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Angel's night sounds lame

Feeling: Happy


Going to a Devil's Night party tonight! And if you're not from Michigan, you probably don't know what Devil's Night is because it started in Detroit. Although, at my party, I probably won't be committing arson.

Want to ruin your child's Halloween? Make it Christian themed!

You can usually identify a scientifically illiterate person by how simple they make scientific matters out to be. For example, there are many people claiming that vaccinations cause autism, but the reality is, autism is a very complicated mental disorder which has scientists currently look at over 100 genes to determine (as well as thousands of various chemicals).

Child rapist, Reverend James Schook wants 14 and a half years taken off his sentence of raping a teen-aged boy because he claims he's totally learned his lesson.

This video is a perfect example of why even seemingly nice comments to a woman on the street are not welcome and shouldn't be said.

When it comes to religion (or lack thereof) atheists are the second largest group in the US military. Yet despite being such a large group, the US military has never allowed any secular chaplains to offer comfort to non-religious soldiers. In fact, it seems like they only thing the US military likes to do with its non-religious soldiers is convert them to Christianity or pretend they don't exist. Well, the US Navy has decided to finally start appreciating their non-religious soldiers, and while they still won't allow a secular chaplain, they have become the first branch to allow an atheist lay leader.

Some people have really strange last will and testaments.

The county commission in Covinton County, Alabama decided it would be a good use of taxpayer dollars to directly evangelize for the local Baptist Church.

Christina Bianco sings as versions celebrities in a rendition of Forget You.

Children of the Sun, see your time has just begun,
Searching for your way through adventures every day

Feeling: Happy


An Muslim Mullah (similar to a Christian Vicar) in Afghanistan raped a ten-year-old girl so severely he tore he perineum. When caught, he and his lawyers tried to have their case ruled as mere adultery rather than the brutal rape of a child. Thankfully, the court ruled in the little girls favor after she had the courage to repeat everything that he did to her. Despite her victory, there are many people who think she should be executed for, what they see as, having sex, with the Mullah.

Christian Bale is portraying Moses in an upcoming movie, but that doesn't mean he doesn't think the character is "one of the most barbaric individuals that [he] ever read about in [his] life."

Part of being a tax-exempt organization in the USA means that you are claiming that you care more about helping people than being involved in government. Because of this, you don't have to pay taxes, but you also can't endorse any specific political candidates. The IRS is supposed to police groups that do this, revoking the non-profit status of any group that does make political endorsements, and they do for every group except for churches. After losing a lawsuit to the FFRF, the IRS has since agreed to do its job, but that didn't stop churches all around the country from their annual "Dare the IRS to do something about it" festival. Legacy Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico even handed out sample ballots with highlighted names of all the candidates they want their sheep to vote for! Will the IRS do their job, or will the FFRF lawsuit be reinstated?

SciShow answers some of the Internet's most popular searches like how old is the Earth? What is love? And even how do I grow a beard?

How useless are homeopathic pills? Watch the Science Babe swallow an entire bottle to show just how useless they are!

I play vidjagames!

Feeling: Happy


17 new Catholic priests have been added to the substantiated list of child rapists in Minnesota alone.

Key and Peele as church grannies.

In an effort to keep a giant hydraulic cross on taxpayer land, veterans have probably hindered their case. When it comes to religious monuments on public property, the majority of them get removed. The only argument that seems to work is to claim that a giant stone with etched with several verses from the bible is a "traditional" monument, not a religious one. Clearly, that's a bullshit argument, but if the judge also believes they have a duty to push their religion on the rest of the world (I'm looking at you Scalia) then you can't expect them to rule fairly, but even they still have to worry about that pesky first amendment. Well, the veterans of Grand Haven, Michigan are making it very clear that this cross is not a historic tradition, but the symbol of the religious majority, and as the religious majority, they demand to have the law cater to them! The irony here is that they fought to preserve the very freedoms (minority rights) they're now trying take away from the Michigan public!

Our brains will accept fake hands as our own if you trick them properly.

David Van Vleet, a Christian man from Tacoma, Washington, filed a Public Records Act request for the personal information, including the full names of 70 strippers. When asked by a Federal judge why Vleet wanted all this personal information about strippers, Vleet responded, so that he could pray for them by name (is he a great Christian or what?). Naturally, the judge refused his request.

Jesus was either a liar, lunatic, or lord? What about legend?

Short scary film, Tuck Me In.

I love dealing with incompetents

Feeling: Happy


Had a pretty good weekend. Friday night was Wallee's birthday, and Emily and I enjoyed dinner with a group, but had to exit early to see RHPS with Jackie. Saturday, Emily did a girl's night out while I went to a Halloween party with Adam, and we totally missed out on the Vampire's Ball which was the same night! Sunday was spent mostly playing vidjagames and recuperating.

A one-stop-shop for all myths influensa-related! And to see just how big of a problem the anti-vaccination movement has caused, have a look at this map of otherwise preventable diseases.

Everything you ever wanted to know about why Chiropractic is bunk.

Green coffee beans, what Dr. Oz heavily promoted as a weight loss miracle cure, has been shown to be the work of charlatans and frauds. Is anyone shocked that Dr. Oz supports fraud?

Sure, the Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol was placed there illegally, and it needs to be removed, but that doesn't make it okay to commit an act of vandalism against it. If people are allowed to destroy anything they disagree with, the whole world will be demolished in short order. I disagree with the monument, but I still condemn this act.

Archbishop John Nienstedt swears he had no idea he was taking a child-raping priest into his diocese, Reverend Gilbert Gustafson. Well, sure, except for the letters sent to him detailing the history of Gustafson's child-raping past, but that's just evidence, so it doesn't count.

Religion researcher David Kinnaman's latest work says that Christianity is dying in America with the percentage of non-religious people growing to a staggering 38%!

Props to the CFI and their win in Indiana which now recognizes atheist celebrants as wedding officiators.

It's a Halloween spook-tacular!

Feeling: Festive


Emily and I got dressed up to see a local music, dance, and Vaudeville production called Scream Theater. I won candy for knowing how to define Wendigo. Tonight, Emily and I are heading to Dave and Busters to join my friend Wallee for her birthday, and then we're all going to Ann Arbor to meet Jackie for RHPS! Then, on Sunday, Emily and I are going to the Flint Vampire's Ball with Sarah and John to see Voltaire! Busy, busy! is a charity site to help stop violence against women. However, a bigoted Men's Rights hate group created a similar site called (and several other similar URLs) in an effort to try and syphon money away from that site hoping that people would accidentally donate money to them rather than the actual charity. MRA (Men's Rights Activist) are particularly sexist and awful, and their arguments are the same as any other empowered group denigrating the plight of the disenfranchised. Probably the most common argument is, "you're sexist too by only helping women." The projection here is just as obvious as Christians who argue that atheists are religious. The point of the argument is that, if you aren't trying to stop all facets of a problem equally, you're prejudiced and not really trying to stop the problem. To illustrate why this argument is flawed, consider this analogy: Bob goes to the oncology ward in a hospital because he have been diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He starts talking to the first oncologist he sees in hopes of finding a treatment, but the oncologist explains the they chose to specialize in skin cancer since it was the most prevalent form of cancer, but they will gladly refer Bob to a bone cancer specialist. Bob leaves in a huff complaining that the skin cancer specialist is prejudiced and obviously doesn't care about treating cancer because they aren't focusing on treating all forms of cancer equally!

Want to get a pizza party in New York public schools? It sure helps if you score highly on the spirituality section of the character strength quiz. Because, as everyone knows, if you pray a lot and believe in an invisible man in the sky who looks after you, taxpayers should be buying you pizza!

The Backfire Effect is a problem seen in when trying to remove someone of their preconceived notions. Essentially, if someone already believes X (regardless of whether it's true), any attempt to get them to stop believing X will actually cause them to believe in X more strongly! This has been studied numerous times with various topics including evolution, religion, paranormal activity, etc. and recently another study was conducted on the false belief that vaccinations cause autism. As expected, those people who incorrectly believed that vaccinations were dangerous held even more tightly to their belief after being presented with evidence demonstrating that they were actually safe. The important thing to remember is that everyone is afflicted by the backfire effect, even skeptics. Never forget that it's okay to be wrong and change your mind!

Yet another public school has been caught using it's resources to try an promote a specific religion. This time, a Colorado school was sending students to Guatemala, their admitted primary goal is to "share the love and hope of Jesus." Yes, that's what people in a country devastated by natural disasters and corruption need, an imaginary friend.

It's quittin' time!

Feeling: Happy


When the US military asks the religion of their soldiers, the second largest group says "not religious". This means that there are more atheists in the US military than Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews, and there are certainly atheists in foxholes. Yet, despite there being so many atheists, the US military still refuses to hire on any atheist chaplains.

Despite the pious claims of the South and the holier than thou attitude of Conservative states, they sure look at a lot more porn than Liberals.

The Friendly Atheists talks about the benefits of leaving your religion, how the church deals with fear, and how Eastern religions are problematic as well.

100 crazy facts about reality from Mentalfloss.

The Angry Video Game Nerd does another Halloween special.

John Oliver has found a way to make Supreme Court cases more exciting.

This trailer for The Unbelievers looks great.

Too much classical music!

Feeling: Happy


Conservative Christian schools expect that, when they find themselves in a burning dormitory, their female students should still take time to cover up their pajamas with less revealing clothing before moseying out of the inferno.

Sure, Martin Couture-Rouleau, was probably crazy to begin with, but his conversion to Islam probably didn't help stabilize him, especially considering he ran over two people in the name of Allah and then charged police with a knife.

What do you see when you do a Google image search for the phrase "Youth Pastor"? A whole bunch of mugshots!

You are a puzzle, and I will solve you.

Feeling: Happy


Played some of the new Left 4 Dead 2 holdout maps last night with Cody and Patrick. They were pretty awesome!

Also, Emily and I are now house-hunting in earnest.

For those of you who like hacking old DOS games, check out the Modding Wiki. I've been adding to it by reverse-engineering several old games.

Want another good reason to encrypt everything you own? How about the fact that the DEA will steal your identity on Facebook in order to nab criminals. While the DEA claims they were within their rights to create a fake account on Facebook using pictures they seized from a woman's phone, Facebook reminds them that, in order to create a Facebook account, they had to sign a EULA where they agreed they wouldn't create fake or misleading accounts.

Welcome, ye four brave souls

Feeling: Happy


Sadly, the arguments against the feminist movement haven't changed much since the days when they were still trying to get the vote.

Imagine walking into a courtroom for a hearing that could potentially put you in jail for several years. You're sitting down, nervous as all hell, and then the judge walks in wearing a taqiyah (a Muslim headpiece). He mentions to the courtroom that he is going to have his Imam read from the Koran for the next five minutes and then have everyone face Mecca while he leads a prayer to Allah. The courtroom is filled with Muslims, and they all nod in agreement and seem very comfortable with the idea because they know the judge has a long history of introducing his religion into all his governmental proceedings. Then, the judge looks directly at you and says, "if the idea of praying to the one and only true god, Allah, offends you, you can wait out in the hall alone. But don't worry, even if you abandon your lord in such a manner, it will not affect my judgment of you. And if you think what I'm doing is illegal, you're wrong! I have strong legal standing to lead the courtroom in a prayer, and furthermore, Allah and his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, command that I do this!" Chances are, you'd not only feel singled-out, but you'd probably be pretty damned sure that leaving the room would most certainly affect his judgment against you! This is the kind of feeling that any non-Christian has when they enter courtroom of Texas Justice of the Peace, Republican Wayne Mack.

The FBI is very upset with smart phone manufacturers who are writing software to protect their owner's data from the FBI.

It's not so hard being an atheist in Bangladesh, you just have to keep an constant watchful eye out for people trying to murder you.

Republicans stand firm on the idea that all it takes is hard work in America to make it big, but the reality is, even if you work your butt off to graduate college, you probably still won't do as well as a high school dropout who grew up in a rich family.

Sure, ISIS is chopping off the heads of innocent people, but that doesn't mean we should condemn their actions, I mean, we don't want to seem racist! Some where Ben Affleck is cheering!

Vsauce explains why humans have such a strange fascination with the macabre.

Courage and wit have served thee well

Feeling: Happy


Cops figuratively shoot themselves in the foot again, this time the pulled a couple over for speeding and refusing to stop, made them get down on the ground, and pointed guns at them, all the while the man and his very pregnant wife were begging to let them get to a hospital because she was in labor.

The South may erect more monuments to the Ten Commandments than any other region, but that doesn't mean they abide by them.

Sam Harris defends his statement that Islam is the mother-lode of bad ideas.

The Rankin County School District in Mississippi has a long history of violating the First Amendment by trying to force its students to become Christians, and they just did it again. The administration not only brought Gideons into the school to hand out bibles, but they even told teachers to suspend their lessons and walk the students out of the classrooms to get the bibles!

Eugenie Scott teaches us how good Creationists are at lying.

How the NFL handles abuse among its players: We're definitely considering what to do.

Super Smash Bros. is actually kind of messed up when you think about it.

The latest SciShow news, an explanation for why leaves change colors, and some ways to help get rid of the hiccups.

Girls like you sticking around, doing all my dope, and I just can't cope

Feeling: Happy


CGP Grey discusses an alternate voting system in America. The problems with our current system is that it leads to a two-party system where most of the people aren't happy with their elected leader. To avoid this, an alternate type of voting is suggested, but all voting can fall prey to gerrymandering. And with that fixed, we're able to truly get the people we really want in charge using the a system of mixed-member proportional representation. For a quick link to all of these videos, go here.

Alabama's Mobile County Commission says they won't take down their monument honoring Christian veterans, and they won't erect any monuments honoring non-religious veterans. Basically, it's a big middle finger to every non-Christian veteran. I'm looking forward to this case going the same route as Florida Capitol trying to keep out the Satanist monument, and the eventual removal of them all, like in the case of the Georgia school board.

The asdfmovie is wonderful.

There was some stirring in the Vatican about the Catholics actually becoming inclusive to homosexuals, but I was waiting for the other show to drop. Sure enough, Vatican officials clarify that the document was just a work-in-progress, and that their real intention was to reach out to homosexuals by saying they're welcome to come to church, but only to be taught how not to be gay any more.

Lend me your ears, and I'll probably put them in my garage and forget to return them

Feeling: Happy


John Oliver discusses the police's abuse of civil forfeiture and gives yet another reason why you should never talk to the police or answer their questions.

What is it like being a child growing up without having been vaccinated?

Male gamers continue to show why we need more women like Anita Sarkeesian telling the world what's wrong with them. If your argument involves making cowardly Internet death threats, you're on the wrong side.

Republican Steve Vaillancourt knows he'll win his election because he thinks his female opponent is ugly as sin.

Despite their best efforts, Christians just can't help but make bad movies.

Trying to force an atheist to become religious can cost you a whole lotta money!

Remember Tenebrae?

Feeling: Happy


Frauds don't like it when you hand out fliers before their events teaching people how to spot frauds.

A pretty sweet interview with Christina Rad.

It's not just the Catholic priests that are raping children, the nuns have a pretty bad history as well.

Several reasons why you shouldn't say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Covering yourself with mucus might just save your life... if you're a frog.

Glenn Greenwald makes a good case, if you don't think privacy matters, give him your personal email passwords.

It's important that people have access to birth control for family planning because we don't want to revert to when people made up their own.

Why it's important for everyone to be feminist.

Mountains move from here to there thanks to continental drift

Feeling: Happy


Had a lot of fun playing Magic and hiking over the weekend, but I'll have to rework my new deck, it's just not working the way I want it to.

The child-raping priests in Minnesota will probably go to jail, but none of the other priests who protected the child-rapist will serve time. Great work Minnesota.

What happens when a state's Supreme Court judge put more stock in the bible than the Constitution? Bad things. Anyone who has judicial oversight in this country, and accepts this church sign as fact, like Tom Parker, should be fired.

Bigot Mike Huckabee threatens to leave the Republican Party if they don't continue to fight against marriage equality. I really hope they keep him because the more they hold on to dinosaurs like him, the fewer voters will back the party.

Christian pastor Vaughn Christensen left a message to his wife claiming that the world was coming to an end. His wife, Pamela Christensen, upon hearing this message didn't want their three daughters to have to suffer through the rapture, so she tried to murder them to get them safely to Jesus. After they refused to drink poison, she stabbed them in the chest. Thankfully, they'll all live, but that's a scar from which you never heal.

Rexa Aslan thinks you should have a background in theology to be a credible atheist, but that's kind of like saying you need to have graduated from Bullshit University to criticize homeopathy. It doesn't help that he has a history of lying about his own credentials.

Sure enough, after the FFRF successfully sued the IRS for refusing to do their job in cracking down on churches who endorse political candidates, this church pastor recorded himself endorsing a particular political candidate and then dared the IRS to sue him. I'm curious which will happen first. Will the FFRF have to sue the IRS again or will the IRS actually get off their lazy butts? Of course, when they do, you can bet the church will sue the IRS for enforcing the law, a case which will no doubt make it to the Supreme Court, but it'll be about damn time!

Jesus doesn't want teen-aged boys talking to girls, and four men at the Abundant Life Academy Christian boarding school were convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery after beating up a kid for doing just that.

Stuff goes here

Feeling: Happy


Gonna play some Magic TG this weekend! Breaking out my new Island Sanctuary deck.

If your pastor admits that he's been embezzling money from the church, doing drugs, and having sex with the female attendees while infected with HIV, you'd probably think he'd be in prison, but the sheep at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama don't want any bad press around pastor Juan Demetrius McFarland.

Anita Sarkeesian talks about the backlash women receive when they point out sexism inherient in videogames.

An interview with Dawkins about the biology behind extremism, and a long talk between Dawkins and Brian Greene.

The Friendly Atheists asks, can atheists make it in politics? And, can atheism offer any eternal value?

Why does your voice sound so funny when you hear a recording?

You can only legally defend yourself from your history of the systematic rape children for so long before you just can't afford to do it anymore.

If you wanted to know just how bad God's Not Dead is, but didn't want to sit through all two hours of it, here it is condensed down to 7 terrible minutes.

How the black community deals with atheism.

If you only had a brain

Feeling: Happy


Deshawn Currie was pepper-sprayed and assaulted in a North Carolina home by police who were quite sure that he was a burglar. Turns out, he was his own home.

If something promotes the usage of cancer-causing agents, painting it pink doesn't help.

Catholic Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki warns parents that, if you tell your son to clean up after himself rather than waiting for a woman to clean up for him, you might be turning him into a gay.

Homeopathic Battleship is not for the impatient.

