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Whenever things get complicated you run away to Mexico

Feeling: Okay


Added a few infographics about leaving religion: Religious Beliefs to Unlearn, How Not to Talk to Former Christians, and How to Escape a Prayer Circle.

I've also added a lot of them terms to my video game glossary.

  • Russian men are escaping Russia before they can be drafted as Putin is desperate enough to force civilians of shockingly young and old ages to become soldiers. Although, if Putin makes good on his threats of nuclear war, it won't matter where they go. This should act as a cautionary tale to every other nation: do not elect violent tyrants, and, if you already did, vote them out of office before it's too late and you end up like Iran!
  • Bernie Sanders once again tells it like it is.
  • It seems each week we learn a new way Trump almost sparked WWIII. The latest was his desire to fire missiles into Mexico and blame another country. Because, you know, there are so many other massive militaries in North America. Could have been Canada! or... El Salvador!


Feeling: Okay


I've added pages for the encryption programs, VeraCrypt and TrueCrypt.

  • The Russian exodus continues with every Russian male who can afford it leaving the country as to not become Putin's human ammunition, and, while it's nice to see Edward Snowden has finally been given citizenship, they've had nine years to do that. The fact Putin waited until every other nation on earth hated him for invading Ukraine does not impress me.
  • Republicans don't care about state's rights, they want to criminalize abortion for everyone, and, until they get that, they're going to make it illegal to leave a criminalized state to get one. Odd considering Republicans are always fleeing their homes to avoid law and order.
  • Trump's lie about declassifying stolen Top Secret documents with his mind gives comedians a lot of ammo.
  • Republican Mehmet Oz wanted to prove he was in good health, unlike his Democrat rival, so he released his doctor's report, which shows that his primary care physician is from Manhattan, not Pennsylvania.
  • A Brit weighs in on the ridiculousness of the UK's monarchy.

Victory Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida expelled an 8-year-old girl because she refused her teacher's order to take a picture of herself doing her homework in the bathtub!

Even if everyone stopped watering their lawns, took short showers, used dirty water to flush their toilets, and turned off the water when they brushed their teeth and shaved, it wouldn't make much of a difference in our water consumption because the vast majority of water used in the USA is to feed livestock.


Feeling: Okay


I've added a page for the video game company Softnica, aka Pax Softnica.

  • Yes, there is a detailed process for how a president can declassify something, and, no, they can't do it just by thinking about it.
  • Republicans continue their downward spiral into pure bigotry by declaring medicine that might be used by gay people unconstitutional. Thankfully, the evil hatred of Republican judges are sometimes stopped but this severe problem won't be solved by Democrats towing the line.
  • There is little change in deaths between this year and last due to COVID-19, primarily because Republicans refuse to get vaccinated, so they're primarily the ones dying, but, regardless of what Biden says, the pandemic isn't over.
  • Even as his state's children are murdered, Republican Greg Abbott continues to refuse any gun control, even for people who have already shown themselves to be dangerous and violent. Hopefully, Texas will continue to shift liberal until they can finally displace him.
  • Despite what Republicans say, a fetus does not have a heartbeat at six weeks. The "beat" you may hear if you have a trans-vaginal ultrasound is electrical impulses converted into sound, and not the opening and closing of heart valves, because heart valves don't exist at six weeks, and neither does a heart. A functioning heart doesn't form until around 17-20 weeks. Not that any of that matters because personhood doesn't occur with a beating heart, personhood occurs with a functioning mind. But, once again, the USA's unnecessary love for the religious means we have to rely on the Satanists to do what's right.
  • The special in-flight safety video for when Republicans kidnap refugees.

The argument that an all-loving god would have to allow some evil to occur is just as "true" for why an all-evil god would have to allow some good to occur. Either way, they're both unfalsibiable.

Anyone who believes what a cat tells him deserves all he gets.

Feeling: Okay


I finished reading Neil Gaiman's Stardust. It was a very satisfying read.

  • Trump's decades of fraud when he was a civilian are beginning to catch up to him. Even if they can't sue him directly, New York still might be able to get his money from his adult kids.
  • Republicans tripping over themselves to out-cruel each other is the new normal.
  • What's this world coming to? All Timothy Hale-Cusanelli did was worship Hitler and try to overthrow the US government for Donald Trump and suddenly he's the bad guy?
  • Trump's friend Alex Jones is digging his grave in his defamation trial. He's called the judge a "tyrant," referred to it as a "kangaroo court," ask the prosecutor "are we in China?" and told his victims, "I'm done saying I'm sorry." Thankfully, his inability to even pretend to care about people is going to make his sentence even worse.
  • Remember Amy Cooper? She was the woman who, when told her dog needed to be on a leash in a park, got angry and called 911 and told the police that a black man was threatening her life. She did this even while knowing she was being recorded and her racism made a big media storm, so her company fired her due to all the bad publicity. Rather than admit her mistake and learn about how to de-learn her racism, she assured everyone that she couldn't be racist and sued her former employer. Well, she just lost.

About done with this

Feeling: Okay


Another stitch fell out. This is a big deal because the skin is much more malleable than elsewhere on my body, so, a missing stitch really opens the wound up more. I'll be happy when this is over.

Yesterday, I beat Hunt the Wumpus a few times while making a page for the game.

Today is the last day of summer, welcome to another beautiful autumn!

  • Wealthy Russians are flying out of the country, poor Russians are protesting, stupid Russians are volunteering to be human ammunition for Putin's war machine.
  • The House passed a bill which makes it harder for dangerous fascists to overthrow the presidential election process, and, true to form, 229 Republicans voted against it. Speaking of which, more of Trump's goons who tried to steal the election are being sued for defaming electronic voting companies.
  • Republican Ron DeSantis said that the refugees he lied to and flew out of state to a place where they didn't have access to food or shelter should be thanking him. Unfortunately fro DeSantis, sending someone out of state under false pretenses and abandoning them is actually a crime. Fortauntely for DeSantist (but, unfortunately for the rest of the country), American politicians are above the law, so he won't actually be punished for his crimes. But this in just a taste of what we can expect as we near the 2024 presidential election: Republicans scrambling to outdo each other in bigoted cruelty.
  • More bad news for Trump! An appeals court ruled that the Top Secret documents he stole from the White House can be used for criminal investigations by the Department of Justice.

NASA's latest photos of Neptune are amazing.

Trail-blazing and famous black animators.

An informative time line of European history.

Playing some old games anew

Feeling: Okay


Yesterday, I beat a very brief text adventure for the Apple I, Little Tower. I also beat the TurboGrafx-16 port of Shanghai.

  • Angered by the embarrassing losses of the Russian military, Putin is doubling down and escalating his invasion by drafting 300,000 from the Russian military reserve into his war and is now declaring that large swaths of Ukraine are now Russia, and his invasion is "defending" his country, with nuclear bombs, if necessary! This has led to the European Union saying there will be "increased consequences" for his actions, but they haven't actually done anything yet.
  • Republican Ron DeSantis lied to refugees and used COVID-19 money to send them to Martha's Vineyard. The people there banded together to help them, not only making them look great, but making DeSantis look even more evil than he already does. But, more importantly, it's landed yet another lawsuit against him that Florida taxpayers must pay for.
  • Even though he's out of office, Trump's legacy continues to hurt America. Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge David Counts ruled that people who are indicted on felony crimes must still be allowed to buy and own guns!
  • Trump's team lied to the National Archives saying that the boxes of extremely dangerous Top Secret documents Trump stole from the White House were just newspaper clippings.
  • Though it's still too little, too late, Democrats have at least succeeded in their push to phase out the extremely bad greenhouse gases, hydrofluorocarbons.
  • Most people now know that the Proud Boys are a racist American terrorist organization, but few know that their name was chosen by Gavin McInnes in order to mock a twelve-year-old Latino boy.

The University of Massachusetts football team decided to celebrate a Pride game the same day they are hosting Liberty University!

Why do vloggers clap at the beginning of a video? It's partly to sync up the video and audio, but also to create verisimilitude.

When professional religious apologists admit that no amount of evidence would ever convince them they're wrong.

Getting there

Feeling: Okay


In my healing journey, as long as I don't do anything that shakes my body too much, all of the deep pain is gone. There is still some surface pain at the incision, but, typically only when the bandage sticks to it. I won't be jumping on a trampoline any time soon, but I'm feeling much better.

I've added a page for the Signetics 2513, a microchip used to display characters on a screen in early computers.

  • Ukraine continues to make Russia's military look like a joke, and it doesn't help that Putin, in order to not incur additional foes, can't call this a war, so he has to hire the old and incompetent. These recent Russian defeats are causing Ukrainian separatist to beg Moscow to annex more of Ukraine as soon as possible.
  • Trump's lies about election fraud have had severe consequences for the USA. In addition to sowing distrust in our election process causing many Republican voters to commit voter fraud of their own, and having Republican officials lie about their involvement with false electors, Trump's lies have also enraged people who were already unstable. Igor Lanis was described by his daughter as having gone off the deep end after Trump lost, believing all of Trump's lies, and eventually shooting her sister and murdering her mother.
  • Even as LGBT people are finally becoming normalized, there are still awful homophobic monsters trying to equate them with pedophilia.
  • Speaking in all seriousness, Republican James Lankford claimed that his god caused it to rain in Oklahoma because Republicans voted to criminalize abortion.

A quick look of all the Mario games that never left Japan.

An overview of the different forms of health care.

Sopping up all the brown fluid...

Feeling: Blah


I beat the NES port of Super Jeopardy!. I also created a page for The Royal Institution.

  • Republicans are still trying to ban abortion across the entire country regardless of state's rights. And they won't stop at abortion. When asked if he could criminalize women's contraception, Republican Brian Kemp didn't say, "No! That would be a severe violation of their individuality!" instead, he explained exactly how he would do it.
  • Republicans, in order to prove Christ's love, keep lying to refugees and abandoning them into Democrat cities. So, what do the Democrats do? They band together to feed, clothe, and shelter the refugees. So, who's the real monster?
  • Taking a page from Trump's criminal playbook, at least a dozen Republicans are already saying they will refuse to accept election results, but only if they lose.
  • Republicans in Montana passed a law to make it harder for trans people to change the sex on their birth certificates. A judge blocked their transphobic law, but Republicans said they were going to keep doing it anyway! They aren't even going to appeal to a higher court, they're just going to ignore their state's Judicial branch and ignore the American concept of separation of powers. Let's hope to see some Republicans in prison for this.
  • Murder rates are going up in the USA, but, almost entirely in Republican states.
  • Trump's shady financial records are finally being scrutinized and more of his backroom dealings in the White House are being collected.
  • Biden said the COVID-19 pandemic is over, which is a bit surprising considering the USA is still seeing around 400 deaths every day. Granted, most of the deaths are among the unvaccinated and in Republican areas, but that still sounds like a pandemic to me.
  • Christian bigot Joseph Kennedy was a high school coach who was pushing his religion on children. Although his school should have fired him, they instead paid his contract in full, and just didn't rehire him for the next season, as they are allowed to do. A lawsuit ensued where his lawyers claimed he was fired, and the Republicans on the US Supreme Court ruled that public school faculty members are once again allowed to push their religion on students (get ready for Satanist prayers!), and demanded the school rehire Kennedy (despite the fact that he was never fired). So, complying with the ridiculous ruling, the school offered to rehire Kennedy, but, despite Kennedy saying he'd love to go back to preach to the students he's too busy making money on the lecture circuit complaining about how he's still a martyr.
  • Won't someone think of the children... on the Internet?

