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I've added a page for the Barenaked Ladies album Maroon and the programming language Lua.

  • Vaccines are safe, even to pregnant mothers, but ignorant anti-vaxxers are still refusing the life-saving medicine and blocking up hospitals all across the country. And, while so-called bootstrap Republicans may not like it, the financial aide given out during the pandemic has actually helped pull almost 12,000,000 people out of poverty.
  • Even out of office, Trump still finds ways to steal $1,700,000 from US taxpayers by forcing the Secret Service to babysit his greedy spawn.
  • Republican Roger Stone was served with a whole new set of legal papers due to his help in inciting the Capitol insurrection while live on the radio.
  • Republican Donna Rozar is trying to push a homophobic law that would require schools to inform parents every time the topic of sex or gender appears on any school work. Democrat Sondy Pope asked Rozar if that would include learning about Harvey Milk (one the first openly-gay US politicians, who was assassinated because of it), and Rozar responded by asking if Milk was just someone Pope made up. Pope assured Rozar that Milk was a real person, and, in doing so, made a very clear point about Rozar's lack of education of LGBT politicians.
  • Americans are responsible for completely ruining Afghanistan, which means we have a duty to help the nation.

Ten very valuable things which have been lost.

Americans throw out a lot of food.

Debunking more creationist lies.

Viewing the orbit of celestial bodies as viewed from Earth.

People say I caught this cold from the evil air that is coming down off the mountain

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I've added a page for the Koji Kondo song, Kakariko Village from the Zelda games. I also finished incorporating my rank and rating for the songs in all my album pages.

  • 1-in-500 Americans are now dead of COVID-19, and that's only if you use the official count of 660,000. The real number is closer to 1,000,000. And, lets not forget the people who die, not because they were infected with COVID-19, but, because infected science deniers took up all the hospital beds. Also, a recent Pew poll shows white evangelicals, AKA Trump supporters, are the least likely to get vaccinated, while atheists are the most likely to get vaccinated. And, in the middle of a pandemic, when science-ignorant people are turning to livestock medicine and snorting disinfectant, politicians decide now is the time to make it easier for companies to market fake medicine.
  • Not every police officer at the Capitol insurrection was a hero. Several of them conspired with Trump's white supremacists to overthrow democracy.
  • During the Trump administration, General Mark A. Milley spoke secretly with China to try and assure them that he wouldn't let Trump start a war to gain ratings before the election. This is how bad Trump's presidency was, the US military had to tell other countries they wouldn't let Trump throw a war tantrum!
  • Republicans always say they want the government out of people's lives, but they always do the opposite. Since they failed to steal their state's elections, Pennsylvania Republicans are now attacking Democrat voters directly by demanding the private information of millions of voters. The personal data they want is so sensitive, even the most incompetent of identity thieves would be able to ruin someone's finances for life, but, don't worry, the Republicans say they will make sure your personal data is secure (just as secure as the election they claim was stolen right from under their noses).
  • The nationalists who voted for Brexit based on the lies of Conservative politicians keep seeing fallout. Businesses like Marks & Spencer are closing down their mainland stores because they can't get products now that customs has become a nightmare again.
  • People are going crazy because AOC went to the Met Gala, but they don't seem to understand that it's a charity event to allow the Met to be free for the entire year.
  • Always classy, Trump honored the victims of 9/11 by going on a boxing panel and whining about losing the election.

The Boy Scouts of America have agreed to pay $1,000,000,000 to the families of tens of thousands boys who were sexually molested and then had their abuse covered up. But they still won't let atheists join because they're too immoral.

This is why we can't have nice things

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Last night I beat Baba Is You, however, I only finished 100 levels. I still intend to go through and complete the remaining ones.

  • Biden has mandated vaccines for all government employees and major businesses, and Republicans are freaking out. Apparently, someone forcing to take safe effective life-saving preventative medicine to save the lives of endangered people makes someone worse than the Nazis. Doctors disagree, but anti-vaxxers continue to hold up hospitals preventing access for the rest of us, pregnant mothers are miscarrying because they failed to get vaccinated, and Republican pastors are selling vaccine exemptions.
  • Republican Greg Abbott is at it again. His latest law prevents private companies from controlling their own web sites! If you own a large web site with a way for users to post on your site, and someone posts something completely off topic, offensive, and false, it is now a crime in Texas for you to moderate their post! Abbott thinks he's doing this to prevent web sites from removing Republican political ads, but such a law will have wide ranging consequences that he myopically hasn't considered.
  • Republicans staged a recall of Democrat Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, and it failed miserably. Newsom won by a massive 30 point margin.
  • If he wasn't drunk then Republican Rudy Giuliani has spiraled down into senility.

Debunking more creationist lies.

Comparing the Jewish calendar to the young-earth creationist Christian calendar. Spoiler alert, they're both wrong.

Yes, again

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I've added a page for Sega's System 16 arcade board.

I took a sick day on Friday. Thankfully, the illness wasn't too bad, and I'm already feeling better. Illy continues to hang onto her cough though.

  • COVID-19 continues to haunt us, and it's probably going to continue for years to come as new variants evolve. Unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die from the virus. Two unvaccinated people who died are Daniel and Davy Macias, a teacher and nurse, both in their 30s, whose five children, all under the age of 7, just became orphans. However, when vaccinated people die from the disease, it's not from the virus directly, but because the hospitals are so filled with ignorant antivaxers, nobody else can get treatment. Just ask Ray DeMonia who needed an ICU for a heart condition, but was turned away from 43 hospitals across three states before dying shortly after finally finding an open hospital 200 miles away! While Biden is strengthening vaccine mandates, Republicans just keep getting crazier, now claiming that vaccines are the Mark of the Beast.
  • The Justice Department is thankfully suing Texas over their unconstitutional abortion ban. I doubt it will go anywhere because of the Republican Supreme Court, but I'm glad they're at least doing something. There is a problem when white men who don't even know what a uterus is are the people making laws about them.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota has a black population of only 20%, yet they somehow account for 80% of traffic stops, that's 29 times more than white people. This racism in their police force runs deeper than mere stops: the cops there kill black people over five times more than white people. In an attempt to mitigate this, one county is now telling police that they aren't allowed to "find a reason" to pull people over and detain and search them anymore, there actually has to be a legitimate reason to do so. To enforce the rule, the county's Attorney's Office says it will no longer prosecute crimes that weren't discovered until after the police pulled someone over for a minor traffic violation. So, if a cop pulls someone over for a broken tail light, and uses that as a reason to search their car, and finds drugs in the car, the person won't be charged for drug possession. This rule certainly seems like it should have always been in place because of the fourth amendment, and Minnesota cops are not happy about it!
  • Republican Michael Capps, who has been trying to force his religion into public schools because he thinks he's the height of morality, has been charged with 19 counts of fraud after he stole almost half a million dollars.

The direction in which a person is taught to read affects how they perceive time.

Paul J. McLaughlin, a Catholic priest, was credibly accused of raping several little boys in the 1960s. However, the statute of limitations has passed, so he can't be charged with a crime. The Catholic Church conducted it's own investigation and found him guilty of raping children, so they sentenced him to... prayer! But, it isn't just the Catholics with a child-rape problem, the evangelicals can't seem to stop it either.

CGP Grey talks about the rabbit hole of research that went into his Tiffany video.

20 years have passed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and 20 years of a failed war is Afghanistan, and the US is still woefully uninformed about the entire thing.

Why do observatories fire lasers into space?


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I've updated my List of animals I've seen in the wild with a couple dozen new entries and photos.

Gabby is back to full health, and Illy is blowing out the last of her snot. I assumed I was in the clear, but, last night, I started getting a sore throat. These kids are gonna kill me!

  • Republicans continue to push literal sheep medicine on their sheep.
  • The Colorado police who violently attacked an 80-pound 75-year-old woman with dementia, breaking her arm and dislocating her shoulder, and then filmed themselves laughing about it later, will not be punished, but the district has to pay the woman's family $3,000,000.
  • When Republicans ask, "won't someone think of the children?" Democrats respond, "since you won't, we will."
  • Trump supporter Lonnie Leroy Coffman is pleading guilty for bringing guns and explosives to the Capitol insurrection.
  • I would prefer all white supremacists to see the error of their ways and spend the rest of their lives making atonement for their misdeeds, but this works too I guess... and this.

465 homes had to be evacuated after the Ford Motor Company dumped 1,400 gallons of gasoline into public sewers!

Bone up on your Mario rumors.

How it isn't illegal already is a bit shocking, but California may become the first state to make it a crime for men to secretly remove a condom during sex. Meanwhile, France is offering women up to the age of 25, free contraception.

Should old bugged games be fixed?

Christians don't want to let same-sex couples adopt children, while, at the same time, abandon their own children if they're gay.

The strangeness of thallium.

Christians are still murdering children for not being Christian enough.


Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for the Castlevania II: Simon's Quest LCD game.

  • The science-denying parents who argue that only children with health problems need to worry about dying from COVID-19 have, somehow, pissed off the parents of children with health problems. And, while it's nice that all the masks and social distancing kept influenza at bay, the lack of human samples and the fact that it still mutated in livestock, means we might have a major flu season this winter on top of everything else!
  • Even as other Republican-led states follow in the footsteps of Texas in their quest to punish women, the Justice Department pledges to protect the women Republicans are trying to torture. Meanwhile, Catholic-majority Mexico, just decriminalized abortion!
  • Turns out the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the rancid tree. Joe Manchin's daughter, Heather Bresch, was instrumental in inflating the cost of life-saving drugs to turn a hefty profit while the poor simply died. These people need the Flaying Spaghetti Monster in their lives.
  • During the early stages of the pandemic, the federal government offered unemployment benefits to every state. It was far less than every other developed nation, and not even enough to live off of, but it was still better than nothing. The benefits were scheduled to end in September, but nearly all of the Republican states purposely ended their benefits early in an attempt to force people back to work. Well, we've now reached the cutoff point for all states, and we've discovered that those states who ended benefits early saw no additional job growth; all they did was lose money for people who needed it. Typical Republicans.
  • One more major monument to slavery is coming down.
  • Republican Anton "Tony" Lazzaro, who worked with Lindsey Graham, Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump is being charged with operating an under-aged sex trafficking ring.

Here's an interesting web page which shows where rain water eventually ends up. You choose a starting point on the map, and it tracks how the water will drain into the nearest stream and follows it to the closest major body of water.

The amount of work that goes into making a rock in a AAA game is staggering, but not nearly as much as doors.

Captain Disillusion shows how another popular special effects video was made.

Freedom for all white men!

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I've added a page for The Constitution of the United States of America.

Gabby developed cold symptoms Thursday night and transferred them to Illy by Saturday. Gabby, per usual, got over them after only a couple days, but Illy has been miserable for the past three days. She's starting to do better, but still lots of snot! I also learned an important lesson about personal chemical limits and threw up for the first time since 2007.

