Game Reviews

GameFAQs - The biggest online community of gamers anywhere!
Moby Games - A review site.
The Video Game Museum - Tons of info on old games.
Game Spy - Massive gaming page.
Game Spot - Massive gaming page.

Online Games

Kongregate - Kongregate
PopCap Games - Lots of professional online java games.
Game House - Lots of professional online java games.
Miniclip - Lots of games and oddities.
Yahoo Games - Yahoo's free online games.
The Zone - MSN's Online gaming server.
Free Arcade - Tons of Java games with high scores.
Play Free Online - A large assortment of free online games. - Lots of cool Flash games like DiceWars.
Java On The Brain - Many high quality Java games.
Web Crosswords - Free crossword puzzles online.
Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Gadget - Very inventive Java games.
Smilie Games - Several quality Java games. - Beautifully rendered Flash adventure games.
Dark Fish - Six quality Java games.

Retro Games

Atari Age - All the good old Atari games are here. Not just a nostalgia site. - Zophar's Domain.
Flying Omelette's Kitchen - Game reviews.
DOSBox - A DOS emulator for running old programs.
RPG Classics - All your favorite old RPG's are here.
Retro Remakes - A site full of remakes of old games.
DOS Games - Lots of old DOS Shareware and Freeware games.
The Warp Zone - Lots of info on old Nintendo games.
Defunct Games - Systems that are no longer being made.
Atari Protos - Prototypes for old Atari systems.
Remain In Play - Dedicated to games that died but are now back as freeware.
Video Game Memorabilia Museum! - Lots of videogame stuff other than the games.
Vintage Computing - A very nice retro site.
Mini Dig - Atari 2600 source code.

Individual Games

DDR Freak - A Dance Dance Revolution Page.
Seikens Network - Covers all of the Seiken Densetsu games.
Hero Quest - Dewayne Agin's Hero Quest page.
Exult - Ultima 7 recreation project.

Other Video Game Sites

Planet Romero - John Romero's official home page.
Sierra Gamers - Ken and Roberta Williams' official home page.
S & F Prod. - Hacking for PC games.
NES Maps - Printed posters of your favorite game maps.

Other Conventional Game Sites

Pagat - A large card game site.
Games Kids Play - A index of children's games.
Billiards Congress of America - Rules on how to play billiards and pool.


Home of the Under Dogs - The best abandonware site on the web.
Abandonware Webring - A full listing of all the abandonware sites.
Sierra Classics - The old Sierra classic games.
Liberated Games - Free legal games some even with source.
Replacement Docs - Scans of old manuals and hint books.