May, 2003

You're face to face with the man who sold the world05/31/2003

Work on a Saturday? Well, I've got nothing better to do, so I might as well. Yesterday I bladed cross country for 5 miles and finished in 45 minutes. That's an average of 6.6 miles per hour. Not bad. I should be able to finish in 40 minutes next time. Happy birthday to Larissa, hope it's great.

I have become comfortably numb05/30/2003

More pointless data today! I've compiled a list of all the The Names of Animal Groups. For example, we all know the simple ones, a pride of lions, or a flock of sheep. But what about the other crazy animals like a parliament or owls, or richness of martens. They're all there! I got the idea from a friend's e-mail. I've made a huge list of many more pointless data topics I can make pages for. Eventually, it would be nice for me to actually toss them all together and possibly make a book out of them. Of course, there aren't very many buyers of pointless junk out there... Oh wait! I live in America! Ka-ching!

Work work work05/29/2003

I've added a page that tells all my anal-retentive habits. Work is massive, and I'm currently on hour 10. I just got lunch after 9 hours. Bleh.

It couldn't have been that easy to forget about me05/28/2003

Last night went out and did something I should have done a long time ago. I bought The Last of the Mohicans. I -love- that movie. I can't believe I didn't buy it until now. The action, the music, the scenery, the romance, the power, the passion... It was amazing. My little 27" TV doesn't do it justice. The movie still, to this day, pulls deep at my heart. That now brings my total movie count to 100! And what a movie to do it with! I really should read the book one of these days, but I'll miss the music. I should get the soundtrack, the music is just so powerful. I've added a new perspective, this time covering tattoos. I wrote it a long time ago and just now remembered it. I also updated the Unusual City Names Page. Did some more work on Space Mission Alpha. Fixed a bug where you could shoot faster than you are supposed to, and made the asteroid a little more complex.

Save me from the nothing I've become05/27/2003

Memorial Day weekend was rather uneventful. I worked Saturday, held a fun little day of sword fighting on Sunday with all the local apartment kids. Bought the movie Medicine Man, which I haven't seen in a long time. That brings my movie total to 99. Monday was spent sleeping in, then skating for an hour, then doing some more work on Space Mission Alpha. I now have sound added to the game! W00T! And by the way, Java sucks with sound. Not only does it use a horrible way for handling it, but you -have- to use Sun's audio format, which as very limited. I've added more Pointless Data. I now have a page called Computer Number Systems which holds a chart of the numbers 0-256 in base 2, base 8, base 10, and base 16. Whee!

Thatís great, it starts with an earthquake05/24/2003

As many of you have already guessed, I am now single. Larissa and I separated two weeks ago. I've waited until now to actually tell anyone the news because I really wasn't in the mood to hear all that "every thing happens for a reason" crap that people try to sell you after something terrible happens. Even though their intentions are good, that is not what I wanted to hear. I prefer to suffer alone until I can move on. So, as I'm still not ready to move on, at least now I'm not as vulnerable as before. Anyway, on a less depressing note, Space Mission Alpha version 0.8a is online. Go get playing it!

I got a room at the top of the world tonight05/23/2003

I finally got my new license plate in the mail last night! And yes, I rule! With my new plate available to all, I'd like to ask a favor, no stalkers please. Anyway, as promised, Space Mission Alpha, the second alpha release is now out! Tell me what you think. I'd like to hear your comments and critisizm. Yes, that means you! My high score is 23,635 after wave 6, can you beat it? I've also added a Dream Log.

Carry on my wayward son05/22/2003

Well, I beat the game "A Boy and His Blob" last night. It was rather a short game. It's amazing that when I played it for the first time back in 1989 I almost beat it, but decided to give up because it was too hard. Apparently, I was only a few screens away from beating it! Crazy. There was an odd thing about the game, the coconut jellybean is totally useless. What gives? All that extra code and graphics gone to waste! Anywhere, that brings my total of finished games to 50. Space Mission Alpha is getting some more work done on it. I'm designing waves right now, which is pretty cool. I'll have Alpha release 2 up tomorrow. Sweet.

