August, 2001


Added several new entries to the Ultima Encyclopedia. It's almost looking like a document now. Not much else... Who's going to Indiana tomorrow? I'm going to Indiana tomorrow! Yay!


I saw the movie Rat Race last night. It was hilarious! Oh I couldn't stop laughing. It had a lot of my favorite actors in it, including John Cleese, and Rowan Atkinson. I'll definitely buy this one. Also, I'm writing a new Ultima Encyclopedia. Now I know this has already been done, but nobody has ever made a full content book yet. There have been many that have been started, but the majority of them only have a handful of entries. I don't plan on making this my life's work, as Ultima will no longer be made, but I'll work on it in my free time, when I'm in the Ultima mood.


Not much happening today. Added some Bowie Links to the music section of my Links Page, thanks to Abbagirl for the reminder! For those of you who are interested in creating computer games, but aren't the best at programming, here is a very complete list of game creator programs: Tis 'bout it today.


Had a wee bit of server trouble, and my page didn't get updated correctly. Sorry about that, everything should be okay now. I've added more links to my Ultima Page. I'm also trying out a new counter/web stats system. You can see it at the bottom of my page. We'll see what happens. I've moved more stuff to the Old News Page, so if you haven't been here in a month, you may have missed something! Also, a small cosmetic change to The Art Page. There's a few other modifications here and there.


Please forgive last Friday's pathetic update. It was buggy and small, just like the majority of the recent Ultimas! I've made up for it today, adding MANY links to my updated Ultima Page, as well as updating the look of it. After seeing Exult, and all the other recent Ultima pages, I'm sort of in the Ultima mood, once again. Long live Ultima! Even if it is dead to the corporations, it will never be dead to the fans!.


I finally printed out a card game I created. Anybody know any publishers? (Yeah right!) I have updated The Dragon Warrior Page, special thanks to David for info on the princess. Cleaned up a couple typos too. I've added some more music links to The Links Page.


Well I went to Indiana again last weekend. I had a terrific time, and I'm looking forward to my next trip. I also got the new Dork Tower comic book. For those of you who don't know what Dork Tower is, it's a totally hilarious strip about the life and tribulations of Dorks. Whatever you do, BUY THIS COMIC! There is a new link in The Ultima Page to a project called Exult, that is trying to port Ultima VII to multiple platforms.


My artistic talents shine through.

Tomorrow is opening day of the Michigan Renaissance Festival! Everyone have fun! GO OR DIE!!! BWA HA HA HA!!!


Yeah! It's finally raining! The almost dead plants will now be not so dead! In fact seeing as they were quasi-dead, or demi-living, they are now fully living once more! Anyway, I've added a new document to The Pointless Data Page. You can now learn more than you ever wanted to know about vitamins. Aren't you just so happy now?


Some minor updates to The Dragon Warrior Page. Also added some pictures to the The Highlander Page. Black elf needs sleep... badly. Black elf your life force is running out.


GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE! In case you haven't guessed it, I'm happy! My weekend was magnificent. I went to Indiana to visit the angelic Larissa whom I met at the Ren Fest. Ahhhh.... It was terrific. 8 hours of driving, 475 miles, and 200 dollars; and I'd do it again in a heart beat.

Also in the news, this weekend is opening week of the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It will be open until September 30th, and I'll be there the majority of those weekends. Hope to see you there.

As far as this page is concerned, The Artwork Page is being re-done. It has a new look to it right now, but it still needs some work. I also added more Pointless Data.


I added some animals facts to the The Pointless Data Page. I also gave a minor face lift to the Projects Page.


I've been bored lately. Ever wonder what I do when I get bored? I document useless trivia for fun! What else? So I have two new, incredibly not-useful tables regarding big numbers. Also, I typed out a nice informative, yet useless document about the history of our calendar system! All of these new marvels are located in my new section, aptly called: The Pointless Data Page!


Updated the display of my poems in the Poetry Page I also updated The Guru Page and the perspectives within it. I've also updated my Links Page again!


Well I finished Harry Potter last night. Let me just say: very good book! It goes down as one of my favorites. I've also updated my Links Page with new artist links. My Poetry Page, now contains the poem Jabberwocky! (One of my all time favorites.)


My weekend was pretty good. I saw the movie Original Sin, with Antonio Banderas, and Angelina Jolie. It was better than I expected. I also went to Detroit Institute of Arts, and viewed the paintings. Also, I'm on the final chapter of Harry Potter. You can cut the tension with a knife! I also finally bought the Christopher Lambert movie Beowulf. It's AWESOME!


Added the formal way to Introduce Me. I've also moved more stuff to the Old News Page. I'm trying to find a decent hit counter for this page. Nothing that makes me link to someone else. Any ideas?