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- Videogames, Star Trek: TNG.
- FlipFlopFlyin', mini pops, pixel art, etc.
- Humor, games, armory, reviews, alife, etc.
- LMNOP - celebrities, grammar, and awkward situations.
- Autofish, artwork, games, music, ZZT.

- Logtar. Reviews, opinions, Colombia.
- Background Noise's Live Journal.
- Freya Lorelei's Live Journal.
- Clever rants and raves from Ohio to France.

Gaming (more)


- CRPG Addict.
- The Cutting Room Floor.
- Videogame Maps.
- Flying Omelette's Kitchen.
- The Videogame Museum.
- Dance Dance Revolution Freak

Play Online

- Kongregate.
- PopCap Games.
- Game House.
- Free Arcade.
- Yahoo Games.
- Online Game Programming Contests


- GameFAQs.
- Moby Games.
- Atari Age.
- Lemon 64.
- The Home of the Underdogs.
- Nintendo Age.
- Replacement Docs.


- Saturday Morning Breakfast Cartoons
- Ctrl + Atl + Del
- Order of the Stick
- Cyanide and Happiness
- Garfield Minus Garfield
- Garfield
- Idiot Box
- White Ninja Comics
- Magical Game Time
- Three Word Phrase
- Pictures For Sad Children
- The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

- Fox Trot
- 8 Bit Theater
- Dar: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary
- Big Fat Whale
- The Perry Bible Fellowship
- Squidi Comics
- Holy Bibble
- Secret of Mana Theater
- Calvin And Hobbes
- Queen of Wands
- Dork Tower
- Spamusement
- Top Web Comics


- Very funny site covering many topics.
- Pop culture editorials.

- Games, reviews, essays, etc.

Programming Links

- Online community of open source projects.
- Tons of free JavaScript source.
- PHP, Perl, JavaScript, and ASP source.
- Java game programming.

- Game development, news, and resources.
- Many open source commercial games.
- Monthly mini games.


friendlyatheist.com - Friendly Atheist.
freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula - Pharyngula; PZ Meyer's blog.
skepchick.org - Skepchick. Skeptic views from a woman's perspective.
snopes.com - A site dedicated to urban legends.
richarddawkins.net - Richard Dawkins' news.
atheistexperience.blogspot.com - Atheist Experience Blog.
randi.org - James Randi Educational Foundation.
skeptic.theplanetarium.org - Planet Skeptic.
skepdic.com - The Skeptic's Dictionary. A site that attempts to debunk all things considered psuedo-sciences.
blog.newhumanist.org.uk - New Humanist Blog.
whatstheharm.net - A database of people injured or killed from misinformation.
wiki.ironchariots.org - A counter-apologetics Wiki.
skepticsannotatedbible.com - The Bible under a skeptic eye.
skeptico.blogs.com - Skeptico blog.
badscience.com - Uncovering when science is misused.
badastronomy.com - Uncovering when astronomy is misused.
csicop.org - The committee For Skeptic Inquiry.

Music (more)

- The official Queen site.
- Queenzone fan site.

- Rilo Kiley fan site.

Film (more)

- Internet Movie Database.
- TV Tropes.

- Rotten Tomatoes.


- Fony - FON editor.
- A huge archive of free fonts.

- A huge archive of free icons.

Art (more)

- Rob Alexander.
- Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.
- Douglas Shuler.
- Brom.
- Nene Thomas.

- Deviant Art.
- Ruth Thompson.
- Larry Elmore.
- Maurits Cornelis Escher.

Internet Stuff

- Check you POP3 email from anywhere for free.

- A blog search by location, topics, etc.

Renaissance Festival Links

- A Renaissance Festival search engine.

- The Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly.

Spyware Removal

- Spybot search and destroy.
- Hijack This!

- Ad-Aware.


superstringtheory.com - The official string theory site.
space.com - A site covering up-to-date news of space exploration.
curious.astro.cornell.edu - Curious About Astronomy? Have your questions answered by real astronomers.
billnye.com - Bill Nye the science guy.
physicscentral.com - Lots of information regarding physics.
fearofphysics.com - Fear of Physics, A beginners guide to physics.
nasa.gov - NASA's official site.
chemistry.org - American Chemical Society.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html - Astronomy Picture of the Day.


www.michigan.gov - The official Michigan governmental webpage.
www.michigan.gov/dnr - The DNR website for the state of Michigan.
www.thingstodo.com/states/MI - Things to do in Michigan.
www.michigannative.com - Home of the Michigan accent.
www.michiganforests.com - The Michigan Forest Association.
www.michigan.gov/hal/0,1607,7-160-17445_19275-51916--,00.html - Movies filmed in Michigan.

Miscellaneous Links

wikipedia.org - Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia.
woot.com - Buy cool stuff for cheap.
geeklikeme.net - Lots of geeky links.
wikimapia.org - Wiki Map project.
Yahoo Podcast - NPR's Fresh Air Podcast.
archive.org - The Internet Archived. See what any web page looked like years ago.
wilderness-survival.net - A very informative site for surviving in many different wilderness settings.
bored.com - The place for when you're bored.
cruel.com - A very cruel webpage.
meetup.com - A place to meet new people with similar interests.

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