Most road signs make sense, but this one has always confused me. Does it mean that if I injure or kill a worker I get $7,500 over the next 15 years. Or do I have to injure -and- kill a worker to get my money? Maybe it means that if you kill a worker you get $7,500 every year for 15 years, which would total to $112,500. Why does the traffic department want their workers killed so badly that they are willing to pay you money to kill and injure them?

I suppose it could mean that if you injure or kill a worker you can be fined $7,500 and be sentenced up to 15 years in prison, but does that only apply to the workers while their working? Suppose I have a personal vendetta against a politician, could I entice them into joining the road commission and then hack them up while they're at home to get this easier murder sentence?

These are the important questions that aren't addressed on the sign, but really should be. Of course, this will make the sign have to be a bit larger. I think a simple billboard in small print should clear everything up.