September, 2001


Minor updates to The Star Trek page in honor of Enterprise. I also made a new graphic for Legendworld. Enjoy you're weekend! --ALSO! I have a new e-mail address! I am now to be reached at Not all the links on this page have been changed to match, but it should be fully converted by Monday. If you have sent any mail to me today, you might want to resend it on this address.


Well it's over now. Enterprise was shown, and the fans have seen it. Well what did you think? I personally liked it. I thought it was a little predictable, as I expected to see something to do with time travel, and the decom bath was kind of begging for male nerd support (not to say I didn't like it). All in all it had a pretty good plot, as well as enough room to make a few stories. It was also quite humorous to watch all these people get so happy to reach warp 4.5! I've gone through and updated The Dragon Warrior Page. It now uses frames to make things look a little nicer and more accessible. I've added a few cute little animated monsters to The Unfiled Page. A few other minor updates have taken place here and there. Well, more there then here.


The time as I post this is 6:00 pm. In just two hours Star Trek Enterprise will be aired. Ohhh the tension. Anyway, this site has had a few minor updates again. Nothing you'll really notice. Except for the few new links on The Links Page.


Well tomorrow is the big day. Star Trek: Enterprise starts at 8pm /7c on UPN. Will it be a good show? Will is suck? Only time will tell. From the looks of it, it probably won't do that good, and most of the fans of Star Trek are already iffy about the whole thing. I'm willing to give it a chance though, and judge it wisely. We'll see. I went through and updated several of my minor sites. Nothing much, just some minor cosmetic changes, and back end code cleanups. It's still cold and rainy, hopefully we'll get a few more warm days before the snow begins to fall. I'd love to go camping before it gets too cold. TTFN.


Did everyone enjoy their weekend's? I had a great time. It started with sleeping in on Saturday. Ahhh... Sleep. Not much else happened that day. However, I did buy a hamper. Yes, it was an exciting day. Anyway, Sunday I was finally able to meet Sarah Packard, AKA AbbaGirl and let her experience that which is the Renaissance Festival. I was quite impressed by her (not like that you sickos!) We had a great time at the faire catching Ded Bob, The Washing Women, middle eastern dancing, and the horribly scripted joust (not necessarily in that order.) Switching gears, this site now has some more Pointless Data! I now have the first 10,000 decimals to pi! You feel smarter already don't you!


Tomorrow is the first day of autumn! YEEEEE-HAAAA! YES YES YES!!! Okay, so I'm a little happy. As you may have guessed, my favorite season is autumn. I love the weather, I love the holidays, I love the leaves. Autumn rules. The Highlander Page has been updated with several new images. Also, the new show Star Trek Enterprise will be airing September 26th on UPN. Be sure to watch it. Hey, I even added more to The Ultima Page.


My apologies to anyone expecting e-mail from me. The out-bound portion of my e-mail server is trashed right now. So I haven't forgot, I just can't send it to you yet. I did however, get my super updated Ultima Page online. Now it's by no means done, but it has a new layout, as well as some more content. AND! I'm over my cold! Yabba-Dabba-Doo!


Okay so the movie Princess Diaries rules. Yes, I'm male. Yes I'm 21. But the movie is just that good. Why is it so good, you may ask. Well even if you don't ask I'm telling you why. Okay, so it has Julie Andrews. You know the woman from The Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins. Okay, well she's like 55 years old now, but she is still a babe! Okay, the movie was funny too, and it had a good message. Thusly, good movie. My revamped Ultima Page is nearing completion. I'll probably have it up tomorrow. It's been raining ALL day... Ugh...


I've added a new page to the My Life Page It's just some pictures of my trips to Indiana. A little humor, and a little photography. The Ultima page is soon to be rather considerably updated. I've done a bit of work, but I going to wait until I've finished it before I post it. Also, I'm almost over my cold! Yea! It's amazing what 5000% your RDA of vitamin C will do for you.


