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Trump is a racist

Feeling: Happy


I beat both of the games in Laura Bow's Parlor Games and King Graham's Board Game Challenge on expert difficulty.

  • Because Twitter included a link to fact check one of Trump's obvious lies, Trump signed an executive order to allow the US government to decide which political statements can be posted online. I'm surprised it took this long for Trump to do that considering how many times he's been caught dressing in a mare costume so horse studs would have sex with him. Hypocrite billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, whose social media platform censors its users constantly, went on the record saying that politicians who post very clear lies, no matter how dangerous and inflammatory those lies may be, should never be censored or even fact-checked.
  • As part of his Twitter tantrums, Trump suggested murdering all Democrats and encouraged police to shoot protesters, which also caused Twitter to flag his post as inciting violence, since they, well, incite violence.
  • Republican Russ Diamond tested positive for COVID-19, but continued to go to work, didn't tell his Democrat colleagues, and still refused to wear a mask! I can only assume he was purposely trying to infect Democrats.
  • Republican Kevin Hassett described people returning to work as "human capital stock" probably because he sees American workers as sheep being led to the slaughter.
  • Protesters have burned down the police department in Minneapolis, Minnesota as retaliation for police murdering yet another unarmed black man. The police apparently haven't learned a thing, because they also arrested a black reporter and his crew while reporting live. Additional protests are erupting in other cities around the country.
  • I missed this headline last month, but it's so horrifying it needs to be linked to. Republican Kelli Ward suggested that everyone protesting lock down orders should pretend to be nurses to make it look like health care professionals aren't afraid of COVID-19. What an absolute monster! I have a wife, sister, mother, and aunt who all work in health care, and they're all terrified about the virus!
  • Republican Brenden Dilley states the Republican mission statement very clearly: lie. Don't care about being factual, what you say doesn't have to be true, it just has to go viral.

Why does it take so long to make a COVID-19 vaccine? Not just because it's hard to make, but also because we need to know if it's going to be safe and effective.

The difference between spreading a virus inside versus outside.

Did you ever wonder what the deal was with the sustain pedal on a piano? Here's a comparison between songs with and without it.

Jerry Fawell, Jr., being quite racist, posted a face mask with a picture of a KKK member and a person in black face. One of his black employees didn't find it very funny and resigned.

Roman Catholic diocese of St. Cloud in Minnesota just couldn't stop protecting child rapists from raping over 70 children, so they've been fined $22,500,000, which will bankrupt them. It's nice to see them finally punished, but it will never undo all the damage they caused to so many people.

Trump is a rat's anus

Feeling: Happy


I beat the game, Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

  • Over 100,000 dead, the Trump's celebrate the DOW. 40,000,000 unemployed, the Trumps try to shut down all social media for suggesting that their lies might not be true.
  • I've seen plenty of Republican attack ads talking about how their opponents love China. Of course, Trump is the one who couldn't stop praising them. Of course, praise is one thing, what Republican Mike Pompeo did is severely damaging. He said the USA will no longer view Hong Kong as an autonomous entity, which means the people living there will now be considered part of China!
  • Republican Betsy DeVos is stealing the money that was supposed to go to protect public schools from COVID-19, and giving it to corporations.
  • Conservative county clerk Susan T. Ertmer of Wisconsin told an engaged couple they weren't allowed to get married until they lied on a federal document claiming they believed in a god. It didn't matter which god, the lie could be about any god, but they had to lie if they wanted to get married. Thankfully, CFI (of which I'm a member) is on the case.

How can you combat depression? Go new places and do new things! Great, but what if you're stuck in quarantine?

When redneck terrorists armed with assault rifles stormed the Michigan Capitol, police did nothing. When unarmed black people protested the police choking an unarmed black man to death, police attack the protesters.

A look back on how COVID-19 affected a TV show.

Bart Ehrman answers the questions of armchair theologists.

Trump is a rectum

Feeling: Happy


Today I beat the puzzle game Green.

