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In sixty-eight Julie was Johnnie's date

Feeling: Blah


I've added a page for the FTP program, FileZilla.

  • Ever since Trump hired Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer, Giuliani has assured the press hundreds of times that there was no collusion between the Trump administration and Russia, but yesterday he disregarded all those statements and claimed he has never once said there wasn't any collusion.
  • Over the past two years, 22 immigrants have died while in an ICE jail. And it isn't the old and sick, many of them were younger, a couple were children, and one was transgender. This is the same organization that routinely tries to deport American citizens, who are guilty until proven innocent, their most recent attempt was Michigan-born Jilmar Ramos-Gomez, a US Marine veteran who spent three days in an ICE jail before they finally released him.
  • Every US defense organization agrees that Russia directly and purposefully interfered in the last two major American elections. This is why sanctions were placed on the country, but Republicans, knowing that their side won because of the Russian interference, is siding with Russia and refusing to enforce the sanctions.
  • A federal judge tells American government workers that, if they want to keep their jobs, they must continue working without pay.
  • The Trump administration has been caught in two more corruption scandals, the first is violating the US Constitution by using his status as president to illegally profit off his private businesses, the second is paying his lawyer to hire a tech firm to artificially inflate his standings in an online poll.
  • Racists never think they're racists. Case in point, Republican Steve King.
  • Trump continues to have some of the lowest approval ratings for a president in history, but now, even his racist Christian base is slipping.
  • Coal is a dying energy source, and while Trump isn't the reason it's dying, he is the reason coal miners are not transitioning into a viable career path.
  • After Republican John Engler publicly announced that women who were raped are enjoying their spotlight, the MSU board met to terminate his employment. They never should have hired him to begin with, but hopefully they will learn from their mistake. But, before he could be fired, Engler resigned in a letter that makes no mention of his horrible comments, but instead is filled with self-congratulations and blames his loss of job on Democrats.
  • Mike Pence's wife, Karen Pence, landed a job at a private Christian school that automatically expels LGBT children.
  • Trump's ridiculous hamberders escapade.

Showing how to beat The Legend of Zelda in only a few minutes by exploiting a bug to reprogram the game.

How can you know when you've reached the edge of space?

Imagine having to deal with morons like this all the time!

I need to get a dime bag from my guy

Feeling: Sick


I added a page for the Eve 6 song, At Least We're Dreaming.

  • With the government shutdown continuing to have negative repercussions, Republicans are demanding that 50,000 more government employees return to work, but they will still won't get paid.
  • After firing his previous hand-picked Attorney General, noted racist Jeff Sessions, Trump's new pick, Republican William Barr, says he will not recuse himself on Trump's Russian probe (despite already writing publicly that the FBI probe was a sham and Trump should be above the law) and, if appointed, might make sure that the results of the FBI probe are never made public. Naturally, the Republican-controlled Senate is still expected to confirm him.
  • Trump is probably too stupid to be purposely working for Russia, but he's just stupid enough to be inadvertently working for Russia.
  • Republican John Engler, acting president of MSU, just said that the MSU students who were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar and are suing the school for protecting him are enjoying the spotlight that comes with being sexually assaulted and all the awards and recognition that go with it.
  • When arguing that the government is working just fine during a shutdown, it doesn't help to say you're the only person in a huge government building.
  • Republican County Commissioner Hope Fernandez Williams went on a bigoted anti-Muslim rant all the while claiming she knows a Muslim, so she can't be a bigot.

How is it that Switzerland can have tons of guns but very little gun crime?

After John Wetteland became the New York Yankees World Series MVP in 1996, all the while promoting his version of Christianity, he raped a 4-year-old girl several times, and then became a teacher at a private Christian school. He's finally been arrested.

Strange things happen when you do a double double slit experiment.

Computer algorithms are not objective facts, they're a way of converting an opinion into a mathematical formula.

Are you sure it's plugged in?

Feeling: Sick


I started a page for Sunsoft graphic artist, Yoshiaki Iwata.

  • By keeping the government shutdown because his ego won't let him accept the fact that most American hate both him and his wall, Trump is ruining America and the lives of Americans. In fact, Republican Kevin Hassett, Chief Economic Adviser to the White House, explained that unpaid furloughed government employees should be happy because they're basically on vacation.
  • Although it is a common stereotype to picture a poor black person on welfare, the majority of welfare recipients in the USA are actually white. And, while it shouldn't have been, this was news to Trump.
  • Rather than dispose of their waste properly, the US military often employs companies (in the past, headed by Dick Cheney) to create huge trash fires to burn all their refuse including tires, medical waste, batteries, plastic, and many other toxic materials that spew forth carcinogens. Despite going against safety regulations, these burn piles are often placed just on the outskirts of camps where soldiers breathe in the fumes all day. As you would expect, many soldiers have developed cancer because of this, and, they want to hold the companies responsible for placing the burn piles dangerously close to military camps. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has a majority of Republicans Justices, and they refuse to hold these companies responsible for their negligent behavior that will surely result in the death of countless US veterans. Just like Agent Orange before it, the US military poisons its soldiers and never accepts responsibility.
  • Rand Paul, one of the most outspoken Republicans against socialized medicine, is going to Canada where socialized medicine is the law of the land to avoid America's crappy capitalistic health care. Although he argues that the clinic he's going to is a private clinic, the problem still remains, how is it that Canada has better clinics than all of the tens of thousands of clinics in the USA?
  • Trump is the kind of person who thinks it's okay to have a candlelit dinner with silver trays, and serve McDonalds hamburgers.
  • NASA has lost funding because of Trump's shutdown. Meanwhile, China has become the first nation to grow crops on the moon.

The band Psychostick has a new beard song.

Learning good debate tactics by studying Sam Harris.

Christians are furious that they can't discriminate against transgender homeless people.

Learning about black holes by measuring their output.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Feeling: Blah


I added a page for one of my favorite television shows, The I.T. Crowd.

  • Well, he did it! Donald Trump has shut down the government for the longest stretch in the entire history of our country. And, while the American government now refuses to pay their employees, and Republicans fought to not even give them back pay, American scientific progress has slowed to a crawl and Canadian citizens are buying our meals. Even when Republicans had full control over the American government for two straight years, they couldn't get funding for a useless border wall, and now, it seems, Trump's only option is declaring a state of emergency so he can rob Americans, and he's not at all wishy-washy about that.
  • Donald Trump has sexually assaulted dozens of women and has a history of cheating on his numerous wives. Being such a good Christian, he also doesn't want women to have access to birth control, but his most recent attempt to eliminate access was put on hold by a federal judge.
  • Why has Trump been so secretive with his talks with Russia, even to the point of confiscating the notes of his Russian interpreter and ordering him not to discuss anything about the meeting?
  • Nashville? New Orleans? What's the difference?
  • Trump has threatened to devastate the economy of a US ally. What's he going to do, become their president?
  • Which is more important to civil discourse, Democrat Rashida Tlaib calling Trump a motherfucker, or Republican Steve King promoting white supremacy? Clearly the word "motherfucker."
  • In 1890, around 1,000 US troops slaughtered 300 Native Americans, most of whom were unarmed women and children, on an Indian reservation near Wounded Knee Creek. One hundred years later, the US government finally apologized for the massive slaughter. I bring this up, because Trump just made light of the slaughter in order to make fun of Elizabeth Warren.

Why do graphic cards use triangles instead of squares, circles, or some other shape?

Milking the thorium cow? It's as interesting as it sounds.

James Watson, one of the scientists responsible for discovering the shape of DNA, is, and always has been, a racist and a misogynist. I'm pleased to see that, in his life time, his honorary titles are being revoked because of his bigotry.

The carbon cycle, and how humans have disrupted it.

It only took about 60 years raping children, but American Catholics are finally starting to lose faith in the church.

What if Giovanni from Pokémon was competent.

I have to pee

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page about one of my personal heroes, Rebecca Watson.

  • In addition to being the most dishonest, most corrupt, and least experienced, Trump will soon be able to add the longest government shutdown to his growing list of superlatives.
  • Homeland Security made a salient point regarding the futility of Trump's border wall by using a hacksaw to cut a man-sized hole in it.
  • Probably seeing the writing on the wall, Trump has currently backed down from declaring a national emergency to rob Americans for his useless border wall.
  • As Trump is being sued for turning government employees into literal slaves, the Coast Guard gave their as of now unpaid employees some helpful tips on how to survive Trump's government shutdown: selling off their belongings. And prison guards are currently working double shifts without pay.
  • Like craft beer? That's another thing you're going to lose out on because of Trump's government shutdown.
  • Looks like Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort shared American polling data with Russia.
  • When a woman has a miscarriage she is devastated and vulnerable, but she is also at risk of death until the dead fetus is expelled. Most miscarriages occur early in the pregnancy, and to not require invasive procedures like surgery, but can be handled with simple medication. Unfortunately, the simple medication is mifepristone, which can also be used to cause an abortion, so Republicans have made it extremely difficult for women to get it because Republicans don't trust doctors.
  • With his constant sniffing, it does make one wonder if Trump is snorting drugs.

  • Republican and white supremacist Steve King doesn't understand why the term "white supremacist" is offensive.

Some facts about the Nintendo Game Cube.

Rowan County, North Carolina refused to let non-Christians give invocations at their meetings, and now they've lost their taxpayers $285,000!

Why do we keep seeing outbreaks of salmonella that end up killing people? Because, strangely, the USDA doesn't actually try to stop it.

Is vinyl better than digital? No, but its technical limitations do help prevent the loudness problem heard in digital mixing.

At least I still have ol' chomper!

Feeling: Happy


I got the metal post screwed into my jaw. Now I have to wait another 3 months for it to heal before I can get a mount put on for a crown. I'll be smiling like a hillbilly until April.

  • Trump continues to ruin the nation because Democrats won't give him billions of taxpayer dollars to pay for a pointless wall that he promised Mexico would pay for, but now lies that he didn't. Instead of fixing our nation's crumbling infrastructure or updating our schools, Trump wants to waste billions on a wall that experts say will never work. And, during the shutdown, 30,000 Federal workers are expected continue working without pay or lose their job. They can't strike or unionize because Federal workers do not receive the same protections as private sector employees. Basically, Trump has turned 30,000 Americans into slaves. Oh yeah, and with the government shutdown, your food is no longer being inspected for safety, but an attraction in a Trump hotel is still open.
  • When a free country allows a tyrant to become their leader, they suddenly realize how many hard lines they have to draw to limit the power of the tyrant in order to remain free.
  • Having Trump as a president hasn't just emboldened neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK, it's also increased bullying among children.
  • Trump may not have personally colluded with Russia, but nearly everyone else in his administration sure did.
  • Trump has threatened to block emergency funds to help California deal with the massive wild fires. What does he think California is, Puerto Rico?

The PokéDex has some pretty strange stuff in it!

Liberty Counsel, a Christian hate group, is okay with the idea of outlawing lynching, just so long as they can still lynch homosexuals.

Denver has officially banned anti-gay conversion brainwashing techniques.

Have to have some fun

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the Queen album, News of the World.

  • Trump put as much effort into planning his public address as he does keeping his businesses from going bankrupt, so it was little more than a tirade of lies last night and called it a speech. From his ramblings it's clear that he won't end his government shut down, and why would he, it doesn't affect him, it only hurts the poor.
  • Trump confidently said he was pulling US troops out of Syria and Afghanistan causing a huge fallout, not just among the American people, but also world wide, and even in his own cabinet. This has caused him to not only change tack, but also lie that he never said it to begin with.
  • Trump lies saying he can not only relate to those government workers that his shutdown has put out of a job, but also that they want him to put them out of work.
  • Trump's destructive tariffs have hurt dozens of US industries because nobody is buying our exports anymore, including our cheese.

So many city flags are just garbage.

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of France is facing three years in prison for his part in protecting child-raping priests.

Mario has insane strength to be able to shatter bricks with his hands, but that's not as impressive as Luigi doing it with his head.

Melissa Joan Hart is a bigot.

Weed helps you lose weight? Not really.

Getting back into the groove

Feeling: Happy


Last night, I finally beat the NES game, Wrath of the Black Manta.

  • The Republican's useless border wall is extremely unpopular with only 38% of Americans in favor of it. However, as Republicans are prone to doing, they're going to force themselves on us without our consent. In this case, Trump appears to be planning to declaring a national emergency to rob American taxpayers so he can build the pointless wall without Congressional approval. Also, Trump has also lied again saying that some of the ex-presidents wished they had build the wall, to which the ex-presidents all responded, nope!
  • The Russian lawyer who tricked Donald Trump Jr. with the promise of dirt on Hillary Clinton, Natalia Veselnitskaya, has been criminally charged with obstruction of justice in a money laundering case, but she's currently on the run in Russia.
  • After losing the Virginia Governor's race and then losing even worse in the Senate, neo-Confederate Republican Corey Stewart has declared that he is retiring from politics. Please let the door hit you on your way out.
  • The Catholic order Opus Dei is paying out close to a million dollars because C. John McCloskey, a priest who coaches Republicans, loves to commit sexual assault.
  • Despite their shutdown of the government, Republicans are reassuring Americans that their tax refunds will be processed and returned on time, even though 70,000 employees at the IRS are no longer working. Either the IRS justs just as efficiently with 70,000 fewer employees, or Republicans are lying.

Alex Dainis gives advice to students starting their doctorates.

Religious propaganda is pretty much always the same, even when it's Islam.

Eliminating the cash bail system is tricky, but important.

Really NASA? You chose a name with ties to neo-Nazis?

What a wonderful MAGFest!

Feeling: Happy


MAGFest was, once again, amazing! I met some new friends and video game composers, got a couple games signed, and bought more video game junk that I don't need. And, I even got a decent amount of sleep.

I added a review of a Carmen Sandiego tribute game, Sandiego Inc..

  • As Republicans begin to see hatred from their own base because Trump shutdown the government, they've issued a compromise bill. They still want $5,700,000,000 of taxpayer money to build a useless wall that Trump promised Mexico would pay for, but, in return, they will let some refugee and migrant children out of prison and provide aide to people who are dying. This is what a Republican compromise looks like. A party that is almost entirely Christian is only willing to help dying people if they can keep being xenophobes.
  • Even as 800,000 federal workers are furloughed or continue to work without pay, totaling $1,400,000,000 in unpaid salaries, Trump was still all set to increase the pay of those in his already over-paid administration. But, after journalists made this information available there was a huge backlash and even Trump wasn't too stupid to see how bad that would make him look, so he finally held off on his own raises.
  • And hey, you weren't planning on getting your tax returns back, were you?
  • To prove how much he loves the troops, President "bone spurs" Trump called retired general Stanley McChrystal a "dog" with a "big dumb mouth."
  • Trump is still buddy-buddy with the murderous tyrant of Russia.
  • First, Trump shutdown the government because they wouldn't give him money for his useless border wall, and now, he wants to shutdown television to lie to Americans about his useless border wall.

Catholic priests don't just rape children, they also rape nuns.

Cyntoia Brown, the 16-year-old victim of human sex trafficking who was being sold as a sex slave to men while still a teenager, who killed one of the men who paid her pimp to have sex with an under-aged girl, and was sentenced to over 50 years in prison, despite being a minor, has finally been granted clemency after already serving 15 years in prison.

Yet another Christian hate-preacher has been caught doing drugs and sleeping with prostitutes.

Anther atheist victory as a cross on public land is moved to private land.

2019 just started and Trump -still- isn't in prison?

Feeling: Happy


I'm going to be at MAGFest from the 3rd-6th. Contact me if you want to meet up.

  • Jerry Falwell Jr., a major player in the Evangelical Christian movement, states clearly that there is literally nothing Trump could do that would cause him to lose faith which Christian leaders. Falwell expanded saying, even if Trump did something that went against his own ideology, he has faith that Trump only wants what is best for the country, therefore, he will continue to support him no matter what. Trump can continue to cheat on his wife, continue to make racial slurs, continue his non-stop lying, continue robbing from the poor and giving to the rich, continue to sexually assault women, he could even murder a child, and Jerry Falwell Jr. would still support him.
  • Trump-appointed Dana W. White as the Chief Spokesperson for the Pentagon, but, like most of Trump's appointments, she's resigning in the middle of a huge scandal.
  • It's a new year, but not a new country as US border patrol continues to teargas migrants.
  • As Europe eliminates the bulk of its coal mines, Republicans are making the ones in the US more deadly.
  • Republicans set a new record when confirming judges picked Donal Trump. Translation: the judges picked by Donald Trump were pushed through with the least amount of vetting than any judges in American history.

Did you hear Auld Lang Syne at your New Year's party? Here's what the lyrics mean.

Rebecca Watson recaps her successful predictions of 2018 and makes new ones for 2019.

Lara Kollab, a Doctor of Osteopathy, has a long history of making anti-Semitic comments on social media, including calling for violence against Jews and saying she would give fake medicine to her Jewish patients.

Does a work stand on its own regardless of the author's unwritten lore, or should we treat the unwritten intent as canon?

Muslims are still forcing women to lick red-hot iron to prove their innocence.

Can you see polarized light? Maybe!

2018 draws to a close and Trump -still- isn't in prison?

Feeling: Happy


I re-watched Princess Mononoke. I've also started a list of under-appreciated songs.

  • Refugees and migrants in US custody are abused, raped, and even killed. All of this is happening under Republican control following rules made up by Republicans, so, naturally, Trump is blaming Democrats.
  • Trump's constant attack on journalism has, in-part, led to the US being added to the top five list of the most dangerous nations for journalists. Last year, 63 journalists were murdered in the US just for trying to get the truth to the American people.
  • Even though a Republican judge tried to outlaw the entire Affordable Care Act because Republicans purposely changed the law to make it illegal, he's agreed that it can remain in effect until a ruling is made on the legality of the changed portion.
  • Eleven reasons why the Republican border wall will not stop or even slow illegal immigration.
  • As the year ends, and Trump has indeed become superlative in one category, the most dishonest president in history.
  • Under Republican control of the EPA, it has decided that mercury is no longer dangerous when coal plants send up huge plumes of ash into the atmosphere filled with it.

A five-minute recap of 2018.

Wells Fargo bank has a history of cheating its customers, and it was just has to pay $575,000,000 to settle its long list of crimes in all 50 States, crimes which should total about $2,000,000,000 in fees, which means that, yet another huge corporation is getting off easy.

A child was expelled in a Texas public school for not reciting a public prayer, "The Pledge of Allegiance," because Texas State law which requires children to stand for the Pledge (which is unconstitutional). The parents took the school to court, but, rather than have the unconstitutional law challenged and struck down by a Federal court, they surrendered an undisclosed amount of taxpayer money to the family.

Ten conspiracies surrounding Studio Ghibli films.

6502 assembly is hard

Feeling: Happy


I watched to anime Akira last night. I also started working on a guide to the various variable types found in NES games.

  • Not only is Trump's buddy Vladamir Putin threatening the USA to leave the Saudi Prince alone even though he murdered a Washington Post journalist, but he's also preparing to unveil a new hypersonic missile system designed to penetrate American anti-missile defenses.
  • Republican Rick Snyder continues to take Michigan's government down with him just before he's kicked out of the Governor's mansion.
  • But he's not the only lame duck asshole. As one of his last acts before leaving office, Republican Bob Goodlatte blocked a bill that would help stop violence against Native American women.

You're never going to convert an atheist with those tactics!

How floppy disks work.

The school board in a California school district has just lost around $300,000 because they couldn't stop forcing everyone to listen to them pray to their god at every meeting.

What's the deal with the bald patch in the monk haircut?

Just look at those swashes!

Feeling: Happy


I finished listening to the Star Wars radio drama and created a page for the typeface, Monotype Corsiva.

  • Despite claiming he was all about the troops, Trump's policies have caused nothing but problem for US troops and veterans. In fact, unlike most presidents before him, Trump never once visited the troops on active deployment. However, he just recently did, only to lie to repeatedly lie to them. The lie began by telling them they haven't received a pay raise in 10 years. In fact, the troops have received a yearly pay increase every year in the past 30 years. Trump's lie grew even bigger when he said the troops would be seeing a 10% pay raise, which is almost five times larger than their actual raise of only %2.6.
  • In addition to shutting down the government, Trump's lies have also ended future funding to help protect women with the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Republican child molester Roy Moore's Senate campaign wasn't just a failure, it was probably illegal, and now it's under investigation.
  • While he's ruining democracy in Michigan during his lame duck session, Republican Rick Snyder has shut down the Governor's comment line so he won't have to hear how much people hate him.

Some of the various anti-piracy measures video game companies have used over the years.

Shock treatment is actually a real science-based form of medicine, and while it does have its share of side-effects, brain damage is not one of them.

Part of World War II was a battle against STDs.

Trying to recreate the Stanford Prison Experiment.

As the world falls down

Feeling: Happy


Over the long break I beat the NES game Mickey Mousecapade, which was awful.

