Rambling 2

So what's the deal with dogs anyway? I mean, they aren't people right, so why do they get fleas? Why is it that fleas like to ride on dogs? Can't they just buy a bus pass? Perhaps that the city won't issue bus passes to parasitic insects. But isn't that discrimination? I think our civilization would be beyond that by now. I mean we have really big sky scrapers, but we can't let bugs on mass transit. I've never been on top of the Empire State building, but King Kong has. I'll bet it's a really good view from the top, unless you have a giant primate blocking your view. They can be so inconsiderate at times. Do you think the owners of sky scrapers have to repair the sky? How long can they continue scraping it until it needs replacing? The sky is really big though. It has a huge collection of clouds. I wanted a cloud collection when I was younger, but my mother told me I couldn't have one because they are too expensive. I think she just wanted to keep all the clouds for herself. Have you ever seen a cloud that looked like a turkey? I have. It moved around and had feathers and even made a sound like a turkey. I watched it walk along the ground in a forest as well. Yep, that was an amazing cloud, until that hunter shot it. He must have took it home and had turkey flavored rain for dinner. I don't know what I'm going to have for dinner today. Maybe I'll go to the local Big Boy. Big Boy scares me though. He's always looking at me with this huge grin and beedy eyes. Plus, he wears really ugly checkered over-alls. Maybe he made them from a picnic blanket. I haven't had a picnic in a long time. The last time was ages ago when this little gremlin asked me to accompany him. He seemed like a nice gremlin, but I think he was just using me for my really cool picnic blanket. He stole it from me in the dark. I think he made over-alls from it... Wait a minute, I just thought of something! That gremlin didn't have his driver's license! Oh wait, he didn't drive. I guess everything is cleared up then. I don't even think gremlins know how to drive. That must be why they all have bus passes. I wonder if gremlins have fleas. Not that it matters to me, I wouldn't like them any less if they did. I mean, what if men didn't like their dogs with fleas, then they wouldn't be best friends and years of cliché would go right out the window. But if the window was closed, then it would have to be broken first, or at least opened. Some people think that all windows are broken because of Microsoft. But Bill Gates says it's not and you have to believe what he says because he eats turkey and not even the cloud kind either. On a completely unrelated topic, I have a computer that's running Windows. I like my computer and I use it for stuff. Important stuff. Well okay, completely inane stuff, but you can't do important stuff all the time, it's not healthy. I mean look at the president. He has to do important stuff all the time and what happened? He got old. That's what happens when you work too hard, you get old. It's a proven fact. Really, some people at Harvard did some intense research on it. And although the research doesn't validate my point in the slightest, I thought I'd bring it up anyway because Harvard is a prestigious school. I'm not sure why it is, I think it's because they get mentioned in test results all the time. I don't think I've ever been mentioned in a test result, except for the time the goats spoke to me. They told me that the world would end on July 8th, 2002. That pretty much explains why goats aren't running the world doesn't it? Heck, they weren't even close! It would really suck if the world ended in the summer because summer's fun. I would prefer if the world ended in the wimmer. That's not a real season, I just made it up. But you see, because there isn't a wimmer, then we don't need to worry about the end of the world. See, I saved civilization as we know it, even if we do discriminate against fleas.