Religion continues to die in America, especially Christianity. Not a big shock when you look at just how awful religious institutions are. Consider Yeshiva University, they refused to allow an LGBT club, and, when the US Supreme Court said they either had to allow the LGBT club or ban all student clubs, they choose to ban all clubs!

Stitches are beginning to degrade. Not a fan.

Feeling: Blah


I've added a page for the Apple I computer.

  • Russian civilians have no interest in volunteering to die for Putin's failing invasion, so Russia is now hiring mercenaries, but even the mercenary groups are having a hard time recruiting, so they're getting their latest crop of soldiers from prisons.
  • 40 of Trump's goons have been subpoenaed by the FBI including the MyPillow guy.
  • Turns out, most of the world doesn't like the British monarchy or their reign of colonization, neither their greedy queen, or their newly appointed incompetent king.
  • While claiming dirty polluting fossil fuels was a gift from his god to be dominated, Republican Clay Higgins also yelled at and mocked a woman by referring to her with the derogatory epithets, "boo" and "young lady." Thankfully, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn't gonna let his misogyny get a free pass.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene isn't just dangerously unqualified, she's also just plain dangerous. People were protesting her refusal to do anything to stop mass-murders, so she attacked one of the protesters, first stepping on her, then kicking her, all the while raving about why we can't take guns away from criminals.
  • Republicans continue to use human beings as pawns in their evil racist game.
  • When she was a underage teenager, Pieper Lewis was raped. Being a strong woman, she attacked her rapist and killed him in self-defense. However, because Iowa is a Republican state, there aren't many laws in place which help victims of rape, and this resulted in Lewis being put in juvenile prison, a after she was finally let out, she was forced to pay the family of her rapist $150,000! Thankfully, people all over the country donated to help her pay the bill. What they need to do next is stop voting for Republicans who won't let a safe harbor law pass in Iowa.
  • Nearly everything the police said about what happened during the Uvalde school massacre was a lie to cover up their own incompetence. They repeatedly lied, over and over again, because they were embarrassed at how badly they screwed up, and almost nobody was punished, and now, in order to feel like tough guys again, they're harassing the victims.
  • Speaking of dangerous police, Christian Glass got his car stuck on the side of a dirt road at night, so he called for a tow truck. Instead, two cops showed up and demanded he get out of his car. Glass was (rightly) afraid of the cops, but he put his keys on his dashboard and raised his hands to prove he wasn't a threat. This wasn't good enough for the cops who were enraged that anyone would dare challenge their authority. Despite being told by their dispatch that they had no business there, the cops shattered his car window, beat him, tased him, then shot him dead. Christian Glass was murdered by cops, and those cops have not been fired or even disciplined.
  • It's no secret Republicans did a lot of shady backroom dealings during the last US Census in order to eliminate as many brown people as possible from the final counts in order to give more political representation to their nearly all-white voter base. To combat their interference, a bill has been introduced into Congress that would add checks and balances into the Census process to prevent executive meddling. Since it's a law about fairness, Republicans are very opposed to it.

When it comes to sound, decibels aren't the only factor for how loud something sounds.

It was an angry inch!

Feeling: Blah


I've created a page for the board game chess.

  • Abortion bans have just gone into effect in Indiana and West Virginia. These Republicans are going to kill a lot of women, but they don't care.
  • Wow, the Ukrainian recapture of Balakliia was so successful, and Russia's retreat so hurried, they left behind a bunch of military vehicles and equipment!
  • Police are finally starting to reform their violent conduct, not because they care about human rights, far from it, but because their insurance won't cover any more misconduct lawsuits.
  • Conspiracy nut and Trump supporter, Mike Lindell had his phone seized by FBI because he has been implicated in illegal tampering of voting machines. This really fits their pattern of hating gays, then getting caught humping dudes, or hating abortion, then getting caught having abortions, or etc. etc. Trump's attempt to steal the election was certainly predictable.
  • The West Bank is a highly-disputed area in the Middle East currently under Israeli military control and which the USA has no authority over. I bring this up because Trump offered to give this region to the king of Jordan! That would be like Russia offering to give Japan to China.
  • Billionaires often talk about doing good works, and sometimes they even donate 0.0001% of their wealth to a semi-reputable charity. However, Yvon Chouinard, founder of the company Patagonia, is putting his money where his mouth is and donating his entire company! It will now run as a non-profit trust.

It must be tough being a celebrity who gets asked the same question over and over again.

Getting better s.l.o.w.l.y.

Feeling: Injured


Last night, I beat Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure.

  • Many anti-abortion advocates argued that the repeal of Roe v. Wade was good because it brings the matter of abortion down to the state-level. But, the thing about Republicans is, they don't actually care about state's rights or small government, that's just something they say about the federal laws they disagree with. They, even more than Democrats, push for federal laws. Case in point, Republican Lindsey Graham is trying to pass a law that would ban abortion at the federal level even in the states that legalized it.
  • Even if they weren't bombing civilians and committing genocide, Russia is still spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence the politics of foreign nations to make them more pro-Putin.
  • I get it if you're sad because you think Elizabeth II was good person, but Monarchies are always bad. Case in point, people in the UK who are protesting the existence of the monarchy are being arrested.
  • Make sure you get your COVID booster before the government stops paying for them.

Jesus performed so many miracles it would fill thousands of books, but we're not going to tell you what they were, just trust us.

Sore balls

Feeling: Injured


Had my follow-up appointment. My doctor said mild bruising at the top sides of the scrotum and general soreness is common after a week, especially since people usually stop taking pain meds and start becoming more active at this time. I had heard from multiple sources that the pain would subside quickly, but it has not, so I was beginning to get worried. The important thing is, the suture is healing cleanly, and there doesn't appear to be any internal problems.

I finished reading the Bhagavad Gita. I will not be converting to Hinduism any time soon.

  • If you have a relative who has fallen down the QAnon rabbit hole, try and get them help, because they just might murder you.
  • Republican Governors wrote a letter to Biden asking him to stop forgiving poor people's predatory student loan debt, because they hate education and love debt.
  • Law & Order may be a loved show, but it continually reiterates the notion that cops should be allowed to brutally assault people because a cop's hunch is far more trustworthy than evidence or due process. In reality, you probably should never trust police. Case in point, the San Francisco crime lab has been keeping the DNA from the victims of rape kits on file to see if the raped women were involved in existing crimes and then arresting the raped women!
  • How did the US end up with a Catholic Republican majority Supreme Court? Possibly because of Republicans Neil and Ann Corkery who have raised a lot of money for that specific goal.
  • The USA worships sports and coaches of winning teams, so coaches often get free reign to do what they want, including sexually harass and assault students. We shouldn't have to rely on students to out pedophile coaches in school, but here we are.
  • Democrats seem to have given up on COVID too.

Astrophysicist Dr. Becky explains where the name "black hole" came from, and why it's not very accurate. Also, what if Uranus was entirely Uranium, Neptune was entirely Neptunium, and Pluto was entirely plutonium? Plutonium is scary stuff. Just ask the physicists who died from it due to simple accidents during the Manhattan Project.

Did you ever wonder why hidden 1-ups don't always appear in Super Mario Bros.?

Heal faster please

Feeling: Injured


I've added a page for the strategy video game genre. I also updated my List of favorite video games by year with some of the latest games I've played. Some of the empty space has been filled in with the few games I played that year, so, while they may not be any good, they're still the only games I played, so, I guess they're technically my favorites.

  • Republicans are finally beginning to realize that voting against the desires of the majority of their constituents isn't wise. After the Republicans in the Supreme Court trashed legal precedence, their legislative counterparts are now dialing back their insane abortion stances, and many are now even calling for the protection of same-sex marriage. But, don't kid yourselves, this isn't about caring for people, it's all about saving their jobs. Strange thing about how conservatives deal with abortion: getting an abortion is evil, but hiring a child rapist as your anti-abortion director is just fine.
  • Though their invasion with a ridiculously high casualty number continues, Russia won't stop just because they keep embarrassing themselves, this time ceding several cities after a surprise Ukrainian offensive. The sad part is, even if Ukraine "wins," both sides still lose.
  • Republicans continue to ignore Trump stealing and potentially losing scores of top secret documents. But, now that he's not president, Trump needs a good lawyer, too bad they all hate him.
  • A members list of Oath Keepers, the American terrorist organization, has been leaked. Not surprisingly, it's lousy with military, police, and Republican politicians.
  • Over 300 people are still dying from COVID every day in the USA, so, you might want to upgrade your booster to the latest Omicron variant.
  • The American utilities system was designed (inadvertently, I hope) so that companies only make a profit, not by maintaining or upgrading their hardware, but by fixing it after it breaks.

What does institutional racism look like? It's engineers who designed forehead thermometers, but didn't bother to check if they work correctly on black people.

The non-religious continue to increase throughout the USA, and there are lots of interesting graphs showcasing this. One especially interesting fact is the global decrease among Latinos which are predominately Catholic. Why is Catholicism losing bodies at an unprecedented rate? I'll let Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, explain with his argument: child-raping priests aren't a big deal because they mostly only fondled children, they didn't penetrate them, and they mostly raped minors who over the age of thirteen.

Another one...

Feeling: Injured


While I was recovering from surgery, I beat the main quest of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

  • Trump's terrorists are still being sentenced for their crimes. Former cop, Thomas Webster, was sentenced to ten years for assaulting Capitol police with a deadly weapon. Thankfully, they're also being prevented for running from office. Turns out, if you were part of an insurrection which tried to overthrow the US Constitution, we don't want you in charge of it.
  • Good luck getting other nations to trust us now that we discovered the Top Secret documents Trump had in his basement also included the national security of other nations.
  • Michigan Republicans tried every dirty trick they could think of to keep abortion rights off the midterm ballot, but the state's Supreme Court ruled against them. Republicans also tried blocking a voter rights law, but also failed. There should be punishment for such a blatant abuse of power, but that's American democracy for you.
  • In their effort to ruin education for everyone, Republicans are trying to pass a law in Oklahoma that's so broadly written, it essentially criminalizes any teaching of race, gender, and discrimination and bans any books which discuss those topics. One teacher, Summer Boismier, made it clear to her students just awful such a law would be, and showed them where to read banned books online. She later resigned because of the draconian policies put in place. Angered by a teacher teaching, Republican Ryan Walters, said Boismier was fired (a lie), and is now demanding she be stripped of her teaching license to prevent her from being able to teach in any other Oklahoma schools, claiming she provided students with pornography (also a lie). Walters, very tellingly, wrote, "There is no place for a teacher with a liberal political agenda in the classroom." Notice how he doesn't have a problem with teachers pushing a conservative agenda, just not a liberal one.