  • Trump made good on his promise to hold the government hostage until Congress wastes taxpayer money on his useless border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for. My guess is that he'll eventually cave, but still claim victory.
  • Right after Trump pulled US troops out of Afghanistan, the Taliban declared victory over the US.
  • Another refugee child has died while in US custody. The first was Jakelin Caal Maquin who Americans killed by refusing to give her water. This new child is Felipe Alonzo-Gomez, but a cause of death hasn't yet been released.
  • And, just to remind everyone how clueless he is about literally everything, Trump asks a seven-year-old if they still believe in Santa, "Because at seven, it's marginal, right?"

According to Gallup, religion is continuing to die in America. More people than ever are saying it's old-fashioned and unimportant, and fewer people are attending church.

Does the Left want to make Santa gender neutral? Don't be stupid.

The forgotten letters we've eliminated from the English alphabet.

Aron Ra and Seth Andrews talk about Christmas.

The California wildfires have killed 86 people and caused $10,000,000,000 in damages, but Matt Wedin sees the disaster as proof that his god exists because his non-flammable nativity scene didn't burn.

Did you know gaming, Christmas edition!

Mental Floss talks about winter holidays.

A little late, but, how to avoid political arguments with your family during the holidays.

You should know when it's "less" or it's "fewer," like people who were never raised in a sewer

Feeling: Okay


I added a page for The Adventures of Bayou Billy.

  • Syria's own forces say the US pull out of Syria will only help strengthen the foothold of the Islamic State, but Trump is doing it anyway, confident that the Islamic State doesn't exist, even though the US military says it clearly does. This has caused yet another rat to leave the sinking ship. Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary for Trump, is resigning, and, in his letter of resignation, he basically says Trump is destroying the US's reputation with our allies. And, almost to prove Mattis's letter correct, Trump ordered to withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan as well without even telling any of our allies who also had troops stationed there!
  • The federal government still exists, but with Trump's tantrums, for how long, and, if the screaming child doesn't get what he wants, he's threatening to keep the government closed for a very long time. And while the White House is falling apart, Fox "News" is laser focused on... gingerbread?
  • Trump's scam charity has closed, but what about all the crimes? Aren't the criminal going to be punished?
  • Thanks to Republicans like Betsy DeVos and Rick Snyder, Michigan public schools are woefully underfunded, and now, Republicans in state Congress have pulled another $200,000,000 from schools to try and fix roads and clean up the environmental disasters their own policies created!
  • Samantha Bee did a wonderful Christmas special all about ICE, how they frequently violate people's civil rights, how they try very hard for those arrested to get a fair trial, why we should actually help refugees, and how you can help them.
  • A lot of people got their Christmas tree from illegal immigrants.
  • As we near the year-end, take a moment to reflect on all the horrible things Trump has done.

Who doesn't love eggnog?

The Illinois Catholic dioceses is still protecting the identity of around 500 priests who have been accused to sexually assaulting children.

Feminist Frequency expands on their first video about learning to become media literate.

You're never alone, but you're always on your own

Feeling: Blah


I added a page for The Sounds song Lost In Love.

  • Republicans in the Senate caved and signed a bill to continue funding the government without funding for Trump's useless border wall and now Trump is throwing a fit and refusing to sign the bill. If he doesn't the Federal government will once again shut down because of Republican pride.
  • Michael Flynn, convicted felon and former National Security Advisor personally chosen by Donald Trump, is not having a good time.
  • By pulling the US military out of Syria against the Pentagon's wishes and declaring ISIS defeated (it's not), Trump is leaving the extremely vulnerable region open to occupation from all nearby powers, including Russia. Seriously, Putin is thrilled that the US is abandoning Syria.
  • When raped women request abortions, Republicans give them coloring books and bible verses.

In Washington D.C., churches were all set to get a special tax break that nobody else would get, even non-profit organizations, but enough people complained and threatened a lawsuit that the government finally caved. It shouldn't have to be like this, but until it stops, always speak up when religion is getting special treatment!

Some facts about the Sega Genesis.

Computer geeks talk about their favorite programming languages.

Smacking down fake scientists with a cookbook.

For the most part, buy one get one free deals are a scam.

I'm not a failure I swear

Feeling: Blah


I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song My Slumbering Heart.

  • Trump's few remaining cronies try to defend his 17 criminal investigations and oh my god, what is that thing on Stephen Miller's head?!
  • Thanks to Trumps calls for violence against anyone who opposes him, and his continued verbal attack on the media, the USA has now, for the first time in history, made the list of the most dangerous countries for journalists.
  • Trump is shutting down his fraudulent charity in the hopes that it will end the investigation of him stealing money from the charity to illegally fund his presidential campaign.
  • All of the serious complaints against Republican Judge Brett Kavanaugh, which are probably all with merit based on his unruly actions during his confirmation hearings, have been dismissed without a hearing now that he's a Supreme Court Justice. His confirmation was a get out of jail free card.
  • After being told her decision to force students to pay back loans to colleges that went out of business before they graduated was illegal, Republican Betsy DeVos decided to screw over more students by eliminating racial diversity and encouraging more guns in schools.
  • When Trump took office, the Department of Veterans Affairs was given over six million dollars to help soldiers contemplating suicide, but the Republicans Trump appointed never spent that money and hundreds of veterans have committed suicide since.
  • It's sad that it it took Fox "News" host, and certified bigot, Tucker Carlson saying that immigrants make the US "dirtier," before advertisers finally began pulling their ads.
  • ICE tries to deport another American citizen.

If you want to stop poor people from growing plants used to make drugs, you have to give them a viable alternative.

It's probably best that video games aren't very realistic.

Catholics protest a display that promote knowledge because they believe it goes contrary to their deeply held beliefs. They're not wrong.

Turning a moving truck into a giant camera obscura.

Beware of conspiracies, they're everywhere!

Crazy Ex-girlfriend season 3 gag real.

He's heating up!

Feeling: Blah


I finished Bill Bryson's audio program, Journeys In English, which was really great.

  • Michael Flynn, cheerleader for Donald Trump, got smacked down by a federal judge who told him he sold out his country! Flynn's lawyers thought that handing over all Flynn's dirt to the FBI would keep him out of jail, but, with a delay in sentencing, he may go to prison after all!
  • Trump's policies are killing people, especially the people who voted for him.
  • Trump has agreed to shut down his fraudulent charities in the hope that it will stop at least one of the 17 different criminal investigations against him. In this case, that he used the money donated to the charity for political gains.
  • SNL talks about Trump's various crimes and impending impeachment, and considers what the country would be like if he never stole the election.
  • The man who thinks of himself as the "Merry Christmas" president has canceled Christmas.
  • And, while I know stock markets don't give us any idea how the economy is going to the average American, I can't help but point out that, due directly to policies put in place by Trump, the DOW is having it's worst December in 38 years.

Macaulay Culkin joins the Angry Video Game Nerd to review the terrible Home Alone games.

No doubt fearing the continued drop in attendance, American Catholics are releasing the names of their most rapey priests as an attempt at transparency. Several names are being left off the lists, but at least it's progress.

The song "Baby It's Cold Outside" isn't about rape, but it is related to rape culture.

Want to get ripped off? Buy a mattress.

Texas public schools require all employees to sign, of all things, a pro-Israel loyalty oath! One employee was just fired for refusing to sign such a ridiculous violation of human rights, and a lawsuit has been made on her behalf. Texas doesn't care about First Amendment rights, but they do care about forcing their beliefs on everyone else.

Simone Giertz builds a robot wall of fame.

Don't get sick ever again

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I added a page for my favorite Castlevania game, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

  • Republicans have finally succeeded in killing the Affordable Care Act. Not only will we see millions of people lose health insurance altogether, but insurance companies will return to refusing people based on pre-existing conditions, and they will once again cancel your insurance when you get really sick.
  • Trump probably won't ever go to prison, but, in a fair world, he would, and he'd be there with all his friends.
  • Republicans who lost their elections continue to ruin their own states as fast as possible in order to make the incoming Democrats look bad. Republican Scott Walker has ended the powers of his own office now that he lost it to a Democrat and Republican Rick Snyder is killing voter-led initiatives to raise the minimum wage to $12-an-hour (still really low) and strengthen protections on sick leave.
  • Under Obama, a law was passed that required student loans to be eliminated when a dubious school like ITT or Trump U tricked students into taking out lots of loans, only to close their doors and leave the students holding a massive amount of debt with no degree. Republican Betsy DeVos has fought to keep the tricked students in debt, but she just lost her fight and now, all those students who were cheated will have their $150,000,000 in debt erased!
  • The Trump administration's revolving door of corruption continues. Trump appointee for the Department of the Interior, Republican Ryan Zinke, who sold off national monuments to oil companies, re-introduced lead into lakes and streams, and used his position to charge thousands of his personal expenses to the US taxpayer has quit now that the investigation is getting close to him, but he's going to be replaced by a lobbyist for the oil and gas industry, Republican David Bernhardt.
  • Even after Republican Paul Manafort plead guilty, he continued to break the law to help Trump, so he'll probably be going to prison for awhile, and his fellow conspirator with ties to Russia, Sam Peterson, has also plead guilty to lying about his involvement with Russia.
  • Republicans may complain that Robert Muller's FBI investigation over Trump's many crimes has cost US tax payers $25,000,000, but, first of all, it is Trump's criminal past that has cost US tax payers $25,000,000, and second, Muller has actually earned the country $48,000,000 from all the tax cheats he's found in the Trump administration!
  • America keeps selling horrifying weapons to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia keeps using them to kill innocent people.
  • All the countries on Earth are committing to the reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions... except the USA.

Sears is the latest casualty of CEOs purposely destroying their own company, firing all the employees, ruining their retirements, selling off the company's assets, and keeping everything for themselves, and it will continue to be commonplace in America until the bankruptcy courts wise up an outlaw this horrible tactic.

Because they refused to take down religious displays, the Iowa State Capital is now home to two secular displays!

Learning media literacy means trying to understand who makes the media, who they're targeting, and what they hope to accomplish.

Catholic hospitals are on the rise in America, and that's bad news for anyone wanting to have control over family planning because they are routinely forcing their ridiculous beliefs on everyone else. And it won't matter if we create laws to try and stop them because what seems to be a growing part of Christian dogma is the refusal to follow the law, if the law contradicts their ridiculous beliefs.

You shouldn't have to threaten to sue a public school for sending children to an Evangelical Christian anti-science center, but it works.

I'm a modern girl, but I fold in half so easily

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I added a page for the Sega Master System.

Non-stop bigotry has a new streaming service called Fox Nation.

There have been several victories against religion this holiday season as well as some more in the works. Another mayor moved his city's nativity scene off city land to avoid losing a lawsuit. Montana is going to stop giving away tax payer money to religious people. And police chief Esdron Brown is again being sued because he's using his position of government authority to force his religion on his subordinates.

While we all want science to be an objective look at reality, like all things humans make, it's a social construct that can be wielded as a weapon if you're not careful.

Both girls are sick, I'm sick, everyone is sick!

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I've added a new Not Meant For Children's Books.

Looking for a free online graphing calculator?

  • In his effort to ethnically cleanse the nation, Trump is working to deport refugees who came to the US during the Vietnam War!
  • Trump's tantrum about his border wall that nobody wants continues unabated, and he's eager to shutdown the government until he gets it.
  • Trump is a criminal, and hopefully, he will be punished for his crimes.
  • Michigan Republicans are impressively corrupt. At 3AM last night, the House passed a bill banning some forms of abortion, raised the cost of water (even for Flint residents), made it harder for citizens to make citizen-led ballot items (like the three that passed in the mid-terms), and several more horrible bills. Republican Rick Snyder himself, in a lame duck swan song, has signed into law another oil pipeline under the Mackinac Straits. Michiganders don't want a new line, in fact, they want the existing line shut down because it has already contaminated the Great Lakes with 1,100,000 gallons of spilled oil! But Republicans don't care about people, they care about companies. Also, Dr. Eden Wells, who is currently standing trial for negligently killing people during the Flint Water Crisis, was given a massive promotion and pay raise thanks to State Republicans. Her negligence killed people, but now she'll be making $180,000-a-year to continue watching people die.
  • NRA darling, Maria Butina, has just plead guilty to conspiring with Russia to infiltrate the Republican Party.
  • Another one of Trump's incompetent team is gone after Peter O'Rourke was forced to resign from the Department of Veterans Affairs when it was clear that he was cashing his large paychecks without actually doing any work.

Christian pastor Albert Weathers shot and murdered Kelly Stough. No reason has yet been given, but it appears the murder took place because Kelly was transgender.

Need another reason to be paranoid? Social media is now tracking your use of emojis.

Oprah often endorses charlatans, hucksters, quacks, and scam artists. Usually she only injures people in their wallet, but it has recently come to my attention that one of the con artists she endorsed in 2013, Joao Teixeira de Faria (AKA Joao de Deus, Joao of God), is a serial rapist.

Sure, raw cookie dough can be deadly, but it's nowhere near as deadly as riding in a car.

Josh Duggar, one of the stars of the show 19 Kids and Counting, who sexually molested multiple children and whose wholesome Christian family helped cover it up, has lost his lawsuit against the police who leaked his history of raping children.

Space is just plain awesome.

How it even got to court is shocking, but no, the police cannot arrest you if you film them, even if you film them in secret. This isn't a matter of being a peeping Tom, it's a matter of being safe from government corruption.

Babies are one and a day today!

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I've reworked my essay Hell doesn't exist in the bible and added a lot more content.

  • Federal prosecutors released a report saying that the anonymously named "Individual 1" committed various crimes and eventually became President of the USA, to which Trump responds, well, I guess that clears me!
  • Trump is eagerly preparing to shut down the federal government if he doesn't get billions from congress to build a useless border wall.
  • John Kelly follows the rest of the rats of the sinking ship that is the White House, and Trump's only candidate to replace him, Nick Ayers, refused to become part of the shit-show, Trump is left holding a rose for nobody.
  • Just a reminder of how incredibly pathetic the White House is right now, they're using incompetent Fox "News" talking heads as our face for the United Nations.
  • The US has a serious terror problem, but it's not from foreigners, its from native-born Americans. Two unrelated people were recently arrested in Ohio, both for planning their own mass shootings.
  • The USA has spent an estimated $5,900,000,000,000 on its various wars with the Middle East.

In the near future we might have non-invasive brain surgery!

The so-called "cool" Pope still hates gay people.

Epic Rap Battles of History is back with Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg.

Babies turn one today!

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I got my very first MRI this morning. The procedure was quite dull and painless, until I got the contrast dye injected into my hip joint!

I beat the game, Wonder Boy In Monster World. I'm disappointed that I missed this game in its heyday, it is truly a fantastic work! I also wrote a mini essay on the fact that Hell doesn't exist in the bible.

  • James A. Fields Jr., the Nazi who purposely drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, murdering Heather Heyer and injuring several others, has been sentenced to life in prison. This was the same protest where, even after a Nazi drove his car into a crowd of people, Trump said there were bad people on both sides.
  • Yet another high-level White House staffer quits, and Trump's only replacement, Nick Ayers, not wanting to be caught up in the impending shit storm, has turned down the position. So, the White House once again finds itself caught off guard with an empty office and nobody to fill it.
  • Trump stole a lot of money from his presidential campaign and gave it to his own business.
  • Republican Judge Ralph Strother, for the third time, has let a rapist go free without any jail time. This time it's rapist Jacob Walter Anderson who drugged a woman and raper her.
  • A list of Trump's many, many lies, and how often he tells them.

A case for video game emulation explaining why video game companies can't and won't save their history.

There are legitimate defenses against people who are bigoted about Islam, but it's still a bad religion despite what some Liberals will say.

Why are Catholic bishops still blaming women for getting raped?

Before you offer your support or disdain for affirmative action, make sure you understand exactly what it is.

The school board for Newaygo Elementary School is gambling with taxpayer's money that a judge won't think a display of the three wise men is in any way religious!

I know her worried head is aching, I know the cause is me

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The Eve 6 concert was a lot of fun. Max had altered his vocals a bit (and not in a good way), but I finally got to hear Jesus Nitelite played live. I also saw my friend Joani who I had first met at a previous Eve 6 concert eight years ago.

  • As part of his plea bargain, Paul Manafort was supposed to give the whole truth the FBI regarding Trump's campaign, instead, he kept lying to them. He was not allowed to feed these investigations to Trump. He did. Now Manafort probably won't get his cushy plea bargain, and Trump is in even more legal trouble. However, not all of Trump's cronies are willing to go to prison for him. Trump's long-term personal lawyer Michael Cohen is disclosing all sorts of illegal activity done to cover up Trump's many crimes.
  • More details about the undocumented immigrant who worked for Trump and cleaned up after him.
  • While Trump continues to cover up the fact that Saudi Arabia commanded the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi, the Senate is poised to declare it publicly. Shockingly, even Republicans are on board with this, I guess since it doesn't require them saying anything to Trump's face.
  • Trump is such a good Christian he doesn't recite Christian prayers, sing Christian hymns, or even ask forgiveness, but he does cut funding to HIV/AIDS research, and apparently that's enough for American Christians.
  • When Republicans in the FCC killed Net Neutrality, they argued that some millions of Americans were in favor of letting Comcast and AT&T charge them higher bills because of posts on their web site. Well, now the FBI is investigating 14 organizations (mostly Conservative groups) who allegedly stole the identity of millions of Americans to post comments favoring the elimination of a fair Internet. Republicans will continue to lie, cheat, and steal elections until they're properly punished.
  • Looks like the NRA and Trump broke the law with their illegal advertising campaign.
  • What does it say about somebody when you're proud of them because they didn't ruin a funeral?

The EU court has ruled that the UK can cancel their whole Brexit nonsense! Let's see if they're willing to eat humble pie for the sake of their country's success!

In the past six years, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang successfully stole over half a million dollars from their private Catholic school and lost it all gambling.

How science has gone from just understanding the Earth orbits the Sun to measuring gravitational waves.

Making fake beaches is great for tourism, but not so great when a natural disaster strikes. And the rising sea levels are making much more dangerous disasters.

I faced a fear of mine and shivered but didn't blink

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I added a page for the Gerard Trenité poem, The Chaos and a common argument made against atheists, You're not an atheist.

  • By squealing on Trump, Republican Michael Flynn might not have to see a prison cell despite lying to Congress. And, whatever was in his confession is has been entirely redacted. Rex Tillerson has just admitted that Trump routinely ordered him to break the law. All these slime balls are getting off easy, so they better bring Trump down!
  • Trump may hate undocumented immigrants, but that doesn't mean he won't hire them to save a buck.
  • As an atheist, I prefer it when people don't publicly say prayers, but as someone who appreciates honesty more, I have to point out that, though Republicans keep saying they're not Christian enough, all the Democrats recited a prayer at Bush's funeral, but Trump, whose strongest supporters are Christians, did not.
  • Once again, Fox "News" has manipulated Trump into hiring one of their incompetents to run the White House for him. The latest failure is Heather Nauert set to replace previous failure, Nikki Haley, as the U.N. Ambassador. Nauert has no diplomatic training whatsoever, and is famous for claiming that, when the US invaded German-occupied Normandy on D-Day, that was the height of US/German relations. I'm sure Angela Merkel approves.
  • How Trump's big mouth was able to single-handedly crash the American stock market.
  • Six months ago, Republican David Stringer said there weren't enough white kids in Arizona schools, but Republican voters reelected him anyway. Just recently, he explained that black people and other racial groups don't blend in properly with white people."
  • Just before Trump's EPA head, Scott Pruitt, quit his office due to rampant corruption, he was given another $50,000 in cash from Republican Diane Hendricks.

Putting together a union strengthens workers and rich CEOs hate it when workers have strength because it means they will get paid a living wage, so they always come down hard on anyone trying to start a union.

Some of the insane compression tactics needed to fit a game into 40 kilobytes.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews one more Amiga CD game.

White collar crime is often more damaging than violent crime, but Americans don't care about it.

Women's clothes used to have amazing pockets. What happened?

All the colors have run off and you have been exposed

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Disney needs to pay more attention to how they paint the eyes on their toys.

  • Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan are actively undermining democracy by changing the laws so their party can hang onto power even after being voted out. The people in their states want Democrats, that's why they voted for them, but Republicans can never stop cheating.
  • Why is Trump helping to cover up Saudi Arabia's connection to the murder of a journalist? Maybe it's the Saudi's spent $270,000 buying out 500 rooms at a Trump hotel and filling them with veterans who supported Trump, while also paying for all their travel expenses? The US Senate is currently working on a bi-partisan resolution to blame Saudi Arabi's Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Even if it passes, it won't mean much, but at least some Republicans in the US are reaching the extremely low bar of saying murder is wrong.
  • Remember when a white supremacist purposely drove his car into a crowd of protesters, murdering a woman, and Trump responded by saying there were bad people on both sides? Well, shortly after that happened, the Trump administration sent an email to the Veterans Affairs office essentially telling them to stop condemning white supremacists!
  • Thanks in part to Republicans ignoring climate change science and working to help polluters, carbon emissions have reached an all time high.
  • Trump can't stop lying, and his arrested goons can't stop squealing on him.
  • North Carolina has an extremely close election, and it doesn't help that Republicans were going door-to-door stealing absentee ballots.

