Music and sex have always gotten along swimmingly. Playing music in the background while you're enjoying the thrills of passion is always a very nice experience. Unfortunately, when I tried to come up with a playlist of songs to listen to while, uh, entertaining certain guests, I couldn't find a decent web site to help me. That is why I decided to create my own.

You may wonder why a list like this would be necessary. Well, if you've ever made love with music playing you've probably witnessed the problems of a song being played that ruins the mood. Most albums aren't specifically made for sex, so you always get a song that may either be too snappy, too dull, or worse, too humorous and then the mood is lost. To prevent that from happening, I've compiled a list of songs to screw by, ballads to bang to, hymns to hump to, lyrics to lay to, and psalms to pound with. Doesn't that just sound romantic?

I've grouped the songs into various categories depending on the mood you desire. I personally like to mix them up a bit and then let the music inspire my mood. The groups include:

Love - Not just your run-of-the-mill love song, but songs that make you want to consummate your love.
Tease - These songs offer plenty of innuendo in their lyrics making them great for foreplay.
Lust - Songs that put you in a trance and really raise your pulse and body temperature.
Angry - For those of you who are on the aggressive side. Just don't leave too many marks.


In Your Eyes

Peter Gabriel

This song ushers up plenty of heart felt emotion for how you feel about your partner. It also became a popular love song from the movie Say Anything.

Feel Like Making Love

Bad Company

The title pretty much spells it out. The song is about making love and the desire to do so. The music is mostly slow, but it does have a few exciting parts to keep things moving.

Hungry Eyes

Eric Carmen

This song is all about the intense desire for a particular woman. "I feel the magic between you and I" is a lovely line and the sound of the song plus the saxophone really nice.

Unchained Melody

The Righteous Brothers

This is all ready a very nice love song, but thanks to the movie Ghost it becomes a wonderfully romantic song to make love to as well.

Eve 6

Here's to the Night

This is a more modern love song for a more complicated generation. The song is genuine and lovely, even though it's about a one night stand. A great lyric is "don't let me let you go".


Hey Mister


Every daughter's father hates this song, and for good reason. The song is full of sexual lyrics like "I'd like to eat her like ice cream" and "when I'm horny like thirsty she's a bottle of water". Nice and wholesome.

I Touch Myself

The Divinyls

Even though the title suggests it, the song doesn't have to be about masturbation. You can tell from lines like "I get down on my knees, I'd do anything for you". Plenty of sex talk in this song.

Personal Jesus

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is another band that has plenty of sex songs. Personal Jesus, while not obviously themed around sex has a wonderful sound, plus some of the lines can easily be perverted into sexual content. For example "reach out, touch faith" and "I'll make you a believer".

Addicted to Love

Robert Palmer

This song tells the sweet truth of the average person's extreme desire to get laid. Don't even bother trying, you know you can't stop. This song works great for getting into the mood. And of course, awesome music video.

Feel Like Making Love

Bad Company

What better way to get your point across then by playing this song. The title says it all. For those of you who are a bit more hip, you can try the Kid Rock cover.


Enjoy the Silence

Depeche Mode

Although the lyrics are soft and romantic, once they're sung and put to music the song becomes very trance-like and sexual in nature.

Mea Culpa


In my opinion Enigma is the best band to have sex to. This song has a constant beat with plenty of provocative sounds. Add that to the romantic French lyrics and you've got a sure fire song.



The title says it all and the lyrics follow through "There's a certain satisfaction in a little bit of pain", yeah, good stuff. This song just exudes sexual energy; "put your hands all over my body".

Sweet Dreams


The enchanting electric and bass sounds give a nice haunting melody. Then tie that into the seductive chorus "Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused."

#1 Crush


Normally when someone says "I would die for you" it's sweet and loving. However when that is followed up with "I will burn for you" and "twist the knife and bleed my aching heart" you tend to get a bit freaked out. This song beautifully marries obsessive relationships and hard trance music.



Nine Inch Nails

This song has a great beat and plenty of hard sexual lyrics like "you let me penetrate you" and "I wanna fuck you like an animal". The perfect song for aggressive sex.

Figured You Out


When a song starts with "I like your pants around your feet" you know it's made for sex. This one has the extra fun of lines like "I love my hands around your neck" which give you that nice S&M feel.


Puddle of Mudd

Angry sex always works better when you have a song to cheer you on and give you ideas. "I like the way you smack my ass" and "I love the way you rape my skin" are certainly useful suggestions.

Get Down Make Love


This song is full of heavy sexual lyrics like "you say you're hungry, I give you meat" and "I can feel, you can break me". The sound is nice and rocking with added chaotic synthesizer for some great lustful sounds.

This obviously is not a complete list, and I have many other songs that still need to be added.