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Feeling: Happy

  • House Democrats have successfully passed their bill protecting LGBT people from hateful bigots like Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, or Republican Rand Paul who equated gender-confirming surgery "mutilation."
  • Republican John Thune opposes a $15 an hour minimum wage because, when he was a teen, he was only making $6 an hour. Of course, when adjusted for inflation, he was making the equivalent of $24 an hour. Meanwhile, Costco is raising their own minimum wage to $16 an hour. Boycott Sam's Club and switch to Costco.
  • Michigan Republicans are purposely refusing to accept COVID-19 aide already allocated to the state; they would rather watch Michiganders die than admit they are wrong about the severity of the virus. And, in Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis won't allow his state have a comprehensive vaccine roll out plan. He's actually proud of the fact that he's not helping his dying constituents. And white people everywhere are making sure that black people don't have equal access to the vaccine.
  • After years of fighting justice, Trump's taxes have been handed over to a New York attorney. If he's guilty of tax fraud, I hope they punish him accordingly.
  • Biden just bombed Iranians in Syria.
  • More evidence has come out that the FBI warned Capitol police about the January 6th attack, but the police refused to take it seriously. And, while Republican "Moscow" Mitch McConnell said Trump was definitely guilty of inciting the insurrection against the US Capitol, he still voted not to impeach him, and now says that he would absolutely support Trump to run for president in 2024, despite the fact he's guilty. Republicans are always party over country.

There is an important distinction between lies and bias.

Explaining General Relativity at seven levels of complexity.

Admire the black pioneers of journalism, and stop thinking of black women as super heroes.

More no-true-Scotsman fallacy from anti-intellectual Jordan Peterson.

Got a bun in my programming oven

Feeling: Happy

  • With the weather warming up, Texans are no longer in fear of freezing to death, but now they just might try and come to terms with their problem of letting companies control them and Republicans lie to them.
  • Biden fails to deliver on some promises, but, on others he's making good. 105 of the children who were lost by the Republican party have been found under the Democratic party, and immigration is back on track. Biden also has one of the most diverse cabinets in US history, which is ruffling some white supremacist feathers as Republican senators push back hard on his non-white picks while letting the white people get in mostly unopposed. Republicans tried to mask their racism by claiming that Democrats voted against the few people of color in Trump's cabinet, failing to mention that people voted against Trump's picks because none of them were even remotely qualified.
  • COVID-19 is still a serious threat. Gyms are reopening and again becoming super spreader epicenters, and families (black families especially) are still losing their homes, despite the eviction moratorium.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene reminds us all that the Republican party is full of hateful bigots.
  • Richard Michetti was part of the mob who tried to overthrow the US government. How do we know this? He insulted his ex-girlfriend while storming the Capitol, and she turned him in!
  • Some 11-year-old boys pulled a harmless prank by ringing someone's doorbell and then running away. However, the target of the prank, former-police officer Dean Taylor, got so angry that he chased the boys on foot, jumped out of his car, grabbed one of the boys, dragged him into his car, then told the boy if he ever did it again he would "put a bullet in his head," before booting him from his car. Thankfully, Taylor has since been arrested, but he's already out on bail.
  • After their loss in several battleground states, Republicans are working hard to ensure it doesn't happen again. No, not by becoming better leaders, but by making it harder for people to vote.

Things are happening

Feeling: Happy

  • The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been approved by the FDA, which is good news because another more deadly mutation of COVID-19 cropped up in California. We really need to speed up the rate of vaccination, especially world wide.
  • Many of the insurrectionists who failed to invade the US Capitol have since been arrested. After investigating their personal lives and social media posts, it has become very clear that they are fervent Trump supporters. All the evidence of their adoration of Trump only makes Republican Ron Johnson's lies that much more infuriating. Republicans just can't accept responsibility for their failures, and Texas is demonstrating this fact right now.
  • New evidence has been revealed in Republican Jason Ravnsborg car accident. Previously, Ravnsborg claimed he thought he hit a deer, and he returned the next day (for some strange reason) to discover that it was actually Joseph Boever, and Ravnsborg had killed him with his car. However, it's just been revealed that police found the dead man's eye glasses inside of Ravnsborg's car and a flashlight next to his corpse which was still turned on. It's now quite clear that Ravnsborg knew he hit a person and left him for dead, and is now lying about it. Ravnsborg should have been arrested, but, instead, he's still working as South Dakota's attorney general, and will probably only get a slap on the wrist. At least one Republican colleague has demanded Ravnsborg resign, but Ravnsborg says he will do no such thing!
  • Why should you have voted for a progressive Democrat instead of a moderate? Because Biden just reopened one of Trump's migrant camps.
  • Almost 100 Confederate monuments were removed in 2020, which is great news, but we still have a long way to go.
  • Republicans were all talk on infrastructure, but never even tried to build anything useful. Once again, Democrats will have to do what Republicans said they would.

Cat breeds are very similar looking to each other, but, genetically, they're actually a lot more diverse than dogs whose breeds look every different from each other. What gives?

Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be a scam artist.

This history of transphobia in pop culture. It didn't start with J.K. Rowling.

Now you're playing with power... super power!

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for Hudson Soft's SNES multi-controller port, the Super Multitap.

Perseverance is safely on Mars, and has sent back high resolution video of its landing procedure and an audio recording of the surface of Mars!

The military is accepting more women than ever before. They're also protecting rapists more than ever before.

Another father-to-be accidentally kills himself with a gender reveal bomb. Can this stop being a thing now?

Just a reminder how awful things get under corporate control.


Feeling: Happy


Last night, I beat the single player mode of Super Bomberman.

  • Texas has been run by Conservative Republicans for multiple generations, and, during that time, they've cut the state off from the federal power grid and removed as many oversights as possible in favor of giving more money to fossil fuel company CEOs. The state was heading for a catastrophic failure, and, when it did happen, Republicans did exactly what they always do, they blamed Democrats. The lies of Texas Governor Greg Abbott were particularly egregious, as he blamed his state's massive infrastructure failure on the Green New Deal, and Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Of course, Abbott was forced to eat his words after Ocasio-Cortez raised $4,000,000 to help take care of Texas, while the Republican leaders of Texas were busy vacationing in Mexico. Now people are suing the utility companies because their recklessness killed a lot of people, and they still gouged Texas for the little power they did provide. Don Trump Jr. tried defending Ted Cruz's Mexican getaway by blaming everything on the incompetent Democrat Governor in charge of Texas, because he's too stupid to know that the Governor of Texas is a Republican.
  • The reality is, this moron isn't an outlier in the party, the latest batch of Republicans are actual high school dropouts who don't have the slightest idea of how US government works, and, even with slobs like Trump voted out of power, the party is expected to continue to devolve and keep trying to violently overthrow the country and commit hate crimes. The inhumane monster Rush Limbaugh is also out of the picture, but his legacy of hate over truth will continue to shape the party. And, while the rare individual might see the light and quit, the horde remains.
  • Erik Prince of Blackwater, a man with family ties to the Trump administration, has been caught selling weapons to Libya against UN sanctions. This is not only a crime, but a grave insult to all US allies, and now an investigation needs to be made to see how complicit Trump was with yet another war crime.
  • The failed Republican coup is still being processed as members of one the hate groups involved, the Oath Keepers, are being charged with the crime of a premeditated take over of the Capitol in order to unconstitutionally keep Trump in office. An additional six Capitol police officer have been suspended for aiding the mob, but their only current punishment is being put on paid vacation.
  • Republicans hate cancel culture, except when they hypocritically use it to cancel people they don't like.
  • Republican Jason Ravnsborg, the attorney general of South Dakota, killed Joseph Boever with his car, and his story sounds awfully fishy. According to Ravnsborg, he was driving at night looking at his phone when he plowed into something (while speeding) that he assumed was a deer. He claimed he immediately stopped his car to investigate, but couldn't find the carcass, so he drove home. The next day, he claimed that he was so curious about the deer he hit, that he drove all the way back to the scene of the accident, and, instead, saw a dead person. He then called the police, who arrived to collect the corpse of Boever and gave Ravnsborg a sobriety test, which, 15 hours later, wouldn't show anything even if he were hammered the night before. Rather than being charged with vehicular homicide or manslaughter, Ravnsborg is only being charged with reckless driving, and, even then, prosecutors don't think they can make it stick considering Ravnsborg's political position! My guess is Ravnsborg had been drinking, saw he had hit a human being, and fled the scene. The next day, wracked with guilt, he returned to scene of the crime in the hopes he was just hallucinating the night before, I mean, who is so curious about a dead deer that they'd go back and look for the corpse? Seeing that it was indeed a person, Ravnsborg's guilt got the better of him, and he called the police, since now, with the alcohol out of his system, he was safe.
  • Just a reminder, although Mitt Romney may have done the bare minimum and symbolically voted to kick Trump out of politics, he's still a garbage human being.
  • Republican Debbie Lesko, after saying that Hispanics are "good workers," said that they should only be allowed to get vaccinated after all the Americans. I guess she thinks COVID-19 checks a person's nationality before infecting them?
  • Republican and QAnon supporter Ben Gibson, who failed to win his Louisiana race, has just been arrested for possession of child pornography.
  • Tucker Carlson is totally full of it.

What's the use of bendy robots?

You can learn a lot from the sinking of Jakarta.

Apparently, not much

Feeling: Happy


Yesterday, I beat the NES game Rambo. I also added a ROM Detective page for DuckTales 2.

  • Texas continues to reel from the multitude of failures of their Republican "leaders." 47 Texans are now dead as Republicans try to downplay the seriousness of the crisis calling it "rolling" blackouts, but many places haven't had gas or electricity for several days. Residents are turning to propane and kerosene burners for heat and generators for electricity, but, this is leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. The utility companies are profiting off their misery by gouging customers severely charging them hundreds of dollars every day! Hospitals are even running out of clean water and are having to transfer their patients to other hospitals. Rather than demand an explanation from the fossil fuel industry, Republicans have all jumped on the same band wagon, blame renewable energy and politicians in New York? The fact that they all collectively blamed green energy lets you know who has their hands in their pockets. And, during this crisis, Republican Senator Ted Cruz flew to sunny Mexico to go on vacation with his family... in the middle of a deadly pandemic, with his dog left home alone in the freezing house. Cruz has a long history of shaming politicians for going on vacation during hard times, but, as is typical for all Republicans, something is only wrong when other people do it. Biden, proving that Democrats actually care about everyone, and not just those who voted for them, has authorized emergency aide, something Trump would never have done.
  • Having secured a vaccine for every American, Biden is now working to spread the wealth of America to other nations, promising $4,000,000,000 toward vaccinating poorer nations. Meanwhile, Americans are dressing up as the elderly to steal early vaccines and preachers of super-spreader churches continue to die from COVID.
  • Democrats are ordering ICE to calm down and warning them that they will actually have oversight now. They have also successfully rejoined the Paris Climate Accord.