  • The same Republicans who complained that socialized medicine would lead to rationed care ended up causing rationed care by refusing to get vaccinated and instead taking livestock drugs. Thankfully, the idiotic Ohio judge who ordered a doctor to give poison to a patient was overruled, but Republicans are still cheerfully watching their teachers die off in droves and our nation's over-crowded for-profit prison system is a major reason why the virus continues to thrive, because we can't seem to vaccinate prisoners, but we can poison them. And, when administrators err on the side of caution and send students home because they were exposed to COVID-19, their lunatic parents are break into schools and threatening to kidnap people if their children aren't put back into class. This is why we can't have nice things.
  • Texas's war on women continues, but they're experiencing push back. The bounty web site they created at tax payer expense to give $10,000 to anyone who ratted out a woman getting an abortion was hit with various denial of service and scam attacks and their web host, GoDaddy, has kicked them off their platform for violating their terms of service. Multiple companies are setting up funds to help protect women being targeted by Republicans. Finally, in an effort to prove just how pro-life they are, Texas has passed 666 new laws, some which make it legal for people who no gun training whatsoever to carry around loaded guns wherever they go. They're completely insane, and, once again, we have to turn to the Satanists for moral guidance.
  • I'm no war strategist, but it's pretty sad that the USA, for 20 straight years, knew that we were losing our war in Afghanistan, but continued to dump more bodies and money into it.
  • Several Republicans are under investigation because they appear to have helped allow terrorists infiltrate the Capitol. However, those same Republicans are threatening to use their political power to attack phone companies if they hand over their records to law enforcement. Why this isn't a crime in and of itself proves just how broken the USA's political system truly is.
  • Remington Arms, the company which made the assault rifle used by the shooter in the Sandy Hook child massacre, is demanding the academic, attendance, and disciplinary records for some of the murdered children. Perhaps, they want to know if the six-year-olds deserved to be murdered because they had poor attendance? Remington had to declare bankruptcy because they were sued because their guns were used in the mass murder, but they're still expected to have to pay out a big settlement. The typical argument used by gun fetishists is to compare them to cars. You wouldn't sue GM because someone used their Chevrolet to kill someone because it's not GM's fault, so, why sue the gun manufacturer because someone used a gun to kill a bunch of people? The problem with this argument is, cars are designed for transportation, assault rifles, however, are designed solely for killing people. The murderer was using the gun for it's expressed purpose. This is another black mark for the NRA which is already, thankfully, circling the drain. But, as long as we continue to glorify guns, school shootings will continue to happen.
  • In addition to slowing down mail, Republicans have also been shorting the pay of many Postal Service workers.
  • Republican Tina Peters illegally released a lot of private voting records to a conspiracy website in an attempt to push Trump's big lie. She is now hiding from the FBI while being sheltered by the My Pillow guy. This is a real thing that has happened.
  • Missouri Republicans swept an LGBT historical piece into the closet.

Russia has made it a crime for any sparkling wine to be called champagne in Russia other than, no, not French champagne, but Russian sparkling wine. This ridiculous law has obviously angered France, but I think there is an easy solution. Every other country can pass a law requiring Russian vodka to be called potato juice.

The NASA inventions that we use everyday.

Christian preacher Larry Hallock sexually assaulted a teenage girl, and then claimed she seduced him. His wife, and, in fact, his entire church, now blames the teen.

Examining narcissism by using Marvel's Loki as a subject.

Ready to go

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I added a page for the Windows 3 game, Rattler Race.

  • The Texas Taliban's abortion ban, which pays a bounty to any Texan who snitches on someone having an abortion, has officially become state law. It's time to boycott the state.
  • Antio-science Republican states like Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana have decided to stop reporting to the CDC cases and deaths due to COVID-19. This is especially troubling since they are among the most infected states, making their data especially important. And, despite their total failure, schools across the country are bending to pressure from these anti-science Republicans who would rather watch their teachers die than take basic medical precautions. Thankfully, teachers are recognizing that their administrators would gladly sacrifice them, and are going on strike.
  • The USA totally bungled its invasion, occupation, and retreat from Afghanistan, and now, rather than accept responsibility for it's failure, the USA is washing its hands. We should really be helping the refugees we created, but racist Republicans of our failurecan't stand the idea.
  • Famed anti-Semite, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, is being investigated for her role in the January 6th terrorist attack on the US Capitol. Rather than let her name be cleared, she's threatening to shut down phone companies if they cooperate with investigators.
  • The Sackler family, who made billions selling their highly addictive drugs to people, are now immune from all future lawsuits related to their drug empire.
  • Back in May, anti-masker Vyvianna Quinonez was told she had to wear a mask on a plane, so, she violently attacked a flight attendant. She has finally been charged with her crimes.
  • A recent study shows that Facebook is still a haven for misinformation, as six times more misinformation links are clicked on than factual news, and, the majority of the fake news is right-leaning.
  • It's back to school time, which means it's time we remind young children that white men still want to control the bodies of women and racial minorities.
  • The same white male terrorists who attacked the Capitol also attack trans people.

After gunshots were heard, three schools in Tennessee went into full lock down mode, terrifying students and teachers alike. The culprit? A redneck doing a gender reveal with a gun.

I tell my song to find you

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I've added a page for the Azure Ray album, Drawing Down the Moon.

  • The American Taliban (Republicans on the US Supreme Court) refused to put a hold on Texas's unconstitutional abortion ban. Expect this same thing is going to happen in all Southern states. Republicans are doing this because they care about life so much, like the lives of all their teachers who have died from the disease they refuse to address. Several Republican states, who were already among the dumbest, are now seeing their teachers quit because of their refusal to be concerned with their health. The top 13 states with the highest COVID death rate are all Southern states, and have been for some time now, and Christian organizations continue to be super-spreaders. And, by failing to address COVID-19, Republicans have also taken one more step toward their goal of destroying Social Security.
  • Anti-intellectual Joe Rogan, which people actually trust for medical advice for some reason, has, expectedly, become infected with COVID-19, and is, expectedly, consuming livestock dewormer, because, of course he is. He may be lying about his infection, taking horse juice, or both, but, either way, it totally undermines his claims. He didn't want to get vaccinated because he didn't believe vaccines were fully tested, so, ow he's ingesting something that was never tested at all. But why did Republicans choose a livestock dewormer of all things to destroy their bowels? Like with most things they do, the answer is based on a discredited study. It's sad that so many people would rather die than educate themselves, but I'm not really losing sleep over a lot of these awful people who are dying. There is a reason why people should follow the advice of medical professionals instead of quacks because the professionals are the ones actually keeping people safe.
  • Despite being told his mask ban was illegal, Republican Ron DeSantis is now withholding school funding unless they follow his criminal mandate.
  • In another case of, it's about damn time, the cops who murdered Elijah McClain, and unarmed black man who didn't commit a crime, are finally being charged with homicide. Also, police are still robbing people who haven't broken any laws.

How solar power works, and where it is going.

Gotta be the one

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I've added a page for Mega Man III.

  • It's sad that people wait until everyone around them starts a torturous spiral into death before finally deciding to trust virologists, but, here we are. Meanwhile, Marc Bernier, Phil Valentine, Jimmy DeYoung, and Dick Farrel, all Republican radio hosts, all became infected by the virus they pretended didn't exist, and died. Meanwhile, Georgia antivaxxers have become so violent, they're scaring away doctors and preventing everyone else from getting vaccinated. Meanwhile, an Ohioan Republican Judge, J. Gregory Howard, who saw it on Fox, is telling actual doctors they will go to jail if they don't poison a patient with horse dewormer.
  • Texas's Republican Supreme Court upheld the Republican abortion ban, which even bans abortion for women who have been raped by their father. Their hatred of women doesn't surprise me. Neither does their hatred of black people. Republicans suspended principal James Whitfield for letting students learn about how racist Americans have been, and still are.
  • Republican Matt Gaetz has been trying to stay out of the news what with all the statutory rape he committed, but it doesn't help that he got caught up in another scandal when a man claimed he could make all Gaetz's rape charges disappear for a mere $25,000,000.
  • Republican Madison Cawthorn, famous for lying about how he became paralyzed, is following Trump's lead to incite a riot by lying about election security and encouraging violence. Even his fellow Republicans think he's dangerous.
  • It's pretty obvious, but it's nice to see another large study conclude that wearing masks prevents the likelihood of catching respiratory diseases like COVID-19.
  • Trump is promoting Republican Ted Budd for US Senate and talked about how close he is with farmers. Of course, he failed to mention that he and his father committed fraud and bankrupted an agricultural company which caused his fellow farmers to lose millions of dollars.

Mormonism is racist. Like, really racist.

Nice joystick

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I've added a page for the computer hardware company, Logitech.

A friend of mine was getting rid of his video game collection, so I got a pretty good haul for super cheap. I've updated my list of games I own. The most obvious additions are from Game Boy to Genesis, but I also got several new Nintendo 64 and PlayStation titles.

  • COVID-19 is especially dangerous to children who have had cancer, and Helaina Burt was definitely thinking about children when she threatened to murder health officials for mandating masks in schools. I'll be she's really pissed that Republican Ron DeSantis had his anti-science mask ban declared illegal. Sadly, the antivaxxers have responded to COVID-19 by refusing even more vaccines than usual, and anti-science Republicans are helping them infect the rest of us. Sadly, the antivaxxers are dying before they can be educated. Police officer Joe Manning, is now dead from COVID-19 after telling people to drink horse dewormer. Prominent antimasker Caleb Wallace, only 30 years old, and with his wife pregnant with their fourth child, has also died from COVID. Republican radio host Marc Bernier, also an antivaxxer, has also died from COVID.
  • Because of Republican racism, hate crimes against Asians has risen to the highest level in 12 years.
  • The mob of violent Republicans tried to overthrow Democracy by invading the Capitol, while falling for Trump's lie was probably their biggest gripe, they also weren't too keen on believing COVID either. That's kind of funny since 17 of the arrested terrorists are now without a lawyer because John Pierce is now on a ventilator.
  • Republicans are still trying their damnedest to ban abortion, and, with a majority Republican Supreme Court, it's looking more and more likely.
  • We may be losing the war on climate change, but there are still a few small victories here and there.
  • Republican Ted Cruz continues to share incredibly dishonest war propaganda.
  • The conservatives in a Virginia school just lost taxpayers $1,300,000 because of their bigotry against trans people.
  • Boy, claim that your co-workers only get promoted because they're black, and suddenly people think you're a racist.

They grow up so fast

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I've added a page for the Baroque painter, Caravaggio.

Today was the first day of preschool for my girls!

  • The US can't even surrender without killing civilian children in a drone strike.
  • An unvaccinated elementary school teacher in Marin County, California read aloud to her class without a mask not yet aware she had COVID-19. She infected 22 of her students! But that's nothing compaored to "Liberty" University which is now under campus-wide quarantine as over 150 people, the majority of which are students, became infected because the school refused to impose even the most basic of precautions. Of course, they're still alive. Christian pastor Tim Parsons just died of COVID-19 after telling his flock not social distance or worry about the virus in any way. His congregation is shocked they prayed and fasted for his recovery, but their god still let him die! Meanwhile, Fox is still telling Republicans to drink horse de-wormer.
  • Democrats continue to push for children's mental health.

Some assorted facts about the SNES games.

Why is it everything weighs more in a vacuum?

You'll be happier if you spend more time working less and enjoying your free time more.

What would you do for a byte?

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I added a page for the ANSI art editor, PabloDraw. I also added some test images to the JPEG page to show how it's compression adds artifacting as the quality decreases, and also made similar test images for the JPEGOptim page to show how well it's compression optimizes beyond traditional programs.

Skeptics in the Pub tonight and tubing tomorrow! It's going to be a fun weekend.