Why the "lost" ten tribes of Israel keep getting found.

The reality is, you can't know anything about Christianity.

Stitches in my scrotum makes me happy, sutures on my ball-sac makes me smile...

Feeling: Injured


My vasectomy went well (as far as I can tell). I have a checkup next week to ensure my scrotum is healing properly, then a test in a couple months to ensure I'm infertile, then I'll be officially broken. For anyone curious, the surgery was uncomfortable, but not too bad, and the recovery has been like recovering from a solid kick in the balls. Not pleasant, but certainly preferred to an "oops baby!"

During the time off, I finally finished Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

  • One of the wholly unqualified judges Trump appointed, Aileen Cannon, wrote a poorly written ruling which will not only disrupt our judicial system for years to come, but it also derails the case against Trump's criminal theft of top secret documents.
  • The Republican Supreme Court overturned decades of precedence and the right to medical privacy, and now they're reaping what they sowed. In South Carolina, men are criminalizing abortion even when little girls are raped by men in their own family, which is outraging some of the Republican women who were naive enough to think Republican values would somehow protect women. Republican values are currently in favor of a strong patriarchy where only men (specifically white, wealthy, and Christian) have rights. Just look at Republican Tom Emmer who not only doesn't believe women should be allowed to make decisions about their reproductive health, but uses racism to justify his belief.
  • Republican criminal Steve Bannon is being arrested again, this time for fraud, and Trump can't pardon his blatant crimes anymore.
  • Republican Ron Johnson told reporters that he didn't see any reason to oppose a law protecting same-sex marriage rights from his fellow Republicans, which was quite surprising. Johnson later admitted he plans to fight to re-criminalize same-sex marriage and lied so reporters would leave him alone. Of course, this is nothing new, Republicans have been lying for Jesus for thousands of years.
  • Republican Mehmet Oz said something to the effect that only wealthy people deserve to be healthy. At least he's not calling for building a new capital city to keep poor people out.
  • A Texas judge ruled that the Affordable Care Act can not pay for medicine that might be used by gay people because that would be a violation of the religious freedom of Christians who want gay people to die.

Using a laser to draw in water.

The Pope claimed the Vatican now has a zero tolerance policy against sexual abuse. Yeah right, the Pope himself took part in covering up sexual abuse! Just like the prison chaplain who was using Christianity to rape inmates.

Why couldn't Rome conquer Scotland?

Out for awhile

Feeling: Sick


I won't be posting for several days. There is a holiday Monday, and Tuesday I'm getting a vasectomy, which will probably keep me from wanting to blog for a few days.

I've added a page for the video game companines under the Natsume brand. Also, if you use Paint.Net, I've added a section for plugins and listed some of my favorites.

  • An inventory list of everything Trump stole from the White House has been released, and it's scary. Strewn among magazines, potentially illegal gifts, and newspaper clippings, the FBI found 29 government documents marked confidential, 54 marked secret, and 18 marked top secret! The US government describes the security classification levels for confidential as, it getting out would "damage" national security, secret as, it getting out would cause "serious damage," and top secret as, it getting out would cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security! And here's the real kick in the teeth: there were also 90 folders which once contained classified documents of the aforementioned type which are now empty! This raises the question, did Trump go out of his way to take a bunch of empty folders out of the White House, or, did those folders once contain government secrets which were stolen from the unlocked, unmonitored, and unguarded storage room that anyone visiting Mar-a-Lago could easily access?
  • Even if a couple of their many billions go to their workers, they'll still be billionaires, but they still fight their workers every step of the way when they demand a living wage. This is why you can never trust billionaires and must unionize.
  • Not surprisingly, the racist hate group known as the Oath Keepers hired a dirty lawyer to represent them. Thankfully, their dirty lawyer was finally outted as one of the terrorists who took part in the Capitol attack so she's also being charged with several crimes!
  • Conservative kook, Ginni Thomas, wife of Conservative sexual harasser, and Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, urged Wisconsin and Arizona lawmakers disregard the will of their voters, and steal the election for Trump.
  • In an effort to prove how easy it is to commit voter fraud, Trump worshipper Harry Wait illegally ordered absentee ballots for several people. He never actually got a chance to vote with them, he just ordered them, and got charged with several crimes. However, he's still convinced voter fraud happens all the time, even if personally he couldn't pull it off.
  • Trump is once again promising full pardons for all the January 6th terrorists. But, in case they forgot, he was still president when the insurrection took place. They were even getting arrested and charged with crimes while he was still in office. He had the authority to give a blanket pardon to all of them then, but he chose not to. He doesn't actually care about anyone but himself.
  • Texas Republicans are still claiming that fetuses are people, but also, they're not people.
  • Jordan Peterson also hates curvaceous women and people who don't do well on IQ tests.

How your television manufacturer is ruining the picture of everything you watch.

Want to cut back on the trillions we waste fighting wildfires each year? Get more beavers.

The latest batch of high-jumping robots.

Hello September

Feeling: Sick


I finished reading Stephen King's, The Running Man. I've also started rating the books I've read from 1-10. So far, I've finished the Bs.

  • Russia isn't just invading Ukraine to try and take over their land, they're trying to eradicate the Ukrainian people. They're bombing residential areas, sending Ukrainian civilians into Russian prison camps, and trafficking thousands of Ukrainian children into Russia where they are being "adopted" into Russian families who are forcing them to forget their own culture. Of course, Russia is also killing off their own citizens who don't praise Putin's genocide.
  • It still amazes me that Trump can find lawyers. He frequently fails to pay them, and they often wind up in prison. Case in point, Trump's latest lawyers, Evan Corcoran and Christina Bobb, have been accused of obstructing a government investigation for lying to the FBI. I guess, to them, their desire to see their name on TV is worth going to prison?
  • Michigan voters signed over half a million petitions, more enough to get a vote for the decriminalization of abortion on the ballot. But, Republicans, as usual, went against the will of the voters and refused to allow abortion rights on the November ballot. How did Republicans justify blatantly refusing the demands of their constituents? They complained that some of the words on the petition didn't have wide enough spacing between them, and, therefore, the over half a million voters couldn't have understood what they were signing. This is to be expected, Republicans always lie, cheat, and violate the democratic process to exert authority over women. Now it' up to a judge to decide whether the bullshit Republican objection is legitimate.
  • Democrat Mary Peltola won the special election for a US House seat in Alaska, replacing Don Young who died in office, and defeating the incompetent Sarah Palin. However, she's only there for two months before she faces a full election in November, again, against Palin. The election was close, so it could be flipped in two months, but, hopefully, Alaskans remember just how utterly inept Palin is. Like, she's the kind of beauty pageant failure who, when she loses, makes it clear she doesn't understand how voting works and then makes violent gun analogies.
  • Republican Bryan Hughes, the man who wanted public schools to teach "alternative perspectives" on the Holocaust, helped pass a law in Texas forcing public schools to display pro-Christian "In God we trust" posters, a clear violation of the first amendment. One school complied with the law by putting up posters with the phrase written in Arabic, making clear how similar Republicans are to the Taliban. Now, Republicans are scrambling to change their stupid law to require the signs to be in English, which would also be bigoted.

In case some hateful conservative bigot tries a "gotcha" on you by asking, "what is a woman."

If you ever go to Japan, don't get suckered into a bar with free drinks.

Goodbye August, it was fun

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I've begun a new book template for my book pages. It includes if I own the book, which edition I own, if I've read it, and when I finished it. It's only on the books that start with a number or letter A, but I'll slowly update all the pages over time (only 240 left to go!). I've also added a list of games I want to my video game trading page and a list of albums I want.

  • You knew they weren't going to stop at libraries. Republicans are now trying to ban the sale of books at private book stores as well. Thankfully, the judge presiding over their case cares more about free speech than Republican snowflakes.
  • The Department of Homeland Security put out a video which describes how to determine fact from misinformation about COVID-19 online, and, urges people to report misinformation on social media. Fox's Tucker Carlson brought Republicans on to spinning this as Biden telling children to report their parents to the government.
  • Trump was hoping to put his social media site on Google Play in order to monetize it, but, because the site is just a bunch of angry white men screaming about the minorities they want to murder, Google won't let them join!
  • Secret Service official Anthony Ornato has retired, but will always be remembered as the man who organized an attack on peaceful protesters so Trump could take a picture next to a book he he's never read in front of a church he doesn't attend.

Religion is how you convince someone that thousands of years of violent horrific racism is a good thing because it allows anti-racist people to be brave.

Maybe don't trust a shill for the processed food industry to tell you which foods are healthier, especially when they claim that Frosted Mini Wheats are significantly healthier than whole wheat bread.

Boston had been paying Christians with taxpayer money to pray for their city council meetings. When Satanists asked to be paid to pray for them, suddenly, the money disappeared!

Illy loves sharing, even if it's illnesses

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I just got acquired a new trove of old games and magazines. After taking inventory, I've made a list of all the video game related stuff that I have duplicates of and am willing to trade. I've also updated my Nintendo Power page with the magazines I own. I created vector art of the Adventure Hero's Books logo, and added a couple book scans.

  • Republicans have weaponized their scientific ignorance to the point where they will force a women to give birth to a fetus that of doesn't have a skull while praying that their god will miraculously give it one.
  • Republican Lindsey Graham threatens "riots in the streets" if the USA dares to prosecute Trump for any of his many crimes. That may be so, but, despite Republicans protecting criminals, the USA still has a duty to punish them, even if they're rich an white. Case in point, Republican Brian Kemp knowingly tampered with the Georgia's election process to help Trump steal the presidency. He failed, but now there is an investigation into exactly what crimes Kemp committed in the process, except there won't be, because Republican-appointed judge Judge Robert McBurney said Kemp won't have to testify because he's running for reelection, and, if he wins, which seems likely since he routinely steals elections, he won't be investigated either.
  • Republican QAnon lunatics are still causing mayhem.
  • Ukraine is building fake rocket launchers in order to confuse the Russians into wasting expensive missiles to blow up wooden cutouts.
  • The Republican nominee for Secretary of State in Michigan is an election denier who thinks people who have sex before marriage, especially gay people, are being corrupted by Satan.
  • Mary Nicosia is a rich white woman who decorated her home with buckets of KFC and serving Hennessy to mock black people for a Juneteenth party. Then, in an effort to prove she's not racist, she admitted that she runs an anonymous Twitter account where she has been routinely making racist comments. Her lawyer tried the argument, she was just wasn't hating on black people, she was just "Liberal bashing." Because bigotry against a political view is okay? Nicosia ended by saying she's a victim of cancel culture and doesn't have a racist bone in her body (minus all the racist stuff she did).
  • How doesn't Jordan Peterson understand that he's authoritarian?

Yet another megachurch pastor is resigning after getting caught cheating on his wife.

The spotted lantern fly is a very dangerous invasive species that you should kill.