Yesterday, NASA successfully landed Perseverance on Mars. It was tense to watch, but it went off without a hitch. The SUV-size rover is now driving around along with its helicopter drone! this mission will actually begin coming the Martian soil for evidence of life.

The strangeness of time.

The importance of black doctors.

Listening to religious people defend their faith his like watching someone build a Rube Goldberg machine.

And what did we learn?

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for one of the more bizarre scenes in the Torah, the circumcision of Moses's son.

  • Things are getting worse in Texas. So far 24 people have died. Without heat, many water pipes are bursting causing a lack of water for many people, and, for those who still have it, the water is not longer safe, so they have to boil it. A difficult task when you don't have electricity. Rather than be leaders and offer help, or even require power companies to provide the service their citizens paid for, Republicans are telling Texans, "you're on your own!" Republicans shirked regulations and now everyone in the state is suffering from their shortsightedness. Well, not everyone, Republican Governor Ted Cruz went on vacation to vacation in sunny Cancún, Mexico, but returned when the press caught him.
  • Over 40,000,000 Americans are now vaccinated, but a new study shows that the current vaccine is only 1/3 as effective against the South African variant.
  • After Republican Ron DeSantis made sure that rich white people would be the first to have vaccine access, a lot of people complained, and DeSantis responded by saying the people who complain about him favoring rich white people will not get vaccinated!
  • The fact that Republicans are still embracing anti-Semites and attacking Asians is not a good sign.
  • Kroger would rather close their stores than pay their workers a proper wage.
  • Trumps failed casino has been demolished. Let's hope his career follows shortly thereafter.
  • Some more articles about what a horrible monster Rush Limbaugh was.

A look at the Famicom Disk System.

The insane glass lens which made lighthouses useful.

What new skill did you learn during quarantine?

But, did you really earn it?

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for a thought experiment I came up with, the inadvertent thief.

  • Texas Republicans refused to become part of the national power grid because they didn't want to have to abide by the regulations which prevent blackouts. Now that Texas is experiencing record cold weather thanks to climate change destabilizing everything, their unregulated power grid simply can't supply enough energy to heat the homes and they're having rolling blackouts. Republicans are blaming wind turbines and even Joe Biden, but the real fault lies with Republicans refusing to impose sensible rules on the fossil fuel industry. Since the state is completely unprepared for winters, people are seriously suffering, and it's likely many will freeze to death during this crisis. Naturally, Republicans are demanding a government handout, while, at the same time, claiming those who expect a government handout, deserve to die.
  • Back in 1998, three of the Republican Senators who are still in Congress today voted to impeach Clinton. Those very same Republicans just voted to acquit Trump.
  • Rush Limbaugh is dead. Good. He was an absolute monster. Racist, bigoted, and vile to the core.
  • One of the insurrectionists who has been arrested is Leo Brent Bozell IV, son of Leo Brent Bozell III, the man who created a Republican organization that attacks non-Republican media. Bozell was identified because of his sweatshirt which featured the logo of the private Christian school where he sends his children. This wasn't unsurprising as most of those involved in the riot were Christian nationalists which are the most dangerous terrorist group in America, and they're raised from childhood to be dangerous.
  • More evidence that COVID-19 was not human-made, but the results of a wild virus having mutated. And New York is suing Amazon for putting their workers at risk during the pandemic.
  • In the last election, Pennsylvania Republicans lost big. Rather than accept the fact that people no longer want them in power, they are instead trying to completely upend the state's judicial branch to replace many of the state Republicans liberal judges with those that will be Republican-appointed.
  • Remember Amy Cooper? The white woman who let her dog destroy a park, and then, when a black man reminded her of the park's leash laws, called the police and told them a black man was threatening her in hopes that the police were just as racist as she was and they would arrest him or beat him to death? Well, her case has been dropped, and she will not face charges for falsifying a police report.

Governor Whitmer is working to expand public childcare in Michigan because she's awesome.

Some people are more equal than others

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for the King James Version of the bible.

  • Although they couldn't convince Republicans do grow a spine, Democrats are pledging to undertake a full investigation on the causes and failures of the Capitol riot. And, now that their cult leader is out of danger, Republicans are pretending they're actually interested in finding out the truth.
  • Republicans don't care when one of their own super spreaders dies from COVID-19, but maybe they'll start caring when they find out it can kill the only thing they care about, fetuses? And, make no mistake, unless the world makes some drastic changes, there will certainly be another pandemic in the near future.
  • Republican Adam Kinzinger's family has disowned him for doing the right thing. After voting to impeach Trump for his many many crimes, Kinzinger's family sent him a letter that was essentially just a laundry list of Fox pundit talking points.
  • Republican Ron Johnson doesn't think the Capitol insurrection was a big deal because they mob only had bear spray, handcuffs, metal poles, riot gear, and various clubs which they used to murder a cop, but, since they didn't have any assault rifles, who cares? Well, the NAACP for one.
  • Republican Fred Eshelman stupidly believed his party's lies of voter fraud and handed over $2,500,000 to a Republican group called True the Vote in the hope that the money would be used to expose a huge plot. However, as time went on, and no progress was made, Republicans lost or dropped nearly every legal challenge they made because they didn't have any evidence at all and Eshelman demanded his money back, but True the Vote already squandered it. Now Eshelman is trying to sue them to get his money back so he can instead invest it on... more attempts to uncover non-existent voter fraud. I kind of feel bad for the guy for being stupid enough to pay into the same conspiracy twice in a row!
  • Remember when a lunatic gunman brought a loaded assault rifle in a family restaurant and began shooting because the Internet told him Hillary Clinton was running a pedophilia ring out of its non existent basement? That act of violent ignorance foreshadowed the Capitol riot, and the restaurant still has recurring vandalism and arson from similar imbeciles. Well, the gunman, Edgar Maddison Welch, has just been let out of prison! It sure is nice to be a white man in America where you can purposely put the lives of innocent children at risk and still only see minimal punishment.

Have you ever been curious about how programmers used machine language.

When learning about evolution, it's important to learn about what evolution is not.

Beware the ides of February

Feeling: Happy


On Saturday, I beat Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic. I've also updated my page on Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • As expected, Republicans once again chose party over country. Before the vote, Trump's lawyers tried one last time to blame the riot on Democrats, and never tried to deny all their horrible incitement bellowed by Trump, which would have been impossible since so much early criticism came from Republicans, until Trump won their nomination, then they got down on their knees for him. There was even a glimmer that we might actually see witnesses, but that faded fast, and wouldn't have mattered since Republicans were refusing to listen to the hearing. Having the same Republicans who incited the coup voting on it is like having Nazis at the Nuremberg trials. When they did take their vote, only 7 Senate Republicans actually did the right thing, the other 43 are either too afraid of the violent mob they call their voters, or wanted the insurrection. And Republicans had no problem with friendly fire. I'm confident they would have still voted to acquit Trump even if his mob followed out his orders to murder Mike Pence and Mitt Romney. Just ask Republican Kevin McCarthy, who got in a swearing match on the phone with Trump when the Capitol was overrun, but his fellow Republicans didn't care. Republican Mitch McConnell even publicly blamed the violent coup on Trump, but still voted to acquit because Republicans simply do not value justice, and neither do their voters.
  • Speaking of the Capitol riot, why were the white men simply let inside, when black people, women, and the disabled are always abused?
  • However, while Republicans are predictably evil, Democrats are being predictably altruistic. Biden is working to close the American torture site which Republicans have adored for years, in Guantanamo Bay Prison. Also, Democrats have secured enough doses to vaccinate every American against COVID-19, which is really important because people are terrible as understanding pandemics, and, while there is a slight downward trend, February 12th saw the largest number of COVID-19 deaths in the history of the pandemic with 5,436!
  • The criminal investigation into Trump's crime of voter tampering in Georgia continues as his lawyers try to claim Trump begging for Georgia voting officials to fabricate over 11,000 ballots in his favor and steal him the win was taken out of context.
  • Thankfully, social media is finally starting to ban the worst spreaders of misinformation because they're causing serious harm.

Increasing the size of highways paradoxically makes traffic worse.

What does sports have to do with patriotism? Absolutely nothing.

After he died, Christian preacher Ravi Zacharias was outed as being a dangerous sexual predator by his own ministry and he used the money donated to his church to pay the women he abused to remain silent. It's nice that the Christians that adored him had the decency to tell the truth, as it's so rare for them to do so, but, before you applaud them, recognize that they're doing what Christians do so well, deflect. In this case, they're blaming Zacharias's sexual attacks on smart phones. Sorry guys, there are billions of smart phones out there, but the vast majority of the men who own them aren't rapists.

Why do men throw tantrums when asked to wear a mask? Toxic masculinity.

The horror of trying to leave Islam while being female.

More nonsense

Feeling: Happy

  • Republicans continue to poorly argue that Trump can't be held accountable for the insurrection, because they claim Trump didn't incite it. So, Democrats are demonstrating how the mob, in their own words, used Trump's statements to justify their failed coup, of which, several more who got very near to murdering members of Congress, have been arrested, as has this genius. And, just to demonstrate how complicit Trump was with the attack, they quoted Trump directly. Instead of condemning the assault, he told the mob he loved them. Knowing the the hearing against him is pointless because Republicans will vote in his favor no matter what he does, Trump ordered his lawyer to not even bother arguing in his defense, and, instead, give cable news interviews. This is only to spread more misinformation as Republicans are so out of touch with reality, they blame the attack on Antifa, while, at the same time, believe the attack was a good thing that was also peaceful. And, while the Congressional hearing is a farce, the latest criminal investigation into Trump begging Georgia election officials to change just enough votes to give him a victory, is something more serious.
  • Back when Trump predictably became infected with COVID-19 because he refused to take any precautions against it, he received the best possible treatment money can buy and experimental drugs nobody else has access to, and, upon recovering, said it wasn't a big deal for the average poor American. Now, several people that were close to him during that period have come forward and explained that he was actually a lot sicker than he let on, and, even with his round-the-clock state-of-the-art medical treatment, his doctors were worried that he'd have to go on a ventilator to get enough oxygen. Despite the very real chance that he could have died from it, he left the hospital and told all his followers that it was no big deal and they shouldn't be afraid to also get infected. What a monster. Thankfully, with Democrats in charge, an actual effort is being made to vaccinate the public, and my home state of Michigan, with a strong intelligent Governor who isn't afraid to make unpopular but correct decisions, is doing quite well. And, remember, when you do get your vaccination, you want to have adverse symptoms, that means it's working.
  • Despite violating the conditions of his parole, accused murdered and rabid Republican Kyle Rittenhouse will not be arrested, or even have his bail increased. Once again, America proves that white men can openly violate the law without consequence.
  • When Republican Mike Shirkey called the Capitol attack a hoax, it was a shock to many people, but not to those who had been following him closely. Shirkey has a history of encouraging dangerous militia groups and even shared a stage with the men who tried to kidnap and murder Governor Whitmer.
  • More news has come out to the extent at how anti-free press Republicans are. They have been using false security threats to prevent journalists from working!
  • Remember when officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski violently attacked an unarmed and unsuspecting 75-year-old man, knocking him to the ground and busting his head open? And then they lied and said the elderly man tripped, but it turned out that the cop's attack was filmed and became national news? The case is close, an the cops will not being punished in any way.
  • The problem Sean Hannity faces about having his history on film is that every time he tells a huge lie to protect himself or his party, there is always video footage of him saying the exact opposite.
  • Systemic racism runs deep in American culture, even into things you wouldn't expect, like fraternities, or our history book's inability to recognize the importance of black espionage.
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would help the average working American, which is why Republicans are so much against it.

