January, 2003


I've added a new tileset to The Concentration Page consisting of fantasy based pictures. I started playing around with a top 10 list for it, which I'll probably get working soon. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I finished reading the book "The Silver Chair" by C.S. Lewis. It was a decent book, but certainly not the best of the Narnia series. I think my favorite character was the marsh-wiggle, Puddleglum. His very pessimistic views were always humorous. I wonder if I can get the show American High on DVD. I still can't seem to find a place to buy it. What gives?


I've updated The Music Page by restructuring several aspects of it. I haven't finished with it yet, but there is certainly an improvement from its old appearance. Lots of other minor fixes to various pages as well.


I've added a new section to The Pointless Data Page. There is now a small write-up on Morse Code, the nice antiquated system. I've also added a new perspective on Gun Control showing how I'm kind of for it, and kind of against it.


While leaving work yesterday I had a feeling of niceness come over me. I decided that I would go and do something nice for someone. So I took off to the store, and picked up a very pretty bouquet of flowers. I went to the first cashieer, paid for them, and gave them to her. She seemed very surprised and a little confused at the gesture. I told her to have a nice day, and then left with a huge grin on my face. Then I got home, and found out I'm a jerk, but that's another story. I've updated The Glass Shrine with a small structure change.


Saturday some friends and I braved the 30 degree weather and decided to do some boffering. It was a blast, and I really missed it, but it certainly proved that I am way out of shape. We only lasted 30 minutes, partially to the cold, but more because I was wheezing like an old goat. I remember last summer when I faught for over 7 hours. Even more pathetic, when I awoke Sunday morning, I was sore all over. I can't wait for the summer when I can boffer every night again. Anyway, I've added two more fonts, one for The Highlander Page and another in The Indiana Jones Page. I've added several new topics to My Favorites Page. I've also reworked The Clue Quiz so it has pretty graphics at the end. Check it out.


I've added some more information to Lukrain's Guide to Boffers. It now has a guide to building swords and a basic combat guide. Oh, I'm so much in the boffer mood. I need to find a local place where I can boffer. It's way to cold for outdoor boffering right now. There are a few other minor updates around the site. Here's a super fun game, see if you can find them!


I've got my first posting of Lukrain's Guide to Boffers. It's still in its infancy, but it does have a nice step-by-step how-to creation of a basic boffer weapons, as well as a simple and complex combat rules, boffer maintenence, a FAQ, and a bunch of links. I'll continue adding to it as I get boffer urges.


Five new random images have been added. Two new unusual city names have been added thanks to Steven Sandbrook. Virginville, and Blue Ball Pennsylvania. I'm working on a large guide for boffering, which should be up soon.


Do you know what I really hate? Well, even if you don't know, I'm going to tell you. I hate it when you wake up in the morning, take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, get dressed, and just as you're ready to leave for work, you wake up and realize you dreamed the whole thing. That SUCKS! Anyway, I've added a new tileset to the Concentration Game, and although you can't tell, I've cleaned up the code and made it all pretty. The Game Page has been altered a little as well. I made pretty banners for my JavaScript games. I also gave a minor update to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page.


I'm not sick anymore. It's about time too. I spent my weekend in Indiana which great because I got to see Larissa (yay!). I've changed the Concentration Game, by removing the time limit, and making the score based on how many tries it takes you. I also added a new tileset to it based on the game "Dragon Warrior". I've updated the links in the A Wrinkle In Time Page. It seems the miniseries will now air in April, 2003.


I'm finally starting to feel better. Most of my symptoms are gone, and I actually felt like doing something last night other than drooling in front of the TV. I started reading "The Silver Chair" which is the second-to-last book of the "Narnia Chronicles". This book stars Eustace and a new girl named Jill. I've added some links to The Poetry Page. I've reworked the Castle Adventure page, and gave it a name. It's now called The Key To The Castle. I also added the script to The Sneakers Page.


I cleaned up a bunch of links today on all the major pages. Several new ones as well. Boo-yah.


I'm still sick since last Friday, thanks to my co-worker Paul. EVIL! I'm almost over it now, and I would appreciate the runny nose to stop running. I've done some minor updates to The Clue Page.



Let's see... I received my RENT tickets yesterday in the mail! Yay! I also took a nice picture of my Shield. It has a two foot diameter, and is studded with twenty half-inch spikes. I also beat my old Tetris high score with 90,212! Oh so close to 100,000! I also finished "Goblet of Fire" last night. It was an excellent book, which I loved reading. The ending was certainly on a low note, but I'm sure that "Order of the Phoenix" will pick up in full steam.


Good news! I finally finished my spiked shield, which I started working on last year (talk about being lazy!). It began last summer before the ren faires started. I began constructing it, and was quite pleased on it's progress. Then the ren faires picked up, and I let it sit for awhile. After several weekends of ren faires I was getting pretty tired of them, and decided to wait awhile on anything ren faire related. Thus the shield would wait. Now, it seems, I'm back in the ren faire mood, and since there are no faires around, I have to quench my thirst in other ways. Like making spiked shields. I'll have some pictures of it soon.


I've did a large amount of updates to The Clue Page. I've added a pictures section, and some nice pretty graphics.


Wolverine wants you all to know that I've finally got around to making a Clue Page. It's rather empty as of now, but it does have a clue quiz, the script, and a bunch of good links. Check it out.


New Lord of the Rings wallpaper! It's called "The Many Moods of Legolas". It exists in three sizes: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024. Hey it's sunny out for a change! A slight typo fix in the Secret of Mana pages. I almost forgot, I saw the movie "Tuck Everlasting" over the weekend. It was a decent movie, but not something I'd write home about. It had a plot that I always love, immortality and the problems with it. I remember reading a short story a long time ago that was very similar to this movie. Oh yes, I'm halfway through "Goblet of Fire" which is very good so far.


I purchased my RENT tickets last night! I was rather surprised at how quickly the tickets had sold, and I had to settle with Row 18, right-center. Not too bad, but Scorpion would have preferred that I get row 1, center. Oh well, Scorpion will have to Toasty some people. Nothing left to do now, but wait. I put an update in The Tome of Silvest, and added several new music files, including some MP3's of the game. I've also added a new section to The Pointless Data Page. It's a page on measurements, and the current standards.


The important news today is that I've started transcribing The Tome of Lehadony, which is a book of scriptures that involve the grand and glorious guru, Dean. Be sure to take a look at it. Basically, it's a book written as though in the style of ancient prophecies. It will be a sort of on-going project, until I finish all the books. I've made good progress in "Goblet of Fire", which is a very good book so far. I've also added some more song descriptions to The Queen Songs Page.


AAAAA!!! The RENT Tour is coming to Flint! Must buy tickets! I can not miss this!

And It's showing for -two- days! Breathe... Okay, remain calm. Dean's happy! Okay... Other stuff. Well, I've been playing around with a new programming language (new to me anyway) called SPHERE. It's a 32-bit language built specifically for making games. My kind of language! I also finished "Good Omens" last night. Final impression: loved the book, very funny, very exciting, and I only noticed four typos. Certainly a favorite. I also started reading the fourth book in the Harry Potter series, "Goblet of Fire".


Hey, it's a new year. I'm so titillated. Moved more junk to The Old News Page. There are some minor corrections in The Bionic Commando Database. It gets the title of the "First update the year".