This is a series of links to some of the funniest online video shorts.

Angry Nintendo Nerd - People have been making fun of videogames for years, but nobody does it quite like the Angry Nintendo Nerd. His commentary and visuals go above what any static html page can do.

Chocolate Cake City - They have several hilarious reworked movie trailers and various other comediac shorts.

Fat-Pie - The morbid and grotesque sense of humor found here is enough to neauseate you. Gotta love it. Home of the famous Salad Fingers.

A Liam Show - OMG Shoes, Muffins... ring any bells? Enjoy these hilarious shorts because a guy in drag never stops being funny.

Mr. Deity - Ever wonder what the average day in the life of God is like? Now you can find out.

The Spoony Experiemnt - Normally spoony does text reviews of movies, but here are some game reviews where the punches aren't held back.

National Banana - Contains several rather crude commercials and shorts as well as Sands of Passion.

Will It Blend? - Want to know if certain objects will blend in a blender? How about golf clubs, marbles, hockey pucks, a crowbar, glow sticks, and of course an iPhone.

Sick Animation - Well, the name is pretty much self-explainitory isn't it? Lots of sick, disgusting, ironic, and naughty flash animations to watch.

Weebl's Stuff - Lots of funny Flash animations like Cat Face and Badger Badger.