Taking a look at the Sega SG-1000.

If you're having a religious debate with someone and they bring up Adam & Eve, you know the person you're dealing with is ignorant.

Plack the Hanet!

Feeling: Happy


I made a hack of Super Mario Bros. where, instead of Mario and Luigi rescuing Princess Toadstool, my daughters, Gabby and Illy, are rescuing Mario. I call it Super Sisters!!!

  • In the hearing against Trump, a video was shown which included never-before seen surveillance footage of Trump's mod infiltrating the Capitol, and just how dangerous and ravenous they were, and how close they came to reaching members of Congress. They were hunting for Democrats to murder. Unfortunately, several Republicans who are voting refused to even watch it. Republicans weren't afraid at all since the mob wasn't trying to murder them. Meanwhile, Trump's lawyer is doing a bang up job.
  • Over a quarter of Evangelical Christians have been duped by an Internet troll, and 100% have been duped by a church.
  • Actress Gina Carano stupidly believes there was a huge Democrat conspiracy to steal the election. She also believes, without a shred of evidence, that massive voter fraud exists. She also has ignorant anti-evidence based views on wearing masks. Most recently, she compared the Democratic administration to the Nazis. Thankfully, she has been kicked off her most recent television role, and fired from her talent agency. Terrible people need to be held accountable for their actions. Speaking of which, Mike Shirkey finally apologized for calling the Republican insurrection a hoax. And Republicans keep complaining about being "canceled" because they want to continue to say racist, sexist, bigoted lies.
  • Republicans may prevent the USA from doling out justice when their voters try to overthrow the government, but they can't stop Democrats from doling out justice when another nation is successful at overthrowing their government.

Interviewing Maryam Namazie and her brave work documenting the terrors of Islam.

Really, any kind of plode

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the Dutch rock band, Golden Earring.

  • In a "no duh!" moment, the Senate voted that it is constitutional to hold a hearing against Trump even though he's now out of office. How can you expect to have justice if a politician can commit a whole bunch of crimes and then simply resign to avoid punishment? Still, nearly every Republican voted against holding politicians accountable for their actions, many of whom cited the work of law professor Brian Kalt, who wrote a famous article about presidential impeachment, but, Republicans made a mistake very common to Christians who quote scientists, they forgot to check if the author was dead. Since Kalt is still alive, he was able to comment on the Republican use of his work, and he repudiated them saying they had completely misrepresented him, a tactic Republicans frequently employ. And, like every other unqualified moron hired by Trump, his lawyer, the guy who refused to prosecute a serial rapist, bumbled around for almost an hour, and the best argument he could come up with was to argue against what the Senate had just voted on! Meanwhile, other Republicans are trying to come to Trump's aide by using the same tactics they use when there is a mass shooting, they say the whole thing was staged by actors who hate Republicans, and that we just need to move on. Of course, this entire hearing is all for show. The reality is, it doesn't matter how guilty Trump is, or how much evidence is brought against him, the Republicans in the Senate get to decide if he's kicked out of politics, and Republicans vote party over country.
  • Republican pundits cheered on Trump for holding massive gatherings without masks, but they criticize Biden for having small gatherings with masks.
  • Southern Baptist Christians have a long history with racism, and their recent attack against Kamala Harris is just more of the same.
  • How can Lou Dobbs talk when his lips are permanently puckered on Trump's ass?
  • A Muslim cleric warns that getting the COVID-19 vaccine will turn you gay (like Alex Jones's gay frogs?), but don't worry, he explains that you can cure the disease by sleeping with flower oil on your anus.
  • Yet another innocent man was shot and killed on his own property by police because they just can't be bothered with determining a person's identity before shooting at them. The unidentified cop who killed the innocent man is on paid vacation pending an "investigation."

It's important for any group to police their own, so feminist Rebecca Watson polices the failed science of feminist Naomi Wolf.

Watch them explode

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for the Atari 2600 video game, Boxing.

  • Democrats continue to make progress fixing everything the Republicans broke. The USA will be rejoining the UN Human Rights Council, and, despite the baseless Republican attack on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden continues to be the bigger man and allow the Republican attack to continue.
  • Republicans continue to implode. They tried punishing fellow Republican Peter Meijer for having the audacity to serve country over party and vote to impeach Trump for his treason, but failed. Not too long after voting against impeaching Trump for insurrection, Republican Ron Wright, tested positive for COVID-19 and died shortly after. Republican Lauren Boebert appears to have been caught embezzling campaign funds, not unlike what Trump did it, but she doesn't have the luxury of picking a corrupt attorney general to look the other way. Also, Richard Shelby becomes yet another Republican who has given up his party.
  • Thanks to social media, the CDC is still having to tell people COVID-19 is not a Chinese bio-weapon. Facebook is at least claiming they will crack down harder on COVID-19 misinformation, you know misinformation like that from Republican Kim Reynolds, who ended Iowa's safety regulations claiming they were no longer necessary, not because she consulted her own health experts (she didn't), but because she just felt like it. Thankfully, we finally have people in charge who take it seriously.
  • The leader of the racist terrorist organization known as the Proud Boys is still in jail where he belongs, and Bruno Joseph Cua, terrorist wannbe, becomes the youngest person charged in failed insurrection. Unfortunately, it appears Trump's pardon has allowed convicted felon Paul Manafort to escape justice.
  • How Republicans used the pandemic to give tax money to rich people.
  • As Trump's hearing begins it's important to look at a time line of all the things he and his administration said which caused the failed coup.
  • Lou Dobbs is having a Twitter meltdown over losing his show. So eager was he for attention that he linked to an article which pointed out how he constantly "repeated false election fraud claims."

Ever curious about the family tree of King Aurthur?

Watch them implode

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for Brian May's first solo album, Back to the Light.

  • Biden's cabinet is made up heavily of women and people of color, and they're all well-experienced in working in government, and they're working to help the nation. In addition to finally giving Puerto Rico the aide they needed years ago, but Republicans blocked, they're repairing the damage Trump did to the US Postal Service, and working on an additional stimulus package to give more money to families with children. This is great news because, despite Republicans claiming they love children, they really don't. All of this is necessary because the USA is ranked dead last among developed nations regarding worker benefits.
  • Republicans are continuing to lose support after their violent coup failed. Fox is seeing their worst ratings in 20 years after the dictator they championed denounced them and Lou Dobbs has been canceled, Trump's former lawyers and Republican media outlets are all being sued for lying for Trump, and the party keeps eating their own, denouncing Liz Cheney being accountable, and Marjorie Taylor Greene for not being accountable enough. But, despite all the self-inflicted damage, Republicans continue to drain the life out of the USA. As of today, Trump's lies have cost the American taxpayers $519,000,000, the Republican Supreme Court judges have ruled religious people are allowed to spread disease unhindered, and other Republicans keep trying to push Christian nationalism. And, QAnon wasn't a symptom of Trump, it is a symptom of a much deeper problem of American ignorance. This is why you don't elect high school dropouts like Republican Lauren Boebert to the highest level of government.
  • Now that vaccines are being distributed, COVID-19 is beginning to decline, but that's no reason to decrease mask wearing or social distancing. It's still killing almost 3,000 Americans every day, and has probably killed a lot more than that.
  • Convicted felon Roger Stone, later pardoned by Trump, is walking around with an entourage of white supremacists.
  • Some more good news. Alex Wubbels, the nurse who was violently arrested for not letting a cop illegally steal blood from an unconscious patient, has been given a half million dollar settlement, and the cop who assaulted her, Jeff Payne, was fired, and his supervisor demoted.
  • Racism in America is still endemic. Families in Utah demanded their white children be exempt from having to learn about black history. Also, while the environment isn't racist, environmentalism sure it.
  • Wall Street really doesn't like it when outsiders beat them at their own game.

Make them pay

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I've added a page for Westwood Studios. I've also added text tables and ROM offsets to Blaster Master.

  • Democrats continue making good. Even though every Republican who voted to raise taxes for the working class and lower taxes for the wealthy, Democrats still pushed through their pandemic relief bill. Also, while Trump shut down the office of women's issues, because Republicans hate women, Biden is bringing it back. And, Biden is also helping out those cities hit by wildfires who Republicans refused to help.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who doesn't believe in the 9/11 terrorist attack or school shootings and hates Jews, has been stripped of her committee assignments in the House. The vast majority of Republicans voted to keep her in power. Only a scant 11 were so ashamed of what their party had become, they voted against her, despite her threats.
  • Tens of millions of people have now been vaccinated, and the evidence is showing the vaccines are remarkably safe. And while the USA nears 30,000,000 vaccinated, we are also near 500,000 deaths. Stay vigilant, and keep fighting the pro-virus party.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn says he doesn't regret the part he took in inciting a mob to riot.
  • The Screen Actors Guild has kicked Trump out, but he tried to save face with the old routine, "you can't fire me, I quit!".
  • More Republicans are learning that they can't just continually spout lies forever without eventually getting sued for defamation. Although, some don't learn their lesson very quickly.
  • Beofre Republican Chad Salsman became a district attorney, he told several poor women in need of legal aide that he would make their legal problems go away once he became a DA, but only if he could have sex with them.
  • Wisconsin Republicans stupidly ended the Governor's state-wide mask mandate, but, because they're stupid, they forgot to end his ability to create new mask mandates, so he just created another one.
  • Trump supporters (i.e., terrorists) continue to threaten the lives of election workers.
  • A public library in Lafayette, Louisiana received a small grant to promote voters rights. The library intended to use the money to have speakers give talks about the importance of civil rights and black history, and buy books on those topics, so, the Republicans on the board refused the grant.
  • Rich people won't stop crying about the working class being able to affect the market.

The Vatican has a giant golden throne for their pope to sit in, so why are they hording small business loans?

The toll the pandemic has taken on the video games industry.

Astronomer Emma Chapman is trying to understand what happened during the dark ages of the early universe.

How to be evil

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I've added a page for the NES emulator, FCEUX.