A Christian mother in Michigan wasn't upset when she found out that her teenager was learning about world religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, but when it came to Islam, everything went downhill. Her daughter's assignment was to make a pamphlet that explained what Islam is, and what Muslims believe, and to make it simple enough so that a child could understand it. The Christian mother responded by writing a post on Facebook that her daughter was being forced to preach Islam to eight-year-olds. After having the school's administrators explains that the phrase, "make it so a child could understand it," doesn't mean you're actually going to give it to a child, the Christian mother responded by being even further shocked that her teen would have to promote Islam. The school's administration explained further that, just because you understand another person's point of view, it doesn't mean you have to believe it or promote it. From her latest Facebook post about how HER god is the correct god, and Islam worships a false god, but the Jews worship the same god as her, it's clear that she's still as clueless as ever.

Irish people do not care much for American snacks, and then Americans try Irish snacks.

Ticks suck.

It's not really a living

Feeling: Happy


It is not racist to point out the flaws in a person's religion, even if the name of their religion and their chosen name for their race are the same thing. This can be learned from Sam Harris as he delivers a postmortem on his debate with Ben Affleck and Nicholas Kristof.

Conservatives often find it comforting to "fix" American history by pointing out the good things that have happened while ignoring all the embarrassing and down-right evil stuff our nation has done. In Colorado right now, students are protesting against the Conservative influences of their school board to try and get real history taught rather than the Republican white-washed version. This has prompted a rather hilarious series of Twitter posts using the hashtag #voluntaryhistory.

Even Christian Today thinks the Left Behind movie was terrible, wanting to give it zero stars!

Having a successful résumé is a great way of ensuring that you'll be hired... unless you're a woman.

After a victory against the US Air Force which forced all new recruits to swear an allegiance to a particular god, it's time attack other forms of proselytizing in the US military, like the battalion in the 34th armored division who expect soldiers to shout "Fear God!" or the chaplain at Naval Air Station Lemoore in California who tells all the enlisted men that science proves that evolution is wrong, and that men and dinosaurs lived together.

Man-children bashing women is not a scandal, but companies like EA who making bad games and paying for positive reviews sure is.

Glen Thompson is on the board of the council of Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Alaska, and recently he moved to allow a prayer to open each meeting. He even had support from the Ketchikan Ministerial Association, a local Christian group. The motion passed, but then it was brought up to Thompson that it's all well and good for Christians to push their religion at council meetings, but what about other religions? Thompson said that he had no problem with other religions giving an invocation like Hindus, Bahá'ís, and other Christians, but he refused to allow atheists or Satanists speak! Well now Mr. Thompson, first of all, thanks for grouping Satanist and atheists together as though we're similar, but regarding the bigger picture, you don't quite understand how the law works. You don't get to pick and choose which religions you think are worthy of a voice. If you want -any- group to give an invocation, you must allow -every- group to do so! Once his illegal blunder was pointed out, Thompson changed his tune.

It's a living

Feeling: Happy


After flying low over Dwayne Perry's house with a helicopter and looking over his property, Georgia police sent in a K9 unit with officers strapped full of guns and pulled up a bunch of suspicious-looking plants the police were so sure were marijuana they needed to raid his house. They were okra. In fact, it turns out that the vast majority of these marijuana grower "drug busts" are over ditch weed, a breed of cannabis that grows wild and can't get you high.

Men need to learn that sexism against women hurts men too.

Get your science illustrations right!

Patriotism is nice when it brings people together to work for the common good, but when it gets out of control, people feel the need to white-wash their history. For example, Conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza, who's also a convicted felon, writes that American slaves were treated so unbelievably well that he wonders why Frederick Douglas would ever write ill of the practice.

John Oliver covers the Miss America Pageant.

According to a survey conducted by LifeWayResearch, American Christians pray for some pretty messed up things. Oh sure, there's the obvious like winning the lottery, avoiding speeding tickets, and getting your favorite sports ball team to win, but a lot of Christians admitted to praying for God to punish people they don't like, praying that others will fail, and praying that a co-worker would get fired.

21 memorable moments in the life of an atheist.

A rather dry, but informative lecture by the late Victor Stenger about how the religious abuse physics.

It's 2014, and we still have people who vote Republican?

Feeling: Happy


Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin will all be crying their bigoted selves to sleep tonight as the US Supreme Court has refused to hear any of their appeals to ban same-sex marriage.

Every year, thousands of churches dare the IRS to confront them by taking to the pulpit and endorsing specific political candidates, a violation of their non-profit status, in a movement called Pulpit Freedom Sunday. And every year, the IRS cowers in the corner like a scared rabbit. Only, this year, the FFRF sued the IRS for refusing to do their job of revoking non-profit status from any group that endorses specific political candidates, and yet, yesterday still was Pulpit Freedom Sunday. We'll see if the IRS actually puts on big-boy pants or loses another lawsuit to the FFRF.

The world's getting more populated... a little too populated!

Being a police officer must be tough. People are scrutinizing your work and looking over your shoulder all the time and it doesn't help that most people are anxious and distrusting of you. Thankfully, Indiana State Trooper, Brian Hamilton, has found a way to get people to change their opinion of him. When he pulls people over, he tries to convert them into a Baptist! Yes, it's not enough that you can have religious people wake you up early Saturday mornings, but now you can have them pulling you over on the highway and asking you about what church you attend, and handing out pamphlets telling you you're a sinner and need to accept Jesus as your lord and personal savior! As expected, there is going to be a lawsuit, and as expected, the statement released by the Indiana State Police Department includes no mention of Hamilton being formally punished.

The USA is drone happy right now, but what tune will they be singing when every other country has them too?

Texas elected Republican Charles Perry, a man who thinks the idea of women having the right to choose to have an abortion is just like the Holocaust. Stay classy Texas, and stay classy Republicans.

Do you know your Nintendo DS?

So many terrible people on Earth!

Feeling: Happy


Joaquín Navarro-Valls, former Vatican Press Director, is either unbelievably dense or the most dishonest rape-apologist I've ever seen (I suspect the latter). In his most recent op-ed, Navarro-Valls claims that the Vatican is the -only- group that is effectively acting to eradicate pedophilia! The truth is, the Vatican has been systematically protecting child-raping priests for the past several decades, and the article's publisher, La Repubblica, should be ashamed of themselves to print such an obviously false and harmful article.

Republican Steve Stockman tries to do science and hilarity ensues.

FINALLY! The asshole who sold a bunch of fake bomb detectors to various militaries around the world is going to prison.

There are few people who I view with vile contempt, and Anton Scalia is one of them. He is a liability to the freedom of the USA and his blatant disregard for the US Constitution is staggering. He recently went on record saying, "[the court's] latest take on the subject, which is quite different from previous takes, is that the state must be neutral, not only between religions, but between religion and non-religion. That's just a lie. Where do you get the notion that this is all unconstitutional?" To answer your question Mr. Scalia, I give you the first amendment to the US Constitution, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." This is the Establishment Clause, and I think it speaks for itself. Having the government make laws that favor a particular religion can only cause problems, and when viewed in the light that the deist authors were escaping the oppressive forced religion of Great Britain, it's even more obvious what they meant. Of course, the Christian activist Scalia doesn't even understand the purpose of a Constitution because he keeps going on and on about how it shouldn't be changed. But there is a reason the parts of the Constitution are called AMENDMENTS. The US Constitution is a living document, and to Scalia's pejorative of the "morphing Constitution" all I can say is IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

The police officers in Waverly, Tennessee want you to know that they will use the teachings of Jesus to decide when you should be arrested or protected. Jesus, of course, did amazing things for the public like cursing a fig tree to death when it wasn't bearing fruit out of season, and attacking merchants who had every legal right to practice their trade. I'm sure the non-Christians of Waverly are glad that their tax dollars are funding a bigoted police force.

Too cool for a status

Feeling: Happy


Work's been kicking my ass for the past few days, but I'm happy that we're finally making some sense of all this spider code.

Sure, the non-Christian citizens of Grand Haven, Michigan are paying for huge Christian monument, but that doesn't mean they can't use the giant cross to promote freedom of abortion and same-sex rights. That's certainly a better deal than North Carolina where over $1 million of taxpayer's money is being given away to private schools, most of which are religious in nature.

SciShow tackles the important questions like, what causes a brain freeze, why can you put certain metallic objects in a microwave, but not others, and what's the deal with Earth's massive population growth?

A nice lecture about Creationists trying to teach their religion in schools after losing the Kitzmiller trial.

The Friendly Atheist talks about why atheism isn't just a phase, and how you can easily fact check your preacher on your smart phone.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Stupid block-head!

Feeling: Festive


The main basin of the Aral sea has dried up thanks to divergence of water away from the sea. Experts estimate that this hasn't happened in around 600 years, and this is certainly the very first time humans have been the cause. In only a couple decades, the people responsible have annihilated the economy of everything based on the sea. This is a great example of just how easy it is for humans to make massive changes to a huge biome destroying the lives of plants, animals, and people in the process. At least we can rest assured that humans aren't capable of changing anything big like the climate!

It's kind of a blow to Google when Germany is telling them to stop being so clandestine with their user's data!

Ignorant Creationists breed ignorant children who blame all of racism on a biology.

I demand more wildfires!

While it has become fashionable to look at the Jewish minority in the USA with reverence, let us not forget that they still encourage things like, swinging a live chicken around by its head in order to imbue their sins into it.

I don't understand Common Core math, and I have to keep my children from understanding Common Core math!

I want a pet Hydra.

In order to teach their students that wearing tight pants makes you a whore, a school district in North Dakota made their students watch excerpts from the movie "Pretty Women" to see how REAL fictional Hollywood prostitutes dress. They also changed their dress code to prevent female students from wearing leggings, tights, and skinny jeans. This measure is also meant to help prevent boys (and according to the school's assistant principal, teachers) from being distracted by the teenage vixens in their school. How ironic that, in their attempt to bring order to their school, the administrators invoked the same argument used by practitioners of Sharia and the Haram modesty laws.

Cece Lucia was a kicker for her school's football team at St. Simon Middle School, Indianapolis, IN. I say "was" because she had to be kicked off the team because the Catholics who organize her school's football league refuse to let girls play football.

Nobody actually uses only 10% of their brain... except people who keep repeating that factoid!

Wow! I wonder how the people who made this advertisement for the Left Behind remake were able to get an interview with Satan!

The fact that mandatory drug testing for people on food stamps doesn't work and is extremely expensive didn't stop Republican Trey Radel from voting in favor of them. What's really funny is how he was later caught trying to buy cocaine from an undercover federal officer.

Come at me bro!

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Only in Texas can you teach children that one of the founding fathers of the USA was a fictional character.

I love it when people say that it's unpatriotic to not mindlessly revere a religious oath that you disagree with, but then, I don't expect people who do mindlessly revere religious oaths to understand the rebellious attitude of this country's founders.

Enter your birthday into Porktrack and find out what song your parents were listening to when you were conceived.

5K? More like Easy-K!

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I had wonderful conversations regarding politics and religion at Skeptics, and then had a blast running the Color Vibe on Saturday morning, but it was surprisingly shorter than I would have liked. Who knew that I was in decent shape after all?

We all know that following Catholic doctrine makes you a cannibal, but what if you're a vegetarian?

"Reverend" Joseph Maurizio, Jr. might be looking at 40 years in prison due to his "mission trips" to Honduras. And by "mission trips," I mean, raping children.

In an effort to prove just how hard it is to be a Christian in this country (which is also a Christian nation, so, figure that one out!), Kelly Shackelford brought up three examples of Christians being persecuted. The only trouble is, none of these examples are as Shackelford describes them.

The Christian hate-group Focus On the Family has released a pamphlet for parents on how to warn their preschool children about the evils of homosexuality, and it's just as terrible as you'd think!

Pub in the skeptics!

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Big plans for the weekend. Tonight I'm going to Skeptics In the Pub, and tomorrow morning, I'm running in the Color Vibe 5K. I've been practicing all week and my thighs are already nice and sore for it!

Somehow my steel-toed work boots have a dent in the steel toe. And this dent is not on the top of the toe, but on the side, so every time I take a step the dent rubs against the side of my big toe. It's quite annoying, but not nearly as annoying as trying to find out how the dent got there in the first place!

Why gamers are still misogynistic dicks.

Speaking of misogyny, a bunch of Jews held up all the other passengers on a plane because they refused to sit next to women.

Want your child's head to be filled with lies about science? Send them to a Christian school where they will learn that snow is magnetic and generates electricity!

Catholic politicians try to ban abortion in Spain, but Spainards fight back!

For the past 15 years in the USA, the public's desire to have prayer forced upon students in school has been on a decline, and opposition has been on the rise. Another win for the atheists!

Beggars can't be choosers, unless they live in Minneapolis, MN where poor Muslims are demanding that the free food they receive from food banks be Halal, that is, prepared in the barbaric manner known as dhabihah. To be fair, Jews are just as barbaric with their Kosher method of slaughter called shechita.

Ride the wild wind!

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While Americans can't be bothered to take offense to illegal spying from the NSA, Australia is giving full control over to their security administration to monitor the complete Internet traffic of all of its citizens, and even jail those who would be foolish enough to speak out against the security administration.

Despite threats to bomb her speech, Anita Sarkeesian talks about her work bringing feminism to videogames.

Good news out of India! The government used to require you to choose a religion on government forms and "none" wasn't an option; non-religious people had to choose a religion, but thanks to the work of secular justices, people can now declare themselves non religious to the government.

Kudos to Mary Anning who helped us learn about what we were seeing in the fossil record.

In order to improve their image, the Rochester, NY police force is pairing up with local Christians to mend their relationship... by trying to convince people to change their religion to Christianity.

After decades and decades of allowing child-rapists to run unchecked in their ranks, the Vatican has finally succumbed to political pressure and is forced to do the unthinkable! They actually placed one of their child-rapists, Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski under arrest!

How much would you pay for this fantastic slightly-used planet Earth?

Christian pastor Heath Mooneyham, who loves pushing his child-like masculinity on his followers can add to his prior criminal record with driving under the influence, just like Jesus would do!

Happy second day of autumn?

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I just finished A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne today. It was an interesting, but not very gripping story, and the 1864 vision of geology was kind of funny. I also finished The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins which took an interesting approach to teaching science, by showing how stories of mythology and religion become superseded with science.

Vestigial doesn't mean useless, learn what it really means.

Rapper Pharrell Williams explains that if you don't believe that the entire universe was created by an all powerful deity specifically for you to enjoy, you're "arrogant and pompous."

While Christians often tell each other that if their child ever becomes a homosexual or an atheist, they should disown them, atheists tell each other, if your child ever becomes religious, continue to love them.

Police repeatedly slam a California woman onto the pavement and fist-bump each other afterward, apparently because she was resisting arrest, but there was a surveillance camera the police were unaware of which captured everything on film, it it sure doesn't look like she was resisting.

Julia Galef talks about how people can teach themselves to change their minds.

If you want to learn something better, try figuring out how to teach it.

This reminds me very much of my highschool days.

More easter eggs in the Mario franchise.

India now has a Mars orbiter! And they did it with a price tag $600 million cheaper than NASA's MAVEN.

My Floridian friends may be disheartened to know that Florida State University just elected to a Creationist who doesn't believe in evolution or climate change, and has no academic training as their president!

Happy first day of autumn!

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Despite being the country's largest majority and having 90% coverage in politics, Evangelical Christians are now viewed as being more discriminated against than atheists!

This TAM panel talk all about pseudo-science in medicine.

While the Texas School Board has many problems, it's nice to see they're listening to the public about the myriad factual errors in their textbooks. It is frightening, however, to see what some Texans think should be put into their children's textbooks!

What exactly is ALS and Ebola?

A song for knowing when to use you're or your.

Gettin' my code on

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Got stung by a bee on Saturday for the first time in 10 years!

Golden State Baptist College revealed their (poorly vetted) Alumni of the Day: David Jorgensen. They describe him as "Godly" and "Serving in the Lord's work!" I guess that's true if the Lord wants him to molest a 14-year-old girl.

Obama campaigned under the disarmament of nuclear weapons, but now he's spending $3 trillion to revitalize the country's nuclear missiles and silos.

Vsauce brings up some rather strange coincidences.

New Jersey wants everyone to know that the state is so far out of touch that they will try and arrest college students who setup online Bitcoin miners to help web sites make money without needing advertising.

Bill Nye was the keynote speaker at TAM, and here is his speech, although, I think I like the preceding speech more by Eugenie Scott.

How does The Pirate Bay remain active after all these years? Because it's hosting computers don't exist as physical severs, but rather virtual servers all over the world that can be moved around so easily that hosting companies don't even know that they're hosting it!.

Why IS your poop green?

Free ice cream for children is only free if the children listen to a sermon about Jesus!

Christian feel-good preacher Joel Osteen finally quotes from the bible and gets everything wrong.

Things like to be categorized by me

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A Sufi Muslim claimed that he could kill a man and raise him from the dead, and when he actually got a volunteer, he did just that! Trouble is, while slitting the volunteer's throat was pretty easy, the part about reanimating the corpse didn't quite work out.

The Secular Coalition For America is grading the 2014 congressional hopefuls based on their secular values. As they continue to update their site, more states will be added.

Which hurts more? Childbirth or getting kicked in the balls?

Religious people still think that atheists are just angry at their god.

Aron Ra talks about how we know the things that we know.

Rachel Bloom sings this wonder historically accurate Disney-esque song.

The new Simon's Cat is hilariously sad.

So how do scientists know how far away is a star? And how and why do bees make honey?

I like categorizing things

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Rather than allow Anita Sarkeesian to be awarded a Game Developer's Choice Ambassador Award for her work pointing out the sexism inherent in videogames, someone emailed several bomb threats to the organizers.

John Oliver looks at the problem with fro-profit schools and student debt.

The new Silent Hill trailer is nightmare fuel.

I can't tell if ISIS is more like Fundamental Christians or vice-versa. ISIS doesn't want children learning about math, physics, politics, social studies, and certainly nothing about evolution. All of these questions must be answered with "Allah didit!"

Racing the London tube!

In allowing Hobby Lobby to avoid obeying the law, the Catholics on the US Supreme Court also allowed Fundamentalist Mormons to not have to adhere to child protection laws.

Hamsters, the ultimate competitve eating champs!

The US Air Force was trying to force all soldiers to say a Christian prayer, and after an atheist refused to do it, they tried to prevent him from joining, but after the American Humanist Association got their legal team involved, the Air Force finally decided to respect the Constitution.

It's sad that there are still people in this day and age that react to their homosexual children like this.

Makin' vidjagame music!

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Had a lot of fun playing volleyball with Sarah, White Jon, and Emily yesterday.

In general people on the Internet are awful.

We still live in a day where a mainstream television actor can say AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuals and keep his job.

Republican Russell Pearce wasn't expecting such negative feedback when he suggested mandatory birth-control for women on Medicaid. How out of touch do you have to be to NOT think people are going to lose their shit when a man wants to force reproductive planning on women?

If you're holding a rally so a public school can force all the students to worship your god, you're religion is not being persecuted.

John Oliver gets fan mail.

Easter egg hunting in the Mario games, part 1 and part 2.

People make mean tweets toward NFL players.

How out of an atheist should you be?

What does the church have to do with Game of Thrones?

How to deal with litter bugs.

Makin' music!

