April, 2003

Sleepless nights04/30/2003

I don't know why, but I always seem to wake up early every morning. The time is never the same, sometimes it's 5:00 AM, sometimes 7:00 AM. It doesn't seem to matter how tired I am. It's rather annoying really, but I can't think of anything I can do about it. April is mostly over and now we should be getting some nice weather right? Nope, it's cold an rainy, again. I've been playing a few games of Age Of Empires lately. It's always a great game to go back to. There are three new images for The Art Page. I also added a minor update to The Bionic Commando Database.

Chow young fat04/29/2003

I was debating on whether I should see Bulletproof Monk yesterday, or wait two weeks and see it then. Good thing I choose yesterday, as it's already in the small theaters, and no doubt will be gone in a few days. So I saw it, and it was everything I expected it would be. Cheesy story, half polished special effects, medium quality CGI, and a paper thin plot. Wow it was great! I expected it to be low budget and I was pleased that it was. Very light hearted, yet great actions scenes. Two thumbs up. I wrote a fable called The Owl and the Fox, and added it to The Poetry Page. There are also two new images for The Art Page.

Dream, dream, dream04/28/2003

This morning I had a great dream and now I can't remember it for the life of me. I remember it being great, but I have no recollection as to why it was great. I hate that. Anyway, I spent my weekend with Larissa in Indiana. I helped her pick out a new laptop and repot some plants. I've updated The Art Page with a new JavaScript viewer for the graphic images. I also added two new images to the graphics section. I've added several new cities as well.

Guess which song I heard on my way to work04/25/2003

The dark side's callin' now, nothin' is real
She'll never know just how I feel
From out of the shadows she walks like a dream
Makes me feel crazy, makes me feel so mean

Well, I've decided to finally update The DragonLance Page which hasn't been updated since last July. I've added a few more books and all their covers. I've also updated my Favorites Page with some new entires and cleaned up some old ones. I made a boffer flail last night, and tested it out. I like the theroy behind it, but I think it's too dangerous of a boffer weapon to be allowed. It has a tendancy to wrap around people's hands and wrists, which doesn't feel too good.

I'm not dead yet! ... I'm getting better04/24/2003

Well, my sunburn is better and the peeling skin is almost gone, my cold sore is mostly gone as well, and the internal bleeding stopped! What more could a guy possibly want? How about a new boffer weapon?! This is a parrying dagger that I made last night. I can't wait to try it out.

The land of Prydain04/23/2003

I just now remembered! I finished "Little House on the Prairie" last weekend, and now I've started on "The Book of Three", the first book in the Prydain Chronicles. My research on martial arts is coming along quite well. I'm currently trying to categorize them to by styles, hard versus soft, origin, emphasis, etc. It's all very fascinating. I'll probably add my research to my Web page when I'm further along. I'm also feeling a little better, although I look like I have leprosy now with all my skin peeling off. Hopefully, I'll be back to my old self by the end of the week.

When it rains it pours04/22/2003

My body seems to be going AWOL. I'm a physical mess right now. I think I pushed myself too hard last weekend. A few days of R&R and I should be my cheery self once more. Two more images have been added to The Art Page under the graphics section. As well as minor updates to The Back to the Future Page.

Hi, my name's Dean, and I'm a bofferaholic04/21/2003

I had an amazing boffer based weekend! Tons of fun and now I'm in tons of pain. Read all about it in My Life Page. Easter was simple and full of yummy food. I also celebrated my birthday with my mother and stepfather (only 10 days late). I finally got around to scanning my Rent ticket. Oh yes, thanks to my sun burn, I'm getting a cold sore which oh so much sucks! Oh well, still happy from the weekend.

My artistic side04/18/2003

I've added several new images to The Art Page, and gave the graphics section a small makeover. It looks a lot more pleasing now. Last weekend Larissa mentioned she might take up a martial art. We started talking about the different styles, and I found that I really don't know very much about them. So, I'm been doing some research on all the different styles. It's amazing how many of them there are, and how vastly different they can be. It's very interesting.

My kingdom for an upgrade04/17/2003

Nothing's worse than having to pee with cold hands. Brr! I've almost finished making Pong v2.0, but I'm having some problems with my version of Java. It seems I'm a little outdated as far as versions go. Doh! Now I need to find the classes for version 1.4.1_02. Stupid Sun and their stupid upgrades. Anyone feel like sending me a copy? I also updated Lukrain's Boffer Guide with some new images and more content.

Space, the semifinal frontier04/16/2003

I actually had a dream about Java programming last night, and woke up at 4:00 AM. Rather a bit odd to dream about a programming language, but then I'm rather a bit odd. I've done some more work on Space Cowboy. I've figured out the size of sectors, and calculated the number of systems per each, and added quite a bit more of information over all. Yesterday evening I was given my first Birthday present from Sarah, it was David Bowie's Greatest Video Hits.

Pong is a reality!04/15/2003

Well, I've finished my Java Applet of Pong! W00T! I've also restructured The Java Applets Page by breaking out each app into its own page. This will make the page's growth much easier. I plan on having a page for the final project of each game, as well as a page for each release version. I've finally got Wing Commander: Privateer pretty much figured out so I'm actually making progress. I really starting to get into it now and I've beefed up my ship considerably.


