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Incarcerate Trump

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I've started a page for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

  • It's important to remember that Republicans refused to take COVID-19 seriously because, at first, it was only killing people in majority Democrat cities.
  • Republican Tate Reeves, seeing his state crash and burn like Florida and Texas, has finally decides to finally pump the brakes. It's too little too late, but it's better than nothing. He's requiring masks and requiring distance learning for the more crowded districts. Meanwhile, Republicans are suing Nevada for trying to keep voters safe during the pandemic, but encouraging it in Florida. And Trump, still refusing to actually do anything, tells people COVID-19 will go away on it's own, some day.
  • Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who refuses to do anything to prevent citizens from dropping down dead all around him, admits that he purposely made his state's unemployment system harder than it needs to be in order to prevent people from having access.
  • Police brutality is being documented at an unprecedented rate.
  • "Law and Order" president Trump is being sued again for breaking the law. This time for constant copyright infringement even after it was made clear that he was breaking the law.

The benefit of contracting herpes.

Investigate Trump

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I finally solved a 10-digit 6x6 TetraVex puzzle!

The Blasphemer's Bible's domain is going to expire in two months, and I'm not going to renew it. I've already moved everything to this domain, and all the comics, comments, and links should be intact. I also fixed a couple display errors and cleaned out some no-longer relevant stuff. If you see anything no longer working, please let me know.

  • COVID-19 deaths continue to accelerate in the USA, but don't worry, the official Republican response is, "it is what it is." But wait, it gets better; they also claim that quarantines don't prevent infection! Might as well get out there and die for the students. Just look at Gwinnett County Public Schools. They're only open to faculty, but already 260 employees had to be sent home for quarantine!
  • Trump says he doesn't know who John Lewis is (of course he doesn't, John Lewis was a black man who fought for civil rights, why would Trump know anything about him?), and then goes on to say he's done more for black people than the civil rights leader. In reality, Trump has a long history of being openly racist.
  • The Lincoln Project wants to return to a time when Republicans were mass-murdering people in a respectful way. They are not helping, they are not trustworthy, and Lincoln was not a modern day Republican. The enemy of your enemy isn't always your friend.
  • American churches have received as much as $10,000,000,000 of taxpayer money in COVID-19 relief, even though the first amendment implies they shouldn't, and even though they continue to eschew masks and social distancing. They're killing their congregations, but they still want more!
  • In order to try to eliminate as many minorities from the US Census, Republicans are purposely shutting down the field work counting program a month early.
  • White Americans really don't want to talk about the nation's extremely racist past. They don't even want to talk about our slightly less-extremely racist present. But police continue to target black people. Breonna Taylor's murderers are still at large. Colorado police pulled their guns on several black children one only 6-years-old, and handcuffed them face down on the pavement because they thought the vehicle they were in was stolen. As the children cried for their mothers, the police finally realized that they incompetently mistook their blue minivan for an out-of-state stolen motorcycle. India Johnson and Yasmeen Winston, two black mothers with their infant babies were violently attacked by Secret Service while on vacation in Washington D.C. Secret Service agents purposely crashed into their car, handcuffed them (without wearing masks), and yanked them away from their screaming babies. Then, the Secret Service ransacked their vehicle without a warrant. In the end, Secret Service claimed they thought the two mothers were two black men in a stolen car, but, since they obviously weren't and were able to prove ownership of the vehicle, the Secret Service told them to leave, but refused to apologize for their brutality.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. continues to prove what a good moral leader he is.

Scientists finally discovered the missing half of the matter in the universe.

A history of the computer mouse.

Genetically Modified Skeptic proves that a good skeptic learns from their mistakes.

Such as it is with tyrants

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I've added pages for the Windows 3 games, TriPeaks and LifeGenesis.

  • Why are Republicans totally botching their COVID-19 response? Because, when it initially hit New York, California, and Detroit, they assumed it was only going to affect cities (i.e., Democrats), so they purposely dragged their feet because they were glad to see Democrats die. It wasn't until the virus started affecting Republican cities that Trump finally decided to put on a mask and started admitting things were bad, although, true to form, he's still promoting Dr. Demon Semen, and his untrained hirelings don't know what they're doing. And, no matter how bad things get, not matter how many people die, Trump will never stop forcing us to pay for his laziness.
  • Just a reminder, in democracies, leaders don't suggest not having proper elections, and leaders don't remain quiet as entire cities are overrun with paramilitary.
  • This same story could be posted every day for the next few months just with a different person's name: another Conservative leader, today is Monsignor Charles Pope, who preached against wearing masks and urged people to continue to congregate, has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Republican Roy Moore's lawsuit against the people who implied he is a pedophile might backfire as they are asking to be allowed to have legal interviews with all the women who have accused him of sexually molesting them when they were teens and he was an adult man.
  • Department of Homeland Security under secretary Brian Murphy, has been reassigned after it came out that he was spying on American journalists for Republicans!
  • Why is the Navy using the likeness of black civilians for their attack dog training?
  • Although they should also be divested, Trump's daughter and son-in-law are somehow gaining $36,000,000 a year.
  • Another selfish and mentally-unstable man pulls out a gun and starts shooting at people, including cops, after being told he needs to wear a mask.

The police don't stop crime or even really keep you safe, so why do people still want them? Fear.

Elon Musk isn't just a criminal, he's also a conspiracy theorist. No, Elon, aliens did not build the pyramids.

The official Portland Police Twitter page recently posted about protesters carrying shield, "Shields are an indicator that someone plans to fight." No, shields are defensive. They are an indicator that the person holding them expected to be attacked. The police are the belligerents here. Just look how the violence died down the moment they left.

Christian churches are still safe-houses for child rapists.

Cops want to kill dogs so badly, they'll even kill another cop's dog.

The Angry Video Game Nerd looks at some of the awful Final Fight games.

Algorithms are bigoted because the people who make and use them are bigoted.

Color me unimpressed

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My aunt challenged me to watch a Christian sermon, and I've published my notes and began a page for the preacher who gave it, John MacArthur. I've also added a page for the card game, Tut's Tomb.

  • A poll by PRRI shows what many people have suspected. Conservative white Christians are the least likely to help refugees, care almost nothing about the LGBT or racial inequality, are the only group that thinks Trump hasn't disgraced the Presidency, and think churches are handling their sexual assault issues just fine. They are literally the worst. Just watch how they react to a simple Black Lives Matter sign. Meanwhile, black women are actually getting things done.
  • After Republicans ordered hospitals to stop giving their COVID-19 data to experts and instead give it to Jared Kushner's college roommate, a whole lot of that data is no longer being shown to the public.
  • When there is a disaster, medics will quickly assess everyone in a triage to see who needs the most immediate care, and who is a lost cause. This is a wise way of handling things, because it doesn't waste resources on people who can't be save, or who are not in immediate danger. Republicans don't understand this concept, or they would have performed a triage on the USA, and sent masks and ventilators to the hospitals that needed them most. By failing to be leaders, states and hospitals all had to fight over protective equipment and ventilators, and ended up wasting $500,000,000!
  • Literally the very next day after Trump suggested postponing the presidential election, the White House denounced the Chinese government postponing the election in Hong Kong.
  • Republican Bryant "Corky" Messner claims that his charity, the Messner Foundation, helps poor kids go to college. It doesn't. It helps private schools build baseball fields.
  • The Republican Gestapo appear to be pulling out of Portland, Oregon.
  • Republicans are now faced with the task of defending Trump's love of Dr. Demon Semen.

The man who murdered the son of a judge was a prominent Men's Rights Activist (i.e., a misogynist).

Most of the Republican party should be in prison

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I've added pages for Tic Tac Drop and JigSawed.

  • COVID-19 is still getting worse in the USA. Yesterday, there were 66,000 new cases, and 1,400 deaths. But don't fall for the clickbait, vaccines are looking good, we just won't have them for another year.
  • Republicans Herman Cain and Louie Gohmert refused to wear masks. Hermain Cain just died from COVID, and Louie Gohmert tested positive. You would think that would be his wake up call, but conspiracy theorists don't learn from their mistakes. Rather than immediately self-isolate and seek antibody treatment, Gohmert went around in public, maskless, to find a quack doctor who is willing to treat him with proven not to work Trump pills, hydroxychloroquine, and zinc, which was touted by Trump's demon-semen doctor.
  • For the past 50 years, Republican president have always tanked the economy, but none have done it worse than Trump. The US economy has just seen the biggest drop in modern history.
  • Fox pundits use a very different tone when federal agents are deployed to stop black protesters instead of white terrorists.
  • Churches, spurred on by Republicans, are keeping the COVID-19 pandemic alive.
  • Republicans have made sure the COVID-19 relief bill includes money for a new FBI building. Odd thing to have in a bill to help sick people, you might say, until you find out it's right next to a Trump property.
  • In an effort to appeal to suburban voters, Trump says tells them that they will never have to worry that poor people might live near them. How utterly disgusting.
  • Trump continues to wage war on our environment.
  • The popular Republican argument that the $600 unemployment increase for COVID-19 relief caused people to stop looking for work was shown by researchers from Yale University to be false.

Police in Little Rock, Arkansas murdered Lionel Morris by tasing him and crushing his body until he stopped breathing. Morris was unarmed and begging for help saying he couldn't breathe, but police ignored his pleas. Police blamed Morris's death on drug use, and the mayor requested the officers who murdered him be given a paid vacation. Also, officer Philip Brailsford, who shot an unarmed man with an AR-15 rifle five times, killing him, has been found not guilty on all counts.

Luis Orlando Santos Santiago and detained a black teen on his way to basketball practice. Santiago then called 9-1-1, pretending to be an off-duty cop, and made up a bunch of crimes that the black teen supposedly committed and claimed he had it all on video. After the real police investigated the scene, they found that Santiago wasn't an off-duty cop, didn't have any video of crimes, and no crimes had been reported in the area. They later arrested Santiago for false imprisonment.

How ventilation affects the spread of disease.

Looking back at an abandoned nuclear test range.

Half the Republican party should be in prison

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I've added a page for Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 and a page for the series.

  • Democrats are trying to get more money into the pockets of hurting citizens, but Republicans are holding the relief money hostage, even as they keep testing positive, until they get another $30,000,000,000 for buying fighter jets and military weapons. Petulant child that he is, Trump whines that Anthony Fauci is getting more praise than he is. So, Trump once again threw him under the bus, this time claiming it was Fauci who told people to take hydroxychloroquine, even though it was Trump who was peddling it. So, Trump is looking for a replacement doctor, and his first pick is Stella Immanuel, a person who hates masks and, like Trump, thinks hydroxychloroquine cures the virus, but also thinks people have DNA from aliens and have sex with demons when they're dreaming. Meanwhile, spurred on by the failed anti-science violent beliefs of Republicans, people keep attacking store employees who insist they wear masks.
  • The Republican paramilitary group that is terrorizing peaceful protesters is actively targeting the press and medics. A federal judge ordered them to stop, but they're continuing to do it anyway because they know Republicans will protect them no matter how much they violate the constitution. In fact, after unmarked police randomly kidnap innocent people off the streets, they are only releasing them if they agree to suspend their first amendment rights!
  • The infamous "umbrella man," who committed several acts of vandalism in an attempt to trick BLM protesters into rioting appears to have been caught, and is a noted white supremacist. He has yet to be charged with any crimes, but, if he is, I suspect Trump with pardon him.
  • Many nations have said they were aware of a Russian bounty on US soldiers, but Republicans did nothing about it, and Trump has even admitted that he still hasn't even spoke to Putin about it. Why? Because he's beholden to Putin.
  • Republican Tom Cotton doesn't want children to learn about slavery in school.
  • Trump is not intelligent.
  • Elon Musk keeps trying to get on people's good side because he's just a bro, but he's actually quite evil.
  • After a public library published their pro-diversity charter saying they oppose violence, racism, and disregard for human rights, and think that the lives of black people matter, Republican Daniel Coverley, Sheriff of Douglas County, Nevada, told them he will see to it that police no longer respond to emergency calls! If you ever want to know how to spot a white supremacist, look at Sheriff Daniel Coverley.

Are university lectures dying? Should they?

How slow motion has changed film.

Trump should be in prison

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I've started a page for text adventures and created a graphic which mixes pigs and Neil Diamond.

  • American health care can't even handle our usual number of sick people, now it's collapsing under the weight of COVID-19, and, rather than use their connections with the gods, churches are only making things worse, as is President Yam, and his stupid son.
  • Paramilitary and police in Eugene, Oregon singled out a 14-year-old girl protesting against police brutality and violently attacked her. And it's dangerous people like teenage girls that has led Republicans to send in another 150 unlisted men armed with guns.
  • Trump had no interest in throwing out a first pitch for a baseball game... until he learned that Dr. Anthony Fauci was invited to throw the first pitch for the season opener of the Yankees. Refusing to let someone more deserving get credit, Trump then invited himself to do it instead, which was news both to the Yankees and Trump's own staff. I guess that dementia test he won't stop bragging about was really asshole test. No wonder he aced it.
  • As most decent people honored the life of civil rights activist John Lewis, Republican Will Dismukes attended a party which honored the first KKK grand wizard. Dismukes hasn't apologized, and was even surprised that people would make the connection. Dismukes thought he was only honoring a Confederate General, the fact that he was also the head of the KKK didn't even cross his mind. This is what happens when people mentally divorce the Confederacy from slavery.
  • Knowing that his fellow Republicans will do nothing about it, Trump isn't even trying to hide his corruption anymore.
  • David T. Hines shows precisely what it wrong with giving money to business owners instead of workers. He received $4,000,000 in COVID-19 relief, and then spent it on himself buying jewels, fancy suits, and a Lamborghini.
  • The US Supreme Court's decision that a woman's employer get to decide if they should have certain types of medicine isn't all bad news.
  • Genocide is still happening around the world, probably the worst in China as they eliminate the Uighur people. It doesn't help that Trump said it's the right thing to do.

A lot of Nintendo's old source code has been leaked.

Trump is still a criminal at large

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I've added a page for the video game company Hudson Soft.