A private Christian school is forfeiting a football game with a public school because the public school has two girls on its football team, and the private school has a rule saying their male students are not allowed to touch girls and they don't believe girls should ever be allowed to do anything violent, like play sports. I'm sure those boys are going to grow up with healthy attitudes toward women.

Super powerful lasers are pretty awesome.

A chart showing when the books of the bible were written.

Information is beautiful

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Yesterday, I beat all the modes of Shanghai Pocket.

  • Republicans are having buyer's remorse after pissing off the majority of women in the country. Republican Neal Collins, who voted to criminalize abortion, expressed regret after learning about a 19-year-old woman with an nonviable fetus being turned away from the hospital because it still had a heart beat (and would for a few more days). The doctor explained, soon she'll have a miscarriage, probably when she's alone without medical aide, and there is a 50% chance she will develop sepsis and lose her uterus. Collins may regret his vote, but he's not actively trying to decriminalize abortion, so fuck him. Instead, we're relying on the whims of judges like one in North Dakota who has blocked the woman-hating abortion ban that was expected to take effect today. Currently, abortion is criminalized in 15 states, almost all in the ignorant South, with a few more on the way. Spain, however, is protecting women's safety by passing a new law where the only legal form of consent is someone saying "yes." Now, having sex with someone who doesn't or can't say "yes," will be considered rape.
  • Biden said that "extreme MAGA philosophy" is "semi-fascism," which is no correct. If you read about what fascism is, you'll discover that the MAGA philosophy is entirely fascism.
  • Michael Jennings was watering his neighbor's flowers while they were away on vacation, so racist police arrested him for watering flowers while black.
  • Republican Mark Robinson doesn't think elementary students should be allowed to learn science or history from elementary school. He's also anti-abortion, unless he's the father, in, which case, he demands an abortion. And why is it Republicans hate debt relief for students, but not debt relief for their own failing companies? Because Republicans hate education. Just look at Jim Banks who argued, if American's don't have cripping student debt, they won't join the military!
  • Republican Peter Schmidt is very anti-gay. Very, very anti-gay. So, naturally, he's had sex with a lot of men.
  • Democrats issued a policy requiring federally-funded research to be made open to the public instead of being locked behind paywalls. Yes please.
  • Republican Kim Crockett asks the hard questions like, should disabled people be allowed to vote.

You too can turning waste aluminum into hydrogen fuel.

Information is beautiful

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I've added a page for run-length encoding.

  • Russia has once again purposely targeted unarmed civilians in Ukraine, killing at least 25 people as they were celebrating their independence day by bombing a railway station.
  • Democrats are providing student loan forgiveness of up to $20,000 for those people making less than $125,000 a year. This will help out those students who were screwed over when predatory lenders like Republican Betsy DeVos were put in charge, and worked to ruin higher education. Of course, if the USA would just pay for everyone's college education, like other developed nations, none of this would be necessary.
  • Idaho Republicans have passed a law criminalizing abortion in the state, but one judge is blocking the parts of the law which affect women who need emergency medical treatment.
  • Trump's lawyer even agreed that the top secret documents Trump was holding outside of security needed to be returned, but Trump still refused.
  • While Interior Secretary for Trump, Republican Ryan Zinke lied to investigators while preventing native Americans from buying property in Connecticut. His criminal dishonesty probably still won't disqualify him from becoming a Congressperson for Montana.
  • Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who is partially responsible for the January 6th terrorist attack on the US Capitol, is suing a small Australian news site for saying that he is partially responsible for the January 6th terrorist attack on the US Capitol and then daring him to sue them. This, of course, is just making everyone realize that Lachlan Murdoch, CEO of Fox, is definitely partially responsible for the January 6th terrorist attack on the US Capitol.
  • Michigan Republicans, who knowingly and openly voted for a famed sexual predator, Donald Trump, have defunded the Patmos Public Library for refusing to trash LGBT books.
  • Kelly Goodlett, one of the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor, has pleaded guilty to trying to covering up the fact that she and her fellow officers lied about the fact that they murdered a sleeping unarmed black woman.

Noted fascist Ben Shapiro released an "educational" video about atheism, and boy is it filled with ignorance and bigotry.

Could you imagine if religious zealots actually cared about evidence?

Moonshot, Woodstock, Watergate, punk rock

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I've added a page for Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.

  • The Democrats had a major victory that will help all Americans.
  • Russia continue to bomb nuclear power plants, killing civilian workers, and probably trying to set off a meltdown. Thankfully, Biden has announced another $3,000,000,000 to help Ukraine fight back the Russian invaders.
  • Trump had at least 700 pages of classified documents in his unsecured basement and simply refused to return them.
  • Mayor Mondale Robinson of Enfield, North Carolina is rightly proud of himself for overseeing the destruction of a racist Confederate monument. He live-streamed the bulldozing while saying, "Death to the Confederacy around here," and "Not in my town. Not on my watch." Like a boss!
  • Republican Ron DeSantis tries his hand at big boy war cosplay.
  • Republicans in South Carolina are once again trying to steal $1,500,000 in tax payer money to give to a Christian church. So far, they appear to be successful.
  • Ford was slapped with a $1,700,000,000 lawsuit after people died because the company knew their truck roofs couldn't safely withstand a rollover.

I hate Nazis

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Today, I finished reading The Man in the High Castle.

  • Trump's lawyers had access to sensitive files from election machines, probably not a good idea from the start, but now we've learned that they shared them with dangerous conspiracy nuts.
  • Several Oakland County Sheriffs in Michigan beat an unarmed, restrained, mentally ill, black woman into a bloody pulp because she was "resisting arrest."
  • Florida Republicans passed a law banning dozens of books from public schools as well as making it a crime for schools to accept books unless they are approved by someone appointed by the Republicans. Of course, they haven't actually gotten around to appointing anyone to review books, so, when a literacy organization wanted to donate dictionaries to Florida schools, they had to refuse them! Hey Florida, maybe stop voting for book-burning Nazis?
  • Fox is once again trying to silence its critics by threatening lawsuits. Of course, when your media outlet is built on a foundation of telling lies, like Fox, you're probably not in a good position to win any lawsuits about your integrity.
  • Republican/Libertarian Scott Esk wants all LGBT people to be executed.

Why carbon offsets don't reduce carbon.

Looking at the Pharaohs mentioned in the bible.

Clack, clack, clack

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Last night, I beat Shanghai Mini. I also created a page for the whole Shanghai series.

  • Putin's invasion is beginning to hit close to home as Daria Dugina, daughter of one of his military confidants, has been murdered in a car explosion that is thought to have targeted her father. And Pavel Filatyev, a former Russian soldier, has had enough of his country using his fellow countrymen as human ammunition.
  • A judge in Michigan ruled that Republican prosecutors will not be allowed to bring legal charges against women who have abortions for the next few months, and told them to focus their efforts on actual criminals.
  • It wasn't enough that all the communication between Republicans about their January 6th terrorist attack was illegally deleted, but now the men at the top won't even have to testify.
  • Republican Rick Scott has a long history of defrauding the companies he worked for, and now it appears he's defrauding his own political party. This is why you don't elect criminals.
  • Being the victim of a failed murder attempt isn't the same as being canceled.
  • Off-duty cop, Michael Vitellaro, saw a 14-year-old Puerto Rican boy with his son's bike in his hands, so he attacked the boy, threw him to the ground, then crushed him with his knee in his back while the boy's friends kept trying to explain to the racist cop that he was only moving the bike out of the way. Vitellaro could have asked, "is that your bike?" but, as it all too common with American police, he immediately resorted to assault and battery. Thankfully, he's been charged with a crime, but, let's be real, he's going to get a paid vacation until this blows over, then get promotion within a year.

What's inside the slow-moving ball?

The Netherlands built an entire town for elderly people with dementia, and it works amazingly well.

Why are there some places on Earth where it never gets dark?

Dammit, Jim! I'm a computer programmer, not a doctor!

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I beat the super old video game, Super Star Trek.

  • Either our congressional legislatures are committing more crimes than in the past, or they're more likely to be caught. Either way, the vast majority of crimes in Congress (especially sexual abuse) are committed by Republicans.
  • Russia's former general admits that Russia's military has a lot of bad design flaws in their military vessels and has implemented terrible strategies which has thoroughly embarrassed the war-mongering nation, but warns that they still have a lot of money and bodies to throw at Ukraine, and a lot of hackers to attack the other nations that broke away from the USSR.
  • Because he's a white supremacist, Republican Ron DeSantis signed a law that made it a crime in Florida for private companies to teach employees how not to be racist or bigoted to their co-workers. A Federal judge had to step point out to him exactly how preventing private companies from training their employees is a violation of the first amendment of the US Constitution and struck down the racist law.
  • Liz Cheney was successful at proving Donald Trump is criminally responsible for the January 6th insurrection as well as a number of other crimes, and that's precisely why her fellow Republicans refused to vote for her. They don't care about Trump's crimes, they just want to worship their orange god, but their orange god needs to be in prison.
  • Death threats from Christians were enough to reinstate a school board's Pledge of Allegiance prayer.
  • By normalizing the hatred of trans people in sports, we've given bigoted parents a reason to demand teenage girls prove their sex every time they win.
  • When we let corporations poison "undesirable" people, it usually comes back to haunt us.

How the greed of hospitals and insurance companies gave rise to the USA having the worst, yet most expensive, health care in the world.

The number of Christian fundamentalists in the USA has reached an all time low... not that you could tell.

Gettin' jiggy widdit

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I've added a page for the old Flash game, White Jigsaw.

I took yesterday off to watch the girls so my wife could pamper herself on her birthday.

  • The Democrat bill which curbs climate change, increases health care, and raises taxes on the ultra wealthy, is now law.
  • The states with the toughest restrictions on abortion also have the most child poverty, lack of maternal care, and uninsured families. Turns out, the same Christians who hate women, also hate their families. On that topic, a Florida Court ruled that 16-year-old girls aren't emotionally mature enough to have an abortion, but they're clearly emotionally mature enough to be forced to be a mother.
  • The two judges who were part of a huge scheme where they were be paid a lot of money to send children to a for-profit jail, Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan, have been ordered to pay $200,000,000.
  • Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens are ordered to pay $650,000,000 to two counties in Ohio for their part in the scandal where doctors were over-prescribing opioids for kickbacks.
  • Republicans continue to shower Trump with money. He's received over $207,000,000 even after losing, and continues to make money after it was made clear that he stole Top Secret documents! His excuses for why he had them continue to mutate and evolve.
  • Christian nationalist, Republican Jason Rapert, who would automatically block any atheists from government social media sites, has just lost his lawsuit. He now has to pay American Atheists $16,000, unblock his atheist posters, and provide written documentation for any future blocks, which can't be about atheism. Someone should have told him, you got to keep the Christian bigotry on the down-low! And Republican Ron DeSantis is also facing a lawsuit after firing an elected official for supporting abortion rights.
  • There isn't a teacher shortage, teacher's are just paid less than other jobs which require a college education in all fifty states!
  • The Republicans who are hanging onto QAnon are having a hard time following their leaders who tell them to arrest cops.
  • Republican Dr. Oz, who lives in New Jersey, but bought off Pennsylvania officials to lie and say he lives in Pennsylvania so he could run for office there, tried passing himself off as an every-man claiming he only owned two houses. He actually owns at least 10.

