October, 2001


Well it's finally here! Go trick-or-treating, hand out candy, scare the crap out of someone! Woo-hoo! It being Halloween and all, I moved The 7/11 Page into the music page. It is after all music that scares people. Have a fun and safe night! (I know those two words are usually a contradiction, but try anyway!)


Well well. I got the pumpkin pictures as I said yesterday, click Here to see them. The Sun is mine, while the Rose is Larissa's. Kind of a bad picture, but oh well. You can also see my odometer hitting all 1's by clicking here. And no, I wasn't speeding. Tee Hee. Oh and by the way:


Two more days until Halloween!!! Yeee-Ha! Oh, the tension. Okay, here's the run through of my weekend. Friday night, I drove to Ann Arbor to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the State Theatre with the famous Abbagirl. It was a blast, and I hope to make it a Halloween tradition from now on. After only five hours of sleep, I drove to Indiana, to be with my sweetie Larissa. We watched the movie K-PAX, (which is a very good movie, by the way). Sunday, we carved pumpkins (no picture yet, see it here tomorrow). Which was a blast, even though hers is better then mine! Grrr... I've also done some more work on The Music Page, and made it look all spiffy now.


Tonight, I go to the State Theatre in Ann Arbor, to partake in the fury of glam, rock, and naughty indulgences, known as The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Also, I've added a new section to my page. Not much is there, but my new page is about music. I've moved The Queen Page into The Music Page, and added a few other pages. Take a look and see, but remember, most of it is still under construction.


I've made several new enhancements to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page, added some towels, the number 42, and "Don't Panic" written in nice friendly letters. Maybe I'll pick it up again, and read through it. Who knows? For some reason it seems that the Internet has been having trouble around here. Not sure of the cause. The server I connect to, is having troubles of it's own, so I may not get all these updates posted, but they'll get there eventually. I've also started work on my next book, for Legendworld. It's called The Legend of Sir Jezin Drake.


Oh, the time is coming so quickly! It's almost time! Only seven more days, that's all! I'm so excited! I've updated The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page with a bit of new text. Also changed the logo for my NeverEnding Story page. It now uses the correct logo, instead of the Auyrn symbol. AND! I added a pumpkin. Yeah dog. Oh yes, and as you may notice, the background of this page has changed from star swirls, to eerie ghosts!


I've made plenty of small updates all over my site. As far as any real noticeable changes are concerned, I've added a new poem to The Poetry Page. It's my favorite poem of the late poet/song writer, Shel Silverstein. Eight more days until Halloween! Oh, the tension! And by the way, if anyone knows a lot about Lands of Lore, please e-mail me. I'm not stuck, but there is a place in the mines where I can't get to for the life of me. Til tomorrow.


Well National Wolf Awareness Week is over, I hope you all learned plenty of new information regarding wolves. I had a rather exhausting weekend, so I'm not going to do any updates today. Good night (it's only 5:18, but close enough).


I've added a page about an old game I used to play called Castle Adventure. It's one of those OLD games back before graphics and color. Back when games were real. Oh the good old days. Right now I'm playing a good old game of Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos. I love this game, such a fond memory. I've played for only a few days and I'm already in the Urbish Mines.


Alright, I'm sick of it! I've changed my e-mail address AGAIN, but hopefully for the last time. I can now be reached at thealmightyguru@gmail.com. If you sent anything to my providenet account, I will still get it, but from now on, use my new account. My apologies to any inconvenience this may cause you. (all two of you...) I've also done some advancements to my Dragon Warrior Page. It's a little bit more spiffy, with new Game Genie Codes.


As usual I've scattered several minor updates all throughout my site. I challenge you to find them. I doubt you will (that is, attempt to find them, not find them). Oh well. Two more weeks until Halloween, and because of that, I've added a cute little ghost picture.


I've added a bunch of wolf pictures to my wolf page. I also added a new title to The Pointless Data Page. There is also a new link to queenwords.com. And I've moved a bunch of news to The Old News Page, as well as making a new title for it as well. I also added a few "wishful pages" to The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Page. They are just topics I'd like to work on, but I have so many pending right now, I feel I should work on them first. That's about it for today.


