December, 2002


I beat part three of "God of Thunder" last night. Yeah, I'm rad! For those of you who haven't played "God of Thunder" check it out. The city Santa Claus has been added, thanks to Dennis Schrader. Oh yeah, the year is going to end tonight. Reptile isn't that much impressed. Reptile wants flying cars, and protein computers. And little robotic dogs that can speak French.


I now own "Queen's Greatest Video Hits 1" on DVD. I'm cool. I've added a new picture of me under The Pictures Page. I'm halfway through "Good Omens", and it's very funny. A new city has been submitted by Syphon R. French Lick, Indiana! Sounds like a wholesome place. I've added the MIDI music to The Contra Page. I've added a little more information to The Bionic Commando Database. Also, I beat part 2 of "God of Thunder" over the weekend, and beat two old high scores that I set back in 1998 (Megamania, and Vanguard).


I finally beat world 5 in Cosmo Police. World 6 is very difficult, but interesting. I also started reading the book Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It has, so far, been an extremely funny book. I added the Ultima Fonts to The Ultima Page. I was also informed of a new cheat in the game Swords of Glass by Docktor SWAG, which has been added to The Glass Shrine. It's almost 2003 and the world -still- hasn't ended yet! What's the deal here?


Even though Sub Zero likes cold stuff, Sub Zero's getting annoyed at all the snow, if the snow doesn't stop soon, Sub Zero's gonna start killing people! The good news is that Christmas is finally over, and I can enjoy life once more. I was bestowed upon several nice gifts, including the movie A League of Their Own, which I've always liked, and the collectors edition of Alice Cooper's Dragon Town album. I was thinking, I really need to catalogue my entire CD collection. I'm not sure why, but cataloguing things has always been something I've enjoyed. I reckon I'll get working on that soon. I've finally given a name to The 7th Guest Page. It is now called The Dollhouse. I even gave it a pretty new title image.


I finally got around to finishing my new quiz. And here it is: Which Secret of Mana Character Are You?. I ended up with Dyluck, which was pretty accurate. I also added the Secret of Mana Type Font to The Secret Of Mana Page. This is my last update until after Christmas. Have a safe holiday everyone, or I'll kill you!


More updates to The Seventh Guest Page as well as some to The Glass Shrine.


I hit level 23 in Cosmo Police, but I still can't beat the boss. He's freaking hard! I've updated The 7th Guest Page by breaking it into several different pages. I still have to add tons more information about the puzzles and the making of the game, but that must wait.


Two Towers was awesome! I mean -really- awesome! It was even better than Fellowship! The epic war scenes were done extremely well, and the pacing was very good. The only real problem I have with it, is that some of the CGI was rather obvious. It was easy to look past though. The movie totally rocked, 'nuff said. Also in the news, I finished reading The Sorcerer's Stone again two days ago. It's amazing how much more it makes sense when you know about the future books. I'm doing great in Galivan: Cosmo Police. I'm now in world 5 with the Hyper blade, the Cosmo Crystal, the Prism Wave the Jet Boots, and I'm level 22! I've added several new entries to The Ultima Encyclopedia, and updated many entries.


Two Towers is out today! Woo-hoo!


Two Towers comes out tomorrow! Two Towers comes out tomorrow! Two Towers comes out tomorrow! Ahhh... The tension is killing me. I've made a super cool Lord of the Rings Wallpaper which you can use to decorate your boring desktops. See, I look out for you guys. I'd like to thank Gavin for getting me addicted to a new band, Rilo Kiley, who I've been listening to non-stop for three days now. I've added a bunch of missing data to The Glass Shrine thanks to Tim Walmsley for filling me in.


Last night I was inspired to write a rather interesting poem. It's a melancholy tale that has nothing to do with my life for a change (I'm kind of glad!). Still, I think it's pretty good. It's called I Should Be Over You. I've been really making progress in Cosmo Police. I'm now in world 5, with the Thunder Blade, the Cosmo Suit, the Spark Ball, and level 18. I'm such a cool Galivan! I saw Star Trek: Nemesis on Saturday, and was rather disappointed. Tons of plot holes, and of course, what Star Trek: TNG would be complete without Picard breaking the Prime Directive... again. I've added some more city names to The Unusual City Names Page, thanks again to Kathy Green.