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I've noticed this more and more with the increase of televised combat: Christians beating people up for Jesus.

Pascal's Wager is covered in depth by Matt Dillahunty.

Mike Huckabee knows that Christians will bring an end to Islam because, the bible.

Florida Christians demanded to be allowed to distribute bibles in public schools, and since the school administrators wanted the Christian to get their way as usual, they get to hand out bibles. Of course, the beauty of the US Constitution is that if one group gets to do it, everyone does. Naturally, a bunch of atheists demanded to hand out books as well, but it didn't stop there! A group of Satanists are now demanding that they be allowed to hand out their own books, and unless the school board makes the Christians stop handing out bibles, books about Satanism will find their way into the Florida students. Now if only we could convince the Texans to stop wasting tax-payer money defending a plaque on a public elementary school that mentions the "holy" Christian church; a guaranteed legal loss.

SciShow talks about the comeback of blue whales and using a smart phone to measure morality, what happens after you flush, and gynandromorphs.

Christians, god bless 'em, try so hard to be cool, but they're never quite able to be cool because they're so, well, lame. You can't take the song "I Like Big Butts," convert it into a Christian song, and expect it to be cool.

If fundamentalist Christians really believed what they said, they should accept this offer for a free trip to be sent to the land of Islam.

Utah police shot Darrien Hunt dead because they claim he was lunging at them with a sword. The sword in questions was a edgeless replica, and though police claim Hunt was lunging at them with it, they somehow managed to shoot him in the back.

Who would have thought that giving all your money to someone who affirmed the Libertarian mantra of "greed is good," would have negative repercussions?

I dig videogame music!

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These are legit quotes from Republicans about rape.

Add one more platform to the long list of devices that can run DOOM. The new one is a Canon printer!

Microsoft just bought Mojang (the creator of Minecraft) for $2.5 billion. There is no possible way that future sales of Mojang products will even come close to recuperating that much money, so what was Microsoft's impetus? My initial thought was to make the game exclusive to the XBox One and screw over everyone else, but Microsoft claims that they will continue to update the game on various other platforms. Whether they're being honest, and at what cost other consoles will have to pay is unknown.

Is autism really on the rise, or did doctors just get better at diagnosing mild cases of it?

Libertarian mentality: the truth isn't something you discover, it's something you buy.

Dinosaurs are so very different these days.

When told to stop saying "God bless you," to customers, Cynthia Fernandez quit her job as a toll-booth operator. Apparently, if she isn't allowed to rub her religion in the face of Hindus, Muslims, atheists, and others, she feels she's being so persecuted she needs to quit. Until she can learn how to sympathize with people of differing religions, I say, good riddance!

You may know the Pledge of Allegiance? but can you pass this quiz on the history of the pledge?

After a woman successfully got her driver's license photo take with a colander on her head, per requirement of the church of the flying spaghetti monster, the state of Oklahoma has decided to address its rules regarding religious headgear.

Conservative Christian Jeff Bergosh says that if practitioners of Pagan religions or Voodoo were allowed to deliver an invocation at a city meeting, they would be disrespectful pranks (because nobody takes indigenous religions seriously, right?) to which he would never listen, and would in fact defy! Then, to show his diversity, he talks about all the various Christians he allowed to deliver invocations in the past, and hell, he wouldn't even be that miffed if a Jew spoke, as long as it was about his god!

Space in geckos!

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Greta Christina's talk yesterday was wonderful, as was hanging out with all the skeptics and atheists.

The bible never says that marriage is between one man and one woman, but does say men should buy their brides, that men can have hundreds of brides, that men can take wives from unwilling captive slaves, and that marriage should only be entered upon if a man can't control his sexual urges.

Teens react to an 8-bit NES, and even though they're all dressed in the fashions of the 80's, they haven't a clue what it is or how to play even the most basic of games.

Thank God we have Ebola!

The automated cigarette machine was an amazing, if terrible, invention.

That's a big dinosaur! That's a big morning sickness! That's a big clitoris!

What's the deal with star-shaped stars?

Geckos in space!

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Heading to Farmington Hills tonight to see Greta Christina give a talk on coming out as an atheist.

Daniel Holtzclaw has been charged with raping several women, but he's out on bail and is on paid leave from his job as a police officer.

If you attend a Texas public school, there is a good chance you'll be taught the Jesus was the founder of the USA, that black people are of a different race, and that the Civil Rights Movement didn't really accomplish anything, all thanks to Christian Republicans!

How well do you know Dragon Warrior?

Republicans Paul and Theresa Wieland are trying to sue the White House because their daughters have access to birth control through their insurance. Imagine their daughters being able to remain free from STIs and plan when they want to have children... the horror!

It's probably for the best that Disney princes aren't real.

A public elementary school in Arkansas held an assembly for its students to remind them that Jesus loves them, and if they don't have Jesus in their heart, the school's teachers and administrators would be happy to convert them to Christianity.

By measuring the Doppler shift of galaxies, astronomers were able to discover that our local cluster is actually a small part of a much bigger cluster.

Russia's space geckos didn't make it.

I like geeky things

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John Richard Balyo, host of a Michigan Christian talk show, pleaded guilty to raping an 11-year-old boy.

Make sure your doggie is healthy and not doing these things.

Descending into an active volcano isn't the smartest thing to do, but it makes for a cool video.

Evangelical Christian Sue Means was really hoping to win one for Jesus and put up an "In God We Trust" banner in a Pennsylvania courthouse, but as usual, Jesus just couldn't pull through and the city vetoed the bigotted banner.

Rebecca Watson talks about Women's Equality Day, PMS, and dumb comments about Robin Williams's suicide.

A lot of site will be showing loading screens to remind everyone what the Internet would be like without Net Neutrality.

The Engineer Guy talks about Kodak cameras and air conditioning.

The Friendly Atheist talks about the best things about Hell.

You cowards and your wrathful God will see what power means
when the Dragon comes, His will be done, in the fires you'll be cleaned
Oh let him rise!

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A simple example of climate change's affect on the US coastline can be seen with the fact that Louisiana is no longer shaped like a boot.

The guy who disseminated hundreds of stolen celebrity pictures is complaining that the press won't respect his privacy.

There is some irony behind the fact that we have a couple of religious people to thank for the Supreme Court decision that people don't have to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance which has now become a religious anthem. But it is specifically because of the addition of those religiously charged words that the American Humanist Association encourages people to stay seated during recitations of the Pledge.

14 more commandments that should be added (or replace) the existing 10.

Despite the rejection from her family and a couple years of Christians trying to turn her straight, Amanda Barbour finally got the wedding she always wanted.

The current definition of the kilogram may be going the way of the dodo.

Since Catholics can't be trusted to report child rapists, the US Supreme Court may be asked to rule on whether they're allowed to keep child rapists hidden among their ranks.

I hope Studio Ghibli doesn't close its doors for good.


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My videogame party was a roaring success! A wonderful time was had by all, and people especially loved the trivia portions that I worked so hard on. Looking forward to doing it again in the future, but not for awhile because it did take a lot of money and work to pull the whole thing off.

97% of climate scientists are now in agreement that not only is global climate change real, but that humans are the primary cause. So, for the next 97 hours, this site will give another quote from a climate scientist. Despite this, people just aren't interested in climate change.

Oklahoma is digging its grave deeper. After they allowed a Ten Commandments monument on their lawn because it was donated, the local Satanic Temple wanted to donate their monument, the a Hindu temple wanted to donate their monument. Oklahoma fought back by declaring a moratorium on all further monuments. Wanting to see what the hold-up was about, MuckRock requested all government information about the Satanic Monument through the Freedom of Information Act, and what they found was quite telling. Not only were some of the Oklahoma elected officials talking about personally destroying the monument, but they also left out known documents relating to the FOIA request!

Over a third of Harvard's Freshman class identify as some type of non-religious.

The online Christian hate magazine Charisma News recently published an article written by Gary Cass who documented his three step plan for ridding the world of Muslims. Step one is to try an convert them to Christianity, which he admits will fail because of the bible. Step two is to either deport all Muslims or sterilize them to prevent them from passing on their Islamic genes, which he also admits will fail. Step three is pretty simple, murder all the Muslims. Surprisingly, Charisma News thought that a plan very similar to the Final Solution was worthy of print, but eventually realized their error in giving a microphone to someone who calls for genocide. They took down the page without an apology, apparently hoping nobody would notice. Too bad this is the Internet where nothing disappears.

So yeah, Bloodsport is an awful movie, but it's still fun to watch for scenes like these.

Another Christian parent decided to turn to Jesus instead of a doctor and another child dies from a treatable disease.

August had some pretty bad television news blunders.

A winner is you!

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My drunken NES party is tomorrow! I'm all set with food, booze, videogames, and trivia!

Saudi Arabia reaffirms its dark ages style culture in its refusal to free Raif Badawi. Badawi is looking at 10 years in jail, 1,000 lashes, and a fine of $260,000 for suggesting that Saudi Arabia become more progressive toward women's rights and religiously tolerant.

How militarized is the police force in your county? This is an interactive map of just how much unnecessary military gear has made it into the hands of your local police force.

A very impressive operatic performance.

The US Air Force, will not let you join unless you first sign a Christian prayer.

22 simple reasons to stop believing in a god.

The same-sex marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana have both been overturned!

John Stuart Mill, of his own free will, on half a pint of shandy was particularly ill

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I'm almost completely ready for my drunken NES party for this weekend! There will be 8-bit gaming, alcohol, and trivia! What more could a man want?

It was expected, but now we have research to confirm it, religion ruins science and technology. As countries increase in their religiosity, they decrease in their science and technology.

How ironic that the Tea Party is a Fundamentalist Christian political-religious movement, and the man most responsible for the Boston Tea Party was not a Christian at all, but a deist.

Bart Ehrman gives a wonderful talk on the Gospel of Judas with Q&A.

Federal courts rule that BP was negligent for the Gulf oil spill and they are to be held responsible for the destruction they caused.

Aron Ra gives a lecture on the origin of life.

Heading back to school... IN HELL!

Game Sack reviews some unreleased games.

You offered your father could be mine. We looked at your family tree and politely declined

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John Oliver explains the problem with America's wealth gap.

If Texans don't want to be viewed as racists sexist bigots, maybe they should being racist sexist bigots.

Aron Ra's video series on the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism is very informative.

DarkMatter2525 gives an interesting take on the origin of God and why he acts like such an asshole.

A record-breaking Mandelbrot Set zoom has been made and it's amazing.

Alcohol doesn't actually kill brain cells, but it's still toxic and I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Elizabeth Loftus teaches us just how fallible our memory can be.

It's a bad idea to offer $100,000 to someone if they can prove your god doesn't exist, because they might just end up doing it, and make you look like a fool.

I wanna be the one!

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In Georgia, it's legal to answer emails while driving. It's even legal to run over and kill a cyclist while doing so... if you're a cop.

How does Star Trek do on the Bechdel Test? Surprising well (TOS not withstanding).

Germany created a wonderful way to make more atheists. They changed their tax law so that, if you declare yourself an atheist, you don't have to pay the church tax. As you can imagine, the country saw a record amount of people leave their churches.

All lot of your friends are your friends humans seem to instinctually prefer friends with similar DNA!

Sheesh! You kidnap a few children and abuse them, and suddenly everyone wants you out of their town! It's not easy being a Torah-following Jewish sect.

Why was CNN interviewing Anjem Choudary, a Muslim cleric who thinks terrorist attacks are just punchlines.

Florida mayor John Rees thinks he has the right to expel people from city meetings who don't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the local police force is equally as ignorant. While Rees was able to get away with bullying and violating the Constitution, the FFRF is making sure that it doesn't happen again.

Charges of abuse and child neglect are probably not the kind of thing a Christian school wants to have on their record.

Poor Robin Williams, he's now stuck in Hell.

After several years of work and finishing the first four books, I've wrapped up the The Blasphemer's Bible. Time to start a new project.


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How racist is Fox News? Let Jon Stewart explain.

Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan, two judges who accepted millions in kickbacks for all the children they sent to for-profit detention centers for minimal crimes, have exhausted their appeals and will be on their way to prison! Unlike what they gave to the children they incarcerated, they received a fair trial, but are both looking at over a decade in the slammer due to their racketeering. Robert Mericle, the owner of the for-profit detention center who was paying them for the kids is also receiving a prison sentence, but a very lenient one-year sentence.

Ohio Republicans are trying to ban the teaching of the scientific method in public schools and replace it with the memorization of only those scientific facts that don't conflict with their political or religious ideology.

SciShow explains why dogs eat grass and what happens to your body when you're exposed to the vacuum of space.

Veritasium explains from where the son gets its energy.

Republican hopeful Jody Hice, has a very bad habit of posting false quotes about the founding fathers. It's really not that hard to visit Wikiquote!

Top 10 improvised movie scenes.

2014 was a good year for skeptics.

Over the years the Disney company has made some amazing videos like this racist instructional on using an anti-tank rifle.

The US Army is again handing out religious books to soldiers illegally.

Numbers ends with incest in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ready to play some 8-bit Nintendo

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After her most recent installment of Tropes vs Women in Games, Anita Sarkeesian has received too many threats to count. To my gaming bretheren, if a woman tells you that the videogames you play might be responsible for causing violance against women, you can't prove the argument wrong by threatening to murder women.

Trinity Broadcasting Network's founder Paul Crouch appeared to be tied to gun-running, drugs, white-supremest groups, and espionage!

HPV is the most common STI in American, and the second more lethal, so why aren't more women getting the vaccine?

The mystery behind the traveling rocks at the Death Valley Racetrack has been solved.

Meet the mites living on your face right now.

Republicans perform a survey to see if women voters like them, and surprise surprise, they don't! They should also do a survey on how the public looks at their current view regarding climate change which has become, "even if it's true, I don't care."

Washed up actor Kevin Sorbo uses the old chestnut, atheists secretly believe in God, that's why they're so angry! The reality of course is that Kevin Sorbo secretly knows gods don't exist, and that's why he's so angry at atheists because we're happier and more moral than he.

When you give a 9-year-old girl an uzi and tell her to open fire in full automatic mode, don't be surprised when she loses control of the gun and it kills the instructor. Guns are heavy machines designed to kill people, what the hell are you doing giving one to a 9-year-old?

If elected as a city judge to Pineville, LA, Lauren Saucier's first order of business will be to piss all over violate the Constitution and non-Christians of her city.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, Christian minister and Republican hopeful suggested that, because Congressman Jared Polis is gay, he'll also joinc ISIS and start beheading Christians.

Another secular victory! The California Chico City Council had a policy in place that would prevent secularists from giving invocations, but thanks to the work of George Gold, that policy has changed!

More squabbles about women in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Get a grip take a sip from my Molotov mug

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There's more evidence of abiogenesis. A rather simple study of placing simple molecules in a hot solution similar to what scientists think the ancient Earth was covered in shows that the more complex molecules that allow for metabolism will spontaneously form.

Did you know gaming, re Castlevania.

Racists love homeschooling because it keeps their kids away from non-white children so they don't end up falling in love with a minority.

National Treasure had some serious flaws.

No, the CDC has not been hiding evidence that vaccines cause autism, because they don't, no matter how much made-up evidence you can concoct. Instead, watch this lecture about the evidence behind what actually causes autism.

Religious people tend to be their own worst enemies.

Pat Roberts explains how being raised by straight women turns boys into homosexuals, and the best thing to do if you think your son is homosexual is to surround him with strong men.

John Oliver's interview with Stephen Hawking is amazing.

More squabbles about land in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Like a film that's so bad but I've gotta stay til the end

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Attended my Aunt Debbie's funeral yesterday. Kind of a bummer.

Turns out, if you're a police officer and you do a public rant explaining your hatred of women, Muslims, and homosexuals, and then threaten to murder people, you can expect to get suspended.

A pretty awesome cover of Bloody Tears and Terra's Theme.

What happens when a group of boys allow girls to play Dungeons and Dragons with them?

Byzantine Jesus is where it's at!

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski is another Catholic clergy member who raped a bunch of children and was protected from jail by the Vatican.

Ian Harris does some atheist stand-up.

John Oliver does some news predictions for their off time. Probably just as accurate as the rest of television news.

Hemant Mehta wonders should we guard our children against religion?

The Super Mario World now has lyrics!

God is still a hypocrite in The Blasphemer's Bible.


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Skeptics In the Pub tonight! It's time for deep conversation and laughs!

Fresh from his role as being an angry atheist who gets killed because he wasn't Christian enough in God's Not Dead, washed-up actor Kevin Sorbo calls the people in Ferguson, "losers" and "animals" for protesting the police killing an unarmed teenager.

This little 4-year-old boy wants to become a police officer, so why is CBS presenting him as nothing more than a gun lover?

Abbott & Costello's Who's On First bit still cracks me up.

Catholics want you to stop supporting ALS research because they think using the stem cells of discarded embryos is more evil than curing a disease that affects actual people.

Don't worry, us blue-eyed folk aren't going anywhere.

Republican Ben Carson says that taking bibles out of tax-payer funded hotels is forcing the "religion" of atheism on the people who sleep there!

If you don't have enough money for yourself, you probably shouldn't be giving it to the church.

It's out of date now, but FIFA really sucks.

I would totally shop at this mall.

Women can't be witnesses in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I followed the rabbit and now I am lost and alone

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Herd immunity explained with zombies.

Vsauce explains various trap words, rhymes, and such.

Teacher gives her students a paper containing a pre-1954 Pledge of Allegiance the way the original author intended it to be written, without the words "under god," and Christians and Fox News flip out!

Nine armed police officers descended on a California man on a college campus, their assault rifles pointed directly at him. They thought he had a gun, but it turned out to be an umbrella.

John Oliver teaches us why we shouldn't visit Antarctica.

In an effort to look smarter, Creationists pose in front of fake laboratories.

Russell Brand comments on how Fox News has been covering the Ferguson protests and the deadly shootings.

Sometimes churches do things right.

Pinky and the Brain do Pulp Fiction.

God's rules about murder are as nonsensical as you'd expect in The Blasphemer's Bible.

"As paranoid as an incompetent IT admin" should be a saying

Feeling: Happy


After ranking every song on my DAP on a 1-10 scale, I wrote a program that generates databases with all of the songs and their ratings. This allows me to generate objective lists of favorites (based on my subjective tastes). Some of the most common lists are now in my Wiki like Favorite Albums, Favorite Artists, and Favorite Composers. The data also allows me to see my favorite days in music based on the release date of albums: October 1st, 2002, and my favorite genres: rock, alternative rock, and indie rock. I can even see my least favorite genres based on the songs to which I actively listen: French house, funk metal, house, avant-rock, and rap metal.

Are those unbelievably expensive and unhealthy airport scanners keeping you safe? Turns out you could easily carry a pistol, a knife, and plastic explosives though completely invisibly!

Police officer Sunil Dutta writes an article that should be titled, "I'm a cop, and if I want to go beyond my authority and take away your civil liberties, you better just lie there and take it like a bitch, or I will MURDER YOU!"