  • Under the failed leadership of Republican Ron DeSantis, Florida has become the US epicenter of the pandemic. Even with almost half the population, Florida is still seeing more total deaths than California, and their infection rate continues to surge. The state's hospitals are full, the corpses are piling up, and there is no end in sight as DeSantis continues to enforce his deadly mask-ban. It's like he's driving a bus off a cliff, but he has the gall to say the rest of the nation should follow his lead! This reminds me of those Republicans who praised Trump for getting an unapproved vaccine out quick, but blame Biden for actually getting the vaccine approved.
  • Even as COVID-19 surges to pre-vaccine levels, the Republicans on the Supreme Court have ended the eviction moratorium.
  • As ISIS is bombing Afghani airports, it's important to look back at how the US started, and ultimately lost, the Afghanistan War.
  • Despite the attempts by the Democratic minority to stop it, Texas Republicans are back on track to prevent voting for the state's black, Latino, and poor population.
  • Police officer Matthew Grashorn approached a place where a family was exercising their dogs, saw one of their playful puppies run up to him to play, and, without even announcing himself as a cop, pulled out his gun and shot the dog in the face and body. The family begged the cop to let them take their bleeding puppy to the vet, but the cop refused, and forced them to wait several hours, by which time, the dog bled too much to be saved. Then, to cover his ass, Grashorn cited the family for having a dangerous dog! The Colorado police reviewed the case and agreed that Grashorn did everything right when he murdered their family pet. The family is suing, but nothing will happen. In the USA, cops are allowed to enter your own property without a warrant, shoot all your pets to death, and get away with it. Cops are never even punished, let alone charged with a crime.
  • Trump's tenure as president was probably the most tumultuous presidency in history, plagued with unending scandals of corruption, sexual assault, and abuse, but, to a Republican, that's perfection.

When you lie on a research paper about being honest.

The song I sing for you; they're coming from my heart

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I've added a page for a song by The Sounds, No One Sleeps When I'm Awake.

  • The USA is back to having over 100,000 Americans hospitalized with COVID-19, with Florida and Texas hospitals being the most full.
  • I take no satisfaction in ignorant people dying from preventable illnesses, but I do take satisfaction knowing that anti-masker Dan Bauman was arrested for thinking he could get away with attacking a child who told him to wear a mask.
  • Police officer Jacob Brown has murdered at least one unarmed black man, and has violently beaten many others. The true count is unknown since he lied to cover up his attacks. The hero who finally made Brown's criminal history known was Aaron Bowman who was so severely beaten by Brown he had to be hospitalized, but Brown's police force is still refusing to implement protections against criminal cops, and Bowman himself, despite the systemic abuse against him, still faces charges for a crime he didn't commit.
  • Trump's legal team, led by the ridiculous Sidney Powell, will not only have to pay for the legal fees of the state of Michigan due to their nefarious attempt to overturn the Michigan election, but they will also have to take 12 hours of legal schooling, half dedicated to election law, in order to keep their license. They forgot that it's okay to lie on TV, but it's a crime to lie in a court room.
  • Always the profiteer, war criminal Erik Prince has offered to fly poor helpless refugees out of Afghanistan... provided they can afford to pay him $6,500 per person.
  • Convicted murderer Patrick Baker was one of the hundreds of criminals pardoned by Republican Matt Bevin because they donated a lot of money to his re-election campaign (which he still ended up losing because of his incompetence and corruption), but, while the state government can no longer charge him with a crime, thankfully, the federal government still can.
  • Ty Garbin, one of the white American terrorists who tried to kidnap the Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has been sentenced to six years in prison. Quite a light sentence if you ask me.

As solar energy gains prominence, it increases the problem of energy storage.

Primordial shoop

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I finished reading Carl Sagan's, The Dragons of Eden. It's one of his earlier books, and I didn't find it as interesting as his later books.

  • Antivaxxers who have "done their research," are now taking drugs meant to protect livestock from intestinal worms all while calling vaccinated people ignorant sheep, they're even booing Trump for suggesting the vaccine! Also, antivaxers are pointing to Israel's high infection rate as proof that the vaccine doesn't work, but it's working as expected. The key points: Israel, despite their high level of vaccination, is still far from heard immunity, the vaccine does get less-effective over time, thus the reason the FDA is encouraging boosters, and the delta variant is different enough to still cause an infection, though a severe reaction is unlikely. I appreciate the fact that the WHO is calling for a delay in boosters until the less-fortunate nations get access to their first jabs. Over half of the public schools in Florida are mandating masks for students and faculty and just daring Republican Ron DeSantis to try and enforce his anti-science anti-mask law.
  • Doug Jensen, one of the violent criminals who attacked the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy, got extremely lucky and a judge took pity on him and let him out of jail pending his trial. However, one of the terms for his release was that he couldn't go on the Internet and seek misinformation about the election. Naturally, he did, and was caught, but now he's begging for another chance to stay out of jail for his crimes. At some point, it would be nice if the American justice system held criminals responsible.

Literally no aspect of the virgin birth narrative can be confirmed with evidence.

Taking a look at who wrote the apocryphal books.

Is there a documentary about mocumentaries?

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page about video documentaries.

  • Insurance companies are ending COVID-19 treatment coverage. This means, antivaxxers will have to pay massive hospital bills if they get sick enough to end up in intensive care. Their ignorance of science might land them a hospital bill with more zeroes than their mortgage! But then, antivaxxers aren't the brightest bunch. Enzo and Daniela Dalmazzo were caught using forged vaccine cards after trying to claim their 4 and 5-year-old children as 12-year-olds with their own vaccine cards! Suffice to say, their clever ruse didn't fool TSA.
  • There are few things Republicans love more than controlling women's bodies. Case in point, Republicans prevent abortion medicine from being sent through the mail during the pandemic, even though there wasn't a non-religious reason for this. Women who needed the medicine were required to put themselves at risk during the pandemic in order to get it, just one more unnecessary hurdle for being born female. Now that Democrats are in charge again, and they don't violate civil liberties quite as much as Republicans, we might finally see abortion medicine treated like other medicine.
  • Of course, Republicans do really love taking away the voting rights of groups that tend to vote for Democrats, but even this devious tactic of theirs is being combated by people who have the strange belief that, in a democracy, everyone should be allowed to vote.
  • Joseph Hackett is a dangerous criminal. He's part of the Oath Keepers terrorist organization which violently stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow American democracy saying he was going to murder a lot of people there, starting with Nancy Pelosi. His lawyer argued that he should be set free because he's changed his mind about political violence, and is no longer a threat. He said his wife would keep him from being re-radicalized. Of course, his wife Deena Hackett is also a crazy Republican who thinks her husband is a political prisoner who was trying to "preserve" the USA, so she's probably not going to do a very good job at keeping him sane. Hackett is violent and crazy, so, naturally, the judge released him. Why? Probably because he's white.
  • How the last four presidents totally dropped the ball in Afghanistan.

Debunking more creationist lies.

The chemistry behind turning waste plastic into usable proteins.

Pray the gay away!

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I've added a page for the documentary Pray Away.

  • Republican Phil Valentine was an antivaxer and caught COVID-19, then he started consuming horse deworming medicine because he felt medicine used on humans was too dangerous. He is now dead. His surviving family is now urging people to get vaccinated. This isn't surprising since Republicans have been suggesting random dangerous drugs for COVID since the beginning. They also keep trying to blame the disease on the Democrats. Also, there are more cases of COVID-19 in Florida than ever before, even more than before the vaccine was made available. So, naturally, Republican Ron DeSantis has cut unemployment aid in attempt to force people back into crowded workplaces. The Republican death cult continues.
  • However, thankfully, the FDA has now fully approved the Pfizer vaccine for adult use as both safe and effective.
  • White supremacists have overrun Portland, Oregon supporting those white police officers who murder unarmed black men.
  • A look back at 20 years of American presidents failing in Afghanistan.
  • One of the criminals involved in storming the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow democracy was none other than Owen Shroyer of Infowars.
  • I'm not familiar with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, but, ever since the owner gave unwavering support to antisemitic Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, I know I'll never buy from them, neither, it seems, will any fans of retailer Patagonia.
  • Repeated child molester, Republican Josh Duggar, is trying to have his most recent case thrown out because the people who arrested him were appointed by Trump.

Two more studies demonstrate that non-religious people are more likely to be moral and accept science.

Ever hear the claim that only male trees are planted in cities, which causes far more pollen and worse allergies? Well, it's not true.

Debunking more creationist lies.

If you thought they couldn't get any cooler, shark scales are actually more like teeth!

Work sucks, I know.

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  • Mississippi currently leads the country in COVID-19, greatly surpassing even the highest levels it had before the vaccine was cleared for safety! It's followed by Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Wyoming, Texas, and Oklahoma. And yet, despite all of the most infected states being predominantly Republican, Republicans are still trying to blame it on the Democrats, when they're not blaming black people or people smart enough to enforce masks. And, the people arguing against masks? Well...
  • No longer under the incompetence of Republican Betsy DeVos, the Department of Education is rescinding the bigoted pro-Christian rules and canceling $5,800,000,000 in student debt for disabled Americans.
  • Republican war mongers who totally botched the war in Afghanistan have dumb things to say about the withdrawal.
  • Trump supporter Floyd Ray Roseberry has been arrested after threatening to blow up several vehicles near the US Capitol.
  • Jeff Bezos is a terrible person, and his brief trip to space didn't make him any less terrible.

Another day, another perverted priest. At least, this time, it wasn't with a child.

Animals so ugly they're beautiful.

Hydrogen fuel cells also power electric cars, but they don't use nasty chemical batteries.

A dream within a dream

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I've added a pages for virtual machines and the Flash Player Projector Content Debugger.

  • Biden urges the Department of Education to defy those Republican governors who are willing to sacrifice their children so they won't have to protect themselves from a deadly disease. Some schools are becoming creative with their mask mandates to get around Republican stupidity, like by making them an official part of the school dress code. Others are watching their friends dying around them and reassessing their position. But, there are still plenty of antivaxxers who are publicly threatening to murder pharmacists. And Joe Rogan is giving Alex Jones a run for his money on crazy antivax conspiracies.
  • Republican Ken Kurson, a close friend of Jared Kushner was being charged for criminally cyberstalking his ex-wife and breaking into computer systems to do so, but the creep was pardoned by Trump because Trump loves creepy stalkers. Although the federal government can no longer bring charges, the state of New York is taking its turn to get justice for the woman Kurson abused.
  • Robert Reeder, one of the MAGA thugs involved in the Capitol attack, had pleaded guilty to a couple misdemeanors, but there wasn't any evidence that he did any serious crimes. But, just before he was about to be given a very light sentence, new video surfaced of him violently attacking a police officer. Thankfully, Reeder's sentencing has been rescheduled so they can examine this new evidence, and hopefully give him a much more appropriate punishment.
  • Under Democrat control, the EPA is finally banning a toxic pesticide the Republicans fought to keep in use.
  • Because it's run by Republican Christians, Hobby Lobby tried to force a trans woman to use their men's bathroom. There Christian hate costed the company $220,000!
  • The US surrender has left Afghanistan in an absolute mess, but we've also left guns and bombs for the Taliban.

Why do dogs kick their legs when you scratch them? It's actually a reflex, not a sign of pleasure, although, if you're petting them nicely, it's probably both.

Clickbait is super effective, here are eight reasons why, number six really surprised me!

Son of man's a man for all to see!

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If you're wondering about yesterday's post, I took the day off to watch my girls while Emily enjoyed her birthday.

I've added a page for the Keypunch Software title, Strike Force.

