertently advertising for a gay porn site after forgetting to pay for their Web domain.

The sunset on Mars is blue.

I would love to see this everywhere, but for now, I have to tip my hat to California. A judge ruled that abstinence-only is not sexual education, and therefore cannot be used in public schools unless it is accompanied by actual sexual education. While his ruling only affects a single school district, you can bet that others will follow this precedence!

In Arizona, several churches band together to help fight a growing threat among their ranks: Christians who don't hate. Yes, Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians, they're all ganging up to make sure that churches who believe you don't have to be anti-science, you don't have to hate homosexuals, and you don't have to believe the bible is 100% literal to be a Christian, will be shut down! The part of me who loves watching bigots shoot themselves in the foot is hoping they succeed.

Here is a time line of the recent atheists in Bangladesh who have been murdered by Muslims.

Christian group First Priority Blue Ridge has a history of, not only forcing their religion on others, but trying to write laws that require all people to force their religion on others. Their recent "victory" is convincing Tennessee Republicans to pass a law allowing students to pray on a specific weekend, something they've had a right to do since the formation of the country, but now their right to do it is in the law books -twice-!

Ly Moyne College, a private Catholic school in New York is inviting Cardinal Timothy Dolan to speak at their graduation. Dolan is an interesting choice because he did a particularly sleazy move where he drained the coffers of his diocese just before they lost a massive lawsuit for protecting child rapists. So, instead of paying for the psychological counseling of all these people who were raped by priests, the church said, sorry, we're out of cash, can't help you! Thankfully, quite a few of the students at the school are protesting Dolan's invitation showing that, while the new guard isn't complacent with people who protect child rapists.

The new Google Maps is garbage

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I really hate it when software designers take away features, or hide features in later versions and call it "streamlining." You didn't streamline anything, you just made it more cumbersome to use. Normally, it's morons like Microsoft that are guilty of this, but have you seen the new Google Maps? Rather than give directions they show you a picture of the map. If you want directions, you have to expand the directions section. But that only gives you partial directions. If you want full directions, you have to manually open each of the partial directions. This is probably useful if you're on your phone, but I can't exactly carry around my desktop while I'm driving, and you know full well that I'm on a desktop. Booo!

Don't fall asleep in North Korea.

John Oliver points out just how much Americans, but Republicans especially, hate mothers.

Pointing a finger at Deputy Chase Wright or he will slam you so hard to the ground he will kill you.

Fake gamer guys never stop being funny.

Now this is the guy you want teaching your children!

The clue you don't want to get when you're playing Pictionary.

If you want to throw your hat into the ring of science, expect to be critiqued, especially if you're claiming something that conflicts with prior studies. Case in point, Christians tout the Regnerus study, which shows that same-sex couples make poor parents, but when other scientists look through the list of people in the study, they found some rather... unlikely results. For example, there is a person in the study who is 7'8", 88 lbs., married 8 times, with 8 children. There is also a person who was arrested at the age of 1. Maybe this study wasn't well vetted, hm?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career shrunken down to 6 minutes.

I use my hair to express myself

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I may bitch an moan about how atheists are treated like second-class citizens here in the USA, but at least there aren't people trying to hack me into pieces for what I write like in Bangladesh. Ananta Bijoy Das is the third recent atheist blogger to be chopped up by Muslims.

The Pew Forum has released data on comprehensive study of religion in the USA, and it's a doozy! Evangelicals, Catholics, and Protestants all see a decline, while non-religious and atheists see a surge. The unaffiliated now outnumber all religious groups except Evangelicals, and even their numbers are dwindling. People identifying as atheists now outnumber Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Orthodox Christians, unaffiliated Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and all other non-Christian religions!

In Paraguay, a poor a ten-year-old girl was raped by her step-father and became pregnant. In addition to the horrors she endured from the rape, there is the danger of such a small frame, only 4'6" and a mere 75 lbs., having to carry a baby. In civilized countries, doctors would suggest abortion, and the family would agree, and the poor child wouldn't have to deal with the pain and agony of childbirth or be saddled with the financial burden of a child she can't possibly afford, but Paraguay is controlled by Catholics, and Catholics are always against abortion (well, at least after 1917, when God finally made up his mind that it was a sin). The child cannot have an abortion because the country doesn't allow abortion unless the mother is expected to die, and even then, it's unlikely. Sadly, little girls being forced to give birth to their rapist's child isn't that uncommon in Paraguay, as in the past couple years it's happened several times, once to a child as young as 9!

Christian Evangelist Phil Kidd was driving along in his brand new Jaguar (which Jesus paid for) and got into a terrible car accident. Thankfully, the engineers who designed the car equipped it with seat belts airbags, a roll cage, and a crumpling frame that kept him alive. Of course, Kidd's phrasing is a bit different. He believes he was sheltered in the arms of his god because he didn't have a scratch! Yes, sheltered in the arms of his god! Oh by the way, his wife has a fractured spine. I guess his god's sheltering arms are only so big.

Stupid rain making the grass grow

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What goes through a woman's mind when they have to drive 814 miles to have an abortion.

Norway does something wonderful. In a response to the Muslim terrorists who murdered several civilians at the Charlie Hebdo offices because they published blasphemy, the country has decided to eliminate its own blasphemy law making the country safe for other would-be free speech advocates.

United Airlines decides to divert a flight just so it can kick off a mother and her special-needs daughter.

The atheist movement is seeing a nice influx of women and racial minorities, something it has seriously lacked in the past.

Carrol Mitchem, chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, North Carolina just witnessed a Federal Judge rule against the Board of Commissioners of Rowan County, just a few miles away, because the county officials refused to let non-Christians lead invocations during their meetings. But is that stopping him from doing the Christian thing? No! Mitchem not only refuses to allow non-Christians to pray at his meetings, but tells Muslims to, "stay the hell away," and go pray to, "Allah, or whoever the hell they pray to." All I can say is, I'm looking forward to when they lose their lawsuit and squander money of the local taxpayers.

Republican Elbert Guillory explains how in the past, scientists used to burn people at the stake for not agreeing with them. Zach Kopplin reminds the Senator that, no, it wasn't scientists who did that, it was the Christian Church.

In general, I think allowing for-profit institutions to battle for greater control of the market is a good way get the highest quality products for the lowest prices, and in the fastest amount of time. The trouble is, in order for a for-profit institution to do well, they usually resort to unethical practices, and they're highly susceptible to being driven into the ground by ego-maniacal sociopaths who are willing to sacrifice employees and customers in order to make a quick buck. This is why well-regulated oversight is necessary. However, when it comes to one company, this oversight came too little, too late. Corinthian Colleges (which includes Heald, WyoTech, and Everest) had over 100 schools, all of which are now going to be sold or closed. This follows after several investigations which demonstrate the company persuading its students into high-interest student loans even though the school's graduation rates were particularly low, and knowingly misleading students into paying for classes for which they wouldn't receive accreditation, or credits that would transfer to schools that would offer accreditation, making their diploma essentially worthless. The damage has already been done as countless students have either dropped out with massive student debt, or graduated with a worthless degree with even more student debt, and to make matters worse, many of these students still received government assistance preventing it from being used on students who went to real colleges.

Jeb Bush puts it plain and simple: When he leads, he leads according to his faith as a Christian, not according to some non-biblical document like the US Constitution.

Yes, please, I will have a weekend.

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The Game of Life (not the board game) is a lot of fun for people who enjoy seeing emergent properties in action. This video interviews the game's creator. The reason I enjoy this game so much is because it shows how extremely basic rules can result in unimaginable order and function, something that Creationists always contend is impossible.

There are laws in place for many different things, including the size of signs that can be placed along federal highways, because really, who wants to drive past behemoth billboards every few feet? However, Christians in Oklahoma don't like playing fair, and even convinced their state lawmakers to pass a law allowing larger signs for non profits (i.e., churches). But the federal government isn't too keen on letting people play by their own rules, and has told Oklahoma to get rid of the law, or they won't get as much funding for their roads. Naturally, the Christians in Oklahoma are crying religious persecution because they aren't getting preferential treatment!

Betty Bowers indulges in the Joni Mitchell song, Tax Free.

Let's say you're taking a test in school, but suddenly you realize that you don't know any of the answers because you didn't study the night before. But thankfully, someone gives you all the answers to every problem, and you wind up acing the test. Anyone who knows the value of studying would consider this cheating, right? But if you're religious, and a presidential hopeful, this isn't cheating, it's a miracle.

So what's the deal with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

Stupid adultness

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Had to mow a lawn for the first time in 15 years... I still hate the tedium, but it is less annoying when it's your own house.

We're one step closer the the NSA being held accountable for their years of spying on Americans.

Conservatives want to know how to spot a feminist at a glance, so actual feminists give him some great tips on what to look for. Another hilarious hashtag that's trending is #AtheistsHaveNoMorals, where you can find such crimes as, "I eat devils food cake," "I remove my USB drive without safely ejecting it first," and, "I ate Pringles and stopped after I popped."

Shockingly, a judge threw out the case of Sylvia Driskell, the Nebraska woman who wanted to sue all homosexuals.

The New Yorker is spot on with this one.

The city council of Cochran, Georgia was all set to use their authority to promote Christianity by flying the Christian flag at City Hall and hosting a bible reading marathon, but some quick work by equal rights group and made them change their mind. When atheists speak up, Christian favoritism goes down!

Texas Republicans decide that insurance providers, both governmental and even private, can not be allowed to pay for abortions. Yes, the party who brands themselves pro small government and thinks the government shouldn't affect private enterprise is trying to make it illegal for private enterprise to perform a perfectly legal service. Turns out, Republicans are hypocrites. I know, you're all shocked.

Don't forget to vote... yesterday. Ah never mind, thankfully, Prop 1 failed.