  • As the death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 100,000 in the USA, Trump took to Twitter and posted a stream of lies, to which Twitter finally responded by flagging one of Trump's lies suggesting that it might not be true, and then apologized to the grieving widow whose dead husband Trump was lying about. Congratulations Twitter, you've finally done the bare minimum to ensure truth on your platform! Trump responded by calling the suggestion of a fact-check censorship, and said, without any understanding of the irony, that he would fight censorship by shutting down all social media!
  • Trump continues to mock those people who are trying to save lives.
  • Republicans failed to get COVID-19 testing in the USA in a timely manner, and, because we have to ration our tests, we're not able to test the right people. Rather than test those with clear symptoms of the virus, we should be testing people with mild symptoms or no symptoms at all to get ahead of the virus. Instead, we're constantly playing catchup. Let's hope Americans learn something from the utter failure of the Republican party.
  • Republican Ronna Romney McDaniel is suing the state of California for allowing absentee voting even though she frequently votes absentee herself.
  • Evangelicals no longer worship Jesus they now worship the Republican party, specifically Trump.

The failure of the Michigan dams destroyed hundreds of homes and displaced 10,000 people because the private owner repeatedly refused to meet safety regulations. Could this happen where you live? Probably. According to FEMA, over half the dams in the USA are privately owned! There is no way the owner of the dam will be able to pay back all the damage he caused, and many of the homeowners insurance claims will go unfulfilled because flood damage is rarely covered in Michigan and special flood insurance is extremely expensive. This means all this damage is ultimately going to be paid by the people personally. Infrastructure that can cause catastrophic damage should not be in the hands of private owners.

The four cops who were involved in crushing the neck of George Floyd until he died have been fired. This is a step in the right direction, but they still need to be investigated by an impartial third party.

Trump is anal seepage

Feeling: Happy


Norma McCorvey, AKA Jane Roe from "Roe v. Wade" explained that her anti-abortion change of mind was not brought about through logic or religious conversion, but because Christians paid her a lot of money to publicly claim she was anti-abortion. This was quite a blow to anti-abortion Christians who used her in a lot of their arguments, but not much of a change to people who favor legal abortions, as their arguments don't rest on the claims of a single woman, but logic and freedom. However, as anyone familiar with the anti-abortion mindset would expect, those Christians who idolized McCorvey refuse to accept her statement. They just can't accept the idea that women can make up their own minds or tell the truth.

Churches aren't just breeding grounds for sexual predators and self-hating homosexuals anymore, now they're branching out into dying from preventable diseases.

Police killed another unarmed black man by crushing his neck. Onlookers filmed the cop and begged the officer to let the man breathe. The suspected crime: forgery. The officer who killed the man has been given a paid vacation.

When a black man told a white woman she had to leash her hyperactive dog per the rules of Central Park, after the woman repeatedly refused, the man showed the dog some treats, causing it to run toward him. The got pissed and called the police saying a black man was, "threatening her life!" She later apologized, but not before being fired from her job and having her dog returned to the rescue agency. Former co-workers of hers have come out and said she has a history of making negative comments about black men.

Lori Loughlin is finally admitting that she broke the law by bribing the University of Southern California to admit her daughter. She and her husband will be going to prison.

Why are so many black Americans dying from COVID-19? For the same reason so many of them are dying from cancer.

Physics Girl demonstrates several really interesting experiments you can do at home.

Trump is anal leakage

Feeling: Happy


I've added a list of popular video games I don't like because I want to be flamed.

  • Because so many states, particularly those led by Republicans, are taking a foolhardy approach to opening too soon and too quickly, the US will most likely see a second wave of COVID-19 that may very well be even more deadly than the first. Trump, never one to learn from his mistakes, said that, regardless of the fatalities, the country will not shut down. Trump doesn't have the authority to prevent states from shutting down, but the fact that he makes such a stupid claim proves how incapable of learning he really is.
  • Trump shows his racist side once again by praising the "good bloodline" of anti-Semite Henry Ford. Speaking of racists, the Public Health Department in the majority white Franklin County, Ohio issued mask guidelines saying that people of color should avoid masks which might frighten white people, specifically those that might make it look like you're in a gang, like bandannas or anything red or blue!
  • Republicans are still trying to prevent people from voting.
  • Looking for a great way to play chess while watching the downfall of humanity?
  • A recap of the strong women in politics.

