Alice Cooper

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My Alice Cooper Concert Experience

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is what some might call "Sickening" or "Revolting" and perhaps even "Satanic". Regardless of what he's called or thought of, Alice Cooper is certainly one thing: One heck of a rock 'n roll singer and song writer, who has been dazzling his audiences with amazing stage shows and tremendous vocal talent.

Born Vincent Furnier, on February 4, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan, Alice Cooper was destined for stardom. Even though his band could barely play their instruments and they had a manager who knew nothing about the music industry, these minor set-backs only gave the band a better look and feel.

Close Up

When Alice Cooper began playing in Detroit for the first time, the group was greeted with rock n' roll fans who wanted to get totally out of control. Alice Cooper helped them by playing good old-fashioned garage rock instead of sissy hippie music. The fans were out of control, and that's when Alice Cooper made this quote: "...I've said it before, and it's absolutely true: we were the group that drove a stake through the heart of the love generation."

One of the events that really got Alice Cooper in the lime light was his gig at the Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival in 1969. While they were playing, some messed up fan threw a live chicken on the stage! Alice, being a product of metro-Detroit, had no idea that chicken's couldn't fly! So he scooped up the freaked out bird, and tossed it into the air. Unfortunately, the chicken did not fly as he expected, and crash landed its way into the crowd where the fans ripped the poor thing apart, and began throwing pieces of the corpse back on stage!


Thanks to quality journalism, the press published a story telling of how a demonic rock singer murdered a chicken on stage, and drank its blood. You can't buy publicity that good! This, of course, led to over-protective mothers sending tons of hate mail, and even animal rights agencies keeping watchful eyes on the band. Regardless of what the cry babies said, this put them on the map with a deluge of fans wanting to see this totally out of control band, with a guy named: Alice Cooper.

For awhile, the band actually began to practice their sound and style. They even cut a record at this time, with a legendary track on it called "I'm Eighteen". This song would become the anthem of the teenagers of the time. The hippy era was dead, and rock n' roll was new. "I'm Eighteen" spoke to the kids in high school on a level nobody else understood. The song went to Billboard's #21 spot for pop singles, and Alice Cooper became a real thing.


Alice Cooper concerts became the most amazing and sickening stage shows ever. Blood, straight jackets, guillotines, and snakes became common place in his acts. The fans loved it. The heavy rock mixed with gore made every stadium and hall become trashed before the night was over, and the year was still early 70's. Alice was there first. The stage shows, the lyrics, the attitude; most of it was done before all the people who would later follow in his shoes came around.

Of course, every bad boy has their soft side, and Alice was no exception. Songs like "Only Women Bleed", "I Never Cry", and "You And Me" were also important songs to the group that made an impact on the less die-hard rock fans. This just proved, that Alice Cooper wasn't just another shock band, but a real contender in the music industry.


One thing that most people never did catch on to, is that the act that was put on by Alice Cooper, was in fact, just that, an act. Alice Cooper is really a nice guy who loves his mother, and even the yucky game of golf. But that didn't stop the hate-mongers and ignorant religious groups who were doing everything they could to stop him. From blaming everything from teen suicides to Satanism, and even verbally abusing his family and friends. This is where the song "No More Mister Nice-Guy" comes from.


Sadly, like many of my favorite bands, Alice Cooper's reign of terror has been decimated into small venues and almost no publicity. However, he is still writing music, and still touring. His latest album Dragon Town is now out. I was able to catch this old emperor in concert before he retires, which was a great experience.

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