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The police in Granby, Quebec saw that someone had made a Facebook page mocking them, so they responded the way you would expect. The city passed a local law that makes it illegal to use the Internet to insult the police! There was already a law which made it illegal to insult police or city officials in person, but now you can't even blog about the city's incompetent impotent imbecilic officials. Things have changed a bit since Norman Rockwell's America.

Though, Quebec is still coming in second to Iran who is deciding which haircuts and personal grooming methods are inappropriate for men. If you spike your hair, you better expect punishment!

Once again the South shows us the fruit of not teaching comprehensive sexual education: chlamydia.

Carolyn Petit, Katherine Cross, and Anita Sarkeesian give a panel discussion about the dangers of Internetting while female.

Why people become atheists is usually very different than the reason religious people think they become atheists. And despite their suggestion that they want to have the reasons explained to them, that doesn't stop them from claiming to already know and make decisions based on their false beliefs.

John Hargrove, former Sea World employee may not be a model citizen, but Rebecca Watson explains how using an ad homenem him won't change the fact that Sea World has a history of abusing its animals.

You know a Christian business owner is a great guy when they create a computer game called, Kill the Faggot. Speaking of homophobia, Sylvia Driskell, from Auburn, Nebraska is trying to sue all gay people.

Back in 2007, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles had to pay out $660 million after it was demonstrated that they had been protecting child rapists for decades. Now the details of some of those cases is coming out, like Catholic Friar Gregory Atherton's sexual molestation of three boys. Atherton never served a night in jail for his crimes, but the LA Archdiocese did take him out of the public ministry and send him to an undisclosed home and gave him new job. Atherton even apologized, to the other members of his parish, but of course, not to the children he abused.

You may fear GMO foods, but I bet dollars to donuts you'd get a genetically modified porcine valve to save your life.

Don't forget to vote today!

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If you're curious about how to vote today, have a look at Michigan's Proposal 1.

Why do we look upside-down when looking into a spoon?

The highest placing students at North Middle School in Joplin, Missouri will be receiving a wonderful treat! A trip to a Christian sports center where they can be preached at!

John Oliver's smackdown of Dr. Oz.

Rowan County, North Carolina was trying so hard to exclude all but Christian prayers at their meetings, but darn it, if that pesky US Constitution got the better of them again! They'll be forced to pay the court fees of the ACLU (and by "they," I mean the North Carolina taxpayers), and have to allow non-Christian invocations.

Can your likelihood to get a divorce be determined by a mathematical equation?

Pointing out the flaws with teleological and cosmological arguments for the existence of a god, with a cartoon.

Feeling the need to create

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Emily and I spent the weekend painting the shutters on my house and shopping for a lawnmower. Being an adult sucks, but the shutters look great.

Rebecca Watson points out that abstinence is the Creationism of sexual education.

Republican Matt Schaefer wants to prevent women from having abortions even when doctors agree that the fetus is 100% going to die. His rational to forcing this suffering upon women is, people deserve to suffer because people are sinful. Does that mean Schaefer is volunteering to be tortured because he's so sinful?

The Nostalgia Chick and Rantasmo discuss the lack of gay characters in Disney.

Al Qaeda brags about murdering Avijit Roy and maiming his wife because he spoke ill toward Islam.

Howard Scott Warshaw does a post mortem on his game, and one of my favorites for the Atari 2600, Yars' Revenge.

Climate change is still happening, it's still our fault, and it's getting worse.

Santa Monica, California has had a pretty controversial park in the past few years. Christians had been putting up Nativity displays on the lawn of Palisades Park, but in 2011, atheists reminded the city that they can't favor any one group, and demanded a place to put their own displays. So, up went the atheist displays along side the Christian displays, and the Christians cried persecution. How dare they be expected to share with others? Rather than deal with all this headache again, the next year city officials decided not to allow any displays in the park. Again, Christians cried persecution, only this time, they sued the state from discrimination--because in their minds, having the same rules as everyone else is discrimination. The judge naturally ruled against them, and said the city was acting correctly, so the Christians appealed. And again, the appeals court ruled against them, saying essentially, "We know you're pissed, but get over it."

Nightwish members, Tuomas Holopainen and Troy Donockley, explain why they're openly secular.

Never give up! Never surrender!

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Antivaxers can suck it! Vaccinations have wiped out it's third disease in the Western Hemisphere.

It's probably best that Disney characters don't have sex.

It's a case of too little, too late. After the media finally comes to their sense about the all the bullshit spewed forth by Dr. Oz, Oprah finally decides to drop the quack she helped bring to stardom.

Turns out, you can't cure diabetes in a child by taking them off insulin and slapping them until they have bruises. They just end up dying.

When a mega church in California successfully votes preachers into the majority of public school board positions, you can pretty much be certain they're going to violate the US Constitution, and violate it they did! In addition to having the church tell all their sheep who to vote for, the President of the Board uses more bible verses in his meetings than original thoughts, and the board member's views regarding abortion and Zionism seem to be relevant somehow. Thankfully, the FFRF is fighting this in court, and while the Christians in charge think they're safe by procuring a defense lawyer who will do everything pro bono, they aren't taking into account the fact that they'll have to pay the FFRF's court costs when they lose. That money will come out of the tax payer's coffers, which means fewer teachers and books for the students.

SciShow explains why you shouldn't throw out organic matter, but instead allow your city to capture the energy for later use. Also, why using a #2 pencil isn't that important any more.

Councilor Mark Wildenhain, of the Pawtucket City Council, Rhode Island publicly shamed a man for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance telling him that his actions are on par with burning the American flag, both of which are illegal! Of course, refusing to say a prayer to a flag is not illegal, nor is burning it. This is something a person who fancies himself a city leader should really know.

Christians are notorious for their ignorance and disgust for the US Constitution, as I demonstrate nearly every day, and today isn't any different. What do Christians do when they're reminded that they can't use public schools to force their religion on children? They threaten to murder the person who reminded them.

Oooh, a piece of candy

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Colorado's teen pregnancy program has been a boon for the state, saving money by reducing rate of unwed teenage mothers by 40%, and the teen abortion rate by 35%. So naturally, the Republicans are trying to kill it.

Learned helplessness is a real thing that people should be aware of.

A science journal reveals some serious sexism by telling the authors of a paper (both women) that they should get a man's name on the paper to improve it.

1960s Public Service Announcement about venereal diseases? Yes please!

The USA is supposed to be a secular nation, but the reality is that a good portion of the laws are entirely religious in nature. Well, if a religion can make those laws, perhaps another religion can nullify those laws. Enter Satanism.

Success often kills a collectible product, so why do some products stick around?

Obama's anger translator is pretty fitting.

The author of Doonesbury seems to be okay with people murdering those who disagrees with their religious beliefs, but the author of Tom the Dancing Bug demonstrates the natural outcome of such a belief.

The Nostalgia Chick weighs in on Wild Wild West.

I'm a sweet piece of work

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North Dakota State Representative, Republican Randy Boehning votes to keep discrimination against homosexuals legal, which is odd considering the fact he sends unsolicited dick pics to 21-year-old homosexual males on Grindr.

Considering the human population continuing to rise, are we ever going to run out of names?

The American torture center in Guantanamo, Cuba is still a black mark for us. The most telling part of this article is at the end where it says, "what to do with some three dozen detainees considered too dangerous to release but who cannot be tried for lack of evidence." If there is no evidence to convict them, how do we know they're too dangerous to release? Probably the hatred from years and years of us torturing them.

The Surgeon General explains to Elmo why he needs to get vaccinated. Also, I don't care for Elmo's new voice actor.

Zoologists and farmers keep reminding us to save the bees, but they're not talking about honey bees.

Play Truth of Drink with your parents, or with your spouse.

Want to have a fun joy ride? Let the police take you on a Nickel Ride.

Stuff and junk and things

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John Oliver points out some of the severe flaws in the US Patent System.

When black people riot because of massive civil rights violations, it's awful. When white people riot because their sports team won, it's business as usual.

The Nostalgia Chick reviews the top five Disney sequels she hated the least: part 1, part 2.

The post mortem on Loom is pretty touching.

Belle Gibson went on a whirlwind tour making over a million dollars promoting her cancer-fighting diet book and phone app. She was in magazines, on television, all over media in general, and then it came out that she never had cancer at all, and she lied about everything, and her diet would only harm those who followed it rather than seek real medicine. So, what are we to do with all these reporters and media networks that promoted her? Shouldn't they bear responsibility as well? Isn't it their job to make sure what they're reporting is the truth? Do they not even care any more? From the way some of them are responding, it certainly seems that way.

Even 30 years after the Chernobyl meltdown, the city of Pripyat is still an eerie ghost town.

Back in the groove

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When a truly tragic event happens, like the Germanwings Flight 9525 which the pilot purposely flew into the mountains killing everyone on board, many people turn to religion to make sense of the cold hard reality. Unfortunately, religion responds to these events by making them even worse by saying that everyone on that plane deserved to die! Or what about the earthquake in Nepal that has so far claimed close to 2,000 lives? Religion responds by saying that they're thrilled that all those Buddhist and Hindu temples were destroyed!

When is it not okay to come out as an atheist?

The American branch of PEN (a writer's community) is giving its annual Freedom of Expression Courage award to Charlie Hebdo, the newspaper where Muslim terrorists murdered several people for publishing cartoons criticizing Islam. Just the right candidate in my opinion. However, six authors who were invited to the event are so dissatisfied with the winner that they have refused to attend! The six include Peter Carey, Michael Ondaatje, Francine Prose, Teju Cole, Rachel Kushner and Taiye Selasi. Each has their own reasons for protesting, and I'm sure they're varied and nuanced, but I only have snippets from two available to comment on. Peter Carey wrote, "A hideous crime was committed, but was it a freedom-of-speech issue for PEN America to be self-righteous about?" Yes! Having to deal with people murdering you for pointing out the facts of their violent religion is a very good reason to receive an award of courage, and for the situation to be publicized! Teju Cole wrote that Charlie Hebdo, "has gone specifically for racist and Islamophobic provocations." No. Islam is not a race (the majority of Muslims are not even Arabic), but it is violent. The vast majority of Muslims think anyone who leaves Islam should be executed, so yes, there is a very good reason to fear them!

