Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is an era of European history so named because it takes place in the middle of ancient and modern history. The term medieval is Latin in meaning "pertaining to the middle ages". The actual time period changes depending on which historian you ask, but the common accepted time is from the fall of the Western Roman Empire (455 CE) until the Protestant Reformation (1517 CE).

During the Middle Ages society was setup in a feudal system where class and nobility carried wealth and power. A military position was a common job because people were always fighting for more land.

Health and hygiene were terrible. The people had no understanding of bacteria, viruses, or antibiotics. Most of the remedies of the time were based solely on superstition.

The Catholic Church was extremely influential and was the primary religion of the masses. Because of their size and power they became quite corrupt.

The Middle Ages eventually gave way to the Italian Renaissance.