River City Ransom

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River City Ransom is a beat-em-up side scroller with RPG-like elements. You play as Alex or Ryan. Your mission is to rescue Cindy, who has been kidnapped by Slick. You can purchase items from stores to upgrade stats and improve your fighter. There are several bosses around the map who appear when you beat all of the gangs on their turf.

Easy Cheats

See the guide on Easy Cheats to find out how to use these.

04BF - 7F - P1 Infinite Stamina
04C9 - 09 - P1 Infinite Money
049F - 3F - P1 Punch Maxed
04A3 - 3F - P1 Kick Maxed
04A7 - 3F - P1 Weapon Maxed
04AB - 3F - P1 Throw Maxed
04AF - 3F - P1 Agility Maxed
04B3 - 3F - P1 Defense Maxed
04B7 - 3F - P1 Strength Maxed
04BB - 3F - P1 Will Power Maxed
04C3 - 7F - P1 Max Power Maxed

04C0 - 7F - P2 Infinite Stamina
04CC - 09 - P2 Infinite Money
04A0 - 3F - P2 Punch Maxed
04A4 - 3F - P2 Kick Maxed
04A8 - 3F - P2 Weapon Maxed
04AC - 3F - P2 Throw Maxed
04B0 - 3F - P2 Agility Maxed
04B4 - 3F - P2 Defense Maxed
04B8 - 3F - P2 Strength Maxed
04BC - 3F - P2 Will Power Maxed
04C4 - 7F - P2 Max Power Maxed

North America

River City Ransom.png

Memory Addresses

049F - P1 Punch (0F-3F)
04A0 - P2 Punch (0F-3F)
04A3 - P1 Kick (0F-3F)
04A4 - P2 Kick (0F-3F)
04A7 - P1 Weapon (0F-3F)
04A8 - P2 Weapon (0F-3F)
04AB - P1 Throw (0F-3F)
04AC - P2 Throw (0F-3F)
04AF - P1 Agility (0F-3F)
04B0 - P2 Agility (0F-3F)
04B3 - P1 Defense (0F-3F)
04B4 - P2 Defense (0F-3F)
04B7 - P1 Strength (0F-3F)
04B8 - P2 Strength (0F-3F)
04BB - P1 Will Power (0F-3F)
04BC - P2 Will Power (0F-3F)
04BF - P1 Stamina (3F-7F)
04C0 - P2 Stamina (3F-7F)
04C3 - P1 Max Power (3F-7F)
04C4 - P2 Max Power (3F-7F)
04C7 - P1 Money Part ($xxx.99) (Money uses decimal values)
04C8 - P1 Money Part ($x99.xx)
04C9 - P1 Money Part ($9xx.xx)
04CA - P2 Money Part ($xxx.99)
04CB - P2 Money Part ($x99.xx)
04CC - P2 Money Part ($9xx.xx)

In Game Password

Enter the following password for all stats maxed, all book techniques learned, $999.99:

emTkgaObWYu  (7th character is capital O)
i606IYodZvq  (3rd character is zero)