  • Texas judge Clay Jenkins spells it out very clearly to Dallas Texans: all the ICU beds are full. The next person who needs an ICU bed might die while waiting for treatment. In fact, the state death toll is rising so fast, they have requested five more mortuary trailers to house all the corpses. This coming as Republican Governor Greg Abbott tests positive for COVID, but, since he's already been vaccinated (and got a third booster when others can't), is unlikely to die from it, which means he's also unlikely to lift his ban on school masks, no matter how many Christian radio hosts die. Sadly, Texas is just one state where the Republican leaders are sacrificing the public. In Florida, teachers are dying from COVID even as the schools open. Thankfully, there are a few schools that are fighting against the Republican death cult, which is bringing dangerous antivaxxers out of the woodwork to protest simple safety measures to the point where police have to keep them inline. And, despite all the death, parents are still sending their children to school even after knowing their children are infected. If you're curious where the hospitals are most overwhelmed, you can check this tracker. Meanwhile, New Zealand remains extremely successful in combating COVID because it shuts down the nation for a single case.
  • Remember when Trump claimed to have brokered a peace treaty with the Taliban and ended the Afghanistan war? Neither, it seems, do the Republicans. It's tragic that the US wasted trillions on that misguided war, enough to solve most of our own problems, and even more tragic that a fanatic religious group with ideals nearly identical to the Republican Party now controls the nation. Refugees are fleeing, and the USA won't help them.
  • Despite no longer being president, Trump is still threatening everyone who opposes him, even the very law enforcement agents he almost killed.
  • When it comes to helping needy people, only the Democrats actually follow-through.
  • Wisconsin conversationalists spent years trying to rebuild the state's endangered grey wolf population, but, against the advise of scientists, the state's hunting board is allowing the killing of 300 wolves which might very well put them back on the path to extinction in that region.

In case you needed another reason to support gun control.

Why is the US no longer building affordable housing? Racism.

Ransomware keeps becoming a bigger problem thanks to lax security and cryptocurrency.

Debunking more creationist lies.

Where the "agnostic not atheist" claim falls apart.

This used to be my playground

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I've added a page for the film, A League of Their Own.

  • By appointing anti-science judges, Republicans are getting their anti-science antivax way and many people will die because of it, but that doesn't mean educated people still aren't trying to legally fight their ignorance. While I do feel some schadenfreude when I see ignorant people in authority become infected, I'd be much happier if they could learn their lesson without dying or being maimed.
  • Last July was the hottest month ever recorded. Not only are extreme weather events going to get worse, but, even if we were to stop all carbon pollution today, they're still not going to get better in our lifetime.
  • Things aren't going well for Mike Lindell. The crazy Republican supporter left the stage early at his laughable cyber symposium after the news hit that the defamation lawsuit against him by the Dominion voting company would proceed.
  • All the anti-Chinese Republican vitriol has caused over 9,000 attacks on Asian people since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • After the US retreated from Afghanistan, we symbolically lost our longest ever war, but now, it's official, the Taliban has seized the nation's capital. I think Bush and Trump still believe they defeated them.

A Muslims tries to answer why Muslims are so violent, and fails to give a decent response.

More bang for your buck

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I've added a page for compilation video games.

  • As COVID resurges because of antivaxers, hospital are once again overflowing with disease, and it doesn't help that there is so much misinformation, delusional healthcare workers who have been giving people fake vaccines, and that people are still going on cruises. Also, thanks to the Republican mask ban in Florida, in a single school district, only two days into the school year, already has almost 500 kids in quarantine! But, true to form, Republicans refuse to accept any responsibility and blame all the problems they've caused on foreigners, but, in reality, by us imprisoning refugees, we're the ones infecting them.
  • Beating fellow Republican Matt Gaetz to the finish line, Anton Lazzaro has been arrested for underage sex trafficking.
  • Republicans claim to care about children, but Democrats actually did something for them.
  • Republican crack pot Mike Lindell has sunk his entire MyPillow franchise on Trump. In a last-ditch effort to retain some credibility, he said he would give $5,000,000 to anyone who could prove that the encrypted cyber data he has is not proof of a Chinese plot to steal the election. Well, much to his chagrin, the very same man he hired to decrypt the data, Josh Merritt, is demanding the money, because he says he can prove the data is false. It's never a good idea when the very people you hire to prove you right end up proving you wrong! But this won't silence Trump supporters who, even as their fellow Republicans admit Trump lost, only dig themselves in deeper.
  • Dumping a massive amount of pollution every day is finally catching up to us, often in strange ways.
  • Another unarmed black man was murdered, this time by a security guard.
  • In order to prove that their voting systems weren't secure, Republican Tina M. Peters, a huge fan of Mike Lindell, allegedly stole the passwords for the machines and posted them online.

Duh Fabuwus Wibbuh Boat

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Yesterday, I finished re-reading the second book in the Riverworld series, The Fabulous Riverboat.

  • Trump's final attorney general, Jeff Rosen, admits that Trump pressured the Department of Justice into rejecting the results of the election in order to help him steal the presidency. This was compounded by the fact the Rudy Giuliani told agents working at the Department of Justice it was okay to lie, and that they were under no obligation to tell the truth about the election.
  • Why is Republican Rand Paul so eager to tell people not to wear masks or get vaccinated? Maybe it's because his wife owns several thousand dollars in stock with a company who sells an antiviral that's only useful if people get infected? I'm sure his family is making a killing right now.
  • I'm glad to see Andrew Cuomo has been forced to resign, but a demotion isn't the same as a criminal investigation for sexually assaulting several women.
  • A QAnon supporter named Matthew Taylor Coleman (oddly similar to another QAnon supporter, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene), murdered his two children because he believed they were snake people.
  • Heeding the advice of health care professionals, the board of a Tennessee public school said that students would be required to wear masks in the upcoming school year. So, the parents started making thinly veiled death threats.
  • Despite Trump's lie that he annihilated them, the Taliban is once again taking over Afghanistan.

The USA used to have publicly-run swimming pools for everyone, but racism ruined that.

How can scientists see behind a black hole?

Busy, busy, busy

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A religious organization which claimed it could magically "fix" the LGBT (for the low low cost of $10,000), is being punished with a $3,500,000 fine.

Battery cars aren't the only option, hydrogen fuel cell cars are also being developed.

The plan Christians attribute to their god makes their god look like a total idiot.

He drinks a cider drink

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I've added pictures of all the bottles in my list of hard ciders.

  • The recent surge in COVID-19 infections (largely due to the unvaccinated, especially children) is putting us on the path to another shutdown. Even as Republicans are banning face masks, they're begging hospitals to stop elective surgeries to free up room for more dying COVID patients. But, if it's one thing capitalism does well, it's put money above everything else. Since they don't expect the government to bail them out effectively, corporations are now forcing their employees, and, in some cases, their customers, to get vaccinated. This is pissing off Republicans who, even as their own spokespeople die from COVID-19, are still calling it a hoax. Of course, those same Republicans who want to allow businesses to refuse service to the LGBT are losing their minds over businesses refusing service to the unvaccinated. As is typical with Republicans, if someone they don't like is being refused service, who cares, but if they're being refused service, it's an infringement of their god-given rights! So, when Florida school administrators say they're going to defer to the advice of scientists about wearing masks rather than science-illiterate Republicans, those Republicans make threats!
  • Speaking of public schools, Texas teachers are very much against the new Republican law banning the teaching of anything about race that might make white people feel bad.
  • The Trump Republicans caused around $500,000,000 in damages when they invaded the Capitol, not to mention the massive legal costs of trying them all, but, their combined fines are only expected to cost them $1,500,000, leaving US taxpayers to foot the remaining $498,500,000.
  • While I'm never impressed with anything the Democrats do, at least they occasionally do something useful. The last Republican budget plan was just a massive tax break to the rich which increased the national debt by trillions. The Democrat budget plan, on the other hand, actually puts money towards addressing climate change, decreasing illegal immigration, stopping homelessness, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, and educating children and adults.
  • At the same Ohio courthouse, only a day apart, when a white women steals $240,000, she gets probation, when a black woman steals only $40,000, she gets 18 months in prison.
  • Salvador Sanchez, an off-duty cop, opened fire in a crowded grocery store shooting ten times. He murdered an unarmed non-verbal autistic man for the "crime" of slapping him, and injured both his parents.
  • A mob of antivaxxers tried to storm the BBC to protest vaccines, but they ended up storming an apartment building. Said the leader of the antivax mob, "how could I be wrong? I did my research on Google!"
  • A look at how one family can kill thousands of people with a highly addictive drug and still get away with it because they're rich.
  • Complex problems are usually not solved with simple solutions. Consider illegal immigration in the USA. Common sense would tell us that making it harder for immigrant to get into the country, and making stricter punishment for law breakers would decrease illegal immigration, but the exact opposite is true.
  • Andrew Cuomo finally resigned.

Another day, another rapist preacher.

If you're into the history of names, consider the name Tiffany.

Advanced power!

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I've added the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, and Game Boy Micro to the Controller Font.

  • To give you an idea of just how infected the US South is, last week, just Florida and Texas accounted for a third of the entire nation's COVID-19 cases, but the Republican governors refuse to take any actions to stop the infections, and claim that the parents who keep their children safe are abusing them. This really shouldn't surprise anyone. For a long time now, the Republican motto has been "kill the weak." And Christian death cults aren't exactly making things any easier.
  • Did the lock down give the planet enough time to heal itself and wipe away all our pollution? Not even close. The massive blanket of pollution we've covered the planet in is continuing to thicken and we're doing very little to stop it. To make matters worse, the Gulf Stream might be collapsing, which would be catastrophic for weather and shipping all over the globe.
  • The Biden administration may not care enough to punish predatory student loan companies, but at least they're willing to hold off on making people pay back unfair loans during the pandemic.
  • Andrew Cuomo doesn't just need to resign, he needs to be charged with sexual assault.

Debunking even more creationist lies.

But I do get lonely, scared I'm phony

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I've added a page for the Super Famicom Controller and the InterAct SN ProgramPad.

  • Republican Ron DeSantis has made it illegal for schools to mandate masks, he mocked those who get vaccinated, he did everything he could to prevent a sensible shut down to keep people alive. As one could predict, his state is now seeing a massive surge in COVID-19 infections, the worst in the nation. So, does he accept responsibility for his ignorant actions? Of course not, he puts the blame squarely on those filthy immigrants.
  • Roy Thorne and his son were with their realtor looking at a house in Michigan. Suddenly, several cops surrounded the house, pointed their guns at the men, and then handcuffed them. Their crime? Trying to buy a house while black. Turns out, one of the neighbors saw a couple of black people in the next door house that was for sale and just assumed they were robbing it. Then, the police saw black men in a house for sale and just assumed they were robbing it. It wasn't until the realtor showed his credentials, and proved that the two black men were his clients that the police finally let them go.
  • Once again, the US health care system ranked dead last among wealthy nations.
  • Republican Ralph Norman is trying to sue Nancy Pelosi for requiring masks at the Capitol. He's just contracted COVID-19.
  • Critical race theory is not being taught in our public school because because it's actually a really complex topic that usually isn't taught until college. Also, most Republicans don't even have the slightest idea what it is or want to know. This video doesn't go too in-depth describing what it is, but rather, how Republicans weaponize it to scare their voters.

Another day, another preacher (Carl Lentz) has been arrested for sexually assaulting children.

Kent Hovind, the same guy who Aron Ra has been correcting, has been arrested again. Not tax evasion this time, but domestic abuse of his third "wife."

A look at the women who made computer programming a reality.

So I'll go home and practice the traits you said I lacked

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I've started a list of my favorite music videos. It's mostly from memory, so it's still missing a lot.

