More Links

My main links page can only hold so much stuff, so any of the overflow gets pushed into this site.

Computer Links

- SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) C++ multimedia libraries.
- Information on various graphic formats.
- Nero burning plug-ins.
- Audio file formats.
- Software cracks.
- Precompiled binaries for MPlayer, including an association wizard.
- The specifications for TrueType and OpenType font formats.
- In-depth information about the RS-232 standard.
- Monotypes visible font search. Answer questions to find a specific printed font.
- Lots of hacks and editors for 90s DOS games.

Video Game Links

- Videogame sprites.
- More videogame sprites.
- Doom updated.
- NES programming documents.
- NES programming utilities.
- Game Genie to Hex converter.
- An online Java clone of ZORK.
- How to make games using Flash.
- A very cool Nintendo site.
- An amazingly creative Flash "game".
- Similar to above, but not quite as good.
- Not Pron, the ultimate Internet puzzle game.
- Arcade game manuals and replacement parts.

Local Links

- Genesee County Parks and Recreation site.
- Genesee Free Net.

Recreation Links

- Primitive methods for fire building.
- Firework reviews.
- Firework gollosary.
- Chainmail store and info.
- Very nice chainmail patterns.
- Lots of finished chainmail projects.
- Tournament rules for pool.
- A very cool site dealing with optical illusions.

Web Design Links

- A full featured color scheme generator.
- Test a site's backward compatibility for old web browers.
- A CSS reference page.
- A nice color matching application.
- Archived animated GIFs.

Other Links

- Easter Eggs in movies, games, DVDs, etc.
- Lots of interesting rankings about economics, land masses, cultures, etc.
- Various religious symbols and what they mean.
- Media companies and what they own.
- A plasma landscape generator on a planet level.
- Common errors in the English language.
- Who wants to win $1,000,000. A clone of Who Want to Be a Millionaire, with Science Questions.
- A list of demon names from literature and religion.
- The pop versus soda debate.
- The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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