If a man asks a total stranger on walking down the street if she wants to have sex with him, you can pretty much guess the result. Well, what happens when a woman asks a man she's never met for sex?

Same-sex marriage is all but a done deal in this country. For one, we're playing catch-up to the majority of industrial nations where it's already the norm. Two, the majority of Americans are in favor of it. Three, the majority of states have made it legal. Four, as a civil rights issue, it's pretty cut and dry. The only people with any political power who are still trying to stop it are Republicans and Christians, which mostly overlap anyway. Well, I have a message for these two groups: Please keep fighting it! Please continue to stand up and say it's evil, and that you're against it! Please keep refusing to serve homosexual customers! And please PLEASE keep saying you're doing this because of your Christian faith, and because the bible tells you to do it! The more you do it, the more you'll be like the Westboro Baptists and sacrifice the last vestiges of your political authority!

Enjoy these Studio Ghibli easter eggs.

It's a bit long, but here is a Pole's take on the struggle of atheists in Great Britain.

Ready for a long weekend of sleep!

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Here's a fun game where you have to adjust JavaScript code to solve puzzles.

The students at this public school in Atlanta, Georgia have a strong message for their gay classmate Tim Jefferson, if you ever come back, we'll shoot you!

An unarmed man is shot several times in the back for fleeing police officer Adams Lin. The man is now paralyzed, and Lin has been cleared of all charges. Also, Ervin Leon Edwards became belligerent after being arrested for wearing sagging pants, as I think any other sane person would. But after an altercation in the jail cell, he was tased by police officers for what they claim was five seconds, which shouldn't be enough to kill a person, but the cell video shows what appears to be Edwards being tased for much longer, and then he was left to die in the jail cell. Naturally, the local police denied any wrong doing, but the matter is being taken up with the Department of Justice (but don't hold your breath).

There just aren't enough men in the arts and positions of power.

Humans and dogs have evolved to love each other!

St. Joseph Catholic Middle School wanted to remind student Rose McGrath what is means to be a Catholic, so they expelled her for missing to much class while she was recovering from cancer.

Nostalgia Chick reviews the worst Disney sequels: part 1, part 2.

Astrology is just a fancy word for bigotry.

Warren Robinett gives a nice postmortem of his 1979 Atari game, Adventure.

Come and knock on our door

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40 questions to determine the true religion... with commentary!

In a good example of how words can have frighteningly differing etymologies, Tisdale, Saskatchewan is considering changing its current motto of, "Land of Rape and Honey."

Even though it's perfectly legal, US Marshals do not like being filmed and will destroy your property when you try to do it.

After Belle Gibson was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, but after dealing with the awful side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy she decided, like many other people before her, to forgo medical treatment and try to fight the cancer with diet, exercise, and unproven "cures." She became online famous by writing about her experience dealing with the horrors of brain cancer and the seizures it causes, but also how her all-natural regime was helping her. Wanting to help others follow her cancer-fighting diet, she put together a phone app and a $1 million in the process, leading to her story being covered in Elle Magazine. Now, she's publishing a book on her story! There was just one tiny problem... Belle Gibson never had cancer. She lied about it all for attention and money, and with her lie came the eventual death of countless people who stopped their medical treatment to follow her. Elle Magazine has not written an article explaining how they were taken in by this fraud.

What's the difference between being objectified and being empowered? Perhaps it should be based on where the power lies in the situation.

You probably don't want to watch NBC's made-for-TV remix of the bible, but perhaps you can stomach this 5-minute condensed version.

Nutrition and diet fads are pretty much the same dogma behind the Garden of Eden re-branded.

Well that's an interesting star/nebula/binary system/death cannon.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that invocations are fine at government meetings, even those that revere a specific god, but if a government wants to do it, they can't exclude anyone. Well, tell that to Greenville, South Carolina. They refuse to let atheists give an invocation. But just to show how diverse they are, they explain how they're invocations have run the gamut between [Christian denomination], [another Christian denomination], and [a third Christian denomination], oh yeah, and a token Jew.

We're actively warming the planet at an irreversible rate which is causing all the sequestered water in glaciers to melt. Well, what happens to our coastal cities when all the ice is melted?

Motherfucking Oedipus!

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There have been studies that suggest that religious people are more mentally stable than non-religious people, but these are usually comparing highly religious people to non very religious people. When you compare highly religious people to highly secular people, they're both about equally mentally stable. This suggests that it's not religion, but a confident world-view that helps with stability.

Lawrence Krauss gives a wonderful lecture on the science of nothing.

John Kirk Councilman demonstrates how you can use the bible to justify anything, even raping a child.

Aron Ra gives a primer on organic chemistry.

Yet another study shows no link between autism and vaccinations.

Brentalfloss adds lyrics to the Super Mario Land 2 theme.

It isn't enough that the NSA is listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, and seeing your dickpics. Now they're working with Congress to pass a bill that will protect companies who want to send your personal data to the NSA without a warrant.

What goes on under your computer's hood when you click a link?

And some junk

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I've written some commentary to a Internet forward called, 11 Little Known Facts About Islam.

The FBI admits that from 1972 to 1999, their forensics department was over-stating to judges and juries their accuracy with hair analysis. In reality, they were not using rigorous scientific standards to match hair. This accounted for about 95% of the cases where they used hair analysis, which may have led to the conviction of potentially hundreds of innocent people, including 32 cases that resulted in death sentences.

Aron Ra's wonderful lecture on faith, AKA, believing what you know ain't so.

Michigan Dieseltec owner Brian Klawiter is having a hell of a time trying to recover from openly refusing to serve members of the LGBT community. After admitting that Jesus probably wouldn't turn away homosexual customers, he reminded his audience that Jesus didn't have children to protect from the gay. That's right, he's terrified that homosexuals will expose themselves to his children. Sadly, Klawiter doesn't know the difference between a pedophile and a homosexual. All of this bad press has put a target on his back; his company's online presence is in the gutter, his criminal history is being brought back to haunt him, and his fund-raiser was shut down due to his hate-speech. All he has left to fall back on is his religion, which unfortunately is what is causing him to lose his livelihood in the first place. Having once been a hate-filled Christian myself, I really feel bad for the guy.

The Nostalgia Chick reviews The Fifth Element.

Republican Allen West explains how, when he played high school football, nobody ever got injured because they had prayers before the games. Sounds like someone took so many shots to the head, his memory is failing.

Here is why fluoride is good for your teeth.

Jehovah's Witnesses did something that religious apologists should never do, quote a -living- scientist. I say this because, as anyone who watches a lot of religious debates knows, when religious people quote scientists, they're almost always misquoting them to further their religious agenda. This is fine when you misquote a dead scientist who can't defend themselves, but when you quote a living scientist, there is always the problem of them calling you out on it. Sure enough, when the Jehovah's Witnesses quoted biologist Rama Singh in their January edition of Awake! magazine saying that many educated people disagree with evolution, word of this quote found its way to Singh who thoroughly and completely called them out on it saying that he doesn't believe in Creationism, he doesn't know of even a minority of scientists who do, and that the Jehovah's Witnesses knowingly misrepresented him. The offending quote was removed from the digital version of Awake!, but the church never acknowledged the lie and has yet to apologized for it.

Religion is false because I can kill this angel with a shovel.

Elf needs sleep, badly!

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With one co-worker on vacation and the other on-location for an installation, I have to get up two hours early every day this week. I'm not amused.

For the past 37 years, Parma, Missouri has been run by Mayor Randall Ramsey. But for the first time ever, the city elected a black female for Mayor, Ms Tyrus Byrd. This change caused 5 out of 6 of the city's police officers to immediately quit. Kind of makes you wonder, is it just racism, or is there some deeper corruption involved with the previous mayor?

Australia is wisely putting a stop to people pretending that their religion doesn't allow them to vaccinate their children. It would be nice to see a similar law in the USA.

14-year-old DezJuan Sanders was shot and killed in Elkhart, Indiana after an altercation with a yet unknown person. When asked about the shooting, Elkhart Sheriff Chris Snyder said, "A lot of it falls on the parents. They need to take some responsibility to make sure their guns are locked up," and then, ""You take God and prayer out of schools and you take discipline away from parents and teachers and you want the Sheriff to solve it? No." Ah yes, the old, "how can you expect me to do my job when I can't force your child to read a book that advocates murder?" line! Gets 'em every time!

It's not always a good idea to prank your mother and tell her you were arrested for being a male prostitute.

Just like "family values" is code for homosexual bigotry, "religious freedom" pretty much means the same thing. Just ask Joan Cheever of San Antonio, Texas. She tried to invoke the state's religious freedom law that allows business owners the right to deny homosexuals entrance to their stores, but it doesn't seem to protect her from being ticketed for feeding the homeless! Sure, Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuality and tons of stuff about helping the poor, but for some reason, Texas thinks religious freedom means gay-bashing and not following the teachings of Christ.

If you can handle an hour and a half debate on a few passages from the bible, here's an interesting one about God commanding genocide.

Several doctors from all around the country recently sent a letter to Columbia University where Dr. Oz holds a vice chair position. In short, they asked the university to reevaluate his position and listed several very good reasons why Dr. Oz is an unethical greedy corporate shill. The university's response was a simple, we let our doctors say and do whatever the hell they want without consequence.

Long live the King baby!

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In order to prove the Republican party wants small unobtrusive government, Molly White is trying to make a law protecting the discrimination of homosexuals. And in order to prove that she's a good leader who hears the voice of her constituents, she's refusing to meet with anyone who disagrees with her because, as she says, it would be a waste of time.

