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George Alistair Sanger (AKA The Fat Man) is the leader of Team Fat, a group of musicians who write music for the computer multimedia industry. The Fat Man has written music for many amazing titles including: The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, Wing Commander 1 and 2, Ultima Underworld, Loom, Masters of Orion, and many more. The Fat Man currently has produced three albums titled, "7/11", "", and "Flabby Road", and written one book, "The Fat Man on Game Audio". He is also highly involved in computer audio industry. This particular site is a shrine to The Fat Man, and specifically the 7/11 album, which I adore, that houses all the music from The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour.


Flabby Road

The Fat Man on Game Audio

The best thing about the game The 7th Guest, was not the state-of-the-art graphics, it was not the complex puzzles, nor was it the eerie story line, and it certainly wasn't the live actors. The best thing about T7G was the music. It's what gave the game its feel. It's what made the game scare you when you played alone in your basement at night. The music stands on it's own. It has depth and meaning that very few computer games possess. The music for T7G was composed by The Fat Man and Team Fat as background ambiance for the game, but they went far beyond that by creating several full length songs with vocals as well. These people are musical geniuses. All the music from the game T7G, as well as the music from its sequel, The Eleventh Hour, can now be purchased in one comprehensive album. The album is aptly titled "7/11".

I purchased the album, remembering how much I loved the music from T7G. When I got it was was extremely impressed. The art work of the music takes you into the time when you played The 7th Guest. It's scary, freaky, eerie, and lonesome. It gives you chills, and goose bumps, and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. The album is brilliant.

I would also like to comment on the people that work at Big Fat, Inc. They are extremely generous people. They took time out of their busy schedules and helped me with information regarding this album. They let me link to their files and always responded to my e-mails. Unlike many companies where you're lucky to get even an automated response, Big Fat, Inc. was very prompt and awfully kind to me. They even went as far as to put a link to my site on their web page (Which still makes me proud!). Thank You very much Big Fat, Inc. I will always remain a loyal fan.

The following is my own little shrine to this remarkable album. It contains some of the music in both MIDI and MP3 format, as well as the lyrics to the songs with words. I've also added the credits to each song as well as my personal comments on why I enjoyed the songs so much. All the music files are linked directly to The Fat Man's Web Site, thanks to their very kind permission. The MP3 files are not the full song, however they do include a fair amount of introduction so you can get the feel of the music. If it catches your attention (and it definitely will!) you'll have to buy the album to hear the rest.

Track Title Length Lyrics Credits MP3 MIDI Comments Game
1 The Final Hour Hawaiian (1:11) - - - The Eleventh Hour
2 Mr. Death (1:55) - The Eleventh Hour
3 Skeletons In My Closet (4:02) - The Seventh Guest
4 Chapel Pain (0:27) - - The Seventh Guest
5 The Game (5:34) - The Seventh Guest
6 The Final Hour (9:51) - - The Eleventh Hour
7 In Front Of Docís (0:52) - - - The Eleventh Hour
8 Ashes (2:41) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
9 After All, Itís You (1:08) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
10 Big Olí Outro (2:57) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
11 Short Intro (1:03) - - - - The Seventh Guest
12 Dolls Of Doom (1:32) - - The Seventh Guest
13 Coffin Dance (1:55) - - - The Seventh Guest
14 Ghost Of Bo (3:05) - - - The Seventh Guest
15 XMusic Box (2:20) - - The Seventh Guest
16 Rain (3:42) - - The Eleventh Hour
17 Bedspread (1:17) - - - - The Seventh Guest
18 Funky Tubes (2:34) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
19 All The Guests (1:14) - - - - The Seventh Guest
20 XDownstairs (4:31) - - - The Seventh Guest
21 Doorbell (0:52) - - The Seventh Guest
22 Love Soupreme (2:19) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
23 Weíre The Ghosts (0:28) - - - - The Seventh Guest
24 Hey Conductor (1:27) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
25 Bolero (3:55) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
26 Infernal Melody (2:25) - - - - The Eleventh Hour
27 Foyer Entrances (1:21) - - - The Seventh Guest
28 The Game Hawaiian (0:45) - - - - The Eleventh Hour

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