  • Just a reminder that the President of the USA, Republican Donald Trump, sends his well wishes to an accused child rape trafficker, you know, when he isn't pardoning convicted criminals and calling peaceful protesters "terrorists."
  • The way Conservatives are ignoring COVID-19 today is eerily similar to the way Conservatives responded to the Spanish Flu in 1918 which killed tens of millions of people. Florida with a large elderly population, is especially vulnerable, but Republican Governor DeSantis has no problem watching his people die. Also, churches don't seem to be very effective at spreading Christianity any more (the religion has been dying around the world), but they've become especially good at spreading COVID-19.
  • Because they refuse to take COVID-19 seriously, even Trump's National Security Advisor, Republican Robert O'Brien, is now infected, Republicans have caused the worst unemployment disaster in several decades, and now they're trying to cut unemployment payments to a third of their normal amount.
  • The hired goons of the Republicans aren't just violently attacking peaceful protesters, they're also attacking journalists and medics. This is causing the United Nations to rebuke our government.
  • Republican Kirstjen Nielsen, one of the people responsible for putting refugee children in make-shift prisons, recently said that Republicans have never had a policy of locking up children, even though she was the person who signed the memo which began the process.
  • Republican Ted Yoho, who said he wouldn't apologize for his faith in his god which somehow required him to call his colleague "disgusting" and a "fucking bitch," has been kicked off the board of a Christian food bank. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's response is much more interesting as she delivers a scathing rebuke to Yoho's misogyny.
  • Republican Tom Cotton continues to fight to prevent US history classes from teaching children about America's racist past.
  • An anti-Democrat (read pro-Trump) couple shopped at Walmart while wearing Nazi flags as face masks.
  • Republican Kayleigh McEnany lied that violent crime is finally starting to decline in the USA. However, the US has been seeing a steady decline for the past 30 years.
  • A man attempting to drive through a Black Lives Matter Protest took out a gun and murdered one of the protesters, Garrett Foster, shooting him five times. Texas police apprehended the gunman, but, after he said he only shot Foster because Foster pointed a gun at him, the police let him go!
  • Many past US presidents have won accolades, but Trump is the only one who can't stop being proud for passing a test designed to determine if someone has dementia.

The brave women who fought and died to demand the right to vote.

Building an AI to defeat Tetris.

Let's give Trump the boot... into prison

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I've added pages for Microsoft Entertainment Packs Two and Three.

  • Republicans have canceled the Republican National Convention because they finally understand that it's too dangerous to have a lot of people in close proximity, even for only a couple days. Of course, they're still pushing to have public schools all over the country opened in a month. Well, all of the schools, except for those their own children attend. No matter how many times they protect their own interests, Republicans continue to deny the severity of the pandemic.
  • Republicans are sending more untrained paramilitary troops to cities and not even informing the mayors of their presence!
  • Because Republicans are actively raping, robbing, and violating the human rights of refugee seekers, Canadian courts have ruled that refugees who reach Canada can no longer be turned back into the USA since the USA will imprison them.
  • Russia is testing anti-satellite weapons in space. Trump will do nothing because he is beholden to them.
  • Republican Ted Yoho, the man who called his female colleague a "fucking bitch," refuses to apologize because he somehow believes his anti-woman outburst is proof he loves his god.
  • China is closing a US consulate in retaliation for the misguided Republican offensive.
  • Brazil and the USA are great examples of what happens when a monster takes office. The moment something bad happens, a lot of innocent people die.
  • When will the idiots learn, Trump never changes his tone. He's always an asshole, and so are his supporters.
  • We need to vote Trump out of office if we have any chance in saving this country.
  • Randy Rainbow sings about the only decent person in the White House, Anthony Fauci.

Hurry up election day

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I've added three dozen photos of animals (mostly insects) to my list of animals I've seen in the wild.

  • The bodies keep piling up and Republicans don't care. Texas spiked at just under 200 deaths in a single day, more than most countries, and an additional 11,000 hospitalizations! Meanwhile, Republicans are still trying their damnedest to force children back to school next month with Betsy DeVos boldly claiming that sending children back to school is not "in any way dangerous" because, as she claims, infected children aren't contagious! For evidence, she sites a study from Germany which hasn't been peer-reviewed or even published! The reality, is, DeVos only cares about one child, Trump, and she and other Republicans haven't even taken the first step toward making a plan to keep children safe. And while Republican's are completely against contact tracing for American's, they're using it to track down who brought COVID-19 into the White House cafeteria.
  • Republicans are deploying more untrained para-military troops around the country to stamp out the first amendment rights of all Americans who disagree with Trump (which has always been a majority). Even journalists and city mayors are being attacked with semi-lethal weapons banned in warfare.
  • As Trump watches his poll numbers slide down the drain, he resorts to an old favorite used by despots throughout history: blame foreigners.

The morality of religious people always shifts with the zeitgeist. Just ask them if they would live by the rules of their ancestors and watch them struggle to find a rationalization for their denial.

Jeff Bezos is an evil dragon hording treasure stolen from those who worked for it.

End of the innocence

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I've added a page for the Queen song, Who Wants to Live Forever.

  • More para-military troops are being sent to other cities an at attempt to stop all protests, but they're only making things worse by "proactively" arresting (AKA kidnapping) innocent people. Republicans do not care that they're violating the first amendment of the US Constitution, they will continue to try and stop all protests to make their party look better. A wall of mothers stood arm-in-arm to protect protesters from these violent unmarked troops. They were quite sure even Republican goons wouldn't attack them. They were wrong. The Republican's troops shot at them with semi-lethal rounds.
  • Republicans have been ardently anti mask for months now, so, what better time for Trump to suddenly flip-flop and say, not only are they extremely important, but wearing one makes you a patriot. Multiple states are now enforcing quarantines when people from the stupider more infected states want to enter. A wise move since the actual number of COVID-19 cases (and deaths) in the USA is actually a lot higher than the official total. Thankfully, Republicans in Utah have devised a new strategy to solve the virus, no, they're not wearing masks, they're going to issue a proclamation about praying to their god.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell has been charged with orchestrating a system of trafficking children, grooming them to be raped by upper class businessmen, and then lying under oath to protect the rapists. Trump said, in a completely sincere manner, "I just wish her well, frankly."
  • Even if Trump started the presidency with not a cent to his name, his massive campaign of corruption would have him leave as a millionaire. He's always been willing to watch people die in order to get rich, the presidency has just given him the opportunity to prove it.
  • The current Republican administration has violated the US Constitution about a dozen times in the past couple years. Their latest attack comes in the form of violating the 14th amendment by excluding from the census the people they don't like.
  • Yet another prominent Republican, Larry Householder, was arrested in a massive bribery scandal of $60,000,000! I wonder when Trump will pardon him?
  • You know you're a horrible liar when you're called out by a rag like Fox.
  • Republicans have ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Texas. This will not end well.
  • A Pennsylvania nursing home for veterans required their residents to take hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has since been proven not to treat COVID-19, but was greatly hyped by an ignorant Trump.
  • Republican Bryant "Corky" Messner has repeatedly lied about serving as an Army Ranger (he went to school for it, but never served). He also has a history of drunk driving.

Catholics are still being arrested for sexually assaulting people, and ruining the lives of children.

Social distancing is hard when you're a video game character.

Civil rights hero John Lewis has died. Learn about his amazing life from this 2019 interview.

Police violently attacked another unarmed innocent black man. Stanley Gracius went to Walmart to buy a bike for his son. He tested the bike out in the store by riding it down the isles a couple times (something I myself have done multiple times). He was also listening to loud music on his phone, so a manager told him he was being disruptive and had to leave. Gracius didn't like that, and mouthed off to the manager, but still bought the bike and left with a receipt in hand. What he didn't know is the manager had already called the police and, just as he walked out, the police tried to arrest him. As any black man knows, police are extremely dangerous and libel to murder you no matter what you've done. Rather than die quietly, Gracius demanded to know why he was being arrested for when he had the receipt to prove he paid for the bike. As usual, police failed to deescalate the situation and instead tackled the man to the ground, tased him, and then hogtied him with a belt! Gracius has since been charged with the typical trumped up charges including aggravated assault, simple assault and disorderly conduct, even though police assaulted him, and disarming law enforcement officer which seems unlikely.

Circling the drain

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I've added a page for the 1985 DOS puzzle game, Fire Fighter.

  • Fox really knows how to pick them. After his extremely racist head writer resigned, Tucker Carlson went on the offensive and made up a lie about a New York Times journalist, so his rabid Republican fans immediately doxed the journalist and encouraged people to violently assault him. And former anchor Ed Henry has been accused of rape.
  • The Republican invasion force in Portland have been violently attacking unarmed peaceful protesters ever since they arrived, and one in particular is getting a lot of bad press. Navy veteran Christopher David stood his ground as jackbooted thugs wailed on him with clubs, shattering the bones in his hand. Trump also plans on sending his hired goons to other major cities where people don't like him, including Detroit.
  • Trump is using the presidency to write himself checks and taxpayers are footing the bill.
  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the horrible couple who pointed guns at unarmed peaceful protesters, have been charged with unlawful use of a weapon.
  • Understanding cancel culture through the eyes of Fox.
  • Looks like the UK, much like the USA, is actively refusing to investigate Russian voter manipulation.
  • Republican Ted Yoho showed off his extensive vocabulary when verbally assaulted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Capitol floor calling her a "fucking bitch!"

John Oliver talks about conspiracy theories and gives helpful advice on how to discern fact from fiction.

Even if Trump loses, the nation won't recover any time soon

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Last night I beat Caveblazers, surpassing 300 completed games!

  • The WHO (now minus the USA because of Republicans) has reported another record increase in COVID-19 cases, so, naturally, Republicans are trying to block additional funding for COVID-19 testing because they don't care how many Americans die, they don't even want you to know about it, they have to make it look like the USA isn't burning to the ground. Trump personally described the 143,000 dead Americans as some people who "have the sniffles." Meanwhile, Republican John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana is asking people to stave themselves for three days to appease his god to stop COVID-19. And, while a strong science education will help, it alone won't fix these morons.
  • Portland was placed under martial law and occupied by untrained federal thugs is was a testing bed to invade other Democratic cities and Republicans are looking to invade others as well. Next up, Chicago. Will your city be next?
  • Chris Wallace interviewed Donald Trump and actually called him out on some of his many lies.
  • Katie Porter talks about what steps we still need to take before we can safely reopen schools.
  • Meet Palantir, the private spy company that knows everything about you.
  • Joe Biden is now receiving intelligence briefings, and is making it very clear that foreign nations, Russia especially, are again trying to interfere with the US election again like they did when they helped Trump get elected.
  • More anti-Trump statues are being publicly displayed in Washington D.C.
  • How racist is America? Judge Mary Ellen Brennan had a 15-year-old black girl arrested and detained for failing to complete her online homework.
  • Why hasn't the USA incorporated any new states in so long? Because the candidates (Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, etc.) are all liberal states, and Republicans don't want to allow a new state into the Union that will upset their Senate majority.
  • Republicans will say any lie to convince people that voting can't be trusted, even say dogs are voting.
  • Republicans have released rules on how federally-funded homeless shelters can deny shelter to transgender women. If the woman isn't short enough, hasn't removed enough of her body hair, or doesn't have a smooth enough neck, the shelter is allowed to demand to see a government identification, and, if they don't have it or refuse to show it, the shelter is allowed to say their religion allows them to deny shelter.

Sean Carroll talks about the history of quantum mechanics.

La la la, I can't hear you!

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I've added a page for Brøderbund Software.

  • The USA has beaten its own record again by having over 70,000 cases of COVID-19 in a single day, but Republicans are still vehemently anti mask. And, despite Republicans clinging to testing aberrations in Florida as a reason to downplay COVID-19, Florida's own emergency operation center just closed after a dozen workers tested positive for COVID-19. Georgia too has hit capacity in several hospitals. The fact is, Republicans just don't care about science or data, they just want to make things look like they're normal to get Trump reelected.
  • Because the virus has effectively killed several entire industries, more Americans are out of work than ever before. Rather than assure Americans that they won't be kicked to the streets when they can't afford their mortgages, Republicans are telling Americans to find some new way to make money. Of course, if they can't...
  • No, Michigan Democrats did not stick COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes. The reality is, they've created rules preventing that from happening.
  • Republican Thom Tillis made a racist statement saying the reason Hispanics have more COVID-19 cases because they're less likely to social distance or wear masks. In reality, the reason minorities tend to get COVID-19 more is for the same reason they're paid less, have less access to clean water, and are generally treated worse by Americans, because our nation is really racist.
  • There is some hope with vaccines, as the early trials are looking good, but they still won't be ready until next year, so we need to maintain constant vigilance until then.
  • Republican Chad Wolf, acting director of the Department of Homeland Security, issued a long list of crimes committed by what he calls a "mob" of "violent anarchists" in order to justify sending unwanted federal officers in Portland, Oregon. The so-called "violent crimes" listed are just minor acts of graffiti, but that's not stopping unmarked DHS from kidnapping protesters. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is banning Confederate flags from all military buildings. That's progress, but what black people really want banned is systemic racism.
  • Republican Mike Pompeo, a Christian Nationalist, makes it very clear that he believes "human rights" only apply to Christians.
  • Republicans still don't want gay people to be allowed to donate blood, even though there isn't an associated risk any more.

People tend to have a fair amount of skepticism until it comes to their their deeply held beliefs.

If you can't stop the virus, stop people from learning about it

Feeling: Happy

  • Like all Southern Republican states, Georgia is seeing a massive spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths because they refuse to take even basic precautions. Some of the less stupid counties took it upon themselves to issue mask laws, the bare minimum of hygiene, but Governor Brian Kemp just issued an order banning all counties in his state from creating mask laws. Republicans would rather see you dead than admit they messed up, and now they're disposing of the murder weapon.
  • Despite the catastrophic rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the nation, Republicans are still pushing extremely hard to force schools to reopen. The party that always cuts funding to schools now wants to pretend that they're extremely important, but they only want to give the illusion of a country running well to make their party look good, they don't care about educating children or even if they live. A school district in Missouri is asking parents to sign a COVID-19 death waiver for any student involved in sports. The waiver prevents the parents from suing the school even if a student's death is "caused by the negligence or carelessness" of the school staff. In Michigan, the Republican-majority Education Committee is debating whether the state should open schools, but they're not allowing teachers to give input.
  • Republican Rush Limbaugh, who thought the 19 in COVID-19 referred to the number of previous COVID viruses, suggests that Americans should adapt to the virus like the Donner Party adapted to cannibalism.
  • Russian spies are trying to gain access to COVID-19 vaccine information, and Trump still adores Russia.
  • Even as thousands of people are dying every day and white supremacists are burning crosses on the front lawns of black protesters, Republicans are using their position of power to advertise for a Mexican bean company because the owner praised Trump.
  • Your tax dollars which were given to Customs and Border Patrol as emergency funds to buy medicine for sick children was instead spent on dirt bikes and dog food.