Cheryl Rios doesn't think women should be allowed to become president because they're too moody. Ironically, Rios is the president of her company. It would be refreshing to have a president who isn't burdened by such religious-borne ignorance, but an atheist president is pretty unlikely.

The USA continues to rank at the bottom of world nations when it comes to paid maternity, time off, vacation time, minimum wage, and so forth.

The racist, privileged, bigot, conspiracy theorists at Dieseltec Auto Repair in Grandville, Michigan are refusing to serve homosexuals. This has led to some rather hilarious Yelp reviews, and hopefully, an out-of-business sign.

You can only prank Luigi so much.

Here's a list of the most widely banned books of 2014.

Bjørn Lomborg is a Danish climate change denialist in the sense that he agrees that the Earth is getting warmer, and that humans are to blame, but he denies the scientific consensus that this is a bad thing. In 2003, Lomborg's was convicted of scientific dishonesty by his home government, but not sentenced to any punishment because the Danes agreed that he was too ignorant on the subject of climate change to be guilty. Nevertheless, they stripped his funding, so Lomborg left the country looking for other groups who prefer to continue with business as usual rather than address our impending self-imposed cataclysm. Naturally, he turned to the USA where Republicans and Libertarians have been giving him roughly $1 million a year, but this wasn't enough, so he convinced the Australian prime minister Tony Abbott (anti-birth control, anti-same-sex marriage, anti-euthanasia, anti-stem-cell research, anti-divorce!) to give him $4 million, all the while Abbott's administration continues to cut the nation's education budget.

Let's all take a moment to remember the Radium Girls.

Even after the Tennessee Attorney General told them it was unconstitutional, House Republicans continued to try and get their bill passed that would make the bible the official state book. Well, the Senate refused to go along with their bigotry and killed the bill, impressive since the Senate is also a Republican majority. So, the Republicans can't even blame Democrats for this one, so do they blame themselves? No. The Senate blames Satan for introducing the bill in the first place. Wait, what?

The Texas-based Liberty Institute is trying to bring up a case against the US Military because it's finally starting to crack down on Christian bullying. That's the mindset of the "Persecuted" Christian: If you won't let me bully you, you're persecuting me!

Why are all Linux-based form designers so horrible?

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What happens when a parent sits in on her child's sex-ed class in Lansing, Michigan and live Tweets it?

Richard Dawkins answers a couple more questions about evolution: Are all offspring slightly different species? And how do instincts arise?

Orthodox Jews aren't allowed to use light bulbs on the Sabbath, because they consider turning on lights to be making fire (it isn't), and making fire on the Sabbath is considered work, and work isn't allowed on the Sabbath, as mandated by God... through Moses... through several generations of oral history, through whatever random dude actually wrote the passage in the Torah. The point is, no switching on the lights from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Thankfully, someone has invented a work-around that Yahweh won't notice! It's a light switch that works as a backward circuit breaker! The lights are always trying to be on, but a plastic breaker prevents them. By flipping the switch, you're not turning on a light, you're removing the breaker from the circuit, allowing electricity to flow like normal. Of course, the end result is a light turning on, but that's okay because you're following the letter of the law and Yahweh is too stupid to enforce the spirit of the law!

Can the federal government see your dick pics? John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden who says yes. There are several NSA programs which collect the content of your phone messages and email and store it on their servers for viewing.

Bill O'Reilly: It's not enough that my religion is the vast majority in this country, I also want it to be made illegal to criticize my beliefs, never mind that nuisance Constitution crap!.

Daniel Tosh is ready to become the new poster child for Scientology.

Beware the ides of April

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Wanna get super powers? Just visit one of these highly contaminated places.

If you're an antivaxer, this is what you sound like to science-minded people.

With their incredibly impractical mating habits, you may wonder how pandas even exist at all.

Bob Vander Plaats, Republican leader of the Christian hate group The Family Leader, acknowledges that Iowa is totally within its rights to allow a Wiccan priestess to give an invocation... totally within its rights, but they're still making a mockery of his god!.

Rebecca Watson points out the real difference between a cult and a religion. It's not just a matter of size or acceptance.

Demonstrating that the Republican party stands for small incorruptible government, senator Bruce Thompson just altered a bill that would give a $300,000 tax break to the Christian college to which he is affiliated.

Anyone else play the Omega Virus board game?

Northern lights and skies ablaze

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Why would you need to tase a woman to death when she's already handcuffed, shackled, gagged, and surrounded by six police officers? Ask the Fairfax police.

This is what happens when you call the cops.

Unless you want to sound like a complete imbecile, it's probably best not to repost from any of these sites.

For the first time in their lives, Australians taste food from Outback Steakhouse.

Andy hikes from Mexico to Canada, a total of 2,600 miles, and takes a picture at every mile marker. It's amazing to see how much weight he loses through the process.

Despite the Tennessee Attorney General explaining that making the Bible the official book of the state would be a Constitutional violation, Republican Jerry Sexton will continue to try and make forcing his religion on the state a reality.

Taking Christian sex lectures out of context is HILARIOUS!

Impeccable timing your majesty.

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Now that I'm 35, I can run for president!

There is a Wiki-How for converting atheists to Christianity, and it's really quite despicable. The author use flowery language, and reminds the Christian not to trick anyone or lie to them, but when you read the steps, they're all about not being openly honest, dodging any difficult questions, and ignoring all scientific facts. It's pretty telling when the best they can hope for is to talk about how Christianity makes them feel, and not about if it's true.

This is just one heckuva weird fish.

11% of the world's population identifies as atheist, but 27% are not religious, (AKA atheist). We're almost up to a full third!

This is what happens when you add annotations to the promotional video of Scientology Neurotology.

Republican Ben Carson asks of the LGBT community, keeping in mind that I don't think you should be allowed to marry the person you love, what can I do to win your vote?

It's time to tell Indiana that they can't sit with the cool states anymore. Oh, how I wish Michigan were one of the cool states.

Pastor Fred Smith at his church in Wisconsin has been preaching to his congregates to vote for specific political candidates. This is illegal for a church, or any other tax-exempt institution. The idea of the tax-exempt status is, if your primary claim is to help people, then you don't have to pay taxes, but you also have to put helping people over politics. It's the job of the IRS to monitor tax-exempt institutions for rule-breaking, and when they see a tax-exempt institution not playing by the rules, they revoke their tax-exempt status. This has happened to many organizations in the past few decades, but not a single church. This is because the position at the IRS responsible for investigating churches has sat vacant for years, and the IRS has had no plans for filling it. Recently, the Freedom From Religion Foundation took the IRS to court over their failure to do their job, especially since churches continue to be more open about their contempt for the law. In order to end the lawsuit, the IRS agreed to finally start enforcing their own rules, and being monitoring these law-breaking churches. Well, it's been quite awhile, and still the position goes unfilled. This has led a Christian group called the Alliance Defending Freedom to file their own lawsuit against the IRS demanding to know what happened with the FFRF lawsuit. The irony is, the IRS will probably just start removing church tax-exempt statuses just to avoid the Christian lawsuit!

Simon's Cat doesn't as such like the rain.

Half-way to 70

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You can teach a parent to stop being ignorant and vaccinate their children, it just takes seven cases of whooping cough in a single family.

Adding carbon into the air causes acid rain, which falls into the oceans which kills delicate sea life which is food for the predators, which disrupts entire aquatic ecosystems, which many land-based organisms are dependent upon, which greatly affects humans. And we're making the oceans as acidic as the were during the last great extinction.

Here is a list of several things that men do, many of whom never realize just how awful these things are.

In demanding a prayer at their state government meetings, Iowa Christians got more than they bargained for when a Wiccan Priestess prayed to gods and goddesses.

Richard Dawkins has been answering several questions in honor of Darwin Day last month. Here's a sampling:
Is Evolution a Fact?
What if DNA was infallible?
Is Homosexuality Nature's Population Control?

After witnessing a student refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance a Pennsylvania public school nurse decided she didn't have to give a student medical attention!

Top Ten Disney Deaths!

You don't know what you got until... you make a checklist

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In general, I think Obama is a pretty shitty president, but every now and then, he does something like this that I appreciate.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who hated Interstellar.

Private schools are allowed to hire and fire who they want, and I'm fine with that. So, when Dowling Catholic High School decided not to bring a qualified substitute teacher on full-time because he's gay, I'm not the least bit surprised. After all, Catholics are haters, and haters gonna hate. But what does warm my cold black heart with hearing about the students of the school organizing a walkout protest for the administration's hateful views. Despite their indoctrination, these students are learning to be decent human beings!

An interesting documentary about the life of a Neanderthal.

When you infiltrate Christian pregnancy crisis center conventions you can learn just how shady and evil these people are. They systematically teach people to lie to vulnerable women to try and prevent their abortion and convert them to Christianity.

One of the NRA's convention locations doesn't allow guns, and in the places where they do allow guns, all of their display guns are non-functional. What ever happened to that whole, guns are perfectly safe in the proper hands bullshit? Are NRA members all the proper hands? Hell, everyone should be allowed to bring loaded guns to these things! And grenades.

Titanic was also pretty awful.

There's a new boss in town

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Generic YouTube gamer reviews games.

A North Carolina cop shot an man in the back, claiming self-defense because he feared for his life after the man stole his taser, but the video evidence doesn't seem to fit the cop's story. From the video, it sure looks like the cop shot an unarmed man in the back.

SciShow pay homage to Benjamin Franklin, back when heads of state were expected to be intelligent, and talks about modifying the human genome.

An interesting lecture on the importance of story telling.

The Nostalgia Chick covers Men In Black and its sequel.

Cult of Dusty covers Pascal's Wager and this absolute proof of Jesus appearing in the sky!

When is there going to be a good moon rising?