Watching more Crash Course philosophy: Natural Law, Categorical Imperatives, and Utilitarianism.

More stuff

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I've added a page for the company Philips and Windows Mobile.

  • The number of women seeking permanent birth control options has skyrocketed since Republicans criminalize abortion, but male doctors are still just as callous as ever to women.
  • Trump worshipper Adam Bies went on a Republican social media site to say he was going to murder as many FBI agents as possible. But, as a pathetic Trump slob, he was safely arrested by the FBI before he could murder any of them. For some reason, the "law and order" party doesn't seem to realize that cried to "defund the FBI" don't fit with their authoritarian goals.
  • Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden all really messed up Afghanistan and now hundreds of thousands of people are probably going to die because of them.
  • Ruh-Roh! The Trump Organization, and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, are expected to plead guilty in several tax fraud cases.
  • Ignorant Republicans in Texas, in their rush to ban historically important books that describe the Holocaust and Segregation, also accidentally banned the bible!

A family tree of English bible translations.

Pastor John Martin of Alabama ran an anti-gay church, and you already know where this is going, he was arrested for raping little boys, and was just sentenced and will serve six years in prison.

American trucks are knowingly designed to be more deadly to pedestrians, we've know this for a long time, and they're getting worse.

Back in the day

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I've created a page for Winamp and the ISO disc image format. I also found a scan of The Rainbow which had the source code for Lurkley Manor and added the source pages.

Despite being cold and cloudy, the tubing trip was still a lot of fun!

  • Religiously critical author Salman Rushdie was stabbed multiple times by a Muslim fundamentalist, most likely in an attempt to collect the $3,000,000 bounty Muslims offered to pay for his murder (far more than Trump's goons). However, the Muslims responsible for the bounty are now claiming they had nothing to do with it. Thankfully, Rushdie is still alive, and his attacker is in custody. Speaking of terrorist attacks, Richard A. York III purposely crashed his car into barricades preventing his from getting to the US Capitol, then, as his car burst into flames, began shooting into the air before killing himself. Still no idea why he did this.
  • The airbase built on soil Russia illegally conquered from Ukraine has been bombed. The difference in tactics is pretty significant. Russia kept bombing homes, hospitals, and schools, while Ukraine is only targeting military installations.
  • Why was it illegal for Trump to sneak classified documents out of the White House? Because corrupt president Richard Nixon used the same tactic to hide his own incriminating documents. Of course, despite all his crimes, Trump's in luck that his fellow Republicans have helped him by deleting all their communications about the January 6th insurrection, not just at the Secret Service, but also at the Justice Department. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to make it legal for spies to steal US Defense secrets in order to prevent Trump from being charged with a crime.
  • Several voting machines in Michigan were illegally taken and improperly accessed by Trump-backed Republicans. They claimed they were looking for tampering, but couldn't find any, and now, all of the expensive machines have to be destroyed because they can no longer be trusted. The Republicans who stole them and ruined them are arguing that their crimes shouldn't be investigated by the Democrat Attorney General, because the criminal are currently running for office, so it would be a conflict of interest!
  • Republican Ron DeSantis has never shied away from abusing his power, but now he's doing it to get rid of Florida's elected officials who challenge his autocracy.
  • Judge Joseph Farah will no longer be hearing cases after it came out that he had been, for months, sexually harassing his intern, unfortunately, he'll still get to keep his pension.
  • Republican Ted Cruz says that any woman who is a Democrat is possibly transgender.

Maybe the Mandela Effect is just simple confabulation and not evidence of alternate realities?

Sure, some animals are creepy, but that doesn't mean they're not wholesome.

Down the Danube

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I've added a page for jigsaw puzzles. I've also added a downloadable Flash Player Projector Content Debugger since Adobe has officially removed it from their web site.

Going tubing again this weekend!

  • Ricky Walter Shiffer was a huge Trump supporter who tried, unsuccessfully, to help Trump steal the presidential election by attacking the US Capitol with people like Thomas Robertson. But, unlike Robertson, Shiffer wasn't kept behind bars for the public's safety, and, when he learned that the FBI had raided Trump's home, he went onto Trump's social media platform and told his fellow Trump supporters should prepare for combat and murder FBI agents on sight. Shortly after that, he entered and FBI building and fired a nail gun at people which triggered an alarm, so he fled the building. Police pursued him, and he opened fire with an AR-15 style assault rifle so police killed him. This is the current state of the Republican party. They're absolute lunatics who are willing to start another civil war to protect their criminal cult leader. Trump himself is taking the fifth, something he said is a sure sign of guilt. As for the reason Trump was raided, Merrick Garland is trying to unseal the warrant so the public can see exactly why, but the rumors are Trump may have taken classified documents about nuclear bombs!
  • Michigan Democrats help student who were tricked into signing up for loan debt they couldn't possibly pay back.
  • Charlottesville, Virginia, home of the racist Unite the Right KKK/Nazi rally where a white supremacist purposely drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters and murdered a young woman, tried to polish its tarnished image by hiring RaShall Brackney, a black woman as their new chief of police. After she was hired, the city's racist and sexist police officers constantly mocked her race and sex, and one even threatened to murder her, and, when she tried to punish them, the city's mayor fired her. She's now suing the city for $10,000,000.
  • Private prisons are terrible and actually increase crime.

No, E-cigarettes are not a gateway to cannabis, but, if they were, that would be a good thing.

Christian apologists who try to solve the problem of evil with the "morally sufficient reasons" defense probably haven't read just how evil the god of the bible is.

Want to see pictures of people who don't exist because they were created by an AI?

Okay, byeee!

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I've added a page for Simone Giertz and Vsauce, and added a downloadable version of the source and compiled binary of Oregon.

  • Republicans want crimes investigated, until they're Trump's, and now they keep screaming to defund law enforcement, which seems a bit odd considering their response to the Defund the Police movement. Also, don't get your hopes up over the FBI raiding Trump's house, they're not looking for evidence for any of his other crimes, they're just trying to get back the classified documents he stole. There is some delicious irony though, when Trump was so angry that his former employees kept leaking incriminating documents, he put a severe penalty on the misuse of classified documents, meaning, his downfall could be his own doing!
  • Every Republican voted against the cap on the price of insulin, but Democrats passed their bill anyway in order to help save lives. So, Republicans stripped the price cap from the bill anyway. This comes up far too frequently, but Republicans, much like the Nazis, just want sick people to die so they can be done with them.
  • Even in his appeal, judges rule that the House of Representatives has the right to see Trump's tax records.
  • Trump supporter Bryan Betancur is going to prison for his part in the insurrection. He was already on probation for burglary when the white supremacist told his probation officer that he was handing out bibles, but he was instead meeting with the terrorist organization Proud Boys to help attack the US Capitol. Despite his new crimes, he was only sentenced to six months in prison.
  • Yet another example of a Republican getting caught trying to commit voter fraud. This time it's not just a voter, but Trump's candidate for Michigan's Attorney General, Matthew DePerno.

"Reverend" Shaun Harrison, already in prison for shooting a 17-year-old boy in the back of the head, has more piled onto his sentence after it came out that he was recruiting students into gangs.

With all the schooling William Lane Craig has, you'd think he be able to come up with compelling arguments.

I beg to report to you...

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I beat the 1968 computer game Hamurabi and added a page for management simulators.

  • Ukraine isn't just defending itself from the criminal Russian invasion, they're also re-infiltrating regions that have been claimed by Russia and destroying their military buildings.
  • Part of Republican bigotry is blaming every disease on people who are different from them.
  • When he was president, Trump said he wanted US generals to be as loyal as Nazi generals.
  • Republican Scott Perry, one of the goons who helped Trump try (and fail) to steal the presidential election, claims the FBI seized his phone.
  • Two Indiana police officers, Terry Mitchum and Ryan Geiser, are currently on a paid vacation after it was discovered that they arrested a potential town council candidate on false charges of rape and drug possession in order to keep him from winning an election because the cops thought he would force them to wear body cameras like the rest of the police. It took the man over a month to clear the false charges!
  • Though they may not be placing ads for them online, Facebook is still getting funding from white supremacists.

How unions helped Americans in the 1950s, and how sexism and Republicans slowly eroded them, and why they're on the rise again.

Why is the New York Times claiming that the Catholic Church, a place that protects child rapists, hates the LGBT, and denies health care to women, letting a is the " hottest club?"

Ever since the Republicans on the US Supreme Court ruled that public school teachers are allowed to force children to listen to sermons while playing sports, football is now church.

The gods are monsters

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I've added a page for the Hymn to Demeter.

  • It's nice that the FBI finally raided Trump's home to get back the Top Secret documents he illegally smuggled out of the security of the White House to keep at his house, and refused to return, but, the crime that they're supposedly looking to fix took place years ago. Ample time for him to have cleaned up. My only hope is that he's too stupid to have done so. Meanwhile, his mob doesn't care that he's a criminal.
  • Once again, Republicans prove they don't care if people are gouged to death with the high cost of medicine, which is bad because fake medicine doesn't work. And, in their fervor to criminalize abortion, Republicans didn't consider, or don't care, how hard it would be for women to get adjacent medicine which treats all sorts of diseases. Women are now being forced to prove they aren't using medicine to induce and abortion, but there aren't any men being forced to prove their Viagra won't be used to get a boner.
  • Lions not Sheep, a company which makes Trump merchandise, has been hit with a fine from the FTC for purposely mislabeling their clothes as "Made in the USA," even though they were made in China. Just like Trump, they're false patriots.
  • Conservative self-help guru Jordan Peterson is full of lies, gibberish, and drugs.
  • Republicans, KKK, Nazis. They're not very different.
  • After a small town Alabama police chief was caught sending text message jokes about slavery, the three cop office was shut down.

The strength of a vacuum!

How airport runways are numbered.

Angels and semens

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I've added a page for the ancient Greek story, the Myth of Er and started a page for the ancient Greek religion.

  • After months of begging Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrats finally got something done! The updated bill invests in clean energy, lowers the costs of prescription drugs, and increases taxes on extremely wealthy companies. Naturally, every single Republican voted against it.
  • Unlike Indiana, Michigan Liberals made sure that Republicans would not drag us back to 1931, while Michigan Conservatives closed their an entire library to prevent people from being able to read books written by gay people.
  • Just a reminder, Republicans are still trying to eliminate voting for a large percentage of Americans, so, maybe don't let them?
  • Alex Jones is on the hook for another $45,200,000 for torturing the parents of murdered children. It's not nearly enough. Thankfully, after his lawyer messed up and sent out all his text messages, new potential crimes were discovered, and now the January 6th committee wants to have a look at them.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene talks like the KKK and the Nazis.
  • A response to the Republican dismissive, "thoughts and prayers."
  • Kansas Republicans have banned students from wearing clothing from a specific religion, and it's not Christianity.
  • Travis McMichael, the man who murdered Ahmaud Arbery for jogging while black, just got a second life in prison sentence.