Terrible experiments gone horribly wrong.

What's the deal with Rosie the Riveter?

Trump is scum

Feeling: Happy

  • Trump was impeached because he demanded a quid pro quo from Ukraine. Why was it so important to attempt to punish a him for blackmailing a nation until they did him a favor? Because he's now doing the same thing to America. Several states are being held hostage for instituting mail-in ballot programs to allow people to vote without exposing themselves to COVID-19, but Trump is only threatening to cut funding to the ones with Democratic governors. What can you expect from someone who believes that voting isn't a right, but an honor. Michigan is one of the states Trump is blackmailing, and Michigan is totally over his bullshit, telling him, if he wants to visit, he'll have to wear a mask!
  • As COVID-19 cases surpasses 5,000,000 global cases growing especially fast in nations with Conservative leaders like Brazil, several Republican states are being investigated for reporting incorrect death rates to the public, either accidentally, or purposely to mislead the public into opening their states too soon. This is causing businesses and churches that opened to spread COVID-19 even further requiring them to close all over again. Even people in the CDC are admitting that the White House has muzzled them and they are not allowed to work to save our lives.
  • Although he's probably lying, Trump claims he's taking hydroxychloroquine, to which even those in his fan club are saying it's a terrible move. Hopefully, he will poison himself.
  • Because Republicans failed to properly handle COVID-19, the number of unemployed Americans is the highest it has been since the Great Depression, so naturally, Republicans are cutting unemployment benefits.
  • Big shock, the white American terrorists who are protesting at capitols are getting COVID-19. Thankfully, nurses are taking to the streets to out-protest the protesters.
  • By being allowed to stack the Supreme Court with Republicans, Trump has successfully evaded investigation even further as Congress is not be allowed to see the FBI material which documents his crimes.
  • Every time Trump does something criminally abhorrent, like firing anyone who investigates his criminal empire, he always throws out another distraction.
  • It seems like everything that FOX says bad about other people applies perfectly to Trump.
  • Madeleine Albright talks about to be a good leader during the pandemic, and pretty much everything she suggests is the opposite of what Republicans do.
  • Allana Harkin answers questions about being an angry mom and Jaboukie Young-White finds out how America's smallest minority stays safe during during the pandemic.
  • Republican Darren Bailey, after putting the lives of his co-workers at risk, was kicked out of the Illinois House of Representatives, even by his own party.

The High Court in the UK has ruled that citizens are allowed to take doctor-prescribed medicine in their own homes, including those medicines which cause abortions. If only the USA cared more about doctors than religious fanatics.

Worried about your microplastic footprint? Here is one way you can decrease it.

Trump is refuse

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading a great book about dictionaries, Word By Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries and made a page for the author. I also beat the puzzle game, Blue.

  • Michigan, the state I live in, is working to allow vote-by-mail for all registered voters in the November election to allow people to vote safely. This is because we have a competent and proactive governor. Republicans don't like this voting initiative because they've spent the past couple decades trying to prevent voting by mail because they believe it will create voter frauds and gives more voting access to poor people, who they think tend to vote Democrat. However, published research shows that voting by mail doesn't increase voter fraud, and doesn't favor one party over the other, it just allows more people to vote. So, in an attempt to suppress voting even further, Trump is holding Michigan's COVID-19 relief money hostage until Michigan meets his demands.
  • Obama has chimed in on the failure of Republicans to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are piiiiiiised!
  • In the letter Trump sent to the WHO where he threatened to pull the USA out of the organization amid the worst pandemic the nation has seen in a century, he made a lot of claims. They were all false.
  • Most of the tests on hydroxychloroquine show that it is not effective at preventing, treating, or curing COVID-19, and it has a lot of dangerous side-effects. Because of this, no qualified medical professionals are suggesting it's use. Trump, however, thinks it's a panacea, so he's now referring to doctors and scientists as "enemies." Which, I guess is true, highly educated and intelligent people are the natural enemies of Republicans.
  • Trump says he fired his inspector general because he was told to, that he doesn't even know who the man is or what he did, and he thinks that makes him look good.
  • Like with nearly everyone else Trump has hand-picked to work in the White House, Republican John Ratcliffe has absolutely no experience in his new role as Director of National Intelligence, and, just like every previous pick, the Republicans in the Senate approved the incompetent white man without even attempting to ask him any questions about his qualifications.
  • Governors who issue stay-at-home orders to keep people safe during a pandemic are not dictators. Real dictators look and act like Trump.
  • Why did Fisher Sand and Gravel win a $1,280,000,000 contract to build a useless wall in the desert? Because the owner gave a lot of money to Donald Trump.
  • The white American Conservative hate-group the "Proud Boys" destroyed a memorial honoring those who died from COVID-19 and then terrorized the person who built it.
  • Churches are breeding grounds for COVID-19, and preachers who claim to be able to cure the virus keep dying from it, but not before spreading it to many more.