25 bad reasons people give for believing in a god.

A very important glacier that is failing.

People don't need to die to save the "economy"

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I've added a page for video games of the maze genre.

  • Republicans have pulled the USA out of the World Health Organization, and is now pulling us out of the Centers For Disease Control, demanding that hospitals send all their data to the White House and not the CDC. This will prevent the CDC from being able to track the disease and cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands more people. Republicans are also continuing to discredit their own doctors. And what better time to do all of this then when Florida set a new death record for itself even as Republican Governor Ron DeSantis lies about the disease stabilizing. Right now, most Southern Republican states have more deaths than almost every other nation in the world.
  • When she's not demanding public schools open without anything even remotely resembling a safety plan, Republican Betsy DeVos is giving US taxpayer money to private religious schools. Republicans do not care about human life, they care about corporations. Just look at the traditionally Conservative Orange County in California which is trying to force their schools to reopen without even putting a mask mandate in place! Republican John Kennedy told concerned teachers not wanting to die to "kiss my ass."
  • Why is it, every time I read an article about actual voter fraud, it's always a Republican?
  • Black people are killed by police at a much higher rate than white people, but Trump only cares about white people.
  • Republicans have gutted environmental laws in order to speed up the progress of polluters.
  • Why is it people with a freedom fetish willingly give up their personal privacy to hurt immigrants? Because their fetish for racism is even stronger.
  • Another Trump cultist threatens to murder someone for being told they have to wear a mask.
  • Republican Bill Husfelt says that being gay is a choice, and he knows this because his god told him so.

The whole "alpha, beta, and omega" pack mentality of dogs is not scientific.

Police Officer Michael McGillis has a long history of violence, and he recently assaulted an innocent 23-year-old woman, fabricated crimes, and arrested her per the instructions of his corrupt department.

Interesting facts about Mario Kart 64.

Oh great, now there is an outbreak of the bubonic plague in China? Don't worry about it.

A plague nation

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I've added a page for The Sounds album, Living In America.

  • France is giving their health care workers a permanent raise as thanks for getting COVID-19 under control. Meanwhile, US hospitals refuse to even give their nurses temporary hazard pay, and Republicans are trying to get rid of the few experts still willing to work with them.
  • What is contact tracing, and why should you do it? Well, if COVID parties don't scare you into caring, I don't know what to tell you!
  • After a 17-year hold, self-proclaimed pro-life Republicans have cheerfully started executing people in the USA again.
  • With Republicans at the helm, the EPA refuses to improve clean air standards.
  • If everyone else hates you, it could mean that the world is terrible, and you're the only good person in existence, but it's far more likely that you're just an inconsiderate asshole.
  • Republicans suffered another loss in Georgia with their anti-science heartbeat abortion bill.
  • The fact that over 130,000 Americans have died because of Republican incompetence is taking away from yet another Republican scandal: the fact that they have done nothing (and are still doing nothing) to address the Russian bounty on US soldiers. Thankfully, tireless journalists are still doing their job to uncover more details and it looks like Russia's own national intelligence, the GRU, the equivalent to America's CAI, may be the masterminds behind the program.
  • An asshole in Michigan didn't want to wear a mask to potentially save the lives of people around him. A 77-year-old man called him out on it, so the man stabbed the old man. When police arrived, the stabber refused to go quietly and pulled his knife on the police, so they shot him to death. Thankfully, the 77-year-old man is in stable condition.

Christian pastor Kelvin Page says that his church, which defied social distancing and mask rules has had so many cases of COVID-19, that they gave up on trying to count them all.

While mid-flight, Michael Ney Berry announced that he was going to murder everyone on the plane in the name of Jesus. He was subdued by passengers, and nobody was killed.

Hey, maybe Titanic was such an awful movie after all?

The story behind that famous Olympics photo.

Cassette adapters are remarkably simple.

Monday the 13th

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I've added pages for the video game genres, racing and driving.

  • Florida had 15,300 COVID-19 cases in one day, the largest single-day total of any US state since the beginning of the pandemic, even worse than New York, and Republicans are still trying to force the state to re-open schools next month! Sending your children back to school will spread the disease and kill students and teachers. Having big close-quarters parties will kill people. Encouraging people not to wear masks will kill people. Purposely putting yourself at risk will get you killed. And, anti-science Republicans are doing their best to discredit their own doctors in an attempt to make Trump look less horrible. Remember when Republicans created the lie that the Affordable Care Act would lead to death panels where doctors would decide whose grandparents have to die? Now those same Republicans literally saying they want to sacrifice the elderly to keep the "economy" going.
  • Thankfully, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has wisely issued a new state order requiring all Michiganders to wear masks while indoors when they're around people they don't live with. However, Republicans who don't care about living are still refusing to comply, and "law and order" Republican Sheriff Daniel Abbott is refusing to do his job and enforce the rule.
  • The self-proclaimed "law and order" president commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, yet another one of his criminal friends who was going to prison for covering up Trump's involvement with Russia.
  • Republican Tucker Carlson's head writer had to resign after it was discovered he had been, for years, writing extremely racist stuff online. The stuff he wrote for Tucker Carlson was just him holding back.
  • Turns out, Trump considered selling off a part of American after a hurricane just so his inability to restore it wouldn't make him look bad.
  • Don Jr. is just as bad at grammar as his father, putting an apostrophe in the title of his book where it doesn't belong and inadvertently changing the meaning!

The Washington Redskins aren't changing their name because they want to stop offending Native Americans, they're doing it because they'll lose a lot of money if they don't.

The Southern Baptist Church is, once again, being sued because they knowingly had a sexual predator working for them, James Hook, in a position where he would have access to children.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters, are really horrible people who have been, for years, wielding the law as a weapon.

Even with the entire nation protesting them, police officers still feel like they can do whatever they want. Janak Amin held a loaded gun to a non-combative unarmed innocent man's head because he refused to give his name to the cop! Thankfully, Amin has been fired, and is being charged with a crime for his potentially deadly bullying.

The US Supreme Court of faithless electors in the Electoral College doesn't really do anything.

Chop off the gangrenous parts

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I've added a page for Sega's Mega RPG Project.

  • Republicans are urging people to never get tested for COVID-19 because they're fine with a few million Americans dying, just so long as it doesn't make their party look bad.
  • How much of your tax dollars were given away to churches? Too much!
  • Republican Michelle Steel explains why she pulled her daughter out of college: her daughter learned about same-sex marriage and changed her mind about it.
  • Republican Ginni Thomas, a white woman, is very angry that a small town in Virginia put up a Black Lives Matter banner.
  • Because the Republicans in charge failed to institute proper safety measures, over 1,000 TSA employees have now tested positive for COVID-19.
  • There are plenty of great Mexican food distributors who don't worship Trump.

Christian summer camps are a great way for children to get COVID-19 and bring it home to their families.

Learning about re-harmonization with video game music.

The difference between Western and Japanese video game RPGs.

Ranking doomsday cults.

Rotting from inside

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I've added a page for the Tegan and Sara album, So Jealous.

  • As the USA sets another record in the number of daily COVID-19 infections, a record once previously held by... the USA (as well as the one before that), Republicans continue to make the problem worse. When drug lobbyist Alex Azar, now in charge of the Health and Human Services, was asked how we could possibly open schools this fall and keep students and faculty safe when we can't even provide enough protective equipment to healthcare workers, the man beholden to pharmaceutical companies and not human beings, flat out lied and said that health care workers don't contract the virus. The reality is 94,000 healthcare workers have contracted COVID-19 from their patients, and over 700 have died trying to save the lives of people often too stupid to wear a mask.
  • Tulsa Oklahoma is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases, and health experts are pinning the blame on Trump's KKK rally.
  • Republican Danny McCormick keeps filming himself destroying masks and comparing mask-wearing to the Holocaust. The reality is, hospitals all over the South have reached capacity and this is when the death rate really starts to increase.
  • The TSA, led by Republican David Pekoske, is finally increasing their safety regulations to try and keep employees safe from COVID-19, but it took a whistleblowers risking their livelihood for it to happen, and the changes are extremely minimal, and should have been in place to begin with.
  • Florida law enforcement finally shut down the church selling bleach as a miracle COVID-19 cure.
  • After Summer Taylor was murdered when a white terrorist drove his car into a group of protesters, police officer Mike Brown mocked her death and black people by posting a graphic which read, "All lives splatter." So far, his only punishment is being put on paid vacation.
  • Trump is playing ignorant Christians for votes, and it keeps working.

A long, but very informative video debunking all the claims Conservatives make about systemic racism.

A white man went on a racist tirade screaming obscenities, racial slurs, and touting Trump as people were trying to celebrate a birthday, and it was all caught on film. The man was later identified as Tech bro Michael Lofthouse, CEO of Solid8. It wasn't until his identity was made public that he finally apologized, but, really, if a Trump-loving racist asshole apologizes only after learning his bottom line will be affected, it doesn't mean much.

80 MPH into a brick wall

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I've added pages for the video game genres, real-time strategy and real-time tactics.

  • Republicans keep saying that the COVID-19 is harmless to 99% of the people who get it. They're lying. As of yesterday, there have been 3,097,602 confirmed cases and 133,994 deaths. That comes out to a fatality rate in the USA of 4.3%! We don't keep track of the people who come close to dying or have severe reactions, but you can bet it accounts for a large number of the survivors. If we let COVID-19 go unchecked around the nation, we would see 14,180,000 deaths, and probably over 100,000,000 serious cases.
  • Republicans on the US Supreme Court have ruled that employers, not doctors, get to decide which medicine and medical services their employees have access to.
  • When she isn't misappropriating funds, Republican Betsy DeVos is trying to force all public and charter schools to open in a couple months, even in the most COVID-19 ravaged states. This will kill a lot of parents, children, and school faculty. She is doing this, not because she cares about education, she's made it extremely clear that she doesn't, but because she wants to make things look like they're back to normal to Trump will get more votes. She's trying to make the Republican party look like less of a failure, and she's risking children's lives to do it.
  • More news about how Republicans squandered the COVID-19 relief money, your tax dollars, on young-earth creationist churches, places that are spreading COVID-19 more than anything.
  • Why are more and more diseases jumping from animals to humans? Are we being punished by gods? No, we're being punished by our own ignorance.
  • Trump's tantrums cause good soldiers to retire.

Going back and arguing with your past self is quite healthy.

JK Rowling continues to hate on transgender people, and she has so much money at this point that not buying her books or films isn't going to injure her. But you should still acknowledge how awful she is.

The USA is going to crash and burn

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  • The USA is the global epicenter for COVID-19, and Florida is quickly becoming the center of that with a massive spike in the number of cases. But the incompetent Republicans in charge aren't just refusing to take proper precautions to decrease the numbers, now they're actively threatening the lives of the state's children by demanding that all schools reopen in a few months! Trump, due to his own failure is blaming the WHO even though they've successfully helped many other countries get the virus under control, so he's officially withdrawing the USA. And, when they're not putting children's lives at risk, Republicans are giving away $10,000,000,000 of your tax dollars to churches instead of businesses and people suffering from COVID-19.
  • Trump is a poor deplorable troll.
  • Republicans continue to use the pandemic as a reason to deport people, even people staying here legally.
  • Fox Republican Tucker Carlson says an Iraq War veteran who lost her legs in combat is a "deeply silly and unimpressive person" who "hates America."
  • The White House inadvertently admitted that the Ottoman Empire committed genocide against the Armenians, a move that isn't going to win them points with Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  • Brazilian dictator Jair Bolsonaro, who has been downplaying COVID-19 almost as much as Trump just claimed he has tested positive for it. Although, since he also lies like Trump, this may be a ruse. He might be claiming he is infected, but isn't, and then pretend he has extremely mild symptoms in order to convince his base that the disease isn't dangerous at all.

Fun science experiments you can do at home.

The strange topsy-turvy time line of Mega Man.

Commander and racist

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For the first time in forever, I bought a powerful computer, one capable of playing even newly released AAA virtual reality games. Naturally, I'll mostly use it to emulate 8-bit video games. As I transfer all my data from my old computer to my new one, I'm updating the games and software pages in my Wiki with instructions for how to transfer profiles, settings, and saved games. Also, since I'm now stuck with Windows 10, the worst version of Windows Microsoft has ever made, I'm updating the page for how to bypass its many shortcomings.

  • COVID-19 cases continue to break records in Florida and Texas and people are dying after contracting the virus at church-sponsored COVID-19 parties, Trump continues to golf and rage-post. Meanwhile, Republicans are turning public hygiene in such a politcal matter that the Anderson County Review, a Republican newspaper in Kansas is comparing mask-wearing to the Holocaust.
  • The cops who murdered an innocent unarmed black man, Elijah McClain, will not be charged with any crimes because, the District Attorney claims there isn't any evidence that the cops choking him for a prolonged period of time and forced drug injections were what killed him. Three other cops thought it would be funny to take a picture of themselves pretending to choke someone to death at Elijah McClain's memorial. The cops sent their photo to others in the area, including Jason Rosenblatt, the officer who helped murder McClain, and he responded back with "HaHa." Strangely, the cops in the photo making fun of the murder have been fired, but the cops who actually murdered someone will not be charged.
  • Another man used his car as a weapon and purposely crashed into a group of BLM protesters, murdering 24-year-old Summer Taylor and seriously injuring others. Despite the driver being sober and purposely driving around police barriers and the wrong way on a ramp, police can't seem to bring themselves to assign a motive to the driver, and are blaming pedestrians. Two Republican vandalized a Black Lives Matter painting which had a legal city permit, all the while claiming police brutality and racism are "leftist lies." Also, even though he was born in New York, Trump really seems to adore the Confederacy.
  • A bunch of American racist terrorist showed to at Gettysburg National Military Park with guns and racist flags in an attempt to stop an Antifa flag burning rally. Of course, there wasn't a rally, it was all an Internet hoax. But, even if it wasn't, it's perfectly legal to burn flags in the USA, despite what you might hear from Fox.
  • Remember when Fox edited Trump out of a photo with child-predator Jeffry Epstein?

