January, 2002


Alright, my beautiful Sonja has been upgraded! She now has a new USB card, a new Power Supply and 160 MB of memory! She's almost getting up to speed with computers of two years ago! Oh well, I don't ask much of her so she doesn't need to be that fast. I've updated The Ultima Page again, and I'm happy to announce that the Encyclopedia Britannia is now over 100 KB! and that's excluding the images. I'm so proud.


Okay, I finally got a date for my new phone. I'm getting it on the 5th of Feb. So I'll finally be able to reply to all those e-mails. Sorry about the delay. Of course, more updates to The Ultima Page. I also went out and bought The Princess Diaries last night. That movie rules! Julie Andrews is such a babe. And if you use a large screen res, you'll notice that this screen is smaller than usual. Well, I just wanted standardization. Deal with it! :-)


Well I got plenty of unpacking done, so my room is finally starting to take shape. I'm still plenty sore from moving. The Ultima Page has been updated again. Oh the wonderful world of Britannia. Sometimes it feels like I've spent more time in that world then the real world!


I have now officially moved out of my old place, and live in my new apartment. Of course, we have a second-story apartment, which means I carried everything I own, as well as plenty of my roommate's stuff up a flight of stairs, making me very sore. And of course I had to be to work early today. Ugh. But my new place is cool, and I'll get some pictures of it on this site, as soon as I unpack my camera. However, I am now without a phone line, so anyone e-mailing me should wait about a week for a reply. (Sorry) Now for info on the page: The Ultima Page has been given a small facelift. I've also added several new entries to the Encyclopedia. There is also a new Ultima site on the net for Ultima Projects. Visit it at: reconstruction.voyd.net/index.php.


Well, Evilbarbie's friend was really upset about me taking a picture of her. So while I was driving home he jumped out of the bushes and tried to fry me! Luckily, I swerved just in time and got away from him before he could burn me to a crisp and make sweet rolls out of me. I had my camera with me and took another quick photo. I also added a few more entries to The Ultima Page.


I was looking back at The Old News Page and I noticed that a lot of my past posts had plenty of graphics. I've also noticed that all the ones for this page do not. Thusly, I was inspired to create a new graphics. Or take a picture, as the case may be. So I went to the deepest darkest jungles of Africa, and stalked the vile beast simply known as an Evilbarbie. Now Evilbarbie's are very dangerous, and they hate getting their picture's taken. So it was at great personal risk that I was able to get a quick snap shot of this rare and deadly beast. As you can see from the picture, it's quite a fearsome sight.


I finished Life, the Universe, and Everything last night. And of course I've updated The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page because of it. I also found out that there will be a 3D game about HHGG this May, around the same time Douglas Adam's last book will be released. Cool beans.


I've updated The Castle Adventure Page a bit. I made it look a little nicer, and I also added the shareware version of MoSlo for slowing down the program so people can actually play it.


More on The A Wrinkle In Time Page. I've added the teaser from the back of the book, as some info as to the story. I was off a bit on the resizing of the tables, which has now been corrected. I've also made a cosmetic change to The Contra Page in order to fit the new size.


Nothing too exciting as far as updates are concerned. I did add a bit more to The A Wrinkle In Time Page. I also updated several sites making them look a bit more standard. For those of you who view at 800x600, you won't even notice. For those who use 640x480, (why you are, I don't know) the screen will be scrolling a lot now. Indiana was awesome, as usual. AND I got the new TRON DVD! The case says that there is 5 hours of bonus footage! Sweet! Well, my day is pretty much set. And I also moved more of this page to The Old News Page. I must sadly report that Larissa beat me at a fighting game. I'm not ashamed to admit it... (even though it was the game's fault) ;-) And a congratulations to Miss Abbagirl who was cast in the UMGASS play, Iolanthe! Now if only she would register her web page!


I've added a new book review of A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle. It's one of my favorite books from childhood, and still remains interesting even to this day. Although the page is still small, it will grow very soon. I've also updated The Site Map with the latest additions. Off to Indiana this weekend, see ya later.


Even more updates to The Contra Page. Now with more text, game genie codes, the original box cover, links, and the transcribed game manual. Yee-ha! Well, I'm off to my C++ class, enjoy the night.