  • Part of the contract Donald Trump had to sign for buying Mar-a-Lago was that he wouldn't be allowed to live their permanently. The other people living in the area just despise him so much, they can't abide having him be so close. But, big surprise, he's breaking his contract.
  • Republican Liz Cheney is an Obama-birther and gives talks for hate groups, but that isn't why her fellow Republicans wanted to strip her of her leadership powers. No, they like the horrible aspects of her, but what they don't like is the fact that she agreed that Trump deserved to be impeached because he incited an insurrection. In a secret meeting, 61 Republicans voted to remove her from leadership, just shy of a majority.
  • In the past, Republican Kevin McCarthy denounced QAnon as a dangerous source of misinformation. However, now that his college Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is openly supporting QAnon, suddenly, McCarthy doesn't have the foggiest idea what QAnon is. So, which is it, did he publicly denounce an organization that he knows nothing about, or he's a liar who puts party over country?
  • Several of the people who got so angry that Trump lost the election they tried to overthrow Democracy, and murder congresswomen, didn't even vote for Trump.
  • Desperate after realizing just how bad terrorism has become among their ranks, the Pentagon is ordering a 60-day stand-down while they try to figure out a way to decrease extremism in US soldiers.
  • Canada takes the first necessary step in declaring the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. Hopefully, the rest of North America will follow their lead.
  • Who would have guessed that the teenager who went to a protest with an illegal assault rifle in order to murder black people, and was still released on bail, wouldn't diligently follow the rules of his bail?
  • The CEO of Parler says he was fired after pointing out actual terrorists were using their site to plot terrorist attacks, and maybe they should do something about that?
  • Michigan Republicans are turning to Mitch McConnell's playbook and simply obstructing all government until Governor Whitmer gives into their demands. The only problem is, even they don't know what their demands are.
  • Republican Pat Grassley says he can't force people to wear masks, but somehow he was able to create a detailed dress code that all women must follow.
  • The many many lies Republicans tell about minimum wage.

Pastor Dwight McKissic is leaving the Southern Baptist Texas Convention. This isn't because he had a crisis of faith, but rather because every improvement he offered to the SBTC to become less racist was denied. In fact, even suggesting that the SBTC had a problem with racism led to him receiving an extremely racist letter from a member of the SBTC who described all black people as unintelligent savages.

In an effort to earn a little extra money, a convent of nuns was purposely renting the orphans in their care to sexual predators.

Christians believe they have a direct line of communication with the all-powerful creator of the universe who made everything just for them. But it's the atheists who are the narcissists.

More and more

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I've added a page for the Blue October album, Foiled.

  • It's nice to see Biden actually making good on many of the promises he made during the campaign, unlike Trump who just said he did. Unfortunately, since Republicans have packed the Supreme Court, fixing the problems is a lot harder for Democrats than it was for Republicans to create the problems. Thankfully, by electing actual crazy people, Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot, and nobody is buying their completely phony calls for unity.
  • Every now and then we see a case of actual voter fraud, and, yes, the person being investigated is a Republican, and, twist, Republican L. Lin Wood spent much of his time lying that Democrats were committing voter fraud.
  • The past four years have been devastating on the USA. Republicans increased taxes on the poor and middle class while giving massive tax breaks to the rich. And now, when much of America is suffering because Republicans totally botched their response to COVID-19, Republicans are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep relief away from those who need it most. As a tiny percentage of Americans horde most of the nation's wealth, but don't actually do anything with it, the nation's innovation slows to a crawl. Despite all our money and education, the USA has now dropped off the list of the top ten most innovative nations.
  • More good news on the COVID-19 front. The AstraZeneca vaccine seems to be very effective with only a single dose and the other vaccines are working their science. Now, if we can only convince the more ignorant Americans to stop protesting the only thing that will save their lives, we could be in business.
  • Although Biden is undoing much of the damage Trump created, global warming continues unabated with 2020 tying 2016 as the hottest year on record.
  • While it's wonderful that Kamala Harris has become the first female, black, and Asian vice president of the USA, her departure of the US Senate means the Senate no longer has the representation of a black women.
  • Republican Patricia Ashton Derges has been charged with 20 different crimes because she was selling sick people fake COVID-19 cures.
  • There is no racism in law enforcement, just ask former officer Leslie Socolov who gave an anti-Semitic explicit rant against someone before hitting their vehicle with her car and then whined that it is she who is being persecuted.

Looking at the history of Game Stop and how they rose to prominence.

Little by little

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I've added a page for painter Herbert James Draper.

  • Democrats have added a couple more small victories for humanity. Republicans can no longer decided which evidence the scientists in the EPA get to use to make their decisions. Also, Biden is requiring his staff to take one of the more strict ethics pledges.
  • Democrats say they want to offer almost $1,900,000,000,000 in pandemic relief, Republicans say it shouldn't be about a quarter as much. Why is it Republicans only like giving massive handouts to major corporations?
  • While immoral Republicans like Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio are often the most talked about because of their racism, sexism, and non-stop lying and cheating, we can't forget that they are templates of the Republican party. Most other Republicans are just as disgusting and criminal as they, from the big names like Rick Scott, who also voted to simply change the outcome of elections to his favor, to lowly county commissioners like Couy Griffin who encouraged his fellow Republicans to murder all the Democrats in the country, to the latest batch of brazenly anti-Semitic Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, to those who aren't politicians, but still try to convince them to use the military to take over the country, like Mike Lindell. Anyone who hasn't yet left the Republican party is guilty by association.
  • Trump supporters like Troy Elbert Faulkner are so smart they storm the Capitol while wear their work coat, which has their company's phone number emblazoned on the back.
  • Georgia police remind everyone just how racist they are when a sargent and even Chief Gene Allmond himself were caught on camera referring to BLM protesters as "n******s."

How arcade vector monitors worked.

In the 1980s, ignorant Christians caused a nation-wide panic.

Still so much to do

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Yesterday I beat Katamari Damacy: Reroll. I also rewrote Mystique (a clone of the screensaver Mystify) in GDI and MonoGame.

  • Another terrorist bomber at the Capitol was foiled, but others are training to take his place. After the mob carrying "blue lives matter" flags murdered a police officer one police chief finally realized that it's a symbol of hate and banned it in his department. More hate group members are being arrested. One thing the failed insurrection, kidnapping attempts, and murder of police officers has done for Republicans is decrease their ranks, which is why they're introducing a whole new slew of voter restrictions to prop up the voting strength of those terrible people who still aren't ashamed to vote for them, including the ability to just throw out Democrat votes. We need to fix democracy, and one of the best ways to do that is to listen to the people who have been screwed over by it.
  • A third vaccine has been authorized in the EU, and, now with a ruling party that isn't anti-science, the CDC can actually make effective policy, and they're finally requiring masks for all travelers. But we still have a long way to go as the virus mutates, Republicans continue to obstruct, and anti-vaxxers setup a protest outside of a vaccine distribution centers which not only prevent a lot of people from getting the vaccine, but it also probably causes a lot of doses to have to be thrown away which is only going to make the pandemic last longer. This is why it's correct to call them pro-disease. And, remember the pharmacist who purposely ruined over 500 doses of the vaccine? Yeah, turns out he's a flat-earther! And Catholics don't just protect child rapists, they also give COVID-19 vaccinations out illegally to volunteers and staff spouses. And, since Republicans failed to life a finger to help people who became infected, a huge strain is being put on families. Just one more Republican mess for Biden to clean up.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is a perfect example of what's wrong with the Republican party. She wasn't elected in spite of the fact that she's a conspiracy theorist who pushed easily debunked lies like Pizzagate and harasses children whose friends were murdered in school shootings, she was elected because of her lies. And Republican lies are now making it into our public school system.
  • It's less than two weeks to Trump's Senate hearing and all five of his defense attorneys just quit. Turns out Trump wanted them to try and prove the election was rigged, but, since there isn't any evidence, they decided it was wiser to disappear. But, don't worry, Trump has replaced them with new lawyers, and they're exactly what you'd expect: one refused to prosecute a convicted serial rapist. I'm happy to see him flailing, but it doesn't really matter. Trump doesn't have to do anything, the hearing is all for show. There doesn't appear to be enough Republicans willing to grow a spine and do what's right, so Trump will not be kicked out of politics. One argument Republicans keep making is that you can't kick people out of politics just for trying to overthrow the government, but that's exactly what happened to those who backed the Confederacy.
  • Jamie Allard was finally removed from an Alaskan Human Rights Commission after it came out that she was defending Nazi sympathizers.
  • New York police arrested a 9-year-old girl. As she screamed for her daddy, they handcuffed her, threw her in the back of their squad car, and then pepper-sprayed her!

Stopping bots is harder than it seems, but it needs to be done because they're primarily used by major corporations and Russia, both of which are actively working to destroy the USA.

Why are amateurs discovering the majority of new species? Because academia doesn't allow experts the time to discover new species.

Has science buried god? Well, yes. Science doesn't disprove gods, it just makes gods an unnecessary hypothesis.

It's broke, so, fix it

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Yesterday, I finished reading Life Ascending: The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution. I also added text tables for the Japanese release of Contra.

  • Fall out continues for the failed overthrow of the Capitol on January 6th which even Trump's former defense secretary says was caused on Trump. Republican Amanda Chase, who called the terrorists "patriots who love their country" has been officially rebuked by the Virginia Senate, but, Republican Josh Hawley just received a $700,000 dark money donation, for cheering on the insurrection and voting to overturn free elections. One of those terrorists, Eric Munchel, was arrested and his home was discovered to be filled with guns, ammo, and plastic handcuffs, some of which he brought to the siege so he could arrest cops and congress persons. His local Tennessee judge said, despite his treason, he should be set free to await trial, but, thankfully, a federal judge wasn't so lenient. Meanwhile, a second police officer has killed himself, and Republicans refuse to ever be held accountable.
  • Republicans are arguing that Democrats shouldn't give more COVID-19 bailout money unless they first get approval from Republicans, the very same people who couldn't be bothered to give adequate bailout money when they were in power, and who are making it so churches are exempt from having to follow the rules during a crisis. But Democrats aren't stopping with just relief, they're going to create a national vaccine program, prop up rural hospitals, ban surprise medical bills, and put more money into mental health coverage. Also, systemic racism means, even if nobody is purposely trying to prevent people of color from getting the COVID-19 vaccine, people of color still receive fewer COVID-19 vaccines.
  • After the will of the people was finally made clear, especially the black vote, Republicans don't want this to happen again, so they're ramping up even more voter restrictions. The ignorant QAnon people are taking it especially bad.
  • Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks that school shootings are a conspiracy and those parents whose children were murdered are just actors. So, naturally, Republicans put her on the Education Committee.
  • Democrats are investigating a serious case of investment fraud, and Republicans, who spent the last four years not only causing fraud personally, but making it easier for their rich donors, are kindly offering to help.
  • Biden's latest executive order will help slow climate change. In the past 24 years, Republican presidents have issued executive orders at a higher rate than Democrat presidents, but they only seem to complain about executive orders when a Democrat is issuing them.
  • Imagine actually having a president who doesn't lick the boots of dictators.
  • Why do we need to defund the police? Because, when they encounter someone with a mental health disability, they shoot them.
  • Trump wanted to put two men whose resumes included "helping Trump get elected," in charge at the Pentagon. Democrats have wisely blocked them.
  • Republicans keep calling for it, but they don't understand the concept of unity. Maybe they should work toward reunifying with Fox?
  • Rudy Giuliani needs to be disbarred, but it probably won't happen.