Christian pastor Andrew Martin Cote murder a 71-year-old woman and her friend.

Christians want their bigotry protected in the name of freedom.

It's going down the tubes

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I've started a page for the TV show Futurama and the made a page for the free hex editor, HxD.

  • Republicans continue their anti-science crusade against COVID-19 and demand the complete reopening of the country. Republican Andy Biggs, of the Arizona Congress, said nobody should trust expert virologists, and lied that the virus is declining in his state when, in fact, Arizona has been seeing a steady increase for the past three months, with an especially big growth in the past few weeks. Mike Pence had to have his trip there delayed because the Secret Service agents who prepared for his visit became infected. Some Republican leaders, after watching their states break records with daily infections, are finally starting to reach for the low bar and require masks in some situations, like Texas Governor Republican Greg Abbott. His mask requirement isn't very comprehensive, as it only applies to places where COVID-19 breakouts have already occurred, and then, only when 20 or more people are grouped together. And they probably still won't actually enforce it. Republicans are still not requiring airline passengers to wear masks, and, with all the recycled air, traveling is especially risky. And outbreaks keep happening in food preparation plants, but there aren't laws in place to force the owners to disclose the nature of the outbreaks, so they're keeping them secret. Since Republicans never care about anything that doesn't directly affect them, hopefully, more will become infected, like former Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, who became infected at Trump's Tulsa rally.
  • Trump continues calling for the violent attack of journalists, and his SS cops are eager to comply.
  • Another Fox anchor has been fired for sexual assault. They are just a breeding ground for rapists.
  • Even with all eyes on them, police in America just can't seem to help themselves from brutally killing people. Two Oklahoma cops have been arrested after they killed a man by tasing him over 50 times!
  • Black Lives Matter is an important cultural uprising, but Theodore Rothrock, a priest from Indiana, calls them "wolves... masked thieves and bandits... maggots and parasites. at best," just as Jesus would.

We're screwed

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I've added a page for the company Keypunch Software, and another one of their titles, Convoy.

  • With the amount of ignorant people blindly following Trump's lie that COVID-19 is a hoax and people shouldn't wear masks, because he's a ignorant moron, because all the scientific tests show they work, we're soon going to hit 100,000 new cases a day! You know how bad it is when racist white germophiles in Texas hijack the Black Lives Matter protest because they really want to get drunk. Dr. Anne Schuchat at the CDC is speaking candidly: we're screwed. Now that COVID-19 has spread all over the country, we couldn't contain it now even if we tried. Republicans squandered the initial months and refused to implement nation-wide testing or tracing, they refused to make factories for masks and ventilators, and, as hospitals in most major cities are reaching capacity, corpses are going to pile up at an exponential rate. And, as states go back to being in lockdown, landlords are going to start evicting more and more people, and Republicans in Congress are removing safety nets.
  • Trump denies hearing about the Russian bounty on US soldiers, until just now, but more and more people are saying that they told him about it several times, even all the way back in 2019! Yet, he's still best buddies with Putin.
  • A new poll shows that the vast majority of white American Evangelical Christians still support Trump. They're straight up evil.

American police just can't seem to stop murdering unarmed black people. Even country singers are changing their problematic names to address racism and police brutality.

Jordan Peterson is really fond of Hitler, too bad almost everything he says about him is wrong.

Why does the USA have so many Filipino nurses? Because of our racist past.

We're gonna need a lot of time to heal these wounds

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Last night, I beat the casual puzzle game, Kids.

  • Trump claimed that US military intelligence never told him anything about Russia placing a bounty on American soldiers, but other NATO officials say they were all informed about it, and sources in the White House say Trump was told about it back in February. Trump lied to protect Russia even though Russia is paying people to murder American soldiers.
  • Because so Americans, spurred on by ignorant Republicans, can't be bothered to take simple basic steps to protect themselves from COVID-19, the European Union is most likely going to ban Americans from traveling abroad. And who can blame them? My home state of Michigan, took stricter precautions thanks to our Democratic Governor, but now two weeks after restaurant restrictions have been lifted, cases are starting to rise again.
  • After Colorado police murdered another unarmed innocent black man, a peaceful vigil was put on with violin players to honor the memory of Elijah McClain. So, naturally, police showed up in riot gear and violently attacked the vigil. Meanwhile, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one police officer lied that she was being attacked by protesters, so the police shot semi-lethal rounds into peaceful protesters, maiming one woman.
  • More evidence that white supremacists are the real terrorists. And speaking of white supremacists, Trump deleted his post where he promoted a man shouting "white power," but he hasn't apologized for it.
  • The new deputy White House liaison at the US Agency for International Development is Republican Merritt Corrigan. Corrigan is best known for being extremely homophobic, and that other Republicans who don't hate the LGBT have an "allegiance to Satan." She also believes in the superiority of Christian patriarchy, so shouldn't she give her job over to a man?
  • The Republican majority on the US Supreme Court ruled that states can't deny taxpayer money to private religious schools, even though giving them taxpayer money is a violation of the first amendment.

JK Rowling is slowly becoming less known for her writing about childhood wizards and more known about her hate speech against trans women.

Why do beat 'em up characters always eat meat out of trash cans?

Republicans are bringing about the collapse of the nation... as usual

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Yesterday, beat the game Tiny Dangerous Dungeons.

  • Police in Colorado murdered another unarmed black man. Elijah McClain, only 23-years-old, begged to be set free so that he could go home, but police choked him, crushing both his carotid arteries causing a loss of blood flow to the brain. Even though the man was completely restrained on the ground and hand-cuffed, paramedics injected him with ketamine, a strong anesthesia which stopped the poor man's heart. Hospital staff were able to resuscitate him, but he suffered serious brain damage and died a few days later. The police said, choking a man out and pumping a restrained person full of anesthetics is part of their protocol. In order to protect the police, the local coroner rules that the cause of death was "undetermined." Meanwhile, in Detroit, Michigan, police rammed several Black Lives Matter protesters with their SUV.
  • COVID-19 has now surpassed a half-million deaths world wide, none more than in the USA which has as much as the next four deadliest countries combined! The states with the worst increase in cases are mostly Republican and all non-compliant: Florida, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, and Nevada. Since the Republicans who are in charge have completely failed, they're trying to blame the massive surge on themselves. They're blaming testing and young people, but refuse to suggest it might be Trump golfing amid a global pandemic. And, now that a drug has been discovered that actually helps treat the virus (not the one Trump backed), the manufacturer has set the price at $3,120 for a prescription.
  • Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, posted a video online praising a man who shouted out the phrase, "white power!"
  • Another American terrorist with an assault rifle opened fire on a peaceful protest murdering at least one person. The protesters were demanding justice for the violent police officers who murdered Breonna Taylor while she slept in her own bed.
  • An anonymous EU intelligence officer just told the New York Times that US military intelligence has known for months that Russia has been offering a cash reward to those Taliban troops in Afghanistan who successfully kill a US or UK soldier. Trump responded by saying nobody told him about it, so he's denying that it's happening, and refuses to denounce his boss Putin.

Mississippi has finally agreed that their state flag, which is based on the Confederate flag, is too racist, so they're going to replace it with one that it bigoted in favor of Christians.

If you're wondering where your tithes go when you give money to a church, they pay for protecting child rapists. And, it's not always institutionalized child rape, Christians also rape children individually, and, when they aren't raping, they're infecting children with COVID-19.

PragerU thinks anything good that happened in history is because of Republican Jesus.

How are religious people able to become so wise?

Trump should be in chains

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I've created a page for the Eve 6 song, Rescue.

  • Trump has claimed COVID-19 was under control, claimed it would be gone by Easter, claimed the warm weather would make it disappear, said a random drug would cure it, etc. Everything he has said about COVID-19 has been wrong, so, now when he says "It's going away," even his own task force doesn't believe him, but Republicans are still canceling research on the disease. The reality is, US testing is so bad, scientists estimate that the country probably has about ten times more cases then we're reporting, and many Southern States are setting new records and having to shut down again, pushing the nation's total cases to the highest its ever been. So, naturally, Trump responds by trying to take away the health care of around 23,000,000 poor people.
  • The Republican-led Treasury department sent stimulus checks worth over $1,400,000,000 to dead people. Good work boys.
  • Black Lives Matter, but especially the ones who are most at risk, black trans lives. Meanwhile, Trump is a racist.
  • Republicans have repeatedly said that the Obama administration didn't have any ventilators available at the end of their term. However, a report published after a Republican investigation shows that the Obama administration actually left them 16,600 ventilators.
  • Republican Robert Regan is so racist his own daughter is begging people not to vote for him. And, in order to prove he isn't racist, Regan said that white privileged doesn't exist, and neither does systemic racism, except in abortion clinics who he believes prey on black women. Regan said, on the political scale he's as Right wing as is possible, and his daughter is a zero. Also, in typical Republican fashion, Regan denies the science of climate change, says the USA should make English the official legal language, and should cut back on immigration (Regan is not a Native American).
  • Republican Sheriff Robert Snaza is using his position of authority to actively call for his supporters to violate Washington law and refuse to wear masks to protect the public from COVID-19. Without a shred of irony in his voice, he told a group of Christians to not be sheep!
  • Having police look like soldiers is not good for America.

PragerU's propaganda videos don't even try to provide evidence for their ridiculous claims.

Catholics are suing a Delaware city for refusing to violate the US Constitution.

Another typeface everyone knows, Cooper Black.

Trump belongs in prison

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Yesterday, I beat the remake escape game, Samsara Room. I've also made a graphic which showcases the hypocrisy of Americans complaining about the destruction of monuments to horrible people.

  • Because some people would rather sacrifice their lungs than wear a mask, COVID-19 is now surging even more than it was in April, with over 45,500 cases a day! And, in places where people actually want to protect themselves from COVID-19, like prisons, they're not being allowed to.
  • Trump's KKK rally was a dismal failure, but it did succeed in one way, it caused much of the Secret Service to have to self-quarantine because because they were subjected to COVID-19.
  • "The president was kidding," has been the rallying cry for his apologists, and Trump just undermined them all by saying he doesn't kid.
  • Remember when Michael Flynn admitted he was guilty of various crimes pertaining to Trump and Russia? Well, like Trump's other criminal comrades, he's walking free. It's nearly impossible to put a rich white man in prison in this country.
  • Republican Guy Phillips, a white man, is using the words of George Floyd before he was murdered by police, "I can't breathe," in order to protest wearing masks.
  • Republican Devin Nunes is such a snowflake that he tried to sue Twitter because someone on Twitter was making fun of him.
  • Republican Paul Petersen, a Mormon who spent his "mission" in the Marshall Islands, began using the Marshall Islands to run a child trafficking adoption ring. He would bring expectant mothers from the Marshall Islands, and charged people wanting their children around $35,000. He paid for the deliveries of the children by stealing money from Medicaid. He did this to over 40 infants. Thankfully, he was arrested and found guilty, but authorities say they will not investigate any of parents who adopted children illegally through Petersen!

If your only education about genetics is from grade school, then probably most of what you know about genetics is wrong.

Three North Carolina police officers, Michael "Kevin" Piner, James "Brian" Gilmore, and Jessie E. Moore II, were fired after it was discovered that they were recorded talking about murdering as many black people as they could.

PragerU has a video honoring a man who was just fine with the murder of a bunch of poor union protesters.

Three cops resign after the unarmed 27-year-old man they arrested mysteriously died of a heart attack. None of the officers were charged with a crime.

Trump is a crook

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I've added a page for the Keypunch shovelware, Swords and Sorcery.

  • Trump says he told the federal government to slow down testing, that was a lie. But, now that his lie exposed, he actually is slowing down testing. He's doing this even as COVID-19 is beginning to devastate the South and South West in record numbers.
  • It turns out, Republican William Barr, no doubt influenced by Trump, sought a lenient sentence for Trump's criminal friend, Republican Roger Stone. This is just more evidence that Republicans are seriously corrupt and routinely put their party before the country.
  • Republican incompetence caused the worst unemployment disaster the US has seen in nearly a century, so why not throw another log on the fire? Because Trump has shutdown all immigration, Republicans are expected to layoff another 13,400 government workers.
  • The Trump family is trying to censor yet another book critical of their decades of crime titled, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man.
  • Trump constantly complains about voter fraud (even though most voter fraud is done by Republican voters), and then goes right out and commits voter fraud himself.
  • Republican Betsy DeVos makes money off student who are in debt. This is a serious conflict of interest since she is in charge of the government institution that is supposed to regulate and help eliminate student debt programs. This conflict has been laid bare when a whistle blower showed the DeVos's department rejected a Student Aid Web site because it was too easy for students to apply for loan forgiveness.

Former Christian pastor, turned biblical scholar and professor at Oxford College, Jan Joosten, was arrested for possessing child pornography which he had been collecting for the past six years. Despite this fact, he will only have to spend a single year in prison.

Trump is an ignorant slob

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I've added a page for Windows 95.

  • Republicans sit idly by as Trump fires yet another government watchdog. They hate oversight because it prevents them from being corrupt.
  • Yet another American white supremacist takes part in a terrorist plot. Ethan Melzer fed US military secrets to a Nazi group in an attempt to start another race war, but Republicans still won't declare groups like the KKK or Nazis as terrorist organizations.
  • The Republican incompetence in the face of COVID-19 hasn't just killed over 100,000 people, it's also wasted thousands of tons of food.
  • US Navy Captain Brett Crozier raised alarms about a COVID-19 outbreak on his aircraft carrier. Like with the Republican party, his superiors didn't care, and were content with watching the crew die. Crozier did what any decent person would do, he alerted the media to the Navy's ruthless decision. Once it made headline that the Navy was refusing to take care of soldiers, at least some of them were taken off the carrier and given the medical attention they needed, but not until over 1,100 of the crew tested positive! Because he cared so much for the lives of his crew, the Navy stripped Crozier of his command post, and is now saying they won't give him back his command, and, because he didn't blindly obey orders, he will never be given command ever again. For many people, Navy sailors included, this just cements the fact that nobody should ever trust the US military. They will gladly sacrifice your life to protect a despot like Trump.