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In only a few years, lab-grown beef went from around $300,000.00 for a burger to about $11.00. I'm ready to eat a sustainable pain-free burger.

SciShow teaches us about plant cancer.

Utah police don't like children's cardboard forts.

It's tragic when anyone gets a debilitating disease, and I don't wish them on anyone. But expecting it to be magicked away by God while relying on doctors is not the way to fix it.

Vani Hari is completely incompetent, so why do so many people take her dieting advice seriously?

The Nostalgia Chick rips apart Cruel Intentions.

Republican Carly Fiorina denies the science of climate change. And even though scientists have been saying for years that our growing pollution problem will lead to erratic weather patterns and horrible drought, Fiorina continues to deny them. So, what does a science denier do when faced with evidence of the science they deny, like the severe drought in California? They're forced to come up with a scapegoat, in this case, Fiorina blames environmentalists for the drought! Yes, if they hadn't prevented the state from building more dams and reservoirs, there wouldn't be a drought. Of course, environmentalists have pointed out to her that they've only been able to stop less than 1% of the dams which now ruin the ecosystem of every major river in the state, but the drought continues unabated. But a science denier is not persuaded by ridiculous notions like logic or evidence!

Here is the trailer for a documentary about the continuing decline of the church in America.

Atheists aren't quite as hated in Canada as the are in the US.

The GoFundMe crowd fund to keep the anti-gay Indiana pizzeria open made more money than the fund for cancer and the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence, moving from topic to topic, so that no one had the chance to interrupt him

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Ultra-Conservative website, The Blaze, recently put together a crowd-fund for the pizzeria in Indiana that openly refuses to serve gay patrons, raising over $500,000 for them.

A wonderful lecture by Sean Carroll called "From Particles to People."

In showing off his gun skills to children, Tyler Lewis accidentally shot a 9-year-old girl.

Vsauce explains what would happen if you turned on your headlights while driving at the speed of light.

Presidential hopeful, Republican Ted Cruz, doesn't understand that there is a difference between discriminating against people and forcing a rabbi to eat pork.

An honest trailer for The Hobbit, part 3.

How would you respond when your in-laws tell your children that their daddy is going to burn in hell forever if they don't become Christians and pray hard enough?

The Angry Videogame Nerd reviews the (thankfully) unreleased Hong Kong 97.

Nancy Perry can show you a great way to put your employment status as a teacher in jeopardy. Tell all your students that Barack Obama isn't a Christian, and if any student's parents voted for him, they aren't Christians either!

The Nostalgia Chick reviews You've Got Mail.

Missouri Republicans are trying to force all students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day, IN ENGLISH, cuz 'Murica! Despite the fact that the US Supreme Court ruled way back in 1943 that it's illegal to force students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and that was even before the Catholics successfully lobbied to turn it into a prayer by injecting into the pledge the words "under god."

Cult of Dusty comments on the rape fantasy of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

Lutheran Minister Dave Wendt resigned after it came to light that he sent a horrific rape threat to a woman online.

The trailer for a documentary called Losing God.

The point isn't mute, it's moot.

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For Easter, enjoy this infographic about all the contradictions in the crucification and resurrection story in the Gospels.

What if Christians, instead of picking and choosing which rules of the bible they want to follow when it comes to discriminating against people, actually discriminated to all the people viewed negatively in their book? Instead, we get people like Republican Tom Cotton who thinks it's okay to discriminate against people in small ways because in other countries they're being discriminated against in big ways.

John Oliver talks about the corruption in local governments and their extravagant payment methods.

Turns out, people are much more likely to accept ideas whether they culturally identify with the idea rather than what the evidence says. So, if you want to change people's minds about topics like evolution or climate change, it's better to first get them in the mindset that the idea is acceptable to their culture before presenting evidence.

Antivaxer parents take a ride on the Magic School Bus.

Conservative Canadian politician James Lunney talked about evolution and religion for awhile demonstrating that he knew very little about either topics. After his colleagues mocked him for his idiotic science denial, he quit the Conservative party and became an Independent. What I find the most interesting is that the Conservative party in Canada actually believes the reality of evolution!

The Nostalgia Chick reviews that hot mess called Spice World.

A cougar, a motorcycle, a kilo of meth, and other children's toys.

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The kind of shit talk that women have to put up with in the tech industry.

SciShow reminds us that your face is covered with arachnids, teaches us why toothpaste makes things taste awful, and explains how some animals are made up of other animals.

Slate has an interesting article on the history of the condom, and the work toward making a better condom.

If you care about children, it's very important to look into an Good News Clubs in your local school districts to see if they're bullying children and scaring them into joining their horrible religion.

Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear, a Democrat no less, argues that a law only allowing heterosexual couples the right to marry is actually neutral because it allows -all- people the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. By Beshear's logic, a state where people could only marry other people of the same sex is equally as neutral as well. What Beshear doesn't seem to understand (actually, I'm sure he does understand this, he just doesn't care because the discrimination doesn't affect him) is that there is the difference between equality and fairness.

FINALLY! A trailer for Half-Life 3!

Wisconsin becomes the first state of the Union to add a law preventing the discrimination of non-religious people.

Some of Neil deGrasse Tyson's best rants.

A beginning to April!

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On the same day, on the same news channel, with the same reporter, for the same crime of burglary, the white criminals were depicted with their year-book photos while the black criminals were depicted with their mugshots. The racist drivel in the comments doesn't help.

Based on the physics of the games, can we determine on which planet Mario games take place?

Why you shouldn't play videogames with a new age mother.

Chemical elements at a party.

In Melbourne, Australia, Serial rapist, Adrian Bayley, raped and murdered 29-year-old Jill Meagher, which prompted Catholic priest, Joseph Olickal, to mention that if the woman led a "more faith-filled" life, she, "would have been home in bed," rather than raped and murdered. His church assures everyone that he recognized what he said was inappropriate, but he has not apologized, nor do I think we can expect him to. Commenting about the legal system in Melbourne, this was the rapist's TWENTIETH rape conviction, yet he was still wandering the streets! How does that happen?

Why are female celebrities who don't even know what feminism is asked if they're a feminist?

The administration in this Louisiana school district went a little crazy trying to force their religion down the throats of their students, giving them Christian prayers to pray, making them attend church-sponsored Easter rap concert with a Christian rapper, and putting bible messages on the shirts of their sports teams.

Why the bible is actually poorly written.

An end to March.

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Attended a funeral on Monday for my wife's cousin who was murdered in a robbery. So tragic.

Renewable energy continues to grow world wide, though the US is still falling second to China.

Some of the protocols for the US Department of Homeland Security's junk science security program SPOT has been leaked. Here are some of the tell-tale terrorist signs, we paid a billion dollars to train Department officials to look for: complaining about the security, rubbing hands, yawning, whistling, staring, and throat clearing. Truly the mark of a terrorist!

The highlights of the career of Tom Hanks in seven minutes.

Arizona Republicans, the party who likes to believe they're against government interference, are requiring doctors to tell their patients who take a drug to induce abortion that the process is reversible if they change their minds soon enough. Of course, there is no credible evidence that the process is reversible, at least not yet, so Republicans are effectively forcing doctors to lie to their patients.

Ancient wisdom is actually pretty terrible.

Young-Earth Creationist, Eric Hovind, was invited to the Troup County Comprehensive High School, a public school in Georgia, to lie to students about evolution under the guise of "critical thinking." Naturally, when someone whose profession is to subvert critical thinking to promote their religious agenda, there is something awfully fishy about their business in a public school. Hovind's responses to queries about his talk were just as slippery and slimy as the man himself. Thankfully, his poorly-constructed Power Point slide show was leaked and you can see just how devious he was.

Donald Duck as a Nazi? Thanks Nostalgia Chick!

What it's like behind the scenes in the telephone psychic industry.

The science behind your awkward behavior.

It's almost as if you can't trust the DEA!

One of the leaders of the Men's Rights Activist movement, Mike Cernovich, is an ignorant homophobic bigot.

Why is Mississippi Judge Albert Fountain giving criminals a more lenient sentence if they write an essay about the bible? Probably for the same reason that the city council of Orleans, Michigan decided to open each meeting with a prayer conducted by a city council member, all of whom are ensuring a non-Christian prayer will never be said, or the reason why Adam White, a student at Brigham Young University was attacked by his roommate and evicted by his landlord because he is gay. Because their religions teach that anyone who doesn't believe like you is evil, or, at the very lease, beneath you.

There's no Canada like French-Canada, it's the best Canada in the land!

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Indiana Governor, Republican Mike Pence, recently said this about a new bill he signed into law, "This bill is not about discrimination, and if I thought it legalized discrimination I would have vetoed it." Naturally, the bill in question allows religious people the freedom to discriminate against anyone who they don't like for any reason. While the argument is that it benefits all religious people, Indiana is a majority Christian state, which means the discrimination will especially injure non-Christians, homosexuals, and single mothers. Michigan also protects people who would rather discriminate against innocent people rather than do their job, and you'll often find pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions because the pharmacist thinks their god knows the health of a patient more than the patient's doctor. Luckily, these pro-discrimination laws can't possibly ridiculously backfire, like to the point where a postal worker refuses to deliver your mail because it violates their religion.

DarkMatter2525 continues his story-based series about God. In this episode, he explains how, if a god creates a paradise and damnation afterlife system, it completely ruin any chance at a personal relationship with that god.

Another secular survey shows the prominence of the not-religiously affiliated sector in the USA, accounting for a full third of the 18-34 population. In addition to not subscribing to any particular religious faction, they're also much more progressive and less bigoted. And even surveys conducted by religious organizations are showing the ever growing non-religious attitude of the entire country, especially among the educated, youth, and women.

SciShow covers the formation of fingerprints.

Republican and Young-Earth Creationist Sylvia Allen suggests forcing all Americans to attend church every week.