People in our rape culture still don't understand rape.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Charleston, Illinois was sponsoring trips to Christian anti-science centers. Thank god for the FFRF.

Some of the more obscure facts about Mario.

The Melian Dialogue is still very important today.

The mathematics behind how to properly balance a centrifuge.

It's not just that religions often lack evidence for their ridiculous claims, it's that the claims are on such a big scale, that tons of evidence should exist if they were true, but doesn't.

I never wanted to be like you

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I added a page for the Eve 6 album It's All In Your Head and started a page on pious fraud.

  • After being briefed by the CIA, Republican senators are now convinced more than ever that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the behest of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and that Trump is lying to Americans about it. But, because they care more about the illusion of party solidarity than they care about America, they will do nothing to stop him. They didn't stop his collusion with Russia, they don't call him out on all his non-stop lies, they are spineless and pathetic.
  • Being an American-born citizen won't save you from the cluster-fuck that is Republican-controlled immigration.
  • Fact: There is election fraud. Also Fact: It's usually committed by Republicans.
  • Texas Republicans are imploding after an attempt to kick their vice chairman out of the party because he's a Muslim. Now they're also trying to remove three other members for not being bigoted enough.
  • Wisconsin lame duck Republicans successfully passed a bill removing the incumbent Democrat Governor's authority and handing it over to the Legislature which will remain Republican. While I try to remember that you can't judge a person's character based on their political affiliation, I can say that the Republicans in Wisconsin are cheats, liars, and cowards.
  • Under Trump's rule, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the organization that protects against bankers who use dirty tactics to screw over Americans, has been gutted.

Illinoisans visiting their state Capitol will be able to see a lovely Satanic statue thanks to the state's Christians who refused to take down their nativity scene.

Simone Giertz and Kari Byron blow up fake brains... for science.

The rise and fall of smooth jazz.

Seth Andrews gives a lecture about failing to be skeptical.

The speed run world record progression of Super Mario Bros. 3, no warps.

Suck it up kid, assume battle poise

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I added a page for the Old Testament. I also read a reviewed the pseudepigraphical Testament of Adam.

  • Criminal law experts are in agreement, Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice and witness tampering.
  • Republicans finally caved and are allowing CIA Director Gina Haspel to brief US Senators on their evidence that Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman commanded the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  • Are all the terrible things Trump did finally coming back to haunt him? SNL weighs in.
  • Well, that didn't take long. Trump claimed victory in the trade war he started with China, and optimistic investors began buying, but then people remembered that Trump is full of shit. China explained that everything Trump said was a lie, and the stock market has once again plunged.
  • Hate preacher Milo Yiannopoulos is in serious debt. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

In most States, it doesn't count as rape if you trick a woman into having sex with you.

Just what the heck is Federal Land anyway?

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. was at a mall in Alabama when a shooting occurred. Being a "food guy with a gun," he pulled out his handgun to protect himself, but being a young black man, he knew better than to stick around when the police arrived. While trying to run away, police shot him three times in the back and the back of the head. Police identified him as the shooter, only to later acknowledge they got the wrong guy and the real shooter was still at large.

Boundary Break counts down their top 50 best discoveries.

Another small victory as an Ohio city decided not to lose a lawsuit on the taxpayer's dime and move a nativity scene from city hall to a nearby church.

It's sickening how comforting the privacy of the mind can be

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I added a page for Eve 6 front man, Max Collins.

  • So far, 32 people directly related to Trump have been charged with crimes by the FBI, eight of them have plead guilty to crimes, and another 26 Russian nationals are under investigation!
  • A time line of Trump's many lies about his many business conflicts with Russia, and it's only getting worse, mostly for Americans. Well, and this guy.
  • The trade war Trump started against China is directly causing the downfall of several failing US markets, so now he's claiming that China has given up. Of course, that's not true. There has been a brief pause in the tariff escalations, but they're not going away. Regardless, Trump is claiming victory, but even the White House won't back up his ridiculous claims.
  • After bankrupting the federal government, Trump refused to giver government employees their pay raises because, the government is bankrupt.
  • Republican Mike Pence gave a speech for World AIDS Day, and somehow managed to never even mention the existence of homosexuals.
  • Republican Joseph Silk is once again trying to criminalize abortion with a bill that would put women and doctors in prison as murderers.

Two police officers are placed on leave because of a racist Christmas tree. They decorated a tree at the Minneapolis 4th precinct with wrappers of products commonly used as black stereotypes.

No, Newsweek, the cop didn't "force a handcuffed woman to have sex with him," he raped her. You don't get to use a softer term because he was a cop.

Asian incels harass an Asian woman for dating a white man.

The Catholic diocese in Omaha, probably fearing an extremely expensive lawsuit, has just released the names of 38 clergymen who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct!

Lindsay Ellis explains two complex media topics, product placement and fair use.

Columbia knows how to take care of refugees.

From Japan with love

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From the NES page, I broke out the Famicom into its own page and added a lot of new info.

  • I love that Trump's former campaign advisor, Paul Manafort, keeps digging his grave deeper, because, at some point, he's going to be so dirty even Trump will fear pardoning him.
  • Under Republican control, the Department of Veterans Affairs underpaid a whole bunch of veterans, and then, when it was discovered, rather than correct their mistake, they decided to never pay them their full pay.
  • Climate change keeps getting worse, and Trump keeps getting stupider.
  • With Democrats gaining control of Michigan, Republicans are trying to strip away State powers as much as possible before they have to leave.
  • You know that "war" on Christmas that only exists in the minds of Republicans? Well, they lost.

St. Louis police officers Dustin Boone, Randy Hays, Christopher Myers were so eager to beat down protesters, that they accidentally beat one of their own undercover detectives despite him being compliant and non-threatening. Then, with the help of officer Bailey Colletta, they tried to cover it up.

Is the current generation of adults actively trying to wipe out certain businesses? Nope, they're just too poor to buy anything.

Alex Dainis describes the similarities between a science lab and a kitchen.

Is it possible to beat Super Mario World without getting a single coin?

Haven't been there yet

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Last night I beat the Genesis game, Ys III: Wanderers From Ys. I've also added a list of museums I've attended.

  • Trump admits he's willing to release top secret documents to the general public that would be harmful to Democrats if they investigate his many crimes. Of course, Trump is most likely lying as he always does, but it once again shows that he cares more about his own interests than the safety of the nation.
  • Trump's personal lawyer has plead guilty to lying to Congress to cover up Trump's involvement with Russia.
  • Republicans are actively dismantling those programs to provide sexual education and reproductive health screening, especially for women.
  • Trump isn't single-handedly ruining the American auto industry, but he sure is helping.
  • Republicans refused to let the CIA give testimony about Saudi Arabia being responsible for Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, when asked for a reason, Trump responded by basically saying that the US is selling billions of dollars worth of military weapons to Saudi Arabia, so who cares who they murder? Republicans in Congress are fine with that response, but Democrats are demanding to let the CIA be heard.
  • Michigan was all set to raise minimum wage and require employers to honor sick leave... Republicans just ruined it.
  • As someone who has picked up trash alongside the highway for years, I can tell you that the majority of what I picked up was plastic water bottles. However, I don't remember ever picking up pop or beer bottles. Why? Because Michigan has a $0.10 deposit on all pop and beer bottles, but not water bottles. The deposit program successfully stops litter, which is why Michigan Republicans are trying to eliminate it.
  • When a lot of constitutional amendments were first created, they only applied to white men. The second amendment seems to still be that way.

America has an abandoned building epidemic, but more and more those abandoned buildings are churches.

Are liberals and conservatives both equally prejudiced? Not exactly.

Cannabidiol is not a wonder drug or miracle cure, it's a chemical and like any chemical it may have uses or be toxic, but it requires scientific research in order to know.

What is Mario's job, really?

Do you like number sequence puzzles?

Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well

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I added a page for the Eve 6 song, Here's to the Night, the Book of Zephaniah, and the Dragon Quest universe.

  • Like so many authoritarian dictators before him, Trump wants State-run media that he gets to control, and to hell with the first amendment.
  • Neither CIA Director Gina Haspel or any other government intelligence agency will be present with the White House discusses the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the demand of Saudi Arabia. When asked if they were purposely silencing government intelligence, Republicans in the White House said no, but didn't offer an explanation why they have broken protocol and not let government intelligence leaders explain the issue in their own words.
  • What's going on at the Mexican border? It's not good.
  • Trump doesn't believe the climate change report created by his own team, probably because he hasn't read it.
  • Ivanka Trump's use of a private email server to conduct official government business is completely different than Hillary Clinton's. I know it's true because Ivanka Trump said so herself!
  • The NRA bubble has burst. The organization has lost over a third of their revenue in the past year, a sum of $55,000,000. This is in part from the loss of a large donor and an over all decrease in membership.
  • Republican David Johnson thinks the California wildfires are the result of his god punishing Liberals.

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke has been found guilty of second-degree murder for shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times, and now his three co-conspirators who falsified police reports to protect Van Dyke are being tried, but they will not face a jury, just a judge.

How to determine if a group is a cult like Young Living Essential Oils.

Bart Ehrman and Sam Harris talk about Bart's latest book.

A common tactic of religious apologists is exaggerating mundane evidence.

Welcome to warp zone!

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I created a page for the Robot Wants game series.

  • Republicans continue to give the ultra-wealthy tax cuts while raising taxes for the poor and middle class, and, big shocker, the economy is tanking, just like with the Bush before him.
  • Russia is invading Ukraine again. Trump will do nothing.
  • Fox "News" has turned into a full-fledged Republican campaign channel.
  • Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith said she would be in the front row if invited to a public hanging, but she's still expected to win the Mississippi Senate race.
  • Trump continues to deny science and dismiss the few experts still working in the government.
  • After the US used chemical weapons banned in wartime to deter refugees at the border, Kirstjen Nielsen, Republican Secretary of Homeland Security, asserted without evidence that the refugees were using their children as human shields.

NASA's InSight has successfully landed on Mars!

When you leave an abusive relationship, it's very important to not take the abusive behavior with you.

The bible is full of wonderful stories.

There's nothing magical about science, it's made up of fallible humans, so it produces fallible results. It requires constant vigilance to ensure it corrects itself.

Third Thanksgiving anyone?

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I added a page for musician Alanis Morissette and the split in two thought experiment.

  • Trump prefers Saudi murderers over American journalists.
  • Under Republican control, US border agents have closed the busiest Mexican border and are now shooting tear gas at immigrants.
  • Acts of Republican violence are on the rise.
  • The White House released a report admitting that the Republican policies put in place in the past two years to ignore climate change will cost American taxpayers $500,000,000,000 every year.
  • Trump has told over 6,400 lies since taking office and they're all recorded as part of State record.
  • Despite begging a judge to let him off the hook, Trump's campaign advisor, George Papadopoulos, has been ordered to prison.

The Nerd reviews the Amiga CD32.

Who is at fault for thousands of priests raping little boys? Is it the antiquated celibacy laws of the Vatican? The inability for Catholics to report their own criminals? Nah, the real culprits are gay people and atheists.

What is computer endianness? Let me show you with this egg.

Were the California wild fires started by space lasers? This Nazi says yes!

Time for second Thanksgiving

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I added a page for Super Mario Bros. 3 and added two other multicarts to the Super Mario Bros. multicarts page.

  • For Thanksgiving, Trump said he's most thankful for himself.
  • Trump believes the Judicial branch of US government is bad. So, why does he keep appointing more judges?
  • Trump sent thousands of US troops to the Mexican border just before Thanksgiving to stop... nobody, and while he's too big a coward to actually go and visit troops, that doesn't mean he won't teleconference with them while he enjoys charging the US taxpayer to stay at his own resort.
  • Republican Matt Shea published a manifesto demanding the execution of anyone who refuses to follow his version of a "biblical law" which requires violently seizing the government, then executing any men who supports same-sex marriage, abortion, or a non-biblical world view controlled by white people.
  • Last spring, 4-H groups around the country were starting to be more accepting of LGBT members, but Republicans fought back and pressured the organization to eliminate their inclusive attitude and even got the 4-H head in Iowa fired.
  • Does our government really need to keep pardoning turkeys?
  • What will Fox "News" say about Ivanka Trump's emails?

The Catholic League knows how to stop those pesky victims who were raped by priests... exorcisms... wait for it... for the victims!

The liars at Prager U keep trying to claim that science is evidence for their god. It's not.

Christian fundamentalists don't believe in science like evolution, plate tectonics, geology, and so forth, because the Bronze age desert nomads who wrote their holy book didn't know about them. Of course, they also believed the Earth was flat, which is why a large portion of the flat-earthers are also Christian fundamentalists.

Dorkly has put out some pretty dark Mario cartoons.

The majority of the Kama Sutra has nothing to do with sex.

Thanksgiving it up

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I added a page for the Weezer song, Say It Ain't So.

  • Now that Republicans have successfully stacked the deck in the Supreme Court with ultra-Conservative judges, they're going in for the kill. Mississippi Republicans just had their abortion ban after 15 weeks struck down, but Ohio Republicans are trying to pass a bill that will completely ban abortion, even if the woman is raped by her father, and calls for the death penalty for any woman who has an abortion. Obviously, this completely violates Roe v. Wade, but that's the point. The goal is to get the bill up to the Supreme Court and have them overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • The CIA has concluded that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, so, naturally, Trump is siding with the murderers and even thanking them!
  • Republicans are withdrawing US troops from the southern border before a single refugee arrived, basically admitting that the entire thing was a stunt to get more Republicans elected in the midterms, a stunt that cost US taxpayers $200,000,000 and took thousands of troops away from their families. How many soldiers and veterans will Trump have to disrespect before people admit he's their enemy?
  • 12,000 Americans have lost their health insurance in Arkansas because of the Republican work requirement added to protection programs.
  • Trump argues the importance of being in a disaster area to really understand what it's like, but he can't even get the name right. Maybe if he takes some time to help rake up the forest floor, the problem will solve itself?
  • A couple months after Trump got done patting himself on the back claiming he lowered the cost of medication, Pfizer raised their prices.
  • Fox "News" talking head Tucker Carlson told a slew of lies about the people who protested his lying.

The democracy of the USA is in trouble, and fighting dirty probably won't help.

A look at which demographics choose which Smash Bros. characters.

Christians have many arguments for their religion, but they all describe their god in a very different way.

A look at how cults, multi-level marketing schemes, and quacks use the same tactics to successfully recruit followers.


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I created a page for The Goonies universe and the Apple II.

  • Once again a federal judge had to step in and block Republicans from violating US law, this time by disregarding immigration law. Republicans have dramatically decreased the number of people who can enter through a port of entry and now they're automatically denying asylum to anyone tries to enter outside of a port of entry. Tellingly, this only affects people on the Southern border.
  • Overstepping his authority is just one of the many ways Trump is turning the US into an authoritarian dictatorship.
  • Now that Democrats have taken back the House, much to the chagrin of Trump, there are dozens of lame-duck Republicans trying to pass last minute bills to sabotage their Democratic replacements. Let's hope the Dems don't let us down now that they're getting subpoena power.
  • More white supremacist terrorists have been found and arrested before they could used their home made bombs.
  • The primary thing Republicans focused on to stop Hillary Clinton was the fact that she used a personal email server. Of course, it seems like everyone in the Trump administration is doing the exact same thing.
  • Republicans on the Texas school board will continue teaching children that Moses, the fictional character from the Book of Genesis, was instrumental in the foundation of US law.
  • Dammit Florida, why can't you get elections right?
  • Trump's love affair with Sean Hannity is so on-again off-again, but at least Laura Ingraham has still got his back.
  • Just in time to watch his whole family get indicted, Trump is willing to work with Democrats on prison reform.

Throughout history, viral and bacterial pandemics flare up and wipe out millions. Are we ready for the next one?

Meet the all new metric units.

White Magazine, whose creators claim to be "anchored in love without judgment," but also refuse to print anything about same-sex couples, has gone out of business after advertisers pulled their ads in a loving, non-judgmental sort of way.

Turkey sounds good

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Over the weekend I saw Assassins at the Flint Repertory Theatre and beat the game Rollers of the Realm. I also added a page for the video game genre rail shooter.

  • The CIA has concluded that Saudi Arabia's crowned prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi's murder, and an audio tape recording of Khashoggi's murder has surfaced, but Trump refuses to listen to it. Instead, NBC reported that the White House was considering sending a Turkish asylum seeker back to Turkey for punishment in the hopes that Turkey would ease up on their demands that Saudi Arabia be held accountable for their murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi! Once the story broke, Trump denied it. I guess getting caught trading human lives to help murderers looks bad even for Republicans.
  • After being told they violated the US Constitution when they banned Acosta, the White House was forced to reinstate his press pass. However, they've already told Acosta that the moment the judge's order expires at the end of the month, regardless of his behavior, he will be banned again.
  • Trump knows how to stop the California wild fires... rake up the entire forest. Well, that, and cutting funding to the victims of wild fires.
  • 50 years after the US was supposed to have banned discrimination of employees based on their sex, Virginia still hasn't adopted the law, but Democrats in the state are trying hard to finally convince them.
  • Despite his claims of success, Trump has accomplished nothing in the denuclearization of North Korea.

Another minor secular victory. Muskegon Community College, which receives funding from the government, has decided to stop having religious ceremonies at graduation. Unfortunately, there had to be a threat of a lawsuit before they decided to follow the law, but at least they didn't waste hundreds of thousands before doing what's right.

The antivaxers in North Carolina just caused the worst outbreak of chicken pox in 20 years.

Catholic priest Lenin Vargas-Gutierrez lied to his church claiming he had cancer and collected tens of thousands of dollars from his congregation. In reality, the priest has HIV which is completely covered by the church's insurance.

A gun kills many men before it's done... hundreds

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I added a page for the ticking time bomb though experiment and the image compression program, JPEGOptim.

  • As more and more elections are called in the favor of Democrats, Trump keeps getting more and more crazy.
  • A federal judge has just ruled that Republicans in the White House violated Jim Acosta's rights by revoking his press pass! Acosta is back in the White House effective immediately!
  • Matt Whitaker used to work for a fraudulent company that scammed people with claims of time travel and bigfoot, and now he the nation's attorney general.
  • Trump's latest hire is the new South African envoy, Lana Marks. Her qualifications are making over-priced hand bags and giving Trump a lot of money to be a member of his resort.
  • A fact check of Trump's recent interview shows that nearly everything he said was a lie.
  • Republican Betsy DeVos is best known for her ongoing effort to destroy the American public school system. No doubt she has created a lot of enemies because of this, but that still doesn't explain why she has the most expensive security detail in the White House at a staggering $19,800,000 a year!
  • Republicans continue to give the Pentagon more money, which is scary considering how terrible they are at accounting. How many of the trillions of dollars a year are being stolen through corruption?
  • Rebecca Watson talks about the safety, mismanagement, and climate change regarding the California wildfires.

Some of the amazing contributions made by black soldiers.

Michael Hiskey a professor at Christian University and an administrator at Liberty University has been arrested for attempting to murder his wife.

Going to prison? Stock up on ramen.

Everybody's got the right to be happy

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I added a page for the operating system, Linux.

  • In between blowing off US veterans, and both knowing and not knowing the acting attorney general who is also a criminal, The Trumps continue their campaign of corruption, lies, and stupidity.
  • Republicans have just passed a law that allows men to sue women and their doctors if they have an abortion, even if the man raped the woman.
  • Republican Governor Matt Bevin knows what causes mass shootings, and it's not giving violent people easy access to guns, it's zombies.
  • With Democrats now able to affect the FBI's Russia investigation, Trump has returned to personal attacks against Robert Mueller and his team. And Trump may be best bros with Putin, but the European Court of Human Rights just ruled that the Kremlin violated the human rights of Alexei Navalny for arresting him on seven different occasions to try and stop his political anti-corruption campaign in their country. Russia received a slap on the wrist fine, €63,000, which they probably won't pay anyway.

It's the end of an era. Prima Books is closing shop, so no more video game strategy guides.

Look at these crazy muons!

Police are claiming that the black security guard they shot to death, Jemel Roberson, wasn't wearing any identifying clothes and was told several times to drop his gun before they opened fire on him. However, witnesses say that Roberson was indeed wearing security clothes and the police opened fire before even finishing their first command to get on the ground.

Just because you're a brilliant scientist doesn't mean you won't fall for logical fallacies.

Czolgosz, working man, born in the middle of Michigan

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I created a page for William Hunt's painting, The Scapegoat, and started a page for role-playing games.