More updates to The Contra Page. It has more text, and it's very own back button! I'm feeling better too, (the cold never had a chance) so I'm sure I'll be more active again. The chances of getting into my new place are looking good! So probably by the end of the month I'll have a new home! I made all the pages use pretty images for links like the fantasy sci-fi page did, so they now look better. I had to recolor The Film Page to red, so the images would match properly though. I also updated The Site Map with the Contra page.


I haven't been feeling all that well recently, but I am NOT sick! I refuse to get sick this early in the year. The cold will just have to wait until later. I'm thinking late spring. Anyway, I've updated The Contra Page so now it's actually getting descent looking. It still needs some Game Genie codes. Until next time...


Back to work again on Monday. I'm going to put down a deposit on my new apartment. Wish me luck. Also, here's something pathetic... I was watching the movie "Virgin Suicides" last night, and for about 2 seconds, 1/3 of the album cover "Sheer Heart Attack", by Queen was shown on the screen. I instantly identified it, and hollered with glee! Yeah, I'm a geek. I have also posted a rough draft of my new page. The Contra Page.


Hey, it's a Saturday update! Not much changed, but I did add a poem that I wrote while driving home from school on Thursday. It's kind of cute, and sad at the same time. Check it out: Joke of the Angels.


Plenty of updates today. All three new sections have been updated. Also, The Site Map has now been updated to match the new layout. I've also added an item that I forgot to The Castle Adventure Page. Can you believe that I actually missed the crystal ball?! I've also restarted my Internet tracker, to get a better view of my hits. I went through and fixed a lot of broken links on The Old News Page as well as come on this page. I think I got them all.


Well the obvious update today, is that I've ripped the Fantasy Sci-Fi section into three separate sections. The new sections are: Books, Film, and Games. I've also taken The Life Page, The Pointless Data Page, and The Projects Page and placed them into The Guru Page. Hopefully, these changes will make the flow of my page smoother. I also wanted a place where I could put reviews that weren't of the Fantasy Sci-Fi genre. Yes, I do like things that aren't of the fantasy persuasion. All the old pages will remain for awhile, until I slowly phase them out. I will also make the new pages look better. As of right now they are rather plain.


I was so amazed last night when I received an email from Kevin Bales, the author of Castle Adventure, one of my favorite games from my childhood. I have, of course, updated the page due to this. I feel so proud that my site has reached someone whom I respect so much! (I'm rather giddy now!) It turns out that Keypunch software published his game without even getting his permission! I wonder how much money he should have made? Bad Keypunch! Well they went out of business, so they got their punishment. I've also started reading "Life, The Universe, and Everything", the third book of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm at chapter 4, and it's already turning out to be just as funny as the first two. I've also altered the buttons to the left. I'm only semi-pleased with the way they turned out.


My weekend was great, I finally got Dork Tower Issue #15! It is quite hilarious! As usual John Kovalic (the author) has ended the comic with all his readers in drooling desire for the next issue! GRRR! I love to hate this comic! I also watched the movie Last of the Mohicans again. Boy, I love that movie, I'm surprised I still don't own it. I went through and alphabetized The Fantasy Sci-Fi Page, instead of sorting them by content. This way I won't have to change it every time. I also added more to The Star Wars Page, making it the final page that I needed to update. I will now start adding some of the new pages that I've been meaning to add for some time. I also re-sorted The Art Page, and added the dates of the pieces. Nothing new yet.


I've added more to The Music Page, and I've moved more to The Old News Page. And I'm going to see Lord of the Rings again tonight! Woo Hoo!


I went through The Old News Page and broke out the history by month, making it load better, and be a bit more comprehensive. And it has been brought to my attention that I missed a birthday. Happy Birthday Maureen! (Even if it's late). I added some more stuff to a few of The Music Pages.


Well it's now 2002. Where are the flying cars and android butlers? Oh well. I had a good new year. I spent eve with Abbagirl, (We drank sparkling apple cider. We're such alcoholics!) New Year's day I spent with my relatives. I am now in desperate need of a nap. I've added a little bit of new content to The Ultima Page, and I finally got around to updating The Music Page as well as some its sub-pages. Here's hoping this year will be great.