December, 2001


We are now only hours away from the year 2002. Enjoy your New Year, please be safe!


While driving home yesterday, I saw this cute little fawn. The problem was, that the deer was walking along the road! In the snow, I swerved in order not to brutally destroy the poor animal. This put me into a nice tailspin almost sending me into oncoming traffic. For several seconds I had lost all control of my vehicle, until I finally re-centered it on the road and continued driving. The deer was fine, and so was I. What a rush! It was so intense. Anyway, I also watched Willow on DVD. It was as great as I remembered.


Yesterday night I bought two new DVDs. Willow (Yeah!) and Jumanji. I watched Jumanji, and was quite amazed. I forgot that Kirsten Dunst was in it. Wow, she looked so young! I haven't yet got to Willow, but you can be sure I'll update the page when I do. I've also added a Site Map. Which will aide in the navigation of my expanding site. I'll try and keep it up to date as possible.


Well my weekend was both holly, and jolly. I of course went to Indiana, to be with Larissa. There we watched Lord of the Rings, again. She has this thing for Legolas... But I have a thing for Arwen, so it's okay! Christmas was great, I was showered with plenty of great gifts, and fun was had by all. One problem though, is the evil vile snow that's taken over. It's bad snow, not good snow. (Good snow is packing snow.) At least the days are now getting longer, even though we have almost three months of snow ahead of us. Blah. I've moved more data to The Old News Page, what fun. Time to start the count down... 349 days until the next Lord of the Rings movie comes out!


This will be my last update until after Christmas, so until then. I've given The Star Trek Page a new look. That's about it. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc.


Well I went into the theaters thinking it was going to be good. I hoped that it wouldn't suck. I've been let down so much from the D&D movie, the Final Fantasy Movie, and Star Wars 1. I tried not too get too excited, because there was a possibility that it could suck. I thought it was going to be good... I thought wrong...

IT WAS AWESOME! IT WAS SOOOO AMAZING! Oh wow! It was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It was really really really awesome! It was so much more then I expected. It defines epic! It is SO awesome! If you haven't yet seen it, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN READING THIS?! Go see it NOW! It will totally blow you away! It is a masterpiece of film! Oh, was it awesome!

Okay, enough exalting the movie, no, actually I'll continue... IT WAS AWESOME! Okay, now I'm done.




Today has been a rather tense day. Anticipation has made me rather giddy, and the movie of the year will be out oh so soon. I added the new DVD picture to The Willow Page, and added some new pictures of Richard Garriott to The Ultima Page. As far as the movie is concerned... The Lord of the Rings will come out... Tomorrow!


I trust enjoyable weekends were had by all. I bought a Chrono Trigger cart for myself! Woo Hoo! I also got SIM City for the SNES, which is a favorite of mine. (Not as good as 2000 for the PC, but still darn good.) I also got the pictures of my game up here now. There are four pictures of the game that became a fun disaster. Three heroes entered the dungeon, two killed their comrade, and one let the other die painfully. In the end, the dwarf named: ARRG! made it out alive, and with all the gold! I just love dungeon crawls. Here's the pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4. Yes, I know it's the old Hero Quest board and pieces, but the game play is much better. Also in the news, I've added more to The Dark Crystal Page, there are some new images, and a more detail description of the movie. Better graphics as well, same with The Labyrinth page. That's about it for today... Well. THREE MORE DAYS!!!


I did get pictures after all! They should be up here on Monday. Today however, I've added some good stuff. The NeverEnding Story Page has been updated with more pictures, and links. I've also added more MIDI files to The Fat Man Page. I put up an icon archive of 376 icons, that I created. It's in The Unfiled Page. I'm not sure what I'll be doing this weekend, but I'm gonna try and take it easy to prepare myself for the LORD OF THE RINGS! Only six days left!


I'm finally going to be playing my miniatures game tonight. I probably won't get any pictures, because my mother is using my camera to take pictures of her newborn grandson. Boy talk about priority issues! Well anyway, Lord of the Rings comes out in 7 days!


I'm finally back! Sorry about the delay, but I've been sick with some sort of stomach flu. I'm feeling much better now, and for the most part, over it. Okay, with the excuse out of the way here's what's happened. Over the weekend I went to a hobby shop in Indiana. There I found a pristine copy of Lone Wolf: Flight From the Dark! Book 1! No writing in it, the spine was totally in tact, and there was hardly any cover wear. I was so geeked! Now I can finally start the series off right. Of course I still need book 4 and 6, but hopefully I'll find those somewhere else. As you may have guessed it, I had an awesome weekend. From there it sort of went down hill. Monday I woke up with an upset stomach, but I thought it would go away after I got up and about. Well instead, it got much worse, and I ended up taking a half-day off. I went straight to bed, but couldn't really sleep. Anyway, Tuesday wasn't much better, and I stayed home. Today, however, I'm back in action. I've also got plenty of new updates.

The Highlander Page has some new pictures, as well as the some of my music pages. I've also added two new pictures of me in The Guru Page, and fixed a typo on one of my shirts. Also, moved more Old News. And very important! Lord of the Rings comes out in only 8 more days!


TGIF! Well, I've made a few new graphics for The Fantasy Sci-Fi Page. They don't have pages yet, but they will soon. Just getting a jump on things. I'm off to go Christmas shopping finally! Nothing like cutting the time short. Oh well. Enjoy your weekend. I know I will.


I've added two new pieces to my Thing Series. They can be seen in The Art Page. Also, there are only fourteen days until the Lord of the Rings comes out! Oh the tension! I've pretty much finished my game rules. It uses miniatures to play sort of a fantasy type dungeon crawl. It has its similarities to Warhammer, but it is quite different. Much easier, and much more compact. I expect to get a demo game started by the end of next week. I'll try and get some pictures.


Although it may not look like it, I've updated this site enormously. The only real change in the under lining HTML code though. I've altered almost every page on my site, so that they'll load slightly faster. Keep in mind that there are only fifteen days until Lord of the Rings comes out!


No updates again. I'm too preoccupied with my new game. I forgot to say that I got five new Lone Wolf Books! For those of you unfamiliar with the Lone Wolf books, it was a series of fantasy novels, in a choose your own adventure style. They went out of print about a decade ago, and haven't been printed since. They were written by Joe Denver, and illustrated by Gary Chalk. For more information on these legendary books see Also there are only sixteen days until Lord of the Rings comes out!


No real updates today, I've been busy designing a new board game. I went hiking this weekend, and now I'm a bit sore. I've also watched The Sound of Music, which was awesome, as usual. (Julie Andrews is a babe!) I also went to the Fortress in East Lansing, and bought some pewter miniatures, for my new game. Just wanted to let everyone know that there are only seventeen days until Lord of the Rings comes out!