The Ten Commandments Drinking Game

By: Dean Tersigni

Take a drinků

  • Every time a named-character is murdered.
  • Each time Nefretiri says "Moses, Moses!" twice.
  • Every time a topless Yul Brenner or Charlton Heston is clearly sucking in his gut.
  • Whenever you hear a ham-fisted religious line.
  • Whenever you spot Anne Baxter's nipples through her costume. ;-)
  • Each time someone is described as being animal-like (rat's ears, sharp-clawed peacock, etc.)
  • One drink each time there is a dance number.
  • Each time Lilia is called a "mud flower."
  • Every time Dathan does something evil.
  • Whenever someone says, "let it be written."
  • Every time Nefretiri is manipulative.
  • Whenever Yahweh appears as fire.
  • Each time the Hebrews want to stone someone.
  • Once per commandment.
  • Once per plague.
  • Once per genocide.

If you want alcohol poisoning, drink:

  • Every time a Middle Eastern character is played by a white person.
  • Every time the movie doesn't match the bible.

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