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One Handed Sword Technique

One Sword

For most people the first weapon they create is the one handed sword. It is also usually the most common weapon thus making it very important to be fully skilled at it. Before reading this guide, make sure you are familiar with the Basic Combat Guide, because most of the main techniques will be the same. Here are some other tips when fighting with a one-handed sword.

Am I the only one like this? After playing for awhile, you'll notice that very few people will use just a one handed sword with an empty off hand. Why is that? Because using only one hand is crazy. You have two hands for a reason and to simply let the other one just hang about doesn't do you much good. However, when you're just starting out it's usually all you have to work with. So learn from it, but don't stay with it.

Keep your weapon in front of you. You will want your body twisted sideways, with your weapon side towards your opponent. This makes your body a smaller target and also gives you better range with your weapon. There is no reason to have your unarmed side near to your opponent, it only invites a hit.

Practice your off hand. Some players are very good at one handed combat, until they lose that hand. If you are not skilled at fighting with your off hand you are only half a fighter. Because your weapon arm is the one that will most likely be hit, you can expect to have to use your off hand if you want to live. If you have no practice with your off hand you will not live. Always practice at least 20% of a session using your off hand. I once had a day where I cut my weapon hand early on someone's watch, and was forced to use my off hand the entire day. My muscles were incredibly sore, but I learned an awful lot that day.

Fighting against other styles

Two handed sword: It is very difficult to fight someone wielding a two handed weapon with only a one handed sword, so expect to lose. They have more range, more control, and more power than you. Blocking is almost pointless because your opponent has the added strength. Trying to keep your distance is also hard because they have longer range. Attempting to knock their weapon away won't work either because they have more control over it. Watch you opponent, if they're aggressive you have a better chance at winning than if they're passive. If they're aggressive, keep your distance. Get in their striking distance, and dodge their attack. If they swing you might be able to work your sword in after their down swing. A passive opponent on the other hand is usually certain death. They will wait for you to get in range and use controlled attacks that you can't stop. The only means I know of winning is to step all the way into their striking range and fully blocking their weapon, while sliding your weapon up theirs into a thrust. In order to do this, you have to block their weapon at the base of yours. Then quickly, and forcefully, push their weapon and thrust into them.

Small Weapons: This is one of the few weapons where you will have the advantage of range. Keep your distance. Use a combination of short thrusts and slashes. Aim for their legs and arms first because their body is usually protected by the weapon. When they lose an arm or leg, they will in turn lose their balance making them an easier target.

Large Weapons: Large weapons have all the advantages of two handed swords except for the control. This gives you a slight advantage of speed. Try to get your opponent to swing at you then dodge it and attack. Don't expect to win too often.

Florentine: Florentine fighters are usually aggressive and well prepared to block your attacks while delivering an attack themselves. You're out classed only in quantity which is still enough to lose most battles. Use quick thrusting attacks against them, slashes will most likely be blocked.

Polearms: You have very little chance because of their much superior range. You can try to push away their weapon with your sword and slide in for an attack. This is hard to do to an experienced polearm user because they expect this type of attack.

Bows: Unless you're very fast at running and dodging expect to die.

Throwing: Just make sure you see it coming. Use your sword to knock the projectile out of the air. Try and hit it towards the ground and then use it in your off hand.

Sword an shield: Again, you're out classed because their defense is much better than yours. First thing you'll want to do is switch your weapon hand to opposite theirs. (you have been practicing your off hand right?) This gives you a slight bonus because their shield is now less effective. A person who uses a shield is usually a passive person who expects you to attack first. When they attack they open their defenses, so it's a good time to attack. Use thrusting attacks because the shield makes the slower slashing swings very difficult to use. Large shields also block vision making feints great because they don't know if you followed through or not.

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