Looking back on ten years of the Mars Curiosity rover.

Border Patrol Agent Paul Adams raped his daughters for years and his Mormon church knew about it, but never told the police.

What would happen if the portals in Portal moved?

Ever think all people of a different race look alike? There's a reason for that.

You can't crush ideas by suppressing them. You can only crush them by ignoring them.

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A couple days ago, I finished reading Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed. I also added the drivers for the Gravis PC GamePad and the box and manual for the Amiga/Atari ST version.

Despite feeling fine, Illy has strep throat. Poor kid.

  • Republican Ron DeSantis has suspended Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren because he said he refused to punish women for using their health care, but Kansas voters overwhelmingly support abortion rights, even as Republicans lied to trick.
  • $4,100,000 is chump change to Alex Jones who was making hundreds of thousands a day on his show based entirely on lies. Let's hope the punitive damages he has to pay are a lot more.
  • Why did it take so long to learn about all the deleted text messages between Trump and the Pentagon? Because the person in charge of the watch dog organization to make sure those groups aren't corrupt is a Trump-appointed criminal himself.
  • Republican voters are proving they still want the USA to descend into corruption, authoritarianism, and hatred because they keep electing the worst possible people in the primaries.
  • A bunch of America's finest were at a library learning how to properly beat people with batons, when one of them pulled out their loaded gun an accidentally shot the other, killing her.

The simplicity of abortion medicine.

Doing something for 10,000 hours alone won't make you an expert, there are four specific things you need to do.

Continuing the look at the terrible rebuttal to the question "why won't god heal amputees?"

Who do you want to worship today?

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For the second time I finished reading World Religions: Beliefs and Traditions from Around the Globe.

  • After a decade of denying the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, and sicking his idiotic fans on the parents who lost their children, nut job Republican Alex Jones has finally admitted in court that it really happened. Why? Did he finally see reason? Did he finally look at the evidence? No! He said it's true because he currently stands to lose $150,000,000, and it didn't help that his lawyers accidentally sent two years worth of text messages to the prosecutors!
  • The Justice Department is suing Republican Peter Navarro for refusing to turn over emails he had with Trump on a private email server. But his emails!
  • Yes, Republicans are still trying to eliminate Social Security and Medicare.
  • Cracker Barrel (famous for once firing all of it's LGBT employees) added plant-based sausage to its menu. It didn't remove pork sausage, it just added an option for plant-based sausage, and Republican snowflakes are losing their shit!
  • Massachusetts police were on a manhunt looking for a white burglar, so they ordered to the ground, drew their guns, arrested, pinned down, handcuffed, and threw into their squad car, a black man.
  • US Border Patrol has a nasty bigoted habit of stealing religious clothing.
  • Republicans really love lying about being churches.

Broken pieces of SpaceX ships keep falling to Earth. It's only a matter of time before they kill someone.

How black people helped pioneer house music.

Christianity is a creepy cult of blood.

The science behind seeding clouds to make them rain.

Apparently not

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I've added pages for raster graphics editors, vector graphics editors, and font editors.

  • The Republican cover-up of the January 6th insurrection goes even deeper as we've just found out that the US military wiped the phones of all Pentagon officials who were in contact with the Trump administration!
  • After finally realizing that they were committing career suicide, some (but not all) Republicans finally voted to help veterans injured in the line of duty, but, before they did, it took a lot of public shaming.
  • After Texas made themselves look like idiots by criminalizing abortion, but still refusing to accept that a fetus is a person, Georgia Republicans are trying to save face by allowing pregnant women to declare fetuses as dependents on tax returns. Meanwhile, Kansas liberals saved their state's women's right to abortion, while Kentucky Judge Larry E. Thompson has kept abortion criminal.
  • Republicans continue to use non-existent mass voter fraud to try to make voting harder, but Pennsylvania's Supreme Court isn't buying their lies.
  • The Detroit Free Press has the results of Michigan's primaries.
  • Gretchen Van Winkle reported a rape, Virginia police didn't believe her, then purposely destroyed evey bit of evidence that could convict her rapist, and she wasn't the only woman this happened to.
  • Why did Trump bury the corpse of the ex-wife he abused on his golf course? For a tax break.
  • Jennifer Grandholm talks about the progress Democrats have made toward green energy. And, if you're still fuzzy on climate change, here is an explanation that only takes 4 minutes.

How typewriters were able to erase typos.

When will they learn?

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I've added a page for Galaga and BitTorrent clients.

Michigan's primaries are today, don't forget to vote!

  • Republicans continue to prove how much they hate women.
  • Fossil fuel exploiter BP reports their largest profit in 14 years proving that they are gouging people during a pandemic, but, by all means, keep blaming the head of the Executive Branch.
  • Some More News looks back at the smaller problems that are still really big problems.

The same chemist who saved the lives of billions, is also responsible for killing millions.

The USA has a serious problem with health care, especially for mental health.

August, I'll see you soon

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I've added a pages for the WAV audio format, Jules Verne's book series, Extraordinary Voyages, and text editors.

  • Russian soldiers filmed themselves torturing a Ukrainian man to death, and Russia continues to bomb civilians.
  • Republicans are still refusing to pay the medical bills of veterans who were injured while deployed, and, sadly, it's comedian Jon Stewart who is has to go to bat for them.
  • Maybe a state's attorney general shouldn't be able to make up terrible lies about medical doctors?
  • The Republicans on the US Supreme Court my be sending the country into the Dark Ages (and is being a bitch about a little protesting), but at least Michigan's Supreme Court has headed in the right direction.
  • Republican Matt Gaetz was caught on camera assuring Roger Stone that Trump was going to pardon him for all his crimes. And, why is it that everything Fox says about Biden perfectly fits Trump?
  • Dangerous bigots and overly-aggressive cops forced Adam Graham, the first gay mayor of The Village, Oklahoma, to resign.
  • Joe Manchin may be doing the bare minimum now, but that doesn't mean he deserves praise.
  • An Alabama prison official told a reporter that she needed to wear closed-toe shoes a longer skirt if she wanted to watch them execute a prisoner.
  • Why American politics keep killing high speed rail.

Nudging people might be able to make minor changes, but it won't solve all of society's ills.

Relax listen to the hi-fi purr

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I've added a page for Dan Black's debut album, Un and the Nintendo 64 controller.

  • All those "but her emails" Republicans should be furious right now after learning that a bunch of text messages between Trump and his cronies have been deleted. I'm sure they're going to demand justice any minute now... right?
  • Republicans once again throw US military veterans under the bus and refuse to pay for their desperately needed healthcare for injuries sustained while deployed.
  • Even after his embarrassing failure, Trump continues to abuse his former station by illegally covering his properties with presidential seals. When will he actually be charged for his crimes?
  • Russia isn't just invading its neighbors, it's also trying to erase it's own Jewish citizens.
  • Every time there is a mass shooting in Texas, Republicans respond by making it easier to have another mass shooting.
  • Jeremy Michael Brown, a member of the Oath Keepers hate group, and is currently in jail for attacking the US Capitol, is running for office as a Republican.
  • Harry Wait, in an effort to help prove Trump's lies about voter fraud, tried to commit voter fraud. However, he never actually voted illegally, just ordered mail-in ballots under the names of several people, but didn't actually get them, and claimed that was enough. It reminds me of Trump losing the presidential election and claiming victory.
  • When they aren't dumping money in to churches that torture LGBT teens, Chick-fil-A is asking their workers to accept payment in sandwiches instead of money.

Don't go throwing away your anti-depressants just yet.

Christian apologists really hate New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman.

Get a life

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I've added a page for the game mechanic, extra life.

  • Speaking of Sheriff's being awful, Jamey Noel allowed the keys to his women's jail to be sold to people in the men's jail who gang-raped several female prisoners.
  • Part of living in the dystopia that is Conservative-led America is being sued by health care companies because someone who is not you owes them money.
  • Republican Greg Abbott ensures that he is the sole decider when it comes to women's reproductive health. And, even though it's now a crime, some women are still able to access abortion pills thanks to the mail.
  • Turns out Trump's fake electors weren't so good at covering their tracks.
  • Why Republicans have chosen the school of trans children to bully them.

Christian pastor Ted Haggard is back in the news for drugs and gay sex.


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Last night, I beat my first virtual reality game, Journeys VR.

  • Republican Josh Hawley pledges that he will never run away with his tail between his legs dribbling urine like a sissy.
  • Trump's outtakes show that he didn't want to admit he lost the election or condemn the violent mob he stirred up.
  • Russia is further sinking itself into seclusion, now claiming they will quit the ISS. While I appreciate that Russia is further ruining itself, they deserve the punishment after all, punishing the nation's scientists is not the way to go. Russia killed huge amounts of their own people during the Cold War refusing to use "Western" evolution to guide their agriculture, and now they want out of "Western" space technology. Putin is like the mad man who isolates himself only to driven further insane, but this mad man has nukes.
  • A 19-year-old turned Republican Matt Gatez's hateful body shaming insults into $115,000 for an abortion foundation.
  • How Republicans view the January 6th committee.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't realize how her speeches work perfectly with a KKK backdrop.

Going into depth on fractals and the differences between Fatou sets and Julia sets.

Come on everybody!

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Last night I beat We Love Katamari.

  • Typically Republicans only figure out how to care about something until it affects them directly, but Glenn Thompson is so black-hearted, he can't even get that right. Three days after Thompson voted to not protect same-sex marriage, he attended his son's same-sex wedding. This sick pig of a man hates his own son for being gay.
  • The criminalization of abortion is making life hell for all women, even those who are trying to have babies.
  • Sheriffs are actually extremely bad for a free society.
  • No, the thing you hate isn't the sole cause of inflation, but, it's probably is a partial cause.
  • Yet another Republican, this time Stephen Buyer, was caught committing insider trading and then actively working to hide his corruption from law enforcement. If he were a normal person, he would be in jail right now, but, in the USA, crimes committed by congress are effectively legal. That may be what forces Trump to run for office again. He has hundreds of lawyers on his back, but becoming a politician again can make them all go away.

Why our lungs aren't good at stopping the latest forms of pollution.

I'm sad to see Full Frontal with Samantha Bee being canceled. It was one of the few political shows with a female host, and also one of the funniest.

Is it vacation yet

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Tubing was a lot of fun, minus some sunburned feet, and Sunday I got to assemble a trampoline for my girls. I'm ready for a break!

  • Child sex trafficker, Republican Matt Gaetz, said the only women who care about abortion rights are too fat and ugly to need to worry about ever getting pregnant.
  • A Kentucky judge ruled that abortions may continue temporarily since the state's current anti-abortion law is very clearly a belief based, not on science, but religion.
  • In case there was any doubt, the January 6th committee has made it crystal clear that Trump was eagerly watching the violence unfold from the comfort of the White House while his fellow Republicans ran away like frightened children.