Norma McCorvey--famous for being the Roe in Roe v. Wade which decriminalized abortion in the USA, and later said she regretted her decision and became an Evangelical Christian--admitted that she never regretted her decision at all, but was paid by Christian preachers almost a half-million dollars to lie for them, and one of the pastors admits to the scheme.

Want to get as ripped as your favorite super hero? It's easy!

Trump is destroying America

Feeling: Happy


Last night I unlocked the final upgrade in Progressbar95.

  • It's the middle of a global pandemic, and Trump is threatening to cut all funding to the World Health Organization and permanently withdraw the US unless they let him decide how it's run.
  • Trump claims he has been taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has not been demonstrated to cure, treat, or prevent COVID-19. Of course, this is Trump we're talking about, so this is most likely a lie, but, since hydroxychloroquine has a lot of dangerous side effects, it's another lie that is going to get people killed. Those side effects include confusion, mood swings, erratic behavior, pale skin, loss of balance or coordination, and muscle weakness. Hmm, maybe he is taking hydroxychloroquine after all?
  • Republicans can't stop talking about a horrible thing Obama did, but they also can't seem to identify what it is. It could be any number of these terrible things.
  • Rebekah Jones created and maintained Florida's COVID-19 dashboard an online site which tracked the spread of the virus in the state. After she refused to falsify data, she was fired and the site was taken offline.
  • When asked to rank their state's governor's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, 49 out of 50 states gave their governor an approval rating higher than 50%, but Trump got the worst rating of them all at only 45%! The only state that thought their governor was as bad as Trump was Georgia who seems to really hate Republican Brian Kemp. In fact, for the bottom ten worst rankings, 8 of them are Republican.
  • I don't care much about sports, but, for those who do, if they want them back, they should really demand Republicans do a better job of responding to COVID-19.
  • Republicans claim they're at war against COVID-19, but they're also asking people to just lay down and die.

Churches continue to cause major COVID-19 hot zones killing people because they believe their god will keep them safe from the virus.

So, what the hell is a yoshi anyway?

Muslims fathers continue to murder teenage girls who they feel aren't modest enough.

Lauren McCluskey gave nude photos of herself to police officer Miguel Deras in the hopes that the police force would protect her from her violent ex-boyfriend who was blackmailing her. Instead, officer Deras downloaded the photos to his personal cell phone and showed them off to his friends and McCluskey was murdered.

Why do religious apologists constantly lie?

Trump is waste

Feeling: Happy


Over the weekend, I beat a Genesis adventure game where the hero's name is, I kid you not, Corona: Crusader of Centy.

  • Republicans continue their anti-science agenda against COVID-19, trying to make everyone forget all the people who have died in the hopes it will make them look better, but it just makes them look even more evil than they already are. Maybe they can make everyone forget how badly they bungled everything if they blame it on Obama.
  • Whistleblowers are usually the only way to stop systemic corruption, so, naturally, Trump thinks they're horrible. This is why Trump fired Steve Linick, because his job was to investigate wasteful spending and corruption, which is the very definition of the current Republican party.
  • The US Treasury and Federal Reserve were authorized $500,000,000,000 to help with COVID-19 relief, but Republicans Steven Mnuchin and Jerome Powell who head the departments are not using the money to help people.
  • Parroting his father's incompetence, Eric Trump claims COVID-19 is a Democratic hoax that will magically disappear on its own shortly after the 2020 election.
  • Republican Richard Burr sold off $1,600,000 dollars right after learning about the incoming COVID-19 pandemic, as did at least one of his family members. The FBI is investigating them, but these are rich white men, so don't hold your breath on actual punishment.
  • Those states that are relaxing their stay-at-home orders are seeing massive increases in deaths. Big shock.
  • Another case of voter fraud, and, like nearly all of those before it, the fraudster is Republican.

