March, 2003


First things first, RENT WAS AWESOME! I took Larissa and we both went with my roommate Paula and our mutual friend Dave. Oh it was spectacular, just how I imagined it, only better! The cast did a wonderful job, bonus points go to Mark, Roger, Mimi, and Maureen, who I thought did very well. I now even have a RENT T-shirt to prove it. W00T! Okay, down to business. I've updated The Ultima Page with the scans of the Ultima VII Blackgate game manual. The Fellowship book. I've added a new picture of yours truly.


I went shopping yesterday and picked up the essentials (Italian ice and cereal). Tomorrow I get to see RENT! Yay! All you RPG fans out there must check out It's a wonderful site chocked full of nostalgia. Well, I'm off to get ready for the show.


Most of yesterday was spent cleaning my room, cleaning the bathroom, and watching Star Trek: TNG. They go together better than you'd think. I've finally got around to scanning the cover of my quality Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide. I've added it to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page. I finished making a desktop background image for the book A Wrinkle In Time. It's a creepy image of the man with the red eyes. Scare your children with it.


So I drove to the theater where RENT is showing and had a RENT sign up! I'm so geeked! I can't wait! I finally got around to trimming my hair last night. Like most tasks that don't involve excitement, I usually put it off. Today I have to do some cleaning, and assorted inside chores. Don't wanna! I came across a very nice site dedicated to the old TRS-80 computers of Radio Shack fame. Check it out. I did some slight modifications to The Narnia Page. There are some minor updates to The Harry Potter Page. I've added more entries and pictures to The Ultima Encyclopedia.


Well the new Harry Potter cover is looking pretty good. Not bad at all. I can't wait for it to come out, I'm sure it will kick some serious boo-tay. Last night I cracked the Bionic Commando sprite structure. I rule. Now all I have to do is catalogue every different sprite in the entire game. Help! RENT is coming up, it's only four days away now. I'll finally be seeing it live. I'm going to drive up to the theater just to make sure I can get there come Saturday. Hmm... What should I do for dinner. I took a picture of myself, and ran it through multiple filters and changes in Corel Photo-Paint. Here's the final result. I'm rather icy!


My sister had her baby a few days ago, and now I'm an uncle... again. I started reading "Mostly Harmless" which is the last book in the Hitchhiker's Series. It starts out very funny, of course. I've found a great section while hacking the Bionic Commando ROM. It's all the info regarding object pointers. They're very compressed, but I'm slowly figuring out how to alter them. I should have the structure figured out soon.


Last night while hacking Bionic Commando, I was able to create a gun that launches heads. I'm cool. Frosted Mini Chex are an awesome cereal. Eat them. My car is about to die. That is a bad thing. Anybody out there who wants to give me a nice new car? I've made several minor fixes to assorted pages. Boo-yah. That's about it.


I finished the book "DUNE" last night. A very good book, certainly a favorite. However, the ending didn't seem like an ending at all. Of course, there are several sequel books, which I'm sure will pickup where DUNE left off. There are still a few extra sections of the book which I need to read like the appendices and the glossary. I've made a minor update to The DUNE Page in honor of finishing the book. I cooked myself a nice New York Strip steak for dinner last night. Beef, the other white meat.


Only ten more days until the RENT concert! I'm so excited! I found an awesome website which contains the game maps of hundreds of video games. Check it out I've almost finished the book "DUNE". Only two more chapters left. I've added more Pointless Data! I now have a page for the States of the USA. It currently contains their size, water amount, and water percentage. I'm sure I'll add more to it eventually.


More pages have been updated with the new style sheet. As of right now I'm trying to get all the pages that use my page's default settings (the dark blue theme). After I finish those I'll create new style sheets for each of my main sections. My Web page has now reached the size of 250 meg! I'm too sexy for my Web page. I made The 7th Guest Page more standard with its buttons. I've also added a new poem which comes from the amazing cartoon Animaniacs. It is The Nations of the World.


