2007, October 10th

The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack has been added to the music page. There is a new coloring sheet in the activities page. Some technical improvements have been made as well.

2007, September 5th

I added a new logic puzzle and coloring page to the activity sheets. There are also several animations that can be downloaded in the computer section.

2007, September 4th

The monster entry for mummies has been completed. Still more activity sheets in the coloring and word searching categories.

2007, August 29th

There are some more activity sheets. There is also a new book review and music review.

2007, August 28th

I've added more Halloween activity sheets. There are some more coloring pages, another word search, and a cryptography sheet.

2007, August 27th

I've added a page for Halloween activity sheets that you can print out. Currently, there are coloring pages, word searches, and mazes listed, but I plan on adding several more types like connect the dots, paint by number, and various word puzzles.

2006, October 25th

There are five new jack o'lantern images and a new album review on the music page.

2006, October 17th

Do you know your scary movies? Check out this fun puzzle game created by the Mars and M&M company. http://www1.mms.com/us/dark. See how many titles you can get.

2006, October 9th

I've added the Roseanne Halloween Episodes to the movies page and Scary, Scary Halloween to the books page.

2006, October 5th

There is a new sub-section on the jack o'lantern page for various other things you can do with pumpkins. I've also reviewed the album Kidz Bop Halloween.

2006, October 2nd

I've completed a new monster page for spiders. There are four more wallpapers in the computer section as well.

2006, September 28th

Four new wallpapers have been added to the computer section and there are four more song reviews in the songs page.

2006, September 14th

I've completed the monster article about birds and their Halloween role and added two more placeholder monsters. There are a couple more song reviews as well.

2006, September 11th

I've almost tripled the amount of Halloween icons in the computer section. There are several new place holders added to the Monsters page for birds, demons, Frankenstein, and mummies. They don't have information about them yet, but they will soon. I've also added a music sub-page for song reviews of individual songs that fit with Halloween.

2006, September 6th

There are four new wallpapers in the computer section. The article on haunted houses has been updated as well.

2006, September 5th

It's getting close to the 2006 Halloween season. I've added four more wallpapers to the computer section. The monster entry on black cats has been updated. I also cleaned up all of last year's broken links.

2005, October 26th

I've finally added the entry on graveyards. The monster section is getting close to being completed, but I still have a few more that I'd like to add.

2005, October 21th

There are four new wallpapers in the computers section. There is another book review for the Martha Stewart Living Halloween book.

2005, October 18th

I added a movie review for Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas to the movies page and Monster Mash and Other Songs of Horror to the music page.

2005, October 11th

There are four more wallpapers on the computers page as well as a bunch more icons to the archive. I've also added a page on ghosts.

2005, September 27th

I've added a page on the flying night-time terror, the bat. There is also a review of the book The Halloween Encyclopedia.

2005, September 16th

There are now 108 free Halloween fonts in the computers section. They're stored in three catergories, text, dingbats, and movies.

2005, September 15th

Four wall papers are in the computers section. Several pages have new links to other pages as well.

2005, September 14th

I've added another four wall papers in the computers section, and another five jack o'lanterns in the jack o'lantern section.

2005, September 13th

I've added four wall papers in the computers section.

2005, September 12th

There is a new section on the Culture page for miscellaneous stuff. The other page has an old McDonalds commercial on it. There are also a few more icons in the computers section.

2005, August 26th

I fixed a mistake in the information on Chusok thanks to Ryan Shroyer. I added two new music reviews for Drew's Haunted House Horrors and the Mannheim Steamroller Halloween album.

2005, August 12th

It's getting to be that time of year again! Only a few short months until Halloween is upon us once more. There is a new movie review for the Garfield Holiday Celebrations DVD which features the Halloween episode. There is also a new game review for the 11th Hour.

2004, October 20th

There is a new book review and a new movie review. I've also added a description of what Halloween is like in Mexico. There is also the new countdown.

2004, October 14th

Added two new video game reviews. I also typed up the description of the terrible monster known as the vampire.

2004, October 12th

Added two new movie reviews including the DVD set for the Simpson's Halloween DVD. There is also a new music review.

2004, October 1st

Added the party game of pass the pumpkin. Added a few more jack o'lanterns to the gallery. There's also another movie review and I reviewed the Japanese version of Halloween.

2004, September 22nd

Added another book, movie. There is now an essay on putrid monster known as a zombie.

2004, September 15th

The black cats monster section has been filled in. There is now the description of the Korean celebration of Halloween.

2004, September 14th

There are three more movie reviews and one new book review.

2004, September 13th

There's another movie review and a few more game reviews. The page about haunted houses has been written. There is also an archives page so I can keep the main page clean. Things are starting to take shape around here.

2004, September 10th

There are new icons for the monsters page and I broke out each monster into its own section. Still no information about them yet. There are now several links on the recipes page. There's also a new movie review and book review.

2004, September 7th

Added some entries into the music page. There is now some information and links in the costumes page. The party game of snap apple has been added.

2004, August 17th

I've placed some information about history and present day trick-or-treating in the celebrations page. There are also a few new items in the culture page.

2004, August 13th

Today is Friday the 13th, and All Things Halloween is now online! Come here to get your fix on anything related to Halloween.