May, 2002


Today is Larissa's Birthday! She is now two entire decades old. Can you imagine? *sniff... wipes away a tear* they grow up so fast. Happy birthday sweetie! Okay, now that the important stuff is out of the way, I've added some more definitions to The Nature Definitions Page. I also made a slight tweak to the Ultima links, as I had forgotten something. I added a small disclaimer to the Rent Script, because not everyone likes art that can be offensive. This weekend is sure to be exciting. I'm going to Indiana to see Larissa for her birthday, and we're seeing Cabaret on stage!


More power outages... Hopefully, I'll soon be able to write full e-mails again. Aside from that, The Ultima Page has been updated. The humor section now has some new screenshots, and I cleaned up the links list again. And yay! My tooth is fixed!


Yesterday, I arrived home to an apartment devoid of any electricity. That sucked. For a ten minute period (10:20-10:30 PM), I was able to get some stuff done. Then the lights went out again, and didn't come back on until 1:00 AM. So I read by candlelight for several hours. Today, I'm not as chipper as I could be, but I have got a good amount of stuff done. The Tome of Silvest has been updated with a new page about kobolds. A new page has been added to the Books section. It's a page for the classic series of DragonLance. The page is still in its infancy right now, but I'm sure it will sprout like all my other pages. As usual, I've added more to The Nature Definitions Page. But my favorite part of the day, was lunch time. While eating pizza, a small chunk of one of my molars broke off in my mouth. Tomorrow, I'm going to the dentist. Teeth suck.


I had a blast over the weekend. I went to the zoo, and saw fuzzy kitties (I think the tiger wanted to be my pet). I regret forgetting my camera. I've finally got the Rent Script formatted well enough to post. It still needs a little work, but it's looking good. I've again added more to The Nature Definitions Page.


A minor fix to my On-Line Store. I was slightly misinformed about the origin of one of my t-shirts. Problem solved. I also added a new section to the Nature Definitions. I put some minor updates into The Projects Page. Right now I'm working on formatting the script to the musical Rent into an HTML doc. It should be finished near next week.


Nothing major today. The Guru Page has a few minor updates, and I've added a new section to the Nature Definitions page under The Pointless Data Page. More will be coming, as soon as I update it!


Okay, I've finished writing up my weekend from the Con, so you can now see it in The "My Life" Section. It has my pretty picture from the Con, as well as the gorgeous Beatie Edney, and the Dork Tower comic. Also, I updated The Fat Man Page. The backend has been reformatted.


The Comic Convention was great. I'll have my full report up by tomorrow. As well as a few pictures/scans from the con. But for now... C++ class!


Well I'm doing on of my extremely rare Saturday updates today. Nothing big, just some more work on The Tome of Silvest. I made it part of the Dransik Web Ring. Hopefully it will be added soon. There are also a few new traits, and stuff added. That's about it. Tomorrow I'll be at the Detroit Metro Comic Convention! Woo-Hoo! I'll try and get some photos from my journey.


I've done some more work on The Tome of Silvest. I added a description of my current character Bronwin to the tome.


I've finally created a -real- page for the on-line game Dransik. The new Dransik Page follows a nice theme I created for Dransik. So take a look, and be amazed.


I've updated all my on-line store with all the new items at cafepress. I also went and lowered all the prices too! Thusly, you have more incentive to buy them! I'm off to look at a new used car tonight. Hopefully, I can finally dump my current wreck.


A new page has been added. This one is for my current obsession, Dransik. It helps players by giving them the ability to pick traits for the game, in order to add more enjoyment to their lives. For the heck of it, I've updated The Legendworld Page. I fixed some typos, and formatted it properly. I also updated The Quizzes Page with some new quizzes, and an updated appearance.


Again, I've added many minor fixes/additions. I'm currently working on some more projects, but they're not ready to be posted yet. They'll be here soon.


There have been a huge amount of updates today, all of which are minor refinements to my site. New links have been added, old ones removed, old graphics have been updated, pages have been reformatted, and plenty of other minor stuff.


Happy birthday to you;
Happy birthday to you;
Happy birthday dear,;
Happy birthday to you;

My web site is now officially 1 year old! To celebrate I have given it a present. It's a new quiz! This one is, Which NES hero am I? Try it out to see which 8-bit Nintendo hero you are most like.


No updates today, but I did want to mention that I watched two movies over the weekend. The first was Murder By Numbers, which was an excellent movie, starring the gorgeous Sandra Bullock. The second was Spiderman, which was also really good (and it had Kirsten Dunst! Woo-hoo!) Anyway... Tomorrow is my site's first birthday, and I'm working on a really nice update for it. So be sure to stop by tomorrow!


I went through the links on The Ultima Page and got rid of all the dead ones. I also added a few new ones. For those of you who are fans of the original Final Fantasy NES game, here is a very funny site with a comic based on the game. Also, my domain should now be officially up and running now permanently. Well, at least until 2004. I'm a bit sick right now with a head cold, but I'm in the process of destroying it. (The cold, not my head). Today, I drank 2.485 liters of liquid, as well as 1000% of my daily vitamin C intake. Curse thee oh vile cold!


The Dragon Warrior Page has finally been made standard. I've been holding off on it just because of its sheer size, but today I bit the bullet. I've also updated and added some animated gif's to The Projects Page. I added some more data to The Unfiled Page. And I again went through The Old News Page and cleared up some outdated links.


I'm pretty sure I've fixed the loading problem in The Concentration Page. I also fixed the problem with the latest tileset. The Fantasy Sci-Fi page is now officially gone, there wasn't even a link to it anyway. The month of March has been archived into The Old News Page. You may have noticed my site has been down for a little while. It seems I was supposed to renew back in April! All those emails telling me to renew were sent to my old address! I'm now covered for the next two years, so all will be good. It technically isn't this site's birthday until the 8th, because that's when I finally moved my site here. There may be a few more days of up and down until my renewal info goes through, so please be patient.