How awful was protest music during the W. Bush era?

The physics behind Sonic's loop-de-loop.

Another artistic masterpiece ruined by an incompetent restorer.

N95 masks don't protect from viruses because they're a good filter, they actually take advantage of an important law of physics.

Religious people have a very strange set of beliefs when it comes to medicine.

Random racist Republicans

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The complete commentary that I participated in is now online for Nights Into Dreams.

I've added a page for the Bonk series of video games.

  • Trump's blame train is non-stop to Tulsa! After first violating the first amendment rights of everyone trying to peacefully protest, Trump arrived at his klan rally and took the stage to a stadium with a mere 6,200 morons. He then blamed everyone and everything. He even admitted he asked health officials to slow down testing of COVID-19 thinking, incorrectly, that if we just stopped testing people, the virus would magically go away!
  • Republicans tried their damnedest to censor the publication of John Bolton's expose, but it's being shipped, and it's full of evidence that Trump did indeed commit multiple quid pro quos.
  • Trump once again fired a man who was supposed to make sure he wasn't breaking the law. Trump ordered William Barr to fire Geoffrey Berman without cause, and Barr did as he was told. Trump is now lying that he had nothing to do with it. I guess Republican Barr just fires people for no reason all the time.
  • Republicans are not happy that the US Supreme Court is being all humanitarian.
  • There are even Republicans who don't like the idea of police having qualified immunity.
  • Tucker Carlson's non-stop racist tirade.

Despite the Southern USA refusing to even try to slow COVID-19, much of the world's reaction to the virus has been pretty good, and they've saved millions of human lives.

Bubba Wallace, the only black NASCAR racer, and the one responsible for organization banning Confederate flags, is now being terrorized by the organization's racist patrons.

As facial recognition software becomes more advanced, the police state becomes more powerful.

Many cops are not only racist, but belong to online racist hate groups. To see just how racist they are, look at Florida police who were caught using photographs of black men as targets in their firing range. One of the targets shot multiple times in the face was the brother of Army Sgt. Valerie Deant, who saw a photo of her brother taken when he was only 18-years-old! The family is outraged, but the chief of police, J. Scott Dennis, said using human faces as targets in their shooting range is completely in-line with their current police policies. The fact that the faces were all black men didn't seem to bother him at all. Also, despite the new law, the NYPD are still choking black men.

Answering questions about Junteenth.

Never forget Juneteenth

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Today is Junteenth.

I've added a page for the NES Power Pad.

  • Senator Kamala Harris explains why Trump's executive order isn't very helpful, the importance of protesting, and the work she's doing to help get Trump out of the White House.
  • All through the South people have not been taking COVID-19 seriously, because Trump told them not to, and now the virus is starting to rage out of control.
  • Why was a Trump ad using an upside-down red triangle, a symbol used by the Nazis to denote Jewish prisoners? Nobody seems to know, but the ad was pulled from Facebook because it was seen as hate speech.
  • A TSA official admits the organization purposely withheld masks from their workers knowing full-well that they would become infected and spread COVID-19.
  • Despite Republicans trying to stand in the way, monuments of racist men are being torn down.
  • Republicans continue to make voting impossible for as many people of color as possible.
  • One of the few non-white people left in the White House has resigned. Mary Elizabeth Taylor, a black woman, just can't in good conscious work for a man as racist a Trump.
  • Republicans have been trying to prevent its publication, but John Bolton's book which describes Trump asking multiple foreign leaders to help him win re-election is still finding its way into the public.
  • Trump posts another manipulated video, and this time Twitter flags it as such.
  • Phoenix City Mayor Chris Luz has been accused of purposely driving his car into protesters and hitting a woman.
  • Turns out the belligerent white man who went looking for a fight at a Black Lives Matters protest and got his ass beat and was saved by a black man, is a former cop. Racist police officers isn't just an American problem.

Police get away with murder all the time. Indiana police officer Daniel Organ shot a man in face while he was trying to fix his daughter's car. Officer Organ claimed that the saw that the man had a holstered gun and believed he might shoot him with even though the man never unholstered his gun or did anything to suggest he was violent. The cop will not face charges because the investigation concluded that he was sufficiently scared to murder someone.

Looking at the universe in the X-ray spectrum.

Using a single white 30-year-old male as the "generic" human is not good for humanity.

Trump is anal seepage

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I've added a page for the David Bowie album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

  • Trump's former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, reveals that Trump asked China's president Xi Jinping to help him win re-election, gave China the go-ahead to build internment camps for a religious minority, and admits that Trump did indeed withheld aide from Ukraine and demanded a quid pro quo of them fabricating dirt on the Bidens and Clintons. He also describes Trump as "erratic" and "stunningly uninformed." Yeah, no kidding? As expected, Republican William Barr is trying to block the book's publication and censor as much as possible, but the book has already been sent out to reviewers.
  • Racists bringing guns to peaceful protests and shooting people are not "civilian militias," they're terrorists.
  • Trump is taking credit for people being aware of the emancipation of slavery in the USA.
  • Check a map of the South and watch it lighting up like a Christmas tree with new COVID cases. We're still a long way from getting back to normal, and, until people realize this, there are going to be a lot more body bags.
  • Because he never stops being two-faced, Trump signs a minor police reform bill while at the same time applauding violent police.
  • Conservative Sheriff Mark Lamb who refused to do his job of enforcing the Arizona state lock down order because he didn't feel like it was necessary. Apparently, Sheriff Lamb fancied himself an epidemiologist, but, not a very good one, because he's now infected with COVID-19. Why would someone who doesn't believe in deadly viruses even get tested? Because he was going to be meeting with Trump who was going to congratulate his lawlessness. Damn, we were so close!
  • Bernie Sanders talks about holding police accountable for their actions and the importance of defeating a fascist like Trump.
  • Republicans are still doing everything in their power to steal elections.
  • Why do all the self-professed "law experts" on Fox have criminal records?
  • Because anti-science Republicans were stupid and invested in a drug before there was any concrete evidence that it worked, they're now stuck with 63,000,000 doses of a drug that has been proven incapable of treating COVID-19. Your tax dollars at work.
  • Republicans finally got their unqualified pick to head the Agency for Global Media and Michael Pack wasted no time firing most of the upper staff and replacing them with his equally unqualified goons. They are now working to turn the department into another propaganda machine for Republicans.

Another Christian preacher was caught raping children.

What would you say to your religious younger self?

Racist white people have been calling 911 on black people for years. If only there were a way to fix this problem.

Trump is anal leakage

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I've added a page for the video game genre, graphic adventure, and the media genre adventure.

  • Trump is still doing damage control for trying to hijack Juneteenth day with his Klan political rally.
  • Juan de Oñate was a Spaniard who went to what is now Albuquerque, New Mexico, and pissed off the natives. They attacked him, so he ordered the murder of around 900 natives, enslaved the survivors, and chopped off the feet of males to keep them weak. He was a monster. White people erected a statue in his honor in the city, and, recently, people congregated around the statue in protest. White men with guns also showed in an attempt to instigate violence, and one of the racist vigilantes, Steven Ray Baca, ended up shooting an unarmed protester multiple times in the chest. The protester is in fighting for his life, and Baca is in jail.
  • Air Force Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo fired his rifle at federal security guards, murdering one and critically injuring the other. This wasn't the first time he murdered law enforcement agents. Why? Because he's a "boogaloo boy" a group of white supremacist and anarchist terrorists who are trying to trigger a civil war in the USA.
  • Because the South refused to quarantine effectively they're now seeing record numbers of COVID-19 in several states including Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma (just before a Trump rally no less), South Carolina, and Texas. One group of friends in Florida celebrated a birthday in a bar and all 16 contracted COVID-19!
  • Trump's bone spurs are acting up again.
  • Republicans are making it harder for the International Criminal Court to investigate Americans who have been accused of committing war crimes.
  • The Republican-controlled Senate voted to dismiss the crime of insider trading against Republican Kelly Loeffler whose family sold close to $20,000,000 in stock just before the pandemic hit the USA. She is a criminal, and the Republicans who protected her are also criminals.
  • Why do Republicans treat antifa (with no formal organization) as a terrorist group, but they won't treat the KKK as a terrorist group?
  • I'm thrilled that the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of LGBT protections, but don't you dare applaud Gorsuch. All he did was agree that LGBT people deserve basic human rights. He's no hero, he's just a little bit less worse than we thought.

While trying to explain to a black man how white people understand slavery, Christian pastor Louie Giglio said, "we say [slavery] was bad. But we miss the blessing of slavery, that it actually built up the framework for the world that white people live in." Oh yeah, he clearly understands slavery.

I think I missed this in 2018, but some cops were found to be purposely carrying around toy guns so they could plant them on people who they shot to death as an alibi.

Have you been looking for an online Apple I emulator? Of course you have!

Trump is steaming Santorum

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Also over the weekend I beat the game, The Legend of Kyrandia: Book One. I also made a graphic to mock Fox for reporting a Monty Python sketch as fact.

  • In an effort to prove he's not racist, Trump goes on and on defending US traitors, the Confederate States of America.
  • While the US was busy wasting money testing a drug touted by an incompetent orange buffoon who doesn't understand the most basic aspects of human physiology, only to have it proven ineffective and dangerous, the UK found a drug that actually works.
  • Pro-life Republicans are going to resume executions after a pro-choice Democrats refused to kill people.
  • How might we go about stopping murdering police officers? We need to take down their corrupt racist unions.
  • An independent investigative panel concluded that the Nation Oceanic Atmospheric Administration violated their own rules of scientific integrity and ethics when they lied to protect Trump's BS claims about hurricane Dorian. However, since the people at the NOAA who lied are Republicans in a Republican-controlled administration, absolutely nothing will be done about it.
  • A lot of people celebrated Donald Trump's birthday by talking about what a great president Barack Obama was.
  • Racist UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not believe people should peacefully protest to show support for black lives.

Six important eBay executives, one a former police captain, sent threatening packages including funeral wreaths, live insects, and fake bloody severed pig heads to bloggers who wrote articles critical of eBay! All six were fired and are now being charged with cyber-stalking.

How reasoning rather than superstition helped discover the source of cholera and educate us about the spread of disease.

Batman can't social distance.

Trump is steaming feces

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Over the weekend I beat the game, A Normal Lost Phone which was both enjoyable and eye-opening. I also created pages for CGP Grey and Lindsay Ellis.

  • Even as every major city in the country is protesting against the police murder of yet another unarmed black man, police murder yet another unarmed black man. This is all expected because American police kill civilians both at a much higher rate and number than any other wealthy nation. They also don't seem to have a problem with pepper-spraying children.
  • Fox was with multiple cases of dishonest reporting in the past couple days. The first problem was they took a photo of the Minnesota riot and labeled it as being Seattle. You might assume this was simply a mistake. Ever since Fox fired their entire fact-checking staff they've made all sorts of mistakes like this. However, when they posted an image of Free Cap Hill, it was clear that the Fox was purposely lying to defame Seattle, because they were caught photo-shopping gunmen into photos! And, when they aren't lying to make black people look bad, they're falling prey to Monty Python quotes!
  • The number of people who have died from COVID-19 in Brazil has skyrocketed and it's only going to get worse. It's important to remember that the Conservative leader, Jair Bolsonaro, took all the same steps as Trump, from refusing to setup testing, to claiming the virus was no big deal. Hopefully, the US will see their catastrophic failure as a wake up call. Unfortunately, cases are beginning to dramatically rise in the South and West Coast, and Republicans are refusing to acknowledge it.
  • Republicans continue their assault on transgender rights even as they're being murdered.
  • Rebekah Jones is the scientist who was fired by Florida Republicans because she refused to manipulate the data of COVID-19 to make it look like the state was having fewer cases than they actually were. She's just launched her own site to track the virus.
  • Republican Gary Eisen posted a ammunition along with a post saying that as a Conservative, he is preparing to have to shoot law-breaking liberals.
  • Though he lacks qualifications, Republican Louis DeJoy paid Trump a lot of money, so he gets to be the new US Postmaster General. He is expected to take one of the few remaining successful government organizations and do what all previous Republicans have done, run it into the ground.
  • Despite Evangelicals claiming Trump is a wonderful Christian, he fires Christians for refusing to work on the Sabbath as the bible commands.

The complete anti-science ignorance of religious people, be they Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, is ensuring that COVID-19 will stick around for a very long time. However, if you want to learn about the virus from an actual geneticist, watch this.

The 8-bit Guy reviews the ill-fated Timex Sinclair 2068.

Science shows how you can safely dip your hand in boiling cooking oil.

Trump is hot garbage

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I've added a page for Rilo Kiley bassist, Pierre de Reeder.

  • Joe Biden was on The Daily Show talking about the importance of stopping Trump from ruining the country and rebuilding once he's out of office.
  • As if the non-stop police brutality isn't enough, The Republican-controlled military is issuing live ammunition and bayonets in Washington D.C. I'm surprised Trump was man enough to step out of his bunker, but he needs to go back into hiding. The reality is, we need to take away the bulk of police funding and give it to people who can actually help.
  • Republicans are forcing anyone who wants to attend their rallies to sign a waiver saying they won't sue when they get COVID-19, but they also still believe it's a hoax.
  • A bot that simply re-posted everything Trump posted on Twitter onto Facebook was flagged for inciting violence. This shows two very important things. First, yes, Trump is inciting violence, and, Two, social media companies do not treat their users fairly.
  • Republican Micah Clark says that racism is a hoax because interracial marriage is on the raise. Apparently, the fact that interracial marriage was still a crime in his lifetime doesn't matter.
  • Georgia Republicans successfully blocked most of their black population from being able to vote, but they may have gone too far, because they've also prevented a lot of white people from voting, and that is causing a real stir.
  • Ohio Republicans are trying to pass a law which would make it a crime for teachers to mark a wrong answer of a test if the student says the wrong answer is part of their religion.
  • Customs and Border Patrol was given $112,000,000 of taxpayer money to buy emergency food and medicine for all the refugees they've imprisoned, but, instead, they bought themselves dirt bikes, boats, and ATV.
  • OANN, the media outlet Trump has turned to because FOX wasn't quite racist, promised to publish a proper poll which would show Trump winning. They published the poll saying it was pro-Trump, but, after people who actually know how to read polling data pointed out why they were wrong, they retracted their own poll and the message saying they were going to publish it!
  • The South Carolina newspaper, Seneca Journal, has issued an apology for publishing a racist cartoon which suggested that all black people are Democrats who are afraid to become Republicans.
  • All over American, monuments erected to honor racist traitors are being torn down. This is a good thing.
  • NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli, who was planning to retire anyway because he's never won a single race, is now pretending he's going to quit because NASCAR won't let him wave a racist flag. Because of this, he's seeing non-stop mockery even from NASCAR fans!
  • Most Michiganders support Gretchen Whitmer's stay-at-home order, but some vocal crybabies wanted her removed from office because of it. The reality is, by sticking to her guns, she saved the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Why are gods so terrible at getting their message across?

