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Strange Hacks

Full Map of a Single Block

This hack tricks the game engine into thinking that Mario is always standing on a particular block, effectively making the entire map the specified block, although everything looks normal.

To prepare for this hack, add a cheat for Addr: 00E5, Val: (See Below), and deactivate it. Turn on "Have Raccoon Suit" so you won't get hurt, and "Fly Forever" to appreciate several block types. Enter a level, save the game state, then activate the cheat. If you fall off the screen, load your state.

Value Block Type Description
25 White Panel Hold down to fall though, but only 1 block!
2C Platform Cloud You can jump up, but never fall down
2E Note-block Pushed right, but blocks constantly appear
2F Hidden note-block w/flower Need to fly.
30 Hidden note-block w/leaf Need to fly.
44 Hidden coin block Need to fly.
45 Hidden 1-Up block Need to fly.
46 Hidden pink Note block Need to fly.
53 Ground Block All solid, so you're pushed across the screen.
80 Sky Fall through everything! Need to fly.
71 Pink Note-block Pushed right, but blocks constantly appear
72 Bump Block w/Flower Pushed right
74 Bump Block w/Leaf Pushed right
75 Bump Block Pushed right
76 Bump Block w/Star Hard to activate
AE Open Pipe Press down to warp to magic lands!