How Mesmerism was finally debunked, but still wound up becoming a sensation.

Emmett Till, the 14-year-old black boy who was gang-murdered by an angry white mob because they thought he catcalled a white woman, and whose memorial is frequently defaced by racists Americans, will now receive a landmark in his memory.

Slow and steady wins the race

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I added a page for the Myth series of real-time tactics video games. I also added text tables and ROM offsets for the NES port of Bubble Bobble.

  • Biden continues to do good work. His latest executive order pauses oil and gas and doubles off-shore wind production, the US will remove its sanctions against Yemen which has only been making their humanitarian crisis worse, daily press briefings are back at the White House, and Trump's order to let more doctors prescribe highly addictive opioids will be ended.
  • Thanks to an entire year of indifference from Republicans, COVID-19 took hold and is still killing over 3,000 Americans every day, and the even more deadly strains from Brazil, South Africa, and the UK are now all in the USA. Interestingly, scouring social media for an increase in medical symptoms might become a new way to predict disease flare ups.
  • Despite trying to overthrow the US government, Republicans are very unlikely to admit reality, and Trump will probably not be held accountable.
  • Republican conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened to have the very same reporters she invited to a meeting arrested after they asked her questions about her contribution to inciting the coup at the Capitol.
  • Republican Kelli Ward has spent the last month arguing that the election was rigged, but, now, proving she doesn't actually care about election integrity, only about Republicans winning, she's trying to stop the recount of her own election.
  • In 2020, the incompetence of Republicans caused the US economy to shrink 3.5% the worst depression since World War II.
  • Andrew Birge, one of the men who conspired to kidnap (and, lets face it, rape and murder) Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with with investigators. He will only be charged with kidnapping conspiracy, but, hopefully, he will rat out a bunch more people and lead to the arrests of several more white American terrorists. You know, people like Ian Benjamin Rogers who was planning a series of terrorist bombings to try and keep Trump president.
  • What defunding the police actually looks like.
  • Poland takes one more step close to self-destruction with a near total ban on abortion.
  • Here are 25 self-proclaimed "prophets" trying to back-peddle on their failed Trump predictions.

Why are their huge colorful pools in the Utah desert?

Slowly, but surely

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Last night, I beat the game Costume Quest. It was a lot of fun.

  • More progress on the way. Biden is phasing out for-profit federal prisons, returning aide to Palestine, cutting back on leasing public land to oil and gas companies, is putting forth directives to stop racism against Asians, and strengthening ties with Native Americans. Unfortunately, it's not all good news. Republicans obstructed government for several years and were able to inject a lot of their political judges into the courts under Trump, and now, Republican judge Drew Tipton is blocking Biden's attempt to stop deporting refugees.
  • Over 100 of those who took part in the failed coup have been arrested, but still none of the Republicans who incited the riot.
  • Almost every Republican in the Senate voted to make it illegal to hold an impeachment hearing on Trump now that he's out of office. To them, if a CEO robs his company blind, but then quits before he can be arrested, he's not a criminal. Truly party over country for these goons.
  • It's only a little over a year after COVID-19 evolved, and over 100,000,000 people have been infected. Biden has ordered another 200,000,000 COVID-19 vaccines, which is good news since the US only seems to get about half the use out of them. In Michigan, where Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been taking the virus seriously, we already have more people vaccinated than have been infected.
  • Every Fox pundit creamed their jeans over Trump, and now, they're trying to claim actual journalists aren't tough enough on Biden.
  • Mike Pence ordered his Homeland Security advisor, Olivia Troye, to spy on one of the women in charge of combating COVID-19, Dr. Deborah Birx.
  • In addition to voting to overthrow the presidential election, Republican David Clark also refused to get routine COVID-19 tests. He ended up requiring a cop to escort him from the Georgian Congress because his own Republican lawmakers didn't want to be near him.
  • In Anchorage, Alaska, Jamie Allard somehow made it onto her city's Human Rights Commission where she tried to defend the vanity plate "3REICH" saying, because it directly translates to "third realm," it's a totally benign phrase, and it's all the fault of progressives for thinking it has anything to do with Nazis, even though the term has only ever applied to the Nazis.

Christians tried to sue Boston for not promoting their religion for them. They failed.

Slowly accomplishing what was on the docket four years ago

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I've added a page for the film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, began of list of video games which are Christmas themed, and added a very grim reminder about the dangers of 5G vaccines.

  • New works for Democrats: Affordable Care Act marketplaces will be reopened making it easier for people to get health care again and Harriet Tubman is back on track to replace the murdering racist Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
  • Even though he's no longer the Senate Majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell is still obstructing government. He required Democrats to promise not to veto the filibuster in order to allow any progress in Congress. I would hope those Democrats will keep their promise as well as McConnell kept his to not vote on a Supreme Court justice, but they're moderate democrats which are the equivalent of Republicans from a decade ago.
  • COVID-19 has mutated again. In addition to the original Chinese strain, we now have a UK strain, an African strain, and now, another more deadly Brazilian strain that travelers have already brought back to America. This is why people shouldn't be flying. The Moderna vaccine appears to be effective against it, but the slow vaccine roll out and the refusal to take precautions keeps driving the mutation, means we'll eventually get one that won't be stopped. How slow in the vaccine roll out? 40 million doses have been distributed, but only 20 million have actually been administered! This is what happens when you elect Republicans who don't bother to prepare a vaccine plan. It also doesn't help that rich people are stealing vaccines allocated to poor people.
  • The House has officially delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate.
  • Republicans are still pushing the conspiracy theory that the insurrection on the Capitol that Republicans incited, was all a hoax, but all of the people who were arrested for breaking into the Capitol are all Trump supporters, even though Republican Kevin McCarthy, who voted to overturn free elections, wants to blame all Americans.
  • In order to prevent corruption in government, Trump signed an executive order preventing former White House employees from becoming lobbyists, except, it was all for show. Just before he left office, he rescinded that order, ensuring the corruption of his administration will continue long after he's gone.
  • A look back at the past four years and all the crimes Trump committed.
  • Another Republican cowardly quits the party rather than work to fix it.
  • Another cop has filmed driving his car through a crowd of people. As "punishment" he was given a paid vacation.
  • What is it with Republicans and lying about their military service? Tom Cotton is the latest Republican who lied about being an Army Ranger, but never was.

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than your body needs. Weight loss really is that simple, it's not just easy for most people to do.

The Earth has lost 28,000,000,000,000 tons of ice since the mid-1990s. It's currently losing 1,200,000,000,000 tons a year, and that rate is accelerating.

Repairs, not progress

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I've added a page for the old game, QBASIC Gorillas.

  • Biden continues to work for Americans. In addition to what I posted about earlier, he's blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, looking into white terrorism, getting rid of the Republican transphobic laws, and appears to have a progressive attitude regarding abortion rights. Of course, Republican TV is very angry at his horrific scandals like condemning white supremacists.
  • But COVID-19 doesn't care about the change in guard, The USA passed another milestone with 25,000,000 confirmed cases, and that number continues to rise at a staggering rate. And, it turns out that an unknown Republican agent was feeding Trump false COVID-19 data which he frequently sided with over that of scientists. Last month, three elementary school teachers in Coob Country, Georgia died from COVID, and, at a wake for their fallen comrades, the speaker asked everyone to don their masks in a show of respect for the dead, but several the pig-headed members refused, still clinging to the imbecilic lie Trump told them that this is all a hoax.
  • In a classic example of "words not deeds" Republicans Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and their ilk may say that Trump's failed insurrection was wrong, but they are still in favor of overturning the election in Trump's favor.
  • Republicans pushed to have as many people executed as possible, and the Republicans on the US Supreme Court helped to make that possible, even when they evidence wasn't so clear.
  • After publicly accusing Dominion of voter fraud for weeks, but never providing any evidence, Republican Rudy Giuliani is now being sued by the company for defamation, and, unfortunately for Giuliani, Trump is no longer able to give him a pardon, and now has his own problems with the impending Senate hearing.
  • Republican Kellyanne Conway has spent the past several years of her life lying for terrible people, so it's not much of a surprise that she's also been covering up how abusive she is to her daughter. Thankfully, her daughter bravely started recording the abuse and posting it online. When it got so bad that police were called, the police proved once again why they should be defunded. Rather than protect a child, they told Conway to take away any devices her daughter might use to record any future abuse.
  • Democrat Dianne Feinstein has been supporting the Republican party all throughout the Trump administration. She didn't vote to impeach him the first time, claiming he has learned his lesson, but he went on to incite an insurrection. Rather than admit she was wrong, Feinstein defended the Republican attempt to overthrow the election results.
  • Couy Griffin founded a hate group called Cowboys for Trump and help take part in the failed coup. After breaking into the Capitol and saying a prayer to white Republican Jesus, Griffin went back home and was planning to storm the Capitol again, this time with guns and ammo to stop Biden's inauguration through gunfire. Thankfully, the morons who took selfies captured him at the Capitol and he was arrested before he could murder anyone, and, a bit shocking, it was discovered that the would be assassin was a government worker! Garret Miller also went to the Capitol with murder on his mind. More than anything, he wanted to murder Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He too, thankfully, has been arrested.
  • Florida Republicans appear to be going through with their plan to punish data analyst Rebekah Jones who kept many Floridians safe from COVID-19 by posting the actual infection data rather than the doctored data Republicans wanted her to post which made the virus look less deadly than it actually is.
  • Every so often a Republican can get things right, like when they shut up and defer to actual experts.
  • True to form, Bernie Sanders is more interested in helping people than talking about memes.
  • How much further tech platforms need to go in order to prevent aiding another insurrection.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin thought he could sweep his competition under the rug by having Alexei Navalny poisoned, but Navalny survived the assassination attempt. As Navalny continued to speak out against Putin, the dictator again thought he could silence the man by arresting him, but Navalny bravely returned to Russia to be imprisoned. Now, as protests erupt all over Russia, Putin thinks that he can use the government to censor the population, but they're making posts to social media much faster than Putin's censors can delete them. Good luck to you Russian freedom fighters!