After a rapid decline in numbers, the monarch butterfly is now on the endangered species list.

The church of Scientology is trying to protecting Danny Masterson from several sexual assault lawsuits by claiming the women he sexually assaulted signed a religious contract saying they would submit to the church for 1,000,000,000 years. Now a court has to decide whether that's a legitimate contract.

Well, take me back down where cool water flows, yeah

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Going tubing tomorrow!

  • Sam Dobbins, the Mississippi police chief who shot an unarmed black man to death, was so proud of himself that he bragged to his friends admitting, I shot that n-gger 119 times! He's also been caught on audio recording expressing his hatred for the LGBT. He's been fired, but, he needs to be in prison for murder. Just ask Thomas K. Lane, the cop who helped murder George Floyd, who has just been sentenced to two and a half years. Speaking of cops, gun manufacturer Sig Sauer is releasing a new rifle that they claim can shoot through any body armor on the market, including the bullet-proof vests worn by police officers.
  • Not happy with merely criminalizing abortion, South Carolina Republicans are now eliminating the first amendment by making it a crime to even write about how to get an abortion!
  • Footage was released of Republican Josh Hawley, so proud of how he encouraged Trump's terrorists to attack the Capitol, but, once they breached the perimeter, he fled the mob, tail between his legs, to the safety of armed guards. Of course, those very same guards were also under the impression they were about to be murdered by rabid Trump fans. And Trump had no intention to ask his mob to leave, even when it was clear the lives of his fellow Republicans were at risk. He only told them to go home after it was clear the insurrection had failed. Trump is hoping that, if he becomes the president again, he can avoid all the investigations and lawsuits (which is sadly true), but he's a criminal who needs to put in prison.
  • A reminder that Republicans hate the LGBT.
  • Steve Bannon has been found guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress. Couldn't have happened to a nicer chap.
  • Thanks to antivaxxers, polio, a disease that has been eradicated for almost a decade, is back in the USA.

  • Why you shouldn't trust a climate change denier's opinion on marine biology.

Why everyone alive to day is more moral than the god of the bible.

In the blink of an eyelid / my lid opened up and I could see / that she'd come to rescue me

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Using Google Earth in VR so surreal!

I've added a page for the animated movie, The Rescuers and the video game term, frag.

  • Republican Tudor Dixon makes her anti-abortion position very clear. She sad a 14-year-old girl who was raped by her father is a "prefect example," of someone she would force to give birth.
  • Audio has surfaced of Steve Bannon very clearly stating, if Trump gets an early lead in the election, he will declare victory before the remaining votes are counted, and, if he loses, he will say it was because of voter fraud despite there not being any.
  • The Department of Homeland Security was supposed to be watching the Secret Service for corruption. They knew all the way back in February that they had deleted all the incriminating Republican calls surrounding the January 6th insurrection, but never told anyone!
  • Police gunned down another unarmed black man in the back, killing him, but, in order to justify the killing, they claimed he was armed and violent.
  • Former Trump aide Republican Garrett Ziegler described his female co-workers as, "total hoes and thots like Cassidy Hutchinson and this Alyssa Farah hoe bag who are just terrible," said Ben Shapiro is a "fame fag," that the people involved in the January 6th investigation are "anti-white" and "hate the American Founders and most white people in general," and that they think they can bully him because he's a "young Christian." Yes, all that he said shows Christian "love," that checks out.

Canada has the right idea, forcing the church to sell off their property to pay their debts from protecting all their child rapists.

Motion capture has come a long way.

What does that mean?

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I finally got the wireless feature working so I was able to setup and play my Vive. VR headsets are such a mind trip!

I've begun a video game glossary.

  • The House passed a bill protecting same-sex marriage, even though 157 Republicans voted against it.
  • I'm very pleased to see several Democrat Representatives being arrested for standing in solidarity for a women's right to control her body. We need more politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Carolyn Maloney, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, Veronica Escobar, Jackie Speier, Barbara Lee, Ayanna Pressley, and Katherine Clark.
  • Democrat Joe Manchin refuses to even vote for the bill that was hand tailored to meet his needs.
  • Trump is still up to his old tricks, this time with witness tampering.
  • A cop parked illegally in a ambulance loading zone. An ambulance arrived to unload a patient, but hit the cop's car with their door. The cop demanded the EMT's personal information, but the EMT said he would have to wait until he got the patient into the hospital. The cop, furious that a black woman would think the life of her patient was more important than a minor inconvenience to him, arrested her! So, now the cop is being "punished" with a paid vacation. Speaking of the lack of accountability among police, Justin Rapp, a cop shot and killed an unarmed father after someone called in a bogus crime to his address, was not fired, but given a promotion. The chief of police in Wichita made matters even worse when he said that, if the police stopped promoting cops just because the accidentally killed someone, they wouldn't be able to promote any qualified officers!

Canada has the right idea, forcing the church to sell off their property to pay their debts from protecting all their child rapists.

Motion capture has come a long way.

Just shovel them down my throat

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I've added a page for the video game term, shovelware.

  • In their effort to make the raped 10-year-old girl disappear, Republican Todd Rokita told several lies on Fox about the situation. Those lies might cause him to be investigated by the state.
  • Russia is now burning Ukrainian fields and bombing farms in the hopes of once again starving the nation to death.
  • Even as they watch children being massacred, Republicans still fight against every single red flag gun control bill. Instead of keeping guns out of the hands of lunatics, Republicans are forcing children to wear transparent backpacks, because, in the warped mind of a Republican, the six-year-olds are the real problem. And, instead of buying a gun to feel safe, consider getting a dog.
  • Since Republicans in the Supreme Court have said they want to criminalize same sex marriage, Democrats in the House of Representatives are forcing a vote to protect it. They want to make sure that Republicans have to go on the record saying they want to end it so voters know where they stand. Although it's expected to pass the House, Senate Republicans are expected to prevent it from even being voted on.
  • Welcome to court Steven Bannon!
  • Iowa is closing a public library after the librarian quit because of non-stop harassment from local Republicans because the library showcased books from Democrat and LGBT authors.

Catholics were caught once again helping a priest cover up child pornography.

Did you know the New Testament was compiled by a Christian heretic?

Cause I think love is love reflected

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I've added a page for the Aerosmith album, Nine Lives. I've also converted all alternate sorts to using the DefaultSort magic word.

  • Republicans in Ohio tried their best to sweep a 10-year-old girl under the rug because she the the audacity of damaging to their anti-abortion push by getting raped, which, as it turns out, happens a lot in Ohio.
  • Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is urging Biden to follow the opinion of doctors and change the status of birth control pills to over-the-counter sale, a necessary step now that Republicans are so strongly attacking women's reproductive rights. Also out of Michigan, a survey found that the majority of Michiganders believe Trump's failed coup was an actual coup, and the largest percentage surveyed think Trump should be charged with a crime. Sadly, however, there is still a large minority who believe he did nothing wrong.
  • It's never a good sign for a country when the former president's security team is implicated in one of his many crimes.
  • Also, it's never a good sign when three innocent people are murdered by a gunman at an Indiana the mall, and Indianans are happy because the gunman was eventually killed by an armed civilian. And what does it say about the state of your country when nearly 400 "good guys" with a gun can't stop a single "bad guy" with a gun.
  • Texas police beat an unarmed detained black man so severely Christopher Shaw is now paralyzed.
  • Trump appointed District judge Charles Atchley, Jr. overturned lower court rulings on trans protections. He ruled that the Republican states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia must be allowed to continue discriminating against trans people.
  • Republican Ron DeSantis has failed Floridians by not pre-ordering COVID vaccines for children, and now wise parents in Florida can't find the vaccines anywhere.
  • Russia is forcing teachers to go to occupied regions of Ukraine to push pro-war Russian propaganda on Ukrainian children.
  • Denis Vladmirovich Molla claimed he was the target of a hate crime where the Left vandalized his house and lit it on fire because it had a Trump sticker on it. After demanded $300,000 in insurance, and receiving $17,000 in online donations, police investigated and now he's facing insurance fraud and arson charges since he did this all to himself.

There are a lot of differences in the Mario Kart series between the Japanese and American releases.

A few years ago, a 14-year-old girl was raped by a priest, and the Bishop in charge of handling the crime decided to disband the nuns and priests who demanded justice and let the rapist priest continue working.

Seven obscure facts about Final Fantasy VI.

Haters gonna hate

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I've added pages for Apple and Commodore.

  • Among those claiming the 10-year-old rape victim was a conspiracy created by the Left were Fox hosts Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters. After being proven wrong, the two didn't apologize for sowing seeds of disinformation, instead they're now attacking the doctor who performed the medically necessary abortion saying he didn't report the case, except, Fox is lying about that too, because he did. On the topic of abortion, part of Biden's executive order include allowing doctors to perform abortions when a mother's life is at stake, but Texas Republicans are so anti-abortion, they would rather the mother die, and they're suing the White House to let them continue killing women.
  • Because we let Trump get away with trying to steal an election, (the Secret Service even deleted text messages from January 6th, probably to protect him) now every other Republican is going to try it too. After coming in dead last, Republican Tina Peters claimed that she actually won, and then broke the law several times in the hopes of finding evidence to support her delusions. She didn't find any, and, instead, wound up in jail.
  • A violent racist armed with a gun showed up at the house of Democrat Pramila Jayapal threatening to murder her. But he's already been released from jail!
  • I prefer to share a bathroom with transgender people rather than transphobic people, especially when the ignorant transphobes are violent.
  • Walmart has a long history of mistreating its employees, but maybe now that they've abused a mother trying to feed her child and are facing a lawsuit, they'll learn from it?

Having to live with wild boars is becoming the new boarmal.

It never ends

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Today I finished reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

  • As Russia continues bombing civilians, it is now "forcibly deporting" (i.e., kidnapping) Ukrainian citizens into the Eastern parts of Russia, especially children.
  • Republicans are now trying to ban safe and effective abortion pills across the entire country. Also, Republican Dave Yost doesn't believe a 10-year-old was impregnated through rape and had to leave Ohio to get an abortion, but also is happy the rapist has been caught.
  • Trump's former colleagues keep finding themselves in hot water. Republican John Bolton admitted to trying to overthrow foreign governments, and a leaked audio recording of Steve Bannon has surfaced where he admits Trump was going to declare victory on election night no matter how bad he was losing.
  • Police murdered another unarmed innocent black boy, this time using a drone to fill his house with tear gas and letting him suffocate to death. They claim it was an accident.
  • Many other nations are learning from the barbarity of the Republicans on the US Supreme Court and making birth control pills over-the-counter. Hopefully, the USA will do the same.
  • Republican Lauren Boebert runs her restaurant just as well as she runs her country.

In Transitu is performing an interesting experiment. She was assigned male at birth, but is in the process of transitioning to female. Each week, she posts a picture of herself topless on Instragram to see when the site will consider her to have female breasts and ban her for posting pornography.