Why is COVID-19 wrecking so much havoc in the USA? Because most Americans believe their god is causing COVID-19 to teach bad Americans a lesson, while at the same time protecting them from it. Many Christians are already refusing to get a vaccines doesn't doesn't even exist yet because they think it will be made from abortions or be the mark of the beast.

Elon Musk isn't a super genius, he's just another rich asshole who is risking the lives of all his employees to make more money.

When Christians say you have to believe in something, they're using a very specific definition of the word "believe."

Trump is mentally unfit for pretty much anything

Feeling: Happy


Have you ever baked dill bread? It's delicious and really easy to prepare! The first thing you need to do is make your own dill dough.

  • Over 85,000 dead, 36,000,000 unemployed, and a quarter of American families having trouble getting food. If the US had competent leadership, we would mostly be back to normal already. Instead, we're a seriously messed up nation that would rather focus on a woman's scarf than an extremely deadly disease.
  • Want to know how stupid white American Evangelical Christians are? More than professional journalists, more that public health officials, the thing they trust more than anything else to give them accurate information about COVID-19 is, Donald Trump. But, for as stupid as they are, Republican politicians are even stupider.
  • US taxpayers have given Trump almost $1,000,000 so his staff could stay in his hotels. Trump is the most corrupt president the USA has ever had.
  • Immediately after Conservatives judges ruled that the Governor's stay at home order went to far (a ruling they made from their homes over video chat), Wisconsin bars reopened, and COVID-19 started spreading again.
  • Trump tries to defend himself to the Supreme Court.
  • Hospitals don't care about health care workers, they care about their executives.
  • A barber in Ulster County, New York was defying the state's safety rules and cutting hair. He has since tested positive for COVID-19, and has potentially spread it to every one of his customers.
  • Yet another white male Republican terrorist.

The AVGN reviews another crappy game, Dennis the Menace.

Trump is disgusting

Feeling: Happy

  • We're still seeing 2,000 people a day die from COVID-19, but, like George W. Bush's asinine "Mission Accomplished" banner, Trump is celebrating victory. Just another Republican taking a victory lap a quarter of the way through the race.
  • Trump fired Dr. Rick Bright, a specialist in immunology, because he courageously reported how Republicans kept ignoring all of the evidence of the increasing COVID-19 pandemic. Now, he's warning the world that we're going to have a very deadly winter because of their stupidity. Republicans have cut funding to Dr. Peter Daszak, yet another infectious disease researcher who had been trying to prepare America for the pandemic for years.
  • Republicans are using the pandemic to push a lot of their pet projects, like shutting down all help to refugees.
  • The Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court has once again limited the power of their executive branch to spite Democrats. They've ruled that Governors can't issue stay at home orders even amid a deadly pan.
  • When you hire only unqualified people, you should expect the White House to fail. And it does, all the time.
  • Trump is an unending series of blatant lies.
  • Republican Richard Burr is stepping down from the Intelligence Committee after being credibly accused of $1,700,000 worth of insider trading, which is a crime unless you're in Congress. He's not being sent to prison, or even removed from the Senate, he's leaving a committee.

What is Seal's "Kiss From a Rose," like when performed by actual seals?

Once again, a bunch of men are going to decide what type of health care women are allowed to have.

CGP Grey takes a look at a creepy abandoned missile test site.

Interested in what you can do personally to help combat climate change? Cut back on these foods.

Does carbonated water rot your teeth and weaken your bones? No, but cola sure does.

