November, 2001


Okay, today I've made several updates. First of all The Indiana Jones Page now contains the complete scripts of all three movies. I've added a little content to The Willow Page. It's almost a page now, give it time! The Dark Crsytal Page has been updated with some new content was well. The Matrix Page now has more content, and the script. I've also fixed a few typos here and there, and probably made some new ones. I'd also like to make note: THERE ARE ONLY 20 DAYS UNTIL LORD OF THE RINGS COMES OUT! I've also added a new section to The Links Page for Java games. Go waste some time!


After a very LONG session of typing, I have finished my huge new list for The Pointless Data Page. What is it, you ask? ... Well ask! I can't hear you asking!!! Anyway, it's a full list of all the food dyes that have gone through the Food and Drug administration. Yes, from Yellow 5, to Red 40, they're all there with a nice detailed description of each one. Talk about pointless!


I've made a few more entries to The Ultima Encyclopedia. That's about it for today. Just incase you forgot: 22 Days until Lord of the Rings comes out! See


I've updated The Dune Page with a little bit more data. As well as fixed some of the bad color schemes. I've also added another cafepress store. This logo says the truth. Programmers are better than everyone. What can I say--it's pure truth. Go to my Store to buy it.


Whew! What a weekend. I went to Indiana on Thanksgiving Day, then saw the movie Monsters, Inc. which was decent, but not spectacular. I also watched the movie Rat Race again, which of course was awesome. For those of you using newer versions of Internet Explorer, you will notice that I've colored all my scroll bars, at first I was against the change, but now I find that it help the mood of the pages. I've also moved more news to The Old News Page, and updated it a little. There have been a couple updates to assorted fantasy sci-fi pages as well. Tah.


I have another big weekend planned. Actually more than a weekend, so I'll have to make a large update to this site to make up for it. First on the list, a tribute. On November 24th, 1991, at 7:00 pm the music world lost an adored hero. Freddie Mercury lost his battle with AIDS that sad night, having just publicly declaring his illness the day before. This made headlines everywhere as one of the first famous people to have died from AIDS. Freddie will never be forgotten, and Queen's music will always be remembered. I've also went through a lot of my pages, and gave them their own Back buttons. I think it adds to the mood of each page, so all is good.


I've done some minor updates to The NeverEnding Story Page. As well as added several more topics in The Ultima Encyclopedia. And once again, I've made a very nice politically incorrect piece of work.


Well my weekend was very eventful. Too eventful to even put down here, so there is a new section in the Wuz Up? section. I added some more links and images to the The Blade Runner Page.


Guess what movie comes out today?!


I've once more updated The Castle Adventure Page. Now it contains all the pictures of every item, monster, and treasure (except one that I can't remember). I've also added some more entries to The Ultima Encyclopedia. It looks like I won't be going to the comic con. Instead I'll be traveling to Ypsilanti for the weekend, for the Harry Potter movie, and some all night gaming sessions. Woo Hoo!


More work has been done to The Castle Adventure Page. More updates to The Secret of Mana Page. I've added pictures to all the items in the Shops Page. In other news, my scanner is officially dead. I gave it a nice burial with my steel-toed boot. It lasted six years, so I have to give it credit. My new one will be arriving soon. Only two more days until Harry Potter comes out! Oooo... tension!


Not much doing today. I've updated The Castle Adventure Page again. It's getting close to an actual document now! I also added a new page to the The Secret of Mana Page. It's a list of all the shops in the game, what they sell, and what they charge. Zang.


On the agenda: the Motor City Comic Convention is this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm going or not. If I do it'll be one of those last minute decisions. My weekend was great. I had a good campfire, and spent a couple hours in Barnes and Nobles (and Toys 'R Us!). I've added another shirt to my store. This one contains a line from the famous movie: Willy Wonka! It is, and I quote: We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. I always thought that it was a very powerful line. I've made minor updates to The Castle Adventure Page. I also moved more data to The Old News Page. Only five days until the Harry Potter movie is released in America! Are you going to see it opening day? I AM!


I've added a new shirt design. I've also made a quick and dirty Online Store Page because of my new product. I'll make it more user-friendly soon. But for now, go and buy my stuff, and make me rich! Please?


I've added some links to my Moon Page, it still needs a little work, but it's good for now. I've also updated The Secret of Mana Page. I converted the complete monster list into HTML format, and added a picture of every monster. There are still plenty of question marks that need to be updated, so the next time I feel like playing SOM, I'll fill it in a little. Hopefully I can get my !#$% scanner working. When I do, I have a few new ideas for my Web store. Well, until tomorrow.


I've added some more content to The Dune Page. It looks a little more spiffy now. I also added a new page to The Pointless Data Page. It's a page with lots of information about the moon.


I now own a cafepress store. My strange sense of humor should be able to come up with a plethora of slogans. For now there is only one. So visit my online store, spend some money and make me rich (please?). You can see the button on the side there, that says "Make me rich". This is the new link to my store. So enjoy.


Well my weekend was LONG. I went to East Lansing on Saturday after work, with two of my good friends Dave and Eric. We arrived at around 5:00 PM. The first thing we did was play the Lord of the Rings board game. Which is a very cool game where you take the players and face them up against the game, so everyone is on the same team. The game is exceedingly hard, but we actually got really far this time, before losing. I've played the game three times, and still haven't won. I do get further every time though. After that it was more gaming, until around 8:00, when five people all began playing a home brewed game, called Astoria Realms or something like that. The game was l-o-n-g, and we even had to cut it short because it had suddenly become 1:00 AM. It was a fun game, and I won by default for being in the lead when the game ended. After that it was off to a local's house for Dave and Eric to play Legend of the Five Rings for several hours, and for me to crash on the floor. Around 7:30 AM, we left to go back to Clarkston. We arrived at 9:00 AM, so I slept until 4:00 PM. Yeah, I felt rather wasted from such a sleep change of my normal 8-12.

This page has been updated today as well! I added a new page to The Fantasy Sci-Fi Page. Now, I know I said I wouldn't add any more pages until the current ones were beefed up, but the new one is The Castle Adventure Page which, as you may recall, I already made some days ago. Thusly, my excuse is that it's not really a new page, just an updated page (I love lying to myself!). And I finally got some screen shots of the very old game.


Woah! I'm updating on a weekend! This is strange. I've made minor updates to The Matrix Page, added some images as well as links. I'm going to the Fortress in East Lansing today to get my usual Gaming fix. I'm so excited.


Last night I bought the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Boy, that movie is amazing! Gene Wilder plays such a good role. The DVD has a whole bunch of extras too, like the making of the movie, and a sort of "Where are they now" section. I never knew this movie was so old! I've updated The Highlander Page with some more stuff, as well as fixed some broken links. I also updated The Indiana Jones Page with some graphics and more text. Keep in mind that The Harry Potter: And the Sorcerer's Stone movie comes out on the 16th!


Halloween is now only a memory, and what a great one it was. It started by rushing home to greet the trick or treaters. I had bought $20 of candy the day before, so I was ready for the night. About 20 kids came. Strange seeing how I live in a trailer park. Well, now I have like 3 full bags of candy that I have to eat myself! Oh, the humanity! After trick or treating, I watched my friend play Chrono Trigger for awhile, then watched the latter half of Highlander: End Game. All in All it was a good night. This site has had a few additions, namely The Ultima Page.