February, 2003


Taganath of the Nove Avatara Guild was the deliverer of those final MP3's. Thanks! I have almost completed my new custom palette which can be seen to the left. This palette includes all the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. As well as colors for flesh, metals, woods, fire, and other assorted hues. It still needs a little work, but I think it is pretty good. You may be wondering what I would use it for. Well if you think of anything, let me know. To the right you will see a drawstring bag which I hand made! It's made from black vinyl and hand sewn. It's almost large enough to hold a half gallon.


After trying for a couple of hours last night, I was finally able to get connected to my new account in Dransik. It's amazing how much the game has changed. The graphics are much better, the game play is much more advanced, it's very new. Of course, with my old computer, I was getting an amazing 9 frames per second. I need more power. Thanks to a very nice Dransik player, whose name escapes me, but I'll remember tomorrow! (sorry) I now have all the MP3's of Dransik available for download. Check them out on The Dransik Page.


I did some more work on my boffer shield last night. I think it's going to turn out pretty darn spiffy. I still need to get a handle for it. I've updated The Dransik Page and I need to add the other MP3 files still. They should be up before the end of the week. I'm also planning on starting a new Dransik account. I've been away so long and so much has changed.


While Mona Lisas and mad hatters, sons of bankers, sons of lawyers, turn around and say, "good morning," to the night. I finally got my materials for making my boffer shield. It's amazing how expensive foam rubber is! I've updated The Unusual City Names Page again, with a submission from someone with the initials MTD. The name: Polish Mountain, WV. They expected a valley! ;-) There are some other additions as well.


Well, I was unable to get my network card working. Grr! After trying for a long time I concluded that I need to reload my OS. So after that, I'll try again. I hate computers. A word from the wise: Do not color a velvet poster in your room. You may ask, why? Well, I did, and now -everything- in my room is covered in a thin layer of black velvet dust. Anyway, I know it's all been done before, so don't expect to be totally dazzled or anything, but check out my eFortune Cookie.


It's finally getting warm again! Yesterday was well above freezing, and most of the snow melted. Today is even warmer, and that makes Gambit happy! I'm sure we'll have at least one more heavy snow before winter ends, but for now I'm happy. Want to know how Carl Jung would answer the time honored "Why did the chicken cross the road"? What about Karl Marx? Check out this page: www.chickenjoke.com. I've updated my Favorites Page with 14 new entries, and updated a few. Tonight I'm going to setup my network at home, and hopefully get a LAN party this weekend.


Last night I beat the game Masters of Magic on it's weakest difficulty. I'm really liking the game, and I think I'll try to fully beat it soon. In the mood for a bit of nostalgia? Check out gameskidsplay.net. It's amazing how many games I've forgotten about that are listed here. I've added a little more to Lukrain's Boffer Guide. A new city name has been added: Horneytown, NC, thanks to Lynniemnt.


The Queen Page has been updated with a new page with all of Queen's albums, not really a discography though. Also! BIG NEWS! Thanks to the power of the Internet and new technology, I've been able to create a brand new device that can actually show you the color of your spirit! That's right, you heard it here first! This new device will revolutionize the way we view the color of our spirits. Check out The Spirit Colors Program.


I've fixed a bunch of broken links in The Old News Pages so everything should point to the correct pages now. I've made a banner image for every one of my Pointless Data Pages. The page is all nice and pretty now.


Pop... Six... Squish... Uh-uh... Cicero... Lipschitz! My weekend was terrific. Instead of having Valentine's Day on Friday like everyone else, Larissa and I used the entire weekend instead, for a much better V-Day than can't be contained in just a 24-hour span. In other news, I just want to say that they Kinkos in Flint really SUCKS! The graphics programs they have include: MS Paint, Kodak Imaging, and that cheap program that comes with MS Office. What a joke! No Corel, not even Adobe! I was quite displeased. I picked up a copy of the book "DUNE" which is very good so far. Similar to the movie, but with a great deal more detail. Since I'm in a DUNE mood, I've greatly updated The DUNE Page. I've made some shared pages "remember" where you came from so when you leave you go to the right spot now.


Happy Valentine's Day. I'm posting another pretty heart for the occasion. More cities thanks to the lovely Larissa, including Cut Off, Dry Prong, Saline, Shongaloo, and Sulphur, all in Louisiana. I'm getting ready to setup a network at my apartment to start having a few LAN parties. I can't wait to play Magic Carpet 2 in multiplayer!