Trump is a murderer

Feeling: Happy

  • Trump was watching his criminal racket collapse all around him as his most vocal supporters were getting caught and convicted. Then, he remember he controls the Justice Department, and now, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort are being released. When Republicans are in charge, justice is never served. One judge is at least trying to prevent this by telling Republican's you can't just ignore criminals who admit they're guilty.
  • By downplaying the virus and claiming it will just disappear on its own, and that testing doesn't help, Trump has tricked many Americans into thinking they're a lot safer than they are, and this means they turn a blind eye to him forcing people back to work, like at meat packing plants. By doing this, Trump knowingly killed many workers. Now that meat packing facilities have more sick workers than healthy workers, their unions are finally starting to oppose Trump. Unfortunately, most states are reopening, which is going to cause a lot more deaths, but, hopefully, now that even the White House is seeing infections, and their ignorant leader is at risk, they'll start wising up.
  • Michigan terrorists used their assault rifles to blockade police from a barbershop in Owosso, Michigan. The owner has been defying police orders by refusing to close and potentially spreading COVID-19 to all his customers. The police never did show up. The terrorists were decked out in Trump paraphernalia and claimed they were following his orders to help "liberate" the state. These Republicans are proving that all lives don't matter, that blue lives especially don't matter, and that they are certainly not prolife. When rural people leave their homes and drive into cities--where the number of COVID-19 cases are much higher--to protest, they often take COVID-19 back home with them.
  • When he's in a bind, Trump returns to his old tactic, claiming his rivals are all murderers.
  • 72 Wisconsinites who test postitive for COVID-19 admit they recently attended a large gathering of people. The others are probably lying.

A short biography of Dr. Fauci.

When religious people try to convert atheists, they often make the same four mistakes over and over again.

No matter how much they claim they want to help, the fact that the ultra-wealthy are not giving their ill-gotten gains to the poor proves they don't actually care very much about the poor.

Trump is a rapist

Feeling: Happy


All the video game video links have been converted to an embedded link in the Wiki. A few other pages probably have them, but I'll update them as I find them.

  • Over 80,000 dead Americans, and we'll certainly hit 100,000 before the end of the month because Republicans have failed every step of the way, even to the point of preventing the public from having access to CDC reports. Despite this, Republicans are still pushing for people to stop social distancing. Meanwhile, Trump is canceling press conferences early because he's afraid of female reporters who don't take his bullshit.
  • Because the White House refused to practice social distancing, a wave of COVID-19 is sweeping through it. Now that it can affect him directly, Trump is forcing everyone around him to wear a mask, but still won't wear one himself. This is exactly the kind of behavior we expect from dictators. One rule for ruled, a different one for the ruler. I hope he gets sick.
  • Why are Republicans so dead set on trying to kill the US Postal Service?
  • Republican Kristi Noem is trying to stop Native Americans from testing people for COVID-19 before they enter their reservation.
  • Trump speaks to the graduating class of 2020.
  • Jeanine Pirro is drunk again.

Republicans in Morris County, New Jersey just lost $750,000 in taxpayer money because they refused to stop giving taxpayer money to churches.

Christian pastor, Jeffrey Winston Forrest, tried fleeing to Mexico, but he was arrested there because Mexicans also don't like child rapists.

Treating religion as though it is a play style in the video game of life.

Trump is a joke

Feeling: Happy


Over the weekend I beat the game Boo!

If you'd like a thorough breakdown of all the lies in Plandemic.

Christian pastor Darrin Patrick, who was famous for trying to make non-religious people question their happiness without his god, just committed suicide after a drawn out scandal where he was fired after being caught having inappropriate relationships with several women who were not his wife.

Catholics have once again come under fire, and this time it's not over raping children. One of their most prominent officials signed a document claiming that COVID-19 isn't very deadly at all, but just a way for governments to control people.

Former US soldier, Jordan Goudreau, and other Americans mercenaries attempted an armed coup of Venezuela's president to get the $15,000,000 bounty offered by the US government while the US military and White House refuse to take any responsibility.

Trump is pathetic

Feeling: Happy


Just a reminder, Catholics still hate the LGBT.

10 reasons why people are leaving Christianity.

Watching non-gamers play video games will teach you better game design.

Teachers in the USA are treated like garbage, but, with parents having to suddenly feel their shoes, maybe they will be viewed as human beings again.

A Miami cop arrests an unarmed black doctor on his own front lawn.

