Bases Loaded 3

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Bases Loaded 3 is the third game in the Bases Loaded series. In this game, the goal isn't to win a set amount of games in the pennant race, but rather to play what the game calls "The Perfect Game". To do this, you must play a game without making any mistakes whatsoever. After the game, you will be given a score from 0 to 100. Your score will be rated in 13 categories, each of which must be perfect. If you strike out or make any other errors, points are deducted from your overall rating. Once you have achieved all one hundred points in a game and beaten a level 5 team while doing so, you have beaten the game and are rewarded with a staff roll for your ending.

Easy Cheats

See the guide on Easy Cheats to find out how to use these.

009B - 64 - Player Gets Perfect Score After Game
037C - 00/03 - Player 1: No Strikes/CPU: 3 Strikes
037D - 00/03 - Player 1: No Balls/CPU: 3 Balls
037E - 00/03 - Player 1: No Outs/CPU: 3 Outs

Memory Addresses

009B - End of Game Score Modifier
037C - Amount of Strikes
037D - Amount of Balls
037E - Amount of Outs