Jumbo Ozaki's Hole In One Professional

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Jumbo Ozaki's Hole In One Professional (ジャンボ尾崎のホールイン・ワン・プロフェッショナル Jumbo Ozaki no Hole In One Professional) is a golf simulation game developed and published by HAL Laboratory. The player takes control of the famous Japanese golfer Jumbo Ozaki. The player can choose between a variety of 18 hole courses. Though the game was only released in Japan, the game is in English, so players from other countries can enjoy this game as well on an emulator.

Easy Cheats

Icon Addr Val Cmp Description
Icon-Score.png 004C 00 - P1 0 Strokes
Icon-Score.png 004D 00 - P2 0 Strokes
Icon-Score.png 607D 63 - Course Par Is 99
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Jumbo Ozaki no Hole in One Professional - FC - Title Screen.png
607D - 63 - Course's Par is 99

Memory Addresses

004C - P1 Strokes
004D - P2 Strokes
607D - Course's Par