Okay, my e-mail is being fixed as I write this. Having to go this long without e-mail is giving me withdrawal symptoms. Well, I've made a Web page devoted to the awe-inspiring creature known as the wolf. As I said on Friday, this week is National Wolf Awareness Week. So I decided to make a page for the wolves. Click on the eyes to go there.


First let me apologize to all those people expecting e-mails from me (all 3 of you.) I was only able to get my incoming e-mails last night, so I do have all the e-mails written, I just can't send them (I haven't forgot! Honest!). Trying to find a modem driver compatible with my old 33.6 clunker was hard enough. I should have my e-mail fully working by the end of the day. On a brighter note: IT'S PAY DAY! For me anyway! Also, I've done some more work on The Dragon Warrior Page just because. I've updated some tables, and cleaned up a few of the pages. Even better, I'm going to Indiana this weekend! One more thing, This Sunday (the 14th) marks the beginning of National Wolf Awareness week! I'm sure I'll do some stuff regarding wolves, as they are one of my favorite animals. Well, enjoy your weekend everyone.


Sonja is getting her final software loads today. She's so pretty now! I'm getting my e-mail back in a few hours, so I can get back to all those unreplied letters in my inbox. Sorry for the delay! I've been feeling a little festive, so here's a pumpkin. Halloween is just around the corner! What are you going to dress up as?


Sonja is currently under the knife, so to speak. She's in the process of being reloaded right now. I've updated The Links Page while I've been waiting. My new 48x CD-ROM is in, and Windows 98 is loading. It's DONE! Sonja's finished and she's sooo beautiful! Yeah. Well now it's hours of getting rid of Win98's cutesy crap. Oh well.


Well I bought The Hobbit on DVD last night, but didn't have time to watch it yet. (Not that I haven't seen it already!) I've added a link to the Michigan DNR on my Links Page. It has plenty of information regarding camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc. Plus lots of info on all of Michigan's State Parks. I'm taking Sonja get a facelift tomorrow, I'm so worried. I hope she'll be okay. She's getting a full format/reload, and a new CD-ROM. Oh, they grow up so fast. *Sniff*


I went and saw the movie Hardball last Saturday. It was pretty good. Although it reminded me of The Mighty Ducks, only with more swearing. I also bought the Simpsons first season on DVD. 13 episodes of humor. I already watched nine of them. Well we all knew it would happen, and this morning it was all too true. The slow silent creeping doom known as frost showed its ugly head today. How evil it is. In other news, I've updated The Ultima Page again. I added more to the Encyclopedia, as well as another picture of Richard Garriott. I am NOT a stalker!


My hiking pictures are now in the Wuz Up? section. And of course, I've updated the Unnamed Game again. And of course several minor updates have been made to other pages.


Hiking was a blast. It was really beautiful. I took some pictures of the trails which I'll probably have up by tomorrow. One thing that disappointed me was the small amount of litter and empty shotgun shells that I found on the path. Hunters! Please pick up your shells, they don't biodegrade. And whoever's been leaving pop cans... Pick them up! Anyway, enough preaching. I've updated The Ultima Page as well as added some more graphics, and a halfway new layout to the Unnamed Game.


No major updates today, I'm off to go hiking! Just moved those animated graphics to my Projects Page under a section called: The Unnamed Game.


I've made a few more graphics for a game I'll never make. They're located here. (Aren't they cute?)


It's October, oh joy! Halloween is only 30 days away! I have finished changing all the e-mail links on all of my pages so, now any and all e-mails from this page will get to me correctly. Here's the rundown on my weekend: Saturday morning I drove to Indiana. From there Larissa and I went roller blading in a bank parking lot. Oh the fun. We then got some dinner, and I finally met her cousin. The next day we took a train to Chicago, and stayed there for a good portion of the day. I'm not too fond of large cities, but I still had a great time. Of course, we missed the 6:00 train, so we had to wait for the 8:00, making the drive home very tiring, as I didn't get home until 3:30 AM. Ugh. I've updated a couple of assorted pages on my site just to keep things all squeaky. Until tomorrow.