John Oliver has much to say on the militarization of the police.

Why is the state of Kentucky giving $18 million in tax breaks to a religious organization that has extremely discriminatory hiring practices?

Pass the sun screen.

Another Christian with a persecution complex lies about how awful her life is after a teacher told her to stop disrupting class.

The multi-faceted complicated theories behind what killed the dinosaurs.

Watch as Senator Whitehouse explains climate change to Republicans.

In an effort to show that lemmings commit mass-suicide, Disney film makers pushed them off a cliff in this documentary.

God's cool with families murdering each other in The Blasphemer's Bible.


Feeling: Happy


John Oliver covers the problems with predatory lending and why it really ruins the poor.

Remember the Habersham County police department? The ones who used a SWAT team to break into a family's house, possibly under false pretenses, and then threw a flash bang grenade into a baby's crib burning off a large portion of the baby's skin, and then let the baby continue to burn before allowing anyone near the baby or even calling an ambulance, and the person they were looking for hadn't been at the residence in months? Well, after a week of treatment at two different hospitals, the baby is finally back with its parents, but the Habersham County police department is refusing to pay for the baby's medical expenses!

The Chinese members of the Church of the Almighty God who beat woman to death because they thought she had evil spirits in her are going to trial.

I wish Audrey Quank were real.

The voices of Pinky and the Brain do Abbott and Costello.

Why religious people should live for this life instead of the next one, and yes, atheists can still appreciate religious art.

God's all-knowingness isn't so hot in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The kids are all right

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A grandmother and her granddaughter were sitting across from me at Olive Garden. Grandmother: I heard they had children's church this morning. Granddaughter: It sucked! ...awesome kid!

Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, was fatally shot several times by the police in Illinois leading to protests and rioting, so how is the Conservative white population responding to the incident?

Amanda Scott has been trying to fight Alabama's move to put up a plaque reading, "In God We Trust" in a city building. This lead Bennie O. Ashby, a correctional officer at the Alabama Department of Corrections to suggest executing her.

A time line of the entire universe put into perspective.

Christian preacher T.B. Joshua knows how to stop the Ebola outbreak in Africa, he spent $100,000 to ship the people there gallons of holy water! Problem solved!

The idea of an evil Dark Link is pretty racist!

After Roy Moore installed a Ten Commandments monument at the state courthouse illegally, was ordered to remove it, refused, had it removed anyway, and lost his job as a Chief Justice because of it, Alabama Christians still haven't learned their lesson. Now Tim Guffey if trying to erect a Ten Commandments monument, but he's trying to avoid Moore's fate by adding excerpts from the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and hoping nobody will notice.

As someone who played D&D in college, I can assure you that this is an accurate portrayal of RPG geeks.

Even though the US Supreme Court ruled that if states were going to allow prayers at meetings, they couldn't ban particular groups including religions they didn't like or secularists. So why is Florida excluding Humanists?

Levites get LOTS of cities in The Blasphemer's Bible.

"Happiness at the misfortune of others," that -is- German!

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In a wonderful case of schadenfreude, Jonathan Saenz, leader of Texas Values, a hate group against homosexuals, had his wife leave him for another woman!

Aron Ra has a beginner video on what it means to be alive.

Louis C.K. makes an interesting point, why aren't Christians all environmentalists?

A wonderful poem about creationists and sex.

Watching celebrities audition for movies is pretty awesome.

Some of the things atheists wish religious people knew about atheism.

Why you'll definitely want to have a space suit on when you leave your space ship.

Rob Paulsen, the voice of Yakko from the Animaniacs, re-sings the Countries of the World.

Levites get bigger cities in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And all the storms in life, you got to contemplate

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The first women in history has been awarded the prestigious mathematics-based Fields medal.

Fox "News" mentality, Christians are persecuted in Iraq, therefore the USA shouldn't follow the first amendment.

Canadian Catholics are expected to pay $20,000,000 the the families of all the children they raped.

Bart Ehrman disagrees with the mythicists who say that Jesus didn't exist, but that doesn't mean he believes Jesus had magical powers.

I'm Bender baby, and I hate the 49ers!

DarkMatter2525's new video is all about how people have a personal relationship with god.

How the satellite Rosetta was designed to catch up with and follow a speeding comet!

It takes teamwork to kiss the girl you fancy.

Why are sharks full of cartelige rather than bone?

God eschews democracy in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Hung nail... a hang nail that was removed

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In a new Edward Snowden interview, he explains how he left clues behind for the NSA to find so they would know exactly which documents he copied so they wouldn't think of him as a spy, but they continue to claim that he stole much more than he claims, indicating that they're either trying to punish him harder than they should, or they missed his clues all together. Considering that they destroyed several million dollars worth of computers out of paranoia, it's probably the latter.

Republicans in South Carolina are trying their best to keep their state in the bottom third of graduates by making sure their students know as little about biology as possible. They continue to elect school board members who don't understand evolution and try to inject religious dogma into the curriculum. People like Senator Mike Fair even invite Christian Fundamentalists to give talks to state officials. Although, that's not as bad as this Georgia school which bullies its students to publicly pray and read bible verses.

These Christian parents removed all nine of their children from public school so they could home school them the way Jesus intended. However, the parents didn't bother teaching their children anything other than the bible because, as the parents put it, they were going to be raptured soon anyway.

Rob Paulson runs through just a few of the many cartoon characters he voiced, as does Billy West.

A wonderful trailer for the Unholy Trinity Tour.

You know the speed of light, but what about the speed of dark?

"Where did the Earth come from," should really be, "from where did the Earth come?"

Rich Fulcher makes it awfully difficult for Will Arnett to take this interview seriously.

More Zelda Did You Know Gaming.

God gives different borders for the Promised Land for the third time in The Blasphemer's Bible.

If there isn't intent behind an action, use "how" not "why"

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A couple of victories against religion. One, the rabbis who have been giving infants herpes after sucking their penises during a circumcision have been banned from the practice in New York, and thanks to the FFRF, the US Navy will stop putting bibles in government-funded hotels.

Does the worst pain in existence come from stinging insects?

C0nc0rdance explains why he unsubscribed to two controversial voices in the atheist movement.

The evolution of videogame music in a cappella.

The Friendly Atheist talks about things that don't disprove evolution and gives several simple arguments against the existence of God.

The universe is weirder than you think, but can you figure out why?

God is a prick in my eyes in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Sore legs, but fond memories

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Camping was a lot of fun. Emily and I both enjoyed the five-mile hike and had a wonderful time playing in the falls this year. The water was down quite a bit, so there wasn't much in the way of a current through the river, but that doesn't mean the falls still couldn't knock you on your ass!

When waiting until you're married to lose your "virginity" becomes a bad decision.

Tennessee has a problem keeping its citizens educated and is currently in the bottom 10 for both percentage of high school graduates and bachelor's graduates compared with the other 49 states. Luckily, Republican governor Bill Haslam has the answer to help what he calls, the state's greatest asset, its students. No, he isn't going in increase funding for schools, he's going to declare a state day where Christians flood onto college campuses and pray over the students! Problem solved!

There was another victory for the Constitution at the city hall in Bloomfield, New Mexico. They erected a Ten Commandments monument on their front lawn awhile back, but some state Wiccans didn't approve of the state telling them their religion was wrong. A lawsuit ensued, and a district judge saw reason and ordered the monument removed!

Despite all that "love the sinner hate the sin" nonsense, Christians are especially hateful to homosexuals. Here are only a few recent hateful actions Christians have taken against homosexuals. When a church found out a man was gay, they canceled his funeral! A Texas social worker was fired from his job and told that, because he was a homosexual, he was "damaging to kids." Christians like to lie about who they are in order to distribute hate speech at gay-pride rallies. 63 Republican law-makers, no doubt all Christian, signed a document claiming that allowing same-sex marriage would lead to pedophilia and incest. And while it shouldn't matter that homosexuals are a minority in the country, they should still have the same rights as everyone else, that doesn't stop Christians for claiming that, because their numbers are so small, they shouldn't be granted equal rights.

Some interesting facts about Final Fight.

SciShow explains how animals are able to change their color and why we're having trouble maintaining Moore's Law.

John Oliver talks about the ineptitude of those who are responsible for the USA's nuclear bombs.

The bible is terrible at flashbacks in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Tahquamenon is hard to spell

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Emily and I are joining several friend in the UP for camping this weekend. Looking forward to wading through Tahquamenon Falls and hiking between the upper and lower areas!

Doctors explain some of the most basic things they had to explain to patients.

Despite the stereotypes that people on government assisstance are using the money to buy drugs, there doesn't seem to be any evidence to support that belief, and the drug tests end up costing the government more than what they save by kicking out the few actual drug users.

There is no link between abortions and breast cancer, but that doesn't stop politicians from claiming there is one, and then saying they never did!

Good Christian girls can't help but have lustful thoughts about men in suits, and therefore, Christian men shouldn't wear suits. Yes, this is a paradoy.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation was successful in preventing Iowa from spending $140,000 of taxpayer's money on a Christian park, but now the state wants to spend $165,000 on the surrounding areas. Those poor Christians are being persecuted! It's funny, you say something like, "Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion," and suddenly everyone thinks you're an asshole. Threaten to assassinate one author, and suddenly everyone thinks you're a murderer.

Just how tall can a skyscraper be?

Is a co-worker disrespecting you by telling you your religion (or lack thereof) is wrong? This may help.

How horror movies and science fiction got their trademark sound: The Theremin.

Who knew Aaron died 40 years after the exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible?

Already married for over a month!

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Scotland Catholics are learning the hard way that you can only protect child rapists for so long before people stop giving money to your churches, and you have to shut them down.

Texan police officer Rob Douglas posts about how much he hates people on food-stamps and wants to murder them all.

Why are the County Board members of Pittsylvania, Virginia still opening their meetings with a specific Christian prayer even after a judge told them to stop? And why is Republican Eddie Farnsworth, principle at a charter school that receives government funding allowing his English teacher to make her students read C.S. Lewis and the bible?

While we're still a long way away from figuring out the root causes of autism, here's a quick overview about what we know causes it (hint: not vaccinations).

John Oliver explains the problem with hidden advertising in the news.

Just how much information can words hold?

What you can learn about atheists from the Christian movie, God's Not Dead.

Cannibalism helped give us modern food packaging.

Watch Jim Jefferies rail against religion for a half hour.

Quantum entanglement is pretty spooky!

Why don't any of these locations match Exodus in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm somebody's miracle!

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Bill Husfelt Superintendent of Bay District public schools in Panama City, Florida has decided that, in light of the recent string of shootings in his district, nothing would be better than letting 30 Christian pastors into the school to interrupt classes by teaching the students about Jesus. Problem solved!

Why do preschoolers pickup new gadgets faster than college students?

Ever since Oklahoma started fracking, they've had more earthquakes then ever before, but the oil industry is pretty sure it has nothing to do with fracking!

Aron Ra talks about taxonomy by using an analogy with Godzilla monsters.

The science behind polarized lenses and the impending human-caused mass extinction.

C0nc0rdance reads a quote from Robert Ingersoll on individuality.

Why mass and weight are sort of the same thing, even though they're different.

It would explain a lot if Sarah Palin were just constantly intoxicated.

Dr. Holly Krieger explains the Mandelbrot Set.

Remember all the horror caused by the Israelites in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Too many awesome artists releasing new albums this summer!

Feeling: Happy


I was eating dinner at Olive Garden last night and I recognized their background music as Frank Turner's, The Way I Tend to Be. Frank is a British folk rock singer who I never expected to hear at a chain restaurant, not just because he sings songs like this, but because I've never met anyone who knew him other than myself. I've met many people who dislike it when the indie bands they love suddenly make it big, but I can't do that. I actually feel happy for him. While I've never met him personally (though I've seen him perform live), from listening to his music, he sounds like a conflicted, but genuinely nice, person, and I feel happy when people like that succeed.

The US is practically drowning in bibles. If you didn't get one handed to you at the last public event you were at (in my case, at a county fair), you'll be sure to find one at the next hotel you stay at (unless I stayed their first), or even if you joined the armed forces. Yet, despite our biblical saturation, Republican Steven Palazzo thinks that the problem with Congress today is that they've just never seen a bible before, so he sent each member of congress a bible with an attached note saying meditating on God's word is the best advice. The non-Christian congress persons probably don't agree.

Five common myths about evolution and why they're wrong.

Being in any of the Abrahamic faiths is like being in an abusive relationship.

Some behind the scenes audio of Aron Ra's review of the religious tract Big Daddy.

The first TMNT movie had some serious problems.

The first Ferris Wheel wasn't a small carnival ride, it was a behemoth!

Another long boring list of names in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Top Five Records

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate over the weekend. It was a wonderful read and explains a lot of research showing how the brain is very determined based on your genetics, environment, and especially your peer group, and how trying to alter our brains, or punish people for who they are is a lesson in futility.

Before you whistle at a girl on the street, consider how damaging it can be.

Why are so many of the arch-bishops in the USA millionaires? And after paying out $26,000,000 the families of children who were raped by Louisiana priests, why does bishop Michael Jarrell say there is "no reason" to release the names of those priests? Well, one of the names has been released, reverend Gilbert Dutel, who still works there!

Wings are really crazy, but not nearly as crazy as trying to make sense of them.

The publicly funded Texas police want you to know that they want their version of the Christian god to be forced upon children in public schools. But what can you expect from a state where the tax collectors force "In God We Trust" on the public's envelopes never seeing the irony between that and what Jesus had to say about tax collectors.

New Simon's Cat.

Wanna go looking for an exoplanet?

You can make an atheist have a spiritual experience, it just takes drugs.

Texans refuse to ever vote for a HETERO-sexual president.

Here's an interesting idea. What happens when you remove all of the jokes from a comedy show so all that's left is just the plot? The show is condensed down to only 3 minutes!

SciShow talks about the strange Bay of Fundy.

God's chosen people murder more innocents in The Blasphemer's Bible.

He's starting to believe

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Uganda wisely rules that their law which would punish homosexuals with execution is illegal and is to be annulled.

Police hire people to walk back and forth across an intersection all day long so they can slow down traffic and issue citations. Entrapment much?

Hate group leader, Tony Perkins, is losing his popularity on news channels. Both MSNBC and CNN have steadily reducing the bigot's appearance because he just can't seem to stop telling lies about the people he hates. Thankfully, one news organization has picked up the slack and are giving him an increase in air time. The organization? You guessed it, Fox News.

The last abortion provided in Mississippi is having a tough life, and always trying to stay one-step ahead of the Christians trying to murder him.

If you allow your child to attend an Evangelical or Charismatic church, this is the kind of stuff they'll be subjected to.

Republican Peter Palumbo, the asshole who called Jessica Ahlquist an "evil little thing" for sticking up for the US Constitution, is in the middle of a scandal. It turns out that he cost the state $250,000 by letting one of his cronies, David Caprio, take a contract that the state already won, and then Caprio gave Palumbo management control over it! This is a serious case of corruption! Caprio already resigned in disgrace, but Palumbo is trying to save face, hoping his constituents are too stupid to realize what he did.

Counter protests always make me smile.

The bible hits a time warp in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The river flows forever on, but the Dear Green Place is gone

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I just bought a box of a dozen individually packaged pudding cups and it came with recipes. Really? If you're the kind of person who buys 12-packs of individual pudding cups, you're not the kind of person who uses recipes!

For the first time in a long time I've updated my Lyrics database. There are now over 3,500 songs.

John Oliver talks about how Ugandan homophobia, and their death penalty came from America.

Aron Ra comments of the religious tract, Big Daddy.

Alabama Republican Chip Beeker doesn't want the EPA to restrict carbon emissions because God gave that coal to the great state of Alabama, and he'll be damned if they don't burn coal for God!

The AVGN has his 10th anniversary party.

A live recording of I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General.

Literally every else from your childhood is being made into a movie!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains the difference between climate and weather.

Moses can't math in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Is it summer yet?

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The Republican way of handling abortion laws is the same way they handle climate change laws, lie about everything and hope nobody knows how to google.

Did you know that tattoos are permanent because of our immune system?

Arguing with street preachers.

Once you grow out of the toddler stage there are just so many things you can't do anymore.

Damn natures, your genitals is scary!

Scientifically accurate Sonic the Hedgehog Theme Song.

One of Sam Harris's more cogent arguments against Christianity.

Yet another "psychic" fails miserably in public and the host calls her out on it.

Moses can't math in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's been a cold July

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Heading to see a Wizard of Oz sing-along tonight with Jackie! To get there, we need to follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Canadians who need sperm of ova from a reproductive clinic had better not want mixed babies because racist administrative director Dr. Calvin Greene won't allow races to mix!

John Oliver discusses the problem with USA's problems with prisons.

SciShow covers beavers, dark meat in birds, and the fear of holes.

Sam Harris briefly explains and then defends his Moral Landscape from the questions of other intellects.

Lewis Black talks about the stupidity of religion.

Buying a pharmacist's recommended allergy medicine in Florida may lead to your arrest, drug charges, and mistreatment from the police.

Vsauce and Veritasium team up to discuss what is random and what is not random.

Camp Quest is a secular summer camp for kids where they learn about science and philosophy rather than religious indoctrination.

Black Jesus looks like it will have a few funny jokes for each entire episode.

America's best Christian, Betty Bowers, has a new trailer.

God doesn't like pacifists in The Blasphemer's Bible.

We can dance if we wanna

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Thanks to my new Music Metrics program, I can now objectively (subjectively) say that my top five favorite days in music were: 2002-10-01, 2009-06-02, 1974-03-08, 1974-11-01, and 1996-08-27.

It bothers me that nobody has made a full-featured RAD programming language to replace Visual BASIC. And don't give me any of that, wxFormBuilder, GNOME project, etc. crap. Those are the least intuitive designers I've ever used. Also, language binding, while versatile is not Rapid Application Development. I tried the demo for Xojo, but the designer is garbage. Is "snap to grid" really such a difficult concept? Who the hell thought "snap to arbitrary guidelines" was a better idea?

What was feared by the sane judges on the US Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case has come true. Corporations all across the country are now demanding exemptions from various laws because they conflict with the religious beliefs, because corporations have religious beliefs, didn't you know? Well, while most Christian organizations are trying to skirt the law so that they can discriminate and lie to children, it is the Satanists who are trying to skirt the law in order to not be lied to by Christians in the government!

Chances are, you have some incorrect ideas in your head about your head!

Ray Comfort may lose his title "banana man" and start being known as "just plain stupid" after his most recent comment where he demonstrates the infallibility of the bible because the author of Job knew, long before modern scientists, that there was no gravity in space.

Climate change. Yes, it's real; yes, we're the cause; yes, unless it's stopped, it's going to be terrible.

I think I'm going to have to go to Oak Ridge Alliance Church and ask one of their more attractive preacher's wives for some "forgiveness."

Rap battle between nerds and geeks.