This is unbelievably nerve wracking, but watch as some skiers lose their friend in an avalanche, but thankfully recover him.

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania refuses to remove a cross from their official seal because, as they claim, the cross, "has the secular purpose of recognizing the history of the county." That's right, the leaders of Lehigh County think the revered holy symbol of the Protestant Christian religion is a secular historical symbol. Adding their two cents is the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (which is exactly who you would expect to chime in on a matter that has nothing to do with religion, right?), referring to the call for the removal of the cross as a, "hostility toward Christianity, but also gross ignorance of our nation's founding documents." First of all, telling Christians they have to follow the same rules as everyone else is not hostility. Second, I wonder which documents they're talking about? The deist Declaration of Independence, or the secular Constitution? I'm a little torn on cities refusing to secularize themselves and going to court. On one hand, I'm saddened by the loss of taxpayer money that is being taken from schools and infrastructure and wasted on a hopeless lawsuit. On the other hand, I'm pleased to watch bigoted leaders fail their constituents and more money being added into the coffers of legal groups that oppose systematic indoctrination.

Dr. Meghan Gray, whose voice I could listen to forever, gives a demonstration about ultra violet light.

I smile but it doesn't make things right

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Why are so many parents unwilling to vaccinate their children? According to a recent study, the primary reason isn't cost or complacency, but rather the fear that vaccines may be dangerous and ineffective. This could be translated to "ignorance" since all the scientific evidence shows that vaccines are both incredibly safe and effective.

Things wouldn't be very good for Mario if Sega owned the franchise.

It seems that role-playing nerds are a lot more inclusive and understanding than jocks who still think the idea of a gay professional ball-player is shameful.

I'd buy a Hill-Dog action figure.

Michael Sibley left two homemade bombs in a Georgia park in order to frame Muslims. When asked why he did it, Sibley said because he was a patriot and wanted to remind people that Muslims can attack at any time. First of all, if you're planting bombs in local parks where innocent people will be killed by them, you're not a patriot. Second, you don't need to frame Muslims, much like Christians, they do plenty of horrific things without your help.

How many times do you need to beat a man for a rolling stop sign violation? Apparently a lot!

Apparently, she's not all that.

Finding Nemo had some minor problems.

Here comes Johnny Yen again

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Repeal the Patriot Act? Yes please!

As if anyone would need them, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't indoctrinate your child with religion.

Another child dies because their parent's religious views conflict with life saving treatment.

SciShow addressed the notion of left or right brained individuals and the shape of snow flakes.

The Latin alphabet has changed quite a bit over the years!

A wonderful compilation of dance scenes in movies.

Some of the more obvious ways that religious people are privileged over non-religious people.

Pinky and The Brain would actually be horrifying in real life.

Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

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Another reason we still need feminism. Even in fields that are often thought of as "women's jobs," like nursing, males still earn more than their female counterparts.

The TSA has spent around a billion dollars on a security program called SPOT (Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques). Why this training costs a billion dollars is almost as exasperating as the fact that any psychologist will tell you the techniques used in SPOT don't work, and we've known they don't work for several decades. The "training" basically involves telling guards to look for suspicious activity like seeing if people get nervous when they're stared down by security guards or if they stammer when a man with a gun barrages them with complicated questions, you know, the kind of stress only a terrorist would have.

Ted Cruz didn't get much love on the Internet.

Rebecca Watson talks about courts forcing charlatans to pay up.

Vani Hari, who calls herself the "food babe" lacks even the most basic understanding of nutrition and physiology. She thinks that lemon juice (with all that citric acid in it) is not acidic, but alkaline! It's surprising that she hasn't poisoned herself to death trying to change her body's pH level. Actually, this ridiculous manner of thinking is quite popular among the new age ignorati.

The science behind why your tongue sticks to the flag pole.

Faith healer has heart problems and goes directly to the hospital.

The Nostalgia Chick goes old school with a Betty Boop cartoon.

Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, described the horrible assault, rape, and murder of a fictional family of atheists as an example of how, if his god didn't exist, there can be no morality.

A Muslim mob gathered around a teacher of Islamic studies named Farkhunda in Kabul, Afghanistan because there was a rumor that she had burned a Koran. The mob proceeded to beat her, stomp on her, and bash her head in with a brick until she finally died from the assault. Both a Muslim imam and a local police department are in agreement that what the mob did was the right thing to do, because anyone criticizing their religion must be swiftly and brutally murdered, and if any outside law enforcement tries to stop them, there will be trouble! Well, it turns out that, after actually investigating the woman, the criminal investigator found absolutely no evidence to suggest that Farkhunda had defaced a Koran, and that she was totally innocent. Unfortunately, this is common place in Muslim-controlled countries.

Cult of Dusty isn't too thrilled with ignorant Creationists.

How would you feel if nobody chased you?

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Overheard today: "When you hold your baby for the first time, they just steal your heart."
My immediate thought: "I hope not, I need that to live!"

What is the difference between American police and British police? About 47 bullets.

Dr. Steven Naymagon calls out Bill Maher on all his science denial bullshit.

If you think that feminism is no longer needed, realize that there are still 79 countries in the world that restrict women in the workplace.

Is it that the San Antonio Police Department doesn't know that they're violating the US Constitution with their morning prayers, or that they just don't care? Maybe they can hire Officer Brad Rice who will tell them they're going to Hell for not being Christian enough and discourage all their female employees from coming to work?

An introduction to cell theory.

Tea Party activist and self-professed "Catholic Warrior," Susan Hemeryck tried to steal a Satanic display from the Florida State Capitol with the intent to destroy it because it was an attack on her right to be a Christian. We know this because she was filmed stealing it, and even admitted later that she wanted to destroy it. Before police stopped Hemeryck from stealing the display, she damaged it, so she was arrested for vandalism. Despite all this evidence, the charges against her have been dropped because the state claimed there wasn't any evidence that the display was damaged, but merely that it disassembled because it wasn't constructed solidly enough. After letting her go, Hemeryck crowed at how God gave her victory over Satan and that she was doing the work of the Catholic Church. Great work on dissuading theft Florida, I'm sure she'll never do anything like that ever again!

Korean ladies don't much care for American snacks.

Haven't picked on Hindus in a while, so how about the fact that Hindus around the world ban their children from viewing a solar eclipse because of their superstition that they're evil?

The Nostalgia Chick really doesn't like Reality Bites.

Republican Sam Johnson will not sit idly by and let non-Christians into the US Air Force!

Ben Wikler talks about his program to describe real-life underdog success stories.

I never felt so wicked as when I willed our love to die

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Heard Rilo Kiley's Silver Lining at lunch today. Still upset that there won't be any more albums.

Bedroom set arrived yesterday; looks great. Just waiting on our living room set, and we'll have all the necessary furnishings, and all the necessary debt!

In order to learn how a bill becomes a law, a bunch of fourth graders in New Hampshire put together a bill to make the Red Tail Hawk the official state raptor. They drafted the bill and got the approval through the state's Environment and Agriculture committee, but failed to get it past the House of Representatives. I'm fine with the bill failing, I mean, how many "official" whatevers does a state really need? The part that disgusts me is Republican Warren Groen who told the children that something with talons and a razor sharp beak that rips its prey apart limb from limb should be a mascot for Planned Parenthood!

Jimmy Kimmel's team of doctors tell people how stupid they are for not vaccinating their children.

In order to prove just how pathetic the laws surrounding "all-natural" medicine are, this group put together a fake medicine for treating pain and fever in children and used the pages of a homoepathy book from 1902 as evidence of their sham product's effectiveness. Sure enough, Health Canada approved the product so it could be listed as " safe and effective!"

John Oliver gives his two cents on the NCAA.

Want to watch a Conservative to have a meltdown? Have a child recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. One nation, under Allah!

Some of the more interesting changes in licensed videogames in various regions.

Dallas police murder a man at his mother's home by shooting him six times because he wouldn't drop a screwdriver.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio is really working overtime to give preferential treatment to the religious voters in New York, offering them days off, prayer time in school, religious services in public schools, and even making it easier for the baby-penis-sucking Jews the right to continue spreading herpes to infants.

Animals have evolved some crazy weapons!

So tired of being an adult

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I recently finished two books, Carl Sagan's Billions and Billions and the first book in the Dragonlance Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

I know I bitch a lot about the evils of religion and churches, but, despite all their failures, you really have to admire them for all the work they do to take care of the homeless?

It's important not to forget that there was a time, not that long ago, when an openly hateful group like the KKK numbered in the millions.

After it came to light that the NSA has been intercepting network equipment en-route and installing backdoors into the devices so they can spy on private networks, Cisco has announced that they will start shipping to completely unrelated locations so it will make it harder for the NSA to trace which customers are receiving their hardware, and thus, harder for the NSA to infiltrate private citizens.

The Nostalgia Chick reviews Matilda with Matilda and Reality Bites.

An Ohio public school wisely moves their Ten Commandments plaque to the local historical society rather than pay out a costly lawsuit which leads one Christian student to boycott his school work until it's brought back.

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

Buddhists still can't hold a candle to the Muslims who murder people for drawing Muhammad, but they're getting closer by putting three men in prison for two years each for depicting Buddha with headphones.

Exercise for Jesus!

California has a law which bans its judges from belonging to hate groups, and now that includes the Boy Scouts of America because of their anti-LGBT stance.

Mean Tweets, President Obama edition.

The Irish don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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Vani Hari, the woman who calls herself "The Food Babe" continues to display her sheer ignorance about food and organic chemistry.

Robotic arms, made on the cheap with 3D printing!

Tennessee is so fond of William Jennings Bryan, the lawyer who represented Creationism in the Scopes Monkey Trial, that the made a statue of him at the Dayton courthouse where the trial took place. Well, ten years later, the people of Dayton are slowly seeing the light and are considering adding a statue of Clarence Darrow, the lawyer who defended John Scopes. Although, personally, I think Scopes is the real hero of this story.

