July, 2002


The eDungeon has been updated once more. I've added two animated monsters, and altered the cheat system. It now uses codes which are easy enough to find. I've added a confirmation to the trash button, so you don't accidentally trash your magic sword. Aside from that, the code has been cleaned in a few spots. The Rent Script has been updated again as well. I've altered several of the sections where multiple people are singing different things into tables, to match more closely to the lyrics. It's coming along nicely. I'm currently playing an old computer game called Vampyre, which has an old Ultima interface to it.


When I originally wrote The Rent Page I didn't think it would become a very popular addition to my page. It would seem my calculations were in error. The Rent Page has given me an amazing amount of web traffic, especially since my page contains the full Rent script. Well, in order to keep guests happy, and because I really love the musical, I've updated The Rent Page a fair amount. I also cleaned up some of the back end script code to make it flow nicer. I still plan on formatting it even more so that it display parts where multiple people are singing at the same time. Slow and steady wins the race.


The Renaissance Faire was again great. Saturday was exceptionally hot and humid which made the majority of the people at the faire irritated. I checked the weather before I left, and it was supposed to thunderstorm all day. I was in minimal garb, and didn't carry anything with me, so I have no pictures. The forecast however, was wrong, and the faire was totally dry. Afterwards, we went to dinner, and that's when the storms began. It started slowly at first, but then it became an amazing show of nature's fury. There was literally a lightning discharge every second for over four hours! It was the most electrical storm I've ever seen in my life. To top things off, there was a tornado warning, and everyone was moved from the camp area to safer locations. Larissa and I arrived back late, so we took shelter at a concession stand away from everyone else. It was pretty cool, because we were alone the whole time. ;-) Well Sunday, it was again supposed to rain (And didn't) but I was pulled for volunteer work, so the majority of my day was spent directing traffic. It was still a good weekend though.


Added a few minor updates to the eDungeon game. Also, last night I beat my Yars' Revenge high score! It's now: 245,863. There is also a new cartoon.


More updates to the eDungeon game. There is now a red border around items when you click on them in inventory, and there are multiple floors for certain rooms! Yee-ha! I fixed a small bug in the Site Map too.


There is a new poem in The Poetry Page called The Flickering Star. I've added some more interesting Animal Facts to the Pointless data section. I've also added a little bit to The Bionic Commando Page, as I was informed that I have been neglecting that page. ;-) I've added a small BC patch to make the guns better.


I've got my new Renaissance Report up under the My Life section.


My second ren faire weekend was great. Hard to believe I've known Larissa a full year now. Time flies... Well, I'll have the full report up here soon. For now, I'm just trying to recuperate from the weekend. I added a quick little update to the eDungeon game. There is now gold and treasure.>


More updates to eDungeon. You can finally drop items, or trash them. Also, I added a character mug shot so you can see how much damage you've taken, graphically! I'll be at the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire all weekend. Yee-ha!


I beat the Nintendo game, Felix the Cat last night. It was a pretty cool side-scroller. I had never played it before (which should give you an idea of how hard it is) but I thought it was a great game. I'm sure it would have been much more difficult 10 years ago. Either way, I'll just tack it on to the list of Games I've Beaten. I'll be at the Ann Arbor Art Fair tonight.


I beat Clouds of Xeen last night! Woot! I also made some new updates to the eDungeon. I added an inventory, and the ability to equip weapons and armor. I also made the dungeon a little more difficult.


Okay, I finally got to typing in my Renaissance Weekend. See all my pretty pictures, and read my crazy stories. I also went through all the old "My Life" sections and upgraded them. I'm currently making a Space Quest 2 page, which will certainly be interesting, as the game is very wacky.


The Renaissance Festival was AWESOME! Oh, I can't believe how much I missed it! It was like coming home after a long trip. It seemed like I was just there yesterday, when in fact an entire year has gone by. Well, I have plenty of pictures, and stories to tell. All of which will be here tomorrow. Until then, I'm going to try and sleep for a good solid 15 hours, because I am -very- sore. There is a new link on The Links Page to www.faires.com. A huge on-line search engine of Renaissance Faires.


Lo and behold, eDungeon is finally here. It's still in its alpha phase, meaning the programming isn't complete, but it's playable! Have fun! Also, I've added a list of every electronic game I've ever won to The Games Page. I hope to expand it soon. There is also an updated World of Xeen Weapons List.


I beat Space Quest 2 -again- last night. After around 4 years, my memory still works. Yes, I rule. I've also did a lot of work on eDungeon, and it will certainly be ready for a test run tomorrow. It's looking pretty cool so far. It's nothing spectacular, but it's fun to play. Only 1 more day until the Renaissance Festival! Woot!


I've made some reviews in The DragonLance Page about some of the stories I've recently read. The Silverleaf Renaissance Festival is opening this weekend! I'm so psyched! I've also got some more working for eDungeon. You can now pick up items, and weapons and armor. I also updated the interface making it much more friendly.


I've added two new poems to The Poetry Page. Well, technically they're not new, but they're new to my page. I wrote them last year. My eDungeon is coming along nicely. I've implemented secret doors, locked doors, and keys. I'll get to player stats tomorrow.


Okay, I think I got the pre-loading of the button images down correctly now, so even with a slow connection you should still see them. In my news today, I purchased the DVD of Secret of NIMH, which is a cool old animated movie. I also saw a Delorian on the road for the very first time (although it couldn't time travel). I watched Scooby-Doo: The Movie, which was alright. Also, Mr. Deeds, which certainly followed the standard format of Adam Sandler movies. Good, but not great. There is a new page in The Pointless Data Page. It's a listing of all the birthstones from different cultures and different time periods. I'm making good progress on eDungeon, and I think I'll have a prototype live by the end of the week. Rock-n-Roll!


The Ultima Page has been updated thanks to the Dragon Press page being brought back on-line. I added to the Encyclopedia a little too. I'm currently working on a new project called eDungeon. Basically, it's going to be a small scale dungeon adventure game in JavaScript. Nothing too spectacular, but fun none-the-less.


Everyone have a safe and exciting Independence Day! Small update: Hover buttons! Now when you move your mouse cursor over the buttons to the left, the little picture shows up.


The weather was grand this weekend, so I stayed inside for the majority of it (didn't want to get any of that yucky sun on me.) On Friday night, I watched the movie The Borne Identity, which was really good, Saturday I watched Minority Report, which was good, but not that great (as I expected). They undershot the future by far. The technology used was far too advanced for 2054. I also purchased the cult-classic UHF on DVD, which provided plenty of laughs. I've moved the month of May to The Old News Page, and updated The DragonLance Page with a listing of all the Tales books.