A Boy and His Blob - Trouble on Blobolonia

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A Boy and His Blob: Trouble In Blobolonia is a very creative game. You control a boy who has an alien blob for a friend. By feeding the blob jellybeans it morphs into different shapes. You must use these shapes to collect treasures in underground caverns to buy vitamins. The vitamins are used as ammunition to help the blob rescue his princess who has been captured by an evil blob who threatens the planet of Blobolonia with junk food.

Memory Offsets

  0023 - Room: Boy
  0024 - Room: Blob
  0098 - Currently selected jellybean
  00A2 - Lives
  00A4 - Countdown (Flashing) before death.
  00A5 - Countdown before flashing.
  00A9 - Money: 9xxxxx
  00AA - Money: x9xxxx
  00AB - Money: xx9xxx
  00AC - Money: xxx9xx
  00AD - Money: xxxx9x
  00AE - Money: xxxxx9
  01BA - Licorice (9xx)
  02BF - Licorice (x99)
  02C0 - Strawberry (9xx)
  02C1 - Strawberry (x99)
  02C2 - Coconut (9xx)
  02C3 - Coconut (x99)
  02C4 - Cola (9xx)
  02C5 - Cola (x99)
  02C6 - Cinnamon (9xx)
  02C7 - Cinnamon (x99)
  02C8 - Apple (9xx)
  02C9 - Apple (x99)
  02CA - Lime (9xx)
  02CB - Lime (x99)
  02CC - Vanilla (9xx)
  02CD - Vanilla (x99)
  02CE - Tangerine (9xx)
  02CF - Tangerine (x99)
  02D0 - Root Beer (9xx)
  02D1 - Root Beer (x99)
  02D2 - Honey (9xx)
  02D3 - Honey (x99)
  02D4 - Ketchup (9xx)
  02D5 - Ketchup (x99)
  02D6 - Punch (9xx)
  02D7 - Punch (x99)
  02D8 - Orange (9xx)
  02D9 - Orange (x99)
  02DA - Vitamin A (9xx)
  02DB - Vitamin A (x99)
  02DC - Vitamin B (9xx)
  02DD - Vitamin B (x99)
  02DE - Vitamin C (9xx)
  02DF - Vitamin C (x99)
  0324-0355 - Treasure Flags
  0356 - Treasure Remaining