  • If someone cheats at a game, you can refuse to sink to their level and claim the moral high ground, but you'll still lose. Of course, it's only a game, so you don't lose anything important. However, when someone cheats at real life, claiming the moral high ground isn't enough. You have to actually fight them and win.
  • Does Trump only appoint criminals? Like, everyone in his cabinet is a criminal.
  • Republicans in Arizona sued the government to try and keep racial minorities who voted from having their votes counted, but Kyrsten Sinema still won! Republicans in Florida are trying a similar form of voter suppression, but they are trying to exclude the votes of deployed US soldiers.
  • Republican Matt Shea wrote a how-to manual for murdering non-Christians in order to declare the USA a Christian State. He may be under investigation by the FBI, but he was still re-elected by Republican voters in Washington.
  • Trump attacks California for not taking better care of their forests (even though it's actually the federal government's job), but the firefighters in the area try to explain to Trump why he's so stupid.
  • SNL gives a tribute to racist gremlin Jeff Sessions.
  • Republican Jesus.

US Bishops decided to enact a plan to try and combat the rampant child rape occurring among Catholic priests, but the Vatican intervened forced them to stop!

What is the optimal to eliminate Gaussian curvature when you try to flatten a globe to a map? The Euler spiral.

Flight of the Conchords are still making music.

How did the Victorian mansion become a horror icon?

It's cold enough for me

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I created a page for the cow that wants to be eaten thought experiment, and the video game brand Sunsoft.

  • The Pentagon is calling Trump's deployment of troops to the US southern border "an expensive waste of time and resources." The troops will be spending their Thanksgiving deployed as 15,000 soldiers are sent to protect a border from 6,000 migrants and refugees who are still months away.
  • Trump failed to drain the swamp and instead filled it with the most vile disgusting swamp monsters imaginable. This doesn't affect his base, because they believe "the swamp" means non-existent mainstream elites.
  • Trump is blaming the Secret Service for keeping him from the WWI Armistice ceremony, saying he totally wanted to go, but the Secret Service refused to let him go stating it would cause traffic problems. Strangely, however, heads of state from all over Europe somehow managed to get there.
  • Racist Republican Steve King, who was just re-elected in Iowa, said he never called immigrants "dirt," and then challenged the "lying Leftists" to produce a tape of him saying that. So they did.
  • Trump's former doctor finally comes clean and admits that Trump wrote his own letter calling him the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency," among other lies.
  • Progress in Arizona, the state's Democrats won a senate seat that has been Republican for the past 24 years.

Seth Andrews gives a lecture about his deconversion and answers some questions.

Police arrive on the scene of bar where a shooting had taken place. They saw a black security guard wearing his security uniform holding a suspect at gunpoint. The police promptly shot the black security guard to death.

The importance of wearing safety glasses.

Christian pastor Jean Jacob Jeudy has been arrested for sexually assaulting a child, to which Jeudy argues that the accusations are being made through the devil.

Weekend spent raking

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I added a page for Jenny Lewis's first solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat and the thought experiment, the veil of ignorance.

  • As world leaders all over the country joined together to celebrate the World War I Armistice ceremony, Trump remained in his hotel room saying he couldn't support veterans because it was raining. After being critized by the rest of the world, the White House scrambled to come up with a lie, and the best they could do was to say, Trump, the guy who closes down airports every weekend to go on vacation, didn't want to disturb traffic.
  • The Florida Governor race is going into a recount.
  • Thanks to Trump's trade war with the rest of the world, the US GDP for trade growth saw the worst drop in 33 years.
  • I'm happy to see that leaders from around the world are issuing thinly-veiled criticisms of Trump's attack on journalists.
  • I'm happy to see the racist Jeff Sessions go, but his bigoted criminal replacement, Matt Whitaker, isn't any better.
  • Republican Brian Kemp didn't just cheat in his election, but he also released the private data of over 290,000 people, including their home address and whether they are disabled or elderly, he basically did everything but give criminals a map to their homes. A lot of people are safe only because their personal information is hidden, but Brian Kemp ruined their safety.
  • It is wrong for the White House to lie about their reasons for banning journalists, and if this weren't so scary, it could be funny.

PZ Myers tackles the sciencism used by people who wield science as a weapon rather than a tool.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews other Hydlide games.

Being religious doesn't make you moral, in fact, it seems to make you immoral.

Snow, snow, go away.

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I added a page for Konami's former publishing company, Ultra.

  • The midterms weren't great, but they were still pretty good. So, we're getting plenty of tantrums and lies from Trump.
  • Republicans replace the bigot Jeff Sessions with the bigot Matthew Whitaker.
  • Because America's opinion of the Affordable Care Act has shifted, Republicans are now straight-up lying about their position on pre-existing conditions.
  • Republicans are claiming the USA is under attack by immigrants, so they've invoked a war-time like posture which gives Trump the right to flat-out deny asylum to refugees.
  • If my doctor prescribes me medicine, my employer shouldn't even know about it, let alone get to decide if I should be allowed to have it! And yet, Republicans keep trying to give companies the power to decide which doctor-prescribed medicine their employees should have access to.
  • Shannon Dingle used to get tons of praise from her religious Republicans friends for her anti-abortion stance and adoption of several needy children. But, when Republican policies began impacting her family, she began speaking out against the destruction of Medicaid which insures her special-needs children, the elimination of the HIV advisory council which helps one of her HIV positive children, and the anti-immigration policy which might steal away three of her immigrant children. Shannon's friends loved her when she was making anti-abortion political statements, but now that she's making pro-life statements that are actually about keeping her children alive, now they hate her.
  • While they didn't win, I'm still a little happy for Stacey Abrams and Beto O'Rourke who both put up valiant efforts in their longshot elections.

How the casualties of World War I helped create the industry of plastic surgery and prosthetics.

Norman Goldwasser, clinical director of Horizon Psychological Services in Miami Beach, a religious group which claims they can cure homosexuality, was just found on a gay dating site using the alias, "Hotnhairy72." According to his profile, Norman Goldwasser is a top, thinks he has a work-out body, and really loves oral sex with men.

It's nice to see that Democrats keep electing intelligent people to Congress, but it's not enough to just be intelligent, you also have to be ethical.

A nativity scene was taken down in Ohio after the city got a bunch of complaints. Interestingly, the mayor, who is a Christian and likes the scene, agreed without a fight that it was wrong for the city to endorse religion!

Where can I pick up my domesticated fox?

Figure eight, is double four, figure four, is half of eight

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I started a list of biblical words with uncertain meanings.

  • In order to prevent journalists from asking tough questions in the White House, Republicans falsely accused Jim Acosta of hitting a woman during a video-recorded interview. He is now banned from the White House, something that we should expect will happen to additional journalists in the future. In fact, the White House even posted a doctored video of the event originally posted on a right-wing conspiracy theory web site, altered to make it look like Acosta hit the woman. Also, during the event, Trump mocked the journalists, again called the press the enemy of the people, and called a black journalist "racist" because she started asking him why he identifies as a "nationalist."
  • Despite personally choosing him, Trump has been mocking his Attorney General for the past two years, but he's always been afraid to fire him because of how people would respond to him obstructing justice of the investigation of Trump's Russian collusion. Now that Democrats have won the House and will have a say in how the investigation goes down, Trump told one of this cronies to fire Jeff Sessions. Sessions's replacement is Republican Matthew Whitaker, a criminal who not only ran a multi-million dollar scam through World Patent Marketing, but who also wrote articles saying Mueller shouldn't be allowed to investigate Trump's finances to look for Russian collusion. Because he's been so vocal against the FBI and in favor of Trump, Whitaker should recuse himself, but he's already refused, making things dicey for those who expect justice.
  • Republican Brian Kemp committed some of the worst voter suppression seen in history, and is still only showing a marginal win. Because Kemp was so shady, his opponent Stacey Abrams is refusing to conceded, so Kemp just declared victory after releasing all the private information of the state's 290,000+ absentee voters, which not only includes their name, home address, and how they voted, but also their voter id number, and whether they are elderly or disabled, basically directing criminals where to go for easy pickings! Kemp may become the governor, but his first act will have to be denying justice for the 290,000+ people involved in a class action lawsuit against him!
  • Under Republican leadership, ICE is arguing that they shouldn't be held responsible when their agents rape prisoners.
  • Another mass shooting has left a dozen people murdered. The shooter was a white male with a criminal history. Republicans will do absolutely nothing to stop this.
  • A look back at all the racist crap Trump has pulled in the past couple years.
  • Republican Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, came up short by only 1.2% of the vote. Ordinarily, such a close call would be grounds for a recount, but a new law was put in place which prevented recounts for any result greater than 1.0%. Who put this law in place preventing Scott Walker from having a recount? Scott Walker!
  • Of the 8 scientists elected to Congress during the midterms, seven are Democrats. Democrats keep electing intelligent people, Republicans keep electing stuffed suits.

What is going to happen now that they're are a record number of women in Congress? Probably good things since female politicians tend to work harder than their male counterparts.

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, Governor-elect Gretchen Whitmer is considering pardoning those people who are in jail right now for marijuana possession. I view this as a good thing, since it's a victimless crime and our prisons are already bursting at the seams.

Scientists have come up with some strange measurement units.

What if Bowser dated Mario and Peach at the same time?

Vote yesterday!

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Michigan did her part by booting several Republicans and helping to take back the Federal House. We also passed three constitutional amendments, two of which make it harder to gerrymander and suppress votes, but the nation is still a long way from recovering from the ignorance and racism of the Republican party. Even Europeans watching the election view this as a blow against Trump's racism.

I added a page for the NES game, Ice Hockey and the Swedish rock group, The Sounds.

  • Despite a tirade of non-stop lies from Trump and a huge amount of voter suppression caused by Republicans, record number of women have been elected to Congress as well as several other minorities! Sadly, Beto O'Rourke was not one of the winners. But, the racist law banning felons from voting in Florida has been repealed, and both Arkansas and Missouri raised their minimum wage.
  • Even after two years of racism, misogyny, bigotry, corruption, and sex scandals, White Christians, Evangelicals especially, still adore Trump. This will be a nail in their coffin, as every moral argument for the next several decades will be ended with, you supported Trump, you have no moral integrity whatsoever.
  • Why is there always a blown out of proportion "crisis" before every major election?
  • Republican Kim Davis, the woman who refused to do her job and issue same-sex marriage certificates costing the state of Kentucky $225,000, lost her re-election campaign!
  • If you're traveling in this holiday season, you may want to avoid Motel 6. They just had to pay up $7,600,000 after it was discovered they were giving the personal information of their non-white guests to the government!
  • Republicans fail to even secure a meeting with North Korea about nuclear weapons.

Vote today!

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Today are the midterm elections. Go vote! If you don't know where to go or who to vote for, check out Ballotpedia.

I added a page for the John Liston Byam Shaw painting, which is not safe for work, The Woman, the Man, and the Serpent.

I want to live in a world where quack doctors selling fake cures to people end up getting sued and lose all their money.

Why there is no such thing as evolution-ism.

Part of getting to Mars means figuring out how to cope with life in zero gravity.

Vote tomorrow!

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Over the weekend I beat Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers 2. I also made a page for Kasugai Gummy Candy.

  • The Trump ad that is so racist CNN refused to run it, was aired on NBC. But it didn't take long before NBC, Facebook, and even Fox "News" decided that the Republican ad was too racist to run and pulled it. The reality is, every white person in this country is an immigrant, but Republicans want white people to be fearful of immigrants. Well, not the white immigrants.
  • Florida Republicans are whipped into a frenzy of lies and racism by Trump, and his fellow Republicans pretend to speak Spanish in hopes of winning over Spanish-speaking voters to screw over.
  • Oh sure, Republican Brian Kemp has been actively working to kick black people off the voter rolls in Georgia, falling inline with the party's goal, but that doesn't mean he can't also lie and claim there are election hackers trying to help his opponent without providing any evidence at all.
  • Trump's tariffs have cost $1,000,000,000 just to Ford Motor Company, who will now be having massive layoffs to try and cope.
  • Republicans have effectively shut down Congress. Even when they control the House and Senate, they still can't be bothered to do their jobs.
  • The problem with political predictions.
  • Several racist teachers in Idaho mocked Mexicans by dressing up in insulting costumes to support Trump's failed border wall. The school's superintendent Josh Middleton said the photos taken were part of a team-building exercise where the teachers were trying to come up with the most stereotypical outfits! I guess, in Idaho, racism is a game.

Rating movies based on the chemicals they emit?

Scott Beierle killed himself after murdering two women because he was so creepy women wouldn't date him. Beierle had a long history of sexually harassing and sometimes assaulting women, and even posted videos online where he fantasized murdering women, yet he had no trouble getting a gun.

Sid Meier gives a talk on game design.

Catholic priest, Henry Christopher Foxhoven, has admitted to having sex with an under-aged girl and impregnating her.

Aron Ra discusses evidence.

Remember remember the second of November

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Last night, I beat the surreal puzzle game Small Radios Big Televisions. I also added a page for the VLC Media Player and LibreOffice.

  • Trump is really looking forward to executing refugees. What a terrible person. He's also claiming that foreign dictators have brought their pregnant wives to the USA to give birth and have their children become US citizens. Obviously, he's lying.
  • Welcome to America, where we prevent the natives from voting.
  • Facebook has once again failed to stop Russians from interfering with the US elections to get Republicans elected.
  • Why are so many Republicans anti-Semites? And why are so many Republicans Nazis?
  • Sometimes a district attorney is actually a good person who cares about those wrongly convicted, and prosecutes racist cops.
  • Don't forget to vote next Tuesday.
  • The guy who tried to create false sexual allegations against Robert Muller to end the Russia investigation wasn't exactly a criminal mastermind.
  • Two Texas hunters were shot claiming to have been involved in a gun fight with illegal immigrants. However, despite one hunter called the other a "man of God" and a "hero," for stopping the "aliens ambushing their RV." The police have arrested them both for making the story up after, in fact, accidentally shooting each other.
  • Trump hired his completely unqualified son-in-law to solve the nation's opioid crisis, and surprise, surprise, he hasn't solved the problem. In fact, the Republican-controlled FDA just approved a new opioid that is 500 times stronger than morphine. The drug manufacturer, AcelRx, says they expect over a billion dollars in sales every year, and, no doubt, some of that money is going into Republican pockets who pushed the drug through after purposely keeping the watchdog Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee from speaking about the drug. Their doctors have said the drug is neither safe nor necessary and the senior advisor for the Public Citizen's Health Research Group Doctors says the manufacturer's claims about the drug are false.

Don't forget, Mormons no longer want to be called Mormons.

Who owns the Statue of Liberty? It's complicated.

What do the terms exaptation, bricolage, and deep homology mean to you?

NAFTA probably was a good idea despite what the recent presidents say.

Nitinol is a metal with a memory.

After police officer Steven Vigneault had his SUV stolen by a pair of teens out of a pizzeria parking lot, he and fellow officer Gregg Bigda caught up with them and beat them both senseless, spit on them, threatened to murder them multiple times and destroy the evidence, and said they would plant drugs on them if they didn't answer their questions. The teens were not read their rights, parents were not called, and one of the cops, who was drunk while on duty, said to the boys, "welcome to the white man's world!" Unfortunately for the officers, a jail house camera recorded much of the incident and Bigda has a long history of violent abuse of suspects. This occurred in 2016 and, when the footage surfaced, both officers were suspended. Vigneault resigned shortly after, but now, both have been arrested.

Okay, noooow onto Thanksgiving

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I added a page for the vector graphics program I predominantly use, Corel Draw.

Just because something was created by a woman doesn't mean it can't be sexist.

Muslims continue to call for the execution of Asia Bibi for the "crime" of blasphemy, even though the evidence suggests she's innocent.

Stephen Clark Brown, coach, minister, and teacher at Arlington Christian School has been arrested for secretly filming children in his school in a sexual manner.

Spider-man is the villain of his own universe.

But first, actual Halloween!

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I added a page for Queen album, Jazz.

Ex-Muslims of North America try to talk to Muslims about topics like the criminalization of atheism and the death penalty for ex-Muslims.

Some more video game trick-or-treating.

Alex Dainis has got her doctorate and is leaving her wet lab.

On to Thanksgiving!

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I added a page for old Windows game, SkiFree.

  • Trump says he will defy the US Constitution and eliminate birthright citizenship.
  • After a decade of trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, the only thing preventing insurance companies from ending coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, Republicans are now claiming that they are completely in favor of keeping protections for pre-existing conditions.
  • After personally instituting tariffs on hundreds of imports from dozens of countries, Trump says that the USA doesn't have any tariffs.
  • The Republican-run FCC recently lied its way to ending Net neutrality. Nearly everything that it published on the topic was a lie or half-truth, so, when they claim that community-run broadband will destroy everyone's first amendment rights, I trust them as far as I can throw them. The reality is, community broadband networks are almost always cheaper and faster than large corporations, and, since the FCC is currently in the pocket of Comcast and AT&T, they're willing to make up lies to scare people away.
  • Republican Doug Wardlow is being accused by a former high school classmate of bullying, LGBT slurs, and even suggesting that LGBT people should be murdered. I don't have much room to talk, as a teen who was Evangelical, I said the same things when I was in high school. But I wised up, accept and actively promote the LGBT community. Wardlow, on the other hand, uses the typical Republican approach. Deny everything and blame unrelated the Democrats.
  • Living in a culture that constantly mocks your existence is hard enough, but now Republicans are trying to define transgender people out of existence entirely. This has led to a major increase in the number of calls to a transgender suicide hot line.
  • Before you vote next Tuesday, take a moment to research your options for attorney general.

Ireland has finally repealed their harmful blasphemy ban!

Brazil's new despot president, Jair Bolsonaro, isn't just dangerous to women, the LGBT, and racial minorities, he's also extremely dangerous to anyone who isn't the same type of Christian he is. His goal is to turn Brazil into a theocracy where minorities must either convert to his religion or else! Quoting Bolsonaro, "God above everything. There is no such thing as this secular state. The state is Christian and the minority will have to change, if they can. The minorities will have to adapt to the position of the majority."

Who are those 3% of climate scientists that don't believe in human-caused global warming? Whoever they are, they renege on their bets!

Done with Halloween!

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The Halloween party was, once again, wonderful. It was a serious chore getting everything decorated, and then cleaned later, but they pay off was worth it. Great people, fun trivia, fun night!

I finished reading Bitwise: A Life In Code and made a graphic honoring Garth Williams' book The Rabbits' Wedding.

  • Several prominent Republican spokespersons declared, without evidence, that the mail bombs being sent to Democrats was a false-flag operation orchestrated by Democrats. When Cesar Sayoc was found and arrested, they discovered that he is a Republican Trump supporter, and yet, none of these people are issuing formal apologies for being dangerously wrong. The Republican Party has no ethics. They aren't even attempting to hide the fact that their goal is to lie to win. Their dishonest behavior is, unfortunately, nothing new, and Trump's inability to be bothered by terrorism is indeed terrifying.
  • Another ultra-Conservative white male gun lover went on a murdering spree causing the single deadliest attack on the Jewish community in American history, slaughtering 11 people and wounding several more. Trump, true to form, blamed the victims for not doing enough to protect themselves. A spokesperson for the synagogue said they do not want Trump to show up for the typical glory-hounding photo-op.
  • Trump's daddy got him out of the military, probably by bribing a doctor to invent an illness for him. Trump, despite playing sports all through school suddenly had bone spurs on a foot he couldn't remember. So, after being deferred from the draft several times, Trump mocked real military veterans saying they aren't strong enough to handle their PTSD.
  • The refugee caravan headed to the USA is no more a terrorist threat than any other refugee caravan, i.e., very unlikely.
  • Under Republican oversight, the Air Force has become increasingly corrupt. For example, their accounting books claim they have spent $326,785 on coffee mugs because each mug costs $1,280!
  • Due to the extreme corruption of the moderate party, Brazil has elected an ultra-Conservative racist sexist bigoted megalomaniac for their president.
  • To Trump, being civil is a joke, and he still lies even when pretending to be civil.
  • A history of the criminals Trump has hired to run the government.
  • Andrew Gillum points out the racism of Republican Ron DeSantis.

Megyn Kelly was sexually abused at Fox "News" for years. That was terrible and she never should have had to endure it, and the people responsible were not punished nearly enough. However, that doesn't make her a good person, or a competent journalist, and shame on NBC for hiring her. Her career is based on making bigoted comments devoid of evidence, and that is precisely why she was fired. Throughout her career, she has argued that Jesus was white, Santa can't be portrayed as a black man, and, most recently, that she couldn't understand why putting on black face and mocking black people is wrong.

Muhammad was a pedophile. This isn't news, even Muslims agree that he married Aisha when she was six, and had sex with her (i.e., raped her) when she was nine. There is some debate among Muslims for how old Aisha really was, some argue that she was older, perhaps ten or even eleven, but it doesn't change the fact that Muhammad was a pedophile. However, in Europe, it has become a crime to say the very obvious statement: Muhammad was a pedophile. So, I say it here now, because, despite the decreasing religious sentiments of Europe, they still hold on to the bygone notion that religions are intrinsically sacred, even when they support child rape. America, despite its flaws, continues to let me freely speak the truth, Muhammad was a pedophile.

Cold fusion does exist, it just requires more energy to make than it creates.

Ready for Halloween!