  • Unvaccinated Americans have been so misinformed that the majority believe the COVID-19 vaccines (which have killed literally zero people) are more deadly than the virus (which has killed several million). This is why you get morons like Republican H. Scott Apley who railed against vaccines only to die from COVID at the age of 45.
  • Texans learned with their wallets why you don't trust energy companies to make the rules.
  • If you're a 4-year-old girl and someone breaks down the door of your house, points a gun in your face, and scream at you to "get on the fucking ground!" Don't worry, it's just the police here to protect and serve.
  • Tennessee Republicans explain how they will defund their own public schools if the schools teach students about the history of racism in America.
  • Karl Dresch, another American traitor, was sentenced to only a half year in prison for his part in trying to steal the US presidential election for Trump. The judge made it clear that Dresch was not a hero or a political prisoner, but a mere common criminal.

Another day, another child-raping priest.

Mental Floss celebrates 20 years with 20 strange facts.

It's fun to mock deluded preachers who believe in demon possession, but, don't forget, they're belief cause them to abuse people.

Now you're playing with power, cheating power!

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It took several months, but I finally finished the conversion from the old NES Hacker Wiki to the new layout of ROM Detectives. The latest format supports games for any platform, not just the NES, and also has plenty of room for each game to grow. I've also written a program that vacuums up the easy cheats from the site and generates cheat files for every supported emulator. By automating the process, I'll be able to release Easy Cheat updates far more frequently, and it will be much easier to add new emulators as they are released. I've updated the latest archives for all supported emulators, but the guides need to be updated to match the new style, especially the BizHawk guide which jumped from one supported platform to 18! The latest cheat archive now has 289 games (spanning almost 1,000 releases) and 2,340 cheats!

  • Vaccines for children still aren't available, but most states are still preparing to return to in-person school anyway, and, rather than create measures to ensure their safety, Republicans are banning mandatory face coverings, guaranteeing the more deadly Delta variant will kill a lot more people. At least one Republican is beginning to see the gravity of their medical ignorance and is begging his state to reverse the mask ban that he himself signed. Meanwhile, Louisiana just joined Florida on the list of ignorant states that have had more COVID infections now than they had even before the vaccine! Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri are all on track to reach that same height of stupidity.
  • The numbers have been tallied, and it's no surprise, Trump's economy was the worst in living memory, and Republicans can't even blame the pandemic.
  • Democrats may have dropped the ball on the eviction moratorium, but, thankfully, the CDC picked up the slack.
  • Remember Mark and Patricia McCloskey? The two Trump-loving gun nuts who brandished their guns at peaceful protesters and pleaded guilty to assault? Mike Parson, the Republican governor of Missouri has pardoned them.

Looking to build up a tolerance to a deadly poison? That's not how it works.

Believing in demons makes people stupid.

Funny how the pages turn and hold us in between

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I've added a page for music producer Roy Thomas Baker.

  • Fox makes it clear, COVID-19 is only dangerous when an immigrant has it. This is why, when Republican Lindsey Graham caught COVID-19 at a big party, nobody cared. And, don't get your hopes up, despite all the Republican lies about the vaccines, Graham, and all the other Republicans, were the first to get vaccinated, so it's unlikely he will have any bad symptoms. Sigh, what might have been.
  • The Biden administration failed to secure a long term solution to the eviction moratorium, and now landlords are overwhelming the courts trying to evict their tenants. At least their finally giving out some of our bloated vaccine stockpile to the needy.
  • Convicted felon Rod Blagojevich was arrested for accepting bribes, extortion, and trying to sell his political position. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison, but begged Donald Trump to commute his sentence, which Trump did (birds of a feather). Now, out of prison early, and extolling his unwavering support for Trump, Blagojevich is trying to get back into politics by suing Illinois.
  • In North Carolina, if a rapist impregnates a 14-year-old girl, he's allowed to marry her if the ashamed parents want to keep the rape quite. One politician is trying to end this monstrous law, but North Carolina Republicans want it to stay in place, not, they claim, because they agree with child rape, but, because some of their good friends are child rapists.
  • An unarmed black man was compliant, handcuffed, and lying on the ground when police officers Kevin Perez and Jose Perez (unrelated) took delight in kicking him in the head several times each.
  • The USA is a nation where, if white people have dreadlocks, they're cool, but, if a black person has dreadlocks, they're a criminal.
  • Why did the US military try to kill every last bison in the country? Racism.

Chaos theory demonstrates how even a extremely minor different initial conditions leads to huge changes over time.

Did you know that, in the USA, EMTs aren't considered essential medical services, there is no standardization to how they operate, and they basically function as predatory corporations?

When people claim that Jesus is loving, I have to wonder why they've never read the bible.

Kids run through the city

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I've added a page for one of my favorite video game music composers Nobuo Uematsu.

I now have two sick babies and a sick wife at home, though both babies are on the mend. My throat is a little scratchy, and I don't feel perfect, but nothing too bad. Can someone teach my girls to stop licking random surfaces in public? I'm not up to the task.

  • Every moment we spend looking at the origins of the January 6th terrorist attack is a reminder of just how fascist the Republican party has become. No wonder they want to quietly move on. And yet, despite the fact these terrorists were literally trying to end free elections in the USA, they're only being punished for minor crimes like trespassing. Why is that? Because Republicans did so much damage to the Justice Department, it's still only hobbling along. And, it doesn't help that they're having to bring charges against Republicans like Greg Abbott for illegally sicking police on refugees.
  • The selfishness of the antivaxxer doesn't just hurt themselves and their children, it slowly grows to affect, and infect, everyone around them. However, their selfishness sometimes works in our favor. As they see more people around them dying from the disease, their selfishness reminds them how important their own life is to them, even if nobody elses is, and they get vaccinated. Some of them only endorse vaccines after being sick in the hospital for 8 months like Republican David Byrd, others aren't so lucky. And, since Florida is now seeing an infection rate even higher than it did last winter, we're going to see the luck run out of a lot more people, especially Christians who are actively killing their already dying religion. Canada isn't pulling any punches and is handing out steep fines to anyone trying to get into the country by using fake vaccine cards.

Although I don't have much interest in the Olympics anymore, it's important to look at the origins of black gymnasts and the racism they endured.

The former FedEx employee who went on a shooting spree and murdered a bunch of Sikhs (a small religious minority) was ruled not a hate crime against Sikhs, but the police aren't giving details for why they are dismissing the case.

Some examples of the Mandela effect.

It must be a day ending with a y because another Christian preacher (Micahn Carter) has resigned following credible rape allegations.

An interesting look at how the original Apple computer worked.

Believe it, we'll be walking in the light, 'cause they'll be no place left to hide

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I've added a page for my favorite Brian May song, Back to the Light.

I have two sick babies at home again. How does that happen?

  • Because people are refusing to vaccinate, the CDC is once again recommending people in busy areas start wearing masks again, even if they're vaccinated. Naturally, Republicans are trying to make it a crime to listen to a panel of doctors. Prior to the vaccine, the death rate was fluctuating from state to state, but now that most of the people who want to get vaccinated are vaccinated, we're seeing a much clearer picture. The top ten states with the highest rate of infection in the past week are all Republican strongholds: Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Georgia.
  • Just to confirm what we already know, Trump really was trying to steal the election.
  • When he was affirming religious bigot Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, Republican John Kennedy was very much against the idea of anyone asking her questions about her prejudice beliefs. However, now that he's looking at someone who doesn't wield their religion like a weapon, all of the sudden Kennedy demands to know about their god beliefs.

It's easy for credulous people to get sucked into Internet conspiracies, even when they're not as willfully ignorant as Donald Trump.

Another day, another child-raping priest.

Why is the New York Times writing uncritical advertisements for dowsers?

Debunking more creationist lies.

Looking for someone to be saved under my restraint

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I've added a page for the compression format 7Z. I've also finished converting all the games starting with 'T' in ROM Detectives. I'm almost complete with the project I started eight months ago!

  • A couple important takeaways from the Capitol police: they hold Trump responsible and they confirmed that Republican terrorists got very close to murdering senators. And, as expected, Republicans who claim to back the blue are already further harassing the police. Thankfully, more of these terrorists are being caught, like Daniel Christmann, who once ran for, and failed to be, a Republican senator. He knew what he did was a crime, so he asked his friends to delete the videos they made of him breaking the law.
  • Scientists are finally learning why the Delta variant is so much more virulent. And, it's tragic to hear about people begging for a COVID-19 vaccination only after realizing that they might be dying from the disease.
  • Republicans are learning the hard way that the Biden administration has no interest in protecting politicians who commit treason.
  • We live in a world where women are suspended for wearing revealing clothes in school, but fined for not wearing revealing clothes in sports. Thankfully, some people who care about women's rights are paying the fines of others.
  • Republicans claim to want more products manufactured in America, but Democrats are the ones actually doing something about it.
  • Officer John Haubert has been arrested after video surfaced of him violently pistol whipping an unarmed man at least seven times because the cop thought the man might have trespassed. He also choked the man and threatening to murder him. Later, Haubert told a sergeant he wanted to shoot the man in the head, but he wasn't sure if his gun was loaded. His partner is also under arrest for not even attempting to stop her violent partner.
  • Police officers Sanad Musallam and Yaser Shohatee have both been fired for raping a 15-year-old girl whom they were supposed to be mentoring, yet, shockingly, neither has been arrested or charged with a crime.
  • Why are Republicans politicizing sharks biting people? Because the Left has the audacity to accurately depict animals.

Take my tongue, it's cocked and loaded

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I've added a page for the Eve 6 song, Tongue Tied. I've also added a page for Super Mario 64 in ROM Detectives which includes some basic cheats and memory addresses.

  • The police who survived Trump's attack on the US Capitol finally get to tell their story on the record, and it's pretty brutal. They weren't just the target of racial slurs from the racist Republican mob, they were actually tortured by Trump fans and one was murdered. They identified the attackers as, not antifa, but a bunch of Christians who, before their attack, told the police (quite accurately) that Trump sent them, and they are very angry at the Republicans who are lying about the violent attack that everyone witnessed, especially those who dismissed the terrorists as tourists. And all of this paints a very clear picture, Republicans don't think blue lives matter, and they certainly don't give a damn about law and order. Instead, they want to blame Democrats like every Nancy Pelosi, but, the reality is, the Capitol's security team, although they were concerned about some demonstrations, was totally unprepared for Republicans to take Trump's orders for a large-scale invasion seriously. Pelosi was not involved because that's not her job. As for the state level insurrections, Republican Mike Nearman, who purposely let a mob of Republican protesters into the Oregon Capitol, has pleaded guilty, but only got a slap on the wrist.
  • Because antivaxxers are too ignorant to get vaccinated, the CDC has had to once again tell even vaccinated people in highly infected areas to start wearing masks again.
  • Even as they were calling it a hoax, and mocking the vaccine, Republicans were still gobbling up COVID relief funds, then not using it to care for sick people, but putting it into their own pockets. They are expected to give back the money they stole, but it doesn't appear that they will actually be punished for defrauding the government.
  • Republican Ron DeSantis is attacking an American company for protesting a foreign nation that is committing genocide. So much for America first.
  • Gun toting Republican James Dale Reed has been sentenced to prison after threatening to murder Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and anyone who voted for them.
  • American hero Daniel Hale, who blew the whistle on the USA's predator drone program (the soldiers involved were lying to the American people about the large number of civilians they murdered), has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison.
  • Remember Rebekah Jones, the woman who was told to rig her state's COVID-19 data to make it look like fewer people died? Turns out, she was never told this at all, she's just a scammer looking for attention and money. Of course, Florida is still botching their COVID-19 response, but not much worse than most of the other states.