I went and saw "Chicago" last night, which turned out to be a very good movie. Want to talk to a nice online artificial intelligence? Check out Alicebot. I've updated The Games Page and broke it out into multiple pages with a new interface. I also changed the links section to use web icons now. I added some minor updates to other pages as well.


More cities have been added including Faceville Georgia by Nathan Lande, Rough And Ready California by Kathy Green, and Niceville Florida, and Nags Head North Carolina by me. Last night after watching a program about robots, I decided to make a model trebuchet. For those who don't know, a trebuchet is a more advanced catapult. Anyway, I made it out of markers, tape, and an old Bounce fabric softener box. Take a look. It has a swinging arm and a properly swinging counter-weight for maximum power. The only thing that is missing is a set of wheels which would make it even more powerful. I filled the counter-weight box with a bunch of quarters and was able to shoot small payloads across my apartment. Wee! I've also updated The Janitor's Closet by fixing several typos and cleaning some pages.


I've added a custom 404 error page. Now if someone goes to a dead link they will see this. I've made The Games I've Beaten Page a little more interactive, by linking to other pages. Wow, my Web site is getting big! It's already over 150 meg! *Wipes away a tear* Sniff, I remember when it was just a wee little page, not even knee high to a grasshopper. Oh they grow up so fast.


I beat Magic: Spells of the Ancients last night! Not only did I kill all five wizards, but I also killed the bad guy at the end who has 100 life and starts with a Black Lotus and a Celestial Prism in play. I rule! Here's an interesting site. A guy named Scott Pehnke has created a clone of the old 2600 game Adventure in flash! A new city has been added thanks to Pam. Chunky, Mississippi. I've added some more info to Lukrain's Boffer Guide. It now has a page for first aid, a new game, and some more info over all. I also resized some pages that were too big to fit in 800x600, so now all my pages that should fit, do fit.


This morning I woke up, got ready, made my way to my car, and discovered that I have a flat tire. Yay. My roommate was nice enough to give me a ride to work, but now I have to get my tire fixed. Cars suck. Anyway, I've added more cities thanks to Greg and Kellen Wood. And now I get to go fix my tire.


It's everyone's favorite soldier, Guile! Yay... Well, seven more cities have been added thanks to Chris Combs. Doolittle, Neelyville, Cuba, and Briar Montana, Cool and Millsap Texas, and Possum Grape Arkansas. I've added a new page for The Narnia Chronicles. It's pretty basic now, but I'll get it up to date with more content soon. I've also added another Concentration tileset. This one is just simply colors. It's probably the most difficult set I've made, because there is so little to distinguish from on each tile.


Two new cities have been added thanks to Tuesday Hayes, Eek and Chicken Alaska. For those of you who enjoy learning about different forms or writing, check out omniglot.com. It's a very informative page all about different forms of writing. I also added a new poem called The Fall which is depressing of course.


I watched a car do a 180 in the middle of the road this morning. Nobody was hurt, so it was all good fun. The city Peculiar, MO has been added to the Unusual City Names page. I've also removed the frames in The Dragon Warrior Page, making it the last page that had frames. My site is now completely frame-free. I also went through and checked all my outside links on every page and cleaned up all the dead ones. The Labyrinth Page has been updated a little bit. Nothing a die-hard fan would care about.


It was my mother's birthday yesterday, she's now older than she was last year. Last night at a gas station, I was filling up my car for my long drive back home and there was a man looking at the news paper which had a picture of the Columbia disaster on the cover. His comment was that even though he felt bad about the loss of life, if we were meant to be up there, we'd be up there. It shocked me to hear that there are still people who are so ignorant to progress and technology that a statement like this could be made. What did he mean, we weren't meant to be up there? Were we meant to make airplanes? Were we meant to make submarines? A goal of mankind is to explore the world and the universe around us, to go where we've never been before. This guy obviously didn't watch much Star Trek as a child. He kind of reminded me of a hobbit. Anyway, I moved December's news to the old news page. Yesterday, I finally saw the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" which was very typical of the romantic comedy genre, so I liked it. I've updated Lukrain's Boffer Guide with some more information on one-handed combat, and various other boffer games. I've also added a larger selection of products to my Online Store. So go and buy stuff so I won't be poor.