Daniel Tanoos, Superintendent of the Indiana Sarah Scott Middle School, doesn't understand what's the big deal about having teacher Jeffrey Burress lead his students in a prayer to his god. Thankfully, the Freedom From Religion Foundation does know what the big deal is, and the district has agreed to put an end to the practice. This is what I love about the various heroes of this movement. Jessica Ahlquist became a social pariah at her school for having the gall to stand up for the Constitution, but ever since then, schools are dropping their religious indoctrination without much of a fight. Now, the students don't have to receive death-threats and are able to go on learning in peace.

Mary Poppins isn't thrilled with her pay.

Like any religious person knows, This Land Is Mine!

A tribute to dancing in cinema, We Can Dance! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Back to dailies with The Blasphemer's Bible.

We're gonna rock it tonight!

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Skeptics In the Pub tonight! Looking forward to it since I missed last month due to a wedding.

Perfectly timed photos.

Candida Moss watches the awful Christian martyr complex movie, Persecuted, so you don't have to!

Computers are my substitute for love

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Heading down to Troy to see my friend Kelly who is up from Virginia!

Jews just can't seem to keep the penises of little boys out of their mouths and giving them herpes.

The reality of the persecuted Christian.

An interesting moving dot on a circle illusion.

A walk to forget

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After Emily made me watch "A Walk to Remember," I was motivated to make this.

Warren, Michigan Mayor Jim Fouts has no problem with a "Prayer Station" in City Hall, but when asked for a "Reason Station," his Christian bigotry couldn't abide that! He even wrote a letter to the person who submitted the application and accused him of trying to take away the Constitutional rights of religions. Only the Christian persecution complex can claim that being equal with people is tantamount to being stripped of your rights.

Curiosity witnessed an eclipse on Mars!

Stephen Fry explains Secular Humanism.

Weird Al is kinda lame.

Who knew that women have stripes?

How can you be a modern Republican and still be an atheist?

What happens in your body when you're struck by lightning.

That's enough embracing

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If you're trying to convince people that climate change is nothing to worry about, you probably shouldn't hire a spokesperson who compares carbon dioxide to the Jews. The person in question, William Happer, a physicist who doesn't study the climate, also assures us that carbon dioxide isn't a poison. Well good to know. So, I'm sure he won't mind wearing a SCUBA suit where the air tank has been replace by a pure CO2 tank for ten minutes.

Disney princesses as sloths is hilarious.

If you want serious flaws, you can find them in Titanic.

Why apples turn brown, and why humans blush, from SciShow.

Ten television shows that are considerably anti-religious.

This Southern talk show host thinks two men who love each other and are in a committed relationship kiss, it isn't an act of love, so why is it she enjoys kissing random male strippers?

Christians just can't understand that, when they're using the money and space of a college, they have to abide by the college's rules of non-discrimination.

Arguing with a religious Creationist is like banging your head against the wall. They will refuse any and all evidence, not because they understand it, but because they must in order to keep hold of their dogma.

George Washington rap battles William Wallace.

Embrace embracing!

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Nearing 300 points in Quest For Glory I, but stuck in the second task.

Sara Hellwege is a Christian nurse who applied for a job at a family planning center. It came up in her interview that she opposes the use of birth control and would never dispense any. Since dispensing birth control would pretty much be her job, the family planning center naturally didn't hire Hellwege, which is exactly what Hellwege wanted because she was only using the interview as a means to sue the family planning center. I sincerely hope there is a counter-suit brought against Hellwege for legal bullying, because her lawsuit, much like her belief, is crap. IF you refuse to do the job that you're applying for, it doesn't matter what your reasons are, you won't get the job, and no amount of temper tantrums will change that. I can't wait for the Christian Scientists to apply for jobs at an emergency room, but explain how their religion prevents them from dispencing medicine?

It's amazing what a little evidence-based comprehensive sexual education can do to a teen-pregnancy rate.

Another win against those insane antivaxers! New York state continues to refuse special exemptions for parents who aren't responsible for their children's health, and want to put all the children of public schools at risk as well.

As an attendee of Christian children's camp, I can attest to the trauma inflicted by them. Even when the people who run them try to make them look appealing, they still look like abuse.

Sure Christian authors will assert their beliefs as fact regardless of their inability to offer compelling evidence, but you'd at least expect them to get basic facts about animals correct.

In a study that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, children who are exposed to religion have a harder time distinguishing fact from fiction.

President Obama's new executive order prevents government organizations and contractors from discriminating against LGBT people. Christians are very upset that, in order to get new government contracts, they have to stop being bigots.

Chamber of Secrets had some minor problems.

Weird Al really likes foil.

SciShow talks about graphene and a hole.

Just how far away could the elven eyes of Legolas see?

Embrace freedom!

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Close to 250 points in Quest For Glory I, finished the first major task, and on my way to the second.

Finally! God does something to help end cancer.

In 2012, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sued the IRS in an effort to make them do their job. The IRS hasn't bothered to investigate a single case of religious electioneering in years, and they even tried to get the courts to throw out the lawsuit so they could continue not doing their jobs. Naturally, the courts allowed the lawsuit to continue, and as part of the settlement to get the FFRF off their back, the IRS has finally agreed to start doing their job! Whether they'll actually start taking away the non-profit status of churches who endorse specific political candidates is yet to be seen, but it gives good legal precedence for anyone wanting to sue the lazy IRS in the future.

What is it like to go to one of those "pray the gay away" Christian thought-crime camps?

Although it's still illegal in my home state, Ohio joins Indiana by allowing secular people the right to solemnize marriages.

Have to say, I kind of like Jenny Lewis' new music video for Just One of the Guys.

Archbishop John Nienstedt really hates homosexuals. He thinks their evil, disgusting, and is willing to spend over half a million dollars trying to prevent them from being allowed to marry. So then, is it any surprise that he's currently under investigation for having a lot of gay sex with other priests? Of course not. To make matters worse, he's also been accused of hiring child molesters to work in his diocese.

You may not have noticed it, but many of your favorite cartoon characters were voiced by celebrities.

Aron Ra talks about surpassing his Patreon milestones.

SciShow talks about the 50-year-old underground coal fire in Pennsylvania and how the human face and fist evolved to handle a good punching.

Embrace reason!

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Weird Al's new video is a grammar Nazi's wet dream; Word Crimes.

Thanks to Conservatives, corporations are now people. Because of this, some of the stories in their holy book need to be updated.

Supreme Court Republicans (also known as SCROTUS) have certainly emboldened Hobby Lobby, who is now trying to force public schools to teach the Bible as literal truth. Thankfully, the Freedom From Religion Foundation isn't having any of that!

After the Orange County School Board in Florida decided to let Christians hand out bibles in public schools, atheists decided they wanted to hand out atheist books as well. Naturally, the Christians on the board tried their best to stop them by banning the majority of the books the atheists wanted to hand out. A lawsuit ensued, and the school, rather than lose, decided to let the atheists hand out their books. Of course, soon the Muslims will want in, then the Satanists, and eventually every wacko with a faith will will make the school stop this nonsense and finally just stick to educating children!

Animals are smarter than you think.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rap against the Reniassance painters!

In looking for Bigfoot, sometimes you can actually find real science! Not from the myth of Bigfoot, but from ancient remains of extinct species.

Know your game, Doom!

Embrace logic!

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Playing Quest For Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero remake, this time, with the goal of actually beating the game! So far, so good. I'm playing as a fighter and have acquired around 150 quest points and am nearing 60 hit points.

What's this? A Christian who actually believes in climate change!?

I installed the trial version of Corel Draw X7. After a couple hours of using it, the only changes I've noticed are the elimination of the multi-document interface in favor of a less-friendly tabbed interface, an obnoxious white color-scheme instead of neutral gray, weakened ability to customize file types in the save dialog, and the introduction of a bug that prevents bitmaps from correctly saving their DPI. Don't think I'm ready to pay $500.

What happens when you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum?

Matt Dillahunty gives his take on the value of public debates.

Everything you know about the universe is wrong!

Richard Dawkins talks fossils and evolution in these six shorts.

Jesus' water to wine miracle can sometimes backfire.

Some of the more memorable catch-phrases from television shows, part 1 and part 2.

Dealing with Ken Ham's ridiculous "were you there" argument.

Faking it won't make your life any better.

The science behind popping your joints and cracking your knuckles.

Why you're destined to always be in the slow lane.

Embrace science!

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Coming back from a vacation is always difficult, particularly because of the laundry.

Thanks to the CFI, secularists in Indiana can now legally officiate weddings. Still waiting on Michigan.

Mayor Earl Bullard of Latta, South Carolina would rather have an alcoholic looking after his children than a lesbian, which is why he fired police chief Crystal Moore.

Robin Bartlett Frazier is on the city board at Carroll County, Maryland and she would rather go to jail than stop wasting tax-payer dollars forcing onto people her version of Christianity.

After God forgave Roy Neal Yoakem for sexually molesting an eight-year-old boy, he found work at the New Gospel Outreach Church where he sexually molested a fourteen-year-old girl.

At what age do women start thinking "throw like a girl" is a bad thing?

Here is a map of the USA highlighting the second most popular non-Christian religion. I actually tried to make such a map a month ago, but couldn't find the data to do so, so I'm glad someone else found it! Of course, in actuality, the second largest group in every state is non-religious. ;-)

How to get de-baptized.

When Emily Dawson had to deal with a Christian anti-abortion center employee as a sexual education teacher at a public school whose idea of sex-ed was saying that birth control was ineffective and dangerous, she and her mother fought back. Thanks to their efforts, and a lot of concerned parents who don't want their children "taught" by ignorant Christians, the school is eliminating them.

Brian Greene and Lawrence Krauss have a talk about string theory.

Do you think the Pacific Ocean has more waves because it has more surfers?
Did you seriously just ask that?
Wait! That's not what I meant!

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The wedding was amazing, Emily was radiant, and the ceremony was snazzy. The reception was both fantastic and highly exhausting. The honeymoon location was a bit underwhelming (Riu Bahamas isn't worth the cost), but both Emily and I had a great time. Despite going through two bottles of waterproof SPF 50 sun screen, I still got some pretty bad burns.

I care little for what the Church of England says, but it's nice to see that they're slowly catching up with the 1960's women's lib.

Conservative Americans love their guns, bibles, and flags, but they don't realize what it makes them look like.

Judge Michael Mettyear rules that having sex with an unconscious stranger is a loss of control, not "classic" rape.

Right after arguing that their Hobby Lobby decision would only affect closely-held companies objections to specific forms of birth control, the Conservative judges of the Supreme Court ruled that non-closely-held companies objections to all forms of birth control will also be affected.

Speaking of which, Eden Foods is the Hobby Lobby of the food industry. They refuse to cover women's contraception. When Michael Potter, Eden Foods' owner, was asked why he wouldn't cover birth control, his response was a bit baffling, "it's really none of my business what women do."

Three Christian pastors plead guilty for torturing a 13-year-old boy by rubbing salt into open wounds, spraying him with mace, and squeezing his nipples with pliers. Then, in order to teach him to be a better Christian, they drove him out into the desert, forced him to dig his own grave and proceeded to bury him alive.

Still no Tibetan sand fox :-(

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The rehearsal and henna party was about as extravagant as many of the American wedding receptions I've attended, so I can't wait to be fully blown away and exhausted from the actual reception! I'm also glad that I didn't find out I am allergic to henna while griping a large gob of it in my hand! And while we got plenty of gifts, I didn't get the thing I really wanted, a Tibetan sand fox.

We still live in a world where a man complaining that men aren't accurately portrayed in Orange Is the New Black, a show that takes place in a women's prison, can still be published in a major newspaper.

Fox news appears to have stolen the design of a BioShock emblem, which isn't nearly as bad as the Tea Party posting a BioShock comic making fun of groups like the Tea Party.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a huge problem. Many diseases that were once curable have become completely resistant to 95% of the antibiotics we have today, and we're running out of ways to make new antibiotics. Thankfully, we have some leaders who are finally listening to the experts and trying to institute measures to fight the problem. Unfortunately, these leaders are not in the USA! I will love it when I can claim that my home country is leading the fight against global problems.

More unhappily ever after Disney Princesses.

The Engineer Guy recently did a series on technology failures. In it, he goes over the PicturePhone, the Dvorak Keyboard, and the Betamax.

I have Independence Day off, Saturday is my wedding, and Monday morning I leave for a week in the Bahamas. So, if I don't post until the 14th, you'll know why!

Things are really heating up now!

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I would love some free time, but it seems like all I'll do for the next four days is wedding-related. Yesterday, Emily and I finalized the seating arrangements, looked for candle stick holders and a metal goblet, and began picking out music. Then, it turned 1:30 AM.

Five Christians on the Supreme Court decided that corporations, which are people, can have strongly held religious views and therefore their owners can decided not to follows laws which they don't agree, for example, allowing women to have access to certain types of birth control. The problem they have with birth control is that, even though the scientific consensus is that they can't cause abortions, the judges claim they cause abortions. Naturally, none of the male forms of contraception were affected and boner pills are still covered. True to form, Christian morality flies in the face of both science and morality. On the subject of Christian morality and judges, Judge Judith Hawkins is a Christian who has been running her Christian ministry from her courthouse and also was found guilty of deleting important court records about a court case brought against her!

I could also talk about an anti-abortion group who is suing a university on a free-speech issue because the university is making them put warning signs around their huge posters of autopsies.

Or what about The Old Schoolhouse, a Christian homeschooling magazine whose owners, for several years, protected a child molester?

Okay, enough bitching. Here's another video of Christopher Hitchens putting forth wonderful arguments and comebacks.

Jean Grey's interview in the Ex-Men and Sherlock Holmes really sucking at deduction.

Despite how much I write about them, the anti-vax crowd is actually still pretty small. They tend to very very poorly educated, so that helps keep them from organizing a decent lobby. However, despite their small numbers, the fact that their playing around with infectious diseases causes large consequences. Here is an interactive map that shows just how wide-spread the problem has become.

And Rebecca Watson thanks the anti-vax crowd for the latest outbreak of whooping cough.

An interview with Candida Moss about her book, The Myth of Christian Persecution.

You've probably seen it already, but what happens when total strangers slap each other?

It's a Verison commercial, which kind of takes away from the message a bit, but we need more women in STEM fields.

Can you stop the ride, I'd like to get off

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My bachelor party totally kicked my ass. Having a bunch of guys buying you drinks and being too polite to refuse is a terrible idea. I required all of Saturday to recover, which was good, because on Sunday I hung out with the Secular Humanist students of U of M Flint who were a lot of fun.

The US Supreme Court has just ruled that your boss can decide whether the health insurance will cover birth control, even when your boss doesn't have to pay for it. While they completely upheld Christian bigotry against women, because really, men's birth control doesn't need medical insurance, they suggest that they wouldn't uphold sweeping Christian bigotry to, for example, fire all homosexuals.

A Wisconsin SWAT team, while searching for a suspected drug user, smashed down a family's door and threw a flash-bang grenade into the crib of a toddler. The boy's chest was burned open and the SWAT team refused to allow the child to go to the hospital for several hours. When the toddler was finally taken to the hospital, the burn was so bad that the bones of his chest were exposed. The doctors had to put the child into a medically induced coma to save his life. The child has since been taken out of the coma, but the wound, and the brain damage, have yet to heal. The SWAT team never did find any drugs, as the suspect didn't even live at the residence.

The Boy Scouts of America are finally being inclusive to homosexuals. Now if they could only learn to stop hating atheists.

Nestle is doing the unthinkable, they're going to be the first company in the UK to pay each of their employees a living wage! That is because the current minimum wage in the UK is well below the living wage.

Thankfully, police now need a warrant to search your phone.

After another long and expensive trial, another public school teacher gets told by a judge that she wasn't the victim of discrimination when her school told her to stop preaching Christianity to her students.

For over 50 years now, Gallup has been asking Americans, do you feel that religion can answer today's problems, or is it out of date? Back when they began in 1958, 82% of Americans said that religion could answer our problems, and only 11% said it was out of date. Today, only 57% still think religion can answer our problems, and a full 30% think it's out of date. That's good progress!

New Zealand is cracking down on churches that are claiming they can heal the sick. Since all the evidence says they can't actually heal anything, New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority is forcing them to stop making medical claims! Wouldn't it be nice if the US could be so consistent?

Them's some good accents!

When your therapist has the same porn addiction as you.

33 examples of Christian privilege in the USA.

Rebecca Watson asks, is this the end of the blonde ditz?

I'm going to bachelor like it's 1999!

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Bachelor party tonight! I kind of feel like I'm doing this more for my buds than for myself, but that's okay, I'm going to have a great time anyway!

Massachusetts kind of sucks right now. First of all, why are they using tax-payer dollars to fund a private SWAT team that doesn't have to answer to the public? And why did their Supreme Court rules that buffer zones around abortion clinics that keep horrible Christians away from vulnerable women are unconstitutional, but the buffer zone around the courthouse is huge and impassible?

The View is a show about women, which sounds constructive until you find that the hosts are all credulous nitwits. Well, two of the stupidest hosts, Jenny McCarthy (who still thinks that vaccines case autism even though there is tons of evidence showing they don't) and Sherri Shepherd (who isn't convinced the Earth is spherical), are finally being fired. Maybe the show can raise a couple IQ points now?

The thing about the 1st Amendment is that the government must either exclude -all- aspects of religion from their work, or allow -all- religious equal access. This is the only way to be fair. Of course, if you live in Huntsville, Alabama the way to be fair is to allow Christians, but not Wiccans, because the Christian majority is afraid of them.

The WWII memorial has been open for 10 years now, but it's always felt like it was missing something... GOD! Congress voted to add a prayer to the memorial. probably because God was so instrumental in preventing the genocide of all those Jews. Well, several groups fought to prevent the addition of a prayer, and only a handful of congress voted against the prayer (all Democrats), but it still passed.

This is essentially a long commerical for GoPro and Monster, but it's still cool to watch a guy jump a Mini and crash it.

Garfield's owner Jon is really quite insane.

The Honest Trailer for Portal is pretty awesome.

The Engineer Guy shows you how your cellphone's accelerometer works.

Why is it the stupidest people seem to run for positions of education authority?

Why are so many Christians lying about how often they go to church?

You can be my sugar baby, you can be my honey chile

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Finally! The US Supreme Court rules that police aren't allowed to search your cell phone without a warrant.

Christian school, Bob Jones University, has a long history of covering up rape, but it gets worse when they require the victims to ask forgiveness from their rapists.

Epic Rap Battles of History adds Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye and Stephen King vs Edgar Allen Poe to their list.

The making of OK Go's "The Writings On the Wall" is just as fun to watch as the video itself.

An impressionist recites Hamlet's soliloquy as various actors.

John Oliver rips Dr. Oz a new one, but more importantly points out the failing of the US government to regulate dangerous supplements.

Mario has a problem with mushrooms.

When a preacher finally learns to accept same-sex marriage, his son comes out to him. That's a much happier ending than Republican Scott Esk who still thinks we should be stoning homosexuals.

