There are thousands of books I'd like to read, if only I had the time and the patience to actually sit down and read them. I'm kind of lazy when it comes to reading, and I much prefer a two hour movie as opposed to a twenty hour book. Also, I have a tendency to stop reading a book, and never start again. So I've only fully read a select few books, but the ones I have read, have been very good. If I really liked the book enough I will make a page for it if I'm enthusiastic enough about the book.

When I want to be entertained by a book I prefer fiction. I particularly like fantasy and science fiction, but have been know to read other types. When I want to learn new things I much prefer non-fiction because they usually throw you right into the information. I usually learn something new from most fiction books as well, but the facts are few and far between.

I much prefer hardcover over paperback, and I always try to get the highest quality book when I buy them. I invest so much in books because I want them to last long enough so that I will be able to read them to my children and grand children. Paperbacks tend to fall apart too quickly.

Movies That Are Better Than Their Books

It sounds bad to say because books are almost always better than their movie counterpart, but every so often a movie outshines the book. This usually occurs in a book that has the potential to be great, but the author falls short of adding the necessary excitement. Most often I would recommend reading the book over watching the movie, but there are a few that aren't worth it. I know there are people who would argue with me, but in my opinion the following books are not as good as their movies.

The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien is a very wordy author. Although his creation Middle-earth is truly amazing and his stories are the foundation of a genre, they are really quite unexciting due to the vast amount of description. The movies, on the other hand, offer up all this description at a rapid pace allowing all the action, romance, and passion to shine through.

The Neverending Story

Michael Ende placed the huge fantastic world of Fantasica into this book, but the world never seemed scary or dangerous like it did in the movie. All the suspense from the movie is missing from the book. It often feels like you're simply reading the common everyday observations of Bastion instead of a truly involved story.

The Witches

In the book, Roald Dahl creates a world where witches kill children by the truckload and the main characters kill hundreds of witches. The movie cuts out a lot of the children's death, but still includes the brutal slaying of the witches. Though the book does a good job describing the horror of witches, the descriptions shy in comparison to the visual power of the Jim Henson Company. The book also ignores issues with law enforcement and investigation and I prefer the happy ending of the movie over the bittersweet ending of the book.