July, 2001


I've posted my Ren Faire Trip! I also added another poem I wrote last year to my Poetry Page. I also added a section on my page where all the major events of my life are to be posted. It's aptly called: Wuz Up?.


My Ren Fest weekend was AWESOME! I'll get more details here after I get the pictures off my camera. Aside from one heck of a weekend, I've broken out The Dragon Warrior Page into sections. It was too big. I also added a links page to it.


I FINALLY posted my Renaissance Festival trip. I thought that since I'm going again tomorrow, I should probably get it posted by now. I know, I'm such a slacker. I am now on chapter 15 of Harry Potter. Almost done!


Added two new poems to my Poetry Page. Well they're not new, but new to the page. And yes, I am going to get some info on last week's Ren Fest, I've just been so busy.


The 7/11 Album Page has been slightly modified. There are a few more pictures on The Queen Page.


I've updated The 7th Guest Page, as well as The 7/11 Album Page. I've added in a section for my personal comments about the music. It's not done yet, but I'm still working on it. I saw the movie America's Sweethearts. It was cute, several chuckles worth. Not Oscar material however.


Minor Modifications to EVERY page in the Fantasy Sci-Fi section. Including the Fantasy Sci-Fi page itself. The news from my Ren Fest trip will be here shortly. I got there... Twenty minutes later it began to pour down rain. I guess that 30% chance was 100% after all! Well it kept dumping on us for a few hours. Despite the rain, it still ended up being the BEST Ren Fest trip I've ever had. I'll get the details soon, but sadly I got very few pictures due to the rain. I also updated the Old News Page, and chopped this one again. Only five more days till next Ren Fest!


I've finally broken out The NeverEnding Story Page. I also updated the look of the Fantasy Sci-Fi Page. Last night I went and saw the movie Legally Blonde. Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, it was sadly predictable, and it did star Reese Witherspoon (Eww!) but it did have a good message to it. Not a movie I'd buy, but still worth seeing. I'll be at the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire again tomorrow. There is a chance of rain. Darn! Oh well, I'm up to the challenge. I'm going with a group, so I'll probably get some nice pictures. Slight modifications to the Labyrinth Page.


Updated The Guru Page and the Queen Page, for better fonts, and minor cosmetic changes. Nothing special. Added some audio from the movie to the Highlander Page. Updated the look of the Art Page. Removed the Home button from the home page. Why was it there anyway?


I've done a bit of work on my Projects Page. I made it nicer to look at, and moved the update news to the old news section. This page has been changed slightly. The Links Page has been updated to reflect the Projects Page.


First of all let me say, the movie Final Fantasy SUCKS! I went to it thinking that it was going to be good. What a mistake that was. It had nothing to do with any of the games, the story was lame, and the plot was so basic. GRRRR! I'm sick and tired of awesome games being made into crappy movies. Oh well. The games are still awesome, even if the movie bites.

On a much brighter note, I went to the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire. It was terrific. I loved it so much. Most of the people were friendly, the entertainers were entertaining, and I really enjoyed myself there. It was definitely worth the two hour drive. It was also, in fact, better than the Michigan Renaissance Festival! It was much less hyped, and that's very important for something like a Ren Fest. I will be there next weekend for sure!

I'm on chapter 8 of Harry Potter. Still liking it. Updated The Guru Page. Updated the Old News Page. Made it easier to read.


Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Do you feel lucky punk? Anyway... Updated the Fantasy Sci-Fi page with two new items. The Willow Page and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Page. I'm currently reading the first book in the Harry Potter series. I'm at chapter 4, and it's pretty darn good so far. I also added more stuff to the Links Page. Silverleaf Ren Fest TOMORROW BABY!!! YEEE-HA! Oh I'm soo geeked! Fixed the link problem in the old news page.


Finally got Tom Petty's Echo CD. Love it! Updated the Queen Page with more pictures.


Minor modifications to this page. Neat huh? Well anyway... TWO DAYS TILL REN FEST!


Ohh the Ren Fest is drawing ever so neigh! I'll be at the Silverleaf Ren Fest in Galesburg, MI this Saturday, It'll be my first time going, so I hope to enjoy it. I have once again updated The Guru Page with some new data, and a better layout. Removed the Programs Page, as it was just collecting dust anyway. All important content was moved to the Projects Page. The Queen Page has also been updated with a pictures page!


Happy Pay Day everyone! (for me anyway) I've posted my exciting, and very violent Independence Day stuff. Added some modifications to the Highlander Page.


I trust everyone enjoyed their Independence Day. I blew the crap out of a few things. I'll get the pictures up here soon. As you might have noticed there are two new buttons on this page now. One for my artwork, and one for my poetry. They are fairly empty right now, but I still have plenty of stuff to add to them. Like many things in life, it just takes time.


I've had on AWESOME weekend. First it started with my trip to Cedar Point! Then on Sunday I had another campfire. I've done a lot of scanning my drawings, and took some more pictures, so I'll get those up here soon. I hope everyone is planning on breaking some state laws today with illegal fireworks! I know I am! Be sure to be safe, and enjoy your freedom, even if it is very messed up. Don't believe me? It's legal for me to carry a concealed handgun into the mall (provided I have a permit), but illegal for me to have a fire cracker. Hmmm... Something doesn't seem right here! Oh well. Still proud to be an American!