The Art of Shen Ku

This book is a repository of information that any traveler should know including how to defend yourself, how to sail a boat, how to maintain your health, and basic survival techniques. The book is black and white and fully illustrated with interesting art and clever wit. There are several characters who make the book appealing and humorous. It has a lot of information about hard science, but also lots of info on the occult and pseudo-sciences without drawing a line between them which is almost as annoying as the fact that the whole book is in Comic Sans font. It's still very useful though.

A Brief History of Time (Illustrated)

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking gives us an overview of what happened from Big Bang to present day on both the universal and particle scales. Read about quarks, black holes, timespace, the universe, dimensions, and gravity. Learn the problems with special relativity and quantum mechanics and how they relate to string theory and a grand unifying theory. Hawking makes the book easy to understand (at least, easy as you can get with theoretical physics) so even the layman can enjoy it, and this illustrated edition really helps to explain everything.

Classic Rock Stories

Tim Morse has done a great deal of research and put together a very interesting book about all your favorite classic rock songs. For each song in the book there is a quote from a band member or producer explaining the song or telling a story about the song. This book will let you in on the stuttering in "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", the bland origins of "Blinded By the Light", and the drunken stupor of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". Songs from all of your favorite bands are covered in this book from Aerosmith to ZZ Top.

The Education of Little Tree

Little Tree is a young Native American boy who has been adopted by his grandparents after his parent's die. His life is unusual compared to the other kids. He learns about the Earth, not how to control it, but to coexist with it. He sees many atrocities towards himself and his family for being not only an Indian, but also a mountain dwelling family who makes moonshine. Although a great read, the book is controversial because it was originally thought a biography, but in actuality, the author (Forrest Carter) was white and once a segregationist at that!

Extra Life

Extra Life is a biography of David S. Bennahum. It's a coming of age book for the first generation of children who were brought up with home computers. The author takes you along through his life as he grows up, gets into trouble, and finds his place in the world of the PC. If you look back fondly on those high school days in the computer lab, if you ever used a modem kicking at a blazing 300 BPS, or if you remember games like Colossal Cave and Zork, you'll love this book. It creates a lot of nostalgia for both geeks and nerds alike.

Game Over: Push Start to Continue

David Sheff wrote an amazing book which was later added to by Andy Eddy. Together they created a definitive volume covering the history of the videogame industry with special focus on the old giant, Nintendo. This book is a highly detailed slice of gaming history that covers all of the important people, games, and places of all of the original console systems. The monopolistic business practices of Nintendo are chronicled for all to see and it's fun to read about brutal tactics that make even Microsoft look generous.

The Hobbit [Graphic Novel]

David Wenzel took the classic book The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien and made an amazing graphic novel out of it. With help from Charles Dixon and Sean Deming, The Hobbit comes to life in thousands of beautiful watercolor paintings laid out like a comic book. Every page is fully colored and highly detailed making The Hobbit more beautiful than ever. Of course the original isn't replicated verbatim, but the eloquent drawings more than make up for the missing passages. If you feel that Tolkien tends to be a bit wordy, you'll love this version of the book.

The Incredible Journey

Three domesticated animals, as loyal as they come, are on a trail to find their old house and family. A young Labrador retriever, an older and wiser bull terrier, and a pampered Siamese make there way through the Canadian wilderness meeting with feral animals, starvation, and terrible exposure to the elements. By utilizing each other's strengths they must somehow survive to make it home. Sheila Burnford has written a very nice children's book that has been enchanting kids since 1961.


In 1983 William Gibson popularized a new genre that would later be called cyberpunk. You follow a young man named Case, an ex-hacker turned drug dealer. While expecting to be killed from a kingpin who he owes a great deal of money, he is picked up by a high-profile group preparing to do some good old fashioned espionage for an artificial intelligence entity. The book is a bit difficult to understand at the beginning due to the amount of new terminology, but by the end it all starts to fit into place.

Sign of the Beaver

Elizabeth George Speare put a lot of character into this award-winning book. Matt, a twelve-year-old boy must hold down his family's cabin while his father travels many days back to their old home to bring his mother. He waits alone in the wild frontier trying his best to keep everything in order, but the harsh land causes him to lose most of his supplies. He is saved from sure death by two Indians, Saknis, and his grandson, Attean, who help him to get food to stay alive in exchange for teaching Attean how to read. His desperation and fear is eloquently captured for you to read.

Steal this Computer Book

This is the fourth edition of this computer book that teaches you all about the potential dangers of the Internet. Wallace Wang has spent a lot of time covering all the important topics like viruses, hackers and crackers, firewalls, and many other topics. Whether you're an expert or a beginner this non-technical book will certainly have something new to teach you. Each edition covers all the latest trends and removes the outdated topics which allows the book to remain accurate with plenty of reference material for the IT professional on the lookout for amateur hackers.

Waiting For Snow In Havana

See what it's like to be born in the 1950's in Cuba and have a rich father who thinks he was Louis XVI in a past life while collecting scary paintings of Jesus. See what it's like to live in luxury watching R-rated movies and playing with over-powered fire crackers. See what it's like to have it all taken from you by Fidel Castro and witness the Bay of Pigs invasion up close and personal. See what it's like to fly to America unable to speak English and having only the clothes on your back. Live life through the eyes of an eleven-year-old Cuban boy, the life of Carlos Eire.