I'm updating on a Saturday again. I must be crazy! Next Wednesday is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers! Oh, I can barely contain my excitement! I'm kicking butt at Galivan: Cosmo Police. I made it to world 3, and now have the Cosmo Eye, the Auto Protect, and Blade Power. I'm now level 11. The new boss is this big iron dragon. Haven't found out how to hit him yet though. I also started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone again. Just for kicks. I'm finally over being sick, and feeling like my old self again.


Happy Friday the thirteenth. I've added a MIDI section to The Rent Page. Star Trek: Nemesis is out today! I'll be seeing it, how about you? It seems the new release date of the A Wrinkle in Time miniseries is February 2003. If they make this date, I'll be surprised. I'm working on a new quiz, which should be finished some time next week.


The city King of Prussia, PA has been added to The Unusual City Names Page thanks to Mike Connelly. I'm kicking major butt in Galivan: Cosmo Police. I now have the Fire Beam, the Cosmo Boots, the Capsule Bomber, and the Cosmo Boomerang. I also went up two levels, and beat two mini-bosses. I'm having a heck of a time trying to beat the current boss. He's like a metal snake or something. I might make a page for this game, as it's amazingly cool, but totally unknown. I've added a little more to The Secret Of Mana Page, and The Glass Shrine.


Only one week until Two Towers comes out! And only two days until Star Trek: Nemesis comes out. I've added several new city names to The Unusual City Names Page thanks again to Kathy Green. I also added five new random images, yay! If you're like me, and you're holding off to buy Christmas gifts, remember, you only have 12 shopping days until Christmas! Best be a buyin'. I guess I should begin.


I've added some more content to The Rent Page including, a plain text version of the script, more pictures, and more links. I've added more pictures, and content to The Highlander Page as well. I cleaned up The Bionic Commando Database and put the menu on every page now.


Well, I beat Diablo on Saturday (Diablo was a sissy), and then I finished reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader on Sunday. It was a good book with a lot of mystery, but it didn't compare with the the previous books. I found a really cool game called Galivan Cosmo Police, which is an old Famicom game, translated into English. The game is sort of a cross between Rygar and Metriod. I've been enjoying it quite a bit so far. I've added a new page to The Guru Page called The Favorites Page. It contains all my favorites of everything I can come up with. I also went through my page, found any e-mail link, and added a subject line to it.


Hey, an update on a Saturday, what won't I think of next? Three new city names have been added to The Unusual City Names Page including Paradise, Pennsylvania from Leslie, and Crookstown and Suck River, Ireland from Mickey Polaris. Thank you!


Yeoman of the Guard was excellent. I really enjoyed it, and the cast was outstanding. I believe it was Dave's first Gilbert and Sullivan musical, and he simply adored it. Check out yesterday's Fox Trot comic! It's a riot! It's a cross between clay-mation and Lord of the Rings! I've added a new piece of artwork to The Art Page, called "Paradise Hotel". It's a photograph that I painstakingly hand altered to give it a painted look. More work in The Ultima Page. I've added some more pictures of Richard Garriott, and also made more entries into the Ultima Encyclopedia.


Tonight I go and see Sarah in The Yeoman of the Guard. I'll be going with Dave, and Paula to enjoy a nice Gilbert and Sullivan musical. Someone actually beat my Kingdomination game last night. Kudos to Jon. I've added some more song analyses to The Queen Page. I've also broken The Ultima Page out of frames, and updated the Ultima Encyclopedia.


No cavities! Woot! I've updated The Queen Page with a new section. A song reviews section, where I am doing basic analysis's to many of of favorite Queen songs. Only two weeks until Two Towers! Ooo the tension! There are some minor fixes to my Kingdomination game.


Must type quick, dentist appointment today. My dentist doesn't like the fact that I drink a 6-pack of pop every day, go fig. Anyway, my latest game Kingdomination is on-line. Give it a whirl, tell me what you think. It's still pretty rough around the edges, but I'm trying to work out any problems. Enjoy.


I spent my four day weekend in Indiana. While there, I finished Prisoner of Azkaban on Saturday. It was a tremendous book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also saw Chamber of Secrets two more times. In addition, I also saw Treasure Planet. Not the best movie Disney has ever made, but still, it was pretty good. There is a new city on The Unusual City Names Page. Intercourse, Pennsylvania was submitted by Dave. I'm sure it's a happy place. I've moved October's updates to The Old News Page. I've also started a countdown for the number of days until Two Towers comes out, only 16 left! I moved some more of the unfiled pages out into their correct locations finally. I've also finished the final programming on Kingdomination, and all that's left is some beta testing, and a little spit and polish. I should have it posted tomorrow.