I'm going to Indiana tomorrow, yeah dog. Although I'm starting to get a cold, which I'm not too thrilled about. The weather today was perfect! It was cool, and overcast, it felt like autumn! Oh, it's coming soon! Halloween, Thanksgiving... I'm so excited! Anyway, more updated to The Ultima Encyclopedia, I actually made a link to get out of it now. Also, The Ultima Page has again been updated. Now with new links as well as the Ultima Newsgroups. I actually made a fairly decent graphic to link to the Ultima Encyclopedia, seen below.


The Ultima Encyclopedia has been updated again, as well as The Ultima Page. My novelette can be found in The World of Legends Page, or you can jump right to it by clicking here. It's a nice sized book, so read and enjoy. I'd love to hear you comments and criticism.


Well the good news is, that the original estimates for the death toll was higher than it truly is. The bad news is, it's still in the thousands (final result: 2,993). Well on this site the Ultima Encyclopedia has been updated again. I've also converted my novelette into HTML form, and I'll post it here tomorrow.


Today is a very sad day for the United States. This morning, both World Trade Center towers were hit by hijacked airplanes. Both towers were fully occupied with around 50,000 people. Both towers collapsed while many people were still inside. Both airplanes had civilian passengers on them. The Pentagon was also hit by a hijacked and occupied airplane, causing heavy damage to the building. Another airplane crashed in Pennsylvania. The death toll is still unknown, but estimated to be around 10,000 people. This is the largest terrorist attack in American history. Please keep the families of those who have been killed in your prayers, as well as those who have been wounded.

Small updates to The Ultima Page. Also, Happy birthday Elaine.


Yet again, more updates to The Ultima Page, as well as the encyclopedia. The Ren Faire this weekend was rained out. It stormed ALL weekend long. Sucks. However, it did let me go back to the eighties with good old 8-bit Nintendo games. For the first time in my life, I beat the game Super C, without cheating or continuing. I remember this game being a LOT harder when I was 12. I also took a new Zelda game and beat Underworlds 1-8, getting the map, compass, and every room mapped out. As well as every item excluding the red ring/silver arrow. It took 3 hours. And considering that I haven't played Zelda in about oh... 5 years, I did pretty good. My memory still works! I fixed some broken links in the Old News Page. I also bought Bomb Pops! Woo hoo!


Again, more updates to The Ultima Page. I have also added to The 7-11 Album Page a good amount of content, special thanks to Linda Law from Big Fat, Inc. I'll be at the Michigan Renaissance Festival this weekend, hope to see you there. I'd name you all individually, but you know who you are.


Still more updates to The Ultima Page. Also in the news, yesterday evening, on a whim, I went and saw the movie Jeepers Creepers with Andrea. Now, normally I don't spend money on horror movies, but I thought I'd take a chance. Well the movie SUCKS. I mean REALLY SUCKS! It's like this: The villain is sort of a demon, that kills people. That's all you're told. Even by the end of the movie, you don't learn anything else. It has no weaknesses, and thusly cannot be killed, so the hero's have no chance of winning. The hero and heroine are college students, and not very smart ones at that (sound like every other horror movie ever made?). The whole purpose of the villain is barely explained, and even then not enough to cause any fear. He wasn't even funny scary, just dumb scary. The special effects left much to be desired, and in the end, absolutely nothing is solved. I left, not the least bit scared, just annoyed that I spent eight bucks on crap. Even the name is stupid. Oh well, no more horror movies for awhile. At least not ones that I have to pay for. On a more happier note, Linda Law, from Big Fat, Inc. has VERY kindly compiled the game info on the 7/11 album, which I will add here probably tomorrow.


Still more updates to The Ultima Page. I am now part of The Ultima Dragon's Web Ring, yeah dog. The Ultima Encyclopedia has been updated again. It now contains data on Katrina, New and Old Magincia, and Humility. It also has a quick alphabet link. Groovy.


I trust everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekends. I had a beautiful time in Indiana. However, I know everyone says this about all the other states, but people in Indiana, CAN'T DRIVE! Oh man, it was like playing frogger, only with the car I was in as the frog! Well, as far as this page is concerned, I've again added more entries to the Ultima Encyclopedia.