My weekend was spent in Indiana with the lovely Larissa. I picked up the latest issue of Dork Tower. I'm now reading "Little House on the Prairie". I'm also playing the game "Wing Commander: Privateer" which plays very well for an 320x200 MCGA game. Right now I'm working on a Java Applet of Pong. Very creative, I know, but since I'm still learning how things work I feel I should focus on syntax over creativity for now. It's coming along well. I have the ball and paddles moving around, and a score keeper. Still have some work to do though.

Music in the morning04/11/2003

Who was the jerk that decided that everyone wants to listen to people talk in the morning? It seems every radio station now has a morning talk program, and that makes it very hard to play music. And darn it, I prefer to hear music in the morning! Somehow the life must go on. I've created a pixel version of myself. Those are the same clothes I'm wearing at this very moment. So I've added a new page covering the Back to the Future movies. It's still very small, but it will grow like any other page. I've added a new page called Java Applets where I will start to put my Java Applets and source code. It's still pretty small right now.

Another day older04/10/2003

Happy Birthday to me, I'm 23 today. Who would have guessed I'd live this long? As you can see from the applet, I've now implemented both gravity, and friction to the ball demo. I've updated the notes on Space Cowboy. Right now I'm trying to come up with a speed scale for traveling around the galaxy. I want it to be slow enough to make it take too long to cross the galaxy, but fast enough to cross a quadrant.

Earth: Mostly harmless04/09/2003

Ford had his own code of ethics. It wasn't much of one, but it was his and he stuck by it, more or less. One rule he made was never to buy his own drinks. He wasn't sure if that counted as an ethic, but you have to go with what you've got.

Well, I finished reading "Mostly Harmless". A very funny book, a little hard to follow, with a very unexpected ending. It seemed fitting to give a small update to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Page. I've added my first of many Java Applets. It's a bouncing ball. As you can probably guess, pong will come from it. Oh yeah, I turn 23 tomorrow.

Lots of stuff happening04/08/2003

So here's the way most trees looked on Sunday, totally covered in a centimeter of ice. My windows required scraping this morning, so I improvised a scraper out of the handle of my dead scraper. Not fun. Anyway, I've made some minor modifications to Lukrain's Boffer Guide. I need new boots, I think I'll get some. I also need to fix a slow leak in one of my tires. Cars suck. I've added five new random images as well as put the page in a semi-logical order. I've also added a little hacking document to The Bionic Commando Hacking Page. It's the structures of the game sprites in BC.

Ice ice baby04/07/2003

Thursday night's ice storm was nothing compared to Friday night's. For several hours most of Michigan was pelted in sleet, the power is still out in several cities. I took several pictures of the aftermath which I'll probably post tomorrow. On a sad note, my window scraper is officially dead. I broke off major chunks of it trying to chisel my car free. Funeral services will be held Thursday. There was also a bunch more snow today, but at least the roads are clear now. Most of my weekend was spent in Mount Pleasant visiting my old high school chum Brian, his fiancÚ Sarah, and their two dogs. Brian and I did some intense boffering which has left me a little sore, but was very invigorating. Heck, I was even fed some terrific home cooked meals (I'm so pampered)! I'm currently working on some basic Java Applets. I'm starting small and working my way up. Hopefully, I'll have some snazzy demos pretty soon. I'm even already past the 'Hello World' app!

Icy April04/04/2003

Last night was the first ice storm this year for my area. When I walked outside to go to work I saw my car covered in a sheet of ice. I even broke my window scraper on it! Many tree limbs were on the ground, fallen from the excessive weight of all the ice. As destructive as ice storms are, I've always loved them. They certainly are beautiful, although it's a little late in the year for them. Anyway, I've added more updated Exodus sprites to The Ultima Page. I've also added five more random images. I've moved the month of March into the Old News Page. It was just cluttering up this page anyway. Soon I hope to have my news pages database driven, that way I won't need to manually move all the data when it gets old. That means I'll have to write the database backend though. I now have a Java compiler, so I'm on my way to making some simple Java Applets, whee!

Here come titles...04/03/2003

Notice anything different? I mean aside from the major changes to this page's layout. I've decided to start titling my daily entries from now on. I also fixed up some links and happy fuzzy stuff like that. Made multiple random images now, and added some more to the main index. Amazing isn't it? Even more updated Ultima Exodus sprites.


Added some more updated Ultima sprites. I'm working on the monster sprites now. I'm thinking about starting to do some Java applets to make my page a little more interesting. JavaScript is fun for small stuff, but I want to start making some quality programs for my site. Nine days until my birthday. What am I gonna get me?


I've added more pictures of Richard Garriott to The Ultima Page as well as several Exodus hand-edited sprites. I converted the old 4 color sprites from the NES game into 256 color sprites. No use really, but it was a lot of fun. Moved more info to the Old News Page. Here's an interesting picture I took. This is your brain on TV. I'm soon to be 23. My birthday is in a mere ten days.