June, 2002


I finally got around to scanning my A Wrinkle In Time book cover, to add to The A Wrinkle In Time Page. I also scanned an old scratch board I did back in High School, and put it in The Art Page. I also found a Java version of the Bishop Conversion, and added it to the links section of The 7th Guest Page.


Nothing much today. A few new links added for gaming. I got a flat tire... again. Yay. Cars suck. This month is almost over, which means rent will be due soon. Ick. How dare they expect me to actually -pay- for my apartment!


Last night the power was out where I live, again. Grr. This is getting annoying. However, it did give me the time to make a new Thing for my thing series. Check out The Art Page to see it. I've also updated The Ultima Page with a few new screenshots. I updated The Unusual City Names Page with some new names, and I also made three sections as it seems some of the "cities" were actually rivers or mountains.


Last night I saw the movie Shaghai Noon at Top of the Park. It was a very funny movie which I enjoyed. My update today is for The Pointless Data Page. I've added a new page that has a whole bunch of unusual city names found throughout the United States. Do you live in Hell, Michigan?


The wedding went fairly smooth, better than I expected. My girlfriend was up for the weekend and I had to introduce her about 100 times, but it was still okay. I've added the movie true-type fonts to both The Blade Runner Page and The Dark Crystal Page. I've also updated The Secret of Mana Page. My World of Xeen progress is coming along quite well. I'm currently in the Pit of the Golems, where I'm trying to get past the Diamond Golems. I still remember them from years ago, as being practically impossible, and they still are! I watched Lilo & Stich over the weekend. It was pretty good, but certainly not up to the quality of the 90's Disney's.


Last night I went to see Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark in Ann Arbor, at Top of the Park. It was an outdoor showing at the top of a parking garage (Get it? Top of the Park?). Anyway, as usual, the movie was awesome. I've added to several sections of The Music Page. There are more links, more content, and more standard stuffs. I've also added a bunch of movie scripts to various film pages. This weekend is my Brother's wedding which I'm sure will be an interesting experience.


An all new quiz has been added to The Quizzes Page. This one allows you to see which character from the 1985 movie Clue you most likely relate to. If you haven't seen the movie you should make it a priority, it's awesome! Enjoy.


My Blade Runner Page has been updated. There is also a new Pointless Data Page. This one contains the standard English phonetic alphabet.


There is a new page added to The Tome of Silvest. This one addresses the history of one of the game's monsters. Since I needed an index for the World of Xeen weapons anyway, I've added them to The Unfiled Page.


I've updated The Dark Crystal Page with a bit more content and images. It was well due for an update. I was able to install the World of Xeen (Might and Magic 4 and 5) on my computer with full speech and audio. I haven't played the game in years, yet it's still all so very familiar.


More work on The Tome of Silvest.


Today in the update department, we have more Nature Definitions. I've also added the Dransik music files to The Tome of Silvest. The Dransik Armageddon was awesome, and I ended up doing some damage, and having one heck of a lot of damage done to me!


Many of my pages have been slightly altered, but The 7th Guest Page has been updated worthy of note. It has new screenshots and an updated links list. Tonight is the last day to play Dransik before they reset all the servers! Guess what I'll be doing tonight! :-) And the Site Map has been updated to match the current structure.


The Tome of Silvest has been found again, and with it, a new page has been transcribed. And a big advancement in the fantasy item generator has been made. I haven't calculated the number of results, but I estimate in the billions!


Saturday night I was pulled over by the State Police. Apparently, I had driven out of my lane, and was stopped for possible DUI. I didn't remember driving out my my lane, but I wasn't about to argue with a cop! Considering that I don't drink, I was pretty safe, and I was sent on my way. Yay, no ticket! Sunday was my mother's graduation party! I'm so proud of her! And the weather was very nicely sunny. All in all, it was one heck of a good week! The random fantasy item generator has been updated considerably. It is slightly cleaner, and has plenty more possible items. It now boasts 2.7 million results! AND I'm getting very close to beating Ultima 8 again!


I've broken the Rent page into its own section off The Music Page. It's nothing spectacular yet, but it does have the entire script. I've also updated The Secret of Mana Page, with new formatting for the sub-pages. Also, I've created a random fantasy item generator. It's very basic right now, and only halfway functional, but it's there!


I've added even more definitions to The Nature Definitions Page. And, I did a little house cleaning on The Tome of Silvest. I'm currently working on making a full page for Rent, under the music page, but it's still too rough to show. I'm also doing a book review on the DragonLance.


Nothing new today. I've been feeling creative, and wanting to make a new game, but instead of worrying about having to write the entire thing all by myself, I have decided to use a game authoring toolkit. The only problem is, I can't find one! Well, it's not that I can't find one, it's that I can't find one to suit my needs. I want 2D tile-based graphics, but with multiplayer TCP/IP support. If anyone knows of an engine that can do this, please contact me!


My weekend was great. Larissa and I went to see Cabaret, which was spectacular. We also had a nice fire (gotta love fire!) and tossed around a Frisbee for awhile (My new 175g!). Today for updates, April was tossed into The Old News Page. The Ultima Encyclopedia has been updated once more. That thing is getting big! I think I'll have to break it into multiple pages soon, but I really don't want to have to redo all the links.