April, 2002


Whew. It was a long weekend! Friday night I left for Indiana, and I didn't get back until 12:30 AM Monday! However, I now own the latest Dork Tower issues, as well as the "new" re-release of Highlander; called the Immortal edition. Basically, it's the exact same as the last DVD release, but now it has three Queen music videos! *Squeal* Also, just for the heck of it, I've added some new images to The Unnamed Game, two of which are even animated!


Grrr! I just finished changing my flat tire. Yes, the one I just bought last month. It now has a shiny new screw punched in it. Oh well. I've made a few updates to some of The Guru Pages. Nothing special, just reworking a few things.


I've made several updates to various pages throughout my site. Nothing really worth mentioning. I think I'll go home and play Dransik for the entire night. Ciao!


Books, books, books. I recently purchased two new books. One is the comical Dilbert, and the other is a book about all the edible and non-edible plants in central, eastern, and northern United States. It contains drawings, color photos, and perperation details. It's a very comprehensive book, and I'm sure I'll use it the next time I go hiking. Also, in book world, I finished reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, a Narnia book. And just last night I finished reading Little House in the Big Woods for like the fifth time. For a page update, I've added a new tileset to The Concentration Page. It's full of underwater critters. And for some reason, I updated The Unnamed Game a little. Not sure why.


The weekend certainly was interesting. I watched the movie Ghost World for the first time. It was a very good movie, definitely a four star. I also did something very exciting. I bought a dozen long-stem roses, and individually wrapped them in white tissue paper. Then, I went to the mall, and gave them out to random people. I received several confused expressions, as well as several thank-yous. I did this for three reasons. One, to judge a person's reaction when a total stranger does something unexpected, but pleasent. Two, to attempt to de-condition myself from being shy. (It certainly made me nervous at the beginning, but it became increasingly easier as I progressed.) The last reason, was that I wanted to do something nice for people, just for the heck of it. It certainly made me feel great, as I had a ear to ear grin when I left the mall. I'm sure I'll end up doing it again. I also found an awesome on-line RPG called Dransik which has begun taking up plenty of my free-time.


The Old News Page has gone through a renovation. I noticed from my home dial-up, that it takes forever and a day to load. Thusly, each month is now it's own page. I updated the Site Map with these changes as well. I've also posted the beginnings of my new Bionic Commando Page. It gives you a brief example of how to hack into the NES ROM. It's still rather small and wimpy, but I'll beef it up soon.


I've added a new quiz to The Quizzes Page. It's a quick of basic Atari trivia. The questions are fairly easy, but I'm planning on making a more advanced quiz for the real Atari geeks out there.


I've fixed a couple errors on several pages, and added the Online Games section to the Site Map. I've also added a bunch of quizzes other people made to The Quizzes Page.


The Concentration Game has been updated once more. I've made much better trapping for already clicked tiles. It now functions the way I want. I've also added a new tileset with flowers. I still need to add a high score list though. Well, off to Visual BASIC class, gag!


I've added two new tile sets to The Concentration Game. It now has graphics from Bionic Commando, and Super Mario Brothers. It's raining today, which isn't so bad now because it's warming up. I should be getting a new car soon.


It's my birthday today! I'm now at the ripe old age of 22. And now for something completely different, I've added a java game to The Games Page. It's the classic game of concentration. Yee-ha! (I kind borrowed it from some other site, and altered the code and the graphics.) Today I get new liscense plate tags! What a lovely present from the government!


Quite a bit has happened since my last post. I've started my spring semester at school, gag. I went and saw Iolanthe again on Saturday, which was even better this time around. It was very spirited, and the audience loved it. I have some of the music stuck in my head now! My birthday is tomorrow. Ooo.. the tension. (not really). I added several new pictures of Richard Garriott to The Ultima Page. There is now a new favorite link on The Links Page. It leads to my girlfriend Larissa's web page. I'm also in the middle of several other updates to this page, which I'll post as soon as they're completed.


Last night I went to Ann Arbor to watch Sarah Anne Packard in the Gilbert and Sullivan musical of Iolanthe. It was very interesting, (Especially when the smoke alarm went off due to the fog machine!) and quite a performance. I'll be seeing it again tomorrow evening and I'm sure it will be just as good. I'm kind of in a slump for web page stuff, I'm not really motivated with my new ideas. We'll see what happens.


Another word search has been added to The Bionic Commando Page. It's under the 'Other' section. I've also added an index for the word searches on The Games Page.


Another word search has been added to The Contra Page.


The weekend was great. My angelic girlfriend came up to visit, along with her sister and her sister's fiancee. We had a great time, but due to the holiday our free time was limited as to what we could do. Thusly, two movies were watched, Ice Age and The Rookie. Both were good, neither were spectacular. I'd have to say The Rookie was the better of the two. I also have an extremely large quantity of candy now. ...I almost hit a goose... Also, I've added a Word Search to The Yars' Revenge Page. I'm planning on adding one to each of my reviews, just to make my site a little more interesting. Ciao.