November, 2002


Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be sure to eat an entire turkey, they demand that we do. I was finally able to beat Doom II last night. I rule! Unfortunately, Kingdomination will not be ready until after Thanksgiving. I've still got a few bugs in it, and it still looks terrible. Once I fix the bugs, I'll post it. I also might clean it up a little too, as it is really plain looking. Code first, pretty later. It should be ready early next week so stay tuned.


I am now on the last level of Doom II. Geez, it's hard! The worst part is, that I have to beat the entire level without saving! For some reason saving crashes the game on this level! My new JavaScript project, Kingdomination is coming along pretty quick. I might have a demo online by tomorrow. If not, it will have to wait until Monday after the holiday.


I finished Chamber of Secrets last night. Of course, it will go on my list of favorite books, as it was amazingly good. It really added many important things that were skipped in the movie. Having read the first book before the movie, I was a little disappointed at how the movie was very similar. Now having read the book afterwards, in Chamber of Secrets' case, I realize how much more is in the books. All of the plot holes that I saw in the movie were suddenly made clear in the book. Now I'm kind of bummed that I saw the movie first, a mistake which I will not make in the third movie. I've already started reading Prisoner of Azkaban! In other news, I'm almost finished with Doom II. I'm halfway into level 28, and I should definitely be well into level 29 by the end of the day. I added a few more images to The Harry Potter Page. I'm still working with the page's format, and I can't decide on a color scheme yet.


I finally broke down and made a Harry Potter Page. I know, I know, it's not exactly the most unique thing in the world. The reason I made it, is because I have a huge archive of Harry Potter related pictures on my hard drive, and I know other people like the movies/books too, so enjoy, but hate having to surf for hours to find them. It looks like crap right now, but I doubt I'll spend too much time making it pretty.


Yesterday I beat level 22 of Doom II. Only 8 more levels! Before I went to bed I was reading Chamber of Secrets. It was getting late, so I said to myself, "Just one more chapter." So I finished that chapter. But I was so involved in the book, that I couldn't stop, so I said, "Just one more chapter." This repeated itself a couple more times, and by the time I ended, I had read five chapters! I'm already a third of the way done with the book. I'm working on a new JavaScript game called Kingdomination, which I'll have on-line sometime next week.


I finally got around to watching my Fellowship of the Ring Collector's Edition DVD. Oh wow! The half-hour of extra footage was very important to the plot, and I'm so glad I was able to see it all. Last night I finally began reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which is very good so far. I'm on level 21 of Doom II, I've almost beat the game. Probably 2 more weeks of mild playing.


I forgot to mention yesterday, that on Sunday, I saw the movie The Four Feathers, which was a good movie up until the ending, where it all came apart. A shame really. Updated some game pages including The 7th Guest Page, The Bionic Commando Database, and The Secret of Mana Page.


Chamber of secrets turned out to be awesome, and I noticed Hermione is looking older. *slaps self* Bad thoughts! No! I still need to read the book, and I found that I should probably read Prisoner of Azkaban before the movie this time. Anyway, so my car broke down in Indiana yesterday night. I had to stay in Indiana an extra day and missed the majority of the day of work. Which I'm actually bummed about (Go fig). The total costs came out to around $160, which is considerably less than what I expected. As an added bonus, my car no longer makes this horrible grinding noise when I drive. Woot! No site updates today, I'm a little back logged from my annoying car problems.


Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets comes out today! I hope you all plan on going to see it. I've updated The Unusual City Names Page, thanks to Kathy Green, and her addition of Bow, Washington. I'm heading south for the weekend to have fun in Indiana. Well, I'll have that Bionic Commando hack out to a select few tonight. Have a good weekend all.


Snape Says: Watch Harry Potter tomorrow or die! Snape's not nice. I've made some good progress in hacking the Bionic Commando ROM's map data. As of now, I can mildly alter the Area 1 map. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I'll be able to alter it fully. We'll see what happens.