PushingUpRoses talks about her long bout with an eating disorder.

Correcting more creationist lies.

If Jesus was actually the incarnation of a god, and was alive for 30 years, why did he say so little about so few things?

Stranger then fiction

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I've added a page for the bizarre phenomena called emergence.

  • Christian churches are literally kicking people out if they wear a mask, that is, until the pastor gets infected, once it affects them directly, they change their mind.
  • Republican Clay Higgins: COVID-19 is a biological weapon created by the Chinese to kill us! American scientists: We've created a vaccine to protect you against it. Republican Clay Higgins: What? It's only been tested for a couple years on millions of people, I'll take my chances with the deadly disease! Also Republican Clay Higgins: *get's COVID-19 twice*.
  • Republican Ken Bennett is so embarrassed at how much the Cyber Ninjas have messed up the voting audit in Arizona that he's considering resignation.
  • America has a long sad history of using the federal government to injure black people while to promote white people, and we have very little interest in setting things right.
  • No matter how much Republicans taut their freedom and speak against cancel culture, they will still blacklist anyone who doesn't comport to their perverse religious ideals.

To some Christians, finding meaning in life means subscribing to their version of Christianity. Therefore, by definition, nobody else can find meaning in life unless they also subscribe to the same version of Christianity. And yet, non-religious people are often very happy and live highly fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Want to save hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year? Switch to fully autonomous vehicles.

I'm capsized, erring on the edge of safe

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Busy weekend. First in-person Skeptics in the Pub on Friday night, Saturday was tubing with some friends I hadn't seen since pre-COVID, Sunday was a brunch date with my wife, and then we saw Iliza Shlesinger doing stand-up in the evening! It's amazing how much more you can do when the kids are at their grandparent's!

Over the weekend, I finished reading Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. I've also added a page for the band Tegan and Sara.

  • Joe Biggs is a white American terrorist. He helped the Proud Boys plan the attack at the Capitol, and has just pleaded guilty to stealing and burning a church's property. Now that he's in prison, he's angry that the food he's being served doesn't meet his expectations.
  • Although the delta variant is still the most deadly of the new variants, the lambda variant is being monitored by scientists because it still appears to be more dangerous than the original COVID-19 strain. Meanwhile, vaccinated Republicans hide their hypocrisy by lying about HIPAA laws, while others who appreciate reality enough to know the only people dying now are Republican voters, have finally started to change their tune, but, two years of nothing but lies is making it awfully hard to get their base to change tact.
  • Daniel Hale used to work for the US military on their predator drone program. However, after seeing too many videos of the drones killing innocent civilians and children, his conscious got the better of him, and he leaked information about how the US military was lying to cover up how many civilians they had actually murdered with drones. Hale risked his freedom to ensure the honesty of the government, a very heroic endeavor indeed, so, our government is sending him to prison.
  • Iowa Republicans withdrew the state from a federally funded program that gave money to family planning organizations. As could be predicted by anyone who actually pays attention, this lead to a sharp increase in abortions. Once again, Christian Republicans have caused more abortions through their actions than pro-abortion liberals.

Another day, another church pastor is caught sexually assaulting children.

The history of black race car drivers.

Angry men don't write the rules and guns don't write the wrongs

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I've added a page for the Assassins song, The Ballad of Booth.

  • The Delta variant is killing a lot more people, and it's expected to get a lot worse as summer turns to autumn and winter. And, while some FOX hosts are finally beginning to realize that their viewers are primarily the ones who are dying, and changed their tune, the network as a whole is still dedicated to spreading misinformation.
  • Shane Sonderman wanted the Twitter user name of Mark Herring, so he and several friends began harassing Herring which culminated in them telling the police he was a dangerous criminal. So, naturally, the police, without any evidence, stormed Herring's house with a SWAT team and murdered Herring by pointing their guns at him and triggering a fatal heart attack. The reckless police will not be punished, but Sonderman will spend the next five years in prison.
  • Even though Missouri voters voted to change their state constitution to expand Medicaid, Republicans once again went against the will of their voters and their constitution and refused to do their job. It took the state's Supreme Court to force Republicans to finally honor their oath of office, but they're still purposely dragging their feet on many people's healthcare.
  • How did a sexual assaulter like Brett Kavanaugh become a Supreme Court Justice? Because Republicans don't care that he assaulted women, and the FBI helped to hide evidence of his misdeeds.
  • Police officer Nicholas Hanning electrocuted an unarmed man in his home causing his appendix to burst. The officer was fired and is currently facing assault charges.
  • Officer of the year at a Los Angeles department was awarded to a man who was on paid leave and never showed up to work for the entire year.
  • Two Republicans set off on a fundraising tour. They included the child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz and anti-Semitic QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene. They hoped to reap huge benefits from their adoration of Trump, but their tour is actually costing them money because nobody is donating.
  • When Republicans complain about the debt or talk about austerity, it's usually code for white supremacy.
  • Trump's buddy Tom Barrack is the latest to go to jail to protect Trump.

Another day, another pastor has been arrested for raping a teenage girl.

Before, tobacco companies had to pay scientists to generate fake research showing their product wasn't as deadly as people claim. Now, they're just buying entire science journals.

Correcting more creationist lies.

It's all good

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I've added a page for the web site NirSoft, which has a large collection of free diagnostic and maintenance software. I've also added a page for OSFMount, an image mounter that supports several formats not read by Virtual Clone Drive.

  • A doctor explains the heartache of telling someone who was once young and healthy that they will have to be put on a respirator and will probably die, and, when the patient finally admits they'll take the vaccine, the doctors has to tell them, it's too late for that. People should be free to make their own decisions, but it doesn't help when Republicans constantly lie about the facts.
  • Johnson & Johnson worked with corrupt doctors to sell as many unnecessary narcotics to people as possible, which ultimately led to millions becoming addicted, 500,000 of whom eventually died. For their crimes, Johnson & Johnson will have to pay a fine of $26,000,000,000 over the next nine years, and will no longer be allowed to sell opioids.
  • Comcast, AT&T, FedEx, Home Depot, Chevron, all these companies have spokespersons who talk about how important voting rights are, but all of them fund Republican politicians who are actively working to end voting rights.
  • One of the black police officers who defended the Capitol was Harry Dunn. He heard a lot of Trump supporters call him the N-word, which is to be expected since Trump supporters are mostly racist. But Tucker Carlson doesn't think black cops can be trusted.
  • Voting machines in a Pennsylvania county had to be decertified, not because of any evidence of foul play, none was found, but because Republicans performed an unauthorized audit on them and have compromised the machines' integrity. Now, taxpayers will now have to buy new voting machines and more money is wasted trying to help Trump steal the election.
  • Nancy Pelosi has thankfully blocked two of the worst Republicans trying to get on the committee to investigate Trump's attack on the Capitol. Child rapist protector Jim Jordan and homophobic Jim Banks will not be allowed on the committee as both are partially responsible for the attack because both voted to totally upend the American presidential process in order to help Trump steal the election.

The misnamed Liberty University is once again in the papers for sexual abuse. The latest lawsuit comes from twelve different girls who all claim the school's campus police sexually assaulted or raped them.

A bakery made a cake with the Philadelphia police badge printed on it, but, the person who ordered it didn't send them a very clear image, so the baker Googled for a larger picture to use. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your sense of humor) the baker used a meme with the words "coffee, donuts, corruption" on it. Now the cops aren't too thrilled.

Christian pastor David Nims has been arrested for the third time for filming little boys nude at chis church.

It's time I got back to the good life

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I've added a page for the Weezer album, Pinkerton.

  • Republicans have chosen their picks for the investigation of the Capitol insurrection. They're all white men, and they include Trump supporters like Jim Jordan, who protected a child rapist, Kevin McCarthy, who opposes both anti-racism and pro-LGBT laws. Three of these five Republicans refused to do their sworn duty to the US Constitution and voted against confirming Joe Biden as President. Make no mistake, these five men were not chosen to uncover the truth, they were chosen to sabotage the investigation from the inside. The only difference between Republicans and insurrectionists like Caleb Berry who used the terrorist organization Oath Keepers to attack the Capitol, is a matter of subtlety.
  • Fauci finally comes right out and says it, Republican Rand Paul doesn't know what he's talking about at all. He doesn't understand even the most basic aspects of epidemiology, and is purposely trying to avoid taking responsibility for the fact that he and the Republican party caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of more Americans than should have died from COVID-19. Just look at Republican Ron DeSantis in Florida, whose lies about the virus has led the state to once again regain the highest death rate in the nation. Republicans around Missouri and Arkansas have also brought COVID levels back up to where they were in the winter because they keep lying about the virus and scaring people from getting the vaccine. We're just going to have to go back into lockdown because of their lies. And all this death has a huge toll on the country. The average life expectancy of 2020 dropped 1.5 years because of all the people who died from COVID-19!
  • Yet another one of Trump close personal business chums, Thomas Barrack, has been officially charged with conspiracy with a foreign power, and a Muslim nation at that. Trump spent four years selling out the USA to the highest bidder while his ignorant masses never stopped worshiping him.
  • When Texas Republican Greg Abbott banned the teaching of the history racism in public schools, he also removed the state's rule that students had to be taught that the KKK is morally wrong.
  • Trump's ignorant followers don't want to learn about history, they want to be wound up like they were at a Nuremberg-style rally.

Jeffrey Burrill, one of the highest-ranking Catholic priests, has just resigned because he was caught on the gay hook-up site Grindr.

I'm pleased to see more sports teams kneeling in solidarity against discrimination.

Eye for an eye is a primitive form of justice, but the bible can't even get that right.

How long does redemption take?

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Yesterday, I finished reading To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the first book in the Riverworld series. I also finished the letter S in my upgrade process of the ROM Detectives Wiki.

  • Even when people take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19, like in the Olympic Village, it still spreads. Just trying to avoid it won't keep you safe, get vaccinated.
  • How Evangelical Christianity in the USA changed into Conservative Republicanism.
  • Paul Hodgkins, one of Trump's terrorists who broke into the Capitol in an effort to murder Democrats and stop the US presidential election, has been sentenced to a mere eight months in prison, less than half of what the law says he should have actually received.
  • Biden is finally making good on the Democrat claim to close down the Guantánamo torture center.
  • Despite all the lies and BS spouted by its talking heads, Fox still implements a strict vaccine or mask policy, the very same one Fox goons blame on the Left.
  • After four years of letting Russian hackers slide, the US government has finally formally accused the hackers of China.
  • Anti-Semite QAnon Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has been banned from Twitter temporarily because she won't stop lying about vaccines.
  • Tucker Carlson is garbage.

Who wrote the books of the bible, part 3.

Ben & Jerry's will no longer sell to those Israelis who are committing genocide in Palestine. More American companies should be so brave.

The patriarchy is still strong as the European Handball Federation fined the Norwegian women's team €1,500 for posing in a photo wearing shorts instead of their required bikini bottoms.

Uranus is really weird.

Fancy a Strongbow?

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I got to see my grandmother and family on Saturday, and, on Sunday I threw a double-blind cider tasting party. If you're curious about the results, or how I conducted the double-blind, I've written an article detailing the process.