What Anita Sarkeesian wish she could have said in her professional speech, but couldn't.

Republican Aaron Schock may have washboard abs and a clean-cut face, but that doesn't mean he's not a corrupt politician swindling the American tax payer.

You may be a street preacher telling homosexuals they're evil, but they're a street band singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

What is this world coming to? These days a decent Christian pastor can't even fire a few warning shots at his inlaw's house without being brought up on charges!

Ear candling is not only useless, it's also dangerous.

In addition to the continued exploration of the universe, NASA is instrumental in learning about the myriad issues of our planet. They have been instrument in discovering the purpose of the O-zone layer, what is depleting it, and how to fix it, as well as a host of other environmental issues. To use a metaphor, NASA is like a fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and security camera of a house, all rolled into one. And like those devices, NASA requires very little to operate, only 0.7% of our national budget. Now, there are people who remove their home's smoke detectors because they think the money they're wasting on 9-volt batteries could better be spent elsewhere. These are people who not only put their own lives at risk, but the lives of their entire families. And what do we call these short-sighted people? Republicans.

What it's like for an atheist to grow up in the bible belt of Texas.

Yard work is for suckers.

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Started raking my yard yesterday. I haven't raked in 12 years...

Dog bites man, and another Catholic arch bishop has been charged with protecting a child rapist. But it's not just the Catholics, sexual abuse is rampant among Jehovah's Witnesses as well.

Guile doesn't fight with eyebrows.

Rick Santorum wants everyone to know that it wasn't the US Supreme Court that took bibles out of schools (which is technically true, they only banned teachers from preaching), but I doubt that's what Santorum means. No, he wants to make it so that teachers can preach to students again. Awesome! I'll start. Santorum, let me teach your children about the bible!

Some animals have really weird sex organs.

Played disc golf for the first time!

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Another perfectly sane gun owner who couldn't use a dollar-off coupon shows us why it's perfectly safe to give a gun to everyone.

Republican Tom Cotton, the rookie senator behind the letter to Iran where they said any treaty they make with the president probably wouldn't be honored by the Republican Congress, is very upset that Iran is in control of Tehran... which is their capital city. That's like a someone being very upset that the United States controls Washington D.C.!

Conservative Irish politician, Fidelma Healy Eames, is deeply concerned that Mother's Day will cease to exist if the same-sex couples are allowed to marry. I guess Irish Conservatives are just as bad at Geography as American Conservative because she cites two American states where Mother's Day is already banned, New York and Nova Scotia!

Tara Sharpe called the police to help assist her mentally ill 22-year-old son, Kyle Sharpe, to the hospital for evaluation because he was beginning to act belligerent. Regina Tasca arrived and began talking to Kyle gently to calm him down. Then, two other officers arrived, Joseph Rella and Chris Thibault. The addition of these two police officers spooked Kyle, and he began to leave, so officers Rella and Thibault tackled him to the ground and began hitting him. Officer Tasca tried to stop them from beating the young man who did nothing wrong, and for her trouble, she was going to be fired. Well, during her hearing it came out that Joseph Rella lied and said he never punched Kyle Sharpe, and had to admit that he violated police protocol by attacking an unarmed non-violent man. It also came out that, Jim Sepp, Tasca's superior who was trying to get her fired, lied in his report, failed to interview witnesses, and destroyed evidence from the event. Due to the incompetence and corruption of Rella and Sepp, Tasca was not fired, but neither Rella or Sepp have faced any disciplinary action.

Do all dogs really go to heaven? The Nostalgia Chick weighs in.

Panama City Beach's Life Center, a church in Florida, has lost it's tax-exempt status because they were caught hosting various alcohol and sexual-themed parties. The local sheriff was quoted saying, "They’re trying to get around the laws, and they’re using the church to get there." Well, yes, that's what the majority of churches today are doing. After all, doesn't the government allow television stations that perform no services or public works to call themselves churches? Doesn't it allow pastors to claim multi-million dollar homes as parsonages? Who is to say that wet T-shirt contests and alcohol aren't how these people honor their god? Does the government really want to be in the business of making rules that all churches must adhere to? I think a much more sensible system would be to remove tax-exempt status from all churches and let them create non-political charities for all their projects that benefit society, and keep their religious views private.

Why is Fox voted the nation's most trusted news source? Because it's a popularity contest.

Conservative writer Miranda Devine knows what draws children into religious terrorist cults... atheism!

Still rocking away

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The number of non-religious people continued to grow in 2014. In a few short years, "non-religious" may be bigger than any other religious group in the nation!

Vsauce asks, did the past really happen?

Christian swindler Kent Hovind is looking at more jail time for contempt of court.

SciShow talks about super bugs and super colliders and the science behind the anti-vaccine movement.

German virologist Stefan Lanka offered a €100,000 reward to anyone who could prove that the measles virus exists. This is because, Lenka is not only an AIDS denier, but also an Ebola denier, and even a measles denier! Offering huge sums of money for proof of something that the scientific community accepts is a pretty typical tactic from cranks, but they usually leave the contest vague enough to allow them to squirm out of ever having to pay, even if iron-clad evidence is brought to bear. Doctor David Barden took Lanka up on his offer and produced the requested evidence in the form of multiple clinical studies, but Lanka refused to accept his evidence. But Barden wasn't about to back down and took Lanka to court, and, unfortunately for Lanka, he wasn't very slimy when it came to putting together the terms of his reward, and a German court is demanding that he pay Barden the €100,000, as his evidence did indeed meet Lanka's terms!

Even though marrying later in life leads to stronger marriages, and more stable families, Christians continually try to push marriage earlier. Why is this? Two reasons in particular. They know they can't out-logic non-Christians, so they're trying to out-breed them. Two, masturbation and sex before marriage are evil tools of SATAN, and if you marry when you're still a writhing mass hormones, you're less likely have non-Christian sex.

Heaven would actually really suck.

So why did Republican Justin Harris give away his two adopted daughters to a rapist? Because he says they were possessed by demons! Well, yes, Republican Justin Harris is certainly a demon.

Obi-Wan's ghost could have actually been quite helpful.

More furniture bought, more debt accrued.

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Christians are urging parents to keep their children home during the Day of Silence where students remain silent all day to stand in solidarity with the LGBT community that is often forced to remain silent about their sexuality. In particular, they Christians don't like it when students push their political views in school. This is particularly hypocritical considering the LGBT Day of Silence is modeled after the Christian Day of Silence used to promote the anti-abortion agenda.

SciShow presents, a History of Robots and answers the question, do fish drink water?

Pastor Shaun O. Harrison Sr. may have claimed to be anti-gang and anti-violence, but that didn't stop him from getting arrested for running drugs and trying to murder a 17-year-old.

Does hydrofluoric acids really eat flesh? Yes, but slowly.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is trying to get Catholic Schools in San Francisco, California to adopt language against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, birth control, and artificial insemination, but surprisingly, the Catholic school administrators are fighting his bigoted rules!

Most people don't know why we have Daylight Saving Time, but I still like having more daylight in the summer evenings!

U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron dismissed the American Atheists lawsuit against the state of Oklahoma for erecting a Ten Commandments monument at the state capitol on the grounds that it doesn't hurt anyone. Apparently, having your own government promote someone else's religion isn't hurtful. Never fear though, the ACLU lawsuit continues, and even if that fails, the Oklahoma Satanists and Hindus have monuments of their own ready to be displayed at their state capitol.

Oh, and speaking of that backward state, Oklahoma Republicans are also trying to make it so only religious people get to decide who can marry.

And one more jab at the state's history.

What losing your virginity is actually like for a lot of guys.

You know you're a homeowner when "date night" means staying at home replacing the strike plates and stoppers on all of the doors.

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The CIA has annual gatherings to discuss their progress toward hacking into civilian smart phones so they can spy on Americans.

Could humans be on the brink of extinction?

Way back in 1963, the US Supreme Court ruled that public school faculty members were not allowed to read the bible to students because it was a violation of their first amendment rights. Despite this ruling, Dan Noll and Michael Gilbert, two public school workers in Texas, are okay with reading the bible to their students because, according to them, it's legal to read the bible in schools as part of theology class. Of course, they're not teaching theology class, but rather reading verses during the morning announcements. I guess, in Texas, morning announcements double as a theology class.

Eugenie Scott talks about the future of the ridiculous Creationism movement.

A bunch of religious fanatics with guns claimed a little boy was helping other religious fanatics with guns who don't agree with the first group of religious fanatics with guns. In order to prove that they are the one true religious fanatics with guns, the men repeatedly shot the little boy with their guns until he died. Only one man had the courage to tell his fellow religious fanatics not to murder the little boy, but he was quickly pushed aside so that the religious fanatics with guns could do God's will. So far, there is no way to tell which religious fanatic sect the shooters call their own, but does it really matter?

Want to be cheered up after that? Watch the Nostalgia Chick's review of The Worst Witch.

Already a third of the way through March?

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When I was in elementary school, a classmate of mine never stood for the Pledge of Allegiance while the rest of the class did. Thinking that it wasn't fair that he got to remain seated, the next day I tried sitting through the ritual myself, only to be reprimanded by the teacher. When I responded with the typical question, "then how come he gets to stay seated?" my teacher angrily informed me that he, as a Jehovah's Witness, doesn't stand for pledges, but since I wasn't a Jehovah's Witness, I had to stand. That was all it took for little 8-year-old me to stand for every Pledge of Allegiance for the rest of my public school tenure. Well, times have changed quite a bit since then, and many Americans are demanding that they and their children be exempt from any jingoistic rituals, especially those that have been perverted into prayers by the American government. The US Government these days reminds its citizens that they are under no obligation to recite daily loyalty oaths or prayers, however, this edict hasn't yet seem to have reached several principals and teachers.