Not wasting any time

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I've added a page for the Atari game, Fishing Derby.

Some unusual scientific unknowns.

How religion makes otherwise intelligent people say stupid things.

Let the healing begin

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I've added a page for the indie adventure game, Seiklus.

Get behind me, Satan

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I've started pages for the French painter, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and the Dutch painter, Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

Although false memories are a real thing, not everyone who talks about them is an honest person.

Which African empire was the most impressive? Not the Zulus.

One day more

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I've added a page for the Tom Petty album, Full Moon Fever.

  • A large portion of the mob at the Capitol consisted of white supremacists revealing just how big of a problem they still are. And, so far, 29 law enforcement officials are suspected of aiding in the insurrection at the Capitol, revealing why the police were so easily caught off guard when the warning signs were so obvious. Their ilk are still walking the streets of the Capitol, carrying illegal firearms, and one woman claimed she was part of Trump's law enforcement, only she was lying to an actual cop! One member of the failed coup, Guy Reffitt, who was trying to lay low, threatened to murder his children if they turned him in. He has thankfully been arrested. All of this chaos, in fact, all of it for the past five years, has all been based on a series of unending lies, but, these lies have been repeated so many times, that they've now become part of American culture.
  • Here's a major problem with the people being arrested for storming the Capitol. Many of them are not being charged with serious crimes. Take Gracyn Courtright, for example. She was identified from social media photos which show her attacking Capitol police and later looting government property from a restricted area of the Capitol. Her crime isn't just trespassing and theft, but, willingly taking part in a violent attempt to overthrow American democracy. She should be charged with treason, but, unfortunately, she's only being charged with trespassing and petty theft, a punishment that carries a mere $1,000 fine. She has since returned to social media to say the failed coup that left several people dead was "cool," and she says she's not sorry for what she did, but proud, and that the other rioters should also be proud of making history. Do you think the small fine has caused her to learn her lesson? When she next has a chance to take part in an insurrection, do you think she's going to shy away from trying to overthrow democracy again?
  • Looks like the reason Trump and Giuliani have been selling presidential pardons for $2,000,000 a piece!
  • One of Trump's last requests before he's kicked out of the White House, was to plead the Pentagon for a military parade for his departure. The man whose daddy paid a doctor to create a fake illness so Trump could dodge the draft, really wanted to play with more toy soldiers to make his look like a big tough guy. The Pentagon denied his begging.
  • Republican Nelly Jordan took to Facebook to call Jews puppets of the Democrats and blame them for Trump's impeachment. It's typical to hear such flagrant racism from Republicans behind closed doors, but they're usually cautious enough not to broadcast it on the Internet. Realizing her job was at stake, Jordan claimed she wasn't antisemitic, and claimed someone changed her words, only to later apologize saying what she wrote was "inappropriate." Her fellow Republicans voted on whether to fire her and almost half of them said she should stay, citing freedom of speech and blaming the media and political correctness! However, a slim majority voted to fire Jordan, but said she will be allowed to come back to work for them after two years, which they much assume is ample time for her to learn how to hide her antisemitism better.
  • While rallying to overturn democratic elections, Trump supporter and white supremacist Michael McKinney fired his gun into a car with a mother and four black teenage girls, all unarmed. McKinney, covered in body armor, claimed he was defending himself which is why he shot the teenage black girl in the leg through the glass of the car.
  • Seth Rich was a staffer at the Democratic National Convention who was murdered in part because of lies spread about him on Fox. The family sued Fox and they had to pay the family over a million dollars in damages, but their lawyers made sure that the settlement's details could not be discussed until after the presidential election, hoping that their lies wouldn't injure Trump's chances of getting reelected.
  • After trying is hardest to exclude immigrants from the US Census, but failing anyway thanks to a whistleblower, Republican Steven Dillingham has finally resigned in disgrace.
  • Trump's boss, Vladamir Putin, tried to murder his harshest political critic, Alexei Navalny. After that failed, Putin demanded he be extradited back to Russia to be arrested. Navalny bravely returned to Russia, knowing that he will probably be murdered while in custody.
  • Republican Lauren Boebert was seen with a large group of people at the Capitol days prior to the insurrection even though tours were supposed to be banned due to the pandemic. She denies the accusation, but admits she was giving a tour to her family, but that they couldn't have helped the insurrectionist, but also admits her mother was in D.C. during the riot.
  • The Republican propaganda piece, the 1776 Report, was released on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which especially offensive considering how much the report gets wrong about his life and history. Trump, who knows almost nothing of American history, said he wanted to teach American children "proper" history, so, as expected, the 1776 Report is a long list of lies and white-washing. The report vilifies the black heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, ignores most of the US's history with slavery, and paints the slave-owning founding fathers as abolitionists.
  • Bernie Sanders talks about his new job as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.

Common misconceptions about the Roman Empire.

With great power comes great responsibility. If you believe that, than someone who is all-powerful must be all-responsible.

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I've added a page for palindromes.

  • The Republican insurrection failed, but there are still plenty of crazy Republicans terrorist groups left. Some are being arrested for having guns at the Capitol, others have been caught plotting a second coup, nearly all of them are Evangelical Christians, and there are so many, they won't all be caught before Inauguration Day, but perhaps those Republicans in Congress who may have helped the mob will be. This is why the National Guard will has been at the Capitol for the past week, and, why, if you ask the Capitol police who were overrun on the 6th, why they should continue to be there for weeks to come. Unfortunately, after it was discovered that several Capitol police aided the coup, the FBI is having to screen the troops in case some of them are fascist sympathizers.
  • Thankfully, the fallout continues for those Republicans who helped spur the coup on. Republican Josh Hawley, who saluted the efforts of the mob and tried to overturn democratic elections not only lost his book deal, but now he can no longer do fundraising at a major hotel chain. Similarly, QAnon supporter Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was temporarily suspended from Twitter as part of the company's cleansing of QAnon misinformation, largely boosted by Russia. But don't expect justice to happen, as "law and order" Trump plans to pardon over 100 more criminals just before he leaves office, but it remains to be seen if he will try to pardon himself for the several lawsuits he will have to face the day he leaves office.
  • COVID-19 is still at its worst, not just because so many people selfishly refuse to take basic precautions, but also because Republicans completely bungled the vaccine roll-out. In an effort to make themselves look semi-competent, Republicans said they were going to expand vaccine distribution, but when hospitals asked for more, they discovered the reserves were already exhausted! Republicans, knowing there weren't any vaccines left, said they were going to be giving out more! Thankfully, Biden is committed to enforcing sensible precautions.
  • The Republican Senate is still trying to prevent the Biden presidency and blocking any measures to hold Trump accountable because, as Rand Paul points out, voting against Trump will destroy the Republican party. I agree with him, only, he seems to think its a bad thing, and not a necessary thing. Putting a murdered in prison will destroy their social life, but it still has to be done. As it is, White House staffers have had a full time job trying to tape together all the documents Trump has illegally shredded.
  • A look back at how utterly incompetent Trump has been regarding cyber-security, which kind of explains why the USA, and Trump himself, was so severely hacked so many times during his time as president. But, it's not just Trump who exposed the USA to hacking, one of his supporters who invaded the Capitol stole Nancy Pelosi's computer and is trying to sell it to the Russians! And, interestingly, by banning Trump and his allies from social media, the amount of online misinformation dropped by a whopping 73%!
  • Trump's former staffers are out of work and looking for new jobs, but very few people are hiring. And it's not just because Republicans caused the worst unemployment in a generation, but because nobody wants to work with people who have proven to be hideously corrupt and morally bankrupt.
  • Despite receiving massive contributions, and gun sales going through the roof because of Republican fear tactics, the NRA has squandered their money and had to file for bankruptcy!
  • Rebekah Jones, the data analyst who put together a great COVID-19 tracking website in Florida, but was fired after Republicans demanded she doctor the numbers to make it look like fewer people were dying from the virus than actually were, is now being arrested at the request of those very same corrupt Republicans.
  • Yes Republican Rudy Giuliani called Game of Thrones a "documentary" of "fictitious Medieval England." in an attempt to justify his call to violence.

Every now and then, someone who is anti-science is able to learn where they went wrong, and become a more intelligent person.

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I've added a page for the Tecmo Bowl series of video games.

  • Several people were killed during the failed insurrection, including a police officer (one of his murderers has been arrested), but the mob was out for blood and wanted to kill a lot more. Among those eager to murder congress persons were the Christian pro "life" and lots of Republican politicians. Those rioters who have already been arrested are begging Trump for a pardon, and, considering Trump's love of pardoning actual mass-murderers, it's likely he'll free them.
  • The Republican-led FBI is publicly claiming they had no idea the January 6th insurrection would occur. I guess they somehow missed all the social media threads where Trump fans openly discussed violently overthrowing the Capitol, and all the speeches given by Republicans telling their sheep to rise up and fight, or the fact that the crowd was made up of dozens of people on the FBI's terrorism watchlist. But the FBI isn't as ignorant as they claim. An internal memo shows they were very aware of extremists preparing for a coup, but they never bothered to investigate them, probably because the threats were coming from white men.
  • In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, Trump is refusing to pay his lawyer's legal fees. This is good news for people who like justice because, by alienating even more lawyers, Trump is eliminating his chances of ever hiring a competent lawyer again, and, since he's just been impeached again, he'll need someone to defend him at his Senate hearing, especially since even his fellow Republicans are finally turning on him, but it's a little late for that now.
  • While I'm glad that social media has finally given Trump to boot, it shouldn't have taken four years of inciting violence and racism for them to do so. The state of New York is suing their own police department for how racistly they handled the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.
  • While protecting Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the Secret Service had to rent out a neighboring house at $3,000 a month because Ivanka didn't want "the help" to use any of their six bathrooms.
  • Seven years ago, Republican Rick Snyder and his team accidentally poisoned the water supply of Flint, Michigan which led to several deaths, thousands of people ingesting toxic levels of lead, and billions of dollars in damages. They've finally been arrested!
  • Why did Republicans give $500,000,000 of the money meant to protect small businesses to payday lenders.

North Dakota is trying to pass a law which would require priests to report child molesters, and, naturally, Catholics are pissed!

Another megachurch pastor has been sent to prison for massive tax fraud. This time it's Kirbyjon Caldwell, the spiritual adviser to President George W. Bush.

Keep em coming

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I've added another Contra Lua script. This ones makes enemy bullets easier to see.

