June, 2001


Updated my Links Page again. Added more artists to the list. Also did a few more updates to assorted pages. I'm going to Cedar Point tomorrow! I have to wake up at 5:00 am... Yuck! I'm NOT a morning person. Oh well, I'll get to ride the Millennium Force for the first time, and the Rip Cord again. Bye.


Updated my Links Page. Added an artists section. I also added a new perspective to The Guru Page about body piercing. Ouch! I've been playing around with my camera, and I got a nice shot of my gargoyle Dedo. I also updated the lyrics of The Final Hour on the 7/11 Page. Added the answering machine message.


Minor updates around the site. Nothing special.


Yeah! I got my USB port working! Boo! I had to install Win 98! Added Ren Fest Links to my Links Page. It's getting close to that time of year again! Several other minor updates throughout the page. Added some more links to The 7th Guest Page.


Broke out the Indiana Jones Page, and The Matrix Page. Also updated the Old News Page so all the links now work. I also got a digital camera (Yeah!). I just gotta get this @#$% USB card to work with my Windows 95 OS. (Yes, I still haven't upgraded! I had an awesome weekend. I went and saw Sherk, (nothing to write home about, but still good), I even roasted marshmallows on a campfire (in my backyard). Ahh, the smell of burning still hasn't washed off my skin. Oh by the way, a word from the wise, NEVER put a closed water bottle in a bunch of fiery embers! That was interesting! Small updates to The Guru Page.


Added a fair amount of updates today. My 7/11 Album Page is nearing completion. I think I'd like to add my own personal comments on each song. The Fantasy Sci-Fi Page has been added to. There are four new pages that have sprung off, and mildly updated. The Guru Page has been added to as well. I've put the origins of the name TheAlmightyGuru as well as the origin to the name Lukrain Dreamweaver. There have also been a few minor clean ups here and there on the page.

On a rather bitter-sweet note, American High is now over. The final episode aired last Wednesday. It was quite a ride, as I was a big fan of the show. I caught every episode! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

Also, I've noticed that this page was getting quite long for a title page. So all the news from May and prior, are now in a page. called Old News.


Updated the 7/11 Album Page. Added the lyrics and credits. I'm still not done with it. Check it again soon.


Updated the 7/11 Album Page. Added the MP3's and MIDI files. It's getting there.


I've finished cleaning up the Dragon Warrior Page. I also am in the process of building a page dedicated to the awesome album called 7/11. It's still in its preliminary stages, but it will soon be complete.


I've had a bit of a bad week. Two people very dear to me have moved away. I haven't updated much, but I'll get some more stuff here soon. For now, I've reorganized The 7th Guest Page.


Split out the Secret Of Mana Page and the Dragon Warrior Page off into their own sections. The Dragon Warrior Page is quite large, but it still has a lot of formatting to go. I'm getting ready to get my new digital camera. Renn Fest is coming up, and I'll need it then! Oh the joy! I've also added a tiny update to my Queen Page.

I just came across this link! It looks like one of my favorite books is going to be made into a mini-series! A Wrinkle In Time!

Sometimes I even amaze myself! (And NO it's not THAT easy!) Well anyway, I was bored recently, well most of the time, but anyway, I was looking through my old Dar's Revenge code, and I decided to give it a few upgrades. So I did! Now you can see them, because I've updated the ZIP file in the Projects Page! There aren't any drastic changes, most can't be seen because they were just code clean-ups. None the less, it has been updated! The page isn't dead, it's just a little slower than the rest.


Split out the Star Trek Page and the Star Wars Page off into their own sections. Also updated The Ultima Page with some humourous screen shots. The 7th Guest Page now has the box scans I borrowed from Moby Games. I also reorganized The Guru Page as far as my little rants are concerned. They are now in a section called Perspectives. This will continue to grow with my perspectives on various cultural things.


Split out the Highlander Page and the Labyrinth Page off into their own sections. Added a few more smaller updates here and there.

Sadly, the Projects Page will rarely be updated from now on. It seems after programming for eight hours at work, I'm not too thrilled about going home and programming even more. I still do some game programming here and there, so the page isn't totally dead. Just don't go checking it everyday, because you'll be rather disappointed. There are still several things I want to complete, like Dar's Revenge 2, and Akalabeth 2, but they are on hold indefinitely until I get bitten by the programming bug once more. We'll see what happens.


Minor content updates. Got some more stuff to add to this page, but haven't put it on yet. The title of this page is new though. Well, anyway... Ciao.


Added some more links the the Fantasy Sci-Fi Page, for Blade Runner, Labyrinth, and some miscellaneous links. I move into my new house today! Oh the tension... (not really) Well that's it for today.