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I finished reading Michelle Sagara's Cast In Moonlight and added a page for the first Lone Wolf book, Flight From the Dark.

  • Going into the midterms, Trump has hit peak dishonesty.
  • Thanks to Republicans, the poor became dangerously poorer and the rich became obnoxiously richer.
  • I would much rather bring Central American refugees into the country than keep the Republicans who are okay with bombs being sent through the mail.
  • Since even before he became president, Trump's security advisors have been urging him to stop using his insecure iPhone for State matters because they are so easily hacked. But Trump, refuses to use a secure phone which has probably led to top secret information falling into the hands of enemies of the State. Trump mocked the journalists who wrote a recent article about this, saying he almost never uses his iPhone. Of course, he used his iPhone to mock them, and again, in a follow up post, he used it again.
  • Even if Democrats will every election in the midterms, the country is still in for another decade of ruin. But it's nice to be optimistic about a a blue wave turning into a rainbow wave to protect humans from the hatred of Republicans.

La Croix may have very little taste, it may have a ridiculous marketing campaign, but it does not contain roach insecticide.

Who would have guessed that hitting children is actually a bad thing?

Nobody think they're a racist. Not even racists. And sadly, a lot of times other people don't think racists are racist. Take Gregory Alan Bush who just murdered two black people in Kentucky and then told another man with a gun, "Don't shoot me. I won't shoot you. Whites don't shoot whites." This happened shortly after Bush tried to enter a predominantly black church. And yet, police chief Sam Rogers says it's too soon to say if the murders are racially motivated.

Mental Floss facts, just in time for Halloween.

Brazil is headed for another government run by a violent racist dictator.

Preparing for Halloween!

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I added a page for game books and began a page for the Lone Wolf book series.

Planning for Halloween!

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I added a page for illustrator, Garth Williams.

  • Trump is going to end a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia? Surely this means he's finally sticking it to Putin, right? Not at all, Putin also wants to end the treaty so Russia can build more nukes.
  • Trump openly admits to bigotry calling himself a "nationalist." A nationalist is someone who cares more about their own nation than humanity in general. The next question is, will he be completely honest and add "white" to the front of that?
  • Shortly after inciting a mob to attack a protester and offering to pay their legal fees if they're arrested, Trump and his fellow spineless Republicans called liberals a "mob." Of course, it is the Republicans who are driving their cars into crowds and sending bombs to Democrats.
  • It doesn't take much to convince a self-proclaimed honest Christian man to tell a lie they know is a lie. Just make them the vice president. You can be pretty sure, if it was said by a Republican, it's a lie, like, seriously, their whole party is built on a platform of lies.
  • Republican Adam Laxalt is running a campaign showing him to be a hard working class American, but his family is calling bullshit on it all.

Want to lose sleep at night? Try to picture what it was like to live on earth during the Permian mass extinction which killed off the vast majority of the world's species, then realize that human activity is the current cause of the newest mass-extinction.

A recap of the Apollo 11 moon landing from what the astronauts had to do to the rocket, lander, and capsule.

Hobby Lobby is responsible for millions of women not having access to birth control, illegally smuggled Middle Eastern artifacts, and now, a bunch of fraudulent biblical scrolls.

The speed run world record progression for Super Mario Bros. 3.

Decorating for Halloween!

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I added a page for the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game and the game mechanic, permadeath.

  • More evidence of the horrific murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has come out. Trump still loves the murderers.
  • Trump's tariff wars have done nothing but hurt the US economy.
  • Trump mansplains to women why they want to vote for the rapist party.
  • Trump went to Texas to lie his head off, as usual.
  • Living in a Republican state also means living in a poor state.
  • In addition to trying to prevent the poor and racial minorities from voting, Georgia is also requiring people to pay money to see state laws.

Arizona has very low vaccination rates, and, for what is an unrelated reason I'm sure, very high rates of preventable childhood diseases. The state was poised to put forward a vaccination education program to teach people how vaccinations work and show them the evidence demonstrating their safety and efficacy, but the anti-vaxer crowd complained so loudly that the state gave in and canceled the program. Now, even more people in Arizona will be ignorant to immunizations, and even more children will suffer and die.

Aron Ra talks up the phylogeny explorer project.

Game Theory discusses Super Hot.

Christians are still burning books rather than reading them.

The progression of world records of speed running Half-Life 2.

Packed weekend

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I took my girls to Crossroads Village to ride on the Huckleberry Railroad and go trick-or-treating. I had way more fun than they did!

Over the weekend, I finished reading In the Unlikely Event (it was really good) and beat the game Momodora: Reveris Under the Moonlight, an enjoyable Metroidvania. I also created a page for author Judy Blume.

  • Trump is planning on withdrawing from a nuclear arms treaty with Russia which is the first step toward bringing the world to a nuclear holocaust.
  • If we're going to continue to sell weapons to a nation that murders journalists, we should at least know who is buying what.
  • The current Republican explanation for why the US government is bankrupt is to ignore all their tax cuts for the rich and increased military spending and blame poor sick people.
  • It is your duty to get out and vote this November because, thanks to Republicans, many honest people won't be able to vote.
  • Serial sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh may be on our US Supreme Court, but his ability to abuse women and get away with it has caused other people to speak up about past sexual assaults and rapes.
  • Democrats created a bill that would let the many children who were raped by priests sue the priests who raped them and the church that protected the rapists. Republicans killed the bill. They also want to create a nation registry of your genitals.
  • While Republicans continue to deny climate change, scientific evidence is painting a terrifying picture.
  • How easily the Republican party backed Trump perfectly explains that it was never about morality or fiscal responsibility or Jesus, it was always about authoritarianism.

The self-proclaimed "good Catholic male" who refused to fill a woman's prescription to treat her miscarriage because he was convinced she was lying to him in order to get an abortion has been fired.

Want to design better looking levels in a game? Learn about art.

Airliners are allowed to do whatever they want to you. They can kick you off their planes even after you've boarded with a ticket in your hand, and there is nothing you can do about because they can say it needs to be don for "safety reasons." That makes me wonder why, after a passenger on Ryanair shouted racist comments at a black woman the staff didn't kick him off the plane, but instead made the woman move to a different seat.

Another Christian couple let their child refused to take their sick child to the doctor because they believe medicine is against their religion causing their son to die a painful death.

The history of world record speed runs in Super Mario World.

It's getting close to Halloween!

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I added a page for the Atari 2600 game, Enduro and the Jewish Book of Habakkuk.

I had my eyes checked today. They still work!

  • Donald Trump has direct access to the world's largest collection of intelligence agencies, and yet, he's just now accepted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead, not that it matters, he will still go through with the various arms deals like the American-made bomb that Saudi Arabia used to blow up a bus full of children. Not so surprising, many Christians are also in favor of continuing to make arms deals with Saudi Arabia even if they're responsible for the murder.
  • In general, Republicans are trying their best to make sure black people can't vote.
  • While Democrats are out campaigning, Republicans are sneaking in ultra-Conservative judges who hate the separation of church and state.
  • Republican John Flanagan doesn't want poor children to be educated, or teachers to be paid a living wage, and he thinks doing so is evil.
  • Republicans are a dangerous violent mob calling non-violent Liberal protesters a dangerous violent mob.
  • Trump is so ignorant to science that he thinks you can inherit a science education from your uncle.
  • For the love of dog Texas, please continue to not vote.

PushingUpRoses talks about the games of Homestar Runner.

The progression of world records for speed-running Super Metroid.

Some amazing piano renditions of Secret of Mana songs by Lara.

I remain

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I added a page for the Frank Turner album, England Keep My Bones.

  • Trump refuses to say anything bad about Saudi Arabia murdering a journalist, and, even as more evidence comes out showing government involvement, Trump continues to lie about his financial connections with Saudi Arabia so he can get their money.
  • As much as I love Elizabeth Warren, simply having Native American ancestry in your family doesn't make you a Native, so, many years ago, Warren should not have put down that she was Cherokee, and she should apologize for it today. That being said, Trump is still racist and wrong.
  • Boy, you have an extremely racist pro-rape government, and suddenly everyone wants to vote. Too bad Republicans are trying their hardest to eliminate voting especially if it can stop the black vote, but, this is to be expected from a party when a fifth of their voter base thinks ending slavery was a bad idea.
  • With Republicans in charge, you literally have to sue the government to get them to do their job.
  • Trump is the type of president who pays a porn star $150,000, cheats on his wife, and then insults the porn star.
  • Tucker Carlson, a talking head at Fox "News," whines that he can't eat in public anymore because everyone keeps shouting at him. Well, yes, you don't get to spend your afternoons blatantly lying to the world and then expect a nice quiet meal when you're done.
  • Brooke Baldwin points out that Republicans are not embracing women. Well, except when they try to rape them.
  • Leave it to Trump to use the presidency as a tool for cheating in real estate.

Kym Worthy tested thousands of rape kits that were left untested in Detroit for decades which led to the arrest of many serial rapists.

Officer Khalil Muhammad shot an 18-year-old black autistic teen twice. Muhammad justified shooting the teen saying the encounter escalated and boy looked like he was pulling out a gun, but camera footage from a person's porch camera shows that the 18-year-old boy was just standing there, not even moving.

Rachel Peterson received the worst news of her life, that her pregnancy had miscarried and the child growing inside her was dead. It was still early in the pregnancy, so her doctor gave her a prescription for misoprostol to induce labor and abort the tiny dead fetus before it becomes infected and extremely dangerous. But, when she went to a Meijer pharmacy, she met Richard Kalkman, a man who is convinced his god doesn't want Rachel to have the dead fetus removed from her womb. Sure, a doctor prescribed the drug to the woman, but what do doctors know? Kalkman has a strong personal belief, so he not only refused to believe that Rachel had a miscarriage and refused to fill her prescription, but he also refused to let another pharmacist handle her prescription, which goes against Meijer's own rules.

Shopping outlets do some pretty clever tricks to get you to spend more money.

Another day, another authoritarian false-patriot teacher shames a student for refusing to recite an oath tauting the importance of liberty.

Illy can bring herself up to a sitting position!

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I updated the Metroidvania page with a list of properties that I think best describes the genre, and a list of games which fit those properties.

  • Republicans sold their massive tax cuts for the wealthy by claiming the rich would put all their extra money back into the economy by expanding jobs and paying their employees more. Of course, neither of those things came true because they never do. Republicans have been saying this since the 1980s, through Reagen, Bush, and Bush the lesser. Rich people can afford to sit on their money, and they do because it's safe. If you want to spur the economy, you have to give tax breaks to the middle class and tax the wealthy more to force them to put their riches into non-profit write-offs. Anyway, now that the country is bankrupt, Republicans want to decrease their massive deficit by once again trying to eliminate health care. They're also fine with selling weapons to murderers.
  • Trump is a lying liar lying about lying.
  • Trump is a science denier.
  • Shockingly, Trump has reneged on a bet?!
  • Sweeny, Sweeny Trump!

Marijuana has been made legal in Canada.

Kelvin Cochran, a fire chief in Atlanta, was fired after he printed a book about comparing gay people to child molesters. The Mayor of Atlanta felt the Christian hate book violated the city's code of conduct. Of course, firing someone merely for what they write violates the US Constitution, so Cochran successfully sued Atlanta for $1,200,000. Sadly, Cochran actually did break a law in the process because he gave unsolicited copies of his self-published hate book to his co-workers. A government employee preaching religion to his subordinates -is- a good reason to be fired, and had the Mayor taken that approach, the city of Atlanta would have a lot more money and one less hate-preacher.

Bowser keeps on dating.

A woman called 9-1-1 because she thought a 9-year-old black boy groped her butt. Turns out, his backpack touched her while he walked past.

How fast can you beat Mike Tyson?

Girls keep getting more dangerous!

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I added a page for the Book of Nahum.

  • Just like Russia, Saudi Arabia is murdering those journalists who disagree with the government, and, just like Russia, Trump loves them to death!
  • The nearing midterms mark two important events. The first is a chance for Democrats to break the Republican majority that has been destroying the country for the past two years. The second is a cheerful reminder that Trump's presidency is halfway over!
  • The same Republicans who have been chanting "fiscal responsibility" have bankrupted the country.
  • Elizabeth Warren is barely native, but she never claimed to have recent heritage, only distant heritage, and, more importantly, she never abused her heritage for political gain. Trump, however, has made demands about her in a racist manner and even offered to give her $1,000,000 to prove it. Well, she did. Bitch better have my money!

No, women are not more violent than men. Yes, they may commit more acts of minor violence, but when it comes to killing people or putting them in the hospital, men are far more violent.

In addition encouraging the theft of private phone messages of celebrities and calling the women who protest Donald Trump, an admitted sex offender, "rabid feminists" and "vacuous," Piers Morgan is now mocking Daniel Craig for carrying his own daughter. Naturally, Piers Morgan received a lot of angry comments to his insult, which he responded to by claiming he was being bullied. Piers Morgan is trash.

About a decade ago, I remember reading that a slaughter-free hamburger patty made from cultured cow cells costs around $500 to make. Today, the estimate is about $10. I'm looking forward to the day when I can eat meat without having to kill an animal or destroy the environment.

Sick of losing billions of dollars because they have been protecting child rapists for almost a century, the Vatican has released the names of 31 more clergy who have credible child molestation accusations against them. And, just as they're admitting their child-raping problem hasn't been fixed, an archbishop explains that there is no such thing as an LGBTQ Catholic.

The progression of speed run world records for Metroid.

Beware the ides of October

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I added a page for the Hello Saferide album Introducing... Hello Saferide and created a list of may favorite video games by year.

  • Sure, Saudi Arabia murders journalists, but Trump doesn't think that's a good enough reason to stop selling them weapons.
  • The child prisons Republicans put together for the kids of immigrants who have been arrested continue to grow.
  • Yes, Trump colluded with Russia. Robert Muller has been giving us evidence for over a year now.
  • Republicans still can't stop shaming women who have been raped or were attempted to be raped. The big argument against them is, if they can't remember every single detail of their rape, they must be lying about it. But memory doesn't work like that.
  • Trump said he would give Elizabeth Warren $1,000,000 to take a DNA test to prove she has Native American ancestors, and then mocked her with the racist epithet, "Pocahontas." So, Warren took a DNA test which showed that she does indeed have Native blood, and told Trump to donate the million to a charity that helps protect Native women from violence. Naturally, Trump is now lying that he never said anything of the sort, even though it was video recorded.
  • Trump said climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese, and then denied he ever said it, because he tells so many lies, he can't keep them straight. Now, with the whole world in agreement against him, he's finally decided to say that it's not a hoax, but he still refuses to do anything about it.
  • Nikki Haley joins the ex-Trump administration. Bye Felicia.
  • Fox "News" continues to lie.
  • Trump and Kanye are imbeciles.

Prosecutors don't like it when black people are on the jury because they tend incite more dialogue between the jurors, often leading to more lenient sentences.

Christians continue to file lawsuits in order to discriminate against people even though they're not breaking any laws. Christians just hate gay people.

Does your state actively offer legal exemptions for religious people, but not secular people?

And another thing...

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I added a page for Turing tests.

  • Under Republican rule, the US refuses to sign the United Nations resolution condemning the death penalty for being gay. Our country now joins the ethics of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
  • Fearing a vote highly in favor of Democrats, Republicans are already begging them not to investigate all their corruption.
  • Republicans in the Senate are trying to push through as many judges as possible before they lose their majority, and they don't even care if the American Bar Association ranks them unqualified.
  • It's not so much that I miss Sarah Huckabee Sanders, since my taxes pay her enormous salary to lie to me, but it would be nice if Republicans actually attempted to hold themselves accountable.
  • Republican Eric Barber, the guy who told liberals to "get [their] coat hangers ready" after Kavanaugh was confirmed, is now calling doctors pedophiles for refusing to bully LGBT children.

Archbishop Donal Wuerl has resigned after it came out that he protected child rapists. While that's nice and all, he should be in prison.

The IRS is actively revoking the non-profit status of charities that don't file their 990 forms... unless it's a church.

Want to get better at running? Keep track of your runs with a GPS.

So... paper.


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I added a page for the Nightwish album, Once.

  • Trump "wrote" an article about health care, and, surprise, it was mostly lies.
  • What is depressing? Watching Republicans agree that climate change is a problem, only to change their minds when a black man gets in the white house.
  • After all his lies and dickish behavior, Brett Kavanaugh assures us that -now- he's going to be trustworthy. Of course, he's already showing his true colors, white's only.
  • Republicans continue to prevent people from voting because cheating to win works really well.

You probably wouldn't want to be employed in Hyrule.

No, religions don't make the world a better place, people who care about other people regardless of their religion make the world a better place.

Video games don't do a very good job at making sex scenes.

The Universe

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I added a page for the band Green Day and the SNES asciiPad.

  • Why don't women come forward after being sexually assaulted? Because Republicans like Kevin Cramer said that the movement to convince sexually assaulted women to speak up is a "movement toward victimization." Interestingly, the web site is now a site for survivors of sexual assault.
  • One thing the Trump administration is really looking forward to with Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is the elimination of the Russian investigation.
  • Ignoring the US Constitution, Trump wants to make protesting his decisions a crime.
  • Occasionally, Republicans will over-step their own voter id laws, and be temporarily stopped, but with a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court, there is a slow, but steady elimination of voter rights.
  • Brazil seems poised to elect a monster to their presidency. I wouldn't suggest visiting any time soon.
  • The EPA is no longer run by the anti-environmentalist Scott Pruitt, instead it's run by the racist Andrew Wheeler.

Charlatans, quacks, apologists, here's how they squirm they're way out of having to admit they're wrong.

How ninjas became mainstream.

Movies help us enjoy nostalgia in a nice 30-year cycle.

Want to scar your child for life? Have them watch The Brave Little Toaster.


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  • Why don't women speak up about sexual assault? Death threats. Presidential mocking.
  • After being a disrespectful asshole to Democratic Senators, blaming his history of sexual assault and drinking on the Clintons, and lying through his teeth the whole time, Brett Kavanaugh claims that he will be a "team player." Of course, Republicans said numerous times that they would be confirming Supreme Court Justices specifically to overturn Roe v. Wade. Eric Barber even went as far to brag about the ending of legal abortion saying, "Better get you're [sic] coathangers ready liberals."
  • Brett Kavanaugh's FBI investigation was a total sham conducted just to let those Republicans who have a dying ember of ethics left to vote against women and still pretend to be moral.
  • Racist? Sexual assault? Promotes violence against minorities? Are Trump and Bolsonaro bosom companions?
  • Another one of Trump's unqualified horrible hires calls it quits. True to form, Trump immediately lied about it.

Maybe celebrating Christopher Columbus's genocide of indigenous people isn't a good thing?

Some hidden gems in Queen's past.

Are toads just princesses in the making?

Getting to the bottom of the Girl Scouts.

Claiming that there isn't a white privilege, only a rich privilege in America ignores all of American history.

The worst of humanity

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Over the weekend, I finished re-reading Memoirs of a Geisha and finished re-playing King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.

Officials at a Seventh Day Adventist church wrote up a will for a dying member, writing out her children entirely, and leaving all her money and possessions to their church!

Spider-man hits hard!

There I go believing you again

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I added a page for Rilo Kiley's debut album and finished the Title sub-section for every video game in my Wiki.

An Indiana public school had to be threatened with a lawsuit before the administrators finally decided to follow the law and stop bringing in a preacher to push his religion on the school's teachers.

You can't make a truly random number, but you can at least make a pseudo-random number that's nearly impossible to predict.

If you are unfortunate enough to be using Windows 10, make a backup immediately before Microsoft deletes your documents, pictures, music, and videos with its 2018 October update.

Tomb Raider may have been a popular video game series, but it still had some awful games.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

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I've added a page for the Queen song, Seven Seas of Rhye. I've also created a color hack of the NES port of Tetris where each of the ten levels has a new palette.

  • The New York Times did a lot of investigative reporting on Trump's financial past and uncovered a lot of skeletons. Basically, Donald Trump kept screwing up, over and over again, but his daddy kept bailing him out. Remember that "small" $1,000,000 loan? It was more like $61 million, and Trump never paid it back. And, after a life of tax evasion and gifts, as Trump's father was dying, Donald bled his assets dry.
  • Brett Kavanaugh isn't just a rapist, he isn't just a liar, he isn't just a partisan shill, or a crybaby, or a... I'm sorry, I forgot where I was going with this. Long story short, Kavanaugh is a shining example of Republicans rewarding incompetence and violence. Try to cope with it as best you can.
  • Clutching his pearls and shouting, "won't someone think of the rapists?" Trump mocks women who survived sexual assault at one of his Klan rallies.
  • Clutching his pearls and shouting, "won't someone think of the white men?" Steve Bannon fears that women are going to become powerful in American society.
  • Republicans lost the fight on same-sex marriage. It's not legal across the country, and, while Gorsuch and Kavanaugh might make an effort to reverse it, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. But, that doesn't stop Republicans from being dicks about it.
  • There's something wrong when a millionaire Senator applies for bailout money set aside for farmers ruined by Trump's failures.

