Music is one of those universal languages. Every culture, no matter how primitive or advanced, has at least one form of music they can relate to. I relate to severl forms of music. This page is dedicated to all the bands and various musical artists that I admire. I feel that an awful lot about a person can be determined just by analyzing the music that they listen to. I hope that by seeing my music style you'll get a better view of who I am. Some of my favorite music topics each have their own page. The rest are just sort of clumped together under "Other Artists" section. I'll eventually make a page for each of the artists that I like, but like all good things, that takes time. There is also a page dedicated to my favorite quotes from different songs.

My Music Background
From when I was just a babe through to my early teens, I didn't really listen to any music. There were a few songs that I liked, but the majority of music was just noise to me. There was a time during this period that I began listening to flash-in-the-pan bands like Vanilla Ice and similar trash. Not enough to where I would spend money on them, but enough to memorize the lyrics. I still look back at those days and laugh at how bad my taste was. Later, as my appreciations for talent and my life changed, I started listening to music much more. The band Queen was the major reason I got into music. Driving had a lot to do with it also, as driving without music is very boring. I also began attending concerts quite often. Now, I listen to music all the time and have several favorite bands.

Am I a Musician?
I have never had any formal music training. Thusly, I'm not a very good singer, I can't play any instruments, and I can't write lyrics. I would like to be good at all three, but my talents certainly lie elsewhere. I still write lyrics and sing to my favorite songs in the car and in the shower, much to the dismay of anyone near me. You'll be fine, just wear ear plugs.

As you will see from the pages within this section, my favorite bands are of the rock 'n' roll persuasion. That isn't to say I only listen to rock however, I do listen to many other kinds of music including classical, opera, alternative, heavy metal, folk, etc. My favorite bands also range greatly from softer artists (like Don McLean and Simon and Garfunkel), to heavier artists (like Alice Cooper and Guns N' Roses). The only real pattern within my bands is a sort of philosophical outlook in their songs. I love music that will make you think as well as sound good unless the band is being pretentious about deep music, like most teen-idol bands which are insulting.

I've been known to obsess over certain songs.

There are some types of music that I don't like including: rap, hip-hop, R&B, country, and techno. I even have a hard time calling rap or techno 'music', because they don't have many attributes that music normally has. I don't like bubblegum music like boy bands, teen idols, or other so-called artists who are created by corporations.

Many people have told me that they want to hear me sing at a karaoke bar. These people have a deathwish. I cannot sing very well, and I don't drink, so I will never be drunk enough to want to sing in public. However, if I -had- to sing something in karaoke style the following songs would probably sound the least annoying from me.

Alice Cooper - Generation Landslide
Billy Joel - You May Be Right
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
The Butthole Surfers - Pepper
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
The Eagles - Desperado
Golden Earring - Radar Love
The Kinks - Lola
Led Zeppelin - Going To California
Tom Petty - Yer So Bad
Pink Floyd - Mother
The Wallflowers - One Headlight
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes

Even though I'm a tough and macho manly-man, I can sometimes fall prey to songs that can make me cry. This is a list of songs that I have been known to get all misty-eyed because of. They each have something in their sound and mood that infuses me with emotion. I don't become a sobbing wreck when I hear these songs, but I've had to use the old "something in my" excuse before.




Alanis Morissette


Especially with the video, walking down the road solo. There is such a powerful sound, and the lyrics really cause introspection.

Azure Ray


Indie emo music at its best. The whispered vocals, the trance-like chorus. It's just really sad.

Bob Seger

Roll Me Away

This song makes you long for the freedom and majesty of the open road.

Bruce Springsteen

Born to Run

Certainly not a sad song, but it really captures a dark and lonely mood of desire and passion.

Bryan Adams

Summer of '69

This is another one of those "back in the day" songs that forces you to remember the glory of your past.

Cat Stevens

Father and Son

If you have issues with your father, this song will make you remember them.

Eve 6

Open Road Song

There is so much raw emotion in this song, especially in the last verse.

Frank Sinatra

My Way

It's a perfect way to say good bye, and the climax of the song screams power and demands respect.

Larry Lurex

Going Back

This was Freddie Mercury's pseudonym before his work with Queen. The song is very lovely and bittersweet.



Always takes me back to my younger days of summer vacation and going crazy. Lovely memories, but I do have to say good-bye to them.


Sleeping Sun

The theme is so dark and emotional and when you put the operatic vocals and the quality of metal behind a ballad, you get this gem.


All Dead All Dead

Brian May sings in this very depressing song about not being able to believe in a friend's death.


Sail Away Sweet Sister

Another Brian May song dedicated to the sister he never had. I assume it's about a fictional girl and her troubles growing up.


She Makes Me

Such an amazing sound. Brian May does vocals again. The trance background and the lyrical adoration is amazing.

Rilo Kiley

A Better Son/Daughter

Its about how much you can try hard to be a great person. The climax of this song is very powerful.

Rilo Kiley

Teenage Love Song

It's about all the annoying drama of teenage relationships. Near the end it gets really powerful and closes with good old fashioned spite.

Tom Petty
and the Heartbreakers


This song is just plain depressing. It sounds great, but... depressing.