March, 2002


I've updated The Site Map with the new pages. I've also updated The 7th Guest Page, and added the Quizzes button on the left. Still just one quiz, but I'll make some more soon.


Yay! I've created my first on-line quiz! It's called How Much of a Guru Am I? I'm going to make a new section for on-line quizzes, and try and make a whole slew of them. Also, I've added a new poem to The Poetry Page. Enjoy!


Well I've compiled a list of definitions of all the parts and types of waterways for my new Pointless Data Page, which will soon consist of many more. Also, I've updated The Bionic Commando Page again. More typos have been found by Gricksigger, and like any good web master, I've fixed them.


Well as you can see, the big news for today is that Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring took home four Oscars! Including: Best Visual Effects, Best Makeup, Best Musical Score, and Best Cinematography. I'm quite pleased of course, but I think it should have taken best picture as well. ;-)

My weekend was great. I saw two movies, Iris and Blade 2. Iris (starring Kate Winslet) was a very deep and thought provoking film about the life of a very talented writer, who in her old age, suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Blade 2, was a huge gore fest of vampires and vampire hunters. The movies had SO much in common... Really! Both movies were good in their own right. An interesting note, upon entering the theatre for Blade 2, a worker mentioned for us to watch where we step. Apparently someone had gotten considerably sick while running out of the theatre, and coated the floor with vomit!

Anyway... As far as updates are concerned, The Bionic Commando Page has had several typos repaired (thanks again Gricksigger). And I'm currently working on a new page of pointless data. It should be up tomorrow.


Made some updates to The Bionic Commando Page in the Top Secret Page (thanks Gricksigger!). I've added some animated gifs of the comm room, and the shooting star of area 6. Now I have to go and get new tires for my car. Ech. Today is the first day of spring. Not like you could tell!


I've added some more stuff to The Bionic Commando Page about the Japanese version of the game called: Top Secret. Enjoy the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight. (VH1 - 9:00-8:00c) Good old Tom Petty, and the Heartbreakers are getting inducted!


I've made several of the topics in The Guru Page links now. I've also updated The Unnamed Game Page with more notes and graphics for the game that never will be. I've been working on the plans for another game (which I'll never make). This one has a more sci-fi theme to it. We'll see how it pans out.


This weekend was actually devoted to just myself, which I haven't done in some time. I indulged in being lazy for the majority of it. I did get out though, I went to the mall in my vinyl pants and spandex shirt, which was SO cool. I received stares from practically everyone there. Ahhh... I also spent an hour to beat Top Secret again, taking plenty of screenshots which I'll soon post. But alas, there are those who aren't interested in Bionic Commando! The fools! For you pop culture fans, I was made aware of a cool page. Want to know what your favorite group/band/celebrity looks like in a tiny icon size? Check it out: I also spent some time exercising my creative genius by making some famous people quotes which can be seen here.


Yay! I'm finished with school for the next 3 weeks. Plenty of work has been done on The Bionic Commando Page. I've cleaned up several pages, and began work on the Top Secret section. I've also added a small link graphic for those who wish to link to it.


Minor updates to the following pages: The Yars' Revenge Page, The Contra Page, The Secret of Mana Page, The Willow Page. Now I get to finish my final project for my Visual C++ class. yee-ha :-|


I've added a new section to The Bionic Commando Page. It's a section of humor, regarding all the silly little dialogues and strange stuff you can do in the game. I've also made room for a section on Top Secret, the Japanese version of the game, which I'll add soon. I'm quite happy with the way the page has panned out so far.


Thanks to some information from a guy named Kevin, I was able to update The Castle Adventure Page and fill in some holes. I also found a site on the web that has written a clone of the game in C++, and has provided the source code.


Finished another section in The Bionic Commando Page. The ending is now completed. There are still a few more pages I want to add, as well as finish up the Area's In Detail section. So, I've got some more work ahead of me. I also signed up for spring classes last night. (Two more programming classes.) Spring will be a simple quarter!


A couple of minor updates to The Bionic Commando Page. I have to go to school tonight, ech!


More and more updates to The Bionic Commando Page. I've added two more wave files of the music. I only need to log two more tracks that I know of. Both are hard to log. One is the destruction of the Albatros, and the other is the ending track. I've also added plenty of other content.


Of course I've updated The Bionic Commando Page, but I've also updated several other pages. I was looking through my web page, and found quite a few typos which have now all been fixed.


I HAVE THE BEST GIRLFRIEND IN THE WORLD! No offense to other girlfriends in the world, but mine is the best. Sorry. :-) ... Anyway, more updates to The Bionic Commando Page. It now has close to a full list of all the enemies in the game. I've also updated some of the other pages.