What's wrong with public schools promoting the religion of the administration?

Is Monsanto killing the bees? Yes, but so is everyone else.

Russians doctored this famous World War II photo, but why?

It's never as simple as you think

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I've added a page about my thoughts on the gender spectrum.

  • Republicans continue to work hard to get their angry frat boy appointed to the Supreme Court. It's making them look like rapist-sympathizers, so I can only guess that they're betting that rapey Kavanaugh's life appointment will outlive their rapey careers. And while Fox "News" may say that, if Ford can't remember every single detail about her attempted rape, she can't be trusted, experts in memory say her account is exactly what you would expect from a credible witness.
  • When Obama was leaving office, he ordered every government department to prepare books, charts, and speeches for their replacements that Trump was supposed to appoint. But, of course, the Trump administration was so unprepared they didn't even know they were supposed to replace the department heads! As a bunch of Trump loyalists were rounded up haphazardly, the majority of the government's departments were left without a leader. For example, there is an office that oversees the country's entire stockpile of nuclear bombs; it was empty for months! Trump finally got around to appointing someone who didn't even know what the office did, and couldn't even remember it in a list of three: Rick Perry. These are the kind of people who are running the country right now.
  • If the midterms blow up in Republican's faces, they can always blame China.

Humans are complex creatures, and you could never distill a person's personality into just a few metrics... or can you? No, you can't.

If you want a reminder of what kind of country the USA is, another convicted rapist will not receive any jail time.

Death to atheists is different than death to religious people.

The Nobel committee finally awarded another medal to a woman. This is the first time they've done so in 55 years, and only the third time in the award's history. To give you an idea just how sexist scientists can be, I give you Alessandro Strumia.


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I created a page for Captain N: The Game Master.

  • So, after Kavanaugh spent a couple hours screaming and refusing to answer any questions, the Republicans who would probably still vote for Kavanaugh even if he admitted to attempted rape, finally agreed to giving the FBI one week to perform an investigation of Brett Kavanaugh's rapey past. There's just one catch... they aren't allowed to actually investigate any of the women who accused Kavanaugh. Republicans also got rid of the sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell because now it seems she believe Ford. One woman who initially endorse Kavanaugh has backed out after learning that Kavanaugh took advantage of her as well. Even the Jesuit school that endorse Kavanaugh has pulled their endorsement. And, while it's a common tactic for police officers to lie to people and tell them that memory repression is common during traumatic events, neurologists point to the loads of evidence that says memory is much stronger during trauma events, which is why Ford's view of the night should be trusted more than Kavanaugh's. Of course, to a serial assaulter like Trump, every woman who accuses her abuser is a con artist.
  • In my entire life, the Republican party has pretended to be very concerned with being fiscally conservative. They weren't, of course, they always racked up huge amounts of the debt that the following Democratic president helped to decrease, but they at least claimed to care about being good with money. But now, with the nation's debt spiraling out of control under Trump, and every Republican is voting lock-in-step with him to cut taxes for the wealthy which keeps increasing it further, the veneer of frugality is so thin, you can see through it. Republicans also pretend to care about state's right, every chance they get, they use the federal government to override a state's decision. And with all the violating of their religious beliefs, these Republicans really need Jesus!
  • With Betsy DeVos in charge, the student load forgiveness program has rejected nearly every single person who applied for it.
  • Republicans have decided that the EPA should no longer have a dedicated science advisor.

Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, who was accused of raping children, has been relocated right next door to an elementary school.

A little bit of boredom goes a long way at increasing creativity.

Jehovah's Witnesses have to pay out $35,000,000 to the sex abuse survivor because, like the Catholic church, they helped protect her abuser.

Tie me to the bedpost

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I created a page for the Eve 6 song, Inside Out.

  • It's nice to see a woman's perspective on the Brett Kavanaugh attempted rape accusations. Also, the American Bar Association has told the Senate Judiciary Committee that they should halt the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh until the FBI does a proper investigation. Also, lie detectors don't work, so it's meaningless to point out that Ford "passed" a polygraph.
  • In general, Trump's Republican babysitters keep him from doing press conferences because he can't hold a train of thought for even a few minutes, not to mention all the terrible things he says. Well, Trump held a press conference, and he wasn't able to hold a train of thought for even a few minutes, and he said a lot of terrible things.
  • Trump's address to the UN was like when old white men who have terrible grammar complain about people speaking with a foreign accent. On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered an impressive speech saying that, even if the US wants to be an isolationist nation that refuses to help people in need, France will always help people.

A quick and dirty rundown of punctuated equilibrium explained by an actual biologist.

The NFL has some serious bad press against them, so now is probably not a good time to find out that they treat their cheerleaders like dirt.

Some of the more ridiculous claims of Christian Science.

Learning about the tactics people use to derail a conversation, and how to avoid it.

I want to be the girl with the most cake

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I created a page for the video game company Data East.

  • A man accused of sexual assault by multiple women, who was chosen by a man who has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women must convince a panel of men that he will uphold the rights of women. Another accuser has explained that she saw Kavanaugh drug women's drinks with strong alcohol. At least some good is coming out of this huge mess, even Fox "News" hosts are beginning to have their eyes opened now that their own daughters feel safe enough to talk about the times they were sexually assaulted. But it's still an upward climb. 48% of white Evangelical Christians say Kavanaugh should be confirmed even if he did attempt to rape a women.
  • Trump may have brought lots of laughs to the UN by claiming the be the best president in US history, but what he said later was down right horrifying. He basically said, the US will ignore human-rights violations in other countries if those countries ignore ours, and then went on to insult every other country, except for North Korea!
  • If you need a reminder why Trump's collusion with Russia is a major problem, remember, the Russian government is directly responsible for assassinating anyone who reports about their crimes.
  • Republican Ted Cruz, who mocks the women who come forward against the men who sexually assault them didn't have a very good dinner a couple of days ago when several restaurant patrons confronted him on his disgustingly sexist views.

A postmortem of Ultima Online.

Advertisers don't just just trick your eyes and ears, they also trick your nose.

It's the guilt and forever wakefulness of the weak

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song The Execution of All Things and the former video game company Jaleco.

  • There are now three women who are accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting them, but Republicans wouldn't care if it were three hundred, to them, Kavanaugh's victims are the enemy. Kavanaugh is trying to defend himself by claiming that "attempted rape" doesn't show up on his 1982 calendar.
  • One of Trump's biggest lies is his claim that he has accomplished more in his first two years than any US president has in history regardless of term limit. This is especially false considering he has failed to accomplish any of his major campaign promises (the Affordable Care Act is still in place, the Mexican border wall has yet o be built, etc.). Despite the fact that this claim is patently absurd, Trump always gets plenty of cheers when he says it at his rallies, which is probably why he was taken aback when he told that same whopper in front of the UN and everyone laughed at him!
  • Because the mean old mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico made fun of him, Trump is refusing to increase the size and strength of the United States of America. Puerto Rico has much to offer, but the big baby in charge can't see past his hurt feelings.

Former white supremacist Derek Black talks about how he finally left his culture of racism.

Administrators in a Texas public school tried to force a student to participate in a Christian ritual, and, when the student refused, commented on how the student was black, but not in the NFL, and then expelled the student! They later agreed to let the student return to school to avoid a lawsuit they would most certainly lose, but now they're trying to take away all the other student's right to refuse their ritual.

America could get a lot more people into the voting booths if we stopped making registration so difficult.

Social media, Facebook especially, is used to spread hate and lies, and so far, nobody has come up with a very good way of solving the problem.

Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today!

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I added a page for the game company LJN and uploaded scans of all seven issues of the Nintendo Fun Club, although, five of them are of low quality.

  • Brett Kavanaugh seems to have a history of sexually assaulting women, but Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is skeptical and doesn't think these accusations should ruin Kavanaugh's life... you know, the way he ruined the life of all the women he sexually assaulted.
  • The Family Research Council is a Christian American hate group. They created a conference called the "Values Voter Summit" where white men get together to lie about the LGBT community. And who was their headliner? Republican Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Nike may have taken on Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson, but they're still the same evil corporation they always were.
  • Will Trump be tricked into building a wall in the Sahara Desert?
  • The Daily Show has compiled their segments about Fox "News."
  • Texas defends their removal of several prominent women from their history text books by explaining how they need to make room for a mythological figure.

I'm so manly I'm afraid of certain ranges of the visible light spectrum.

Trying to figure out the most efficient way to pack spheres.

Catholics have been in the lime light for the past 20 years because they keep protecting their child-raping priests. But they have finally found a way to solve this problem... blame the gays!

Why do colleges tolerate fraternities when we know they lower student GPAs and cause injury, damage, and death? Probably because they make money for colleges.

Are you a bad enough dude?

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I added a page for the game Bad Dudes.

  • Brett Kavanaugh has another allegation of sexual misconduct against him, this time during his college years. Although, sexual assault charges has never stopped Republicans from appointing men to the US Supreme Court in the past like Justice Clarence Thomas who sexually assaulted Anita Hill, in fact, three of the Senators hearing Kavanaugh's testimony also heard Thomas claim that Anita Hill was racist for accusing him of sexually assaulting him. There seems to be a pattern among successful men in politics in how they handle sexual assault charges, and Kavanaugh is following them to the letter.
  • It seems all Donald Trump does all day is defend men who have been accused of sexual assault, despite claiming that he would be a law and order president.
  • Republican Jim Knoblach has dropped out of politics after his daughter accused him of sexually assaulting her for years.
  • Just to give you an idea of how juvenile Trump's speech is, you can very easily turn his direct quotes into a book for children. Speaking of juvenile, do we really need to talk about Trump's genitals?

Want to open anyone's garage door? Buy this toy and send a de Bruijn sequence.

Another day, another Christian pastor, Jose Vicente Morales, goes to prison for raping a child.

Some of the more interesting lawsuits against Nintendo.

I'm certainly guilty of this myself, but part of the reason why the Internet is a huge dumpster fire of emotion-fueled lies is because, without face-to-face interaction, people usually reward each other for saying emotion-fueled lies.


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I finished reading the popular psychology book, 59 Seconds.

It's that time of year again. Time to get your flu shot.

Christian pastor Gary Miller raped one of his own congregates.

Justin Schneider threatened to murder a woman, choked her until she lost consciousness, masturbated on her, and, when she regained consciousness, again threatened to murder her. But Schneider won't go to jail because the judge on his case refused thinks Schneider being fired from his job is punishment enough.

Waste of time

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I've added a list of my favorite albums sorted by release month.

  • Brett Kavanaugh's vote was pushed back in part because Republicans are keeping all the relevant information about his history secret, but also because of the allegations against him of attempted rape. Some people say that you should always believe an accuser until evidence can be show to the contrary, but Evangelical Christian Franklin Graham is not one of those people. To him, holding a woman down and trying to take off her clothes while she says "no," then covering her mouth while she screams, is a sign of respect. This isn't surprising, Evangelical Christians become pure evil whenever anything threatens their ability to regulate a woman's body. So far, the woman who accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape has received has already received death threats so credible she's felt it necessary to uproot her family.
  • A public school in Louisiana has been part of a lawsuit for awhile now because the teachers and administrators keep trying to convert students to Christianity, but recently a document has been shared which tells parents that the people suing the school have sent private investigators to the school to video record their children. This statement is probably a lie since the school has brazenly applauded their violations of the first amendment for years, but this is the sort of lies you have come to expect from Republican Mike Johnson?

Part of the problem of living of in a country where you have to beg for money to afford basic medical procedures means people regularly turn to the people they can afford, which is often charlatans.

Neuroscientists are making slow but steady headway at understanding consciousness.

While most museums now allow visitors to photograph their art, this has caused museums to alter their displays, but it also changes how people appreciate art.


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23andMe has an ad that just screams, "Do you think so?"

  • The number of immigrant children who have been imprisoned by the Republican Party is the highest it has ever been at well over 11,000. You know what else is at the highest number its ever been? The number of children the Republican Party has lost; now over 1,400!
  • Corporate America doesn't want another Dokota Access Pipeline style protest, so they've convinced legislators to criminalize protesting. First amendment? What first amendment?
  • Trump's "spiritual" advisor, a charlatan named Paula White, just told her congregation that they needed to vote Republican, a criminal act according to the Johnson Amendment. She then went on to tell several lies including that the Johnson Amendment has been repealed (it hasn't) and that California has banned the bible (they haven't).
  • Republican Chris McDaniel said, without evidence, that 99% of rape allegations are false.
  • I feel like I would get along well with Steve Shives.
  • Paul Manaforte is selling out Trump to the FBI, but it's hard to feel bad when Trump sold out America to the Russians.
  • Republicans are eating up QAnon in the same way they eat up religion.

If you believe that Western culture is based on Judeo-Christian values, you're just plain wrong.

The Brooklyn diocese just paid out $27,500,000 the the families of the children who were raped by Catholic priests.

Libraries often create displays based on banned books, where they showcase books that oppressive governments have banned from libraries because the Conservatives believe they know what's best for everyone. For example, the Rumford Public Library in Maine put together a table of several classic titles like "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Color Purple," and "Fahrenheit 451," and, almost on cue, three local pastors tried to get the banned books banned from the library.

GameTheory reveals the solution to their real-life contest.

Will it record to my VHS tapes?

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I made a comic about old people trying to use computers. If you don't get the joke, you're the reason why it exists.

  • Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of trying to rape Christine Blasey Ford when the two were in high school. Don Trump Jr. has mocked Ford suggesting that, to her, attempted rape means a child's love letter. Many Republicans are dismissing this attempted rape allegation in the same way they dismiss all such allegations. However, Ford has produced therapy documents from six years ago when she spoke to a psychologist about the attempted rape. This means that either Ford made up a story at least six years ago just in case Kavanaugh might be nominated to the US Supreme Court, or there is something to her story. I sincerely doubt that something Republicans would view as petty as a teenage rape accusation will affect how they vote regarding Kavanaugh, which means that Ford has permanently altered her life just to let the truth be known. That is serious bravery.
  • Republican Lindsy Graham tries to explain why it isn't a big deal to lie to the FBI about Russian collusion.
  • Trump's trade war continues with a further tax on $200,000,000,000 worth of Chinese imports, a move that will cost Americans consumers billions in fees over the next couple years. China responded, as predicted, by increasing tariffs on American imports, and now Trump is threatening to continue increasing tariffs until China stops playing fair. What Trump isn't smart enough to realize is, as the world's largest importer, most of our products come from outside countries. Trump's tariffs mean the average consumer must now pay more for most of their goods, but that isn't what's happening to all the countries involved in the trade war. While Americans are seeing a price increase in 80% of their products, the Chinese, Europeans, Mexicans, and Canadians are only seeing a 10% price increase. Not exactly a sustainable trade war for America. It's as though Trump is trying to bluff, but he only has a pair of twos, and he's holding his cards the wrong way, and the game is actually chess.
  • Count me among those who doesn't want Trump to be able to send me direct phone messages, even in the event of an emergency.
  • Republican Ted Cruz is trying to trick people into donating for his campaign by sending out contribution forms disguised as court summons. Not a surprising tactic from a man who sides with Amber Guyger, the police officer who accidentally murdered Botham Jean for the "crime" of sitting in his own living room.
  • The white folk living in Boston don't understand why it's the most racist city in the nation.
  • A Fox "News" troll, who works for a company whose stars keep getting arrested for sexual assault, tries to mock adult film workers for not being moral enough.

Corporations are not evil, but the people who run them often are. Just look at the Sackler family who became rich by getting America hooked on a highly addictive painkiller.

One of the off-shoots of millions of people buying smart watches is that they're effectively wearing a heart monitor at all times.

An interesting discussion between a Christian apologist and atheist Hemant Mehta. The apologists makes the typical false claims, but Mehta makes a lot of really great points.

A short history of the Ouija board.

Screaming babies!

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My girls had a blood draw today. Gabby's is not happy with her tiny veins!

I added a page for the Nintendo Fun Club, precursor to Nintendo Power.

Here's a cool video about the making of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Microsoft has a long history of directly lying to customer and they continue to this day. Their current approach is to treat software made by 3rd parties as a virus by popping up a fake warning messages suggesting that the 3rd party software might be dangerous. For example, when users of Windows 10 try to install Chrome or Firefox, the installation is interrupted with a warning message claiming that Microsoft's browser is safer. But, considering Microsoft's browser came dead last in last PwnToOwn hacking event, their claim is entirely false.

A Dutch news organization reports that over half of the priests in the Netherlands Catholic diocese have been accused of child abuse or protecting child abusers.

A Muslim group created a video called "Questions no atheist can answer." Spoiler alert, atheists can answer them.

Mormons don't want to be called Mormons any more because they think their god told them to stop calling themselves Mormons.


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I created a page for the cellular automaton, Langton's ant, as well as a couple programs to generate it.

  • Why is Donald Trump so terrible at dealing with disasters when that has been a large portion of his life? You don't write a statement that makes it sound like you're happy about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and you don't brag about having the tallest building in New York after the World Trade Centers were destroyed.
  • Thousands of people died because of Hurricane Maria hitting US territory Puero Rico, and they were left without power for almost a year. Or, as Trump calls it, a huge success. How can Trump make such a horrible claim? Because he refuses to believe the actual death toll.
  • How would a lie detector in the White House even work when everyone in the Trump administration lies all the time.
  • Braille is placed in elevators to allow blind people to ride without assistance. Trump decided to remove the braille from his elevators. Why? Probably because he doesn't want blind people living in his buildings.
  • Republican Betsy DeVos tried to illegally delay the implementation of regulations that protect students from predatory loan companies. 19 states sued her and won!
  • California Republican and devout Christian Andrew Cruz explains why Hitler wasn't that bad.

Even if you graduate from one of Maryland's private Christian schools, you'll have a hard time getting into a university because the schools are not accredited. But, despite handing out useless diplomas, the schools still received millions from the state in tax dollars!

Nirmal Mulye, CEO of Nostrum Laboratories, and defender of pharma-bro Martin Shkreli, just raised the price of an antibiotic 400%. He thinks that the likelihood he's going to kill people who can no longer afford the antibiotic is a moral good thing, because he's morally obligated to make money for himself.

Simone Giertz and Laura Kampf make a PEZ tampon dispenser.

The etymology of the word OK.

Alex O'Connor and Lloyd Evans talk about cults and religion.


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I played through the mystery game Home again last night. I also created a list of things that blow my mind.

Thanks to an anonymous leaker in Microsoft, we have learned that the company is going to start charging a subscription fee to anyone who wants security updates for Windows 7, their last decent OS and the one still used by the majority of people. This will only be for the Professional Edition, Home Edition users will be out of luck entirely. The fee will increase every year until 2023 when they plan on dropping support for the OS all together. Windows 8 will also be dropped at the same time and left unpatched (it was garbage anyway), so, anyone who wants to keep a secure computer must pay $139 to downgrade to Windows 10 and be subjected to all the limited features, removed customization, unstoppable reboots, and constant advertisements. I've been avoiding Windows 10 like the plague because it's such garbage, but I have still compiled a short list of problems and solutions to eliminate some of the worst Windows 10 "features." You can see my list here.

The Mega Man II Intro song played with cats.

Religious people are creepy.

What fresh new hell is this?

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The girls have reached 9 months today!

I finished reading 30-Second Quantum Theory and created a page for Adobe Flash.

  • Going all the way back to the 1940s, the past 12 US Presidents would start each morning with a CIA briefing so they could understand the threats against the nation. That tradition stopped with Trump who cares so little about the security of the country he can't be bothered to read even a couple pages a day.
  • What's the point of have a confirmation hearing of a US Supreme Court Justice if their background is kept secret, and they refuse to answer any questions?
  • Social media companies aren't silencing Conservatives, they're silencing compulsive liars, it just so happens they're the same people.
  • Another day, another lie from Trump. The economy actually isn't doing very well right now, and it's because of terrible Republican ideals.
  • Florida Republicans refuse to let people vote if they committed a crime in the past, but they might make an exception if you go to church. Of course, the USA has a long history of refusing to let people vote. For the majority of our nation's history most Americans couldn't vote.

California's dedication to clean renewable energy continues to make the rest of the states look bad.

I don't care about sports at all, but I do care when cartoonists like Mark Knight draw racist depictions of black people.

Mario Tennis Aces has surprisingly accurate physics, until you break a racket.

The anti-LGBT, anti-choice, pro-child molestation stances of the Catholic church is shifting the religious demographics of Argentina. It's still mostly Catholic, but people are officially leaving the church in droves.

A compilation of Dorkly videos about Final Fantasy.

Beware the giant carrot of doom!

Nazis... I hate these guys

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Gabby has reverted to waking us up at 3:00 each morning to be fed. We are not amused.

I beat the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein over the weekend and added a page for the Pre-Raphaelite art genre.

