August, 2002


Some more work has gone into The Glass Shrine. I'm also almost finished with the monster editor program! I've got it working, but I'm still not sure what some of the variables are. After the monster editor, I'll also create a vault editor, and a saved game editor. Too much time on my hands? I think so! Oh yes, I also finished reading the Narnia book, A Horse and His Boy. It was very nicely written, and certainly opened up the whole Narniaverse more.


Well today's update is a big one. I have finally posted the brand new Glass Shrine, which is a tribute to the game, Swords of Glass. It currently has plenty of information about the game, as well as a download of the original classic. Enjoy!


Nothing new today. I've been doing a lot of work on the Swords of Glass page which will probably be up tomorrow. Today, I'm going Ann Arbor to wish my friend Sarah good-bye, as she journeys to the fun and sun of California for the week.


If you've tried to e-mail me in the past week or so, and got a return saying the relay was down, you should now be able to e-mail me once more. The Books Page has been updated with a list of my favorite books and their covers. The Art Page has also been updated. I also cleaned up The Guru Page where it had duplicate information.


The Zelda re-make program is still online at Although the project now seems defunct, the program is still available for downloading. Be sure to get your copy before the site goes down for good. It's hard to believe that August is already almost over. Not that I mind summer ending--in fact, I'm looking forward to autumn--it just seems to have gone by so quickly. I think I'll go home now and watch my Simpson's Season 2 DVD's. Speaking of which, I've updated the list of Movies I Own. It now has hyperlinks on many of the titles.


Nothing major today. I added some more links in the games section, and began work on a Swords of Glass Page, which should be up some time next week. For those of you who remember that old game, you undoubtedly loved it. Any way, I'm off to do cool weekend stuff. Ciao.


I added some hefty programming links to The Links Page. I also updated The Legend of David of Wolf Story. I've also been working on a new card game which has turned out to be quite fun.


The A Wrinkle In Time Page has been updated. I've added another book cover, and finally found out when and where the A Wrinkle In Time miniseries will come out. It's about time!


This is how I feel about computers. I love them so much, I want to bash my head on them.

I found a cool online listing of 3D game engines. Although the list is two years out of date, it still has a lot of useful links. Check it out: There have been a slew of tiny updates all over my site. Most are too small to notice, so I won't get into detail.

Ed Note: Here's a better list:


I created a new project today. It's a Random Space Generator. You can pretty much guess as to what it does. It's nothing special, except for a nice novelty. I've also updated The Secret of Mana Page and several other game pages with minor updates.


More pointless data. This time it's a list of all the Cool Crap That Happened On My Birthday. Lovely title isn't it? I've also finally gotten around to writing my first Madelbrot Set viewer. Here are some of my first attempts. Image 1, Image 2.


The Music Page, as well as a couple of its sub pages, have been updated. Also, for all you TRS-80 fans, check out this on-line TRS-80 emulator!


I ate lunch with my mother today, which was like the first time I'd seen her in about a month. Cool-beans. I also added some more pictures of Richard Garriott to and cleaned up the links in The Ultima Page. Wee-doogy.


Over the weekend I visited the Corunna Renaissance Faire. This is it's very first year, and I of course wanted to be there for its maiden weekend. Although the venue was quite small (but for a first year, it was rather large) I met many friends from other faires, and had a great time. The majority of my hours were spent fighting in the list with many other people. So what does 12 hours of combat do to a sissy programmer's body like mine? It gives new definition to the word pain. I am sore in places I didn't even know I had! Still, I am very glad to have attended. I had a great time, and will certainly be there next year. I've updated The Games Page and The Links Page. I cleaned up the links on both, and added some new ones. Pretty.


More pictures have been added to The Rent Page. I've also added a new game to The Projects Page. The game is called Space Cowboy. Basically, it's just a large list of notes I've had sitting on my hard drive for a long time. So, now it's up here.


There is now a new quiz to find out Which Sneakers Character Am I? Ever wonder which character you would most likely be in the movies Sneakers? Well now you can find out.


Yesterday I went to the Area 2 concert with Sarah. It was great fun. First up was an Irish band called Ash. They were your typical 90's punk band. Not bad live, but I would never buy their album. After that we caught some mountain boarders doing their thing. They were dropping in from a 28 foot ramp and doing some tricks. It was quite impressive. Next was The Blue Man Group. This was my first time seeing them in any form other then the Intel commercials, and they were fantastic. They combined lots of percussion with a nice sound, some vocalists, and a lot of visual flare. They were very good, and a lot of fun to watch. Next up was Busta Rhymes. Why he was there, I don't know. He was totally out of his element, and not too many people watched his set. Then came David Bowie! He had a great set and most of the songs I knew. My favorites were "I'm Afraid of Americans", "Fame", and "Ziggy Stardust". Very well done. After Bowie, Moby came on. I stayed through two of his techno beats, and by the third I had enough, and left to hang out. I didn't get home until 1:15 AM. It was a very cool night. Aside from my day off, I've updated The Sneakers Page.


My weekend was excellent. I was able to sword fight with Larissa, who is actually quite good, as it turned out. I also got my hands on a copy of the Rent Book, which contains the entire Rent script, as well as tons of info about the musical and Jon Larson in general. I also watched the movie Signs. Which... rather sucked. Although the plot was good over-all, there was just way too many holes in it. It's not really worth going over, because the movie isn't really worth seeing. A movie that is worth seeing, however, has been added! The Sneakers Page is my new page about the 1992 film Sneakers.


Yesterday I bought the movie Rat Race and watched it. I love that movie, it's so funny! I also gave a bit of an update to my Perspectives under The Guru Page.


It's the first day of August. In five days, I'll be at the Area 2 tour featuring Davie Bowie, and Moby (not the whale). Because of the new month, I've moved a bunch of data to The Old News Page. I've also added a new bit of pointless data. It's Time Conversions! Ever want to know exactly how many seconds are in a century? Well now you can know!