Trump is a trashy bigot

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I've added a list of video game genres, which I'll expand further as time goes on.

  • The USA has just passed over 2,000,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 115,000 deaths. Now that most states have lifted all restrictions, a lot of people are talking about a second wave, but, the reality is, most of the USA still hasn't even handled the first wave, they just decided that they no longer care about the most vulnerable people dying.
  • As the nation protests violent abusive cops murdering unarmed black people, footage of another black man who was murdered by police surfaces. As Derrick Scott lie dying on the ground, complaining that he can't breathe, one officer says, "I don't care!"
  • Michigan Governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has created a state holiday for the US abolition of slavery, June 19th. And, just to prove how oblivious he is, Trump has chosen that day to start his Klan rallies.
  • Trump is once again trying to violate the first amendment, this time by demanding journalists retract and apologize for reporting the fact that Biden is ahead in the polls by a substantial margin.
  • Police racism has become so bad that even NASCAR is now banning the Confederate flag!
  • Trump believes that a 75-year-old man is secretly an antifa agent. Seems legit.
  • Republican Steve Huffman said that "colored" people have been so hard hit by COVID-19 because don't wash their hands as well as white people.
  • Why is it so hard to get unemployment in Republican states? Because Republicans have purposely made it hard to get unemployment.

Trump is a trashy racist

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I've added a page for the Alice Cooper album, Hey Stoopid and the video game developer Tose.

  • COVID-19 is nearing a half-million official deaths globally (although the real number is a lot higher). But who could have predicted there would be a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases after several states blindly reopened without taking any precautions? Oh, right, every medical professional in the world.
  • Police continue to prove why they need to be defunded. Their legacy is a never-ending series of assaults on black people. This has been going on for centuries, but it's just now that they're being filmed doing it.
  • Trump says he made the economy better, but he's lying. Rich people are getting richer under Trump, but the nation has become even more massively in debt. Let's hope he stays in his bunker.
  • Because North Carolina is still practicing social distancing, Republicans are moving their convention to Florida where they have been promised they can pack in as many people as possible. This is wonderful! A whole bunch of old racist white people sharing air during a pandemic? Yes please!
  • Because Republicans refused to take precautions for voting during a pandemic, because Republicans don't want certain people to vote, Georgia's recent election was a massive train wreck.
  • Police officer Christopher Smelser actually told a man he was going to "choke him out!" just before he choked the man to death.
  • Tennessee Republicans are trying to make a law that would force public schools to interrupt every child's daily learning process with a daily hour of church. Because, to them, it's not enough to go to church all day Sunday, all day Saturday, and every evening, you also have to go to go to church during the afternoon every weekday as well!

Does swearing help?

The photo that proved Einstein right.

Trump is bigoted trash

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I've added a page for the Rilo Kiley song, 85.

Trump is bigoted garbage

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I've made a page for the King's Quest trivia game, King's Questions and created a higher resolution version of a hilarious dialect map for the word "hamburgers" which you'll only get if you're a fan of The Simpsons.

Extreme protests may not be popular, but they seem to work.

While Jordan Peterson's drug addiction exposed his beliefs about personal responsibility to be a sham, it's important to remember, even before he was exposed as a failure, his beliefs were still pretty shitty.

Trump is racist garbage

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Last night, I beat the game Mystery House.

  • Trump is finally building a border wall around himself to keep him away from decent people. Hopefully, we can keep him in lock down until he can be voted out of office.
  • Police keep responding to protests of police brutality with a lot more police brutality. And now cops are pissed off that they have to wear body cameras before breaking into a person's home and murdering them. They really want to go back to the good old days when they could terrorize black people in secret.
  • A bunch of armed white terrorists stood around the streets of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho after falling for an online hoax that a bunch of antifa protesters were going to swarm their small town.
  • We need more leaders like Keisha Lance Bottoms.

How the pirate trade worked from the perspective of the quartermaster.

Here are several priceless artifacts of art and culture that have been lost forever.

Why are religious people so bad at converting atheists? Because they never bother to try to understand atheism.

Trump is racist trash

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I wrote an article about a common religious apologist argument claiming DNA proves god.

  • All over the country, cops who heard Trump repeatedly call the press the "enemy of the people" are now purposely shooting journalists causing the USA to be added to the list of the most dangerous nations for journalists. Meanwhile, Trump is hoping to call in the US military to make things even more deadly. Police in North Carolina are even destroying medical stations placed to help protesters who have been injured or maimed by violent cops. Thankfully, here in Michigan, protests are mostly non-violent, and Governor Whitmer is demanding reform to end police brutality.
  • Former Defense Secretary James Mattis and current Defense Secretary Mark Esper both denounce Trump's request to sick the US military on black protesters, but Republican William Barr, after personally ordering a police attack on peaceful protesters so Trump could have a photo-op, is eager to send federal firepower to wipe out the non-violent D.C. protesters.
  • Another trial of hydroxychloroquine's affect on COVID-19 has concluded showing it does not prevent or treat the disease. This means, Trump lying about taking it, and urging others to take it, most likely caused severe pain and suffering, and potentially death to anyone stupid enough to believe to him.
  • Republicans continue to make life hell for same-sex couples.
  • Trump described people using out of state addresses and similar mistakes on their voter applications as voter fraud, so, by his own definition, Trump committed voted fraud.
  • It's important to note that Wendy's the fast food corporation did not donate to Trump, but one of their major franchise owners did. However, Wendy's does donate to political groups, and the bulk of that money does go to Republican candidates.

A young Christian woman wrote a profanity-laden pro-Trump post about why she's doesn't care about police murdering people who break a law. The Christian college she was planning on attending in the fall got wind of it, and said they would no longer accept her as they don't want a racist to create problems for their students! But not all Christian schools care as much about their students, like Cedarville University in Ohio which hired a sexual predator who got caught filming people in their showers, no charges were pressed, and told another student she was for going to the emergency room after contemplating suicide.

Churches are still breeding grounds for COVID-19.

Trump is a racist piece of shit

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I've added a page for the 1986 basketball game, Double Dribble.

A black woman shares her all too common experience with the police.

Christians who support Trump have surrendered any remaining vestiges of morality.

Trump is a racist rectum

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I took part in adding commentary to the game, Nights Into Dreams for the Community Joystick. This is the first episode; more to come.

I've added a page for Leisure Suit Larry's Casino and the Crazy Nick's Software Picks series.

  • Trump ordered riot police to attack peaceful protesters with tear gas, mace, and batons so he could have someone take his picture holding a book he's never read. While at the church, he didn't even pray. Beating up peaceful protesters is, unfortunately, typical behavior for the police. Now, he wants to deploy the US military to murder American citizens for exercising their Constitutional right to protest.
  • Republican Matt Gaetz, following in Trump's violent footsteps, was tagged by Twitter for inciting violence with a post where he asks if US law enforcement can murder anti-fascists. Someone needs to explain to Republicans that the only people who aren't anti-fascist are the actual fascists.
  • In the USA the Supreme Court ruled, twice, that flag burning is a protected form of free speech. In fact, the very idea the a government criminalizing a citizens right to burn their own property should disgust anyone who desires a free state. So, naturally, Trump wants it banned.
  • Republicans keep trying to prevent voting, but, in order to keep our democracy, we need to have voting by mail instituted before the next election.

John Lennon's song Imagine is quite enjoyable, and when conservative crybabies try to trash it, they just end up making it look even better.

Why is it humans, cats, and camels get COVID-19, but not chickens?

Trump is a racist anus

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Over the weekend I beat Robin Hood's Games of Skill and Chance and Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game Pack both on expert difficulty.

  • Trump is cowering in a bunker after pissing off protesters outside the White House who were demanding justice for George Floyd who was murdered by cops. As expected, Trump sided with the murdering cop and mocked them and said he would shoot them and sick vicious dogs on them which, shockingly, didn't quell the unrest. Trump is also trying to get anti-fascism labeled as a terrorist organization. Similar protests are going on all over the nation, and even in other countries as decent people demand racist police stop murdering unarmed black men. Unfortunately, white men have been spotted inciting riots, and police are being as barbaric as ever, shooting into crowds with potentially deadly tactics including rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash bang grenades, and even the very same knee-crushing maneuver that ignited this mess. And, they appear to be focusing on reporters especially.
  • Oh yes, and we're still in the middle of a pandemic! Republicans are still trying to force people back to work because they'd rather watch Americans die than go another day without a haircut. And, since they can't seem to give money to the people who need it or even test sick people even though dozens of other countries have got it right, the virus will continue to wreck havoc. Most Americans are pragmatic and still want the threat of the virus greatly reduced before they're willing to return to work, and my state, Michigan, has an intelligent and brave woman leading us, so we are remaining safe much longer than the rest of the nation. My wife was seeing progress in her hospital after they shut down one of the COVID-19 units, but, after party-goers broke quarantine for Memorial Day, a rash of new cases forced them to reopen it. Don't kid yourselves, the USA is still seeing over 1,000 people die from the disease every day!
  • After the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, who frequently works directly with the very same Minnesota police officers who killed George Floyd said there was no evidence the cop crushing his neck for eight minutes straight caused him to die, the family asked for an independent autopsy who described his cause of death as, "asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain," so, yeah, the cop killed him.
  • Although Trump refuses to take any responsibility in his failure to stop COVID-19, he's more than willing to steal the credit for the private space program that he had nothing to do with.

CGP Grey explains why naval pirating worked.

Although conservatives would have you believe that liberal cities are horrible, they're actually quite wonderful to live in, and it's actually the conservative areas that eat up the most welfare.

Priests in Guam has a long history of raping children, but at least the guilty priests are no longer on the Vatican's payroll, right?

Trump is a racist

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I beat both of the games in Laura Bow's Parlor Games and King Graham's Board Game Challenge on expert difficulty.

  • Because Twitter included a link to fact check one of Trump's obvious lies, Trump signed an executive order to allow the US government to decide which political statements can be posted online. I'm surprised it took this long for Trump to do that considering how many times he's been caught dressing in a mare costume so horse studs would have sex with him. Hypocrite billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, whose social media platform censors its users constantly, went on the record saying that politicians who post very clear lies, no matter how dangerous and inflammatory those lies may be, should never be censored or even fact-checked.
  • As part of his Twitter tantrums, Trump suggested murdering all Democrats and encouraged police to shoot protesters, which also caused Twitter to flag his post as inciting violence, since they, well, incite violence.
  • Republican Russ Diamond tested positive for COVID-19, but continued to go to work, didn't tell his Democrat colleagues, and still refused to wear a mask! I can only assume he was purposely trying to infect Democrats.
  • Republican Kevin Hassett described people returning to work as "human capital stock" probably because he sees American workers as sheep being led to the slaughter.
  • Protesters have burned down the police department in Minneapolis, Minnesota as retaliation for police murdering yet another unarmed black man. The police apparently haven't learned a thing, because they also arrested a black reporter and his crew while reporting live. Additional protests are erupting in other cities around the country.
  • I missed this headline last month, but it's so horrifying it needs to be linked to. Republican Kelli Ward suggested that everyone protesting lock down orders should pretend to be nurses to make it look like health care professionals aren't afraid of COVID-19. What an absolute monster! I have a wife, sister, mother, and aunt who all work in health care, and they're all terrified about the virus!
  • Republican Brenden Dilley states the Republican mission statement very clearly: lie. Don't care about being factual, what you say doesn't have to be true, it just has to go viral.

Why does it take so long to make a COVID-19 vaccine? Not just because it's hard to make, but also because we need to know if it's going to be safe and effective.

The difference between spreading a virus inside versus outside.

Did you ever wonder what the deal was with the sustain pedal on a piano? Here's a comparison between songs with and without it.

Jerry Fawell, Jr., being quite racist, posted a face mask with a picture of a KKK member and a person in black face. One of his black employees didn't find it very funny and resigned.

Roman Catholic diocese of St. Cloud in Minnesota just couldn't stop protecting child rapists from raping over 70 children, so they've been fined $22,500,000, which will bankrupt them. It's nice to see them finally punished, but it will never undo all the damage they caused to so many people.

Trump is a rat's anus

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I beat the game, Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

  • Over 100,000 dead, the Trump's celebrate the DOW. 40,000,000 unemployed, the Trumps try to shut down all social media for suggesting that their lies might not be true.
  • I've seen plenty of Republican attack ads talking about how their opponents love China. Of course, Trump is the one who couldn't stop praising them. Of course, praise is one thing, what Republican Mike Pompeo did is severely damaging. He said the USA will no longer view Hong Kong as an autonomous entity, which means the people living there will now be considered part of China!
  • Republican Betsy DeVos is stealing the money that was supposed to go to protect public schools from COVID-19, and giving it to corporations.
  • Conservative county clerk Susan T. Ertmer of Wisconsin told an engaged couple they weren't allowed to get married until they lied on a federal document claiming they believed in a god. It didn't matter which god, the lie could be about any god, but they had to lie if they wanted to get married. Thankfully, CFI (of which I'm a member) is on the case.

How can you combat depression? Go new places and do new things! Great, but what if you're stuck in quarantine?

When redneck terrorists armed with assault rifles stormed the Michigan Capitol, police did nothing. When unarmed black people protested the police choking an unarmed black man to death, police attack the protesters.