  • It should be illegal to appoint a government employee without having them be properly vetted, especially a life-time position like Supreme Court Justice, especially when the person in charge is mentally unfit to hold office. Nothing good can come out of purposely hiding damning information about them or allowing them to refuse to answer direct questions. But that is precisely how Republicans operate, but Democrat Cory Booker tells the hearing committee to piss off and releases their documents anyway, and Kamala Harris asks Kavanaugh some difficult questions. Keep in mind that Brett Kavanaugh isn't just going to fight to criminalize abortion, he's also going to fight to eliminate church/state separation.
  • Trump mocks everyone, but he is especially cruel to black people.
  • Republicans created voter id laws, not to prevent voter fraud, but to stop poor people from voting. Poor people traditionally vote Democrat, and they often have a hard time getting a government id because they require a lot of money and time that poor people can't afford. Thankfully, a group called Spread the Vote has been actively working with needy people to help them get photo ids so they can vote.
  • Republicans claim to hate Trump, but not enough to actually stop voting in his favor.
  • Republican Johnathan Woods was sentenced to 18 years in prison for accepting bribes in order to give taxpayer money to bible schools.

The clever world design of Super Metroid.

You can still experience awe and wonder even if you don't believe in gods.

Why fashion doesn't get to be copyrighted.

Keeping your mind sharp with the Dollar Game.

Sleep, it's what's for dinner

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I added a page for the game distribution company Valve.

  • More about the various Trump employees who are working to thwart him. It's nice that they're trying, but really, give the man enough rope to hang himself so wer can impeach the loser.
  • Trump's pick for US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, believes a long-since debunked myth, that women's birth control causes abortions. This is the same man who will be working to re-criminalize abortion after he's confirmed. I'm very happy to see several protesters at the hearings.
  • At one of his Klan rallies, Trump told his supporters that, if he gets impeached, it'll be their fault!
  • Arkansas Republicans force public schools to put a Christian slogan on their walls, but American Atheists is trying to help them be snarky about it.
  • I'm happy that the negative press about Trump continues unabated, but until he's actually impeached.
  • Nike exploits people for cheap labor. They're still evil even if they chose Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson.

Doctor Bell Burnell, discoverer of the pulsar, finally gets the recognition she deserves.

Idaho police are no longer to put homeless people in jail for refusing to go to Christian shelters that require anyone staying there to agree with their religious beliefs.

Want to help your city's congestion problem? Build better bike lanes.

The various differences of Zelda II between the Japanese and US releases.

Some interesting aspects of school history.

Meaningless fiddling about

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I added a page for the first DragonLance Tales book, The Magic of Krynn and the Windows 3 game, Pegged.

I don't understand why designers feel the need to make meaningless visual changes to their software. I finally bit the bullet and upgraded beyond version 56 of FireFox (I lost several of my favorite extensions in the process since that was the last version that had legacy support) and the new version is riddled with meaningless visual changes. Instead of a spinning circle to indicate page loading, there is a dot that bounces back and forth. HTML icons, which were once white pages with the Firefox logo are now black. The menus are now flat instead of using the 3D style of my OS. FireFox still has a long way to go before it catches up with Chrome in terms of speed and stability, so why waste time confusing users by making things look different for no reason?

  • The very same Republicans who demanded more time to review Obama Supreme Court appointee Elena Kagan are now forcing through the hearings of Brett Kavanaugh. Nothing new; Republicans are hypocrites. Also, some of the secret documents about Kavanaugh have been leaked, and he paints a pretty clear picture of how he is anti-abortion and pro-racism.
  • Apparently, just being racist and fascist isn't enough. Trump still thinks the job of the Attorney General is to break the law to protect the President, and he will continue to mock Jeff Sessions until he does.
  • If Trump's own personal advisors believe that he is incapable of doing his job, and a serious threat to the security of the nation, they shouldn't be trying to fight him from the inside, they should collectively resign and go public with what they know.
  • Trump continues to try and rid the US of anyone who isn't white.
  • Trump claims that Google is conspiring against him to bring negative articles to the top of their search results. He can't understand the reality that most Americans hate him.
  • On his very first day working as White House Communicator, Sean Spicer was lied about the crowd size of Trump's inauguration, because he was ordered to, and because he's a spineless coward. We've now learned that Trump also personally requested that a government photographer edit official pictures of his inauguration to try and make it seem like more people were in attendance! Trump is such a pathetic sissy!
  • The bulk of the Republican Party still hates gay people and would re-criminalize homosexuality if they could. But, thankfully, the USA is continuing to be more and more open to allowing consenting adults to do what they want. In fact, other countries that were colonized why Western cultures and had their hate imported into them are finally throwing off the same shackles.
  • White men are freaking out over Nike hiring Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson because he protests racism by refusing to stand for the National Anthem.
  • Turns out, it only costs 1$ to punch a white supremacist in the face!
  • Remember a year ago when Equifax announced they lost the private financial data of 145,500,000 Americans to hackers (months after the hack took place), putting everyone high risk of identity theft literally for the rest of their lives? Well, all these bills were introduced to stop reckless business practices like those of Equifax, but the Republican Congress killed nearly all of them, and we're back to where we started.

The birth (and death) of the epic Hollywood musical.

You know global warming is getting bad when the labs setup to measure increased flooding have to move inland because the flooding has increased too much.

Pope Francis has the perfect solution for the century of protecting literally thousands of child-raping priests... silence and prayer. I don't think silence or prayer would have stopped Robert DeLand, a Catholic priest who claimed he was seduced by a teenage boy into having sex with him.

Gwyneth Paltrow's stupid claim that shoving rocks in your vagina will cause all sort of great things has cost her $145,000.

Simone Giertz makes ugly desks.

Seize this moment

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I added a page for the Black Lives Matter movement, and one of the appropriated slogans, all lives matter.

  • Dictators like Trump, who hate the first amendment and want to outlaw protesting tell bald-faced lies publicly without apology because lying works, even when it's completely absurd.
  • Republican Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, just vetoed a bill that would increase the minimum salary of public teacher's to a mere $40,000 a year. Rauner's minimum salary is over $177,000 a year, and has an estimated net worth in the hundreds of millions, but public teachers in Illinois can be paid as low as $9,000 a year, a minimum wage that hasn't been increased in over 38 years! $40,000 a year is barely enough to live off of, but even that was too high for Rauner who wants to enact a "pay for performance" plan where teachers are paid based on how well their students take standardized tests. Republicans continue to be anti-education and anti-worker.
  • Two Russian spies have been identified as the attempted assassins of Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal. I'm sure Trump will be quick to ignore this completely. But, despite giving so much help to Russia, Trump isn't everything Putin was hoping for.
  • Saudi Arabia is planning on beheading human rights activists, and the US government is totally okay with it.

Ultraviolet light is non-ionizing, so, why does it cause cancer?

The fact that science updates itself when new data is made available is a feature, not a bug.

After the Pennsylvania Catholic diocese was shown to have protected hundreds of child rapists for decades, attention has been turned to the Kansas diocese whose very strict closed-door policy on child sexual abuse is bringing it under more scrutiny than usual. But it isn't just Catholics who cover up abuse, the Jehovah's Witnesses have a long history of it as well.

When you think about it, it's actually pretty cruel to everyone who lost a loved one in a disaster to thank a god that your loved ones survived.

What if Bowser dated Princess Daisy?

Four-day week! Thanks labor unions!

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My tooth socket has mostly healed up. I still have a couple stitches that need to fall out, and the area is still tender, but I should see bone growth over the next couple months enough to get an implant put in.

I finished reading About a Boy, and really loved it. I then watched the movie, which was a pretty good adaption, and the first couple episodes of the TV series, which was awful.

  • Republicans continue being racist. In order to get a passport in the USA, you need your birth certificate to show your status as an American. However, if you look Mexican, that's not good enough.
  • Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee explains why Russian hacking is a serious problem for US national security, and asks why the White House is flat-out denying it.
  • In order to evaluate Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh's, record, it must be made available to Congress. Naturally, Republicans are refusing to allow Congress access to over 100,000 pages of his record specifically relating to his time as George W. Bush's lawyer, you know, when covering up crimes against humanity is most likely.
  • Trump celebrated Labor Day by ridiculing the head of a labor union, and unions in general.
  • Journalist Bob Woodward has released a book claiming that some of Trump's White House aides stole documents from Trump to prevent him from signing them because they see him as a danger to national security.
  • Now that he's retiring, Conservative Judge James DeWeese explains that converting people to Christianity has been his career goal. This means that he was probably lying the entire 11-year battle when he claimed that the Ten Commandments he put in his office was not meant to promote his religion, but merely to show examples of law throughout history.

A recap of all the US-born racism of the past couple months.

Phil Braun, the angry white man who protested Colin Kaepernick protest of abusive police officers, lit himself on fire.

You can always trust corporations to be evil.

The US is the only industrial nation in the world that has a severe mass-shooting problem.

After a student refused to stand during his public school's mandatory Pledge of Allegiance, gym teacher Karen Smith forced the child to stand, injuring him in the process. She has since plead guilty to child abuse, but the charge will be wiped from her record if she retires and doesn't injure any other children in the next 18-months. I actually feel bad for her. Considering her age, she was a child during a rather fascist time in American history where people were being locked up for exercising their rights. However, that was a long time ago, and she should have learned by now that the USA will not abide those who force children to swear loyalty oaths and prayers.

If you're eating cannabis edibles, you're probably fine, despite what Dr. Merrillee Brown says.

Kevin "Scott" Heffner, pastor of Victory Baptist Church and Principal of Victory Baptist Academy in North Carolina is currently in jail for sending pictures of his penis to girls 15 years or younger.

Three-day weekend, thanks worker unions!

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I added a page for the Alanis Morissette album Jagged Little Pill.

  • Republicans eliminated a massive portion of the federal governments income by giving a massive tax break to the extremely rich, and, at the same time, increased funding to the US military despite it being the largest and most expensive in the world. So, now the federal government is effectively bankrupt. So, how do Republicans deal with this problem? Do they reinstate taxes? Do they eliminate wasteful military spending? No. They cut the planned raises for the majority of government workers. I guess it's just bad timing that he just declared the US economy the best it has ever been.
  • That delicious poisoned Flint water, brought to you by Republicans, is now available in Detroit public schools. And why can't the schools afford to get better water? Because Republicans have robbed them of $4,500,000,000 to pay for all their other mistakes.
  • Republicans have eliminated the US funding of Palestinian refugees.
  • Republican Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is trying to limit the power of schools and universities to investigative sexual assault.
  • Just because Trump is completely unqualified for his job, why does that mean everyone he hires also has to be completely unqualified for their job.
  • Trump is planning to sell off the US postal service to a private company, but shh! He doesn't want anyone to know about it.

Homeopathic pills do not treat disease because they have no beneficial ingredients. But, a recent study shows they do contain dangerous contaminants.

Stay curious my friends.

How many thousands of children have died a horrible painful death because their parents were ignorant to vaccinations.

The typical religious response to the question of free will is, we have to have it because we wouldn't like it if we didn't.

Those hard candies look delicious!

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I added a page for the Android OS and added maps to the Spy Hunter page.

  • The fact checkers at the Washington Post have serious journalistic integrity. While I'm willing to call out Trump's bullshit as lies, they take the conservative approach that, unless they can prove that a person definitely knew something and was actively trying to deceive, they won't call it a lie. Well, with Trump, we really are at that level.
  • Trump thinks he's good friends with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un because, in general, Trump really admires dictators. But, North Korea is not denuclearizing despite Trump claiming they would, and this has caused him to lose face. So, what does Trump do when he's caught with his pants down? He blames someone else! This time, Trump is claiming that China is ruining his friendship with Kim Jong Un. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the threats of murdering the North Korean people, or insults hurled directly at Kim Jong Un. Nope, it's gotta be the Chinese.
  • Trump tried, unsuccessfully, to buy several decades of dirt that has been collected by the National Enquirer.

If you demand from a scientist to be told how life began, be prepared for them to call your bluff.

It happens so rarely, that, when it does, it becomes headline news. Usually, when a white cop shoots an unarmed black teenager, they aren't even reprimanded. But, Roy Oliver, who shot a 15-year-old boy in the head, and lied to investigators claiming the boy was trying to run him over even though the boy was fleeing, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

How music was made on the SNES.

I'm not a huge fan of Aron Ra's take on morality, but it does give food for thought.

Gums slowing healing

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  • Trump is taking a page from the weirdo conspiracy book of Alex Jones. He's telling Christian leaders, not only that he eliminated the Johnson Amendment, the law that makes it illegal for them to endorse specific political candidates (he tried, but failed), but that if they don't re-elect Republicans, the "[Democrats] will overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently." Begging people to break the law to help keep your political lead seems to be a common theme among Republicans.
  • Masha Gessen talks about Russian autocracy, and how it applies to the US, now that Trump is best buddies with Putin.
  • The typical Conservative approach to STDs is to tell teenagers to not have sex. That, of course, doesn't work. Not only do teens continue to have sex, but they don't use contraception, which not only increases the rate of unexpected pregnancies, but increases the rate of sexually transmitted diseases. With Republicans under-funding the CDC, STD rates are soaring once again.
  • A recap of Trump's imprisonment of immigrant children. And, to be clear, it's still a major problem. The US government has taken children away from their parents adopted them out to American families, and refuses to ever give them back!
  • Republicans may blame immigrants for murder, but the problem has always been men who think they're entitled to women.

What is a mass damper, and how does it prevent tall things from shaking apart?

Catholics didn't just rape the children in their orphanages, sometimes they tortured them, and sometimes they murdered them.

Jordan Peterson may abuse science for political reasons to the point where he doesn't even grasp the basics, but that doesn't mean you have to.

Yet another Christian pastor is arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography.

How to tell if you have food poisoning rather than some other illness?

Tooth hasn't regrown yet...

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  • Sara Huckabee Sanders lies about Trump's job creation, or lack thereof.
  • Despite all the love Trump claims to have for the US flag, he can't seem to color it correctly.
  • Once again, federal judges rule that Republicans violated the US Constitution when they drew their voter district lines.
  • While Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was running his father's company, they falsified various construction permits over a span of several years. So far, the Kushner Company has been hit with a total of $210,000 in fines, but the company denies it entirely.
  • Paul Manafort is a thief and a tax cheat, which, according to Trump, makes him a very good person.

The greenhouse effect explained by an actual physicist.

What happens when video games become more realistic?

It really isn't very healthy to pee in a pool.

There will be blood

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Got my tooth pulled today. In the end, it's going to cost me around $3,000 for the removal and implant. Although, compared to other treatments in US health care, this is just grabbing my ass, not full on rape.

Over the weekend, I finished reading Mistakes Were Made (but Not By Me) and watched the movie Peter Rabbit. It wasn't that great. I also added a page for the Peter Rabbit universe.

  • In a survey of US economists, 95% said that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was beneficial to the US economy. So, naturally, Trump is killing it.
  • Part of what causes white people to vote Republican is the fact that the US is becoming more diverse. We're expected to see the white population shrink below 50% by 2045, and that causes a lot of white people to become so terrified, they're willing to vote for fascists. That's just part of the American tradition of white supremacy.
  • Katy Tur, one of the few people who covered Trump's campaign from the early days, and who was sexually assaulted by Trump, talks about his possible 2020 campaign.
  • Another day, another mass shooting in the only modern country in the world that has regular mass shootings.

More Tinder of the video game world.

You protect a few thousand child rapists, and, suddenly, nobody wants to show up for mass anymore.

Our food is becoming less nutritious, not because of breeding, genetic manipulation, or soil depletion, but for the same reason we're seeing climate change, carbon pollution.

Many hotel chains have given up on putting bibles in each room, not just because few people want them, but also because it's beginning to be a liability. But Marriott is now including in every room a Book of Mormon. I guess that's just more for my collection. Every time I stay at a hotel with a holy book of any kind, I take it and add it to a pile. I have around 20 so far.

Still ouch

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song Glendora.

  • Trump cheated on his third wife with two women. Despicable. He directed his lawyer to pay them to keep silent. Scumbag. He lied about it several times. Pathetic. While all of that makes him a disgusting human being, it's all perfectly legal. But having someone else pay to keep it quiet while also running for office? Well, that's a crime!
  • Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort is going to prison for eight counts of fraud. Of course, Trump, being soft on crime, is considering pardoning him. Hell, even the people who wanted him to walk couldn't help but found him guilty.
  • But Trump's buddies aren't the only filth; Republican Duncan Hunter was found guilty of illegal campaign contributions, despite trying to cover it up using his Christianity.
  • If you've ever read a book about cognitive dissonance, you can understand why Trump, despite all the evidence to the contrary, still believes he's doing a good job.

Captain Disillusion debunks the Escherian stairwell.

I know I complain about how the dominate religion of my culture persecutes all others, but when you let a religion have their way unchecked, you get problems like those in Indonesia where if a non-Muslim complains that a mosque is too loud, she goes to jail for 18 months.

Trigger warnings have been part of our culture for decades, but it's only recently that people have been freaking out about them. They are beneficial to society, despite the attempts at creating a very bad study to prove they're not.

Christianity is on the decline in Australia, and, with it, young-earth creationism.

When your games loses out to another game.

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I answered several random questions about atheism. I also added a page about which properties determine whether a game will be action or adventure oriented, and listed the properties of several games.

  • Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, plead guilty to eight counts of violating campaign laws to buy the silence of the women Trump had affairs with to help get Trump elected, but argues that Trump made him do it. He's also agreeing to aid law enforcement in anything to do with the Russia probe.
  • Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was being tried for tax evasion, bank fraud, and failing to disclose foreign accounts. He was found guilty on all eight counts! Despite his guilt, Trump is praising his corrupt campaign manager for not cracking. Of course "cracking," implies that Manafort has even more dirt on Trump that he's keeping secret!
  • As the number of convicted Trump employees continues to grow, it does make you wonder how much crime is acceptable before he must be impeached. All this corruption has made people more politically aware, so this will probably be one of the most active midterm elections in recent history.
  • After Republican Ajit Pai eliminated Net neutrality despite the majority of Americans demanding it remain, telecom companies claimed they weren't going to throttle the speeds of users. We all knew this was a lie, but now we know how dangerous their lying can be. Verizon has been caught throttling back the speeds of a California Fire Department. Even though they paid for unlimited data, Verizon throttled back their service and is demanding they pay more each month to get their service back to the normal speed. Meanwhile, wild fires across the state are destroying lives and homes, but Verizon doesn't care.
  • Thanks to global warming, shipping companies are being able to sail through the Arctic regions. Meanwhile, Trump is eliminating federal restrictions on toxic coal pollution.
  • Alex Jones doesn't deserve a time out, he deserves to have his platform taken away, and probably some jail time.

The original 300+ child-raping priests in Pennsylvania who the church protected are just the ones who had a documented history. Now that the cat is out of the bag, previously undocumented priests are being accused of sexual assault, and the diocese is finally treating them like the sexual predators they are. But I don't want you thinking it's just Catholics who do this, Evangelical pastor Martin Kofi Danso accidentally knocked up his mistress and told her to have an abortion or God would kill her.

Q&A for Lindsay Ellis.

The 1985 thesis of PZ Myers.

Why are gods so terrible at getting their point across?


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I think I fractured my index finger while running from my dog and squeaking a rubber chicken.

  • Trump doesn't know jack about trade, and neither does his staff. He is really screwing things up for the US economy.
  • Former White House staffers continue to tell horror stories about the current administration.
  • Republicans are going ahead with their plan to punish legal immigrants for using the governmental services they are entitled to.
  • As usual, Republican big government is trying to take away states rights by preventing them from re-instituting Net neutrality, but already 22 states are asking the court system to fight back against their tyranny.
  • If you're being investigated for obstruction of justice, it probably won't help your case to eliminate security clearance from those who are critical of you.
  • Republicans, thanks to scam artists like Betsy DeVos, are giving your tax dollars to religious schools and allowing people to donate to them and get tax credits.

Before you try that home remedy, make sure it isn't going to do more harm than good.

Sam Harris and Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, neither of whom are historians, argue about history. Naturally, they both get nearly everything wrong, and an actual historian explains why.

Weeks after it came out that the Pennsylvania diocese had protected at least 300 priests who had sexually assaulted children, the Pope finally addresses Catholics with a solution that will end molestation in the church for good. He tells Catholics to pray and fast.

A trailer for Vitamania, a documentary about the vitamin and supplements industry.

A Texas back-to-school student prayer rally sponsored by 40 local churches drew a crowd of students totaling zero.

Tin is surprisingly interesting.

Why does Link look like an elf and wear green? Peter Pan.

Like a boss!

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Married another couple over the weekend.

The UK stupidly leaving the EU is not only going to hurt their economy and make everything more difficult at their borders, but it's also going to create new problems for Ireland, and might ultimately be the spark that sets alight Northern Irish independence.

A church inadvertently makes an anti-evolution graphic using the album art of anti-religious metal band!

Another day, another Christian pastor is arrested for raping a child. Have fun in prison Ricardo Strachan.

Id laws don't just prevent poor people from voting, they also make life more dangerous for transgendered people.

In '65 I was seventeen and running up 101

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I added a page for the video game themed book series Worlds of Power, and the first book in the series, Blaster Master.