Last weekend was amazing weather-wise. 50's on Saturday, and 60's on Sunday. Today is equally as nice. Much of the weekend was spent outdoors for a change. I also got to try out my new boffer shield which totally rocks. I forgot how much I miss the old 'Sword and board' fighting style. I've updated more pages with style sheets now. It's certainly dropping the size of my web pages considerably. It will also make things easier when I decide to change things around. I'm a happy camper.


I'm so proud of myself. About a week ago my driver-side headlight went out. I know very little about cars, except that they are expensive. So yesterday, I decided to change the headlight myself. Lo and behold, I was able to do it, my car now has both headlights! I deserve a cookie. Also, a note to the guy who designed the mechanics of the headlight system... You suck! Anyway, I've added a new poem called The Businessman. It's more of a song than a poem, but I'm quite proud of it as well. I'm just a proud fella today! Since my page has become so large I've decided to incorporate style sheets from now on. So my page will slowly start moving in that direction.


This morning I awoke to 4 inches of new snow. Yay. On my way to work, I drove over a set of train tracks, which put my car into a nice spin, tossing me off the road and almost into a ditch. After a few moments of rocking my car back and forth, I was able to get it out. What fun! Dransik has gone Pay-to-Play and I will not stay with it. Thus, I'm retiring The Tome of Silvest. Some new pointless data has been added, this time it's The Meaning of Names. I've compiled a list of different online name directories. Go see what your name means.


All of the pointless data pages now have their banner image as their title image. I also reworked the structure of the My Life Page. You can't tell visually, but the directory tree has changed.


I recently purchased a 7up to drink as I was driving home. I grabbed the first thing in the store's cooler and saw that the label was different. Odd, I thought, but bought it anyway. When I got into my car, I opened it and got ready to take a drink. That's when I noticed the word caffinated on the bottle. Huh? I also noticed that the pop was dyed green, instead of just having a green bottle. Well, there's nothing wrong with trying anything new, so I took a drink. It tasted like Surge. Gross. What's going on in the heads of those wackos at 7up? Don't screw with my drink man! Check out It generates anagrams of anything you give it. Anagrams for TheAlmightyGuru include 'Mighty True Laugh', 'Haughty Mute Girl', and 'Guilty Harem Thug'.


My weekend was great. I got to hang out with some old friends who I rarely get to see any more. I also saw my uncle on The Micheal Essany Show. I did some indoor boffering which was a blast. Two new unusual city names including Stinking Creek, TN, by Sarah Thompson and Timbuktoo, CA, by Bruce's daughter who's name I don't know. The interesting thing about the name Timbuktoo is that it can be roughly translated to 'mother with a large navel'. My Virus Wars program is turning out pretty good. Here's a screenshot of the prototype.


I've resurrected an old project of mine called Virus Wars. I started the program in 2001, and I'm just now getting back to it. Basically what you do is create a virus using a simple programming language and put it into a "body", and it's job is to infect as many cells in that body as possible. Of course, other people can create viruses as well and put them into the same body to fight for cells. The objective is to create the best program for taking over as many cells as possible. I've finished the framework of the language and now I'm working on the server program to run the viruses. Sound interesting? Check out some sample code.


Three more graphic images have been added to The Art Page. I've added a little more information to The Queen Page as well.


If you're a nerd like me you'll probably find this site,, interesting. Basically, it deals with generating random numbers, and how it is not possible for a computer to make them. This site actually uses atmospheric radio noise to generate random numbers. I've added three new pieces of art to The Art Page. They are fairly simple graphics made using a basic brush tool. They aren't the most amazing pieces, but they're fun to make. Also, my link button, seen at the bottom-left of this page, is now generated randomly. I currently have 6 different ones. W00T!


Lukrain's Boffer Guide has been updated again with new images and info. Here's a great link for when you want to waste time with interesting crazy little thoughts, Another interesting link includes the lovely Death Clock, which will tell you when you're going to die right down to the second.


I now have Dork Tower issue #21, and the third collection book. I rule. Last weekend I went to Indiana to see the lovely Larissa. On Sunday morning we left for Chicago. Now Chicago and I have an understanding. It doesn't like me, and I don't like it. However, I was with Larissa and thus the time was enjoyable. The month of January has been moved to the Old News Page.