October, 2002


My Alice Cooper Experience is up under The Alice Cooper Page. Check it out to see what you missed. Tomorrow I'll be attending the Creation Convention in Dearborn. All next week I'll be on vacation, so updates are doubtful. This will be my first vacation in 3 years, so it's well deserved.


Alice Cooper Tonight!


I've updated The Matrix Page and The Star Trek Page with their respective true-type fonts. You know what I really miss? Clay-mation holiday TV shows. Maybe this Christmas I'll be able to watch them again. I'm also in the mood for Garfield in Disguise AKA The Garfield Halloween Special. Ahh, Halloween makes me so festive! I feel the urge to scare little kids until they wet themselves, or at least start to scream bloody-murder. I know, I'm such a sweet guy.


I've added a new perspective to The Perspectives Page. Now you will know my current perspective on Rap, which is my least favorite music genre, so you can assume it's not a long list of praises.


Well, I've beat Magic Carpet 2 on Sunday. Woot! Certainly a great game, but the ending was lacking. I also finished reading The Incredible Journey. Which was a good book, with easy reading. I recommend it to any one who loves animals. The Alice Cooper concert is coming up soon! Ooo... Tension!


I'm currently writing a new program. It is sort of an Artificial Life / Breeding program, as well as gambling game. Basically, you breed dragons to fight. The program takes into account several attributes about the dragon including strength, weight, claws, scales, breath, etc. Also, with the breeding, you can keep dragon "kennels" and mate your dragons to produce powerful offspring. It's looking good so far.


Another unusual city name has been added to The Unusual City Names Page. It's Opp, Alabama, submitted by Dave Wimpee (think Naughty By Nature ;-) must be a fun place). Update to The Castle Adventure Page.


Two new cities have been added to The Unusual City Names Page, Tuba City, Arizona, and Kissimmee, Florida. Also, I found an interesting web page that specializes in urban legends. It has practically every form of them, from ones dating back centuries, to even the most current e-mail scams. Check it out: snopes.com.


Hello! Hurray! Let the show begin, I'm now ready! Why? Because my Alice Cooper tickets arrived in the mail yesterday! w00t! I've also added a new page called The Currents Page which is basically going to be a list of all my current obsessions. I'll keep it updated regularly as my obsessions change, which is quite often.


My weekend was great. Saturday morning, after a couple of hours at work, I drove to Allendale Michigan, home of the Grand Valley Renaissance Festival. The faire was a rather small venue, but certainly fun. The Shiabrucks were there, and that means massive amounts of boffer fighting! Woo-hoo! Later on Saturday, it began to rain, and the temperature dropped drastically. Larissa and I set up camp on campus (ha!), and slept there. It was -really- cold in the morning! All of Sunday was very windy and rather cold for a faire. In the morning I was able to lace Larissa up in the bodice I bought her. It was quite fun! Even with the freezing wind, which eventually gave my face wind burn, I had a great time. As an added bonus I was finally able to meet Miss Freya Lorelai, whom I was meeting there for the first time. She's very nice, and quite intelligent. Also, a very large knight broke my driver's side mirror off of my car (on accident). I duct-taped it back on, which makes me look even more like white-trash, oh well. I wasn't about to pick a fight with him! Updates will incur after I fully heal.


I added some pictures of everyone's favorite Almighty Guru to The Pictures Page. Also, after almost a full year, I've updated The Indiana Jones Page. It now has all the movie covers including the Young Indy Chronicles, and the soundtracks. Anyone know when these are going to be released on DVD? Probably not until Indy 4 comes out.


The Dune Page has been updated with the movie, miniseries, and soundtrack covers, as well as some new text and stuff. Yay. This weekend, I'll be at the Grand Valley Faire for the first time. It seems like a nice little faire, so I think I'll enjoy myself. I've added some new info on the band Golden Earring to The Music Page under The Other Artists Page.


Thanks to the MP3's at Tom's Ultima Music Page I was able to construct an entire album dedicated to Ultima Music! It's so awesome! I know what you're thinking... Wow Guru, how can I get my own Ultima Music CD? Well... You're not thinking that, you're thinking I'm a HUGE nerd. Works for me! I've broken out The Aliases Page in The Guru Page, and even added an old alias I used to use.


I have been informed of a new Unusual City Name from Karl Lindner. The city name is Accident, Maryland. Which supposedly, is a nice quite town. Except of course for all the perpetually maimed people, bwa-ha-ha! Anyway, I've added a new page to the My Life Page regarding my little fire and fighting night.


It's been awhile since my last update and much has happened, so here goes. Well, for starters, work's been very stressful for the past few days. I've been struggling with ODBC drivers, which if you've ever used them before can be a chore. Friday, I got to hang out with my friend Tabree, who I haven't seen since she moved to Mississippi a few months ago. I caught the movie One Hour Photo which was weird, and it rather sucked. Saturday, I went to Indiana to be with my sweetie Larissa. She, Patrick, and I had a fire and toasted marshmallows, as well as had some good sword fighting. I've got some pictures of it which I'll probably get up here soon. I finished reading Prince Caspian from the Narnia Chronicles. It was a nice read, certainly good, but not to the level of the previous ones. I've been having some very odd dreams, one of which put me in a 300 foot tall slide that bent and twisted all the way down to the ground. The real odd thing is that it was made out of wicker! As far as work of the page is concerned, I broke out a new section in The Guru Page. The Perspectives Page is now it's own section. I've also added a new quiz to The Quizzes Page. It's basic Nintendo Trivia. Nothing too hard, but I plan on making several difficulty levels to it.


Well The Janitor's Rule Page is almost complete now. The walkthrough now goes through the entire game. There are a few more things that can still be added. I've added a new link to The Ultima Page. A gentleman has logged much of the Ultima music to MP3 format directly from the games--which means true Roland MT-32 synthesizer sound! Check it out: www.grandgent.com/tom/ultima. I also added a new page to The Guru Page, there's no new content, but it's just a more pretty way of looking at the data. It's a Pictures Page chocked full of pictures of yours truly.


Only 30 more days until Halloween! I forgot to mention two things. First, I finished reading So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish, the fourth book in the Hitchhiker's Trilogy (yes, trilogy!). It was magnificent. Very funny, and plenty of interesting little sub plots, certainly a good read. I also added a little more content to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page Second, I added a new piece to The Art Page last week, but forgot to mention it. There is some more work in The Janitor's Rule Page. I'm almost finished with the walkthrough finally. The Old News Page has been updated once more, and now contains the month of August. I was also informed of a cool web site. Check out www.archive.org for the history of millions of past web pages.