A look back on how COVID-19 affected a TV show.

Bart Ehrman answers the questions of armchair theologists.

Trump is a rectum

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Today I beat the puzzle game Green.

  • As the death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 100,000 in the USA, Trump took to Twitter and posted a stream of lies, to which Twitter finally responded by flagging one of Trump's lies suggesting that it might not be true, and then apologized to the grieving widow whose dead husband Trump was lying about. Congratulations Twitter, you've finally done the bare minimum to ensure truth on your platform! Trump responded by calling the suggestion of a fact-check censorship, and said, without any understanding of the irony, that he would fight censorship by shutting down all social media!
  • Trump continues to mock those people who are trying to save lives.
  • Republicans failed to get COVID-19 testing in the USA in a timely manner, and, because we have to ration our tests, we're not able to test the right people. Rather than test those with clear symptoms of the virus, we should be testing people with mild symptoms or no symptoms at all to get ahead of the virus. Instead, we're constantly playing catchup. Let's hope Americans learn something from the utter failure of the Republican party.
  • Republican Ronna Romney McDaniel is suing the state of California for allowing absentee voting even though she frequently votes absentee herself.
  • Evangelicals no longer worship Jesus they now worship the Republican party, specifically Trump.

The failure of the Michigan dams destroyed hundreds of homes and displaced 10,000 people because the private owner repeatedly refused to meet safety regulations. Could this happen where you live? Probably. According to FEMA, over half the dams in the USA are privately owned! There is no way the owner of the dam will be able to pay back all the damage he caused, and many of the homeowners insurance claims will go unfulfilled because flood damage is rarely covered in Michigan and special flood insurance is extremely expensive. This means all this damage is ultimately going to be paid by the people personally. Infrastructure that can cause catastrophic damage should not be in the hands of private owners.

The four cops who were involved in crushing the neck of George Floyd until he died have been fired. This is a step in the right direction, but they still need to be investigated by an impartial third party.

Trump is anal seepage

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Norma McCorvey, AKA Jane Roe from "Roe v. Wade" explained that her anti-abortion change of mind was not brought about through logic or religious conversion, but because Christians paid her a lot of money to publicly claim she was anti-abortion. This was quite a blow to anti-abortion Christians who used her in a lot of their arguments, but not much of a change to people who favor legal abortions, as their arguments don't rest on the claims of a single woman, but logic and freedom. However, as anyone familiar with the anti-abortion mindset would expect, those Christians who idolized McCorvey refuse to accept her statement. They just can't accept the idea that women can make up their own minds or tell the truth.

Churches aren't just breeding grounds for sexual predators and self-hating homosexuals anymore, now they're branching out into dying from preventable diseases.

Police killed another unarmed black man by crushing his neck. Onlookers filmed the cop and begged the officer to let the man breathe. The suspected crime: forgery. The officer who killed the man has been given a paid vacation.

When a black man told a white woman she had to leash her hyperactive dog per the rules of Central Park, after the woman repeatedly refused, the man showed the dog some treats, causing it to run toward him. The got pissed and called the police saying a black man was, "threatening her life!" She later apologized, but not before being fired from her job and having her dog returned to the rescue agency. Former co-workers of hers have come out and said she has a history of making negative comments about black men.

Lori Loughlin is finally admitting that she broke the law by bribing the University of Southern California to admit her daughter. She and her husband will be going to prison.

Why are so many black Americans dying from COVID-19? For the same reason so many of them are dying from cancer.

Physics Girl demonstrates several really interesting experiments you can do at home.

Trump is anal leakage

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I've added a list of popular video games I don't like because I want to be flamed.

  • Because so many states, particularly those led by Republicans, are taking a foolhardy approach to opening too soon and too quickly, the US will most likely see a second wave of COVID-19 that may very well be even more deadly than the first. Trump, never one to learn from his mistakes, said that, regardless of the fatalities, the country will not shut down. Trump doesn't have the authority to prevent states from shutting down, but the fact that he makes such a stupid claim proves how incapable of learning he really is.
  • Trump shows his racist side once again by praising the "good bloodline" of anti-Semite Henry Ford. Speaking of racists, the Public Health Department in the majority white Franklin County, Ohio issued mask guidelines saying that people of color should avoid masks which might frighten white people, specifically those that might make it look like you're in a gang, like bandannas or anything red or blue!
  • Republicans are still trying to prevent people from voting.
  • Looking for a great way to play chess while watching the downfall of humanity?
  • A recap of the strong women in politics.

Terrible experiments gone horribly wrong.

What's the deal with Rosie the Riveter?

Trump is scum

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  • Trump was impeached because he demanded a quid pro quo from Ukraine. Why was it so important to attempt to punish a him for blackmailing a nation until they did him a favor? Because he's now doing the same thing to America. Several states are being held hostage for instituting mail-in ballot programs to allow people to vote without exposing themselves to COVID-19, but Trump is only threatening to cut funding to the ones with Democratic governors. What can you expect from someone who believes that voting isn't a right, but an honor. Michigan is one of the states Trump is blackmailing, and Michigan is totally over his bullshit, telling him, if he wants to visit, he'll have to wear a mask!
  • As COVID-19 cases surpasses 5,000,000 global cases growing especially fast in nations with Conservative leaders like Brazil, several Republican states are being investigated for reporting incorrect death rates to the public, either accidentally, or purposely to mislead the public into opening their states too soon. This is causing businesses and churches that opened to spread COVID-19 even further requiring them to close all over again. Even people in the CDC are admitting that the White House has muzzled them and they are not allowed to work to save our lives.
  • Although he's probably lying, Trump claims he's taking hydroxychloroquine, to which even those in his fan club are saying it's a terrible move. Hopefully, he will poison himself.
  • Because Republicans failed to properly handle COVID-19, the number of unemployed Americans is the highest it has been since the Great Depression, so naturally, Republicans are cutting unemployment benefits.
  • Big shock, the white American terrorists who are protesting at capitols are getting COVID-19. Thankfully, nurses are taking to the streets to out-protest the protesters.
  • By being allowed to stack the Supreme Court with Republicans, Trump has successfully evaded investigation even further as Congress is not be allowed to see the FBI material which documents his crimes.
  • Every time Trump does something criminally abhorrent, like firing anyone who investigates his criminal empire, he always throws out another distraction.
  • It seems like everything that FOX says bad about other people applies perfectly to Trump.
  • Madeleine Albright talks about to be a good leader during the pandemic, and pretty much everything she suggests is the opposite of what Republicans do.
  • Allana Harkin answers questions about being an angry mom and Jaboukie Young-White finds out how America's smallest minority stays safe during during the pandemic.
  • Republican Darren Bailey, after putting the lives of his co-workers at risk, was kicked out of the Illinois House of Representatives, even by his own party.

The High Court in the UK has ruled that citizens are allowed to take doctor-prescribed medicine in their own homes, including those medicines which cause abortions. If only the USA cared more about doctors than religious fanatics.

Worried about your microplastic footprint? Here is one way you can decrease it.

Trump is refuse

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I finished reading a great book about dictionaries, Word By Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries and made a page for the author. I also beat the puzzle game, Blue.

  • Michigan, the state I live in, is working to allow vote-by-mail for all registered voters in the November election to allow people to vote safely. This is because we have a competent and proactive governor. Republicans don't like this voting initiative because they've spent the past couple decades trying to prevent voting by mail because they believe it will create voter frauds and gives more voting access to poor people, who they think tend to vote Democrat. However, published research shows that voting by mail doesn't increase voter fraud, and doesn't favor one party over the other, it just allows more people to vote. So, in an attempt to suppress voting even further, Trump is holding Michigan's COVID-19 relief money hostage until Michigan meets his demands.
  • Obama has chimed in on the failure of Republicans to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are piiiiiiised!
  • In the letter Trump sent to the WHO where he threatened to pull the USA out of the organization amid the worst pandemic the nation has seen in a century, he made a lot of claims. They were all false.
  • Most of the tests on hydroxychloroquine show that it is not effective at preventing, treating, or curing COVID-19, and it has a lot of dangerous side-effects. Because of this, no qualified medical professionals are suggesting it's use. Trump, however, thinks it's a panacea, so he's now referring to doctors and scientists as "enemies." Which, I guess is true, highly educated and intelligent people are the natural enemies of Republicans.
  • Trump says he fired his inspector general because he was told to, that he doesn't even know who the man is or what he did, and he thinks that makes him look good.
  • Like with nearly everyone else Trump has hand-picked to work in the White House, Republican John Ratcliffe has absolutely no experience in his new role as Director of National Intelligence, and, just like every previous pick, the Republicans in the Senate approved the incompetent white man without even attempting to ask him any questions about his qualifications.
  • Governors who issue stay-at-home orders to keep people safe during a pandemic are not dictators. Real dictators look and act like Trump.
  • Why did Fisher Sand and Gravel win a $1,280,000,000 contract to build a useless wall in the desert? Because the owner gave a lot of money to Donald Trump.
  • The white American Conservative hate-group the "Proud Boys" destroyed a memorial honoring those who died from COVID-19 and then terrorized the person who built it.
  • Churches are breeding grounds for COVID-19, and preachers who claim to be able to cure the virus keep dying from it, but not before spreading it to many more.

Norma McCorvey--famous for being the Roe in Roe v. Wade which decriminalized abortion in the USA, and later said she regretted her decision and became an Evangelical Christian--admitted that she never regretted her decision at all, but was paid by Christian preachers almost a half-million dollars to lie for them, and one of the pastors admits to the scheme.

Want to get as ripped as your favorite super hero? It's easy!

Trump is destroying America

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Last night I unlocked the final upgrade in Progressbar95.

  • It's the middle of a global pandemic, and Trump is threatening to cut all funding to the World Health Organization and permanently withdraw the US unless they let him decide how it's run.
  • Trump claims he has been taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has not been demonstrated to cure, treat, or prevent COVID-19. Of course, this is Trump we're talking about, so this is most likely a lie, but, since hydroxychloroquine has a lot of dangerous side effects, it's another lie that is going to get people killed. Those side effects include confusion, mood swings, erratic behavior, pale skin, loss of balance or coordination, and muscle weakness. Hmm, maybe he is taking hydroxychloroquine after all?
  • Republicans can't stop talking about a horrible thing Obama did, but they also can't seem to identify what it is. It could be any number of these terrible things.
  • Rebekah Jones created and maintained Florida's COVID-19 dashboard an online site which tracked the spread of the virus in the state. After she refused to falsify data, she was fired and the site was taken offline.
  • When asked to rank their state's governor's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, 49 out of 50 states gave their governor an approval rating higher than 50%, but Trump got the worst rating of them all at only 45%! The only state that thought their governor was as bad as Trump was Georgia who seems to really hate Republican Brian Kemp. In fact, for the bottom ten worst rankings, 8 of them are Republican.
  • I don't care much about sports, but, for those who do, if they want them back, they should really demand Republicans do a better job of responding to COVID-19.
  • Republicans claim they're at war against COVID-19, but they're also asking people to just lay down and die.

Churches continue to cause major COVID-19 hot zones killing people because they believe their god will keep them safe from the virus.

So, what the hell is a yoshi anyway?

Muslims fathers continue to murder teenage girls who they feel aren't modest enough.

Lauren McCluskey gave nude photos of herself to police officer Miguel Deras in the hopes that the police force would protect her from her violent ex-boyfriend who was blackmailing her. Instead, officer Deras downloaded the photos to his personal cell phone and showed them off to his friends and McCluskey was murdered.

Why do religious apologists constantly lie?

Trump is waste

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Over the weekend, I beat a Genesis adventure game where the hero's name is, I kid you not, Corona: Crusader of Centy.

  • Republicans continue their anti-science agenda against COVID-19, trying to make everyone forget all the people who have died in the hopes it will make them look better, but it just makes them look even more evil than they already are. Maybe they can make everyone forget how badly they bungled everything if they blame it on Obama.
  • Whistleblowers are usually the only way to stop systemic corruption, so, naturally, Trump thinks they're horrible. This is why Trump fired Steve Linick, because his job was to investigate wasteful spending and corruption, which is the very definition of the current Republican party.
  • The US Treasury and Federal Reserve were authorized $500,000,000,000 to help with COVID-19 relief, but Republicans Steven Mnuchin and Jerome Powell who head the departments are not using the money to help people.
  • Parroting his father's incompetence, Eric Trump claims COVID-19 is a Democratic hoax that will magically disappear on its own shortly after the 2020 election.
  • Republican Richard Burr sold off $1,600,000 dollars right after learning about the incoming COVID-19 pandemic, as did at least one of his family members. The FBI is investigating them, but these are rich white men, so don't hold your breath on actual punishment.
  • Those states that are relaxing their stay-at-home orders are seeing massive increases in deaths. Big shock.
  • Another case of voter fraud, and, like nearly all of those before it, the fraudster is Republican.

Why is COVID-19 wrecking so much havoc in the USA? Because most Americans believe their god is causing COVID-19 to teach bad Americans a lesson, while at the same time protecting them from it. Many Christians are already refusing to get a vaccines doesn't doesn't even exist yet because they think it will be made from abortions or be the mark of the beast.

Elon Musk isn't a super genius, he's just another rich asshole who is risking the lives of all his employees to make more money.

When Christians say you have to believe in something, they're using a very specific definition of the word "believe."

Trump is mentally unfit for pretty much anything

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Have you ever baked dill bread? It's delicious and really easy to prepare! The first thing you need to do is make your own dill dough.

  • Over 85,000 dead, 36,000,000 unemployed, and a quarter of American families having trouble getting food. If the US had competent leadership, we would mostly be back to normal already. Instead, we're a seriously messed up nation that would rather focus on a woman's scarf than an extremely deadly disease.
  • Want to know how stupid white American Evangelical Christians are? More than professional journalists, more that public health officials, the thing they trust more than anything else to give them accurate information about COVID-19 is, Donald Trump. But, for as stupid as they are, Republican politicians are even stupider.
  • US taxpayers have given Trump almost $1,000,000 so his staff could stay in his hotels. Trump is the most corrupt president the USA has ever had.
  • Immediately after Conservatives judges ruled that the Governor's stay at home order went to far (a ruling they made from their homes over video chat), Wisconsin bars reopened, and COVID-19 started spreading again.
  • Trump tries to defend himself to the Supreme Court.
  • Hospitals don't care about health care workers, they care about their executives.
  • A barber in Ulster County, New York was defying the state's safety rules and cutting hair. He has since tested positive for COVID-19, and has potentially spread it to every one of his customers.
  • Yet another white male Republican terrorist.