Crunchings and munchings05/21/2003

Last night I finished reading "The Book of Three" which is the first book of the Prydain Chronicles. It was a good read and had all the ingredients of a fantasy novel. Despite the title, I really hate the character Gurgi. He was like Reepicheep from the Narnia Chronicles. Most annoying. Is it any wonder I've got too much time on my hands? Here is a hand drawn map of the underground region of the game A Boy and His Blob which I made last night. Scary isn't it? I'm still adding more to Space Mission Alpha. It has three more enemies, as well as a new bonus, the flash bomb, and a better way of handling weapons. I will start working on the wave designs soon.

No use for a title05/20/2003

Much more work on Space Mission Alpha. Several new enemies, more functionality, and I finally got the arrow keys working! I plan to have another alpha release this Friday with all the latest updates. Anyway, I finished a poem that I had been working on for awhile now, but I don't think I'll post it to my page. I try to keep all the content of my page only mildly controversial, but this poem goes way beyond that. So if you want to read it, and don't get offended easily, email me for it.

You'll be positive though it hurts05/19/2003

Lots of stuff happened last weekend, starting with Friday when I got ready to go see The Matrix: Reloaded. I met my ex-girlfriend who is engaged and looking beautiful, congratulations Lisa. Then Dave, Paula, and I went to see the movie which was very good, despite the only mild press it got. Certainly as good as the first. Saturday was spent at the Detroit Comic Convention where Sarah, Rachael, Kat, and I hung out. I left with a very provocative magnet and a very nice sketch. Dinner was Big Boy, where we tried to get in a quick game of Magic, but had not the time. Sunday started late with me sleeping in, and finally getting up to take care of stuff. Finished packing up my tents, did some laundry, picked up some groceries, skated for an hour, and did some boffering with Paula for another hour, and watched the second disc of the DUNE miniseries. A new poem has been added. I'm really enjoying the album "The Execution of All Things" by Rilo Kiley. It's an amazing album, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes pop/alternative music. I added five new random images and reworked the JavaScript so it shouldn't show duplicate images at the same time. I'm still working on Space Mission Alpha and I now have a few new things added like bigger enemies, and a few new enemies. It's coming along very well!

And if you're well off...05/16/2003

well then I'm happy some for you, but I'd rather not celebrate my defeat and humiliation here with you.

Still doing some more work on Space Mission Alpha. I've got invincibility working, as well as three new enemy ships. I also had two very strange dreams, which I'll have to write up on Monday. Tomorrow I'll be at the Detroit Comic Convention, whee!

There's gonna be a heartache tonight05/15/2003

It's rainy and cold again. When will the suffering end? I've added some more Unusual City Names. There are also five new random images. Much of yesterday was spent washing my tents in preparation for camping this year. So how are you doing on Space Mission Alpha? My current high score is 264,732. Can you beat it? The final version will have a high score list, but for now, you just have to go on personal pride until the next version.

Space Mission Alpha is online!05/14/2003

So much has happened, I completely forgot about my site's birthday, which occurred on May 8th. is now two years old! Also, I've finally got Space Mission Alpha posted online! I've also updated my old version of Pong which I did awhile ago, but never posted. This morning's dream: I'm in a shoddy 707 with several other people flying at night through a storm. The plane is struck by lightning and one of the passengers turns into a metallic killing machine. Luckily, during their rampage, a hole is broken in the plane, sucking it out, but forcing the plane to crash land near a house. The survivors and I awake in the house and we find the metallic beast imbedded in the ground. While many people fail at trying to kill it, I simply pull out my trusty jack-hammer and punch a hole through its skull. So then the survivors and I are in the house and they keep going into the basement, which is actually a large gemstone cavern. I stay in the living room, because I'm taking care of some injured people. However, once they're well again, I pack up some gear and get ready to explore the cavern. As I'm getting ready to go down the stairs, I think... I'm late for work! However, I wasn't late it was only 6:50 AM. But then I was awake and couldn't get back to the dream to see the cavern. Don't you hate that? Anyway, I am now the proud owner of "Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone, Collector's Edition" on DVD, and the Rilo Kiley album, "The Execution of All Things".

For what it's worth, it was worth all the while05/13/2003

So this morning's dream consisted of an undead plot, where zombies were taking over the city. I was able to fend them off until I woke up. Boo-yah! Take that zombies! I've added the game maps to The Contra Page. Also, Space Mission Alpha should be up tomorrow for your playing pleasure. It still needs a lot of work, but it really seems to be picking up.