  • Trump is the only president in history to foul up so badly he had to be impeached twice. This time, rather than zero, there were 10 Republicans in the House who decided they could no longer sit back and watch their country burn and finally grew a spine. It's not much, but it's a start. Liz Cheney explained that more told her in secret that they would have voted to impeach, but they're afraid of what Trump and his rabid fans would do to them and their families, and Republicans in the Senate didn't waste any time blasting them for loving their country more than their party. Sounds like they're afraid of terrorists. It appears that the Republican-controlled Senate will delay their hearing until after Trump is already out of office, which is interesting, because, at that time, Democrats will have a tie , they can still charge him with a crime,
  • More evidence has come to light about just how ill-prepared for the insurrection the government was. Not only did law enforcement fail to make a threat report, but the panic system at the Capitol had been removed!
  • The fallout from the coup continues. The mob appeared to be half stupid and half violent, and thankfully, the violent half is being arrested, John Eastman, the law professor who lied for Trump has been forced into early retirement, and PayPal is blocking access to those groups trying to raise money for the rioters. Also, Howard Liebengood, one of the Capitol police officers, has killed himself. No word has come out if he killed himself out of disappointment for the police's failure to stop the insurrection.
  • All those Christmas and New Years parties have led to record COVID-19 deaths with 4,200 Americans dying last Tuesday. The USA has been unbelievably slow at rolling out its vaccine, just now surpassing 10 million, still not even halfway to the goal we set for the end of last year. This slow rate means, even after you do get vaccinated, you'll still have to quarantine for a lot longer.
  • Republican Leticia Remauro of New York is facing heat after she shouted "Heil Hitler" to protest sensible virus restrictions.
  • Republicans forced the once-loyal Alex Kaufman to resign as a federal attorney in Atlanta, Georgia because he refused Trump's demands to commit voter fraud. He was replaced by Republican Bobby Christine who was eager to finally see all the evidence of voter fraud Republicans claimed existed in Atlanta, but, when he arrived to work, he says he was shocked to find there wasn't any. Really? You were shocked to find Republicans were lying about voter fraud? Really?

Ireland looked into their nation's history of letting the Catholic Church providing homes for unwed mothers, and they discovered a startling truth, because the Church treated the women and children so poorly, they ended up inadvertently killing around 9,000 children, many of which were buried in mass graves!

Maybe a retired baseball player isn't the best at arguing for the existence of a god?

Give me more

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I've added a page for the Queen album, The Miracle. I also added a Lua script for Contra which allows either player to cycle through their guns by pressing select.

  • More fallout from Trump's call to insurrection where his followers brought guns and bombs. Several major Republican donors are pulling their funding, New York City is canceling their contracts with Trump's company, YouTube has suspended his channel and Twitter and Venmo have banned the account of the organizer of Trump's election overthrow group. Also, Democrats are debating impeachment now, and prominent Republican Liz Cheney has said she will vote to impeach Trump, this may be because she actually has a conscience, but, it may also because she knew Trump was trying to get rid of her.
  • Interestingly, despite the fact that Trump called for his followers to mob the Capitol, Republicans place the blame squarely on Biden. Only a very few Republicans actually have the courage to point out that it wasn't antifa, but Trump supporters who tried to overthrow the US Capitol. And, all this violence has led to the Capitol installing new security measures, and Republicans are furious that they now have to walk through metal detectors the same way school children have to because of Republican inaction on gun control.
  • And, though he isn't vocally calling for an uprising, Republican Mitch McConnell is still obstructing the peaceful transition of power in his own way by refusing to hold a single confirmation hearings for Biden, which means, he will have an empty cabinet the day he takes office.
  • Republicans may be all for killing police officers in an armed insurrection, but don't you dare say they don't care about law and order! Case in point, they just executed an imprisoned mentally ill woman.
  • Republicans claimed that, because there is a pandemic, women shouldn't be able to have abortion pills, and the Republican-majority Supreme Court agreed.
  • Trump presents the Medal of Freedom to honor Republican Jim Jordan, a man who protected serial rapist Richard Strauss while he was a coach at Ohio State University.
  • It's been seven years since Republican Rick Snyder and his emergency managers switched the water supply of Flint, Michigan to the Flint River and then tried to cover up the fact that they had poisoned thousands of Americans, and just now, Michigan is finally on the cusp of pressing charges.
  • Democrat Mikie Sherrill is accusing her Republican congressmen of leading groups of Trump fans through the Capitol the day before the riot as a form of reconnaissance.
  • Who can be concerned about the five deaths or the failed Republican attempt to overthrow the nation when these Fox employees have lost Twitter followers?

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is completely full of it.

Why does time seem to move slower or faster depending on what's going on in our lives?

Automatically thinking people are stupid because they disagree with your politics is a sign of ignorance, but sometimes they really are stupid.


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Last night, I beat Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon.

  • Democrats have begun the articles of impeachment for a second time against Trump, and the House is currently voting to enforce the 25th amendment to remove him from office. And, though the assault on the Capitol failed, the FBI has issued a bulletin to every state that, thanks to Trump's constant calls for violence, they have evidence of armed insurrections being planned at all 50 US state capitals on inauguration day!
  • Eugene Goodman, the Capitol police officer, who faced angry mob looking for a black man to lynch, risked his life using himself as bait to lead the rioters away from US Senators. But not all of the police at the Capitol are heroes, many of them, in fact, are white supremacists and currently under investigation.
  • News has come out that, although he was very pleased to see the rabble infiltrating the US Capitol for him, Trump was very annoyed that they didn't look wealthy enough. And, while people have commented about Melania Trump being trapped by a bad man, it's important to remember that she's not a good person either.
  • How Fox responds when a Republican wins compared to when a Democrat wins.
  • Is it so shocking that a Republican would torture an animal to promote Trump? Or that Republicans would publicly mob a Democratic congressman at an airport?
  • Another one of Trump's goons, the bigoted Chad Wolf, resigned at the last minute hoping the stench won't follow them out of the room. It will.
  • The utter failure of US health care to respond to COVID-19, even for first-line workers, has caused the working class to renew their interest in labor unions. To give you an example of how bad it is, the CDC set a goal for the US to have 20 million people vaccinated by December 31st, 2020, and, now that it's January 12, 2021, they still aren't even halfway. And, although fairness is important, it may interfere with people getting their COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A quick look back at the success in Georgia.

Three things atheists should stop saying.

Adnan Oktar, an Islamic cult leader, has finally been charged with a variety of crimes, found guilty, and sentenced to a mere 1,075 years in prison.

Who would have guessed?

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How hero worship often results in hero abuse.

How many more?

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I've added a page for the Nightwish song, Stargazers.

  • Trump incited a riot to storm the nation's Capitol in order to overthrow democracy and install himself as a permanent dictator. This wasn't unexpected, as he's been doing this since even before he took office. While some police fought the mob, other officers at the Capitol were recorded helping the mob infiltrate the Capitol, and some among the mob were probably off-duty police officers. Either way, there wasn't much of a show of force to try an stop them and now one of the officers who was violently beaten by the mob is dead. Many Republicans applauded the violent overthrow, including Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, who called the mob "American patriots." And, after it failed, Trump lied and said, all along his goal was a seamless a peaceful transition of power. Even after this happened, the majority of Republicans in Congress still voted to throw out the results of the Electoral College and overthrow democracy, only in a less-violent way. Pence should immediately invoke the 25th amendment to remove him from office, but he won't. Congress should immediately impeach him again, and Democrats are working on it, but, because Republicans still control the majority of the Senate, and they value party over country, so they won't. As it is, though they helped make this mess, Facebook and Twitter have done more to punish Trump than Congress.
  • The people in the mob which overthrew the nation's Capitol also planted bombs and, because the mob had access to all the electronics in the building, literally every electronic device (computer, phone, lamp, extension cord, etc.) has now been compromised and must be replaced.
  • Among the mob that helped overthrow the nation's Capitol was Republican Derrick Evans and, although he didn't directly take part in the attack, Republican Josh Hawley encouraged more violence. Again, book publisher Simon & Schuster and St. Vincent College have done more to punish the Republicans who helped incite the riot than Congress.
  • Our government may be in a shambles, but COVID-19 doesn't care, and it's still getting worse. Yesterday saw the deadliest day so far with over 4,000 Americans dead from the virus. Those who partied on Christmas and New Years are reaping what they sowed.
  • Even though the Capitol is still a mess, Trump's destructive executive orders are still being passed. All the non-discrimination rules from the Health and Human Services have just been removed, which means that companies which receive taxpayer money to make government housing can once again openly discriminate against women, non-Christians, and the LGBT.
  • Clueless Republican Mary Miller, while standing in front of the US Holocaust Museum, said, "Each generation has the responsibility to teach the next generation. You know, if we win a few elections we’re still going to be losing unless we win the hearts of our children. It’s the battle. Hitler was right on one thing that whoever has the youth has the future." Then, the Republican organization Moms for America, who is even more clueless, defended Miller's speech saying she wasn't actually praising Hitler, she was just pointing out how Republicans need to win over American children in order to take over the nation.
  • Betsy DeVos is now trying to resign thinking nobody will notice that she stuck with Trump for the past four years with every monstrous thing they've done together.
  • Chris Malone, a football coach at Tennessee-Chattanooga, was butthurt that Stacey Abrams helped turn Georgia blue that he publicly mocked her appearance while spouting Republican conspiracy theories. He was promptly fired.
  • In yet another example of everyone aiding Trump having their lives ruined, Trump's former lawyer, Sidney Powell, who kept publicly blaming Dominion voting machines for rigging the election, but failed to produce any evidence, is now being sued by the company for slander over a billion dollars.

Another day, another priest is discovered being a child rapist.

Can't learn their lesson

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I've read the Jewish apocryphal book, the Assumption of Moses.

  • Republican supporters followed the calls of their leaders and infiltrated the US Capitol resulting in several deaths. The same police force who had no problem shooting at Black Lives Matter protesters suddenly laid down and allowed a violent overthrow of the Capitol. Reinforcements had to be called in and even the National Guard. Finally, Trump told his insurrection, "We love you... you’re very special... but go home in peace." Even after the riot, most of the Republicans in Congress still objected to the results of the Electoral College and continued to lie about election security in order to further incite the riot, but it's clear that their real beef is with elections in general. Republican Rudy Giuliani applauded the violent extremists and Eric Trump claimed he would ruin those Republicans who didn't try to keep his daddy in office. In the end, it was all for naught as Congress stayed late and certified Biden's win. Among the sedition crowd was Republican Rick Saccone who lost to a Democrat and Nick Fuentes, a Holocaust denier who after marching at the anti-Jewish "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, lost his YouTube and Reddit accounts because he posted too much hate speech. After seeing the mod that overran the Capitol waving Trump flags, Confederate flags, and brandishing assault rifles, Republicans took a long hard look in the mirror and declared it was all an antifa plot!
  • Unfortunately, COVID-19 doesn't care about the insurrection, and continues to raise to its highest rate in the USA. Chicago schools are stupidly trying to start in-person classes once again, but half of their staff were wise enough to not show up.
  • Hoping nobody will remember that they've stuck with Trump for the past four years, several Republicans are trying to distance themselves at the last minute as the administration goes down in literal flames.
  • After years of Republicans abusing their power and using plain-clothes federal agents to break up peaceful protests against him, a new law requires federal agents to clearly identify themselves when responding to civil disturbances.
  • An unnamed UPS driver was fired after a security camera recorded him giving a long racist rant about why he refused to deliver a package to someone with a Mexican-sounding name. Want to bet who he voted for?