Cara Santa Maria enjoys her science with a side of atheism.

WikiMedia has filed a lawsuit against the NSA's illegal spying tactics! All the best to you.

Why free speech is a fundamental human right.

While Michigan doctors are busy watching homosexuals die from blood loss because they don't like treating dem queers, Ontario is making sure that all people are treated equally and that bigoted Christians will pay a penalty for failing to do their jobs.

Speaking of Christian bigots, Bishop Kevin Doran went on quite the tirade comparing homosexuality to Down syndrome and saying that parents who can't procreate and adopt children to care over, aren't real parents. He also suggested that women who become pregnant due to rape will have abortions, not because they don't want to endure the years of caring for a child that was forced upon them by a criminal, not because they don't want to be drained of their time and money while at the same time carrying the social stigma of being an unwed mother from other venom-spewing Christians, but because they just want revenge on their rapists, and killing the rapist's child is the way they do it.

Hmm... maybe I won't take up parkour.

Brian May (of Queen) and his best guitar solos.

And I was hoping you could drag me up from down here towards my recovery.

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Spent the weekend healing and helping my friends Rachel and Adam move. Throat snot is decreasing!

While trying to explain the difficulties in protecting wild gray wolves, Republican Don Young suggests introducing them into urban districts to solve their problem with the homeless. Naturally, Young was only joking... but then, he is a Republican.

Australian doctor Gabrielle McMullin says that sexism is so rife in her profession, that, unless female doctors want to ruin their career, they should just accept the unwanted sexual advances of their bosses rather than risk being shunned out of a career by the good old boys club. Obviously, Dr. McMullin hasn't quite lost the courage to fight, because she's willing to have her story heard, and I don't blame her horrific statements. Instead, I blame the male dominated Australian physician's culture that drives her to make these statements.

Republican Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has banned the state's Department of Environmental Protection from using the phrases "global warming, climate change, and sustainability." This is because, in the magical fairy land where Scott lives, humans can't make an environmental impact.

Religion is still on the decline, but the amount of personal prayers seem to remain unchanged.

Antivaxers are bringing sexy back. Oh wait, did I say sexy? I meant measles. Antivaxers are bringing measles back.

French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira just compared free speech to pedophilia as she pushes to make laws that will allow the French government to shut down web sites that publish, what she deems, racist or anti-religious literature, and why wouldn't you want to trust the government to tell you which ideas are right and wrong?

You didn't know it, but in your favorite videogames, you were the villain!

In an effort to promote diversity, and not to cash in on the memory of a civil rights activist, Fox is hiring Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr. She is both anti-abortion and anti-divorce, despite having had two abortions and three divorces. Being a massive hypocrite, she fits right in with the existing Fox crowd!

Why it helps to look at a globe instead of a map.

American author Mark Twain will soon be honored with his likeness on US currency. His face will be embossed right next to the motto, "In God We Trust," which is especially ironic, because Twain was against the motto, and its inclusion on US currency.

Fox "News" guest inadvertently explains precisely why Google should rank pages with facts higher than those with ignorance.

In an effort to follow in the footsteps of his pedophile prophet, a Lebanese man "married" a 12-year-old girl and had sex with her, although this isn't quite the same as Muhammad whose child-wife was only 9 when he had sex with her.

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When they're in power, Republicans tell everyone that God himself has endorsed their agenda, and if you disagree with them, not only are you wrong, but you're also going to BURN IN HELL!. When Democrats are in control, Republicans tell everyone to boycott the government altogether.

On scaring someone to death.

While his Applebee's sizzling fajita skillet was still sizzling, a New Jersey man bowed his head to pray over his meal. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to realize that the sizzling sound comes from grease boiling on the metal serving plate. As you can guess, the man received a popping grease facial. However, rather than thank God for retaining his vision after such an ill-conceived stunt, the man decided to sue Applebee's because the server didn't tell him his boiling grease plate with all the smoke coming off of it was hot. Thankfully, New Jersey courts refused to accept the argument, even after his appeal. Isn't there a bible verse about, if a man splashes boiling grease on your cheek, turn the other cheek and let them splash grease there as well?

Dealing with the argument that women shouldn't be allowed to do things on their own because they'll get raped.

While follow-up studies are needed to verify the results, this test is demonstrating that belief in God causes you to take bigger risks.

Some unusual cloud formations you've probably never seen, and an explanation for why eggs are egg-shaped.

Awhile ago, the Christian hate group, the American Family Association, put together an online bigotry map. Of course, if you're being accused of bigotry by a hate group, it's usually a good sign. Well, recently, a reporter started looking into these groups that the AFA list as, "openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith." Turns out, they do awful things like, try to provide a safe haven for the LGBT community, and identify when government officials are violating the US Constitution! FOR SHAME!

And speaking of violating the US Constitution, here are a couple more cases which is why non-Christians must always be vigilant. A Texas principal is still trying to read the bible over the morning announcements, despite Abington School District v. Schempp. Even students aren't allowed to do this because of Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe. Also, a Michigan school only wants to hire a superintendent with a strong Christian background and philosophy, which spits in the face of the No Religious Test Clause.

Take a trip down memory lane with 10 years of YouTube.

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Didn't have to go through an entire box of tissues today. Things are getting better!

Google plans to help add credibility to the Internet by adding more weight to sites that have factual information rather than erroneous tripe.

Republican Justin Harris and his wife adopted two daughters, only to pawn them off to a man named Eric Cameron Francis, who is now serving 40 years for raping them. In an effort to avoid the press, Harris has taken to quoting bible verses at them.

Republican Ben Carson proves that people choose their sexual orientation because a straight man sometimes choose to have gay sex with men in prison. That's check and mate!

It's still tough to be an atheist in Turkey.

My anchor has detached

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Alabama continues to broadcast its bigotry and hatred for the human race with the state Supreme Court demanding that all Alabama judges cease issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couple, even though the Federal Government is requiring them do to so and over half of the states in the union have already legalized it.

People often claim that the vast majority of Muslims aren't fundamentalists, but are more like moderate Christians. Of course, then it was revealed that a shocking number of Muslims are in favor of the death penalty for any Muslims who leaves the religion, in Muslim dominate countries this percentage can be as high as 86%!. This ties in with a recent poll showing that most Republican Christians are in favor of dismantling the Constitution and replacing the supreme law in the US with the bible, a book which also demands the execution of apostates. I guess those people who think Muslims are like Christians are right after all!

Why you should never trust before and after fitness photos.

Republican Steve Vick is fine with prayers during the city council meetings in Idaho, just as long as they're not Hindu prayers. Vick doesn't like Hindus. He's outraged that they worship cows—they don't—and he hates their caste system—which is a political not religious, and was probably introduced by British Colonialists (i.e., Christians), not that it matters since it was banned in India over 60 years ago. Vick only wants to hear prayers that honor his idea of the country's Judeo-Christian heritage—also bullshit, as the Christians have predominately hated the Jews throughout the entire history of the country.

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and hide yo sonograms, cuz witches rapin' errybody up here!

Micky Maurer remembers the time when Johnson County, Indiana meeting was closed with a prayer and the preacher explained how he would be burn in Hell for being Jewish. This memory was brought back after the Indiana city voted to change their lawn into a free speech area so they wouldn't have to take down their Nativity Scene. I look forward to seeing the upcoming Satanist display.

The Nostalgia Chick watches Kate and Leopold.

ChristianLogic™ says that the Christian flag with a Christian cross is not a symbol of the Christian religion. Thankfully, the good people of Windsor, Ontario aren't falling for it.

The Engineer Guy talks about the mammoth scale it took to build the Titanic.

Evangelical Preacher Kent Hovind continues to assert that he can't be taxed by the government because his possessions belong to God, and you can't tax God. The IRS doesn't seem to agree with him, which is why he's in prison right now, and will probably be increasing the duration of his visit.

Liquids on extremely hot surfaces are weird.

Need to escape for awhile.

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Michigan Republicans are quite happy about their religious discrimination bill that grants legal protection to those medical employees who prefer to watch people die because that's what Jesus would do.

So what's the deal with Isaac in Binding of Isaac?

You best be careful when creating videogame characters.

John Oliver explains the problem with doctors accepting bribes favors from drug companies.

Why babies suck.

The Nostalgia Chick tackles the awful Charlie's Angels movie.

Plasma is awfully common in the universe.

Still sick from the throat!

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The Republican CPAC Twitter campaign has backfired wonderfully.

Last year, the volleyball team at Erskine College, a private Christian school in South Carolina, had an amazing year both in victories, and in the fact that the two gay members of the team came out and were still accepted by the rest of the team. Well, Christians doesn't like it when homosexuals are treated like people, so they just issued an official statement condemning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. However, as the author of this article points out, they will continue to have practice and games on the Sabbath, because then Ten Commandments aren't as important as gay-bashing.

This explains why ISIS is trying so hard to keep women covered up and hidden away.

Yet another instance of Bill O'Reilly mis-remembering his history has come to light. Still waiting for that apology.

While it has certainly happened more, here are some of those worst cases of when Fox was immediately proven wrong on the air.

Jesus has finally been captured and will face charges for raping several girls. And when I say Jesus, I mean Victor Barnard who convinced a group of people that he was Jesus so he could molest their children.

Simon's Cat and his would-be girlfriend.

After allowing a Muslim witness to swear on a bible, an English court is conducting a retrial for what they view as a mistake. Obviously, they can't trust the testimony of a Muslim who has taken an oath not to lie if they swear on a bible!

Some similes of atheism and religion.

Republican James Inhofe explains how climate change can't exist because he has a snowball. Then, Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse give him several minutes of evidence and quotes from authorities on how Inhofe and his snowball share the same level of intelligence.

Domestication had some odd side-effects on wolves.

The Nostalgia Chick covers Anastasia.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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