Scientologists continue to demand to be treated like a real religion, like, they think they should be allowed to handle their own crimes of human trafficking!

Debunking more creationist lies.

One of the so-called "intelligent" Christian apologists fails to understand the argument, why doesn't your god heal amputees?

Keeping on

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I've added a page for operator overloading which you probably won't find interesting even if you are a computer programmer.

  • In their continued effort to become a global pariah, Russia says it's stealing over 400 passenger airplanes that were leased to them by various Western nations.
  • The latest out of Uvalde, Texas shows that police were actually inside the school while the gunman was murdering children, but they still didn't make any attempt to stop him.
  • Republican Josh Hawley used a hearing on abortion rights to make several transphobic statements, because he's a horrible person. Speaking of horrible people, Republican Judy Ward is trying to get Pennsylvania to block abortion rights at the constitutional level.
  • Trump's legal team is trying to argue that all the crazy people he hired should be held accountable for the January 6th insurrection, but those few Republicans that still have a shred of decency remind Trump that people who are willfully blind of their crimes are still culpable.
  • Being criminally rich doesn't mean you are smart, it just means you can absorb mistakes much easier, even when those mistakes cost billions of dollars.

Aron Ra spends another hour debunking creationist claims.

Evil must be unmasked

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I've created a page for the science fiction trope, science in secret.

  • Roe v. Wade being overturned was a fire lit under the seat of Michigan voters which caused them to get a state constitutional amendment for reproductive freedom on the ballot of the next election as well as a protection for voter rights to prevent Republicans from trying to steal another election. It's also causing more men and women to schedule permanent birth control, but many women still can't get it.
  • Mehmet "Doctor" Oz is a con-artist quack who shouldn't even be allowed to run for office in Pennsylvania since he doesn't live there, but, being famous and rich allows you to get away with a lot of crimes, like voter fraud.
  • As Democrats were patting themselves on their back for a minor gun control bill, a man who lost his child to a murderer wasn't letting them get off so easily.
  • Republican Steve Bannon was really hoping to get a delay to not have to talk about his involvement with Trump's criminal enterprises because he worked so closely with the criminals, but nope!
  • This lying incompetent Republican may well be Georgia's next Senator.
  • When Republicans win, the world loses.

Do we think people from long ago look old because they dress like how we imagine old people to dress, or do we think they look old because they actually looked older? Both.

NASA's James Webb telescope released its first optical deep-field image. It's pretty amazing.

Describing the Magical Negro trope.

Don't let the monsters sleep

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The Secular Summer Retreat was a lot of fun. I also finally fixed my garage door!

I've added a page for Microsoft's solitaire version of Spider. I also added the Microsoft Plus! 95, 98 and for Kids wallpapers to my Windows wallpapers archive.

  • Russia is still bombing civilian targets. Their latest volley of missiles hit a school and an apartment building.
  • It's about damn time Biden, but it's still too little, too late.
  • Republican monster, Brett Kavanaugh is outraged that he didn't get to finish his dessert before protesters caused him to leave a restaurant. Endanger the lives of millions of women, and suddenly, everyone thinks you're the bad guy! Republicans will continue to claim they have values and morals, but they tripped over themselves to worship Trump, so never let them play that card ever again.
  • When there is a mass-shooting, the survivors never recover.
  • Although Americans are no longer taking any precautions against COVID, the disease is still mutating and killing us off. The latest variant to become dominant is Omicron BA.5. There are a lot more cases this summer than previous summers, but the number of deaths is thankfully down, though we're still seeing around 300 fatalities a day.
  • There is no statute of limitations on murder, and Emmett Till's murderers still need to be held accountable.
  • Elon Musk is pulling out of the Twitter deal the way he should have pulled out after screwing one of his employees. But, he got her pregnant, and now he's stuck with the twins the same way he's stuck with the Twitter deal. Just another broken promise from Elon.

Are you using the better smoke alarm?

A walk in the woods

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I'm heading to the Secular Summer Retreat this weekend.

I've added a thought experiment called the bigoted building which helps illustrate the problem of systemic bigotry.

  • Republicans really hate women.
  • Republican Michael Flynn may plead the fifth when it comes to upholding the Constitution, but that won't stop the US Army from demanding he hand over the $40,000 Russia paid him illegally for a photo-op with Putin, the same man responsible for the blockade in the Black Sea which is cutting off Ukrainian exports.
  • Shinzo Abe, who was Prime Minister of Japan until 2020, has been assassinated.
  • The result of his civil suit came out today. Dereck Chauvin, the cop who murdered George Floyd, an unarmed black man, gets another 20 years.
  • If you ever fear a loved one might be suicidal, -never- call the police. They will murder them and then claim your loved one wanted to be murdered by the police.
  • Republicans really hate black people.

A person in authority should never have sex with their subordinates because the subordinate can never truly give consent. But leave it to Elon Musk to not care about consent.

Why did it take so long for explorers to find the Amazon's lost cities?

Summer time

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Last night I fixed my bedroom ceiling fan and my laundry tub pump. I'm becoming a regular Fix-It Felix, Jr.!

I went through and added my video game ranking scale to every video game in my Wiki that was missing it. I've also added index pages for the overall rank, appearance, and sound categories.

  • Boris Johnson, the white supremacist, homophobic, woman-abusing, extremely corrupt, non-stop liar, who has failed at everything he claimed he would accomplish while prime minister of the UK, is finally resigning. Maybe stop voting for criminal Tories?
  • Joe Biden didn't just respond to the overturning of Roe v. Wade by appointing an anti-abortion extremest Republican judge to a lifetime position, but he had planned to appoint the horrible man even before he knew! And, emboldened by the Republican Supreme Court, Christians are once again calling for the murder of gay people.
  • Republicans are praising a terrorist bombing on US soil because the terrorists' bomb destroyed something they didn't like.
  • We just keep learning more about the failure of police in Uvalde, Texas. Apparently, a cop had the gunman in his sights and asked permission to shoot him before he could get inside the school, but his request was never answered.

The latest Gallup poll shows that the number of Americans who believe the bible is the literal word of their god is now at an all time low! It's still far too high at 20% (or 1-in-5), but it continues to decline!

Why can't people understand that the movie "300" is fascist propaganda?

The Vatican is still keeping child-raping priests in their employ.

If you do tons of weed, make sure you don't scromit.

Asian hate is still very real in America. Dylan Kesterson of Portland shouted racial slurs before attacking a 5-year-old Japanese girl.

I've been around the world

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Anniversary dinner at the Melting Pot was a blast.

Yesterday, I finished reading Around the World in Eighty Days.

  • A seventh person has died from gun shot wounds in Highland Park, 47 are wounded, and one child is left without either parent. And, just like so many murderers before him, police are admitting that they knew the suspect was dangerous because he had been making violent threats for a long time. Despite the unending violence, Republicans will continue to make it even easier for lunatics to buy guns.
  • More of Trump's goons are being subpoenaed, this time in Georgia where they committed election fraud. And, the few Republicans who have a spine and stand up to the charlatan keep getting death threats.
  • Florida Republicans are paying teachers to take classes prepared by Christian Nationalists. Speaking of which, rather than help poor people through welfare programs, the state of Utah is now telling its starving citizens they can get food for their family by becoming Mormon.
  • Racist Republicans in Arizona have added another roadblock to prevent people from voting. The Justice Department is suing them, but we can't trust the Republicans on the US Supreme Court to do the right thing.
  • Why should you be concerned that the police are collecting your private data? Because when they get hacked, and they will get hacked, your private data gets sold off to criminals who will exploit it.

BC and AD became BCE and CE, not because of atheists, but because of religious people.

What it's like to camp in the arctic.

While I personally don't find them insightful, other people are able to appreciate the moral teachings of Jesus without worshiping him.

Be best!

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Today is my 8-year anniversary! A house, a dog, and two daughters later, boy has time flown by!

I've added a page for visual novels and Microsoft card games. Also, over the weekend, I beat the satire game, Ultimuh MCMLXVII: Part 2 of the 39th Trilogy - The Quest for the Golden Amulet.

  • Another young man with a high-powered assault rifle went on a shooting spree and murdered at least six people and injured 24 others. This while Uvalde, Texas, is still dealing with the fallout as Pete Arredondo, who was still sworn in as the chief of police after his embarrassing failure, finally realized he wouldn't get a single day's peace, has just resigned.
  • Elizabeth Warren talks about what can be done to keep abortion legal, and why Ketanji Brown Jackson is such an important milestone for the Supreme Court. And here is more about how you can help save abortion rights since established Democrats aren't willing to help.
  • Republican judge David A. Faber just ruled that drug manufacturers can not be held accountable for shipping huge amounts of highly addictive drugs to dangerously over-prescribed cities that caused overdoses in millions around the country. Not quite as horrible as the Supreme Court completely gutting the EPA, but still hugely damaging!
  • Now, over a year later, Republicans are still trying to steal the previous election from Biden. This is what happens when you worship a pathological liar like Trump.
  • Republican Jim Abeler of Minnesota just helped the state legalized THC edibles because he misread the law.
  • Republican Ted Cruz continues to prove himself a clown by fighting puppets.

You know what's horrifying? Beach dolls.

A look back at pride month.

Lemmie axe you a quesshion

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I replaced the pop-up drain stopper in my bathroom sink and the pressure knob in my shower. Next, onto the garage boor bracket that ripped out...

I've added a page for trivia video games.

  • Nobody would ever consider letting a 12-year-old get a driver's license, vote, run for office, serve in the military, or adopt a child, but, if a 12-year-old girl is raped by her father and become pregnant, Republicans still demand she be forced into motherhood, but they still won't do a damn thing to help her. This is why the criminalization of abortion is so horrifying.
  • Republicans are working overtime trying to spin enough lies about everything that was revealed about Trump's childish behavior on January 6th, because there was a lot of it.
  • The Republicans on the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA is not allowed to set limits to carbon emissions ensuring that the USA will continue to coat the planet in a thick blanket of pollution.
  • While it's funny to think that, since the Republicans on the US Supreme Court have chiseled away at the separation of church and state there will be Satanists and Voodoo priests leading school prayers, don't get your hopes up. The reality is, many institutions in the USA are run by Christian Nationalist who fire non-Christians.
  • Russia invades and NATO grows.
  • White Texas Republicans, not wanting to be associated with slavery, tried changing the state's textbooks to replace all instances of "slavery" with "involuntary relocation." Thankfully, the board rejected their idea, but, it gives you an idea of just how racist the state can be.
  • Remember when Jordan Peterson claimed he was leaving Twitter and then kept on posting later that day? Well, now the man who believe being transgender is similar to Satanic ritual abuse has been suspended for continually making transphobic comments. Don't worry, his daughter is already demanded special treatment from Elon Musk!
  • Noted hate group, Coral Ridge Ministries, was suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for calling them a hate group even though they're a hate group. They lost their final appeal after only Clarence Thomas was evil enough to want to hear their case.

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People do deserve to be held accountable for horribly abusing someone's trust.

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