The Game That Time Forgot is a pretty cool looking trailer for Tobias and the Dark Sceptres.

Feminist Frequency second chapter on women in videogames is out. It's called Women As Background Decoration.

Reward please!

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Still need to find a metallic goblet for our wine ceremony and make sure everyone is on board for the bachelor party. Seriously, having wedding parties is really more about other people than the people getting married!

New York has the right idea! Your ignorance toward vaccinations do not give you the right to infect my children! Especially with ubiquitous world travel making diseases like polio a concern again.

The second Traveler Photo Contest of 2014 has their finalists, and they're amazing!

Nigeria is a country where you will be forcibly kept in a psych ward due to atheism.

Mental Floss discusses some of their weirder museums in the world.

Honest Trailers covers Final Fantasy VII and The Lion King.

What if Asians said the stuff that white people say?

Ex-Evangelical preacher Jerry DeWitt talks about Hope After Faith.

OK Go's latest video is pretty awesome: The Writing's On the Wall.

Mario with realistic Koopa Shells.

Are monkey's mimicking, grunting, or talking?

Doing stuff is hard work!

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I picked up my wedding ring today! Looks great. Still have a few other things to worry about before the big day.

Who says gun nuts have to be nobodies? Louisiana's Republican governor, Bobby Jindal is currently advocating the violent take over of the US government.

Thanks to resent advances in epidemiology, we can prevent most diseases with a vaccine. Also, we can trace back epidemics from where they begin, which tend to start with parents too ignorant to vaccinate their children, probably because they got their medical advice from an actor who endorses smoking and injecting poison into one's face for beauty.

Russia continues to slide into theocracy by banning Marilyn Manson from singing songs that, according to the Moscow Times, " insult the feelings of believers." That's rough, but it's still not as bad as Pakistan which wants Twitter to censor all blasphemous posts.

It's rare that I post bad things about Democrats, not because I have any love for them, but because when Dems earn my ire, it's usually from theft or fraud, not from claiming they have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe who wants you to stop using condoms. However, I can't pass up New York Senator and Pentecostal preacher, Rubén Díaz, Sr. This is a man who thinks Satan himself is running schools. Díaz also hates dem gays, which is odd because he really likes to shake his hands in an extremely effeminate way.

Christian preacher Jack Schaap is especially nefarious. After convincing a sixteen-year-old girl to have sex with him, and getting caught, he's now asking for a more lenient sentence because, after all, it was mostly the girl's fault.

Pagans are not welcome in Beebe, Arkansas! When Mayor Mike Robertson found out that Pagans were moving into HIS city, he denied their church permit before they could even fill it out, and then the neighboring Pentecostal church began harassing them, and when they asked them to stop, the mayor had the Pagans arrested!

Minnesota Republicans just nominated a drunk-driving, bible-tauting, David Barton reading lawyer as a possible Supreme Court judge for the state.

British Prime Minister David Cameron claims that Great Britain is a Christian nation on the same day it is revealed that less than a quarter of the country's population is Christian, and over half doesn't profess religion of any kind!

Forget regrets, just remember, it's not so long since you were young

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The concert was more than amazing, you can read all about it here.

While in Chicago, Emily and I ate at a Korean/American restaurant called Rice 'N Bread. They served amazing yaka mein.

Why is the USA creating a trade agreement with several other countries behind closed doors?

I'll be back in the swing of things by tomorrow!

I don't wanna go see Queen, no more, no more!

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Early tomorrow morning Emily and I are taking a train to Chicago to see Brian May and Roger Taylor performing Queen songs with Adam Lambert. I'm about to pee myself.

Check out these amazing case mods!

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill makes Dr. Oz admit publicly that the weight loss "miracles" he advertises on his show would never pass scientific testing.

Rebecca Watson comments on the recent Christian ramblings saying that, if evolution is true, rape is justified.

For those who say that life it meaningless without an afterlife, then following that logic, and afterlife is meaningless without an after-afterlife.

Goku versus Superman. Who will win in a rap battle?

Making a bigger bang with hydrogen.

Why are all the Jews atheists?

The search for exoplanets is about to really go into full throttle when Minerva goes online.

Will it all blow up in our face?

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With the wedding only 18 days away, things are really starting to pile on! I've been pretty calm for most of this, but I'm finally starting to get a little anxious.

How much money does your state pay out if they put you in prison for a crime you didn't commit?

Relatively simple scientific ideas that most people don't understand.

Despite a few Christian judges trying to say that having a public school graduation ceremony in an Evangelical church, with Evangelical Christian prayers, and Evangelical pamphlets handed out to every student and parent (I'm looking at you Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas), the Supreme Court refused to hear Elmbrook School District's appeal. That means the ruling of the lower courts holds, which means that Elmbrook violated their student's first amendment rights.

UV Radiation + My Epidermis = Conflagration

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My weekend was fun in the sun! Went to the beach, grilled chicken and hot dogs, tossed around a Frisbee and volleyball, and got a fair amount of sunburn due to poorly applied sunscreen. Worth it!

America's belief in evolution continues to rise! Since 1982, Gallup has been asking Americans about evolution, and the religious views of Creationism and God-guided evolution are still way too high, the number of people who believe in god-free evolution is at an all-time high!

Why do we allow power companies to charge extra to customers who put up their own solar panels?

The science behind circumcision, and why it's unnecessary.

Isaiah Smith, a teen who was kicked out of his house and bullied at school for being gay, brought a bible to school to show his bullies why the bible doesn't actually condemn homosexuality, and then tore out pages from Leviticus. This lead assistant principal Glenn Serviente to suspend Smith for three days and confiscate his bible. They didn't know just how big of a shit-storm they were unleashing! Smith contacted some secular organizations who went to bat for him. Not only did they convince the school to stop defending bullies and allow Smith his First Amendment rights, but they asked for evidence of further Constitutional violations, and boy did Smith find them! The Birdville Texas School District graduation ceremony was at a Baptist church where principal, Jason Wells read from the bible, the school forced students to attend religious assemblies, and teachers were allowed to make little religious shrines in their classrooms. After being threatened with lawsuits, the school claimed to institute changes, but they will be on the watch list of the ACLU and AHA for further infractions.

More infants in California are coughing themselves to death than before thanks to the antivaxers refusing to vaccinate their children. But all the evidence says they're completely safe.

Yet another victory at Fayette High School in Missouri where Gwen Pope was preaching in class and telling students that God would punish them. The school backed Pope even to the point of going to court, but with all the precedence against them, they lost and had to pay the AHA's court fees. That's $41,000 of tax-payer money taken away from their students because the school didn't want to tell Pope that she was a teacher, not a preacher. Pope is retiring at the end of the year, and the student who started the lawsuit was bullied so much by the other Christian students that he had to switch schools.

Despite it being a crime worthy of execution, atheism continues to rise in Saudi Arabia!

Your mom's a fact!

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Humans may not be able to beat Simon, but this robot sure can!

Can you identify a work of fiction solely from its map?

Five really good reasons why it's fine for women to be excluded from videogames.

Christianity Today's Leadership Journal publishes the story of convicted child rapist as he explains away the fact that he cheated on his wife when he committed statutory rape with a minor. The worst part is not that the rapist is still ignorant to just how awful he is, but that Christianity Today would give him several pages to tell his story from his warped perspective. He blames his wife for driving him away, and speaks about the under-aged girl as though she's a fully consenting adult the entire time.

Hell hath no fury like a kitty scorned.

Salon wonders why the Republican Party is so incredibly anti-science and pro-ignorance.

It's a fact, look it up!

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Republican Bob McDermott is eliminating medically-accurate sexual education for all Hawaii public school students except those whose parents specifically want then enrolled because it will teach the students that homosexuals can have sex too.

How does gun violence in the US stack up to the rest of the world? The results are quite embarrassing.

There are many reasons never to trust cable companies, and here's yet another one. They trick people in favor of Net neutrality into signing petitions AGAINST Net neutrality.

Bill Maher explains to a Christian apologist that religion is pulled out of people's asses.

What does random look like, and how you can use waves to make any picture.

Disney princesses don't really need a prince to save them.

In this TED Talk, Jordan Balderas explains why it was so hard to get an secular student group in his high school.

Stuff and what-not

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Catholics have a new response when confronted with the fact that they systematically raped children and kept their rapist out of jail and next to children, "We didn't know if it was illegal."

Yet another school shooting. If only all those kids had been carrying loaded guns, it never would have happened!

Why are Christians so fond of rape that the only reason they won't do it is because God tells them not to?

More of Sam Harris' wonderful arguments and more comedians lampooning religion.

The Disney villains perform their own musical number.


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I have finally recorded a soundtrack that I've been trying to get for several years: King's Quest 4. Not because it's so good, but because it is a very important soundtrack in the history of videogames.

Christopher Hitchens, inventor of the Hitchslap, and part 2.

Street Fighter II fighters trying to get included in the tournament: Guile, Vega, Chun-Li and Ryu.

Faith in humanity is waning

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I had a productive weekend of adding a bunch of code to an adventure game I'm working on, biking many miles, and ripping the soundtrack of King's Quest 4.

Here's an infographic of what your entire life would look like if broken down into weeks.

George Will, a writer for Fox News and the Washington Post claims that thousands of women are pretending to have been sexually assaulted because being a sexual assault victim is such a "coveted status."

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Wisconsin.

The draft of the 2014 Texas Republican Platform has been released and it's just as awful as you can imagine. It includes things like making churches completely exempt from any form of economic accountability including allowing churches to make specific political endorsements, removing all laws curbing climate change or even acknowledging it, elimination of any control over their water supply (no such thing as drought, right?), elimination of the EPA, elimination of any restrictions on oil and gas production, elimination of welfare, elimination of Social Security, elimination of same-sex marriage or even civil unions, support for anti-gay training programs, criminalization of pornography, criminalization of all forms of abortion, criminalization of gambling, elimination of embryonic stem cell research, legal protection for doctors who refuse to treat patients they don't like, English as an official language, elimination of minimum wage, allowing Christian monuments on government property, ability to teach Creationism in public schools, elimination of all sexual education, elimination of the Department of Education, elimination of all hate crime laws and sensitivity training, removal of most child abuse laws, dropping out of the UN, elimination of most foreign aid (except to Israel, because God), acknowledgement that the USA is a Christian nation, making it illegal to desecrate a flag, mandatory patriotism rallies or children, and my favorite: endorsing the meaning of the original Constitution. There is no irony that a good portion of their platform would be made illegal if they did so, though slavery would not.

Iowa had intended to give $140,000 of taxpayers money to Christian park, but after the Freedom From Religion Foundation talked to them about how illegal that would be, they backed down! Now the state will have to spend that money on something like a park that everyone regardless of their religion can enjoy.

My fellow atheists and I don't know this, but according to these chaplain, we're all possessed by SATAN!

After the remains of 800 children were discovered in a septic tank at a huge Catholic foster that held children who were forcibly taken away from their unwed mothers, people expected to hear a statement of regret and apology from the Irish diocese. So what did we get from Fintan Monaghan, the official spokesperson? "We can’t really judge the past." He's lucky his hell isn't real, because he would certainly be worthy of it.

Someday I swore I'd make you pay, and now the time is right

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Have you ever read a blog about how wonderful the world would be if only we would let ISPs decide what we are allowed to see on the Internet, and how long it takes for us to see it? You will! According to documents linked from the Libertarian Heartland Institute (the same guys who told us global warming doesn't exist and second-hand smoke isn't bad for you), large tel-com companies are paying big bucks to bloggers to pretend that they're in favor of getting rid of net neutrality, a tactic known as astroturfing.

A researcher found a new bug in OpenSSL, but it's already been patched. People just need to upgrade to get the fix. While this article shames the protocol designers, the reality is that this is exactly how the open source model is supposed to work. Everyone has free access to review the code, find bugs, and fix them. This is quite a bit different than the Microsoft or Apple approach which is, someone finds a bug, people start exploiting the bug, the company is informed about the bug, the bug goes unfixed for several months, a blogger, frustrated that the company hasn't taken the steps necessary to fix the bug, writes the exact steps necessary to fix the bug, the company finally fixes it now that everyone knows of their failure, the company then tries to sue the blogger.

Twitter caves to pressures from religions and allows theocracies to censor its users.

It's not very easy getting everyone together for a world street fighter championship. Just ask M. Bison, Blanka, Ken, and Dhalsim.

Madelyn Murray O'Hair was a cold hard bitch of an atheist!

Really Fox "News", if you're going to bring on a doctor to say that the most recent school shooting rampage happened because the shooter may have been gay, you should at least try to find a real doctor.

Why do science fiction movies always have to lie to us?

My daddy gave me a name, then he walked away

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For almost 40 years now, Gallup has been asking Americans how they feel about the legitimacy of the bible. Participants in the poll can choose between three answers, it's the actual word of God, the inspired word of God, or a book of fairytales. I'm happy to say, that in the amount of time that they've been running this survey, the number of people who believe that the bible it the actual word of God has decreased by 10%, and the number who believe it's a fairytale has increased by 8%. Sure, the total number of believers is still way too high, by progress is being made!

The Christians may have got their way when it comes to handing out free bibles at school, but that means that the atheists are now allowed to hand out books about atheism as well, and you can probably guess which ones the children are more likely to read!

Professor Xavier also fires Angel, Iceman, Rogue, Storm, and Cyclops.

Five fun facts about Mario Kart.

Vsauce talks about some surprising things.

I've done things you've only dreamed about, more than once or twice

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Coloring books are much better when you make your own topic.

In the USA, it's not an isolated insidence for a man to point a shotgun at a little girl being taught how to ride her bike by her father. But we don't have a problem with guns.

The new EPA pollution restrictions aren't just making the world a cleaner place, they're also expected to make the country $90 billion by 2030.

How can a Christian church put up a billboard with a quote from Adolf Hitler about controlling children and not think it's a bad idea?

Some hard questions for people to answer who are against same-sex marriage and a response to believers who say atheists just want to sin.

Some of Lawrence Krauss's more clever comebacks and arguments.

Rebecca Watson asks why Christian preachers think women in yoga pants should be raped.

Professor Xavier tries to fire Magneto, begin the clash of the titans!

Let us never lose the lessons we have learned

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Yesterday, during lunch, I helped a lady break into her car after she had locked the keys in it. At least that's what I tell myself to stop thinking about being a GTA accessory.

Snowden releases new information about the NSA. They wrote an iPhone hack that hijacks your shutdown screen. Your phone looks as though it's shutting down, but in reality, it enters a type of sleep mode where the microphone is still active and it records everything you say, to be sent to the NSA later. We have Andrew Snowden to thank for getting all this information out, but also for changing the entire climate of whistle-blowers, as the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Office is now making whistle-blowing mandatory!

I love this metal version of videogame music history.

Catholics are changing their tactics when it comes to their child-raping priests. They're no longer trying to defend their actions or claim the matter has nothing to do with society at large, now they're claiming that child-rapists like Terence McAlinden aren't on duty at the time of the rape. When asked "when is a priest not on duty," the defense responded, "well, you know, like when they're raping children."

An investigation is now underway in Ireland to try and figure out why remains of around 800 children were found in a septic tank at the Galway Catholic home for unmarried Irish mothers. Why were the Catholics in charge dumping the bodies of all those children without giving them a proper burial? Why weren't their parents informed? Why did over half of the children who went to the home end up dead?

Like milk? That's because you're a mutant!

Even if you fall down, get back up and keep trying. You never know, you can still win the race!

I hate those fake nerd boys!

I added the Tyrian soundtrack to the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Burned, but beneficial

Feeling: Sunburned


Had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday, I showed up for the last half of Emily's bridal shower. I was seriously out-numbered by all the women, but I survived to tell the tale. After that, we hung out with Rachel and Adam at a county fair, and had a nice bonfire. I drank too much Disaronno, and had a lovely hang over Sunday, but after working through the worst of it, I was able to still enjoy myself when Emily, Wallee, Allan, and Danielle all enjoyed a picnic at the beach. In the end, I now have a good sunburn and plenty of good memories.

Why can't gun nuts realize that people don't feel safer then a bunch of mouth-breathing hicks enter a crowded Chili's restaurant with rifles strapped to their chests.

How can school principals know so little about the history of Christian influence in American history?

While no state can actually prevent an atheist from holding public office due to a federal ruling, several of them still have laws on their books which ban atheists from holding public office.

Rebecca Watson always has great ideas like, rename measles to Jenny McCarthy and giving women menstrual leave when they have especially bad menstrual periods.

Finally! A patent troll was fought in court and not only lost the case, but had to pay the winner's fees!

Who is the world's largest voyeur? Betty Bowers explains, it's God!

What does it say about the Catholic church when the women who rallied for female priests have been excommunicated, but the child-raping priests get to stay.

Almost back to good

Feeling: Happy


Another child-raping scandal occurs in church, but this time it's not the Catholics keeping a child-molester out of jail, now we have the Calvinists to deal with. Nathan Morales has been accused to molesting children, and his superior, Grant Layman, confessed that he knew Morales was molesting children, but didn't report him to the authorities.

A Utah high school's new rule, if your yearbook photo contains a sleeveless shirt or low-cut blouse, the picture will be altered without your consent because, Jesus!

Christians can cry persecution all they want, but when was the last time you heard of a government official refusing to marry a couple because they were Christian? That never happens, but refusing to marry a couple because they don't believe in a god, that's not uncommon.

Thanks to anti-vaxers, we're seeing the worst measles of the past 14 years.

In an attempt to carry out the Abraham and Isaac human-sacrifice story from the bible, Kimberly Lee Lucas murdered a little girl. The preacher who taught Lucas the story of Abraham almost murdering his son is asking for prayers for the dead girl's family.

30 years later, a NASA probe that has been quietly orbiting the sun, has been reawakened.

Why are some churches employing non-compete clauses in the contracts for their preachers? If you leave or are fired from their church, you aren't allowed to work at any nearby churches! Because by not allowing preachers to preach, you're helping spread the word of God!

The Blasphemer's Bible is put on hold until after I get back from my honeymoon.

It gets better

Feeling: Happy


It turns out my translation hack of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Simon's Redaction, was featured on one of my favorite game review shows, the Angry Video Game Nerd!

I love when Christians do things that are painfully lame, and they haven't the least idea how lame their lameness is. Case in point, a hymn about how great it is for women to wear long dresses.

The latest Celebrities Read Mean Tweets is pretty damn funny.

Emily's abortion video shows that it's not nearly as terrifying as anti-choice people make it out to be.

What would happen if you fell into lava? Not a pretty sight!