  • Why are we seeing an increase in death rate all over the country? Because of the Delta variant. It's more deadly than the original COVID-19 virus, and, even with responsible people getting vaccinated, not enough of the country takes their civic duty seriously, which has prevented herd immunity for keeping the more parasitical Americans safe. By allowing the virus to continue to spread, we're driving it to mutate into more dangerous variants. Those who die from the virus typically express regret for not getting vaccinated on their deathbed, but, while it's too late for them, hopefully, seeing their loved ones die from the disease will serve as a wake-up call to the undecided, and I really hope that wake-up call happens before the virus evolves enough to render the vaccine useless, but, I doubt it. From what I've seen, those people who lose loved ones to COVID-19 simply blame something else and continue to fight against the people trying to save them.
  • More Republican terrorists have been arrested, this time for plotting to firebomb the Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento because they're angry Trump lost.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission is finally suing Amazon for selling products Amazon knows are hazardous.
  • I understand the irony of posting this the day after hosting a hard cider tasting party, but ethanol (the alcohol we drink) increases your chances of getting cancer.
  • In his effort to distance himself from the coup he led, Trump kind of admits to leading a coup.

Catholics keep protecting child rapists, and keep bankrupting their dioceses.

Correcting more creationist lies.

Another rainy day

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I've added a page for the Sega Mark III.

  • Leaked Russian documents show that, yes, Putin did work to help get Trump elected because they knew his inferiority complex would destabilize the country, and, yes, they do have embarrassing dirt on him that they could use to blackmail him into submission.
  • Republican Lindsey Graham says he's ready to go to war to protect Chick-Fil-A's right to hate LGBT people.
  • The Surgeon General of the nation says that COVID-19 misinformation is an urgent threat to America as every state sees an increase in cases, especially major cities. Meanwhile, the USA has fake doctors selling fake COVID-19 vaccines along with fake immunization cards.
  • Michigan Republicans are planning on abusing a loophole to pass voter restriction laws and bypass the governor's veto power. Meanwhile, Democrat Joyce Beatty has been arrested while protesting the new Ohio Republican voter restriction laws and Republican Greg Abbott says he will arrest all of his political rivals for protesting Republican voter restriction laws.
  • Alleged child trafficker and statutory rapist Republican Matt Gaetz appears to have hired Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer.
  • Illinois Democrats passed a law that would prevent cops from lying to children in order to trick them into incriminating themselves or others. What's scarier than the fact that they didn't have this law already? The fact that no other state does either!
  • The Amazon rain forest was once the largest carbon sink in the world, but, now that it's being systematically burned, there are parts now emitting more carbon than it can trap.
  • Another one of the insurrectionists has been identified and arrested. Nathan Wayne Entrekin, who racistly believes Native Americans are evil Jews, filmed himself breaking into the Capitol while dressed in religious cosplay.

Debunking more creationist lies.

More on the ridiculous claims of demon possession.

Grabbity can reach right up and grab you!

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I made a page for What We Say Goes: Conversations on U.S. Power in a Changing World, the recorded interviews of Noam Chomsky by David Barsamian. I've also added a page for the video game company, Taito.

  • Humans have been dumping trillions of tons of pollution for centuries which has led to a hotter planet that is literally cooking ocean life and causing massive algae blooms which kill even more. Sadly, the USA remains behind the curve.
  • While searching the grounds of other Catholic child death camps, another 160 unmarked graves have been discovered. This shows how fervently Catholics tried to commit genocide of Canada's natives. However, Conservatives everywhere are trying to justify these mass child murders. Declan Leary of American Conservative wrote the genocide was "good actually," because the Catholics were converting the evil heathen children to the correct religion, and Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire/The Blaze keeps arguing that these are just normal cemeteries. Because all cemeteries are placed on the grounds of boarding schools, composed entirely of native children who were kidnapped from their families and forced to become white Christians, and left forgotten in unmarked mass graves. Meanwhile, Canada's president, Kevin Trudeau actually views this as the horrifying embarrassment as "Canada's responsibility to bear."
  • The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General has concluded that, after multiple allegations, the FBI had a duty to stop Larry Nassar from sexually assaulting girls, and they failed.
  • Five white police officers, but Randy Hays especially, severely beat and unarmed black man and then lied about the attack to cover up their crimes. Unfortunately for the police, the man he attacked was an undercover police officer the their attack was filmed. Hays was sentenced to over four years in prison, but don't kid yourself, this was simply bad luck on his part. Thousands of other black men are beaten by police, who didn't have the luxury of being a cop.
  • Republican antivaxxers are the primary reason so many Americans have died, but they'd rather continue their party's lie than admit their mistake. Also, some Conservative Christian antivaxxers thought it was a good idea to hire a private investigator to stalk a judge. Needless to say, it didn't go over very well.
  • Won't somebody think of the children? Yes, the Democrats will.
  • Eleanor Holmes Norton talks about D.C. statehood, why Republicans oppose it, and what a 51-star flag would look like.
  • Every time another dangerous white Christian Republican terrorist gets arrested, the world becomes a little safer.

Christian preacher and child rapist Acton Bowen lost his appeal, and will stay in prison for 1,000 years, or, until he dies. Whichever comes first.

Katamari Mambo de, let's do the nice makikomi!

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I've added a page for the Japanese publisher, ASCII Corporation, and their American counterpart, ASCII Entertainment Software.

  • Even before the cold weather sets in, COVID-19 is on the rise in nearly every state. The largest increases, predictably, are all across the ignorant South. The top five most infected states right now are Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, and Louisiana. Republicans at CPAC even cheered for the nation's low vaccination rate. But Tennessee Republicans are causing long term damage for their state as they not only fired their top vaccine doctor for reminding people of the well-established law that teens don't need to their parent's permission to get vaccinated, but have ceased public outreach for all child vaccinations! Thankfully, over 99% of those getting infected are the antivaxxers, but, by keeping the disease alive and well, they're helping the virus mutate into something more deadly that might eventually affect educated people as well.
  • Another prominent black scholar has leaves a major university saying Harvard has become "intellectual and spiritual bankrupt."
  • Back when Republicans controlled the entire government, all they did was offer massive tax breaks to the criminally rich. Now that Democrats have the slightest of advantages, they have secured a $3,500,000,000,000 budget aimed at strengthening infrastructure and cleaning up pollution. The parties are not equal.
  • A family of five insurrectionists have all been arrested. Keep them coming.
  • The point of hate crimes is to add harsher punishment to those who attack vulnerable or historically abused groups like racial minorities, women, the disabled, and the like, in hopes that the harsher punishment will help deter those crimes. The point is not to help protect racist police officers from criticism of the police state.
  • Regardless of whether they're Liberal or Conservative, people in power tend to become corrupt, which is why transparency in government is so important. However, Republicans are far less likely to support transparency legislation, and this ultimately hinders their goals. Even as they rail against immigration, by not keeping their own party honest, they inadvertently support border patrol agents who accept bribes to help smuggle in illegal immigrants.
  • Noted child molester, Republican Roy Moore, lost his lawsuit.

In Canada and Europe, those companies who ship goods with non-recyclable materials have to pay a cost to help properly dispose of those materials. This helps drive companies to use recyclable materials, or figure out how to expand recycling. For the first time, an American state has signed up for this wise decision. Good on you, Maine.

For six years, Gabriele Martinelli was sexually abusing his fellow altar boys, and, even though the Vatican knew about it, they still ordained him as a priest.

What kind of people become Internet trolls? The kind who take pleasure in the misfortune of others.

Debunking more creationists lies.

Just a reminder, religious people still believe in demon possession even though there isn't any evidence.

I put the pen to the paper, cause it's all a part of me

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I've added a page for the Guns N' Roses album, Use Your Illusion I.

  • Trump demands loyalty from his associates, then makes them break the law, then, when that person gets caught, Trump cuts them loose. The latest sap is Allen Weisselberg. Weisselberg was the chief financial officer for at least 28 different businesses in the Trump Organization, but has been fired from all of them now that he's been indicted on tax fraud. Trump will disavow all knowledge of Weisselberg's crimes and remain free to watch him die in prison.
  • Some banquet halls hear that a child trafficker and an anti-Semite want to hold a white nationalist event, and get all uptight about it.
  • Texas Democrats leave their home state in order to prevent Republicans from voting on a bill that would make it even harder for people of color to vote.
  • Even as he's begging the federal government for assistance in Montana's horrible drought conditions brought on by climate change, Republican Greg Gianforte is withdrawing the state from a climate change coalition. What's next, violently attacking journalists and lying about it?
  • Andrew Saul, a former clothing retailer, had none of the qualifications necessary to become the nation's Social Security commissioner, but Republicans worked to put him into that position. Why? Two reasons, first, he made a huge Republican donation, two, he wanted to destroy Social Security from the inside. Biden has since fired him due to his gross incompetence, but Saul, like a petulant child, refused to leave!
  • Staunch racist Daniel Slater hired a hit man to murder his girlfriend and her family and blame it on Black Lives Matter. Too bad for him, the hit man he hired was an undercover FBI agent.
  • I've talked to a lot of nurses and it's always shocked me that they've never heard of homeopathy, ear candling, reiki, reflexology, and all that other nonsense, or, that they know of them as actual treatments. While I understand nurses have to memorize thousands of medicines and treatments in school, it seems to me that state standards are doing them a great disservice by not having them take a single class on how to identify fake medicine. This missing class has really come to light in the wake of COVID-19 as even nurses have been parroting antivaxx nonsense and Trump drugs. One of those nurses was Olivia Guidry, who, after telling everyone she knew to avoid the vaccine, became infected with COVID-19, started having severe symptoms, was put into a coma, and eventually died.

John Oliver does octopuses.

As the bodies of children continue to mount, Catholics in Canada have become so outraged by the Vatican's terrible response that they're officially renouncing their religion.

Correcting more creationist lies.

Racism is evil

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I finished reading the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It's pretty racist, and not that interesting. I also made a page about screensavers.

  • Bolstered by the Republicans on the Supreme Court, Conservatives have only accelerated their attack on voting rights.
  • The statue of the racist Confederate general, Robert E. Lee, the one that brought a mob of angry KKK members and Nazis to Charlottesville, Virginia, where one white supremacist purposely drove his car into a crowd of people murdering a woman, has finally been taken down. Another has also been removed, and city officials are considering taking down a third.
  • Republican Rick Santorum makes his view crystal clear, he opposes the will of the people and doesn't want the government to do what Americans vote for. Instead, he urges his fellow Republicans to create 18 more months of chaos until the midterm elections in the hopes that their chaos will cause people to vote for Republicans again.
  • Add geocaching to the list of things you can't safely do while black.
  • Republican Pearson Sharp, on OANN, called for everyone who helped elect Joe Biden to be executed!
  • The Guantánamo Bay military prison was created in Cuba by Republicans so they could torture innocent people without having to worry about international laws, all the while claiming to fight "terrorism." Now that the USA has officially lost the war in Afghanistan, the torture center might also be closing for good.
  • True to form, Catholics think the thousands of Native children who were murdered at Catholic schools is a good thing.

The Disney Corporation has forever ruined copyright law in the USA, but the cartoon they're trying to capitalize on, Steamboat Willie, wasn't even created by Walt Disney.

If you trusted in a bank like Wells Fargo, you may now have a lower credit score!

Are you a visual learner? Probably not.

The Gay Agenda has finally been exposed. They're going to make your children less bigoted than you!

A history of artificial intelligence, and where it's going.

If the Sun suddenly disappeared, the solar system would fall into chaos, but, what would happen to the galaxy if the black hole at the center suddenly disappeared?

