Last Updated: 2004/12/16

Billy Joel is one of those musicians who have been good since the first word of the first song, and will continue to be good until the last note of the last bar. I love his music, and his style of song writing. His words have great depth and really sit deep into people's souls. Many of his songs tell of the olden days from the baby boomers, and although songs like, Allentown, We Didn't Start the Fire, and Keeping the Faith are about times before I was even born, I can relate to the meaning just the same. Billy Joel has had a VERY successful career with his music, and I would just like to give a little thanks to him for inspiring me. So that is why this page is here.

Some of my favorite Billy Joel songs include, The Entertainer, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, Only the Good Die Young, You May Be Right, It's Still Rock and Roll to Me, Goodnight Saigon, Keeping The Faith, and We Didn't Start The Fire. For much more info on Billy Joel, vist the links below... Hey, that rhymes!

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