Theists will never convert atheists if they keep telling these lies.

Republican violence against democracy

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I've added a page for Billy Joel.

  • It looks like an extremely slim majority of Georgians didn't want insider trading corrupt criminals leading their state and voted for Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff (leading, but yet to be confirmed). There are several good things to glean from this. First, Warnock is the very first black person to be elected to the national Senate by the extremely racist South, even in spite of Georgia's runoff election system being purposely designed to keep black people from winning. Second, "Moscow" Mitch McConnell can no longer obstruct Congress and his several years of blocking all legislature has come to an end as the party of the VP becomes majority leader when there is a tie. Third, now that the Senate is tied, every vote along party lines will fall to Vice President Kamala Harris, making the first non-white, non-male VP that much more important. But this isn't all good news. The damage Republicans did to the Judicial Branch will linger for decades and many of the new policies Democrats will try to put in place, in fact, even just trying to repair the damage of Trump, will likely be challenged and refused. For example, Trump absolutely gutted the EPA despite even his own supporters hating it, and it will probably be toothless until the Supreme Court has competent justices again. Also, Biden is very conciliatory and it doesn't appear that he will fight for progress. In fact, some of the people he's added to his cabinet are actually quite awful.
  • And, don't kid yourself, though Republicans have lost when it comes to, you know, votes, they're still trying to steal the election in a more criminal manner. Republicans called for their base to violently overthrow the US government, and that is precisely what Republican voters are doing. Trump pressured Pence to throw out the results of the Electoral College entirely, even though he doesn't have the authority to do that, and, in a surprising show of limited spine, he finally said no. His fellow Republicans who care even less about the US Constitution are challenging the results, even though they can't change anything at this point. At the state level, those Republicans who lost their majorities are refusing to let to Democrats who won the elections take their seats. Republican Ryan Aument obstructed Pennsylvania Congress and refused to swear in the winning Senator, Democrat Jim Brewster. John Fetterman fought for justice even as Republicans kicked him out, but Republicans continue to try and illegally hold onto their power.
  • Democrats have a very slim majority, but they have their work cut out for them trying to stop COVID-19 as it keeps getting worse, and churches continue to help the virus kill.
  • In the past four years, pretty much everyone who has sided with Trump has either been found guilty of committing crimes for him or has discovered being associated with him was career suicide, and that continues even now that Trump is on his way out. Cleta Mitchell, the lawyer who helped Trump with his criminal phone call to Georgia where he demanded mass voter fraud, has now had to resign in shame.
  • Even as the country implodes, Trump is still trying to play golf, but Scotland refuses to let his COVID-spewing face in.
  • Wisconsin refuses to file charges against police officer Rusten Sheskey, the white cop who shot Jacob Blake, a black man, seven times in front of his children leaving him maimed and paralyzed. Although police claim Blake had a knife, bystanders filming the attack did not see a knife, the police were unable to describe the knife, and Blake's lawyer contends that it was planted on him.
  • US intelligence agencies seem to be in agreement, the massive cyber attack which infiltrated nearly every branch of American government was most likely from Russia, but Trump will continue to defend them.
  • The Republican failure to control unemployment during the pandemic has left over half a million people in Michigan alone without aide.

American Atheists has released a State of the Secular States pamphlet which shows how well each state is doing at combating religious fanaticism. See how your state is doing.

Republicans hate democracy

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I added a page for the video game company, Namco.

  • The Republican assault on democracy continues unabated. Pence publicly urges his fellow Republicans to refuse to accept the election results and declare Trump king. Meanwhile, all ten living former defense secretaries of the US military agree that Trump lost and the US military veterans group VoteVets now describes Trump as America's "number one traitor." A Georgia election official explained point-by-point how every claim made by Trump is a lie. The Attorney General of Georgia, personally appointed by Trump has mysteriously resigned, and the Georgia election board said Trump could be charged with soliciting election fraud, but his fellow Republicans will never let justice be served. And, finally, today is the day that Georgians decide if there will be any repairs made to Trumps four years of destruction. Don't get your hopes up.
  • The Christmas surge is beginning to hit with 128,000 Americans being hospitalized in a single day. America's health care infrastructure was already failing, and COVID-19 has laid bare the problems for everyone to see. It's gotten so bad in California that paramedics are being told to not even bother trying to save people with a low chance of survival. The death panels Fox said would come about with Democrats in charge has come true because of Republican callousness. Meanwhile, the new mutation seems to be infecting children at a higher rate.
  • Ohio Republicans have passed a law which forces women who have abortions to pay for a burial or cremation for the small lumps of undeveloped tissue that are removed. Because Ohioans do not require the same treatment for miscarriages, it proves that this law is not about the sanctity of life, but about punishing women for wanting control of their own bodies.
  • Trump urged his cult followers to call the Michigan speaker of the house in a further attempt to overthrow democracy, but, as is typical with the bumbling Republicans, they got the wrong number, and now, a random woman in Michigan has been receiving non-stop calls for days.
  • The leader of the terrorist organization the Proud Boys has, thankfully, been arrested. Unfortunately, the charge is a minor one, so it's unlikely he'll be stopped.
  • More has come out about the pharmacist who purposely spoiled over 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Not only did he purposely spoil them, but he tried to cover his tracks by making it look like the vials were still okay after he ruined them, meaning, people might still have gotten injected with them! Steven Brandenburg claimed the vaccines were unsafe, in his opinion. So, because he felt they were unsafe, he purposely made them even less safe! When asked how someone without any training in drug safety testing could know which drugs were safe and which were dangerous, Brandenburg had nothing to say. Let's hope he not only loses his license, but also goes to prison.
  • Republican Governor Doug Ducey urged the people of Arizona to stay home to help slow the pandemic, but both he and his son have posted various pictures of themselves partying in public without masks.

Trying to make sense of the wildly inconsistent family tree of Jesus in the Mew Testament.

Law enforcement failed Nashville severely. When the girlfriend of the Nashville suicide bomber went to the authorities and told them he was making bombs in his RV, not only did they never bothered to get a warrant to search his RV, but they sent his girlfriend to undergo psychological evaluation! This is white privileged mixed with assumed hysteria.

Mr. Phil (not Dr. Phil, because he is no longer a licensed doctor) is cruel and hurtful and gets rich by using and abusing people with mental disorders.

The BS behind small miracles.

Trump hates democracy

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I added a page for the symphonic metal band, Nightwish.

  • The Republican government in Georgia has counted their votes three times, and each of the three times, Biden has won. So, naturally, Trump called the secretary of state of Georgia, Republican Brad Raffensperger, and threatened him with legal action if he didn't create over 11,000 new votes for him, which, if he did what Trump demanded, would be one of the worst cases of voter fraud in American history. Trump is demanding a very serious crime and will not be punished or even reprimanded. Meanwhile, Trump laid the lies on even thicker, wrongly saying Georgia's Senate run off elections were illegal and invalid, when they are both legal and valid. Trump's cries might be related to the fact that Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue had to self-quarantine just before the election because his refusal to wear a mask or social distance has exposed him to COVID-19, who, despite his claims to love America, has spent his career moving American jobs to Asia and insider trading.
  • Despite the fact that literally every investigation in the election has proven Biden won fair and square, Republican traitors are expected to obstruct the Electoral College certification, while, at the same time, arguing in favor of it. And, once Biden's presidency is made official Republican secessionists are expected to riot because Republican politicians are urging them to riot. This is all just a game of dangerous political theatre because the reality is, behind closed doors, every Republicans knows Trump lost.
  • The USA has surpassed 20,000,000 cases of COVID-19, and 350,000 deaths, with the more deadly mutation now in multiple states. The actual numbers are probably a lot higher because Republicans actively worked to block social distancing and testing, with Trump specifically saying he didn't want anyone tested unless they were dying in the hospital. Meanwhile, Sheriff's Deputy Aaron Hoffman said he wanted to use his authority as a police officer to murder nurses who give vaccines. Also, two Trump supporters refused to wear a mask on a plane and the pilot had to tell everyone on the plane to get off so security could forcibly remove the women. As a black person walked passed, one of the Trump supporters shouted, "have a good day, n****r."
  • It doesn't matter that the USA is referring to their vaccine initiative as "warp speed," the reality is, thanks to Republican bumbling, every other country is beating us at rolling out the vaccine. China has already vaccinated 50,000,000 people in a single month, and Israel has already vaccinated 12% of its population. Meanwhile, the USA has just barely vaccinated 4,000,000 of our 328,000,000 civilians.
  • And one big important reminder, Biden is not going to get us back to normal, because a lot of the people he's hiring at the people who brought the country to its knees in the first place.
  • And, just to ensure the unemployment rate stays high, Republicans are freezing work visas.
  • George Santos, a gay Trump supporter, attended a big maskless COVID-19 super spreader event for New Year's Eve with his fiancé. Unfortunately, his fiancé's employer, a health care provider, actually takes COVID-19 seriously, and fired him for blatantly defying their sensible social distancing rules. Rather than admit their behavior was reckless and will lead to innocent people being killed, Santos is following the Republican playbook and blaming the media.
  • A British judge is protecting Julian Assange from US extradition by claiming he is a suicide risk, and therefore shouldn't be allowed to go the USA to stand trial for his crimes. Not bloody likely. Assange was a big help for getting Trump elected, and would probably get a full pardon as Trump is handing them out to every violent criminal who sings his praise, and awards his most corrupt lackeys, like Republican Devon Nunes, with the Presidential Medal of "Freedom".

A 7-minute long recap of 2020, and one just focusing on the protests.

Gregory and Travis McMichael, the racist father and son who hit a black jogger with their car, called him the n-word, and then shot him to death, all while recording their murder on video and bragging about it to the police, are being charged in court, but their lawyer is making them look even more racist than they already are.

Religions have a long history of convincing their members to forfeit their civil liberties for the benefit of the religion, but few force them to sign a contract to forfeit their civil liberties. But, it is for that reason that serial rapist and Scientologist Danny Masterson might walk free.

Just a reminder, corporations are trying to kill you. Walmart pharmacists exlain how the company ignored red flags to continue to profit off the sale of highly addictive opioids, and Home Depot has been fined $20,000,000 for purposely not cleaning up lead-based paint at customers houses. This is why it's so important for employees to unionize, especially when working for companies that are on the path toward evil, like Google.

Ever notice how when Muslims kill themselves in an explosion, they are immediately referred to as a "suicide bomber," but when a white guy does it, a lot of media outlets hesitate to use the same term?

Anyone can be psychic if you make enough predictions.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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