  • You don't need to hear Trump use the N-word to know that he's a racist. He's been saying and doing racist things for decades.
  • The White House continues its downward spiral.
  • After the Boston Globe published a collection of all the newspapers around the country who criticized Trump's call to violence against the free press, someone called in a fake bomb threat.
  • The boos finally reached Trump about his war-mongering parade, and he has decided to cancel it, blaming everyone else for the high costs. Of course, we all know what really happened, he became embarrassed after seeing my awesome graphic!
  • The Republican party really is going full fascist.
  • Retired Admiral William McRaven, after hearing about Trump revoking the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan because Brennan was critical of Trump's many failures, demanded that Trump revoke his security clearance as well, stating it would be an honor.
  • If we get rid of undocumented immigrants, who will grow, transport, prepare, cook, and serve our food?

Many of the horrors committed by the priests in Pennsylvania have come to light, and it's just sick what they did, how long they did it, and how much protection they received from the Vatican.

A female doctor is more likely to save your life, so why do we pay them half as much as male doctors?

The saga of Dennis Prager's really stupid argument about the after life.

A reminder of what the Internet was like at the turn of the millennium.

When I turned 16 I was furious and restless

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I added a review for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and the casual game, Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre.

  • Former CIA director John Brennan has rightfully been speaking out against Trump's failure to protect Americans from Russian cyber attacks, so Trump responded by revoking his security clearance. Trump has also threatened to silence in a similar way any other critics in the US security and intelligence sectors. Meanwhile, a new Russian satellite is behaving in a strange way, and US intelligence claims it doesn't know Russia's intent with it.
  • Over 300 newspapers around the country call out Trump's violent rhetoric against the free press.
  • At Trump's demand, the White House forces employees to sign a non-disclosure agreements saying they won't leak any of Trump's ignorance or bigotry to the press. Of course, the NDAs are not legally binding, the White House just does it to placate Trump.
  • The USA was involved with the Saudi Arabian coalition that just bombed a school bus full of children.
  • Like most of American's disgustingly wealthy self-proclaimed patriots, Betsy DeVos avoids paying taxes on her yacht that she anchors and sails in the USA by claiming it's registered in the Cayman Islands.
  • Trump is expected to waste $92,000,000 of the US taxpayer's money just to see soldiers and tanks on parade. Can't we just get him some green plastic army men to play with?

Is it possible to have a square with only three sides? What about five sides?

Seth Andrews talks to people about all the weird things they used to believe in.

What it's like to live in a home the size of a closet even when there is plenty of land to build on.

Beware the ides of August

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I finished reading Nick Hornby's book, Funny Girl, which I loved. I also added a page for Microsoft's Minesweeper.

  • I miss living in a country when you could actually trust what came out of the White House to be mostly true. With Republican's in power, reasonable people must automatically distrust everything they say until it can be confirmed to not be a lie, but it usually is a lie.
  • Under Trump, coal plants are closing at the same rate they were under Obama, despite his claims to have rejuvenated the dying industry.
  • When you surround yourself with dishonest people, you should expect everything to become a shit show.
  • The Republican goal of hiding where money comes from is especially helpful to astro-turfing.
  • Trump doesn't have the slightest idea what's going on in the world, where countries are, or even how to pronounce them.
  • Betsy DeVos has been paying Republicans to ruin American schools for decades.
  • One good thing you have to admit about Trump, he's so loud and obnoxious, he can't ever do any evil in secret.
  • Things continue to go poorly for Alex Jones.
  • White supremacist Jason Kessler was interviewing his Republican friend and Nazi Patrick Little about his failed Senate attempt, when it came to light that he was filming in his parent's house (because he lives with his parents), and his father was none to pleased that his son was promoting racism in his home!

Yet another Catholic diocese is discovered to have systematically protected over 300 child-raping priests.

Republican gun nut, Dan Roberts, is pissed off that he put Sacha Baron Cohen's dildo in his mouth and is trying to sue.

Science teachers Coleen and Milan explain why they teach evolution.

Dorkly has created some pretty dark animations over the years.

California constantly has wild fires, in large part because of humans messing with the environment.

Tuesday the 14th?

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I added a page for the book Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. and the author Beatrix Potter.

  • The bad news is, there was another rally in Charlottesville, Virginia full of white supremacists, Nazis, and KKK members, you know, the people Trump loves. The good news, they were vastly out-numbered by the amount of counter protesters! It's sad that we still have to have counter protests like this, but, if you remember, back in 2017, Trump was toying with the idea of renaming the "Countering Violent Extremism" program to a much more specific (both racially, and ideologically) "Countering Radical Islamic Extremism." Like most of Trump's talk, the White House hasn't followed through, but it gives you an idea where their priorities lie. Rhetoric like is no doubt partially responsible for non-violent black activists being spied on and kidnapped by the US government. You have to wonder, under Republican leadership, are law enforcement agencies being ordered to even look into the KKK giving candy with racist literature to random children?
  • Sheesh, lie to millions of people about your cancer-causing weed killer, and suddenly, you're the bad guy! Monsanto will have to pay $289,000,000 in damages, but, naturally, the EPA under Republican leadership still says the cancer-causing chemical glyphosate is perfectly safe.
  • Hasan Minhaj gives a very serious talk about whether a sitting president can recuse himself of his own crimes.
  • Republican hopeful Melissa Howard admits that she lied about her university diploma, but said, "It was not [her] intent to deceive or mislead anyone." Really? You created a fake diploma, not for deception, but for... what? Howard is taking the moral low ground and intends to stay in the race for Representative claiming she will "lead by example from now on." This it truly on-point for the Republican brand.

Some of the more horrifying security flaws that have cropped up recently.

Tipping is bad for the economy and has a racist history.

Coming out as an atheist is always a scary proposition, but sometimes it goes pretty well.

Why does Iran hate the USA and UK? Mostly because the USA an UK have been extremely terrible to them for decades because they wanted to have an independent democratic government and sell their oil at a competitive price.

Monday the 13th

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Over the weekend I installed, played, and beat Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent.

  • People who continue to lie should be punished, not made into the US president.
  • It's not even exaggeration anymore to say that everyone associated with Trump is a criminal.
  • Trump's pro-war Space Force is a really stupid idea and not much can be done to make it sound less-stupid.
  • There is a concentrated effort to cast doubt on the scientific consensus of human-caused climate change, and it's terrifying. Why do intelligent people like the Koch brothers want to purposely continue the destruction of the environment?
  • Ever since Republicans have passed laws making it legal to hide where political money comes from, all sorts of new dishonest attack ads have shown up targeting democrats, and nobody can say for certain which Republicans are responsible for them.
  • Trump is very much against chain migration... unless it helps his inlaws.

Black men are much more likely to be shot to death by cops than white men or women, but it's not just white cops who do the shooting. Black cops are also more likely to shoot black men than anyone else.

Christians continue to lie to children about sex in public schools. In this episode, they tell children that if they become sexually aroused too often, they won't be able to develop romantic relationships when they get older.

More hidden messages in video game hardware.

Christianity continues to die in America. South Carolina, one of the nation's most religious states, has lost almost 100 churches in the past seven years.

Did you know you can make a calculator out of marbles falling down various chutes?

Still have blood in my mouth

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I added a page for the Microsoft Windows port of Tetris and the image compressor PNGOut.

  • Trump appointee for Secretary of Commerce, Republican Wilber Ross, has been accused of swindling from his business associates $120,000,000. Trump's earliest backer, Republican Chris Collins has been arrested for insider trading. Trump keeps incriminating his own son. Former speaker of the house Sean Spicer is doing a book tour defending all the lies he told for Trump. Did Trump hire anyone who isn't a crook?
  • Republicans are demanding the US win the war in space having not been informed that there is no war in space. Trump insists on a new branch of military just for space having not been informed that the US Air Force already has a space division. Republicans are crippling the US economy by wasting billions adding more to the already largest military in the world.
  • Trump is still trying to convince his fellow Republicans to let him stop the investigation about his collusion with Russia.
  • Republican Stephen Miller, grandson of minority religious immigrants and creator of a law that bans minority religious immigrants from entering the country, is now trying to deport legal immigrants.
  • Now that Melania has found out, along with the rest of the country, how Donald Trump has cheated on her multiple times, she doesn't appear to be playing ball anymore.
  • Women in the US still face a lot of discrimination, especially because they can get pregnant.

Police officers Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel choked an unarmed black man to death. Armando Frank passively resisted the demands of the two cops saying he would comply if they show him their warrant. The two officers instead choked Frank for six straight minutes then dragged his corpse to their squad car before finally realizing that they had killed him. They made no attempt to resuscitate him, and, according to an expert on Louisiana law, police are allowed to use any means of force they deem necessary, and, because of this, neither officer will be punished.

The medicinal importance of having someone poop inside of you.

Christian pastor Bill Hybels has a dark history of sexually assaulted his assistant and sexually harassed several other women, and his entire staff has resigned in disgrace for initially taking his side only to be prove wrong.

Gonna need an extraction

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I added a page for the Famicom Disk System.

  • If Republican Stephen Miller were in power when his grandparents immigrated to the US, he would have turned them away and they'd probably be murdered for being Jewish.
  • Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his friend Rick Gates are both criminals, but they might not see jail time because Trump loves to pardon criminals.
  • Why do white supremacists, KKK, and Nazis congregate to the Republican party?
  • Even though corrupt Republican Scott Pruitt is out, his replacement, coal supporter Andrew Wheeler, is just as anti-environment as they come.
  • All four West Virginia Supreme Court justices might be impeached for corruption. State Democrats say that Republicans waited until after a Republican governor was elected to address the corruption so that all of the seats can be filled at once by a Republican.
  • In 2012, Border Patrol Agent Lonnie Swartz shot across the US/Mexico border and killed 16-year-old José Antonio Elena Rodriguez. The boy was hit 10 times, mostly in the back, while Swartz was standing in the USA and Rodriguez was in Mexico. The US government's official position was that foreigners on foreign soil have no rights, and, therefore, it's perfectly legal for Americans to murder them. How it took nearly six years for US courts to conclude that murdering someone across a national border is actually illegal is beyond me.
  • The National Archives is denying Senate Democrats access to files about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh unless they first get permission from Republicans.
  • Ohio Republicans aren't exactly a cut above the rest.
  • The details of how the Republican party has partially sold out to Libertarians like the Koch Brothers and they're spending millions to get Americans to vote against what they actually want.
  • Trump says immigration is bad, and chain immigration (where whole families are brought in) is even worse. Naturally, His immigrant wife's family of immigrants are now American citizens.

For those of you who have been considering buying the DragonBox Pyra, there was an AMA with the hardware designer.

Some glitches in the New Super Mario Bros.

In case you needed another reason to hate Comcast, they had a security flaw which exposed the personal information of millions of their users.

The unchecked power of corrupt American prosecutors.

Another day, another Christian pastor is going to prison.

You could actually fuse all your chromosomes together, but I don't recommend it.

Tooth surgery today...

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The infamous Tersigni Sisters are wanted for under-aged voting!

I added a small page for the disc software AnyBurn.

The election results for Genesee County show it's still primarily Democratic, and all the millages passed.

  • Trump keeps admitting that his son, in order to help his father win the presidential election, deliberately colluded with Russians.
  • LeBron James opened a school for high-risk children offering them free lunches and free college. Naturally, Trump hates him.
  • Republicans are working to make US citizenship more difficult, especially if they have ever been sick or poor.
  • Trump's pick for US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh believes that US presidents can ignore laws they don't agree with, and should not be punished.
  • Republican Rand Paul is following Trump's lead and inviting Republicans to the US, but doesn't think that there will be time to talk about Russia's endless hacking of the US government. Well, at least he will get have a nice chat with Russia's latest special US envoy, Steven Seagal. Seriously, is this real life?
  • An investigation into the FCC shows that they were subject to a DDoS attack which means Republican Chairman Ajit Pai lied about it. The more likely reason their servers went down was due to the overwhelming amount of people wanting to voice their opposition to the Republican elimination of Net neutrality.
  • In 2017, Stephen Dalton Baril raped a woman. In court, Baril admitted that there was enough evidence for him to be found guilty, but despite this fact, Judge Humes J. Franklin refused to sentence him to prison at all, and instead told him that he merely wasn't allowed to talk to the woman he raped for the next five years. How could this possibly happen? Maybe it's because Baril is the son of Republican Steve Baril, and the grandson of former Virginia Governor, Republican John N. Dalton.

3D printed guns aren't really anything new, homemade "zip" guns have been around for years, and even plastic guns are nothing new. However, they sure are a heck of a lot easier to make now.

Christian parents let their 10-month-old daughter die because they refused to let her be treated by doctors have been charged with murder.

Science makes mistakes, but it's also self-correcting. Here are five things humans got wrong about our bodies.

Ironically, those areas in the US with the highest concentration of Christians also have the most executions. Even more ironically, Christians who are in favor of the death penalty call themselves pro-life.

Finger print analysis is a helpful tool for discovering a person's identity, but it isn't fool proof.

Vote today!

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  • The problem with putting your trust in criminals is that they eventually turn on you. While on trial, Rick Gates, former Trump adviser, explained how Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had 15 foreign bank accounts, but Gates did not report them even know he knew they were illegal because Manafort ordered him not to.
  • Republican Jeff Sessions is quite evil and he's wasting your tax dollars protecting Christians from "hidden threats".
  • In the end, Trump's appointing of another US Supreme Court Justice is probably going to cause a lot of deaths.
  • Despite the lies of the Conservatives, MS-13 is an American born gang, it's not that big, and it's not growing, but it is indeed horrible and needs to be stopped.
  • Because he can't hurt American allies enough, Trump is threatening to block US trade will every allied country that trades with Iran, including the entire European Union!
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Besty DeVos, a woman who never went to public schools and whose family became rich through pyramids schemes, has a summer mansion which puts her $40,000,000 yacht to shame.
  • Trump remains oblivious to the increased levels of Russian hacking.

Simone Giertz has a new workshop.

Why you shouldn't eat mold, but you'll probably be okay if you do.

The danger of making lopsided levees.

Killing the myth of humans having a reptilian brain.

Less puss; tooth still iffy

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I've added a page for the Ultima VII hint book, Key to the Black Gate, the Nintendo Player's Guide series, and several more hint books.

  • In an effort to try and vindicate his family, Trump admitted that the meeting his eldest son, son-in-law, and campaign manager had with Russians in 2016 was definitely about trying to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, despite his earlier lies, claiming what they did was "totally legal." Of course, seeking the help of a foreign adversary to undermine an American election is neither ethical, nor legal.
  • And, while Trump's Twitter posts are super annoying, they may end up being the cause of his presidency because he can't stop using it to incriminate himself. Aren't you glad you're not Trump's lawyer?
  • Under the guidance of self-proclaimed "fiscally responsible" Republicans, the US is borrowing money from foreign countries at the same rate as the last depression. But, despite bankrupting the US government, Republicans are trying to give the rich an even bigger tax cut.
  • Republicans have tried for the third time to end the DACA program, and, for the third time, US judges have ruled that they violated the Constitution in doing so, and the program must be restored. Can they ever -not- violate the Constitution?
  • Ivanka disagreeing with her father by saying the media isn't the enemy of the people, is not courageous.
  • Facebook and Apple have finally removed some of the work of Alex Jones citing too much hate speech and bullying.
  • The reason Paul Manaforte is in big boy prison is not because he's Republican, it's because he's really stupid!

Facts about bears.

London is an extremely diverse city.

Nintendo and Sega have a history of some rather risqué advertisements.

Jaw hurts...

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I've answered all of the questions in the Christian survey: 136 Questions to Ask In a Relationship.

  • Rich people are making more money while poor people have to spend more to buy the same thing from a year ago, and Trump's multiple trade wars are not helping.
  • Republicans claim to be pro-family, but only so long as everyone in the family is white. And more allegations are coming out that the children who have been ripped from their parents and put into make-shift jails are being sexually assaulted.
  • QAnon is just another bunch of know-nothing conspiracy theorists.
  • Republicans don't believe the fact of global warming. 2017 just clocked in as the third hottest year in recorded history. Just below the first and second hottest years, 2016 and 2015. In fact, in the top 10 hottest years in recorded history, nine of them are in the 2000s. 2018 might take the number one spot as it already has the hottest day ever recorded.
  • Trump can't spell basic words, and he seems to really love the heads of crime syndicates.
  • American Nazis exist, and have been spurred on by Trump, but they're having a harder time selling their pro-Nazi merchandise on Amazon.
  • Trump rallies are basically Klan rallies.
  • Republican Jim Jordan is better than most because he's only a pedophile enabler!

A Russian arms dealer wants to create a Utopian space colony.

It's actually not that funny that men are constantly raped in prison.

I've been refusing plastic straws at restaurants for a couple weeks now, and it feel pretty good. Despite the fact that we don't actually use the commonly-cited number, we still use far too many, and it's a good idea to stop using them.

The origin of viruses is still an unknown.

What happens when you respond to men bullying women on Twitter?

Jaw hurts...

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I've added a page for Queen's drummer, Roger Taylor.

  • After hearing about the trial of his former campaign leader, Paul Manaforte, Trump used Twitter to tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he should end the FBI's investigation into his conspiracy against the USA with Russia. Sessions has yet to do it, and the White House is trying to downplay yet another instance of Trump obstructing justice. And despite changing his statement from no collusion to collusion isn't a crime, conspiring to defraud the US government is a crime.
  • Trump convinced himself that he ended the threat of North Korea's nuclear missiles, but what really happened in North Korea just expanded the range of its nuclear missiles.
  • Trump continues to throw a fit about not getting taxpayer funding for his border wall that he said Mexico would pay for. His tantrum has grown to the point where he says, unless he gets his own way, he'll shut down the entire government.
  • Donald Trump is, by far, the most dishonest president the US has ever had and the rate at which he lies keeps increasing.
  • Despite claiming that they did so, Republicans failed to reunite hundreds of children they had stolen away from their parents by the court appointed deadline. For many of the children, they don't even have the slightest clue who their parents even are.
  • Rick Snyder and several of the people ultimately responsible for poisoning Flint have been removed from the class-action lawsuit.
  • True to form, Trump has filled his Wildlife Protection Council with trophy hunters and donors.
  • It should have been done ages ago, but Facebook has suspended the account of Alex Jones and YouTube is removing some of his videos. While he and his fans are crying a violation of free speech, this is nothing of the sort. Jones may still shout his nonsense as much as he wants, companies are under no obligation to give him a platform.
  • Thanks to Betsy DeVos destroying public schools, we now live in a country where you can only get a decent education if someone from your home town becomes a huge sports star.

If evolutionary psychologists want to be taken seriously, they should probably clean house and get rid of the anti-Semites in their group.

Harry L. Thomas, the Christian pastor who created the largest Christian music festival has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping several under-aged girls.

How quarks help us make sense of the universe.

Looking inside Nintendo hardware.

Patrick Evans, a Christian on the Board of Brown County, Wisconsin, doesn't see the problem with the county endorsing Christianity and he's willing to waste taxpayer money to try and keep it that way. Why doesn't he see the problem? Probably because he thinks that Wiccans worship the devil.

August, I'll see you soon, under yellow moon

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I added maps and collectibles to the Altered Beast page.

  • As the FBI gets closer and closer to uncovering Trump's direct collusion with Russian spies, Trump's lawyers are now trying to dismiss his iniquity by claiming that working with an adversarial foreign power for political gain isn't even a crime, so who cares?

  • In order to help sell Republican voter-suppression laws and prevent poor people from voting, Trump claimed that you can't buy groceries without a photo id.
  • Republicans greatly benefit from Gerrymandered districts, and, thanks to the work of my fellow CFI members, a plan to redistrict Michigan and place it in the hands of an independent body will now be on the November ballot. Even though all the required signatures were accounted for and approved, thus guaranteeing it a place on the ballot, Republicans, including Bill Schuette, still tried as hard as they could to eliminate it, the State Supreme Court just ruled that it must be there!
  • Who could have possibly saw this coming? Republicans, who are all about th troops, cut federal taxes to the extremely wealthy, and now they can't afford to pay for wounded veterans.
  • Once again, under the guidance of Republicans, the US is seeing it's debt grow to an unprecedented level. I'm almost 40-years-old, and, in my entire lifetime, every Republican president has created more debt, and every Democrat has done their best to fix it.
  • Facebook takes down more accounts which appear to be Russian trolls trying to influence US elections.

Argon is argonalicious.

Gloria has found a better life outside of religion, and you can too. Part 1, part 2.

North Carolina actually has a law preventing people from competing with hospitals when it comes to medical imaging procedures. Apparently, in the 1970s, 49 of the 50 States purposely created a monopoly for hospitals, and, even to this day, only 14 have repealed these laws. Want to know why health care is so expensive?

If a study is paid for by the industry that is most likely to benefit over positive results, it should raise some red flags.

The Vatican didn't just cover up their Catholic priests raping little boys, but also their priests raping their fellow nuns.

Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast remake was terrible.

Want to go further back? Check the old news.

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