Art Work

I love many different forms of art, two-dimensional is my preference and fantasy art is my favorite genre. I especially like art that is heavily detailed and stimulating to the eye. I enjoy art that requires a long time to take it all in because of the high attention of detail by the artist. That is why I like to use very fine tip tools for my work. I like portraits when the artist is able put emotion into a face. I also like landscapes just because the site of another place makes my imagination work. I think art, like any skill, should require difficulty and training in order to be fully appreciated, which is why I don't care for some modern art (i.e. paint splattered on a canvas). I am also fond of photography depending on the subject.

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My Work

This is a series of simple graphic drawings, using Corel Photo-Paint. I don't take a lot of pride in them because they're pretty simple to make. Each one takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 20 seconds. I like them because they are a lot of fun to make without having to invest too much time in one particular piece. As of September, 2005 I increased the size from 500 squared to 1000 squared.

These were painted to give my plain white apartment walls some color. Acrylic on canvas.

The following is called my "Thing" series. The media is pencil or oil pastel on card stock.

These are desktop backgrounds I've made. All are 1280 x 1024 and quite a bit to download. Many of them are made using Corel Photo-Paint's amazing fractal generator.

This is a bunch of assorted work.
(2004/07/26) A pixel art German Shepherd.
(2003/10/23) "River" Hand altered photograph.
(2003/08/10) "Stuff" Red ink on card stock.
(2003/08/07) "Bumps" Pencil shading, then negatized.
(2002/12/06) "Paradise Hotel" A hand altered photograph.
(2002/09/20) In honor of Edgar Allen Poe's: The Raven.
(2002/02/05) A circle of scribbles. Ink on card stock.
(2001/00/00) A Grey Wagtail Bird in Scratch Board
(1997/00/00) The very first scratch board I ever did. Not bad.

(0000/00/00) My custom emoticons

These are some sculpture and crafts I have made.
(2006/12/25) An alternating 3 in 2, 2 in 2 mobius chain.
(2004/01/17) A bracelet made of hematite beads.
(2004/01/01) A chainmail choker using standard European 4-1 pattern.
(2003/12/29) A chainmail bracelet using a spiral European 4-1 pattern.
(2003/02/28) A drawstring bag I hand sewed. It's made from the extra vinyl of my shield.
(2003/01/13) A wooden shield, covered in vinyl and twenty steel spikes.
(1998/00/00) A Devil Mask in ceramic and painted with acrylics.

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