September, 2002


Is September gone already? That went fast. Well, my weekend was eventful. Friday night I bought the DVD Free Jack, which was just a weird as I remembered it. Saturday was spent at the Michigan Renaissance Festival with Sarah. It was the typical Holly faire (i.e. nothing special). Still, I enjoyed myself. I was also informed of a new unusual city name in Florida called 'Two Egg', thanks to Johnny Moore. On Sunday, I watched the movie Sweet Home Alabama which wasn't that great. It was a typical and predictable comedy/drama. I also purchased a new pair of red PVC pants (I wear a size 7 in women's!). I've added 10 new images to the random image list, and I added a new page containing the Master List of random images. I've also updated The Janitor's Rule Page.


I've added more content to the Janitor's Rule! Page. I've added the music and the total points list to the Extras page, and I've also started work on the Walkthrough. I'm about halfway through with it now. Tomorrow I'll be at the Michigan Renaissance Festival with Sarah. Which may be my last Faire of the year, depending on whether or not I attend the Grand Valley Faire in October. I'm still iffy about it. It's a long drive for such a small faire, but hey, the Shiabrucks will be there, and that means boffering! Someone please remind me to buy shampoo and conditioner today. Thank-you.


There is a new page in the games section. The page goes over the great game of Space Quest 2. I've aptly titled the section, Janitor's Rule!. It's pretty small right now, but I've got tons of images and data to add to it, so it should blossom soon.


Made several updates to The Legendworld Page. It has some more information regarding the angels, and several typos were fixed. I've also gave The Guru Page a minor facelift. It's a little weird right now, but it gives it more room for expansion. I also plan of altering it some more.


Well, it's officially autumn and I'm already wearing a sweater to work. Sweet. I spent my weekend in Indiana enjoying the overcast cool humid weather with Larissa. Yesterday I bought fifteen pounds of assorted candy to last me the rest of the year. I love the Halloween season :-). Also, over the weekend I finished reading Little House in the Big Woods... again. This morning I awoke from an amazing nightmare that was very "Tim Burton-ish". I rarely ever get woken up from my dreams, but nightmares are the few exceptions. The annoying thing was that I awoke ten minutes before my alarm goes off. I've updated The A Wrinkle In Time Page with some more information regarding the miniseries, and added a new link. There are some new updates to the Space Cowboy Page.


Sunday is the first day of autumn! Then come the cool autumn days of hiking and camping! WOOT! More work has been added to The Space Cowboy Page. I've added a new page called Coming Soon. Basically, it's just a page of images for sections I'll add to my web page eventually. Sort of like a teaser. I've also added several new scripts to many film pages. Last night I beat the game Raiden 2, so I added it to my list of Games I've Beaten.


Summer is almost over, only two days left. Then come the fun filled days of autumn! Oh, I can hardly wait. Let's see, today on the update menu we have a perspective on techno, an update to The Space Cowboy Page. I've added some tables, and a few more notes.


Last night I watched the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Itch which was a great movie with very good music. I've also added a new perspective which covers anime.


I finally remembered to add a link to the Shiabrucks web page, seeing how I'm their groupie and all. Well, gotta go.


Over the weekend I visited the Shiabrucks at the Bancroft Harvest Festival, with my friend Dave. We boffer fought for a mere seven hours straight. At the beginning of the day, my middle finger on my right hand had some skin ripped off, which made me have to fight left handed all day. This certainly gave me some much needed practice at left handed fighting. Near the end of the day, there was a tournament held, in which I finished in second place with seven total victories. I lost only to one man, who thoroughly routed me! That man was the king of Shiabruck, and also one of their knights. I didn't feel very bad losing to him, as he was very good.


Happy Friday the thirteenth. A randomly statistical day, just like any other. Actually, it's my pay day, so it can't be that unlucky! I've updated The Highlander Page with a bunch of movie covers. Yipee!


More Pointless Data! I've taken the saying "Does a bear sh*t in the woods" and analyzed it to prove that it is a very poor saying. Yesterday, I made a ton of padded weapons, and today I get to test them out! Woot!


I would like to take a moment to remember the illogical and unethical events that took place on our soil a year ago. It was terrible that this happened, and the 2,974 innocent people who were killed were not to blame. We as a country, because of our imperialistic and national elitism caused the attack, but only the innocent have truly suffered. I love this country, and I love my freedom. I hope we can learn from our past, and become a more loving and tolerant country because of the events that have transpired.

Happy birthday Elaine!

I've fixed several broken links throughout my entire site, and added new ones as well. I bought the movie The Secret of My Success last night to add to my growing collection.


I've added a new page in the music section. This page pays tribute to the man that started the bizarre rock n' roll scene. One Alice Cooper. There is also several new links of various types including Freya Lorelei's Cozy Poetry Nook.


My weekend was great. I spent it in Indiana with Larissa where we had a great time sword fighting with several of her friends. I acquired some nice bruises and scrapes, but I certainly learned a lot about defense. I've added a small amount of new content to The Labyrinth Page. There is still plenty more to do to it though.


The Dragon Warrior Page has been updated again with a few new maps, and some more content. Some more random pictures have been added as well. I've also gone through some older pages, and made them more pretty looking.


I've added some more random images to load for this page. I've also updated The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page. There are also some minor updates to The Matrix Page.


I've given The Goo Goo Dolls Page a face lift. It was kind of pathetic to look at, and now it's a little less pathetic. :-) I've also added an interesting page about my bookshelf in my room. I also gave The Willow Page a bit more content. You may also notice, that the place where the Death Duck used to be is now a place where many images will reside. Each time the page refreshes, a new random image is loaded.


Well August is over, so old news has been moved to The Old News Page. There are several other updates to my site as well. A new poem has been added to The Poetry Page. The Glass Shrine has again been updated. I've also added a picture I took of a lovely storm just before it hit. And of course with all these mew pages, the Site Map has also been updated. I also purchased a copy of Anti-Trust on DVD, and was given a copy of A Beautiful Mind on DVD from my father. In addition, some minor bugs have been fixed regarding release dates.