This section of my site is devoted to knowledge, as the name suggests. Here I will store essays, reports, data, and various other forms of knowledge on every topic that interests me.

Learning has always been a passion for me, and what kind of guru would I be if I didn't have a section for knowledge on my site? So here it is.

If the article has a white arrow () then the article links off site.

Astronomy - 10 Weirdest Things in the Universe. - Astronomy picture of the day.

Moon Facts - Information regarding Earth's moon.

Biology - A nice site on frogs.

Animal Congregations - The names of different animal congregations.

Vitamins - Information about vitamins.

Wolf Facts - Information regarding wolves.

Business - World and Regional Rankings.

Why Vorbis? - Vorbis audio format.

Chemistry - Shockwave periodic table. - Molecule of the week archive.

Environmental Science - 101 Amazing Earth Facts.


USA State Sizes - The of each state and land-locked bodies of water.


Timeline of Science - A chronological list of important scientific events.

Renaissance - The Renaissance period.

Dark Ages - The Dark Ages period.

Middle Ages - The Middle Ages period.


Rarity as Evidence - Why rarity shouldn't be used as evidence.

Big Number Names - The name of large numbers.

pi - pi to 10,000 decimal places.

Physics - Top 10 physics events of 2004. - The physics of carnival rides.

Social Science

Wiretapping - Government wiretapping.

Justice - Different types of justice.

Irony - Correct and incorrect usage.

Flags - High resolution flags.

Morse Code - Information about Morse code.


Standard Measurements - Measurement units that are approved by the SI.

Web Image Formats - Comparisons of image formats for Web use.


The Pointless Database - My personal encyclopedia. Although the name suggests it has no value, you will still find plenty of useful information in it.

Ask A Guru - A section where I answer visitor's questions. There are wisecracks and jokes, but a great many of the questions are properly answered.

Pointless Data - Several sections about specified topics. They aren't valid to the layman, but instead to specialists.