The AVGN reviews another crappy game, Dennis the Menace.

Trump is disgusting

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  • We're still seeing 2,000 people a day die from COVID-19, but, like George W. Bush's asinine "Mission Accomplished" banner, Trump is celebrating victory. Just another Republican taking a victory lap a quarter of the way through the race.
  • Trump fired Dr. Rick Bright, a specialist in immunology, because he courageously reported how Republicans kept ignoring all of the evidence of the increasing COVID-19 pandemic. Now, he's warning the world that we're going to have a very deadly winter because of their stupidity. Republicans have cut funding to Dr. Peter Daszak, yet another infectious disease researcher who had been trying to prepare America for the pandemic for years.
  • Republicans are using the pandemic to push a lot of their pet projects, like shutting down all help to refugees.
  • The Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court has once again limited the power of their executive branch to spite Democrats. They've ruled that Governors can't issue stay at home orders even amid a deadly pan.
  • When you hire only unqualified people, you should expect the White House to fail. And it does, all the time.
  • Trump is an unending series of blatant lies.
  • Republican Richard Burr is stepping down from the Intelligence Committee after being credibly accused of $1,700,000 worth of insider trading, which is a crime unless you're in Congress. He's not being sent to prison, or even removed from the Senate, he's leaving a committee.

What is Seal's "Kiss From a Rose," like when performed by actual seals?

Once again, a bunch of men are going to decide what type of health care women are allowed to have.

CGP Grey takes a look at a creepy abandoned missile test site.

Interested in what you can do personally to help combat climate change? Cut back on these foods.

Does carbonated water rot your teeth and weaken your bones? No, but cola sure does.

Trump is a murderer

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  • Trump was watching his criminal racket collapse all around him as his most vocal supporters were getting caught and convicted. Then, he remember he controls the Justice Department, and now, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort are being released. When Republicans are in charge, justice is never served. One judge is at least trying to prevent this by telling Republican's you can't just ignore criminals who admit they're guilty.
  • By downplaying the virus and claiming it will just disappear on its own, and that testing doesn't help, Trump has tricked many Americans into thinking they're a lot safer than they are, and this means they turn a blind eye to him forcing people back to work, like at meat packing plants. By doing this, Trump knowingly killed many workers. Now that meat packing facilities have more sick workers than healthy workers, their unions are finally starting to oppose Trump. Unfortunately, most states are reopening, which is going to cause a lot more deaths, but, hopefully, now that even the White House is seeing infections, and their ignorant leader is at risk, they'll start wising up.
  • Michigan terrorists used their assault rifles to blockade police from a barbershop in Owosso, Michigan. The owner has been defying police orders by refusing to close and potentially spreading COVID-19 to all his customers. The police never did show up. The terrorists were decked out in Trump paraphernalia and claimed they were following his orders to help "liberate" the state. These Republicans are proving that all lives don't matter, that blue lives especially don't matter, and that they are certainly not prolife. When rural people leave their homes and drive into cities--where the number of COVID-19 cases are much higher--to protest, they often take COVID-19 back home with them.
  • When he's in a bind, Trump returns to his old tactic, claiming his rivals are all murderers.
  • 72 Wisconsinites who test postitive for COVID-19 admit they recently attended a large gathering of people. The others are probably lying.

A short biography of Dr. Fauci.

When religious people try to convert atheists, they often make the same four mistakes over and over again.

No matter how much they claim they want to help, the fact that the ultra-wealthy are not giving their ill-gotten gains to the poor proves they don't actually care very much about the poor.

Trump is a rapist

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All the video game video links have been converted to an embedded link in the Wiki. A few other pages probably have them, but I'll update them as I find them.

  • Over 80,000 dead Americans, and we'll certainly hit 100,000 before the end of the month because Republicans have failed every step of the way, even to the point of preventing the public from having access to CDC reports. Despite this, Republicans are still pushing for people to stop social distancing. Meanwhile, Trump is canceling press conferences early because he's afraid of female reporters who don't take his bullshit.
  • Because the White House refused to practice social distancing, a wave of COVID-19 is sweeping through it. Now that it can affect him directly, Trump is forcing everyone around him to wear a mask, but still won't wear one himself. This is exactly the kind of behavior we expect from dictators. One rule for ruled, a different one for the ruler. I hope he gets sick.
  • Why are Republicans so dead set on trying to kill the US Postal Service?
  • Republican Kristi Noem is trying to stop Native Americans from testing people for COVID-19 before they enter their reservation.
  • Trump speaks to the graduating class of 2020.
  • Jeanine Pirro is drunk again.

Republicans in Morris County, New Jersey just lost $750,000 in taxpayer money because they refused to stop giving taxpayer money to churches.

Christian pastor, Jeffrey Winston Forrest, tried fleeing to Mexico, but he was arrested there because Mexicans also don't like child rapists.

Treating religion as though it is a play style in the video game of life.

Trump is a joke

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Over the weekend I beat the game Boo!

If you'd like a thorough breakdown of all the lies in Plandemic.

Christian pastor Darrin Patrick, who was famous for trying to make non-religious people question their happiness without his god, just committed suicide after a drawn out scandal where he was fired after being caught having inappropriate relationships with several women who were not his wife.

Catholics have once again come under fire, and this time it's not over raping children. One of their most prominent officials signed a document claiming that COVID-19 isn't very deadly at all, but just a way for governments to control people.

Former US soldier, Jordan Goudreau, and other Americans mercenaries attempted an armed coup of Venezuela's president to get the $15,000,000 bounty offered by the US government while the US military and White House refuse to take any responsibility.

Trump is pathetic

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Just a reminder, Catholics still hate the LGBT.

10 reasons why people are leaving Christianity.

Watching non-gamers play video games will teach you better game design.

Teachers in the USA are treated like garbage, but, with parents having to suddenly feel their shoes, maybe they will be viewed as human beings again.

A Miami cop arrests an unarmed black doctor on his own front lawn.

Trump is corrupt

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Last night, I beat The Swapper and started embedding all linked videos.

  • The USA has now passed 73,000 deaths, as Republicans continue to fail by example. They're not pro-life, and they don't think all lives matter.
  • Eager to reopen Arizona, Republican Governor Doug Ducey told his scientists to stop wasting their time on COVID-19, and is even preventing them from having access to the information necessary to track the spread of the virus.
  • Conservative Wisconsin judge, Patience D. Roggensack, who received most of her campaign funding from the Republican party, argued against the sensible measures to keep the state in quarantine because the recent massive increase in Wisconsin COVID-19 cases was from meat packers, not "regular folks." To give her the benefit of the doubt, this remark was in the middle of a debate, and she probably said it without thinking how classist it would sound. Ignoring the bigotry, it's still an ignorant belief. Roggensack needs to educate herself on just how virulent COVID-19 is. The virus doesn't care if you're hardworking or born rich, it can and will infect everyone if we don't practice social distancing.
  • For Republicans, protesting is an American right that should be exercised frequently, as long as you're white.
  • Unqualified, young, easily-manipulated, Conservative judges. That is what Republicans want for the Judicial Branch.
  • Republicans would rather give money to other Republicans than those best qualified to do the job. This has been seen many times in the past few years. For example, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner prefers to buy medical equipment from his father's friends rather than experienced vendors. Another example is the US Postal Department Postmaster General being replaced by Republian Louis DeJoy, whose only qualifications are that he gave Trump a lot of money.
  • Republicans are suing Gretchen Whitmer to eliminate any Governor's ability to keep Michiganders safe during a crisis.
  • Trump really believes he's great.

Convicted child rapist cardinal George Pell was acquitted and released from prison without having to be properly punished for his multiple cases of child rape. Now that his case is closed, the evidence gathered for his arrest has been released and we've learned that, in addition to raping multiple children himself, Pell purposely protected other child-raping priests from the law.

Why is it the worst insult a religious person gives a secular person is to say that they're religious?

Trump is a bitch

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Another long vlog about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

May the fifth be... tequila

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I've added a page for the Rilo Kiley song The Absence of God.

  • The CDC released a report saying that, because of the USA's inability to remain quarantined and wear masks, daily deaths are going to continue increasing to 3,000! In response, Republicans buried their heads in the sand! Thankfully, Trump knows how to stop the virus: cancel social distancing rules and then do nothing. Of course, watching Americans die is what Republicans call a "success story."
  • All the important world leaders attended a virtual vaccine summit to discuss the status of the COVID-19 vaccination. Trump wasn't there because it was for important world leaders.
  • The latest Republican nominee for head of National Intelligence is John Ratcliffe. If you've been following the appointments of Republicans, you already know what to expect. Ratcliffe has almost no experience for his job and he was caught lying so much on his résumé that he initially withdrew from Trump's nomination in disgrace, but now he's back!
  • Republican Nino Vitale refuses to wear a mask because his god doesn't wear one.
  • Republicans can't decide whether to love or hate China. It really depends on Trump's mood this minute.
  • Talking to Governor Larry Hogan who had to buy COVID-19 tests from South Korea because the White House won't make any, and then hid them from the Republicans who wanted to steal them.
  • An interview with a decent leader.
  • Trump watches stupid shows?

Tim Bray quit his job as a VP at Amazon because the company keeps firing anyone who criticizes Amazon's horrible response to COVID-19 which is causing employees to get sick and die.

Christian hate-preacher Franklin Graham got permission to open an outdoor COVID-19 clinic in Central Park on the condition that it not discriminate against patients. Anyone who knows even a little about Christian preachers can predict what happened next. Graham immediately required all volunteers to sign a statement saying the LGBT deserve to burn in hell and started preaching. It took too long, but New York finally had enough of his lies.

How to continue to be productive while isolated.

May the fourth be with you

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I finished reading An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist the first volume of Richard Dawkins's biography.

  • Republicans are now straight up censoring their experts from talking about COVID-19 with the public, while the Democrats would love to let them do their work without having to appease an imbecile like Trump.
  • Republican states are reopening even as the death toll from COVID-19 hits a new record.
  • 67,000 Americans have died so Trump takes to Twitter to explain why he's glad to see the dictator of North Korea alive and well.
  • Trump is a compulsive liar and nothing he says can be trusted.
  • Republicans are ordering 100,000 body bags, so, that should give you an idea of what they have in store now that they won't renew social distancing guidelines.
  • Trump's estimate for the number of COVID-19 deaths began with "maybe some" to 50,000-60,000, then to 60,000-70,000. Well, we've already surpassed 67,000 and we're still seeing over 2,500 deaths a day. So, Trump jumped to 80,000-90,000, and, now he's increased it again to 100,000. Even if the rate stops accelerating and flattens off, we'll still hit 100,000 fatalities in just two weeks. What will his next number be?
  • Remember those watch dogs who reported how Republicans were completely unprepared for COVID-19? Trump's firing them.
  • Republican Betsy DeVos is stealing wages from students having trouble paying back their loans during the pandemic. Thankfully, she's being sued for being such a horrible person.
  • Ken Turnage II was kicked off a California planning commission after saying that COVID-19 would "fix a significant burden to society," by killing off the sick, old, injured, and poor. Meanwhile, the real leader of California is explaining how he's working hard to keep Californians safe.
  • Trump loves the pathetic white American terrorists who are waving around assault rifles and calling it a protest.
  • Republicans don't want to allow voting by mail, not because they think it is unsafe, but because they think it will allow more Americans to vote.

The Catholic archdiocese of New Orleans has protected so many child rapists, they've been sued into bankruptcy.

Another city has wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars after losing a court case because they refused to stop pushing their religion on everyone else.

8-Bit Keys shows off the Casio MT 540 and how it could be used to play the music and sound effects of Space Quest III.

A family of 8, including a 2-year-old, hike the entire Appalachian Trail!

Trump is a criminal

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I've added a page for the Appalachian Trail and the various forms of media I've experience regarding it.

  • Trump refuses to extend the social distancing guidelines at the federal level, despite the damage the virus is having on all areas of life, especially the food industry. There have been over 1,000,000 cases and over 63,000 deaths from COVID-19, more than the entirety of the Vietnam War, and Trump's terrible decisions will guarantee tens of thousands more will die as well because of his desperate need to have people like him.
  • Pathetic white American terrorists brought assault rifles into the Michigan State Capitol to try and scare Governor Whitmer into ending the state of emergency. Republicans tried suing her for keeping the state on lockdown and slowing the spread of the virus. But Whitmer courageously stood her ground and followed the advice of experts (not the rabble), and extended it until the end of May!
  • Trump blames Obama for having broken COVID-19 tests, three years after Obama left office.
  • Every military and civilian intelligence agency said there is no evidence that China created COVID-19 in a lab, but Trump says they did.
  • Because Republicans have failed to to provide states with COVID-19 tests, states are having to buy them from other nations, like South Korea. And, because the White House has been stealing equipment and tests from states because they're so unprepared, states are now hiding their tests and equipment from the White House!
  • Republican Ted Cruz, who has a history of anti-Semetic remarks, tried to score points with the Jews by asking the Department of Justice to monitor New York Mayor Bill De Blasio for anti-Semitic behavior, and accused the Mayor of "permanently shutting down a synagogue." Of course, De Blasio did no such thing. He's temporarily barring all large gatherings, even those at churches and synagogues, because of the pandemic.
  • Why does Trump force his subordinates to stay at his hotels? Because he makes over $33,000 each time they do.
  • Mike Pence is threatening to sue the reporter who did their job and factually reported that the Mayo Clinic told Pence before he arrived that he would be expected to wear a mask. You know, the thing his wife lied about?
  • Republicans have been trying to destroy the US Postal Service for decades now because they want all government services to be converted to corporations, but the USPS isn't just essential to the American way of life, it's also one of the few organizations that is self-funded and stays fair to its workers and clients. Trump wants the USPS dead, but he has no problem giving our tax dollars to the oil industry.

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Absence of evidence is evidence of absence if the thing being argued is supposed to directly intervene.

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