Trump is corrupt

Feeling: Happy


Last night, I beat The Swapper and started embedding all linked videos.

  • The USA has now passed 73,000 deaths, as Republicans continue to fail by example. They're not pro-life, and they don't think all lives matter.
  • Eager to reopen Arizona, Republican Governor Doug Ducey told his scientists to stop wasting their time on COVID-19, and is even preventing them from having access to the information necessary to track the spread of the virus.
  • Conservative Wisconsin judge, Patience D. Roggensack, who received most of her campaign funding from the Republican party, argued against the sensible measures to keep the state in quarantine because the recent massive increase in Wisconsin COVID-19 cases was from meat packers, not "regular folks." To give her the benefit of the doubt, this remark was in the middle of a debate, and she probably said it without thinking how classist it would sound. Ignoring the bigotry, it's still an ignorant belief. Roggensack needs to educate herself on just how virulent COVID-19 is. The virus doesn't care if you're hardworking or born rich, it can and will infect everyone if we don't practice social distancing.
  • For Republicans, protesting is an American right that should be exercised frequently, as long as you're white.
  • Unqualified, young, easily-manipulated, Conservative judges. That is what Republicans want for the Judicial Branch.
  • Republicans would rather give money to other Republicans than those best qualified to do the job. This has been seen many times in the past few years. For example, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner prefers to buy medical equipment from his father's friends rather than experienced vendors. Another example is the US Postal Department Postmaster General being replaced by Republian Louis DeJoy, whose only qualifications are that he gave Trump a lot of money.
  • Republicans are suing Gretchen Whitmer to eliminate any Governor's ability to keep Michiganders safe during a crisis.
  • Trump really believes he's great.

Convicted child rapist cardinal George Pell was acquitted and released from prison without having to be properly punished for his multiple cases of child rape. Now that his case is closed, the evidence gathered for his arrest has been released and we've learned that, in addition to raping multiple children himself, Pell purposely protected other child-raping priests from the law.

Why is it the worst insult a religious person gives a secular person is to say that they're religious?

Trump is a bitch

Feeling: Happy


Another long vlog about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

May the fifth be... tequila

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for the Rilo Kiley song The Absence of God.

  • The CDC released a report saying that, because of the USA's inability to remain quarantined and wear masks, daily deaths are going to continue increasing to 3,000! In response, Republicans buried their heads in the sand! Thankfully, Trump knows how to stop the virus: cancel social distancing rules and then do nothing. Of course, watching Americans die is what Republicans call a "success story."
  • All the important world leaders attended a virtual vaccine summit to discuss the status of the COVID-19 vaccination. Trump wasn't there because it was for important world leaders.
  • The latest Republican nominee for head of National Intelligence is John Ratcliffe. If you've been following the appointments of Republicans, you already know what to expect. Ratcliffe has almost no experience for his job and he was caught lying so much on his résumé that he initially withdrew from Trump's nomination in disgrace, but now he's back!
  • Republican Nino Vitale refuses to wear a mask because his god doesn't wear one.
  • Republicans can't decide whether to love or hate China. It really depends on Trump's mood this minute.
  • Talking to Governor Larry Hogan who had to buy COVID-19 tests from South Korea because the White House won't make any, and then hid them from the Republicans who wanted to steal them.
  • An interview with a decent leader.
  • Trump watches stupid shows?

Tim Bray quit his job as a VP at Amazon because the company keeps firing anyone who criticizes Amazon's horrible response to COVID-19 which is causing employees to get sick and die.

Christian hate-preacher Franklin Graham got permission to open an outdoor COVID-19 clinic in Central Park on the condition that it not discriminate against patients. Anyone who knows even a little about Christian preachers can predict what happened next. Graham immediately required all volunteers to sign a statement saying the LGBT deserve to burn in hell and started preaching. It took too long, but New York finally had enough of his lies.

How to continue to be productive while isolated.

May the fourth be with you

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist the first volume of Richard Dawkins's biography.