God gets more gold in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Wish this could be over and done with

Feeling: Okay


A Massachusetts family tried suing the state to stop them from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at public schools. The Pledge, which was created in 1892 as an advertising campaign to sell flags, began as a secular nationalistic oath, but in 1954, during the Cold War, the words "under God" were inserted by frightened Christians. Because of this addition, the pledge has become a religious oath, which should not be part of the secular American government. Unfortunately, the family lost their case because the judge said that saying an oath to someone else's religion didn't hurt them in anyway. Well, after the trial, Alan Silvia, a democrat who should know better, wrote an opinion piece about the ordeal. In his essay, he misrepresented the lawsuit saying the family was trying to ban the Pledge entirely (they were just trying to prevent schools from leading students in a prayer, which is already illegal), and if he had things his way, he would force people to recite the Pledge so they could be reminded just how free they are in the best democracy in the world! No, he did not see the irony of his statement.

Mehdi Ali Qamar, doctor living in Ohio, would often visit Pakistan to volunteer at hospitals. And even though Qamar is a Muslim, he wasn't the right kind of Muslim for Pakistani gunmen who shot him dead in front of his family.

Eleazar gets 32 virgin slaves in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's hard to speak with both feet in my mouth

Feeling: Inept


What happens when you give a gun to an angry young man with mental problems whose college experience didn't include all of the sex he saw in movies?

The kidnapped Nigerian girls have been found, but not yet rescued.

"Minorities are not going to run my city," is probably not what should said by a mayor when excluding all non-religious people from his city's public Memorial Day celebration, but Douglas Kindig isn't sorry that he's a bigot, he's sorry he got in trouble for being a bigot.

Reginald Wayne Miller, president of of Cathedral Bible College has been accused of something that most Christians haven't had the guts to publicly defend for a couple decades now, slavery!

The bible is full of terrible villains, but who is the worst? By far, the critics say, God.

God divvies up little girls as slaves and sacrifices in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Maybe then you'll find happiness

Feeling: Happy


Got my wedding band ordered last night, and looking forward to a three-day weekend!

Daniel Dennett has had some pretty wonderful arguments and comebacks over the years.

Bacteria is everywhere, even in urine, which was once thought to be sterile.

The Earth's climate has had some pretty interesting changes throughout the years, but things are really getting crazy these days!

In the USA, you don't have to take an oath to God... ever.

More interesting NPR stories:

God is still really, really awful in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Bitten by the gaming bug again

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In the US, churches are given preferential treatment above and beyond all other non-profits. They don't have to pay taxes, their workers can even skip out on personal property taxes, they don't have to disclose donors, and they don't even have to prove that they are helping anyone, and even though it's technically illegal, they often even make specific political endorsements. American Atheists tried to sue the IRS for not doing their job of cracking down on politically motivated churches, but a federal judge ruled that all of the special treatment churches get didn't equate to harm against American Atheists, because they themselves didn't try to obtain church status! I don't think the judge was too stupid to miss the point, I think he was too Christian to do the right thing. It doesn't help that the IRS will allow highly profitable television companies that don't perform any church duties to file as a church.

Other interesting NPR stories:

  • Ignorant crowd-sourcing is actually better at predicting the future than the CIA with insider-information.
  • After many years of trying to dodge responsibility Kerr-McGee has to cough up $5 billion to clean up their ecological messes.
  • Global climate change is already upon us, so we must act fast to limit it.

Why do we still have to deal with illegal public school graduation prayers?

Corporate loving politicians in the US government want to turn the Internet over to companies which will hurt individual access. On July 5th, Reset the Net!

What is the largest organism on the planet?

I need metal health

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Same-sex marriage is now legal in Pennsylvania, and Michigan continues to disappoint.

Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak is actually a horrible science denier!

Dark Dungeons looks like it's going to be better than Mazes and Monsters.

Mohammad Masroor is a conservative Muslim imam who insists that women cover their faces in public, yet when he was accused of raping children, and the girls he raped covered their faces at the trial, he said the trial was unfair because he didn't get to face his accusers!

Tips for winning a religious debate from The Friendly Atheist.

A documentary on how Christianity developed the idea of Satan over the course of thousands of years to the modern devil.

The Lonely Island wants to know, When Will the Bass Drop?

What is gluten anyway?

Moses murders children The Blasphemer's Bible.

The word "venom" has an interesting etymology

Feeling: Happy


Christian apologist, and professional liar, Dinesh D'Souza is expected to plead guilty on charges of campaign finance fraud.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Oregon! Come on Michigan, get with the program!

Republican Charles van Zant doesn't want children to be taught the Common Core curriculum because it will turn them into homosexuals.

Want to guarantee a loss for the next presidential election, come out as an atheist.

A bunch of questions for Christians, ask by the Friendly Atheist.

Amazing things happen with 100 pounds of magnetic putty.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has some amazing arguments and comebacks.

Rick Grimes vs Walter White in an Epic Rap Battle.

Why do I read the news? It always depresses me!

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We finally have an officiant for our wedding! I've also started work on getting my wedding band made, Emily is getting her bridesmaids dresses finished, and then we will have all the big stuff taken care of!

Arctic ice is being lost at a record rate, and while the US government should be coming up with ways to help stop this global catastrophe, they're too busy requiring Cisco to add security vulnerabilities into their over-seas hardware, thereby injuring the company's foreign market. Also, the UK is looking to try and prevent Internet neutrality because, in their eyes, if you allow everyone to have equal access to the Internet, children will be abused.

What country best shares your parenting values? I'm most like Sweden and least like Yemen.

The record for largest dinosaur has been broken again with the this newly discovered titanosaur.

John Oliver gives an accurate climate change debate.

Believers tend to lie about how often they attend church depending on if they're speaking to a real person or clicking a button.

God is very bad at giving NFL draft advice or college program advice.

Super Mario Bros. as a Telltale game is almost as disturbing as if it had accurately depicted dinosaurs.

It's a little late, but here is a nice infographic of all of the biblical contradictions regarding the resurrection narrative.

God commands genocide (again) in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'm back baby!

Feeling: Exhausted


The trip was quite draining, but it bore fruit. Arizona is a beautiful place, lots of craggy mountains, wonderful cacti, and delicious Mexican food. However, I don't think I'd be able to get used to the dryness. Even with the lovely temperature, I'd have a hard time giving up my Great Lakes. Unfortunately, I didn't have any time to do anything other than drive around, hang out in the back of a warehouse, and loiter in the airport.

Gun nuts are degenerate scum of the earth.

Mayor Daniel Reiman, a Democrat who should know better, tried to force immigrants to say a Christian prayer prior to their naturalization process. When U.S. immigration explained that he can't withhold their citizenship unless they kowtow to his god, Reiman kicked them out of the city's town hall. So, the immigrants went to a different locale to perform the ceremony free from religious bigotry.

God commands genocide (again) in The Blasphemer's Bible.

You'll live to dance another day

Feeling: Happy


Weekend was lots of fun. Saturday was more hectic wedding plans involving having to get our money back from our original dress/tux provider. We now have to start over again! However, we did finalize the location of the ceremony. I got some new clothes for the honeymoon, visited my mother for Mother's Day, and got a mild sunburn from riding with the top down all day. This morning was rather hectic though, I woke up to Emily retching in the bathroom. I had to take her to the hospital; several hours later we found that she doesn't have any obvious blood or organ problems. Good to know! I wonder if it's just from all the stress she's been under recently? Speaking of stress, I'm flying to Arizona tomorrow morning to do my first solo dealership training!

The new science education standards have been drafted for the US and they include teaching students that humans are causing global climate change. These new standards are backed up with decades of evidence and nearly every climate scientist is in agrees with the findings. However, evidence and experts do nothing to change the mind of Republican Matt Mead, governor of Wyoming. He accuses the scientists of not knowing how to do their jobs, and he should know because he has an extensive background in... law. Because of this, Mead will not allow Wyoming to adopt the new science standards, so kids in his state will grow up without an accurate understanding of reality. Mead's state, Wyoming, is huge producer of gas and oil, and is the largest producer of coal in the country, but somehow the irony is lost on him when he accuses climate scientists of "being political".

Humans tears looks amazing under the microscope.

Matt Bors has drawn some rather unsettling illustrations about US drone strikes.

Same-sex marriage is no longer illegal in Arkansas! What the hell, Michigan?

How do Christian football fans react when to a homosexual player? You can pretty much guess.

Remember kids, correlation does not imply causation.

Women, not so much in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Nostalgia is tangible

Feeling: Nostalgic


Wedding plans still progressing. This weekend is going to be busy, but I'll still find time for Mother's Day!

Don't Google Street-View the neighborhood in which you grew up. There's nothing more depressing than seeing your elementary school playground as an abandoned wasteland with rusting slides and swings without seats.

If you have to imprision and torture someone who speaks out against your god, your god is pathetic.

With all the child-raping going on in Catholicism, people are leaving the pews in droves. The only thing the Vatican has to keep their numbers up is the increasing Latino population, which, thanks to Spanish invasions, is mostly Catholics. However, even the rapidly reproducing Latinos are starting to lose their faith.

Maxi pad commercials would be much more interesting if they stopped using blue water and swtiched to blood.

Know you're not dinosaurs and why you are what you eat.

Remember 1988?

We may not give them a thought beyond stinging us, but if bees continue to decline, we would seriously suffer!

A collection of comedians lampooning Noah's Ark.

Veritasium answers a bunch of viewer's questions.

Men must take their vows very seriously in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Green is not a creative color

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The Christian organization "Liberty" Group is threatening to sue the Broward School District because a teacher wouldn't let a student read his bible during class, while he was supposed to be reading his class assignment. Is the best example of "Christian Persecution" they can come up with?

Bill Nye talks about learning astronomy from Carl Sagan.

What happens when you dump molten aluminum into an ant colony?

Why do you believe? Why do most people choose the religion of their culture? Why is that the correct religion?

What to say to men who hate feminists because they don't call for women to be drafted into the military.

How is it that birds can see things that we can't?

If we wanted to count up how many "things" there are in the universe, how would we go about doing that?

Jon Lajoie writes a catchy song about wanting it to be used in advertising.

God want ALL THE ANIMALS dead animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Let it go, the damage in your heart

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What the hell is wrong with Republicans? Why can Steve Wiles run on a platform against same-sex marriage, and then we find out that he worked as a drag queen emcee for eight years? I know that being a drag queen doesn't mean you're gay, and I view drag queens as equals, but how did he work for eight years with people with alternate lifestyles and gain just a little bit of humility?

Despite all the recent evidence telling us that humans are the cause of the changing climate, none of the North Carolina Republicans believe it, and Kay Hagen in particular isn't worried because he thinks his god controls the climate. Maybe he should ask his god to turn on the AC? If you're interested in combatting the arguments of climate change deniers, take a look at this page.

After an analysis of Supreme Court Justices based on how they vote on matters of free speech, it turns out that some judges only like to vote in favor of the speech they agree with rather than free speech that affects everyone. Who are the judges that generally vote selfishly? Naturally, it's the same judges who predominately vote Conservative.

Here is a science-competent breakdown of Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent research that kicked off the recent antivax movement.

Clinical genetics researcher Wendy Chung gives a talk about what we have learned and what we still need to learn about autism.

Why were you circumcised? Mostly to keep you from masturbating.

Veritasium asks random people about how the Earth spins.

God wants even more dead animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Why are there so many Roman Catholics on the US Supreme Court?

Feeling: Annoyed


Yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled that sectarian religious prayers may be allowed at governmental functions allowing US government officials to endorse specific religions. You could argue that this ruling doesn't allow them to endorse one religion over another, but let's get real here, the majority of people in the country are Roman Catholic, and EVERY judge in favor of allowing the US government to endorse religion (Kennedy, Alito, Thomas, Scalia, and Roberts) is also Roman Catholic. So, you can pretty much guess which religion the US government will now be officially endorsing. If you think I'm paranoid, US officials are already making their motives clear saying that only Christians will be allowed to pray at government functions. I'd have to say that this satire article isn't nearly satire enough.

The National Climate Assessment has released their findings, and they agree with the other scientists. Global climate change is real, and we need to do something about it fast!

Hunter Pedersen, a fifth grader in New Jersey is now dead because Chad Olm wanted to show off his gun collection and accidentally shot the little boy in the head.

Simon's Cat goes crazy.

Lynxes getting into a standoff sounds pretty horrifying.

Underwater organisms in time-lapse is both beautiful and creepy.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the Arabs could return to their golden age of science?

Jesus wasn't that great of a carpenter.

God wants more dead animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Cider is delicious

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Over the weekend, Emily and I talked to two potential celebrants for our wedding, but still have a couple more to see before we make our final decision. I was a little surprised at how wonderful they both were to talk to. Also, met with several people from Emily's family, which was more more painless than I was expecting. Also enjoyed hanging out at Danielle's birthday party!

"Purity" balls are when over-bearing Christian fathers force their daughters to pledge to remain chaste until their wedding night in a perverse ceremony where the father "weds" himself to his daughter with a ring and vows to protect her hymen (not in those words, of course). As anyone could predict, this border-line incestuous relationship doesn't work, as Conservative Christian parents have the highest level of teen pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections. But the girls to get to wear nice dresses and take creepy pictures with their fathers.

Aran Ra gives a talk about The Ten Commandments.

Using a drone to fly through fireworks.

No one is asking you to apologize for your white-privilege, they just want you to be aware of it.

Headlines about women rewritten to tell the truth.

Why are Pennsylvania officials hiding atheist banners, while giving the spotlight to Christian banners?

Detroit Catholics know the best way to solve traffic problems, no it has nothing to do with repairing our deteriorating roads or consulting traffic engineers, but it does have everything to do with saying the rosary!

The Friendly Atheist talks about how easy it has become to be a saint.

An interesting trick of optics that allows you to see without glasses, albeit, not very well.

God tells Moses to do the things he's already doing in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Cider is delicious

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Over the weekend, Emily and I talked to two potential celebrants for our wedding, but still have a couple more to see before we make our final decision. I was a little surprised at how wonderful they both were to talk to. Also, met with several people from Emily's family, which was more more painless than I was expecting. Also enjoyed hanging out at Danielle's birthday party!

"Purity" balls are when over-bearing Christian fathers force their daughters to pledge to remain chaste until their wedding night in a perverse ceremony where the father "weds" himself to his daughter with a ring and vows to protect her hymen (not in those words, of course). As anyone could predict, this border-line incestuous relationship doesn't work, as Conservative Christian parents have the highest level of teen pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections. But the girls to get to wear nice dresses and take creepy pictures with their fathers.

Aran Ra gives a talk about The Ten Commandments.

Using a drone to fly through fireworks.

No one is asking you to apologize for your white-privilege, they just want you to be aware of it.

Headlines about women rewritten to tell the truth.

Why are Pennsylvania officials hiding atheist banners, while giving the spotlight to Christian banners?

Detroit Catholics know the best way to solve traffic problems, no it has nothing to do with repairing our deteriorating roads or consulting traffic engineers, but it does have everything to do with saying the rosary!

The Friendly Atheist talks about how easy it has become to be a saint.

An interesting trick of optics that allows you to see without glasses, albeit, not very well.

God tells Moses to do the things he's already doing in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Ready for the weekend!

Feeling: Happy


Wedding invitations are almost done. Surprisingly, they've been the most complicated thing so far.

Remember Stacey Rambold? He's the 54-year-old teacher who raped one of his fourteen-year-old students who later comitted suicide out of shame. Remember G. Todd Baugh? He's the judge who sentenced Rambold to one month in prison because the 14-year-old student was just as much in control of the situation as Rambold? Well, the judge's awful ruling has been overturned, but still no word about any punishment for Baugh.

The state of Mississippi allows its store-owners to discriminate against homosexuals by refusing to serve them or even let them into their stores. This has led to store-owners who actually care about human rights placing stickers on their doors indicating that they will not discriminate against homosexuals. Buddy Smith, president of the Christian hate-group American Family Association is complaining that putting a sticker on a shop window indicating that you serve everyone equally means that you're bullying Christians!

Rebecca Watson talks about the 234 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their school.

Okalahoma Satanists have got their prototype statue ready for the front lawn of the state Capitol.

Republicans don't have a sense of humor when it comes to gay sex.

Veritasium talks about teaching people science through videos and the science behind gyroscopic precession.

Google cars are getting better at driving than most people I know.

A revised version of a terrible children's brainwashing Christian video.

Moses tries to sell himself to God in The Blasphemer's Bible.

And gives way to May

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Birds so far that I have seen at my feeder: Sparrows, Chickadees, Northern Cardinal (female), White-Breasted Nuthatch, Red-Winged Blackbird (male), American Goldfinch (male and female).

Crisis Pregnancy Centers advertise as abortion clinics, but in reality, they are Christian-owned organizations that will lie to pregnant women to try and bully them out of an abortion. Google sold a bunch of ad space to these frauds, and when you search for abortion clinics, they often find their way to the top. Thankfully, the people at NARAL have pointed out to Google that these ads violate Google's terms of having accurate ads since, not only do the centers not provide abortions, but like all good Christians, they will lie through their teeth to convince pregnant women that abortion will ruin them for life. Once Google looked into this, they agreed with NARAL, and began removing the fraudulent Christian ads from searches relating to abortion. Naturally, Christians are crying persecution for no longer being allowed to lie to vulnerable women!

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Troll Scalia used one of his previous rulings to shoot down a case from the EPA, which is normal, but he actually ruled the opposite of what his previous ruling said, which is very embarrassing!

The Heartland Institute has a long history of lying to suit the needs of the corporations that pays its bills, from claiming that cigarettes don't cause cancer to saying that scientists can't agree on the cause of climate change. Now they're changing the words of the late George Carlin trying to make him sound like a Libertarian, even though he hated big corporations.

Definitely looking forward to NES Remix 2.

Police tracking is such a violation of citizens' right that even the police can't talk about it!

The Friendly Atheist addresses the question, how do you explain miracles to believers? And reminds Christians that they are not broken.

Moses is told he'll never reach the Promised Land in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Another April dies

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If you were to eviscerate someone and pull out all their guts and lay them flat, you would have enough to coat the floor of a studio apartment!

Turns out the IRS still expects you to pay taxes even if you claim you're exempt because you live in the "Kingdom of Heaven."

Christians often claim that they are the ones who are discriminated against, so why are the Christian Republicans in Iowa saying they will block any federal judge who isn't a Christian?

An interesting documentary on the evolution of the Christian Satan, How the Devil Got His Horns.

Will Moore's Law continue to be in effect for years to come?

Sarah Palin explains that torture is how we baptize innocent people. Of course, she likes to think that water-boarding isn't torture, and that innocent until proved guilty doesn't exist.

Veritasium shows just how ill-informed people can be about basic science.

God doesn't completely hate women in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Testing... 1... 2... 3...

Feeling: Injured


Helped a friend move out of the ghetto last night. I have an aching back, but I feel better about myself.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has such a bad security flaw that the US and UK governments are warning people not to use it!

What life is like growing up in a Christian Fundamentalist Family.

Carolyn Porco can tell you everything you need to know about Saturn.

In the USA, Christians are more likely to be racist than atheists, but you wouldn't think that if you listen to Christian Dan Caplis who says that if you're racist, you must be an atheist.

The Book of Exodus is all about double standards.

It's a little too slow for my taste, but the Harvest Moon series still has a lot of great lore.

