May, 2001


Added a fair amount of new stuff today. The Projects Page has some new stuff added to it. No new code unfortunately, but new content. The Fantasy Sci-Fi Page has been moved around a little. The 7th Guest Page has been updated with the 7/11 album cover. I bought this album and it is VERY good!. I also put a link to the biography of Trilobyte. There have been a few minor changes here and there as well. I'm moving out of my parents house tomorrow. Yee-Ha!


Updated my Links Page. Changed the title, and sorted them in a rather logical order. Be sure to watch American High tonight! One more day before I move into my new house. Isn't it so exciting?


Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day. Although it may not look like much has changed, I've re-worked the entire back end side of my page. Every page has been updated, but not from the viewing end. Everything is now much more organized. I have also added more content, although you won't see most of it until I actually put it in the To Be Filed Page.


Got my 7/11 album by The Fat Man! It is so awesome! I love the music. Added some more to the Ultima Page, and removed the Ultima link from this page, but added it to the Fantasy Sci-Fi Page where it belongs. Added a picture of Richard Garriot, the creator of Ultima as well. I also changed my link picture. It is more accurate now, as Omega Vortex Unlimited is no longer my only hobby.


I've found something truly grand for those who play Ultima. Visit the Ultima Page to see it. Slight changes to the Queen Page.


Added a link to The 7th Guest page from the Fantasy Sci-Fi Page.


Updated The 7th Guest page with thumbnailed pictures. Also The Queen Page has been updated.


Added the icon to this page. Only noticeable in MS Internet Explorer though. Updated 7th Guest page with the product information. Added some links to the Ultima Page. Yipee!


Updated the The 7th Guest Page. Added some new graphics to it. I love this game! I'm considering trying to get it to run and playing it again... Also converted the I Like Monkeys story to html.


Added in The 7th Guest Page. I'll add a link to it soon off the Fantasy/Sci-Fi page. Added a little bit more to the To be Filed page.


Added some more pictures to the Fantasy Sci-Fi Page. Other minor updates.


Converted some more plain text into html in the Star Trek side. Bored...


Added the Ultima page. Kinda empty for now, but look for some more updates soon.


Finally moved my geocities site, to my URL here. !!!


Cleaned up some minor loose ends, and added a little bit more about me.