Sometimes lonely hearts they just get lonelier05/12/2003

Last weekend didn't exactly go as I had planned... I got my birthday gift from Larissa. It is a book called "The Art of Shen Ku", which is basically a huge tome of pointless data. Very cool. My meals of yesterday were laughable. They consisted of: A hot dog, A blueberry Slurpee, corn chips, bean dip, sweet tarts, bubble gum, sweet and hot beef jerky, and chocolate donuts. I'm healthy! Space Mission is coming along very well. I should definitely have an alpha copy posted probably by Wednesday. I'm sure all of my loyal fan will give me feedback.

Breathe, breathe in the air05/09/2003

Crazy dreams still. I'm not sure why I'm remembering them better now, than I have for the past couple years. Maybe I'm just dwelling on them more now. Who knows? Anyway, I'm making some real headway on my new Java program called Space Mission. I now have the spread gun and power guns working. Also, enemy ships shoot and have hit points. I'll definitely have a beta out next week, I just have to add in multiple stages first.

New car, caviar, four star daydream05/08/2003

Last night I watched the anime movie "Spirited Away" with Paula and Dave. Like most animes the animation sucked, but this one was fortified heavily with CGI which really helped. The movie was exceptionally creative and very original, but sadly had the typical hokeiness of anime. The plot had a few holes and the story tended to drag at some points, but overall I really liked it. Today, I'm off to see Andrea in Dearborn Heights.

But I try, I try - modern love05/07/2003

Got some David Bowie stuck in my head from the morning drive to work. It's still wet and rainy here, but now it's cold again. Yuck. Got a bunch more work done on my game. For those who are curious as to what it's like, it's a scrolling space shooter like Raiden or Raptor. Right now I'm working on the weapons. I currently have rapid fire and laser, but I'll also be making spread and homing. I think it will turn out pretty good. I forgot to mention that I saw the movie "Identity" last Saturday. It has been a long time since I've gone to a movie alone and it was kind of refreshing to do it again. The movie had a great idea, it was suspenseful, kept you guessing, the usual, but it failed to deliver at the end. Kind of disappointing that it ended the way most bad suspense films end, with nothing resolved. Anyway, I moved April to the old news page. I've also added a new page of Pointless Data. This time it's the ASCII set.

Rain rain... Get lost!05/06/2003

I awoke this morning from a bad dream, only this one was much more anger inducing. It hits rather close to home, so I plead the fifth on actually explaining it. So yesterday we had a huge storm complete with thunder, lightning, and tornados. I was outside the whole time roller blading around my apartment complex. I got soaked to the skin. It reminded me of my grade school days when I had to walk home every day rain or shine. It was very invigorating. And for all those concerned mothers out there, no I didn't get hypothermia (see, you were wrong!). I'm still working on my new Java game which is turning out to be really cool. I'll have a beta up soon.

Junior High? Again?05/05/2003

So my dream took me back to Junior High School, only with the mental capacity of what I have now. So basically, I was the smartest kid in the school, but why the heck would I dream something that strange? Anyway, over the weekend several things happened. I saw the movie X-Men 2, (very creative name) I also got to hang out with my cousin Janelle who I haven't seen in about a year. I picked up a Queen hat, boo-yah! I finally got the DUNE miniseries which was finally at a reduced enough price to warrant buying (15 bucks). I watched the first hour of it before going to bed last night. I've done some minor updates to various pages as well. I'm starting work on a new Java game, but it's not going as well as I liked because I don't have the latest Java classes. Anyone have 1.4_02?

4 AM wake up call05/02/2003

4:30 AM, I wake up... Why? Well, it's still rainy and cold. I'm ready for summer now. Anyway, I've done some more updating to Lukrain's Boffer Guide. Nothing much else though. I'm off to see X-Men 2! Hope it's good!

Retro computing05/01/2003

Happy May! Last night was full of doing some real damage to the enemies of Greece in Age of Empires and getting a new personal high score in Megamania for the Atari 2600. 84,220! I think this was the first time in my life that I saw the third wave of cookies, yikes! It also stormed last night, so it's still cold and drizzly here.