Seriously, how do people make it out of elementary school without knowing that objects with different weights will still hit the ground at the same time?

A wonderful tribute to the late great Christopher Hitchens.

A wonderful panel discussion featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Anne Druyan, and Victor Stenger.

Of course the Levites increased in size in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Life got in the way

Feeling: Happy


Played some Magic with my homies, watched Cosmos, did more wedding planning over the weekend, and hung a bird feeder on my balcony. I'm already getting gold finches!

The Heartbleed security flaw affects a lot more than just computers. Tons of web-ready devices have the same flaw, and they're a lot harder to upgrade. If you want a more detailed explanation of the bug, watch this.

The Koch Brothers are doing everything they can to prevent their cash-cow of deadly coal and oil from being replaced by clean renewable solar power.

Astronomers are getting closer to understanding the true structure of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is a difficult task, considering we're inside of it.

The CDC has run an estimation on routine vaccination programs and have come up with the following numbers: 732,000 lives saved, and 322,000,000 diseases prevented! This in spite of the fact that there are Muslims who keep murdering the people who administer the vaccinations.

Irreducible complexity refuted with a simple graphic.

Canonizing dead popes is big business!

Dr. Katherine Pollard talks about the things that make us human.

A group of Muslims who think women getting an education is an affront to God, and therefore feel it their duty to murder little girls who go to school have recently abducted 234 girls from their school.

Shame on the New York Times for publishing a crank like Nicholas Kristof. His most recent piece was all about how secularists don't know anything about religion, when in fact, secularists tend to score the highest on tests about religion.

God is premature in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Another idea for a porno - Little Nemo: The Cream Master

Feeling: Happy


Need another reason not to trust energy companies, they're willing to subject their employees to radioactive waste in order to save a couple bucks.

You know Cliven Bundy, that rancher who refused to remove his cattle from a protected wildlife refuge, and when Bureau of Land Management came to make him leave, he and a bunch of other people threatened to murder anyone who would try to make them leave? Well, Republicans and Libertarians have really been giving him a hand, saying that's definitely doing the right thing, standing up to those government bullies who just want to protect a couple useless endangered species. Well, their support of him has dwindled a bit ever since he opened his mouth and said that black people are dependent on the government, and were much better off as slaves. Luckily, he assures us that he isn't racist.

A nice debate with Bart Ehrman about whether it is possible to ever reconstruct the original Gospels.

Laci Green explains why she is a feminist.

Scientists are now using krypton in radiometric dating which will allow them to measure extremely old ice.

Rebecca Watson talks about the morality of Christians and atheists.

A lesson in high-jumping thanks to Veritasium.

What would planets look like in the sky if they were as close as the moon?

Minute Physics points out that relativity isn't relative and shows us how the sun remains powered.

Despite all the war, pestilence, and famine, many of the tribes increased in size in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Idea for a porno - Little Nemo: The Ream Master

Feeling: Sleepy


My homies Wallee and Allen were supposed to be packing for their trip to New York last night, instead Emily and I made them make us tea while we watched YouTube videos and met Brianna. Some of the videos we watched include Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared and Part 2 - Time.

Marijuana is dangerous folks. Especially on Easter.

Vibrating mercury is awesome.

Can you make a computer out of dominoes?

Veritasium explores the coastline paradox and the odd behavior of the Magnus force.

God demands another census in The Blasphemer's Bible.

It's as if the universe is conspiring to keep me from sleeping

Feeling: Sleepy


I beat the game The Secret of Monkey Island last night.

Facial recognition software has reached the point where it is outperforming humans.

Many people are calling for the execution of Josie Cunningham because she stated publicly that she is going to get an abortion.

Humanism is now an official category recognized by the US Military.

Ergun Caner is a big huge Christian liar. He has been telling people that he grew up in Turkey, with a suicide-bomber Muslim father, and so forth, but these lies were told to make him seem like a better Christian. After a blogger publicly called him out on all his lies, he tried to sue the blogger, and after almost a year in court, the blogger is victorious.

PBS explains human evolution and why there was no "first human."

Travis and Wenona Rossiter are being tried for manslaughter after their daughter died from diabetes complications because the couple refused to take her to a doctor because of their religion. This is the second of the Rossiter's children to die because they don't believe in doctors, but their lawyer is trying to make sure the jury isn't aware of this or the craziness of their Rossiter's religion. It's pretty obvious why, if the jury actually know how negligent the parents are, they would pronounce them guilty on the spot, as they should!

Rebecca Watson buys some amazing Ten Plagues of Egypt toys.

It's common knowledge that Adolf Hitler called himself a Catholic, attended mass, was counted among the faithful Catholics by the German diocese, and wrote a lot about the greatness of God. Why then is Archbishop Samuel Aquila making comparisons between atheists and Nazi Germany? Because he is just as ignorant about Catholicism's child raping history as he is Catholicism's Nazi history.

What happens when classical musicians do battle?

The Friendly Atheist explains why we should fight Creationism, and how, even though she claims she isn't, Jenny McCarthy is still an antivaxer.

Veritasium talks about quantum computers and quantum bits.

God demands more genocide in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I am warning you Javert, I'm a stronger man by far
There is power in me yet, my race is not yet run

Feeling: Happy


I've created a new compilation of NES cheats in the NES Hacker Wiki. Over 1,700 cheats in 185 different games!

A recent poll from Associated Press confirms some rather sad trends about the USA's understanding of science. In particular, 16% of Americans aren't very confident that smoking causes cancer, 30% aren't very confident that our genetics affect who we are, 45% aren't very confident that vaccines are safe and effective, 65% aren't very confident of human-caused global warming, 66% aren't very confident that life on earth evolved, 69% aren't very confident that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and a whopping 76% aren't very confident that our universe began with a big bang! Translation: most Americans wouldn't be able to pass a grade-school level science test.

Prime Minister David Cameron wants all of the citizens of the United Kingdom to know that they live in a Christian Nation! Never mind that fact that 41% of the citizens aren't Christian, including over 50 winners of the Nobel Prize.

The UK is trying to force its citizens to accept fracking under their own land without the ability to refuse.

The Friendly Atheist gives us 6 things you should never say to Christians and 4 creative ways to deal with preachers.

Veritasium gives an interesting take on regression to the mean and what's next for the Higgs boson now that it's been discovered.

Trivia from the Kirby franchise.

The new Mr. Deity covers God's psychopathic murderous tendencies.

Apparently, there was a plague in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I've done no wrong, sweet Jesus hear my prayer!
Look down, look down, sweet Jesus doesn't care!

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Had a wonderful weekend. Saw Les Misérables Friday night in Ann Arbor with Emily and Jackie, lazed on Saturday, and enjoyed an wonderful Easter feast at my sister's on Sunday.

After watching Cosmos recount for the world's misuse of leaded gasoline and the problems that occurred because of it, it's nice to see some follow up on the BBC.

General Mills decided that whole, "if you like us on Facebook, you can't sue us," EULA wasn't such a good idea after all.

Bonobos have been taught to master fire! But don't be afraid of our new primate overlords, they're only using it to roast marshmallows.

The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Metal Gear pulls no punches.

Whole Foods isn't quite as green or as sane as you'd want them to be.

Samus doesn't appreciate the unequal attention in Starbomb's latest song.

Stabbed in the back, and through a prostitute, in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Going to see Les Misérables tonight!

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Beat Portal 2 again. Damn fine game. Damn fine.

Here's an interesting article about the trade-off between the strength of a vaccine and the complications involved, and how this affects the spread of a virus.

Veritasium demonstrates atmospheric pressure with a barrel and biological competition with baggage carousels.

Maps from back when California was still thought to be an island.

The Friendly Atheist discusses the religious right's lost battle on same-sex marriage.

Another priest has been accused of "giving women exorcisms," and by that, I mean, raping them.

God kills everyone who has sex with foreigners in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I'll be honest and brave and handsome and beautiful

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North Dakota's ban on abortions after 6 weeks has been overturned by the Supreme Court.

Dave Foley from Kids In the Hall talks about being an atheist.

You're never too young to be pretend executed for Jesus.

Some of the more interesting Easter eggs in videogames.

Christianity is approaching minority status in Australia.

Some information about the history of the animated GIF.

Link hates it when the old man tries to molest him.

Another Creationist's Cosmos.

Hobby Lobby's president, Steve Green, the guy who doesn't want any of his employees to have access to contraception, but also doesn't mind investing in lucrative contraception companies, is now trying to solve society's ills. And to do this, he is pushing mandatory bible class in public schools. I'm all for it, provided I'm the one who teaches the class!

Veritasium talks about teaching people through science videos.

Minute Physics talks about the polarization of the big bang.

Balaam's final oracle is completely useless in The Blasphemer's Bible.

The only living boy in Grand Blanc

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I've been replaying Portal 2 because it's just soooo awesome.

Tony Perkins from the Christian hate-group Family Research Council, and Republican Mike Huckabee complain on Fox News that liberals boycotts or racist and sexist companies like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. This is naturally quite hypocritical as Tony Perkins has led several boycotts of liberal companies.

SciShow talks about brain plasticity.

Christian pastor Doug Phillips has a wonderful book called "Advanced Family Strategies: How to Build a Healthy Family Culture In Your Home." He's also an advocate of the Quiverfull movement, which is against all forms of contraceptive, and requires women to quit their jobs and men to dominate both their wife and children for Jesus. Well, it turns out he's been sexually abusing his teenage nanny for several years. Phillips lawyers are claiming that the teenage girl started everything and that, since Phillips never had vaginal intercourse with her, he shouldn't be punished.

Veritasium wonders why the sky isn't really that blue, and how you can get color with tiny holes.

There have been a lot of new cheats added to the NES Hacker Wiki. If you're a NES player, you should definitely check it out.

The fourth oracle is just as bad in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Had the top down on my car all weekend, and last night it snowed. Weather is such a troll!

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How to lie about gun murders with misleading charts.

Can you tell the difference between hardcore smut and Christian rock music?

Be sure to know the A-Z of dance.

The bible has some of the best bedtime stories.

The Angry Video Game Nerd's movie seems to be coming along nicely.

How logic gates in computers work as demonstrated with dominoes!

Jamie Kilstein uses stand-up comedy to talk about rape culture.

What would happen if Mario actually tried to break bricks with his head?

Veritasium has some crazy but factual things to say about trees.

Israel's tents are just amazing in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Maybe you've been brainwashed too?

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If Jenny McCarthy doesn't want to be labeled as anti-vax, maybe she should stop being anti-vaccination.

Veritasium wonders why venomous animals live in warm climates and shows us how water can be supercooled.

Iowa's Republican governor, Terry Branstad, wants all Iowans to know that -real- Iowans enjoy a passage from the bible where God threatens to go on a destructive rampage unless everyone prays to him.

Videogames are often hella frustrating!

The Axis of Awesome sing a song about the Holy Trinity.

Ah, Virginia, where you can claim that disabled people are God's punishment for allowing abortion and that only other homosexuals would vote in favor of same-sex marriage and still have a chance at becoming the state's next Republican congressman like Bob Marshall!

Catherine Deveny's atheist alphabet.

SciShow looks at why cat's knead.

Curse attempt #2 in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Looking forward to a delicious dinner of meat

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Why do so many Christians believe that the USA was founded on Christian teachings? A lot of it is a lack of understanding of history. They don't realize all the "under God" phrases weren't added until the 1950s, and they don't realize how deistic most of the founding fathers were. And it doesn't help that professional liars like David Barton keep making up quotes.

The recent discovery of the Higgs boson explains where mass comes from, but that only accounts for a very small amount of an object's mass. Also, why does copper affect magnets when it's not magnetic? And how can something that looks purple not be purple? Veritasium explains all!

Let's learn true facts about the octopus.

Voice actor Jim Cummings is known for providing the voice of Winnie the Pooh and Dark Wing Duck. Well, what happens when he uses that voice talent to read dialog from Star Wars?

I just reached 1,000 comics in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Saw a million posts on my Facebook, then, oh yeah, it's my birthday

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Gonna spend my birthday the way I spend every day, going to work, coming home, hacking videogames. It's the part I was born to play, baby!

Brandeis University has reneged on their invitation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali because of a protest by Muslims who claim that she says nothing but hate speech about Islam. Funny thing about this though, is that most of the "hate speech" is her quoting the Koran and other Muslims. I hope the other guests refuse to attend out of solidarity.

Veritasium shows us why a curve ball curves and why Brian Schmidt won a Nobel Prize.

From where did these memes come?

NPR shows us a type of photography that allows us to see sound waves.

Balaam's first oracle is pretty lame in The Blasphemer's Bible.

I wish Dino Sound Sorisaem made more music

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I've been spending a lot of my time recently playing Bridge Constructor, a game where you use your engineering skills to build bridges with simulated gravity and tension physics, and then drive vehicles over them with often hilarious results. Oh hey, it's my birfday tomorrow; those things really sneak up on you, don't they?

Really Pakistan? Charging a baby with attempted murder?

Australia officially says that homeopathy is crap.

Republican Vance McAllister is caught having an affair with one of his employees who is promptly fired, but he gets to keep his job because he's a wonderful Christian, although probably not as wonderful as pro baseball player Chad Curtis, who, after expressing how great a Christian he was for not listening to music with swearing, went on to sexually assault under-aged girls.

Any time you see a noted scientists in a religious documentary, you can usually bet that they were lied to, or that their footage was filmed for a different project, purchased, and then manipulated. For example, there is an upcoming Christian documentary called The Principle, which is all about how the Earth is the center of the universe. Yesterday, it was revealed that video of Lawrence Krauss was hijacked for the film, and now it turns out that Kate Mulgrew was also lied to in order to get her to participate. What does it say about Christians that they must lie to everyone to try and get endorsements?

God puts his throbbing words in the mouth of Balaam in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Cuz I taste like bacon

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Since people can't be bothered to reduse their carbon footprints, and governments can't be bothered to convince them to do so, we're probably gonna need a plan B if we want to continue our current existence.

Magnets, how do they work? Oh, here's how.

Christians are making a wonderful documentary about how the Earth is the center of the universe, and everything revolves around it, just like the bible says.

Want to make a hand-held blue flamethrower? Try diethyl zinc.

CuriOdyssey, and science museum, had a promotional poster with the disclaimer, "This program may discuss the topic of evolution," which seems pretty obvious considering it was promoting a show about animals. That's like saying a show about bacteria might include cell theory, or a show about physics may discuss the topic of gravity. While the museum admitted that they added the disclaimer because of religious people who get upset when they hear the truth, they also removed the disclaimer after some words of wisdom from scientists.

Veritasium shows just how little the general public knows about radiation and gravity.

God loves more burning animal carcasses in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Animals love me

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Had a pretty sweet weekend. Partied with my Rocky friends, took my niece junior-bridesmaid dress shopping, and beat The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past again.

Want to learn all the ways the NSA is tracking everything you do? Here are the code-names of the programs we know about and how they will find out everything about your private life!

I'm looking forward to this upcoming PBS series about evolution.

After learning that they were inadvertently giving money to an antivax group, Chili's did the right thing, and cancelled their event.

The city of Dearborn in my home state of Michigan contains the largest concentration of Muslims in the Western hemisphere, and they don't much appreciate having Christian church fliers distributed at their children's public schools.

Many people have been talking about how much they love the new Pope, and that he is really giving a good image to the Vatican. To me, I don't care about what he says, but more about what he actually does! And here is what the Vatican has done recently. They've given their blessing to the Italian Bishops' new policy of not reporting child sexual abuse to the Italian authorities. The Vatican STILL doesn't want to punish child rapists.

Veritasium shows us that Slinkys don't fall the way we expect them to fall and that temperature doesn't work the way we think it works.

Ludo's album version of Skeletons On Parade with old animation accompaniment.

Balaam finally reaches Balak in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Space in Jews!

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The Rebecca Watson talk last night was wonderful, and so was the conversations that followed afterward, and if I didn't have to be up at 6:30 this morning after having the upstairs people wake me up at 2 and 4, I would probably be happy still!

While Conservative companies like Hobby Lobby can still get away with being total assholes to homosexuals, more liberal companies like Mozilla cannot. To which, their CEO has resigned after the dating site OK Cupid pointed out that he gave $1,000 to help support same-sex marriage bans.

How does Mississippi try to curb its massive teen-pregnancy and STI problem? Naturally, by using pepperment candy!

The EU has passed a bill that will force its tel-comm companies to provide cheaper service and require net-neutrality!

Rule number one: you do not talk about fight church. Rule number two: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CHURCH!

Veritasium shows that everything we think we know about shadows is wrong.

An angel is -pissed- in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Jews in space!

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Going down to Ann Arbor to see a talk by Rebecca Watson tonight.

Republican Ted Cruz had absolutely nothing to do with the Supreme Court failing to remove the phrase "under god" from the pledge of allegiance, so why does he keep telling people he was responsible?

Veritasium looks at the public's understanding of science and extraterrestial life and why buying likes on Facebook actually decreases your popularity.

Who is ruining the videogaming industry? Gamers!

Fox News host Todd Starnes keeps repeating stories of Christian persecution he hears from the Internet, without doing any research, which always turn out to be wrong, so why does he still have a job?

Christian purity balls are really creepy.

More talking animals in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Why hasn't anyone made a basic cross-platform RAD GUI IDE?

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The vast majority of doctors are in favor of vaccinating children as soon as possible for as many diseases as possible, but why are there a few willing to humor those parents who don't want to vaccinate their children? Cuz there's gold in them thar parents!

We've known conclusively for decades that the Earth is warming, and we've known conclusively for many years that humans are the cause, but now we're learning something else, we are not anywhere near prepared enough to handle the upcoming climate crisis.

Christian-run Hobby Lobby refuses to allow its employees to have birth control covered by their insurance program, but that doesn't mean they're gonna stop investing in companies that make contraceptives!

When it comes to church/state issues, Congress gets a failing grade from the Secular Coalition For America. The breakdown is pretty obvious, almost all Republicans received a failing grade and not a single one got an A. The Democrats were better averaging around a C+, but there were still plenty of failures.

7 things that prove God is REAL! It's hard to argue with these gems!

Veritasium asks people to use their problem solving abilities, and the result is quite revealing. Also, speed of light!

Lots of ass riding in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Dance my little swans, DANCE!

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If you have ever used RSA (now EMC Corp.) products or services for computer security, you may want to replace them immediately. The NSA paid them $10 million to endorse and distribute special types of low-quality encryption that could easily be cracked by custom NSA decryption software.

Veritasium shows us how to make solid nitrogen and how Einstein's relativity is the force behind electromagnets.

Arizona police keep the place safe from teenage girls who carry water.

Rebecca Watson, who I will be seeing in Ann Arbor on the 3rd, composes an open-letter to Ellen Degeneres about having psychics on her show.

Saudi Arabia must be tired of having educated people live among them because they just passed a law that makes atheism tantamount to terrorism.

Balak won't take no for an answer in The Blasphemer's Bible.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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