February, 2002


Even still more updates to The Bionic Commando Page. Now the bosses have their own special page. They feel so honored. Well I'm off to class.


Still more updates to The Bionic Commando Page. I've added the character's section, which has a description of every main character in the game. I also fixed a problem with the links page. Enjoy the Grammy's tonight!


More updates to The Bionic Commando Page, of course. I expected to have it done last week, but I keep wanting to add more and more to it! It's such a great game and I want this page to be a real tribute. Thusly, the extra time spent on it. Anyway, the area page has been updated to look better, and I've added several links to the page.


It's been awhile since I felt like updating this page. After a good life lesson I feel that it's now time to get back in the swing of things. My weekend was great. I enjoyed the warm weather by hiking with Larissa at Independence Oaks park, which got me all nice and muddy. Afterwards we went and saw the movie Queen of the Damned. Although I enjoyed it, (not the best, but good) the majority of people who I've talked to who watched it, said it was terrible. I think I know why that is. Unless you've read the Anne Rice novel (or at least been informed about it) the movie won't make much sense to you. Also, if you have read the novel, you'll notice many difference between the book and the movie. So although the movie was pretty good, the producers made some bad decisions on how it was presented. I've again added more to The Bionic Commando Page, and I still have a long way to go.


Again, more updates to The Bionic Commando Page. I've added the armor page, the game genie codes page, the beginning story, and I've started on the credits page. I've also added a new section for the ending, but it's still empty.


More updates to The Bionic Commando Page. I've added the communicators page, the bonuses page, and the items page. I should probably have the section mostly finished by the end of the week. Although, like all the pages on my site, it will NEVER be finished.


My weekend was pretty darn spiffy, I'm now reading The Chronicles of Narnia, a book I should have read years ago. I've added to The Bionic Commando Page extensively. It now has a much better layout, and has plenty of room for expansion. I've finished the guns page, and the music page. I'd also like to note, that I have the Bionic Commando music in WAV format as well as MIDI.


Yesterday night I went to Ann Arbor with Abbagirl to see The Vagina Monologues. Which is a composition of monologues about... well... the vagina! It was jam packed with stories, facts, and information about women, vaginas, and violence against women. It was a great show which I really enjoyed, and I learned quite a bit from it (although, it was slightly condescending towards men).


I know it's tradition to display hearts on Valentine's Day, so...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Okay, a new page has been added. It's still just thrown together, and not the least bit entertaining, but I'm working on that. It's called The Bionic Commando Page, and you can only guess what it's about! Right now all it has is an icon library of related icons I made. I've got plenty of information that is going to be added to the page, so I've got my work cut out for me.


The ballots are in, and of course, The Lord of the Rings came out on top with a whopping 13 Oscar nominations! That's more then any other! What an awesome movie! And to honor it, I've posted a picture of my favorite character: Strider! I've moved a bunch of news to The Old News Page. Also, with extreme excitement to myself, I found out that there is a Queen musical called: We Will Rock You!!! Opening day is May 14, but of course it's in London! Grrr! I need to see this!


My weekend was spectacular. It was actually warm enough to go hiking, and Larissa and I got all dressed up and went to dinner. And to top it all off, I came home to a working phone line! Yee-Ha! So now I have several updates that had to wait. The Art Page has a new picture. My room is getting more and more decorated as well. Here are two pictures of the posters on my walls. Wall 1, Wall 2. I've also added some Bionic Commando Icons to the Bionic Commando Database. I'll get a page on the game pretty soon. I also added my complete Movie List added to The Film Page.


Of course, more updates to The Yars' Revenge Page. It's almost done for the time being. I still have a few things I want to add to it. I'm still think about what to add next. I'm sure something will pop up. Tah-tah.


Even more updates to The Yars' Revenge Page. It now has the game cart scan, as well as some more info on the game. And of course the phone company never showed so now I have to wait until Friday for my phone. Ugh! I fixed a minor problem with a legacy page. The Site Map has also been updated for the Yars' page.


More updates to The Yars' Revenge Page. I'm also supposed to get my new phone line today according to the phone company. We'll see. Aside from that, nothing new.


Let's see... Larissa came up to Michigan to visit. (Excellent) My mother also celebrated her ?? birthday. Congrats! I've added some new links to The Games Page. I've added a new page to the games section as well. Although it's still being worked on The Yars' Revenge Page is now up.


I've updated the majority of The Music Pages. Nothing massive, but worthy of note. Happy Pay-Day!