Next year

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Alas, I won't be going to the Secular Summer Retreat this year. Everyone in my family, except for me, is sick, but they'll need me home to take care of them.

I've added a page for the graphics viewer program I use, IrfanView.

  • The delta variant of COVID-19 is more contagious partly because it replicates faster than its ancestors. The current vaccines seem to cover it, but Pfizer is working on a booster because it's mutating so quickly. Regardless, a lot of antivaxxers continue to tempt fate, even as states pay them to get vaccinated.
  • The guy who was once in charge national security, Republican Michael Flynn, just took a QAnon oath with his whole nutjob family.
  • After Trump lost the presidential election, Republicans orchestrated their big lie and told their followers to violently overthrow the government. Although they tried, they ultimately failed, and a lot of those involved have been disgraced, arrested, and jailed. But not nearly enough. Thankfully, some people continue to look into the lies, how they formed, and who made them, in an attempt to serve these criminals justice and make sure it doesn't happen again.
  • Not all heroes wear capes.
  • Why was the University of North Carolina unable to hire Pulitzer Prize winner Nikole Hannah-Jones? Because one of UNC's wealthiest donors was racist Republican Walter Hussman. Because Hussman wants to bury America's highly racist past and not educate people about racism, he prevented Hannah-Jones from being hired with tenure, and UNC lost an amazing opportunity to make their school to seem less racist.
  • Want to know how to avoid paying taxes? Step one, be rich, step two, make all your money through stock.

Christianity continues to die in the USA.

How an atheist got over his fear of hell.

A historic look at who wrote the old testament.

Grifters gonna grift

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Iliana got sick last Monday, and now Gabby and Mommy are sick. I've been wearing a mask at home hoping I'll be healthy for the Secular Summer Retreat this weekend, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

  • Republicans know they are to blame for the January 6th insurrection, but, because they value party over country, they can't admit it, and Trump isn't making it easy for them by saying the violent rioters weren't the problem; the Capitol Police who were at fault, and he's demanding they release the name of the cop who shot one of the terrorists. So much for being a law and order president. And, since Democrats are going to hold an investigation whether Republicans like it or not, Republicans have decided the best thing for them to do is to join the investigation and sabotage it from the inside. And, hey while they're at it, why not try to sue Facebook and Twitter for not letting them organize future insurrections? Of course, Trump is
  • If you're fully aware of a person's violent criminal history, but you still let them have guns, you a partially responsible if they go on a murder spree. This is true, even if you're the US military.
  • In addition to New York, Republican Rudy Giuliani has now lost his ability to practice law in Washington, D.C. in addition to New York. Turns out, it's not a wise decision to knowingly lying to the court.
  • Trump is no longer the president, but he's still defrauding US taxpayers.
  • Add Don Clark Sr. to the long and still growing list of unarmed black men murdered by police.
  • Remember the name Natalie Mayflower Edwards, a whistleblower in the US Treasury Department who helped expose the money laundering racket between Republicans and Russians and went to prison for her troubles.
  • How difficult it is for black journalists.
  • When it comes to how Taiwan has handled COVID-19, there is a lot we can learn.
  • Horrible people don't stop being horrible just because they're older.

A look at the family tree of the Mesopotamian gods.

Debunking more creationist lies.

Yes, a lot of religious people still believe in demon possession.

More for prison

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I've added a page for the Japanese publishing company, Tokuma Shoten.

Also, if you use FireFox, and the extra wide vertical gap between menu items annoys you, here's how to set them back to normal.

  • It was only a short while ago that the delta variant of COVID-19 appeared in the USA, and, it's so contagious, it's already become the dominant strain. Get vaccinated because 99.5% of the people who died in the last half year were unvaccinated! But some parents have drunk the Republican Kool-Aid so much, that they still refuse to believe the virus is real, and demand that schools stop having unvaccinated children wear masks. Thankfully, those who disrupt board meetings are charged with crimes.
  • Why is the phrase, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," not sound advice? Just ask US Republicans who finally had to admit that Russians have been hacking them as well.
  • The USA has finally admitted defeat in the longest war our nation has ever been in. The USA has officially handed over our military base in Afghanistan to the Afghan people and, after 20 years, and trillions of dollars, we have nothing to show for it. Afghanistan is more broken than ever, it's rife with Islamic militants, and, no matter how many times Bush says, "mission accomplished," everyone knows we lost.
  • Even as Republicans claim the environment is perfectly healthy, and we need more off-shore drilling, an enormous fire started underwater in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Republican Devin Nunes has claimed to be a farmer in order to make himself look more relatable to his voters, but, a real dairy farmer probably wouldn't have setup a fireworks display over 100 tons of hay.
  • Another one of Trump's friends, Albert Hazzouri Jr., has been arrested for sexually assaulting women.
  • Fi Duong is one of the terrorists who attacked the US Capitol. He wore all black in hopes that the media would portray him as Antifa. After he broken into the Capitol, he threatened to murder Nancy Pelosi. He used a bible study as a cover for his militia group where he talked about breaking his fellow terrorists out of prison. He was expecting to get into a gun fight with law enforcement, and was writing a manifesto so his violent views could be disseminated to his followers. When the feds finally arrested him, they discovered his house was full of guns and improvised explosives. And yet, when he appeared in court, Judge G. Michael Harvey said he was just too honest of a man to be kept in jail pending his trial.
  • Republican Kayleigh McEnany, without even a hint of sarcasm, went on national television and claimed that the main founding fathers of the USA were all opposed to slavery, despite the fact that they enslaved thousands of people.

Native people in Canada are trying hard to return to their names before murderous Catholics forced them to adopt white names, but the Canadian government hasn't exactly been making this easy for them.

You've probably heard that your body raises its temperature in response to a disease (what is called a fever) to help kill off the disease. But, the temperature usually only gets into the low 100s, which isn't enough to kill pretty much anything. So then, how does the fever actually help?

Another victim of the patriarchy, how we teach about impregnation.

If you can't admit you're wrong, you will never be right.

Well excuse me, Princess!

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I've added a page for The Legend of Zelda TV series.

  • A white supremacist group called the Patriot Front, who believe their white ancestors conquered the Native Americans and therefore the land belongs to them, started protesting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Even though the out-of-town white supremacists began attacking counter-protesters, Philadelphia police did nothing to stop the white supremacists. Instead, the local population started to gather in large enough mass that they scared the white supremacists away. This tells us two important things. One, the police are useless when it comes to stopping white supremacy, primarily because so many police are white supremacists themselves. Two, the people of Philadelphia are badasses!
  • Edward Cagney Mathews had been harassing his black neighbors for a long time, until he was finally filmed repeatedly calling a man the n-word and a "monkey." Then, the prove he wasn't afraid of retaliation, he gave his home address and dared anyone to come visit him. Well, a lot of people did. Like, a lot! His entire house was surrounded. This eventually led to Mathews being arrested by police for bias intimidation and harassment. Meanwhile, Republicans contine to criminalize the teaching of critical race theory in schools.
  • Republicans continue to swing more toward fascism as older Republicans who still have a shred of dignity are replaced by new ignorant Republicans who swallow every lie Trump tells.

A push of medicine through an IV takes about ten seconds, and even a child can be taught to do it. Centura Health charges $722.50 for each push.

Rebecca Watson's take on the ad hominem fallacy.

The 4th of July means something different to black people.

How an atheist sees the old testament.

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Had a great vacation with my wife and kids. We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes and stayed at The Homestead. However, neither my girls nor Lucy appreciated the fireworks last night. The girls cried from the noise and had to sleep in the basement, and Lucy pooped and peed on the carpet.

I've added a page for voice actor, Frank Welker.

  • The Republicans on the US Supreme Court aren't stupid. They understand the fact that the only reason they hold power is because a Republican who lost the majority vote put them there. Because of this, they went hard against voting rights, each Republican refusing to protect that rights of the poor and people of color who they see as an attack against their ability to hold power. And this holds true to public, more Americans are worried about securing voting rights than they are worried about the pretend voter fraud concocted by Republicans. This will only embolden Republicans to strip even more political power away from the government, but only when a Democrat is in office.
  • Some Republican governors are asking their residents to get vaccinated now that the Delta Variant is spreading through the USA, but their weak begging can't undo the anti-vaxxer ramblings of their dear leader Donald Trump. Just look at Jim Walsh, he's such a fervent Trumper, he's willing to protest vaccines by mocking the Jews who died in the Holocaust.
  • Michigan had a law where the only way a person could change the sex marked on their birth certificate was if they would undergo gender confirming surgery. Attorney General Dana Nessel said such a law was unconstitutional because it put an undue burden on trans people. So now, gender confirmation is a little easier in Michigan. Also, thanks to a lawsuit by a brave person, the US government will now let you pick whichever gender you prefer on your passport, as well as an as-of-yet-specified third option.
  • Why is it that most of the bills being introduced by Republicans bans things that are already illegal?
  • Fox had to pay a record $1,000,000 fine to settle some of their many sexual harassment lawsuits. It's a good start, but it's far too little to act as a real deterrent since the company makes 2,000 times that each year in profit. And that's after they pay the salary of people like Tucker Carlson who make up lies about the NSA so that people will forget the fact the Republicans really did spy on journalists. Of course Fox still has a much bigger problem. In their attempt to help Trump steal the election, they defamed Dominion by claiming, many times, that their voting machines were hacked, even though they weren't. And three Trump allies, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Mike Lindell, have all been subpoenaed into the $1,600,000,000 lawsuit against Fox.
  • Unpunished war criminal, Republican Donald Rumsfeld has died without ever being held accountable for the many people who died because of his war mongering.
  • The top non-Trump executive of the Trump family's business has been arrested for tax fraud. While the Trumps themselves continue to remain free, it's at least nice to see more of their business fall.
  • Despite their false facade of caring about the environment, an undercover video shows how ExxonMobil is aggressively fighting against the science of climate change and working with shadow organizations in order to secure profits.
  • Independence Day seems like a good time to remind everyone that the White House was built by slaves.
  • Thomas Robertson, one of the Republican terrorists who broke into the Capitol, was on probation for previous violent crimes was told not to possess any firearms. However, after he was arrested, law enforcement searched his home and found a gun, ammunition, bomb-making materials, and found that he had just bought 34 other guns! Republicans cheered on these terrorists, and yet, Republicans still believe they deserve a seat on the commission to investigate them.
  • Ohio police severely brutalized unarmed protesters during the Black Lives Matter movement, and now we see why as one of their police chiefs, Anthony Campo, was caught leaving a KKK message on a black officer's coat. And, rather than be fired, Campo was allowed to resign.
  • Police officer Michael Davis shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy. He's been fired, not because he murdered a child, but because he forgot to switch on his body camera.
  • Why is it all the other developed nations are taking in Rawandan refugees, but the USA, the richest nation in the world, continues to leave them out in the cold?
  • Republicans really don't know what Critical Race Theory is, so they say everything that is scary to white people is Critical Race Theory.

A third mass-children-grave has been discovered on the land of a Catholic school in Canada and another 182 child remains were discovered, bringing the total to well-over 1,000, and growing. One arch-bishop in Canada is really upset, not because of all the children his religion murdered, but because people are blaming the Catholic church for murdering all these children. Over in Europe, 10 more of their clergy, including a cardinal, have been indicted in an embezzlement case of $415,000,000. Meanwhile, Catholics are still trying to refuse communion to Joe Biden for not being moral enough to be a Catholic.

Just some reminders, orange juice is basically soda without carbonation, and aspartame isn't dangerous.

Correcting more creationist lies.

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