  • Republicans are now straight up censoring their experts from talking about COVID-19 with the public, while the Democrats would love to let them do their work without having to appease an imbecile like Trump.
  • Republican states are reopening even as the death toll from COVID-19 hits a new record.
  • 67,000 Americans have died so Trump takes to Twitter to explain why he's glad to see the dictator of North Korea alive and well.
  • Trump is a compulsive liar and nothing he says can be trusted.
  • Republicans are ordering 100,000 body bags, so, that should give you an idea of what they have in store now that they won't renew social distancing guidelines.
  • Trump's estimate for the number of COVID-19 deaths began with "maybe some" to 50,000-60,000, then to 60,000-70,000. Well, we've already surpassed 67,000 and we're still seeing over 2,500 deaths a day. So, Trump jumped to 80,000-90,000, and, now he's increased it again to 100,000. Even if the rate stops accelerating and flattens off, we'll still hit 100,000 fatalities in just two weeks. What will his next number be?
  • Remember those watch dogs who reported how Republicans were completely unprepared for COVID-19? Trump's firing them.
  • Republican Betsy DeVos is stealing wages from students having trouble paying back their loans during the pandemic. Thankfully, she's being sued for being such a horrible person.
  • Ken Turnage II was kicked off a California planning commission after saying that COVID-19 would "fix a significant burden to society," by killing off the sick, old, injured, and poor. Meanwhile, the real leader of California is explaining how he's working hard to keep Californians safe.
  • Trump loves the pathetic white American terrorists who are waving around assault rifles and calling it a protest.
  • Republicans don't want to allow voting by mail, not because they think it is unsafe, but because they think it will allow more Americans to vote.

The Catholic archdiocese of New Orleans has protected so many child rapists, they've been sued into bankruptcy.

Another city has wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars after losing a court case because they refused to stop pushing their religion on everyone else.

8-Bit Keys shows off the Casio MT 540 and how it could be used to play the music and sound effects of Space Quest III.

A family of 8, including a 2-year-old, hike the entire Appalachian Trail!

Trump is a criminal

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I've added a page for the Appalachian Trail and the various forms of media I've experience regarding it.

  • Trump refuses to extend the social distancing guidelines at the federal level, despite the damage the virus is having on all areas of life, especially the food industry. There have been over 1,000,000 cases and over 63,000 deaths from COVID-19, more than the entirety of the Vietnam War, and Trump's terrible decisions will guarantee tens of thousands more will die as well because of his desperate need to have people like him.
  • Pathetic white American terrorists brought assault rifles into the Michigan State Capitol to try and scare Governor Whitmer into ending the state of emergency. Republicans tried suing her for keeping the state on lockdown and slowing the spread of the virus. But Whitmer courageously stood her ground and followed the advice of experts (not the rabble), and extended it until the end of May!
  • Trump blames Obama for having broken COVID-19 tests, three years after Obama left office.
  • Every military and civilian intelligence agency said there is no evidence that China created COVID-19 in a lab, but Trump says they did.
  • Because Republicans have failed to to provide states with COVID-19 tests, states are having to buy them from other nations, like South Korea. And, because the White House has been stealing equipment and tests from states because they're so unprepared, states are now hiding their tests and equipment from the White House!
  • Republican Ted Cruz, who has a history of anti-Semetic remarks, tried to score points with the Jews by asking the Department of Justice to monitor New York Mayor Bill De Blasio for anti-Semitic behavior, and accused the Mayor of "permanently shutting down a synagogue." Of course, De Blasio did no such thing. He's temporarily barring all large gatherings, even those at churches and synagogues, because of the pandemic.
  • Why does Trump force his subordinates to stay at his hotels? Because he makes over $33,000 each time they do.
  • Mike Pence is threatening to sue the reporter who did their job and factually reported that the Mayo Clinic told Pence before he arrived that he would be expected to wear a mask. You know, the thing his wife lied about?
  • Republicans have been trying to destroy the US Postal Service for decades now because they want all government services to be converted to corporations, but the USPS isn't just essential to the American way of life, it's also one of the few organizations that is self-funded and stays fair to its workers and clients. Trump wants the USPS dead, but he has no problem giving our tax dollars to the oil industry.

An enjoyable vlog about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

What was the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

Absence of evidence is evidence of absence if the thing being argued is supposed to directly intervene.

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