I am now the proud owner of the Fellowship of the Ring: Collectors Edition: Super Dooper version! It seems there are two versions of the collectors edition. The standard 4 disc, and the ultra mega 5 disc. The five disc set includes a National Geographic Making of Fellowship, and a set of resin bookends of the two kings. Pretty snazzy. For updates I have added some more to The Bionic Commando Database. A new FAQ page, as well as typo fixes.


Fellowship Extended comes out today Go get it! I worked on some more Bionic Commando hacking last night. Still no major breakthroughs, although I did find a way to make it impossible to pick up bullet canisters. I've reworked The Bionic Commando Page by removing the frames, and actually giving the page a name. Now it's The Bionic Commando Database. Catchy isn't it? Several typo's have been fixed, and even a few additions have been made.


One more day until the Fellowship Boxed Set! I had my hair trimmed on Friday, which I hadn't done in about eight months. I guess it needed it. Saturday, I actually took over an NPC for a session in my friends AD&D game, which was rather fun. I haven't roleplayed in about three years, so it was certainly a bit of nostalgia. On Sunday, I went to see the movie 8 Mil, which was pretty much what I expected; a movie that was made to make Eminem look good. Despite this fact however, the movie turned out pretty good. It was even, on some levels, motivational. As far as this site is concerned, I've added five more random images.


Only four short days until Fellowship of the Ring the Extended version comes out! 4 DVD Boxed Set Baby! I've added some more content to The Secret of Mana Page, including a new format for the monster's page, and several new animated images. It still has a long way to go.


I've read two short stories from the book Dragons of Krynn. One called "Fools' Gold" and the other called "Night of Falling Stars". Both were fun to read, but neither of them left a lasting impression on me. I knew you wanted to know that. Anyway, I've added a little bit to The NeverEnding Story Page. I've also added five new random images. Boo-yah!


Am I considered a pedophile if I have a crush on Hermione Granger? I mean, yes, I'm 22, and she's 12, but still, I'm not some dirty old man am I? I mean there must be plenty of guys out there who have a crush on her too right? I hope. Anyway, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be in theaters next Friday, on November 15th. That's a mere nine days away! Sweet! If you sit on this page for more than ten seconds you'll see the random image change. Wow, I'm a JavaScript genius! Pishaw! Oh yes, good news to all you Tolkien fans! Fellowship of the Ring, the extended release comes out on the 12th.


It's voting day! Go vote darn you! Anyway, The Unusual City Names Page has several new cities and rivers added thanks to Chris Lopez. Lots of pictures today. Here is a picture of the glass mug I purchased at the Renaissance Festival. Here is a very humorous car, with very interesting bumper stickers. The first two are religious stickers, and the third simply states "Hi, I don't care, Thanks." Hmm... I think they are a little confused. Also, two new pictures of yours truly have been added to The Pictures Page. Want more? I've also my Highest Games Scores to The Games I've Beaten. Still more? Sure! I've added a new page of pointless data. I now have Police Radio Scan Codes. Wee!


Well, I'm back from vacation. I've already answered the question "So, what did you do?" about a thousand times, so I'm going to post it here so that it shall be asked no more. On my vacation I slept, and ate candy with Larissa. That's about it. Now, no more questions asked. Thank-you. I now own Beauty and the Beast on DVD. Woot! With the new month, Old News has moved. Three really important things happen this month. One, Harry Potter 2 comes out, and two, Lord of the Rings Boxed Set comes out, and three, The Wrinkle In Time miniseries is supposed to air on NBC sometime this month. Although nobody seems to have updated anything recently about it... grr. Don't go and see the movie Ghost Ship, it sucks to high heaven. I am now fully caught up with my Dork Tower Comics, and have issues 1-20, all three collections, and all other printings. I Rule! I have some pictures to post form my vacation, but seeing how very little occurred, they won't be super special or anything. I was rather happy on Halloween that I didn't have a single trick-or-treater, thus allowing me to keep all my candy to myself! (Although, Larissa took a large quantity of it! :-P )